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Law & Order, Season 19 Release Date and Synopsis

The longest-running crime series on television enters its 19th season on NBC with a bang! Tackling current hot-topic issues, the acclaimed drama addresses some of the most intriguing and controversial cases of the year. From the "Fight Club Scene in Union Square" to a crane collapse in midtown New York, these provocative stories take audiences where no other show dares. Acclaimed actor Sam Waterston stars as Executive D.A. Jack McCoy, Linus Roache as Executive Assist. D.A. Michael Cutter, Jeremy Sisto as Detective Cyrus Lupo, Anthony Anderson as Detective Kevin Bernard and Alana De La Garza as Assistant D.A. Connie Rubirosa. The season also delivers unforgettable guest star performances from Emmy-nominated Sherry Stringfield (ER), Emmy-winner Josh Hamilton (The Bourne Identity), Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and Vivica A. Fox (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

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The Drowned and The SavedWhatta episode.....blows your mind away with HOW good L&O is! Had my doubts about Linus Roache but he IS L&O, next to Michael Moriarity he is the man..Score: 5/5


EPIC FAILLaw & Order is my all time favorite show, but since Jack McCoy became D.A. and this new guy is now the lawyer... I cannot stand to watch it anymore. Greatest show ever, but I think it's time to put it to rest... I'd rather see that than these crap actors taking over..Score: 1/5

ItunesSeason is good but itunes doesnt send u the episodes right away. ive been waiting for a while already.Score: 4/5

Great Start to a season, however, iTunes needs to pull its weightA great season premiere with, I'm sure, many great episodes to come. However, the compression quality is terrible! It hasn't been offered in HD, the new season wasn't even advertised (I had to go through to NBC and to the second page to realize that the new season has actually been uploaded), and where is season 18? Apple its time to pick up the pace!.Score: 5/5

Great Start!"Rumble" was a great start to season 19. In my book, a series that puts Sam Waterston and Linus Roache together in a room cannot be ignored by critics or "Joe Viewer." These guys are riveting and masters at playing off each other's character. A fan since season 5, I was pleased with the cast changes last season (even though I miss Jesse L. Martin) as Roache, Sisto, and Anderson -- and some powerful writing -- have added new life to the Mother Ship of the L&O franchise. Now, Apple...when are you going to offer us season 18 for download?.Score: 5/5

L&O Back Up To SpeedIt is so good to see that L&O is back to its even keel of delivering excellent shows, given the cast changes of the last several seasons (I still miss Jerry Orbach, Steven Hill, and some of Jack McCoy's assistants of seasons past - but thank goodness Fred Thompson's gone, all he did was irritate me). The constancy brought to the show by S. Epatha Merkerson and Sam Waterston have helped keep the show on the right track, and it is paying off in Season 19. After a half dozen episodes, this looks to be a typically high quality season, and I'm looking forward to the next several seasons. iTunes, what would it take to release at least the other seasons that are out on DVD? Like Seasons 3, 4, 5, 6 and 14?? I mean, a lot of the L&O on iTunes is great, but how can you have L&O on iTunes and not have one of the dozen seasons that had Jerry Orbach as Detective Lennie Briscoe? I can't speak for everyone else, but I'd buy all of them in a flash!.Score: 5/5

GreatGreat start and a cool cast..Score: 5/5

STILL ONE OF THE BEST DRAMAS ON TVAlthough this show still follows the same familiar format - it remains fresh with new lead actors and interesting storylines. I hope this show remains on the schedule for many years to come!.Score: 4/5

Could use improvementThe show is great, but Anthony Anderson as a detective!! That guy is too huge for this show!! And to be honest I liked it better when McCoy was a A.D.A. rather than a D.A..Score: 4/5

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An excellent seriesAs always, Law & Order provides for some entertaining criminal drama. Will we ever see the remaining seasons?.Score: 5/5

BrilliantThis series is brilliant. It just gets better. When will the remaining seasons be available iTunes?.Score: 5/5

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Law & Order, Season 19 (2008) Series Cast & Crew

Law & Order, Season 19 (2008) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Law & Order: The characters of season 19. Anthony Anderson (Kevin Bernard), Jeremy Sisto (Cyrus Lupo), Sam Waterston (Jack McCoy), S. Epatha Merkerson (Anita Van Buren), Linus Roache (Michael Cutter), Alana de la Garza (Connie Rubirosa), all returned for law & order, season 19.

