Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 Summary

The Green Lantern lights up adventure in this all-new CG animated action series from world-renowned producer, artist and animator Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League). Based upon the DC Comics legend, this 26-episode groundbreaking superhero series follows Earth's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, a onetime test pilot who’s used to being in dangerous situations – but he's never faced anything like this! Set in the farthest reaches of deep space, Green Lantern: The Animated Series finds Hal on the Guardian Frontier, where he must face down an invasion from the Red Lantern Corps. Powered by pure rage, the evil Red Lanterns have sworn to destroy the Green Lantern Corps and everything they stand for. Dispatched on the experimental spacecraft The Interceptor, Hal is soon joined by an all-new group of heroes on a mission to protect Guardian Space — and the Green Lantern Corps itself! Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 Wiki

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 Synopsis

Ace test pilot Hal Jordan, who leads a secret life as Earth's guardian Green Lantern, is called back to Oa. Searching for the culprits behind a series of Green Lantern deaths in "Frontier Space", Hal and his gruff fellow Green Lantern Kilowog “commandeer” The Interceptor, a prototype spaceship powered by pure Green Lantern energy and an advanced artificial intelligence system that Hal names Aya
Hal and Kilowog discover that a group of Red Lanterns, including the conflicted Razer and the vile Zilius Zox have been targeting and eliminating Green Lanterns in Frontier Space. Along with the help from a surviving Frontier Space Green Lantern Shyir Rev , Hal and Kilowog must stop the Red Lantern leader Atrocitus from destroying Shyir's home planet of Colony 12.
Hal and Kilowog are forced to fight their enemies with their captive and former Red Lantern, Razer.
While Hal and Kilowog deal with a new threat, Aya reveals that she can transfer herself into a robotic body and leave the ship.
To win the hand of an alien princess, Hal must fight a brutal warlord.
The Interceptor crew follows a power ring to an unknown world in search of a new Green Lantern.
Razer goes to the Red Lantern homeworld Shard in an attempt to do what the Green Lanterns can't - kill Atrocitus.
Hal and Kilowog visit an alien planet in search of food, but encounter two warring races of aliens.
Carol Ferris encounters an alien jewel and becomes the Star Sapphire, a powerful but unstable Violet Lantern. She learns Hal Jordan's identity and fights him for his deceiving her.
Returning to the planet Betrassus, Hal and his team try to help Queen Iolande against a new Red Lantern--her brother Prince Ragnor.
The team must block the way to Guardian Space when the Red Lanterns head for it.
When Hal returns to Earth, he finds out he's been replaced as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 by Guy Gardner.
When the Anti-Monitor makes his presence known, Hal turns to Kilowog, Razer, and Aya for assistance.
al and his team must come to the aid of their old friend Saint Walker when the Manhunters attack the world where he is training his new Blue Lantern Corps.
Green Lantern Sinestro unleashes a dangerous creature on board the Interceptor.
Hal, Kilowag, Razer, and Aya attend a rebuilding ceremony between the Guardians and the Red Lanterns on their capitol planet, Ysmault. However, a rampant malfunctioning Manhunter threatens to derail the fragile state of peace between both sides.
A horde of Manhunters gives chase as our heroes' hope runs thin. Their will is truly tested as they prepare for an inevitable face-off against the unstoppable Anti-Monitor -- a battle for the lives of everyone in the galaxy.
When the team is stranded on an alien planet without the use of their rings, they lose their ability to translate each others languages and must learn to communicate as a team.
Aya seeks to destroy the Star Sapphires' planet!
Hal, Kilowog, and Razer encounter the Orange Lantern Corp or what's left of them!
The Green Lanterns use yellow crystals to try and stop Aya's rampage.
The Green Lanterns find the Anti-Monitor's head in working order.
The Green Lantern Corps makes their final stand against Aya.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 Trailer

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 serie trailer coming soon...

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 Episodes

In this animated CGI adaptation of the comic book hero, Hal Jordan is recruited to go on a long-term space mission to deal with the outbreak of the Red Lantern Corps. Just like the Green Lanterns are fueled by will, the Red Lanterns rely on hate for their powers. The two forces will clash in a battle of power rings and meet a few allies along the way.

Beware My Power...Green Lantern's Light, Pts. 1 and 2
Based upon the DC Comics super hero, GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES follows Earth's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, who is used to being in dangerous situations - but never anything like this! In the farthest reaches of deep space, Hal patrols the Guardian Frontier, where he must face down invasions from the evil Red Lantern Corps., who have sworn to destroy the Green Lanterns and everything they stand for. With ever-emerging galactic threats, Hal is soon joined by an all-new group of heroes on a mission to protect Guardian Space - and the Green Lantern Corps itself!

Razer's Edge
Hal and Kilowog are ordered to drop the captured Red Lantern Razer off at a prison asteroid operated by the Spider Guild. When the escaped creature Goggan tells them that the prison is not as it really seems, Hal and Kilowog must return to the prison asteroid to rescue Razer and bring down the Spider Guild.

Into the Abyss
The Green Lanterns are called upon to save a cargo ship caught in a dangerous black hole-type anomaly. With help from Red Lantern Razer and The Interceptor's Aya, Hal and Kilowog must rescue the ship and its valuable cargo to safety before they're crushed alive.

