Wolverine Anime Series, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

Wolverine Anime Series, Season 1 release date, synopsis and reviews


Wolverine Anime Series, Season 1 Release Date and Synopsis

The love of Logan’s life, Mariko Yashida, is forced back to Japan by her father Shingen, a notorious crime lord. Once in Japan, she is forcibly betrothed to Kurohagi, a cruel criminal associate of her fathers, to solidify their business interests. Logan is determined to get her back but is plunged into a morass of corruption and violence at every turn. But with the help of young assassin Yukio, he just might manage to claw his way through the criminal underworld to confront Shingen and save Mariko.

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Wolverine Anime Series, Season 1 Reviews

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MorePls more.. Awesome job.....Score: 4/5

VoiceThey messed up the voice he doesn't sound like Wolverine should he sound like he's a teenager. I'm only given it three stars due to the fact that the voice is the only problem animation is great and the storyline isn't bad since I watched the subbed verison when it came out..Score: 3/5

Cool!Its seems pretty cool,,He is a much thinner and sleeker version of Wolverine.. and FIrst!!!!.Score: 5/5

Bad ideaThis is by far the worst show ever they ruined wolverine for me. Don't watch this you've been warned.Score: 1/5

ChannelWhat channell is this on??.Score: 3/5

Tired of hatersI probably older than most that review this Wolverine movie. But I am happy that the story not only is done in a "Different" style but has the action that I crave in Anime series. Ninja scroll, sword of a stranger all good action anime movies. I find them rare and hard to find. And trust me I look. Wolverine brings more than that. It has great villians, allies and surprises. I have seen wolverine drawn 100 different ways, but a movie were I get to see a wolverine do his thing is what I call good. Hes not your typical drawn wolverine and for me I don't care. I love it. I want more. And I want more action. Wolverine does pick up. I now am waiting to see all the build up fights. We need more anime or cartoons like this for Marvel. Black Panther anime, Deadpool, Taskmaster, Warmachine, X-FORCE or my personal favorite a WARPATH anime. If you like Marvel comics and you like action and you like anime. You need look no further, pokemon this isn't, NEW GENERATION Marvel anime. LOVE IT. I feel the same about Iron Man anime series..Score: 5/5

Love itAwesome show. Good action and pretty cool storyline. I don’t get what all the hate is about. This show is sick..Score: 5/5

Beautiful animation but please toughen up the characterI love the character, Wolverine. I have since the mid-80's, especially when he's well drawn. And the animation in this series is stunning. That being said, the writer and voice actor have made the character so tall, cool, and smooth talking that I almost don't recognize him. Please take it back to the short, tough, and scrappy character from the comic books. Think: Mel Gibson from 'Lethal Weapon', but short with claws. Logan, from the Marvel Comics, is a five foot one, bar room brawler and that has always been his appeal. I understand you guys using creative license but please don't stray from the core of the character. He's supposed to be a little psychopath with a big heart. Thanx.Score: 3/5

This is not WolverineWhat a horrible show. I've never been so negative about a Marvel series before but this is trash. When exactly did Wolverine become super strong? About the same time Superman learned to fly instead of leap, I suppose, and that would be when the enemy had outmatched him. Same here - when Logan is obviously out of his league all of the sudden he has new powers. Lame....Score: 1/5

Very different take on LoganThe art in the series reminds me a lot of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, which is one of my favorite anime movies of all time. This is a very different but very welcome take on Logan for me. I'm so used to seeing him as a flat one dimensional character in other shows, and in this they really tried to flesh out his inner character and I really welcome the new approach to him..Score: 5/5

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Wolverine Anime Series (Season 1) Full Episodes

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  • 2011
1Mariko (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


29 July 2011$2.99

Asano, an investigator for Japan’s security police, visits Logan in New York. He explains that the father of Logan’s former girlfriend, Mariko Yashida, is arranging a political marriage for her. Her father, Shingen Yashida, is the leader of the organized crime organization, Kuzuryu, and this marriage will solidify his power in the region. Logan travels to Japan and invades Shingen’s residence, finally reuniting with Mariko. But the reunion is short lived when he meets Mariko’s betrothed, Hideki Kurohagi, and her father, Shingen.