Jeremy Sisto (Cyrus Lupo)
Jeremy SistoCyrus LupoScore: 13.6
Sam Waterston (Jack McCoy)
Sam WaterstonJack McCoyScore: 13.2
Anthony Anderson (Kevin Bernard)
Anthony AndersonKevin BernardScore: 14.8
S. Epatha Merkerson (Anita Van Buren)
S. Epatha MerkersonAnita Van BurenScore: 14.5
Linus Roache (Michael Cutter)
Linus RoacheMichael CutterScore: 13.4
Alana de la Garza (Connie Rubirosa)
Alana de la GarzaConnie RubirosaScore: 13.1

Nick Santora (Producer), David Shore (Producer), Nicholas Wootton (Producer), William N. Fordes (Producer), Arthur W. Forney (Producer), Lewis Gould (Producer), Jeffrey L. Hayes (Producer), Kati Johnston (Producer), Gary Karr (Producer), Lynn Mamet (Producer), Kathy McCormick (Producer), Barry Schindel (Producer), Richard Sweren (Producer), Billy Fox (Producer), David Black (Producer), I. C. Rapoport (Producer), Ed Zuckerman (Producer), Michael S. Chernuchin (Producer), Morgan Gendel (Producer), Gardner Stern (Producer), all returned for law & order.

William M. Finkelstein (Executive Producer)
William M. FinkelsteinExecutive ProducerScore: 2.4
David Shore (Producer)
David ShoreProducerScore: 3.3
Joseph Stern (Executive Producer)
Joseph SternExecutive ProducerScore: 1.0
Nick Santora (Producer)
Nick SantoraProducerScore: 3.2
Edwin Sherin (Executive Producer)
Edwin SherinExecutive ProducerScore: 1.6
Dick Wolf (Executive Producer)
Dick WolfExecutive ProducerScore: 6.5
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Law & Order (Season 19) Full Episodes

In cases ripped from the headlines, police investigate serious and often deadly crimes, weighing the evidence and questioning the suspects until someone is taken into custody. The district attorney's office then builds a case to convict the perpetrator by proving the person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Working together, these expert teams navigate all sides of the complex criminal justice system to make New York a safer place.

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  • TV-14
  • 2008
1Rumble (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


05 November 2008$34.99

Stockbroker Todd Hauser (guest star Graham Outerbridge) dies in an emergency room after experiencing stomach pains, which was thought to be the result of what he ate for lunch. Massive internal bruising is determined as the cause of death leading detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Bernard) to uncover the victim's involvement in organized street fighting. The detectives struggle to find a helpful witness and usable evidence. When Hauser's street fighting opponent is let off with a lesser sentence than the victim's family hoped for, his brother and friends take matters into their own hands. With a new set of deaths and a new twist to the case DA McCoy (Sam Waterston), with re-election on the line and nowhere left to turn, makes a bold move to settle this case. Epatha Merkerson, Linus Roache and Alana De La Garza also star.

2Challenged (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


12 November 2008$34.99

Rick Devon's (guest star Bradford Cover) body is found murdered in a park, and his death is automatically assumed to be drug related. Upon investigation, detectives Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) stumble upon a key in a nearby bathroom that could potentially have been left behind by the killer. Prints on the key lead the detectives to former felon, Diego Cardenas (guest star Carlos Leon), who has cleaned up his act and now works at a home for mentally challenged adults. After questioning Diego, the detectives discover a hidden relationship between the murder victim and another resident of the home, Pete Haynes (guest star Michael Rispoli). Rick and Pete’s relationship guides the detectives to uncover a painful family secret that could expose the killer. S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterston, Linus Roache and Alana De La Garza also star.

3Lost Boys (Law & Order) recap, spoilers

Lost Boys

19 November 2008$34.99

A teenage boy Luke Friendly (Guest Star Tolan Aman), banished from a polygamist sect finds himself alone in New York City when his older brother, Caleb Friendly (Guest Star Colton Parsons) disappears and is then found brutally murdered. The case leads Lieutenant Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) and Detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) to the church's controversial leader, Landon Wyatt (Guest Star Colm Meaney), who is in pursuit of his teenage runaway wife, Michelle Landon (Guest Star Jenna Malone). While Detectives investigate further, they discover a romantic relationship between Michelle Landon and the victim. Executive Assistant D.A. Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Assistant D.A. Connie Rubirosa (Alana De La Garza) must fight to defend Michelle's wishes to remain free from her husband and also bring to justice Caleb's murderer. Also stars Sam Waterston.

