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Gossip Girl, Season 5 Release Date and Synopsis

Everyone’s favorite socialites are back to their wicked ways as Gossip Girl returns for its hotly anticipated season five. Opening in Los Angeles, a suntanned Serena has found the perfect summer job when Chuck and Nate, who are still on their posh trip around the globe, decide to pay her a visit. Meanwhile, back on the Upper East Side, Blair is still dealing with the fallout from her impossible choice between Prince Louis and Chuck, and Dan’s world is suddenly shattered when he discovers that someone has gone behind his back and found an editor to anonymously publish one of his stories. Terrified of his friends and family reading his brilliant-but-honest critique of New York high society, Dan might not be able to refuse the fame and fortune of a published author. Finally, the surprise return of Serena’s cousin Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) will threaten to destroy the van der Woodsen family from within. Watch out Upper East Siders, this season, nobody’s safe and everybody’s going to be sorry!

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Gossip Girl, Season 5 Reviews

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Love this showI love this show so sad that the 6th seAson is the last I love Ed westwick aka chuck bass he is an amazing actor I'm usually laughing at the end of each episode.Score: 5/5

The show remains amazing as ever!I've been watching this show since day one and it gets better and better! This season is full of surprises! its so addicting! You must watch it!.Score: 5/5

This season is not as exiciting as beforeGossip Girl used to be an addicting show but this season was sooooooooooooooooooooo BORING. I hope the next season would be better..Score: 1/5

AmazingI absolutly love this show, chuck and blaire are a perfect couple hope they end up together!(:.Score: 5/5

GCshgsg.Score: 5/5

Gossip GirlI really love this show it is amazing i really hope theres a season 6 and it comes soon cause I'm absolutely addicted to gossip girl I've watched seasons 1-5 in two weeks its just to good theres just so many things always going on that it never gets boring to watch i find myself saying ok ill watch one episode and i end up watching 5 to 6 can't wait for season 6 i truly hope that this show has a bunch of seasons left.. xoxo gossip girl ;P.Score: 5/5

AWESOME GGThis T.V. Show is AWESOME! It may not be the same as it was in Season 1, but still is a great show. What I do not understand is why people review this show when they do not like it, and only talk bad about. It is pointless... Therefore, I just hope to see more from this show for more years :D.Score: 5/5


GG.......Gossip Girl returns with its 5th season! The shows not as good as it once was it probably has to do with the fact Chuck and Blair are not together :( Ed Westwick is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! With all the characters on the show Chuck Bass has to be my absolute favorite , his characters transformation is evident this season! I hope they continiue on with it and in the worlds of Dan Humphrey "Fix the Chair" Sorry I had to say that lol :D.Score: 4/5

You know you love it!I am totally obsessed with this show! I can't get enough of it. Can't wait to buy the season, I think everyone should watch it at least once, my brother saw one episode & know he's as addicted as I am!.Score: 5/5

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GgNever put two and two together….turns out GG is a good acronym for gossip girl…..great series :).Score: 5/5

Worst season EVER boring...signed #1fanThis season is boring. I used to be the biggest gossip girl fan ever. I would watxh episodes over and over. However this season is extremly boring there is no story line. Nate wears more make up than Blair and Serena together. No one is happy. The story doesnt go forward. No one goes to school anymore.....blair biggest over achiever doesnt work or goes to school....BORING BORING dont waste your money..Score: 1/5

?Where is episode 10?.Score: 1/5

Episode 10?Where is episode 10? Gossip girl starting back on the 16.. And I didn't saw the episode 10... I hope they gonna put it before the season restart... Everybody's waiting for a while...!!.Score: 4/5

Waiting for episode 10Episode 10 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

NcucnTo people living in Canada, just watch on muchmusic.Score: 5/5

Yet another Season Pass that isn't up to dateWhere is episode 19? It is available in the States but not in Canada? Why isn't it available for downloading yet? It is Wednesday already!.Score: 1/5

This is my favorite tv show.I really enjoy watching this show and I can't wait to see what's gonna happen further to Blair&Chuck..Score: 5/5

New EpisodesWhere is the latest episode???.Score: 1/5

Still waiting for episodeI ve notied that what start off as pre air premieres on a weekly basis, well ahead of u k release schedule, often then slow down in regularity of availability so that they end up only a week or so behind terrestrial airing times. e.g vampire diaries. greys anatomy....wether the u s mid season break contributes to this or not, i wont be buying any more season passes when it usually ends up that i can just wait a few days and see it on t v for free.. other times it seems that itunes just dont pull their finger out , e.g no eps of g.g for two weeks then two are available together spend a lot of money on itunes and now gradually moving my business elsewhere.Score: 1/5

