Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1

Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 Summary

These animated shorts are products of their time.  Some of them may depict some of the ethnic and racial prejudices that were commonplace in American society. These depictions were wrong then and are wrong today. While the following does not represent the Warner Bros. view of today's society, these animated shorts are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed.   Follow the madcap adventures of the original game of cat and mouse in Volume 1 of this classic collection as Tom, an ordinary housecat, pursues the pesky mouse, Jerry, for his supper. But Jerry, the quick-witted, audacious rodent who shares the house with Tom, can’t help from teasing his feline nemesis and thwarting his every attempt to catch him. Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 Wiki

Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 Trailer

Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTime
Baby Butch07:07
Blue Cat Blues06:49
The Bodyguard07:22
Heavenly Puss07:49
His Mouse Friday06:45
Jerry's Cousin06:43
The Million Dollar Cat07:10
The Zoot Cat07:10
Mouse In Manhattan08:11
A Mouse In the House07:55
Pecos Pest06:42
Tee for Two07:04
Kitty Foiled07:23
Yankee Doodle Mouse07:30
Lonesome Mouse08:06
Flying Sorceress06:35
Johann Mouse07:55
Tom and Jerry In the Hollywood Bowl07:22
Truce Hurts07:54
Touche, Pussycat!06:42
Butch dresses as a baby and leaves himself on the doorstep as a means of gaining entry to the refrigerator but Jerry teams up with Tom to foil his plans.
Jerry narrates the rough times Tom is going through as he loses his girlfriend to his rival Butch.
Jerry uses a whistle given to him by a grateful bulldog to stop Tom from chasing him.
Tom needs Jerry to sign a paper as an apology to get into heaven after he gets squished by a piano or he will go to hell.
Lost at sea on a life raft, Tom washes ashore on a desserted island where he meets up with Jerry, posing as a cannibal.
Jerry's cousin, Muscles Mouse, pays him a visit and helps out with his problems with Tom.
Tom will inherit a million dollars if he doesn't harm any living thing, including Jerry.
Tom gets a new suit to impress a girl cat after she doesn't accept Jerry as a gift.
Jerry decides to move out of the country, and into New York City. He writes a note for Tom, telling him about his departure. He arrives in the city to have bad luck everywhere. He is chased by traffic, chased by cats, hit with different things, and is shot at by the police. Jerry knows that the city is just not for him. He goes back to the country, and tears the note he wrote for Tom to shreds. It's good to be home.
Tom and Spike the bulldog compete to catch Jerry because the one who does capture the mouse will stay in the house while the other gets kicked outside.
Jerry's Uncle Pecos keeps having his guitar strings snapped so Tom keeps losing his whiskers to replace them.
Tom uses Jerry as a tee at the golf course but soon after things start to go poorly for the cat.
Tom catches Jerry but the house canary saves the mouse and then Tom chases both of them.
Tom is attacking Jerry with everything that's in the house. He throws vases, paper airplanes, lamps, and anything he can get his hands on to get Jerry. Basically, it's like a war is going on. Jerry retaliates by using a cheese grater, and using fireworks to fight Tom back with. (I.E. Yankee Doodle Mouse) They do the same thing fighting back and forth for the rest of the episode. It ends with Jerry winning the battle, as he blows up Tom using the fireworks, turning him into an American Flag.
Jerry is bored and lonely after Tom gets booted from the house so he decides to get him back inside.
Tom steals a witch's flying broom so he can scare the wits out of Jerry.
A narrator tells the story of a Waltzing mouse named Johann (Jerry) lived in Vienna in Johann Strauss home. Tom try to catch the mouse each time he's dancing but a day in absence of Johann Strauss, Tom decided to learn to playing piano for catch him.
Jerry wants to help Tom out as a conductor at the Hollywood Bowl but the cat is having none of it.
Tom, Jerry, and Spike sign a truce but things change quickly when a big steak is dropped by their house.
Jerry must train a young mouse to earn the title of mouseketeer despite the efforts of Tom to stop it.

Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 Comments & Critics

Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 Reviews

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- Tom and Jerry4 star

I have watched every single episode and think the are enjoyable. The only down side is there is a lot of bathroom humor. The characters are entertaining and the animation is great!!

- Good For Kids5 star

My kids love the show, I watched it for myself. And I even liked it. You should buy it. It has Comedy, and it is great for a movie night. Out of all buy it.

- In love5 star

I love it because of child hood!😺😸😻😽👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😹😹😹😹🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Too Expensive to justify purchasing1 star

$1,99 for a 7 minute cartoon! Has iTunes lost their minds!

- I’ve made a terrible mistake5 star

But buying this volume1 of Tom and Jerry wasn’t one of them.

- All5 star


- Tom and Jerry5 star

Best TV Show in the world!!

- Short?1 star

Why are these only 30 seconds or less? What did I miss here? I thought a short was at least a few minutes. How do I get a refund?

- A cartoon for all ages5 star

Tom and Jerry is a great classic that many people had great childhood memories of watching. Tom and Jerry is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Watching Tom and Jerry is a part of my childhood. I always love Tom and Jerry even when I'm an adult. Even though It's amazing I can still watch Tom and Jerry on DVD and on iTunes, I can only hope that Cartoon Network will show Tom and Jerry again. Tom and Jerry is an awesome cartoon. If you had great childhoodhood memories of watching Tom and Jerry and if you still like Tom and Jerry as an adult then good for you. If you don't like Tom and Jerry anymore then shame on you. It's great that I still love Tom and Jerry regardless of how old I get. If you still love Tom and Jerry regardless of how old you get then keep enjoying Tom and Jerry and watch Tom and Jerry again when you can.

- The Description5 star

The Description of these iTunes has produced about Tom and Jerry being a Racist Cartoon may be the stupidest most non descriptive description I have read... The cartoons are classics and when I was growing up we didn't think about race as much as we do today - If you want a good laugh and some great memories buy these cartoons and for once lets quit taking ourselves so seriously that we get offended all the time... LET IT GO - trust me - your life will be better for it.

- I love this show!! ❤️❤️5 star

This right here is literally my childhood

- One of the best classic cartoons ever made5 star

I think that Tom and Jerry might have been inspired by Looney Tunes, and that, and the slapstick violence, are what make it so great. The show even managed to get away with certain things, like occasional violence with guns and knives, execution scenes, references to heaven and hell, and even suicide! These days, kids cartoons with all of that would get banned! Basically, Tom and Jerry is one of the best slapstick cartoons of all time.

- How is this Racist5 star

There is nothing racist in any of these cartoons. They were the reality of the behavior and culture of the time. Society was a different species of humanity in the 1940's. Absolutely no need for anyone to day to apologise or try an delete the truth. What would a cartoon that authentically depicted the behaviors of different races to day look like? Now THAT would be shocking.

- False Advertising1 star

The description claims to be the original versions of Tom and Jerry. Yet despite this most scenes have been edited from their original version for example: in "His Mouse Friday" the screen is cropped at the end as to not show the child tribesman. In "Blue Cat Blues" the screen is slightly zoomed in. In "Truce Hurts" the blackface gag is cut by having it cut immediately after the meat truck splashes mud on Tom, Jerry, and Spike. It doesn't show these and possibly others uncensored. Not to mention the episodes aren’t even slightly close to being in the correct order… What happened to the first 40 episodes? EDIT: Oh and Puss Gets the Boot and The Framed Cat have dubbed Mammy Two shoes dialogue and not the original Lillian Randolph.

- Sad sad sad but good!5 star

Sad to say that this is the season they commit suicide but this cartoon will forever be my favorite :')

- Love shows5 star

I love to watch the show I always watch the show when I was little

- High Price But Awsome5 star

I love Tom and Jerry, I have since i was nine years old. The price is so, high for a 7 min movie. But otherwise it is great.

- Wow5 star

I love it but please make it $1

- Fun for small kids5 star

Loved it

- Tom and Jerry1 star

I love Tom and Jerry but you make it to expensive.can you lower it to 1$ please.