4Falling (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


26 November 2008$34.99

A crane crushes a construction worker, Hector Lazaro, at a high rise and the high profile developer, Wayne Hardy, is on the scene quickly. Detectives Lupo and Bernard question Gary Talbot, the foreman, and there is a question about the size of the crane used. After some forensic accounting, it's determined that Eddie O'Connor, the building inspector, was being bribed to look the other way and he's arrested. But the case doesn't end there. Hector's only relative is his wife Alicia, who is comatose, and there are suspicious circumstances surrounding her condition. She had extensive chlorine in her lungs, as if she drowned, but she is afraid of the water. In addition, money that was being skimmed at the construction site was being used to pay Alicia's hospital bills, by Gary Talbot. The Detectives believe Alicia was having an affair with Talbot, especially when Talbot's number came up on her pre-paid cell. Shannon, Gary's wife, cares for their 9-year-old daughter Lucy who is severely disabled. They question Shannon and discover Alicia worked as a caregiver for their daughter. The cops and DA's think Shannon pushed Alicia into the pool because she thought she was having an affair with her husband. Shannon finally admits that's what happened and she agrees to take a deal. But Cutter sees Shannon look at her husband, and she doesn't look like a woman scorned.

5Knock Off (Law & Order) recap, spoilers

Knock Off

03 December 2008$34.99

A tourist from upstate New York has come to the city to settle his past, but his trip ends quickly when he is suspiciously murdered. When Detectives Bernard (Anthony Anderson) and Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) travel upstate to New York they find more to the story. A.D.A. Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Detective Lupo (Sisto) believe the town's crowned king of drug busting, Sheriff John Burkhart (Guest Star Clancy Brown), and his deputies are involved in the murder but have no way to prove it when the case becomes a game of dirty politics. D.A. Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) faces new competition when a new District Attorney is nominated for the election. Also stars Alana de la Garza and S. Epatha Merkerson.

6Sweetie (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


10 December 2008$34.99

Detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard's (Anthony Anderson) search for "Sweetie Ness'" killer leads them to Lauren Claiborne (Taylor Gildersleeve), part of the entourage at the club where "Sweetie Ness" was last seen alive. The Detectives talk to Janice Dunlap (Guest Star Heather Matarazzo), a stalker who had sent "Sweetie" poems and had followed him that night, and Kate Tenny (Guest Star Vivica A. Fox), "Sweetie's" agent, who has her own motives. Seeking the identity of a blond man forces Lupo and Bernard to dig deeper into the victim's past and the possibility that "Sweetie Ness" was an imposter killed by the real "Sweetie Ness." With a defense witness willing to perjure herself to protect the prime suspect and a web of lies and deceit to untangle, A.D.A.'s Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (Alana De La Garza) face one of their toughest challenges in bringing the real killer to justice. Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson and Sam Waterston.

7Zero (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


17 December 2008$34.99

Detective Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Detective Bernard (Anthony Anderson) are called to a crime scene where Nancy Hartwig (guest star Leah Curney) has been found murdered. They find out her husband insisted the family live environmentally friendly to avoid leaving a heavy carbon footprint. However, Nancy's support of her husband is soon called into question when the detectives discover that she used her car to chauffeur her sister and had drinks at a bar one evening, which her husband wouldn't allow. The victim's missing car turns up with a dead passenger and drugs inside, sending the case in a completely different direction that leaves the detectives scrambling to piece everything together. During the trial, ADA Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) also begins to suspect an old friend, Judge Reynolds' (guest star Ned Beatty) clerk Carly (guest star Sherry Stringfield), and even the judge himself of obstructing justice, creating even more turmoil in the case. Also starring: Sam Waterston, S. Epatha Merkerson and Alana De La Garza.