Episode 11 anytime soon???Where on earth is episode 11??? It has been so long.....Score: 5/5

Series Pass IssueI bought the series pass and was emailed about new episodes to download - I tried to watch one and it's the first episode again - when it should be the twelth. I let it run to see if the next episode might be the correct one but it just went back to the first again. I don't know if there's a general issue or what but it's so frustrating!.Score: 3/5

Latest EpisodeWheres the latest episode?! Are they ever going to upload it?!.Score: 1/5

Where is episode 18?Loving this season of GG, but why the loooong wait between episodes??? iTunes please sort it out!! XOXO.Score: 3/5

Why did I pay for this?I have never downloaded illegally but I'm sure everyone getting the pirate version of this has had the episode straight after it is aired in the US! What is the point of paying for a premium pass with such poor service. I will not be doing this again. Might as well wait until its on play!!.Score: 1/5

WaitingWhere is episode 19 I spend alot of cash on iTunes I'm very frustrated and angry!!!.Score: 1/5

:(Why does ITunes put the episodes up so late? :( It aired yesterday in America so should be on here by now :( so disappointed..Score: 3/5

Disappointed in itunesItunes - why don't you simply tell customers of the release dates in an email or on this page? It will avoid lots of disappointed customers like me. Just imagine... Your customer has a long hard day at work. On the way home, the long and stuffy journey on public transport is suddenly made more bearable upon remembering that this is Tuesday - a new episode of Gossip girl will be available to view on Itunes. Your loyal customer arrives home, puts the kettle on opens up her laptop and logs onto itunes, only wait, an episode it not down loading. The back starts to arch, the days stresses return and general grumpiness takes its place. And this sometimes happens for weeks on a row! Avoid this pain - tell us the release dates in advance! We have paid in advance after all - surely have a right to know when we will receive the product we have paid for? Until this is resolved I will not be buying any series in advance like this, it simply isn't enjoyable to wait indefinitely..Score: 2/5

Where is Episode 19 ?Annoying when this happens , like past reviews stated episode 19 aired on Monday. Too much inconsistency in posting new episodes. Regret buying Series Pass , feel messed about !.Score: 1/5

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Gossip Girl, Season 5 (2011) Series Cast & Crew

Gossip Girl, Season 5 (2011) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Gossip Girl: The characters of season 5. Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen), Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf), Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey), Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald), Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass), Kelly Rutherford (Lily van der Woodsen), Matthew Settle (Rufus Humphrey), Kaylee DeFer (Ivy Dickens), all returned for gossip girl, season 5.

Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass)
Ed WestwickChuck BassScore: 18.2
Kelly Rutherford (Lily van der Woodsen)
Kelly RutherfordLily van der WoodsenScore: 17.8
Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf)
Leighton MeesterBlair WaldorfScore: 29.9
Kaylee DeFer (Ivy Dickens)
Kaylee DeFerIvy DickensScore: 11.8
Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen)
Blake LivelySerena van der WoodsenScore: 29.4
Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey)
Penn BadgleyDan HumphreyScore: 22.3

Jessica Queller (Consulting Producer), Cecily von Ziegesar (Novel), Stephanie Savage (Executive Producer), all returned for gossip girl.

Stephanie Savage (Executive Producer)
Stephanie SavageExecutive ProducerScore: 6.6
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Gossip Girl (Season 5) Full Episodes

The season began in Los Angeles when a re-energized Chuck and Nate decided to pay Serena a visit. Chuck has a newfound philosophy and says "yes" to everything, even death defying stunts. Serena continues to work on the movie set, and is offered a full-time job at the end of the episode. Nate begins an affair with an older woman, Diana Payne, who may have an ulterior motive for being with Nate. Back in New York, Dan learns that Vanessa has published one chapter of his novel, and Blair continues to plan her wedding to Louis, and she also learns she is pregnant. After realizing she still had feelings for Chuck, Blair and Chuck decide to go away together, but their car crashes. As a result of the crash Blair loses her baby, Chuck nearly dies, and Blair eventually marries Louis. The season also focuses on Nate running an online gossip site NYSpectator, Blair and Dan's friendship turning into a relationship, Chuck's quest to find his real parents which leads him to discover that his father, Bart, is still alive, and the effects of CeCe's death on Lily and her marriage to Rufus. At the end of the season, Blair makes a choice between Dan and Chuck, and Lily makes a choice between Rufus and Bart. Serena is seen leaving town while Dan decides to write a new book about the Upper East Side, with the help of Georgina.