- Ages5 star

iTunes has this Tom & Jerry for like 2-4 tear olds I'm 14 and still LOVE Tom & jerry that and loony toons ... the old ones

- Amazing5 star

Tom & Jerry is one of my favorite shows as a kid. I liked/like the Yankee Doodle one the most

- idk!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I seriusly dont know what kind of like electronic i need plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- The best5 star

Love the classics!

- Pricey Itunes but classics never die5 star

Although its pricer than I would like, you can never let an American classic go. With so much wrong in the world, a good laugh is just what we need to end the day. Nice job bringing back the laughs.

- Jerry has always been awesome!5 star

They never get old

- Utrecht5 star

I loved it to just snuggle up in p.js it's great!!!

- It was ok3 star

I don't really now why it had to b so much money but it was still ok😔😔😔😔😔😳😳😳😳😳

- Question3 star

How long are these each

- Hilarious5 star

I like it how Jerry always wins

- Ffs4 star


- Adnane2 star



Anyone with half a brain, would know what Tom and Jerry is about, a cat and a mouse. It is an old school cartoon before PC went amuck.

- Need to add3 star

Solid serenade I love but add this and I'll be happy I love this episode because the "i love you" part add this and I make it a 5 star rateing

- Love It5 star

I love Tom and Jerry. It is the most and coolest show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

- Lol for Tom & Jerry5 star

My bros love this show a lot and when I mean a lot I mean a lot. Me too. So rock on Tom and Jerry!!! People still love you!!!!!!! And they have faith on you guys!!!!!!!

- Rico5 star

I love Tom & Jerry it is awesome.I watch it every day when I come home from school.

- Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Tom and Jerry is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! And whoever said these were two minute videos are wrong. You see the whole thing once you buy it.

- Crap!!!1 star

Why would anyone want to watch a 2 minute video for a dollar?! This is a rip off!!!!!!!

- abdullah5 star


- Awezome!!!!!!!!!5 star

I <3 Tom & Jerry is the coolest cartoon of all time!!!!!! I love that wen I'm on a road trip or going on vacation. I <3 how the episodes r only $0.99ea. so people should stop complaining.

- Us House Apes & Colonel Caboose Too!!!5 star

Every Saturday before dawn us kids would camp out front and center by the Idiot Box. Out waiting the test patterns, Star Spangled Banner, Sunrise Semesters, and what not. Foraging on quantities of the ambrosia our cartoons and super heroes ate somehow between sets. My grandpa and grandma must be not far in the interconnect. Thanks

- Tom and Jerry5 star

Fantastic, but I believe if you price it at $.99 at all, it should be for two episodes since they are 6-8 minutes. Or, drop the price for one! Also for those other reviewers who support the price... I understand there is not much else for $.99, but it's visual entertainment and 6-8 minutes is short! If it were a song, that is quite different and that would be rather reasonable, but not the same. Totally in my opinion...

- Hey shakesmasterepic5 star

No way your a little exargerating

- Great5 star

How can you not like Tom and Jerry?:)

- Love tom and Jerry!!5 star

I agree with Maria. Why would someone want to pay a whole dollar for a short tv show??!! I mean come on! It should probly only be like 60 cents.

- Greatest show possible5 star

Shut up about the price people. It could be priced at $99999999999999.99 and still worth the buy. It gives plenty of laughs that don't grow old. Good quality of sound. Includes an award winning episode: (Yankee doodle mouse).

- Description Serious Much?! :)5 star

It was good, but the description is weird, no one cares if it was prejudice. Bottom line is we all grew up watching this cartoon, and I personally Love it.


I'm addicted to Tom and Jerry, what more can I say!!!

- Oh yeah!5 star

Boy, did I love these two characters growing up. They simply don't make cartoons like these anymore. Now it's blow up the earth or some super-duper 10 year- old with magic powers,and somehow he has the experience and money to build labs and all kinds of special equipment. These are when cartoons were what they were supposed to be: hilarious! When you talk about Tom and Jerry from this era that is just what you get. Please keep em' coming!

