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The BBC first aired Doctor Who on November 23, 1963. A cult classic was born. It is so popular it now boasts an estimated 100 million viewers in 54 countries. With a rare blend of cleverly-crafted science fiction and high camp, Doctor Who is one of the longest running and most successful programs in television history. Now, the Doctor and his cohorts are animated! Doctor Who, Animated Wiki

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1 - The Infinite Quest
Based on the brilliant and popular series, The Infinite Quest sees the Doctor and his companion Martha step into a new dimension - a cartoon one. The pair set off on an animated adventure through space following a trail of clues across wild and wonderful alien worlds, to find the location of the legendary lost spaceship, the Infinite. However, the evil space pirate Baltazar is also searching for the ship, believing it will grant him his dearest wish - a means to destroy Earth and rule the galaxy. With spectacular animation, this vibrant cartoon is as gripping as any usual episode of Doctor Who.

2 - Dreamland
Dreamland sees the iconic TARDIS touch down in the desert in the USA. Stumbling across a mysterious alien artifact in a local diner, the Doctor is led to Area 51, also known as Dreamland, the US' most secret base. He then finds himself on a momentous mission to rescue Rivesh Mantilax from the threat of the ruthless Viperox and the clutches of the American military.

Doctor Who, Animated Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Infinite Quest46:50USD 1.99Download
2Dreamland44:02USD 1.99Download

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could have been better  G M-W  2 star

when watching these I couldn't stop thinking about how actual actors could have done this over 9000 times better. on top of that the animation was pretty bad compared to most 3D cartoons and movies it made david tennant's character look extremely awkward and failed to copy the gestures and expressions that defined the 10th doctor. however the writing was halfway decent for a cartoon. overall, don't get this if your a die hard fan. it will disappoint you.

What could have been  Promised-Angel  4 star

I understand why many people don't like this special; it doesn't picture the emotions one could see in the actual series (probably budget problems) by David. However, the story-line is defiantly Doctor Who in whole and they could try something like this for the new series (would have to be deeper in but it could work with Matt Smith). All in all, defiantly something a Doctor Who fan should watch and think about what could happen next.

Teck Boy
Who Cartoon  Teck Boy  5 star

I was not disupointed with this. I would never take this off my ipod for any reasson! I love the animeted Doctor and Martha! I wish ther was more!

"I like the running"  Ubernerd527  4 star

Ok so I just became a huge Doctor Who fan and I decided to see this and I was both suprised and dissaponited at the same time. I was suprised by the fact that the computer animation was amazing but dissapointed in the Flash animation. While the computer animation was slick and smooth the Flash animation was flat and dull. It was like watching a motion comic at times. Not that motion comics are bad mind you, but if your thinking about maybe doing a TV show this way you might want a little more movement from your characters. Bottom line if you love Doctor Who you will like this and it may even be a great way to get your kids into it. But stay way if you don't know anything about Doctor Who.

Ok, but not great.  sxiong  4 star

I enjoyed this animation, but it was a little too short and perhaps they could have devised a better story/plot. My only gripe was they should have put in Rose Tyler instead.

Dr Who Animated  Jondalrun  3 star

I love Doctor Who and David Tennant is probably my favorite Dr but I was just bored by this episode. With the Doc and Maartha having to collect different pieces of a whole unit, it reminded me of the key to time story line from the classic series but not as developed.

Animated Is Awful  DoctorWhoFanatic  2 star

I had high hopes for this, especially after just watching Planet of the Dead. To me this rates lower than any of the Series 1-4 plus the Special episodes. I wish the story had been a lot better. It felt like a bad comic book story. The animation was not great, and I could have forgiven this if the story had been good. I am desparate for new Doctor Who, but this really made me love the Live Action series more. I hope they try again to make animated stories, I just hope they are better.

Very Cool  REHuffJr  5 star

I love this animated version of Doctor Who! The original actors are as excellent in the animated version as they are on the show. It's brilliant and funny. Don't tease us with only one; give us another and another and another!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!  emma.larson  1 star

THEY RUINED DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should of never made an animated version. They should just have the live action series!

I like this.  Bumblingaround  5 star

How can anyone expect real acting from a cartoon. I love cartoons and I can't get enough David Tennet and Freema Agyeman. I think they were the best together and I am not disappointed by this. Loving it and I want more.

Dreamland audio track is now fixed  Sylvain39  5 star

iTunes corrected Dreamland's audio track. Initially, only the music and sound effect could be heard, but not the dialogues. People who downloaded the first version got credited their money back. Just tried the new version and, yes, we now hear David Tennant. Thanks Apple for the prompt service.

megan munch
This is for kids  megan munch  4 star

For those of you being so harsh , remember this is most likely for children. My son loves it and finds the animated version exciting. Obviously not as exciting as the real show but still fun all the same. Ease up on the criticism people.

The wrong damn button fan
Ok  The wrong damn button fan  3 star

I was hoping for dreamland that one is pretty good but this one is okay too

Scifi gaga
Not bad at all!  Scifi gaga  3 star

If you like doctor who & you dont mind animated shows, this isn't bad- the animation is okay & you still get the doctor's's not manga nor is it meant to be!!! A nice editon to our collection, hey, there are alot of episodes that don't blow my mind away - at the end of this one my hubby & I thought it would have been nice to see a few more animated....

NO.....  Maxxy1000  2 star

I only watched the preview, and I hated it. The graphics are so poorly used. Note: watch the preview before you buy it....

NO  Stumpy651Toe  1 star

This is NOT doctor who this is rubbish

Sucked!  Wooooooooo0  1 star


To crazy112
werid!!!  To crazy112  5 star

It is not as good as the real DW

The infinite quest  hcmoore1  3 star

well not as good as the 'real' dr but for $3 its worth getting

Takes the new series back to the old days  ricjones  3 star

When you consider that this originally ran as a cliff hanger serial, part of a weekly UK Kids magazine program 'Totally Doctor Who' the final story isn't too bad. The repetitive nature of the dialog allowed for a 'catchup' to be incorporated into the story, rather than have a one minute 'last time on...' before the next 3 minute episode. The animation style isn't for everyone BUT this is an occasion where you can watch Doctor who as we used to in the seventies and eighties: forgive the production values and enjoy the story.

mmm  hob_tank  2 star

So many Dr. Who franchises... The animated series? If you are unsure about this, just watch the 30 second preview, it should make your mind up

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