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  • 2011
1Yes, Then Zero (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Yes, Then Zero

26 September 2011$2.99

In the fifth season premiere, Serena loves her new job in Hollywood, but makes a costly misstep when she tries to impress her boss (recurring guest star MICHAEL MICHELE - ER, Homicide: Life on the Street, Ali). Chuck and Nate arrive in Los Angeles as the last stop of their trip around the globe, joining Serena at a glamorous Hollywood Hills party, where Nate meets a sexy older woman (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY). Meanwhile, Blair and Louis (recurring guest star HUGO BECKER) return from Monaco and begin planning their royal wedding, but when Louis refuses to stand up to his family and support Blair's choices, his weakness threatens their relationship. Plus, a magazine is planning to run an excerpt of Dan's book until an unlikely ally steps in to help him kill the story.

2Beauty and the Feast (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Beauty and the Feast

03 October 2011$2.99

Nate reconnects unexpectedly with Diana (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY), who offers him an exciting opportunity. Serena forces Charlie to decide which world she wants to embrace. Dan seeks out Chuck's help to stop the publication of his book, but discovers it is Chuck who needs the help. Meanwhile, Blair's future sister-in-law, Beatrice (recurring guest star ROXANE MESQUIDA - The Last Mistress, Kaboom), arrives from Monaco, but her motives with Blair may be more than just to get acquainted.

3The Jewel of Denial (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

The Jewel of Denial

10 October 2011$2.99

At Diana's (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) request, Nate must decide whether to cross moral lines. Dan figures out who is publishing his book and seeks help to stop it, but he still ends up in the spotlight. Chuck helps Dan come to terms with his fate, just as Dan continues to try to help Chuck break through his emotional block. Plus, Serena and Charlie return to the Upper East Side from California, and a Jenny Packham fashion show is featured.

4Memoirs of an Invisible Dan (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Memoirs of an Invisible Dan

17 October 2011$2.99

After much deliberation, Dan decides to gather Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Rufus and Lily to reveal the truth about his book in the hope that they will support him at his book party. Meanwhile, Blair and Louis (recurring guest star HUGO BECKER) enter crisis status after Louis reads Dan's book. Diana (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) learns incriminating information about one of Nate's friends and uses it to her advantage.

5The Fasting and the Furious (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

The Fasting and the Furious

24 October 2011$2.99

In the midst of celebrating Yom Kippur with family and friends, Blair and Louis (recurring guest star HUGO BECKER) find themselves in a power struggle with Louis' family. Serena's boss (recurring guest star MICHAEL MICHELE) puts Serena in the awkward position of choosing between her new job and her relationship with Dan. Meanwhile, Diana (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) prepares to debut the New York Spectator, but an unfortunate last-minute surprise delays the launch and Diana expects Nate to do whatever it takes to save the day.

6I Am Number Nine (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

I Am Number Nine

07 November 2011$2.99

Blair makes all of her former minions and Charlie compete to secure the coveted bridesmaid spots in her upcoming royal wedding. Nate is tired of keeping his relationship with Diana (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) a secret, so he decides to use Charlie to make Diana jealous. Serena's boss, Jane (recurring guest star MICHAEL MICHELE) is determined to acquire the film rights to Dan's book, so Serena must put her personal feelings about Dan and the book aside in order to close the deal.

7The Big Sleep No More (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

The Big Sleep No More

14 November 2011$2.99

Several of our favorite Upper East Siders attend a performance of Punchdrunk's provocative theater experience "Sleep No More," which means masks, anonymity and some surprising romantic twists by the end of the evening. Meanwhile, Diana (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) sets her sights on Serena in her quest to ruin Gossip Girl. Plus, Dan is out on his book tour, but things aren't exactly as they appear to his friends and family.