2Yukio (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


05 August 2011$2.99

Having fallen into Shingen’s trap Logan ends up in dire straits, but is rescued by a mysterious woman known as Yukio. Later Logan visits Asano’s safe house and discovers the dead body of Asano. Suspected of his friend’s murder, Logan is pursued by the police.

3Kikyo (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


12 August 2011$2.99

Kikyo Mikage, a mutant assassin of Shingen’s who has adamantium weapons, attacks Logan who’s fleeing the police. Escaping, he and Yukio track down Kurohagi’s secret smuggling operation. But… when Logan arrives at the harbor, his arch-enemy Omega Red appears.

4Omega Red (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers

Omega Red

19 August 2011$2.99

Logan and Omega Red engage in a fierce battle. Their battle brings up their shared history and how Wolverine first met Omega Red. Will Logan be able to defeat the Russian behemoth?

5Asano (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


26 August 2011$2.99

The battle between Omega Red and Logan continues, while Asano’s squad discovers that Logan isn’t responsible for his death. Scoring a narrow victory , Logan heads to Shingen’s, where he finds Kikyo waiting for him. Omega Red, who has since recovered, also arrives, leaving Logan caught between a rock and a hard place.

6Min (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


02 September 2011$2.99

Logan finally manages to defeat Omega Red, and he and Yukio fly off to the crime ridden city-state of Madripoor, where Mariko is to be married. Things get off to a bad start with the locals, and Yukio and Logan get split up. Logan narrowly escapes with help from a young street girl named Min, who is part of a resistance army that lives in the tunnels underneath Madripoor.

7Vadhaka (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


09 September 2011$2.99

Kurohagi gets A.I.M. to help him send Vadhaka, the guardian statue of Madripoor, after Logan as an assassin. Logan manages to overcome the attack, while Min leads them to an underground town, where they meet Koh, the leader of the resistance group.

8Koh (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


16 September 2011$2.99

Koh makes a deal with Logan to lead him to the Dragon Palace, where Mariko’s fiancée Kurohagi lives but first Logan must rescue Yukio, who has been captured by Kurohagi’s men.

9Hell Road (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers

Hell Road

23 September 2011$2.99

Logan and Yukio start down Hell Road on their way to the Dragon Palace, where Kurohagi and Mariko are to be married. Somehow the two manage to overcome the many traps that have been set along the road, while Koh and his army follow, intent on attacking the Dragon Palace himself.

10Shingen (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


30 September 2011$2.99

Having managed to fight their way through Hell Road, the statue of Vadhaka once again appears before them. Meanwhile, the preparations for Kurohagi’s marriage to Mariko are progressing inside and Kikyo watches on the sidelines while Logan and Vadhaka engage in a fierce battle.

11Kurohagi (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


07 October 2011$2.99

Logan manages to enter the Dragon Palace, with Yukio and Koh following him in, each consumed with their own dark thoughts of revenge. Waiting for them inside are the deadly sword skills of Shingen. Kurohagi and Mariko’s wedding is about to start, does Logan have any hope of stopping it in time?

12Logan (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers


14 October 2011$2.99

Logan engages in his final battle with Shingen inside the Dragon Palace. At the same time, Yukio is heading toward her own final battle, while Kurohagi makes a last ditch attempt to make Mariko his own. It’s all come down to this, how can Logan save the love of his life?

The Marvel Anime Universe - Chapter 2: Wolverine Reborn (Wolverine Anime Series) recap, spoilers

The Marvel Anime Universe - Chapter 2: Wolverine Reborn

25 July 2011Bonus

Chapter 2 explores the creation of the look, plot points, and themes of WOLVERINE ANIME. Storyboards, Concept Art, and Character Models give the at home viewer all new insights into the process for creating a series that outlines an all-new LOGAN tale.


Wolverine Anime Series, Season 1 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about wolverine anime series, season 1...

Has Wolverine Anime Series, Season 1 been confirmed? Will there be a wolverine anime series, season 1?
The countdown to Wolverine Anime Series [2011] Season 1 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Wolverine Anime Series is soon going to be released.

Wolverine Anime Series, Season 1 start date: When does wolverine anime series, season 1 come back?
Wolverine Anime Series, Season 1 will air on Friday 29th of July 2011.

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