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raymond110168 - It's the best!!!5 star

After 5, 6 decades, you have to say some of the best ideas/conceptions never get old!!! This is my favourite cartoon since I was a child! I'm 24 now. This makes me a happier guy throughout time potentially I guess!! :D

Itunes rocks 2345677888999 - REFUND!!1 star

I downloaded the season and nothing happened iTunes give me my money!

Clapurhandz - a bit Disappointing :(3 star

this show is AMAZING and totally worth buying but not for $2.99 per episode (which only goes for 8 mins tops) you may as well just buy the complete season its heaps cheaper :/

epicfullness - Tom & Jerry5 star

Tom & Jerry pretty much summarised my childhood, i remember looking forward to it after school, and i remember thinking that i would freak out over who won (even though Jerry won the majority of the time) haha anyway, i do recommend Tom & Jerry as a childhood show :D

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kurt - Keep them at one episode per download5 star

I like the fact that you get one episode per purchase. If they were bundled as two, I could be forced into buying an episode I don't want. Just my two cents!

Davissnl - Bad1 star

I wont show up.

darkjohns - more episodes3 star

just needed more episodes like the one am looking for i don't know the name i just know it's the where tom's owner dresses like a baby.

Wuzzoby - The best5 star

The best show I ever saw!!!!!!

Yoa bear - Cool5 star

I know it is for kids but I love it!!!!!!

Cxhaygfyg - T4 star

Love Tom and Jerry

Neva Lanae - Classic5 star

I love Tom & Jerry and even though I'm 20 I still watch it whenever it's on t.v.

dooley196 - Keep 'em coming iTunes!5 star

I've been waiting on this for so long! To those of you complaining about the price, grow up! You can't even buy a 6-7 minute song for $0.99. Be glad they are willing to offer these classics.

ChicagoLaurie - The Best5 star

Tom and Jerry are one of the best animated shows ever. To see i Tunes lecture us on "prejudices" (yes lecture, as almost the entire description revolves around race) is a little insulting. We know it's wrong now, I don't need iTunes to tell me that, nor should any entertainment be changed because it might be offensive to a certain group.

Dreamrider0723 - >:( Not compatible3 star

I bought it but my Ipod (8 GB-Model No.A12850) wasn't "compatible" to it :( I can only watch it on my laptop. So not fair >:(

Coolmanforever - G4 star

Hahahahahahahshahshahahahshshhahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahshahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaahashaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahshsgshshhahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahaahahahahha not funny

IPayne10 - Tom and Jerry1 star

Stinks! Don't get it.

Daisy and deuce - Tom and Jerry5 star

O m double g

Sleepingcobrox - Awesome5 star

The humor isn't what you would expect from today's cartoons and yet it is really funny to watch Tom and Jerry. A timeless classy that should not be missed...

Scamp is AWESOME!!!!! - WAY TO MUCH MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 star

I think the season of Tom and jerry should be like at least $10.00 not $17.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Victoria613 - Love It! But A Dollar For 6-7 minutes?5 star

I love Tom & Jerry, so glad it's on itunes. However, the price is questionable. Who's going to be paying a whole dollar for only one 6-7 minute episode? Either pair up the episodes, or lower them to 69 cents.

hortencia garcia - Tom & jerry5 star

I love tom and jerry

M.DaRi - :))5 star

My Childhood .....

PooPnBeanzz - Amazing5 star

Favorite childhood cartoon now in my pocket. I watch this everyday in school lol

WinterView77 - Yes!5 star

Finally! I didn't think iTunes would ever sell the Tom and Jerry theatrical shorts! Thank you!

Tommy Dav - Great5 star

I love it

lauren... - 5 stars for this classic, 2 for ....2 star

7-8 minutes per show? really iTunes? Bundling 2 or 3 shows counting as one episode for 2 bucks, would get me to buy the entire season.

Looney Tunes Lovers!!!!! :) - My request! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I love Tom and Jerry!!!!! I'm SO glad it's on iTunes!!!!!!!!!!

Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 Images & Pictures

Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 images
Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 images
Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 images

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cat and mouse

Tom and Jerry, Vol. 1 posters
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