8All the Pretty Sources (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

All the Pretty Sources

21 November 2011$2.99

Serena is hard at work planning a dream bridal shower for Blair, but it should come as no surprise that Serena has to plant some false information about the shower in order to keep Blair from finding out all the details. Meanwhile, Chuck and Dan decide to spend the day together to distract themselves from the fact that they didn't make the invite list for Blair's shower, and Nate and Serena find a silver bullet in Diana's (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) war against Gossip Girl, but struggle about whether to use it or not.

9Rhodes to Perdition (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Rhodes to Perdition

28 November 2011$2.99

Lily, Charlie and Serena eagerly anticipate the Studio 54 party being thrown in CeCe's (recurring guest star CAROLINE LAGERFELT) honor. Nate takes on a new role at the Spectator, but his first big story turns out to be about someone he knows all too well. Blair turns to an unlikely person for help.

10Riding in Town Cars With Boys (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Riding in Town Cars With Boys

05 December 2011$2.99

Lily throws Charlie a party to officially introduce her to New York society. Meanwhile, Charlie's ex-boyfriend, Max (recurring guest star BRIAN J. SMITH – SGU Stargate Universe), throws a wrench into Charlie's future as an Upper East Side princess. Dan decides it may be time to tell Blair the truth about his feelings for her.

11The End of the Affair? (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

The End of the Affair?

16 January 2011$2.99

Through a series of emotional flashbacks, Blair reveals to Serena what really happened in the aftermath of her tragic car accident with Chuck. Meanwhile, Nate discovers information about the accident that suggests possible foul play. Lily is worried by Charlie's long absence and decides to hire a private detective to track her down. VERA WANG makes a cameo as herself at Blair's dress fitting.

12Father and the Bride (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Father and the Bride

23 January 2012$2.99

Blair prepares to celebrate her upcoming royal wedding with a bachelorette party, but others scheme behind her back to make this a night to remember. After discovering the truth behind Chuck and Blair's car accident, Nate joins forces with a surprising ally to gather the evidence. Serena and Dan pretend to be dating again to protect someone close to them.

13G.G. (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers


30 January 2012$2.99

The much-anticipated 100th episode will open with a musical dream sequence featuring Serena, Blair and all the men in their lives. Also, while Chuck wrestles with the reality that Blair is about to walk down the aisle with Prince Louis (recurring guest star HUGO BECKER), the return of Georgina Sparks (recurring guest star MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG) might make the royal affair a royal disaster.

14The Back Up Dan (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

The Back Up Dan

06 February 2012$2.99

Blair must make a difficult decision about her future, the consequences of which could hurt those she loves most. Serena takes the blame for an incident with Gossip Girl in order to protect someone she loves. Georgina (recurring guest star MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG) smells the scent of scandal and decides to follow its trail.

15Crazy, Cupid, Love (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Crazy, Cupid, Love

13 February 2012$2.99

It'’s Valentine’s Day on the Upper East Side and Blair can’t resist playing cupid for someone she loves. Georgina (recurring guest star MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG) is intent on stirring up more drama, so she decides to crash Nate'’s Valentine’s Day party. Meanwhile, Serena is shocked by something she witnesses at the party. Musical group ST. VINCENT performs.

16Cross Rhodes (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Cross Rhodes

20 February 2012$2.99

Dan feels honored when he learns that comedy troupe Upright Citizen's Brigade is performing excerpts from his book, Inside. Blair tries to prove Serena's suspicions wrong in order to save their friendship. And, on her way out of town, Ivy ends up on a collision course with the van der Woodsens.

17The Princess Dowry (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

The Princess Dowry

27 February 2012$2.99

Blair thinks a potential loophole may have been found in her pre-nuptial agreement. Chuck and Georgina (recurring guest star MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG) partner up in a scheme, but it has an unpredictable outcome. Meanwhile, a family crisis brings William van der Woodsen (recurring guest star BILLY BALDWIN) back to the Upper East Side.

18Con Heir (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Con Heir

02 April 2012$2.99

Chuck invites Jack (recurring guest star DESMOND HARRINGTON) to town to thank him for saving his life, but finds the trip doesn't go exactly as planned. Blair and Dan attempt to consummate their new relationship - but unexpected roadblocks get in their way. Meanwhile, Ivy finds an unlikely ally in William (recurring guest star BILLY BALDWIN) in her quest to be accepted on the Upper East Side, and Nate is hopeful a new investor will save his newspaper.

