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From new lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, this BAFTA-winning series follows the adventures of the Doctor, the mysterious traveler who, with his human companions, journeys throughout all of time and space, facing a variety of foes and righting wrongs. This latest series, now in HD, sees Matt Smith's debut as the Doctor alongside a new traveling companion, the enigmatic Amy Pond (Karen Gillan). Together they explore sixteenth century Venice, France during the 1890s, and the United Kingdom in the far future, now an entire nation floating in space. Doctor Who, Season 5 Wiki

Doctor Who, Season 5 Synopsis

1 - The Eleventh Hour
The Doctor has regenerated into a brand-new man, but danger strikes before he can even recover, as Doctor Who returns for a new series. With the Tardis wrecked and the sonic screwdriver destroyed, the new Doctor has just 20 minutes to save the whole world - and only Amy Pond to help him.

2 - The Beast Below
The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future, where she finds Britain in space. Starship UK houses the future of the British people, as they search the stars for a new home. But as Amy explores, she encounters the terrifying Smilers and learns a deadly truth inside the Voting Booth.

3 - Victory of the Daleks
The Doctor has been summoned by an old friend, but in the Cabinet War Rooms far below the streets of blitz-torn London, it's his oldest enemy he finds waiting for him, as the time-travelling adventures continue. The Daleks are back - but can Winston Churchill be in league with them?

4 - The Time of Angels
Don't blink - the Weeping Angels return! The Doctor is recruited by Father Octavian to track the last of the Angels through the terrifying Maze Of The Dead. Meanwhile, the mysterious River Song re-enters the Doctor's life, but can he trust her?

5 - Flesh and Stone
There's no way back, no way up and no way out. Trapped among an army of Weeping Angels, the Doctor and his friends must try to escape through the wreckage of a crashed space liner. Meanwhile, in the forest vault, the Doctor's companion, Amy Pond, finds herself facing an even more deadly attack.

6 - The Vampires of Venice
Dessicated corpses, terror in the canal and a visit to the sinister House of Calvierri the Doctor takes Amy and Rory for a romantic mini-break, as the Tardis touches down once again. But 17th-century Venice is not as it should be. The city has been sealed to protect it from the Plague, although Rosanna Calvierri may have other plans...

7 - Amy's Choice
It's been five years since Amy Pond last travelled with the Doctor, and when he lands in her garden again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice one that will change her life for ever.

8 - The Hungry Earth
It's 2015 and the most ambitious drilling project in history has reached deeper beneath the Earth's crust than man has ever gone before, but now the ground itself is fighting back. In the latest episode of the time-travelling drama, the Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in a tiny mining village and find themselves plunged into a battle against a deadly danger from a bygone age.

9 - Cold Blood
It is the most important day in the history of Earth: the dawn of a new age of harmony or the start of its final war. The Doctor must face his most difficult challenge yet. It is a battle in which he cannot take sides and a day when nobody must die...

10 - Vincent and The Doctor
Terror lurks in the cornfields of Provence, but only a sad and lonely painter can see it, as the time-travelling drama continues with an episode written by Richard Curtis. Amy Pond finds herself shoulder to shoulder with Vincent Van Gogh, in a battle with a deadly alien.

11 - The Lodger
There's a house on Aickman road, and a staircase that people go up, but never down, as the time-travelling drama continues. To solve the mystery of the man upstairs, the Doctor faces his greatest challenge yet he must pass himself off as a perfectly normal human being, and share a flat with Craig Owens.

12 - The Pandorica Opens
The Doctor's friends unite to send him a terrible warning; the Pandorica - which is said to contain the most feared being in all the cosmos is opening, as the time travelling drama continues. But what's inside, and can the Doctor stop it?

13 - The Big Bang
The Doctor is gone, the Tardis has been destroyed, and the universe is collapsing. The only hope for all reality is a little girl who still believes in stars, as this series of Doctor Who concludes with an episode written by Steven Moffat.

14 - A First Look
An exclusive 9 minute sneak peek from the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who, starring Matt Smith, now in HD for the first time.

Doctor Who, Season 5 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Eleventh Hour 1:04:45USD 1.99Download
2The Beast Below42:13USD 1.99Download
3Victory of the Daleks42:45USD 1.99Download
4The Time of Angels41:38USD 1.99Download
5Flesh and Stone42:47USD 1.99Download
6The Vampires of Venice48:13USD 1.99Download
7Amy's Choice44:10USD 1.99Download
8The Hungry Earth43:19USD 1.99Download
9Cold Blood46:00USD 1.99Download
10Vincent and The Doctor46:53USD 1.99Download
11The Lodger42:33USD 1.99Download
12The Pandorica Opens48:58USD 1.99Download
13The Big Bang53:59USD 1.99Download
14A First Look09:12FreeDownload

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FutureMrs.Styles >^.^<
Freaking BOSS BISH  FutureMrs.Styles >^.^<  5 star

Hot new doctor! Two new companions! And more River than ever!