8Chattel (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


07 January 2009$34.99

Divorce Lawyers Fred and Lizzy Bellamy (guest stars Paul DeBoy and Maureen Silliman) are brutally murdered while asleep in their home. The investigation leads to a client, Ann Carter (guest star Mary Beth O’'Connor), who is involved in a nasty child custody battle with her husband Bill (guest star Steven Friedman) involving an adopted Haitian daughter, whom the detectives believe was molested and sent back to Haiti as part of a cover-up. Lupo and Bernard’s search for the missing child leads them to another couple with an adopted Haitian boy, Eric and Miriam Johnson (guest stars Tom Gilroy and Jessica Hecht). Lieutenant Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) gets social services involved as it appears that the adopted boy, 12-year-old Patrick Johnson (guest star Thuliso Dingwall), has been abused and neglected. As Lupo and Bernard dig deeper, they uncover a trail of abuse, kidnapping and bribery that leads them to multiple suspects with motive to protect the secret. As A.D.A.’s Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza) attempt to bring the killer to justice, they must also deal with the emotional aspect of the case and work to safeguard the lives of the children. Also stars Sam Waterston.

9By Perjury (Law & Order) recap, spoilers

By Perjury

14 January 2009$34.99

Charlie Sawyer (guest star Adam Mastrelli), a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit involving the death of his father in a plane crash years earlier, is found shot to death in his car clutching an oxygen canister. The lawsuit had been delayed due to the murder of the judge in the case. The oxygen container is key to the airline's defense in the lawsuit and Sawyer was looking to make a deal with Pan World that would leave the other plaintiffs and their attorney, Marty Winston (guest star Dallas Roberts), out of the money.

10Pledge (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


21 January 2009$34.99

Harold and Joyce Foley (Guest Stars Stephen Kunken and Erin Dilly), both well-known biologists at a local university, come home to find their young son Eric (Guest Star Timothee Chalamet) and the housekeeper brutally murdered. Detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) believe that the Foley’s work on a controversial pharmaceutical study made them targets for the killer. Benjamin Lasky (Matt Malloy), a reporter for Science Today who may have some serious emotional issues, has also been harassing the Foley’s. Lupo and Bernard take Joyce on a trip down memory lane to a sorority party 30 years ago to find some answers. With very little evidence to work with, A.D.A’s Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza) work diligently to track down a key witness who was there. Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson and Sam Waterston.

11Lucky Stiff (Law & Order) recap, spoilers

Lucky Stiff

28 January 2009$34.99

Vic Russell, a trucking company owner, is found murdered after a business meeting with a partner, Stan Klein (Guest Star Adam Grupper). Detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) discover that Klein may have been involved in an illegal scheme to defraud Russell and others. As the investigation continues, the detectives also uncover a trail that leads them to believe that Russell had ties to the Russian mob and Alex Arshavin (Guest Star Michael Aranov), a loan shark. The key to the murder is an expensive watch stolen from Russell’s dead body. As A.D.A.’s Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza) bring the case to trial, they discover that their star witness, Klein’s son Chad (Guest Star Robert Iler) may be involved in a secret love affair and have his own motive for murder. Also starring S. Epatha Merkerson and Sam Waterston.

12Illegitimate (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


04 February 2009$34.99

An NYPD officer troubled over mounting financial difficulties is killed by fellow police officers after taking hostages at gunpoint. As detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) look into the incident, they discover valuable stolen documents hidden in the officer’s apartment, along with a dead body. The search leads the detectives to John “Jay” McIntyre (Guest Star Christopher McDonald) who is trying to establish that he is the illegitimate son of a famous President and is searching for the proof. A.D.A's Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza) confront Jay's mother Lois (Guest Star Rue McClanahan) to find out if there is any truth to his claim. With a robbery and two murders to solve, the detectives aren’t sure if they are searching for a single killer or multiple killers as they try to unravel the facts of the cases. Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterston, Linus Roache and Alana de la Garza.

13Crimebusters (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


11 February 2009$34.99

A war widow with a possible grudge against the Army, Carly Di Gravia (guest star MacKenzie Mauzy), is found unconscious in the rubble of an Army Recruitment Center along with her lifeless infant. As detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) search for the bomber, they encounter Megaphone Bob, the leader of a group of war protesters, including Charles Cavell, whose sister was killed in Iraq. The detectives must also deal with the confusion that arises when "Operation Molly," a couple of fanatic citizens who like to work with the police to solve cases, gets involved. ADA's Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza) efforts to bring the bomber to justice are complicated by potentially compromised evidence, reasonable doubt and public sentiment. DA Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) must make one of the most unpopular decisions of his career. Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson.