19It Girl, Interrupted (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

It Girl, Interrupted

09 April 2012$2.99

Serena decides she is ready to relinquish the spotlight and sets out to make a reluctant Lola (recurring guest star ELLA RAE PECK – The Good Wife) the next It Girl of the Upper East Side, starting with modeling at a Kiki de Montparnasse party and lingerie show. Meanwhile, Chuck reaches out to Blair for advice about his past, and Diana Payne's (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) return to The Spectator starts a power struggle with Nate.

20Salon of the Dead (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Salon of the Dead

16 April 2012$2.99

To celebrate their official coming out as a couple, Blair and Dan host a glamorous British-themed Salon, including guests JULIAN TEPPER and JENNA GRIBBON (founders of The Oracle Club). Lola (recurring guest star ELLA RAE PECK) lands the audition of a lifetime, but Gossip Girl may have other plans for the Upper East Side's latest It Girl. Meanwhile, Lily and Rufus disagree over the best way to handle the Ivy situation, and Serena and Diana (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) face off over secrets they both would prefer remain secrets.

21Despicable B (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Despicable B

23 April 2012$2.99

Blair feels like her Upper East Side status might be slipping away and devises a plan to assure that doesn't happen. Meanwhile, Lily throws a family gathering - including William (recurring guest star BILLY BALDWIN), Carol (recurring guest star SHEILA KELLY) and Lola (recurring guest star ELLA RAE PECK) - in an attempt to prove the van der Woodsen family is as united as ever. Finally, Nate digs into Diana's (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) past and is surprised by what he discovers. New York Social Diary's DAVID PATRICK COLUMBIA appears in the episode as himself.

22Raiders of the Lost Art (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

Raiders of the Lost Art

30 April 2012$2.99

Chuck, Nate, Blair, Serena and Lola (recurring guest star ELLA RAE PECK) team up to uncover what they think is an explosive secret between Diana (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY) and Jack (recurring guest star DESMOND HARRINGTON). Meanwhile, Dan is offered a prestigious fellowship in Rome for the summer.

23The Fugitives (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

The Fugitives

07 May 2012$2.99

Blair enlists Serena to be her stand-in at an important meeting when Blair finds herself needing to be in two places at the same time. Meanwhile, Ivy and Lola (recurring guest star ELLA RAE PECK) team up to help Chuck with a personal vendetta, and Nate makes a decision about the future with Diana Payne (recurring guest star ELIZABETH HURLEY).

24The Return of the Ring (Gossip Girl) recap, spoilers

The Return of the Ring

14 May 2012$2.99

In the fifth season finale, when Gossip Girl goes after Blair as never before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair's latest nightmare. Meanwhile, Nate invites Lola (recurring guest star ELLA RAE PECK) to move in with him, and Lily must make a big decision about the future of her marriage. Finally, by episode's end, Blair will make a choice between the two men in her life … will it be Chuck or will it be Dan?


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Gossip Girl, Season 5 — 2011

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Gossip Girl, Season 5 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about gossip girl, season 5...

Has Gossip Girl, Season 5 been confirmed? Will there be a gossip girl, season 5?
The countdown to Gossip Girl [2011] Season 5 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Gossip Girl is soon going to be released.

Gossip Girl, Season 5 start date: When does gossip girl, season 5 come back?
Gossip Girl, Season 5 will air on Monday 26th of September 2011.

How many episodes will be in gossip girl, season 5?
With the season now airing in September 2011. There will be 24 episodes in season 5.

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Gossip Girl, The Complete Series cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Gossip Girl, The Complete Series19 September 2007122 Episodes

Based on the best-selling series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar and executive produced by Josh Schwartz (Chuck, The O.C.) and Stephanie Savage ( The O.C.), Gossip Girl is a one-hour drama based on the lives of privileged Manhattan prep school teens. The students first learn that Serena van der Woodsen, once the Upper East Side's most notorious party girl, is back in town the way they learn all the important news in their lives: from the blog of the all-knowing albeit ultra-secretive Gossip Girl. No one knows Gossip Girl's identity, but everyone in this exclusive and complicated vicious circle relies on her website and text messages for the latest scoop. Even Serena's closest friend, Blair Waldorf, is surprised to find that Serena has suddenly ended her self-imposed exile to boarding school and returned to Manhattan. Keeping track of the shifting friendships, jealousies and turmoil in this wealthy and complex world isn't easy, but it's what Gossip Girl does best!