Listen up!  dancer8272  5 star

The show is amazing. No arguing with that. Just because Matt Smith was a different Doctor than David Tennant was , doesn't mean you have to hate Matt...A true Whovian is loyal to the show, not to a certain Doctor

Awesome  Hanglono4$,  5 star

I love Doctor Who. My favorite Matt Smith episode is The Eleventh Hour, because of Fish Custard!

Love Derby Quest
Omg  Love Derby Quest  5 star

I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ doctor who but if I buy it where dose it go?

awesomley awesome!  octacain  5 star

COWABUNGA! (its actually Geranimo) this is great! I love it a lot ,good stuff right here. a must buy.

Great  JonEwaD  5 star


---SPOILER---  TimberWullf  5 star

In the episode amy's choice, i instantly figured out that the world where amy was pregnant was the dream world because the doctor's bowtie was blue not red and every whovian knows the red bowtie with fishfingers and custard.

I'm addicted !!!  Simmeringdiamond1  5 star

I absolutely loved tennett but like how we get to see a more,whats the word, darker( but sill goofy), witty, and flambouant version of the doctor as Matt Smith. Ps. Was I the only one to cry when tennett regenerated Ps(part 2). The doctors r getting younger and younger

Geronimo!  pac-matt  5 star

I think Matt Smith has perfected the role of The Doctor. He's stylish, clever, funny, and confusing at times. This season is a great way to introduce the Best Doctor ever!

Great Season!  Umbrellaman91  5 star

I'm not one too give out five star ratings willy nilly but, this is the best season since the reboot. I agree with most of these reviews. However, the hater's are unfortunate. The quality of the writing has improved and the characters are fantastic! I love D.T. (and C.E. for that matter), but his episodes were not as well written, with the exception of Moffat and certain others. R.T.D. could write great episodes, but he couldn't always get his characters out of trouble in a convincing way. Or he didn't offer an explination(Midnight, still a great episode). Moffat is the right man for the job, as he's proven with season's 6 and 7. Plus Matt Smith and the Pond's are amazing. Smith is my favorite Doctor after this season alone, and Amy is my favorite companion. Didn't Rose could be beat, but there it is. Show your none Whovian friends one of these episodes(Vincent, The Lodger, Amy's Choice...) and you'll have a brand new Whovian to hang out with. Of course any Moffat episodes in the past seasons will do just as well.(The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.Probably best to start at the beginning.).............. or Blink. ;) Enjoy this season and don't hate for dumb reasons. Come up with a good one if you really don't like it.

Best sci-fi show+season  ChrisThielen  5 star

This season+show really struck a chord with me. It's brilliant. Quirky but serious, and fun. Give it a chance!

loooove it!  207t57559886  5 star

But after i watch it i feel like i have too talk in a scottish accent.............but I also love what Matt Smith does to the role. The way he talks so fast is hilarious but makes it seem very genius like as well.

dr. who!!  branflakes1002  5 star

I LOVE DR. WHO!!! i loved david tenant. but i stared watching at the end of his "era" so i love matt smith. <3

Mrs Poopy Pants
love it!  Mrs Poopy Pants  5 star

Specially since i am american and can't watch it on TV! '

Dr.who  Pryfggdd  5 star

Totally awesome!!!

Dr Who  omvwb  5 star

As a runner up of David, Matt is doing an amazing job. I love Karen as Amy, and the graphics in this season are awesome.

speechless.  Hamezinator  5 star

I am speechless, simply, speechless. ITS JUST THAT AMAZING!

Hhhhheeeeeellllpppp!!!  ShredderBen  3 star

It won't download!!

Doctor Who: Season 5  swissiceberg  1 star

I love Doctor Who and everything about it, however it wont download onto my ipod. I have a classic. Can someone help me? This is a very annoying problem!

Continuation of greatness  HeraldMage  5 star

While David Tennant will hold a place for quite some time as my all-time favorite Doctor (followed by Tom Baker), I have to say that Matt Smith is doing a great job as well. Also, Steven Moffat's writing is on par with Russell T. Davies' work. Fans of Blink from Tennant's Series 4 will enjoy the two part with the angels.

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