Basketball Wives, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

Basketball Wives, Season 2 release date, synopsis and reviews

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Basketball Wives, Season 2 Release Date and Synopsis

Last season proved that being the wife or girlfriend of a pro basketball superstar may have its perks, but once you peel away the bling and first-class luxuries, the glitzy glamour train often jumps way off the rails. Season 2 is one scorching summer in Miami fans will never forget! 

 Just like last season on Basketball Wives, we'll follow the extraordinary lives of Royce, Jen, Evelyn, Suzie and even a few new faces. Joining the inner circle is former The Real World star and basketball ex Tami Roman, who joins old friend Shaunie O'Neal, who herself is checking into beautiful Miami for her first single summer in years.

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Basketball Wives, Season 2 Reviews

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WOWThis show is intresting...I'm kinda disappointed tho that Howard threatened to sue when his baby mama went on the show I mean why is he mad ..... they are not together anymore! But I must say it is an eye openner to the secret world in professional athletics!.Score: 4/5


Yawwwwwwwwn.If you are looking to see another group of snobby back-stabbing women who slept their way into some cash, then this is the show for you..Score: 2/5

OKAYThem girls better get ready because Tami is not for no games.Score: 4/5

WOWRoyce ..Man I think she just don't get it with her jump off vocabulary ...Can't turn a Jump off into a Classy Lady.$2.00 dress please sit down Lil girl.# lMAO.Score: 5/5

Food stamps!Seriously Jennifer lives in a fantasy world right along with Evelyn. E is all bark and no bite if you are more intimidating than her. J never seeing a food stamp does not mean she has never heard of them. I will be glad when her estranged husband drops that black hole sucking up all his money. Sadly Evelyn does not know how to let stuff go which makes her look like a bitter black woman that is mad at the world. Just goes to show even girls with looks have a major malfunction..Score: 5/5

Tami vs. EvelynOkay, I thought I already posted my comment but I don't see it. I don't really watch reality television, but I find Basketball Wives both interesting and disturbing. Let's get straight to the point. The season 2 finale was somewhat shocking. I can't believe that these ladies put theirselves out there like this. Anyway, Tami had every right to want to whip Evelyn really good ! I can understand Evelyn dating Kenny whenever it was because she didn't know Kinney was married to Tami. However, she very well knew episodes ago that Tami and Kinney were married and that she had dated and slept with him Tami's husband. Evelyn continued to be all up in Tami's face and particpate in outing after outing knowing Tami would be coming along and she couldn't find the decency to tell Tami about her dating and sleeping with Kinney before the season finale. Then she's going to try to make Tami a non factor in the situation and disprespect her. Seriously, Tam's foot should still be up Evelyn's a _ _! Evelyn better be glad that there was intervention because Tami would have mopped the floor with Evelyn. Tami would have put a whipping on Evelyn so fierce that Evelyn would have needed surgery when all was said and done..Score: 3/5

LoveThis one is wayyyyyyy better then that last one I'm so happy it's back on.Score: 5/5

Tami is off the chain in this season !She bout to give the a run for their money!.Score: 4/5

Females!!......OK, first off I am a woman so no this is not just a sexist comment. Second, Jennifer and Evelyn are the fakest females on the show! Evelyn talked so much stuff about how Suzie did this and she was gonna do that, and when it came down to it all she did was cry. To our surprise, she and Jennifer ran off, yeah you really taught her!....... I'm not too sure how I feel about Shaunie since she hangs with them two, but Royce better watch her back.....ANYWAY my point is this is just another example of how dumb and petty females are. I mean come on, saying that you've never seen a food stamp in real life?!! How ignorant is that??? That woman did what she had to do to take care of two kids that she and her well-off ex husband made. It's funny to see him try to twist the stuff on her when he could've easily sent those girls money for food, clothes, books, etc. I mean seriously. Grow a pair guy, be a man and admit your mistakes, obviously they wanted to see you or else they wouldn't have been there........ This show is good to watch if you just want to see a catfight. There are good points but there's much more backstabbing, finger pointing, and fighting.....Score: 3/5

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SncerlyMehSo I’m binge watching season 1 & 2 of basketball wives of Miami and Evelyn and Jennifer we’re just so mean for no reason.SncerlyMehScore: 5/5

AlesiaStewardTamiRoman whenever my 4 month old grandson watches you in Basketball Wives *we started with Season 2* he laughs an… .AlesiaStewardScore: 5/5

UmeniynoraDaIISeason 2 of Basketball Wives was wild. Tammy wanted to whoop Jennifer’s ass.UmeniynoraDaIIScore: 3/5

BougielilbabyWatching basketball wives season 1&2. I don’t even remember them being such mean girls like this 😂.BougielilbabyScore: 4/5

SeyySeyyyTo who it may concern basketball wives season 1&2 is on Netflix..SeyySeyyyScore: 2/5

The1HeLetGetAwyMy guilty pleasure has been rewatching Basketball Wives season 1 & 2 on Netflix. Watching Chad finesse Evelyn on th… .The1HeLetGetAwyScore: 2/5

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Basketball Wives, Season 2 (2010) Series Cast & Crew

Basketball Wives, Season 2 (2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Basketball Wives: The characters of season 2. all returned for basketball wives, season 2.