14Rapture (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


18 February 2009$34.99

Mysterious emails sent from a religious website lead detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) to the dead body of one of its creators. As the detectives search for a motive for the murder, they uncover a network of corruption involving the Second Exodus charitable foundation and its leader Nathan Reese (Guest Star Jason Butler Harner) and manager George Duffy (Guest Star John Sharian). D.A. Jack McCoy’s (Sam Waterston) efforts to bring the suspect to trial are complicated by a complex scheme by the suspect to avoid prosecution that involves seeking asylum from a foreign government. As McCoy attempts to unravel the international intrigue, he must also fight for his job and his career when his political opponent exploits the case and uses the media to attack Jack's reputation. Also stars Linus Roache and Alana de la Garza.

15Bailout (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


11 March 2009$34.99

Detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) investigate the possible hit-and-run death of the mistress of failed investment bank CEO, Peter Gardner (Guest Star Michael Gaston). As they investigate, they uncover a kidnapping and extortion plot leading them to a number of possible suspects, including a disgruntled client, Davey Burke (Guest Star Jon Prescott). The detectives also uncover a connection between Carlos Padilla (Guest Star E. J. Bonilla), one of the boys who discovered the woman’'s body, and Ronny Addison, the director of an after school program for juvenile offenders who may have a connection to Burke. ADA’s Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza) must deal with conflicting alibis as they attempt to try the case. Also starring S. Epatha Merkerson and Sam Waterston.

16Take-Out (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


18 March 2009$34.99

Alex Boone (Guest Star Neal Jones), a middle-aged writer, and David Sutton (Guest Star Michael Esper), a graduate student, are involved in a heated altercation. The following day, Boone’s dead body is found in a local park with no identification and the only eyewitness describing a blur running from the scene. Once detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) identify the victim, the story of his past begins to unfold. While searching for clues to solve the current murder case, the detectives discover that the victim was trying to expose information about a closed espionage case involving Sutton’s father and the Chinese government. Lupo and Bernard discover a family torn apart as a result of the espionage case and question Sutton’s sister Tracy (Guest Star Monica West), revealing his possible involvement in Boone’s murder. When the detectives believe they have gotten closer to revealing the truth, new information emerges and leads them in an entirely new direction. The case is further complicated when ADA’s Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza) must deal with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney'’s office as they try to bring the killer to justice. Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson and Sam Waterston.

17Anchors Away (Law & Order) recap, spoilers

Anchors Away

25 March 2009$34.99

While investigating the murder of television reporter Dawn Prescott (Guest Star Audra Blaser), detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) discover that she was involved in a love triangle involving another reporter at the station. This leads them to another suspect, veteran anchor Joe Delaney (Guest Star David Rasche), who was threatened by the success of his younger co-workers and may have hacked into their email to gain an advantage. As they search for the killer, the detectives uncover that Dawn was working on a major story surrounding a huge hedge fund fraud and there may be a connection with the recent murder of Fred Decker, a whistle-blower who filed an SEC suit against hedge fund owner, Fredric Matson (Guest Star Edward Hermann) and his wife Irene (Guest Star Jill Eikenberry). Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterston, Linus Roache and Alana de la Garza.

18Promote This! (Law & Order) recap, spoilers

Promote This!

29 April 2009$34.99

Detectives Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) and Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) investigate the case of Oswaldo Morales (guest star Hector Javier Munoz), an illegal immigrant found unconscious but still alive on a service road. When the detectives find a possible link to Oswaldo’'s attack and nine recent bias-related incidents, they uncover a deep-seeded, dangerous bias against Hispanic men within the community. Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterston, Linus Roache and Alana de la Garza.

19All New (Law & Order) recap, spoilers

All New

06 May 2009$34.99

When a firefighter and his wife are found tortured and brutally murdered in their new townhome, Detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) struggle to find a motive. The couple’'s recent purchase of an expensive Art Deco lamp signals to Lieutenant Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) that they were living beyond their means. The search for the killer leads detectives to an old, unsolved case involving drugs and missing money, as well as a tight knit group of firefighters with something to hide. Also stars Sam Waterston, Linus Roache and Alana De La Garza.

20Exchange (Law & Order) recap, spoilers


13 May 2009$34.99

Two young engaged scientists die in a fire and a mentally challenged neighbor Charlie Headlind (Guest Star Christian Anderson) is badly burned trying to save the couple. Detectives Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) discover that both of the victims were stabbed before they burned in the fire, leading them to a mentally disturbed woman, Wendy Teal (Guest Star Gretchen Hall), Charlie'’s former girl. Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterston, Linus Roache and Alana de la Garza.