Gossip Girl, Seasons 4-6 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Gossip Girl, Seasons 4-613 September 201057 Episodes

You know you love it…. So keep the momentum going with seasons four, five and six of the trendsetting and decadent drama Gossip Girl, where rumors rule and high society and low blows go hand in hand on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Starring some of today’s hottest young actors — Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick and more — the pop-culture phenomenon packs in unbelievable drama paired with incredible fashions, pulls at the heartstrings, throws in a couple of shocking OMG moments and killer guest stars, and then jets from Paris to L.A. and, of course, back to the series’ beloved NYC. Plus, in the unforgettable final season, could Gossip Girl’s identity finally be revealed? That’s one secret we may just tell. So don’t miss a moment of the sizzling series … right here on iTunes!

Gossip Girl, Seasons 1-3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Gossip Girl, Seasons 1-319 September 200765 Episodes

Welcome to Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where high society and low blows go hand in hand and affluent young people live for gossip and scandal … and fashion, shopping and partying in New York’s trendiest hotspots. Based on the best-selling series of young-adult novels, this drama is told through the all-knowing eyes of a blogger, Gossip Girl, about the tensions between lovers and the rivalry between friends — in particular, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), as they vie for ruling status. Age is no barrier in this world full of wealth and power, so whether you’re uptown, downtown, in style or simply online, Gossip Girl is a must-watch for those interested in stylish drama and a scandalous look into the lives of Manhattan’s elite. Starring some of Hollywood’s hottest young actors, seasons one, two, and three of Gossip Girl, the pop-culture phenomenon, is available right here on iTunes!

Gossip Girl, Season 1 Bonus Features cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Gossip Girl, Season 1 Bonus Features01 September 20085 Episodes

Spotted: YOU coveting the style and fashions of your favorite Gossip Girl characters. Well, fans, fashionistas, and drama queens, now is your chance to go behind the scenes of the hit series everyone's talking about and get the inside scoop straight from the fashion-forward stylists and cast. Check out the "Gossip Girl Couture" featurette, and explore the style and fashions seen on the show. Watch interviews with the series' stylists and set decorators as they dish on how they planned the ultimate Upper East Side wedding in "A Gossip Girl Wedding." Laugh out loud (or LOL) as the cast goofs through the gag reel; feed your obsession as you feast on additional scenes deleted from the first season; and follow Gossip Girl from "The Beginning, XOXO: Concept to Execution," for an inside look through interviews with the cast about the intricacies of the show. So what are you waiting for? Put a bow in your bouffant and click on the bonus feature you want. Join the clique — the Gossip Girl clique.

Gossip Girl, Season 5 (TV series) Languages

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In Staffel 5 von "Gossip Girl" stehen die Upper-East-Sider mit beiden Beinen im Berufsleben. Serena arbeitet als Film-Assistentin in Hollywood, Nate ist Chefredakteur der New Yorker Nachrichten-Website "NY Spectator". Chuck befindet sich währenddessen in einer Familienkrise rund um seine Eltern. Sowohl Blair als auch Serenas Mutter Lily finden sich in Dreiecksbeziehungen wieder und müssen zwischen zwei Männern wählen. Die Staffel endet mit Dans Entschluss, ein Buch über die Irrungen und Wirrungen der Upper-East-Sider zu schreiben.


Serena consigue un trabajo de verano en Hollywood, y cuando Chuck y Nate la van a visitar, comprueban que se ha llevado con ella su actitud del Upper East Side.

Série 5
Sezóna začala v Los Angeles, kde se Chuck a Nate rozhodli navštívit Serenu. Chuck má nově objevenou filozofii a říká "ano" všemu, dokonce i smrtícím kouskům. Serena pokračuje v práci na natáčení filmu a na konci epizody jí je nabídnuta práce na plný úvazek. Nate si začne románek se starší ženou Dianou Payneovou, která má možná postranní úmysl být s Natem. V New Yorku se Dan dozvídá, že Vanessa vydala jednu kapitolu jeho románu, a Blair pokračuje v plánování svatby s Louisem a také se dozvídá, že je těhotná. Poté, co si uvědomí, že k Chuckovi stále něco cítí, se Blair a Chuck rozhodnou společně odjet, ale jejich auto havaruje. V důsledku havárie Blair přijde o dítě, Chuck málem zemře a Blair se nakonec provdá za Louise.