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Basketball Wives (Season 2) Full Episodes

Follow the extraordinary lives of a group of female best friends as they juggle the success and stresses of building businesses, battling groupies, and searching for stability in the unstable arena of being the significant other to a basketball superstar.

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  • TV-14
  • 2010
1Episode 2 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Episode 2

19 December 2010$18.99

Fallout over Suzie and Evelyn’s argument has Suzie on the run to an unexpected source….GLORIA! Also, Tami reintroduces her daughters to father Kenny Anderson after many years apart.

1Episode 1 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Episode 1

12 December 2010$18.99

Royce, Jen, Evelyne & Suzie return on Basketball Wives but with a few new faces. This season finds the ladies facing down old issues & new alike, with even more dramatic outbursts & heart rendering emotional moments than before.

3Episode 3 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Episode 3

02 January 2011$18.99

Shaunie and the ladies launch a surprise ambush on Gloria to find out why her wedding was called off. Jen and Eric finally have “the talk” that will alter the course of their relationship forever.

4Episode 4 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Episode 4

09 January 2011$18.99

When Evelyn and Jen finds themselves left off the guest list of a posh fundraiser thrown by circle outsider Ashley Walker, they decide to crash the event. Tempers flare when Tami and Jen get into it over an innocuous remark.

5Episode 5 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Episode 5

16 January 2011$18.99

Evelyn and Jen regret volunteering to help Royce and her man Dwayne with a fashion fundraiser. Also, Tami has some surgery done, helping her to lose pounds and setting the stage to gain a friend.

6Episode 6 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Episode 6

23 January 2011$18.99

Evelyn is back on the dating scene with a date that ends with a miss…and then one with a kiss. The tension between Jen & Eric reaches a new mark.

7Episode 7 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Episode 7

30 January 2011$18.99

Shaunie's surprise announcement of a trip abroad delays Evelyn's connection with flirtatious football icon Chad Ochocinco.

8Episode 8 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Episode 8

13 February 2011$18.99

The ladies' trip to Madrid suffers from both Royce's phantom illness and Tami's sudden mood swings. Jen also finds a romantic mark and the women get piggish on the local cuisine.

9Episode 9 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Episode 9

20 February 2011$18.99

Jen & Ev accuse Royce of playing both sides by also being friends with outsiders Suzie & Ashley. Additionally, Ashley Walker and player Rafer Alston ambush Jen & Ev to prove that they are, in fact, a genuine item.

10Finale (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers


06 March 2011$18.99

Evelyn's weekend in Cincinnati with Chad Ochocinco could just be the start of something big. The shocking final act disclosure of a past infidelity links two of the wives and ends the season with an explosive showdown.

11Top 10 Flagrant Fouls (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Top 10 Flagrant Fouls

27 February 2011$18.99

Comedian Patrice O'Neal looks back at the top ten moments from Basketball Wives' current season and "Bonus Beefs" from season one.

12Reunion, Pt. 1 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Reunion, Pt. 1

13 March 2011$18.99

Host John Salley reunites the cast to break down the explosive season finale. He also takes viewers through the ladies' individual journeys this season.

13Reunion Part 2 (Basketball Wives) recap, spoilers

Reunion Part 2

14 March 2011$18.99

Host John Salley presses the cast on Jen's recent nude photo scandal and Evelyn's romance with superstar football player Chad Ochocinco. The reunion is also rocked by a couple of surprise guests that are sure to cause an uproar.


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Basketball Wives, Season 2 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about basketball wives, season 2...

Has Basketball Wives, Season 2 been confirmed? Will there be a basketball wives, season 2?
The countdown to Basketball Wives [2010] Season 2 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Basketball Wives is soon going to be released.

Basketball Wives, Season 2 start date: When does basketball wives, season 2 come back?
Basketball Wives, Season 2 will air on Sunday 19th of December 2010.

How many episodes will be in basketball wives, season 2?
With the season now airing in December 2010. There will be 13 episodes in season 2.

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Basketball Wives, Season 819 June 201919 Episodes

Basketball Wives is a docusoap that follows the daily lives, drama-filled parties and outrageous fights that unfold between the wives, ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players in L.A.

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Basketball Wives, Season 5 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Basketball Wives, Season 519 August 201322 Episodes

Basketball Wives returns for a fifth season with plenty of personal drama to share, beginning with Evelyn Lozada’s first steps toward dealing with the media firestorm surrounding the altercation with her husband that threatens to end their marriage. Back with their own passions and problems are Tami Roman, Suzie Ketcham, and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal. New to the scene is Evelyn’s friend Tasha Marbury, whose marriage of 17 years to a prominent player has had its share of scandal, the lingering whispers of which make her entry into the group a controversial, pot-stirring delight for viewers. Other surprises in store for the fifth outing include the return of a controversial wife from seasons past, a confrontation with a woman whose purported relationship with a player puts one of the wives in an awkward position, and yet another girls’ trip to remember as two of the ladies take their simmering feud abroad.

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