21Skate or Die (Law & Order) recap, spoilers

Skate or Die

20 May 2009$34.99

The murders of three homeless men appear to be the work of a serial killer. As Detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) investigate, they discover that one victim was wearing a distinctive pair of roller-skates that did not belong to him. Realizing that this could be a case of mistaken identity, they suspect the murders may have been committed by a copycat who knows the identity of the real serial killer. Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterston, Linus Roache and Alana De La Garza.

22The Drowned and the Saved (Law & Order) recap, spoilers

The Drowned and the Saved

03 June 2009$34.99

The murder of a prominent charity executive leads Detectives Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard (Anthony Anderson) down a twisted path of political intrigue. The detectives discover a connection between the murdered executive’s secretary, her ex-boyfriend and a top politician’s wife. The investigation takes a turn when claims of stalking and blackmail surface, revealing a secret desire for a newly vacated seat in the State Senate. Also stars S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterston, Linus Roache and Alana de la Garza.


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In the complex process of determining guilt and innocence, lives often hang in the balance...

Law & Order, Season 19 — 2008

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Law & Order, Season 19 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about law & order, season 19...

Has Law & Order, Season 19 been confirmed? Will there be a law & order, season 19?
The countdown to Law & Order [2008] Season 19 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Law & Order is soon going to be released.

Law & Order, Season 19 start date: When does law & order, season 19 come back?
Law & Order, Season 19 will air on Wednesday 5th of November 2008.

How many episodes will be in law & order, season 19?
With the season now airing in November 2008. There will be 22 episodes in season 19.

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Law & Order Other Seasons
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The longest-running crime series and second longest-running drama series in television history just keeps getting better. Season 16 follows Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Green (Jesse L. Martin) as they investigate New York crimes and hand off cases to Executive A.D.A. Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) and A.D.A. Alexandra Borgia (Annie Parisse).This season's "ripped from the headlines" cases include everything from child abduction, a deathbed confession that re-opens a cold case and a woman on life support whose husband is killed to a serial killer targeting single moms and a vigilante killing illegal immigrants. Look for the return of Law & Order veteran Richard Brooks as A.D.A. Paul Robinette. Also included is a special crossover episode with "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," featuring Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T.S. Epatha Merkerson and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.

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With its signature “ripped-from-the-headlines” storylines, Law & Order enters its 20th season. It continues to make history as the longest-running crime series and second longest-running dramatic series on television. As the cornerstone of the Law & Order franchise, this powerhouse always breaks new ground and sets new standards of excellence. Some cases may be simple, most are multi-faceted, but all are unpredictable and captivating.

Law & Order, Season 18 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Law & Order, Season 1804 November 200818 Episodes

It’s a new day for law and order. Jeremy Sisto joins the cast as the unorthodox and unapologetic Detective Cyrus Lupo, Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) moves up to become District Attorney and Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) takes his place as Executive Assistant District Attorney. Under the new leadership, egos and tactics clash and cases and investigators are pushed to the limits. If anything is certain, it’s that justice will never be the same. Oscar-nominated Michael McKean (A Mighty Wind), Oscar-nominated Sean Astin (The Lord of The Rings), Ally Walker (Profiler), Thomas Guiry (Mystic River) and Emmy-nominated Lara Flynn Boyle (The Practice) make unforgettable guest-star appearances in what promises to be the most riveting season yet.

Law & Order, Season 21 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Law & Order, Season 2124 February 202210 Episodes

NBC brings back one of its most treasured and honored dramas with the 21st season of "Law & Order." The series, which will continue the classic bifurcated format that was created for its original run, will once again examine the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.

Law & Order, Season 22 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Law & Order, Season 2222 September 20227 Episodes

Created by Emmy® Award-winner Dick Wolf, the iconic original "Law & Order" returns for a new season of ripped-from-the-headlines stories chronicling the NYPD detectives who investigate crimes and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. The difficult task of apprehending suspects falls to returning Det. Frank Cosgrove (Jeffrey Donovan), incoming Det. Jalen Shaw (new cast member Mehcad Brooks) and veteran Lt. Kate Dixon (Camryn Manheim), while the lawyers seeking justice in the courtroom include legendary District Attorney Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) Executive Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy) and Assistant District attorney Samantha Maroun (Odelya Halevi).

Law & Order, Season 19 (TV series) Languages

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