Chuck spune „da” la orice, chiar și la cascadorii care sfidează moartea. Serena continuă să lucreze la platoul de filmare. Nate începe o aventură cu o femeie mai în vârstă, Diana Payne. Întors la New York, Dan află că Vanessa a publicat un capitol din roman, iar Blair continuă să-și planifice nunta cu Louis, de asemenea, află că este însărcinată. După ce și-au dat seama că încă mai avea sentimente pentru Chuck, Blair și Chuck decid să plece împreună, dar au un accident. Ca urmare a accidentului, Blair își pierde copilul, Chuck aproape moare, iar Blair se căsătorește în cele din urmă cu Louis. Prietenia dintre Blair și Dan se transformă într-o relație, căutarea lui Chuck de a-și găsi adevărații părinți, îl face să descopere că tatăl său, Bart, este încă în viață. Blair alege între Dan și Chuck, iar Lily alege între Rufus și Bart. Serena este văzută părăsind orașul în timp ce Dan decide să scrie o nouă carte.


시즌 5
세레나는 할리우드에서 꿈에 그리던 직업을 구하지만 어퍼 이스트 사이드에서의 태도를 버리지 못하고, 척과 네이트는 세레나를 만나 이 사실을 알게 된다.

Durante i preparativi delle nozze, Blair scopre di essere incinta, ma, nonostante il bambino sia di Louis, quest'ultimo continua a essere molto geloso di Chuck, che ha intanto accettato pienamente di aver perso Blair, guadagnando così una ritrovata serenità. Intanto Inside, il romanzo di Dan, viene pubblicato, scalando velocemente le classifiche, ma portando il ragazzo a un temporaneo distacco dagli amici, dai quali ha preso ispirazione per i personaggi, descritti non sempre positivamente. Mentre Nate diventa giornalista per il New York Spectator, Serena riporta in città Ivy, incontrata per caso a Los Angeles: quest'ultima viene accolta a braccia aperte dalla famiglia nonostante gli eventi dell'anno precedente, ma comincia a temere che la sua vera identità possa venire alla luce a causa dell'arrivo in città del suo ex fidanzato Max, venuto a cercarla. Con il passare del tempo, Blair comincia a dubitare di aver fatto la cosa giusta scegliendo Louis e, anche grazie all'aiuto di Dan, matura infine la decisione di tornare con Chuck. La coppia ha però un incidente d'auto scappando dai paparazzi e, mentre Blair perde il bambino, Chuck finisce in coma. Affinché lui si salvi, Blair promette a Dio di sposare Louis: il matrimonio tra i due finisce comunque pochi mesi dopo e, ottenuto il divorzio, Blair comincia una relazione con Dan, ferendo Serena, che ne è ancora innamorata. Quest'ultima si consola occupandosi del blog di Gossip Girl, lasciatole da Georgina, che ne era entrata in possesso dopo l'incidente di Blair e Chuck. Poco tempo dopo, CeCe, la nonna di Serena, muore e al suo capezzale si presenta Lola, la nuova ragazza di Nate, nonché la vera Charlie Rhodes: l'inganno di Ivy e Carol viene così allo scoperto e quest'ultima è arrestata per frode. Mentre comincia una battaglia legale tra Lily e Ivy, che ha ereditato tutto il patrimonio di CeCe, Serena scopre che lei e Lola condividono il padre e sono quindi sorellastre. Già sconvolta dalla notizia, Serena perde anche il suo ruolo di nuova Gossip Girl quando quella vera, grazie all'aiuto di Nate, riesce a rubarle il portatile. Parallelamente Chuck, indagando su chi gli abbia donato il sangue mentre era in coma, scopre che il padre Bart è vivo e ha solo finto la sua morte: il ritorno dell'uomo mette ancora più in crisi il matrimonio di Rufus e Lily, che decide di tornare dall'ex marito. Le pagine del diario di Blair vengono intanto pubblicate da Gossip Girl, rivelando che la ragazza ama ancora Chuck: quando Blair scopre che la colpa è di Serena, la caccia di casa e, lasciato Dan, si prepara a ereditare la Waldorf Design e sostenere Chuck nella sua lotta contro Bart per riprendere il controllo delle industrie Bass. Mentre Dan parte con Georgina per scrivere un nuovo libro sull'Upper East Side ancora più scandaloso di Inside e Lola chiede a Ivy di farla pagare a Lily per aver mandato sua madre in prigione, Serena ricade nel vortice della droga e Nate riceve un video che mostra la vera Gossip Girl mentre ruba il portatile di Serena.

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