Heir Apparent
The Green Lanterns travel to Betrassus, a high tech yet medieval world, where they become embroiled in a murder investigation that could bring down Queen Iolande's kingdom before it even begins.

Lost Planet
The Green Lanterns travel to a mysterious planet to save the inhabitants from an approaching asteroid that is on a lethal collision course. Once there, they discover the planet itself will not allow its inhabitants to leave. It's up to the Green Lanterns to figure out the mystery before the planet-killing asteroid destroys everything.

Razer seemingly betrays the Green Lanterns and returns to Atrocitus on the Red Lantern homeworld, Shard. He attempts to kill the Red Lantern leader but is found out. Hal, Kilowog, and Aya go behind enemy lines to rescue Razer and discover the secret of the Red Lantern armada.

Fear Itself
With supplies running low, Hal and Kilowog search an uncharted planet for food and find themselves each stranded on different sides of the two warring species that live here. Meanwhile, Razer must recharge his power ring.

...In Love and War
The Green Lanterns save a different type of Lantern from an invading space monster. Grateful for their rescue, the Star Sapphires, whose power comes from love, invite everyone to their home world. It turns out, however, that the whole thing was a set-up to drain the Lanterns' power rings by encasing them in crystals.

Regime Change
Hal and the gang must return to the planet Betrassus to help Queen Iolande defend her world. Her brother Ragnar has received a red power ring and eagerly accepts it. Now, Hal, Kilowog and the rest of the crew must save Queen Iolande and Betrassus before Ragnar takes over the planet... or destroys it altogether.

Flight Club
The Green Lanterns travel to a prison asteroid to find a legendary code that holds the key to crossing an impenetrable asteroid barrier called "The Maelstrom" before Atrocitus and his Red Lantern armada can do so. Unfortunately, a Thanagarian prisoner named Byth Rok is the only one that knows the code.

Hal and the Green Lanterns travel to one of the Ancient Wonders of the Galaxy-– the Lighthouse –- so they can seal off any path through The Maelstrom and prevent the Red Lantern armada from getting through. Atrocitus, the Red Lantern leader, sets a trap for Hal and manages to steal the ship so that he may finally have his vengeance on the Guardians.

Atrocitus wreaks vengeance on Oa, as the Red Lantern armada crosses into Green Lantern space – with only Kilowog to stop them. It's up to Hal to take the shortcut back to Earth by teleporting across the universe from the Star Sapphires'’ homeworld of Zamora and stop Atrocitus and Zilius Zox from killing the Guardians.

The New Guy
Hal finds out that a new Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, has been named as his replacement on Earth. Hal and Guy get along like gas and fire which doesn't help in their battle against an unprecedented threat – autonomous killing machines known as "Manhunters."

Hal tries to get the band back together when he realizes Aya's very existence is in danger. They soon find themselves in a fight fortheir very lives when they encounter the Anti-Monitor, a godlike creature from a parallel universe who's reprogramming theManhunters to help him consume the universe.

Steam Lantern
Knocked into the Antimatter Universe, Hal lands on a steampunk world. There, he meets the idealistic Steam Lantern, who patterns himself after the Green Lanterns. With help from his new allies, Hal must find a way back home before the Anti-monitor destroys his universe.

Blue Hope
Hal, Kilowog, and Aya visit the Blue Lantern planet Odym to seek help in their battle against the Manhunters. Unfortunately, thepower-boosting effect of the Blue Lanterns has an unexpected (and unwanted) side effect on their enemies…the Manhunters.

Prisoner of Sinestro
Hal Jordan loves having Sinestro around because, at heart, the senior Lantern is a rule-bender, when the situation calls for it –something Hal entirely understands. But when Sinestro starts behaving erratically, Hal has no choice but to lock him up.

Hal, Kilowog, Razer, and Aya attend a rebuilding ceremony between the Guardians and the Red Lanterns on their capitol planet,Ysmault. However, a rampant malfunctioning Manhunter threatens to derail the fragile state of peace between both sides.

Cold Fury
A horde of Manhunters gives chase as our heroes' hope runs thin. Their will is truly tested as they prepare for an inevitableface-off against the unstoppable Anti-Monitor – a battle for the lives of everyone in the galaxy.

Hal, Kilowog, and Razer crash land on a planet with a poisonous atmosphere. With their power rings nearly depleted, their only hope is to seek refuge in a nearby domed city, completely overrun by thieves and hooligans. But teamwork's a little tougher when no one can understand anyone else!

Love is a Battlefield
The evil Aya Monitor invades the planet Zamaron, blaming the Star Sapphires for the pain she feels from her heartbreak. The unsuspecting Carol Ferris is summoned to represent Love in a battle against Hate's champion, Atrocitus of the Red Lantern Corps.

The crew of The Interceptor searches the planet Okaara for the mythical Orange Lantern battery as a way to combat the Aya Monitor.The problem is, it's guarded under the watchful, and very greedy, eyes of Larfleeze, the one and only Orange Lantern.

Back on Oa, the crew of The Interceptor follow a series of clues which span across the galaxy, uncovering information about the mysterious "Science Director", Aya's secret origin, and how to put a stop to her destruction.

The Aya Monitor is after a secret weapon on the deserted planet Ranx, and sends a massive army of Manhunters to retrieve it. WhileHal, Kilowog and Razer are ordered to the planet, the Green Lantern Corps, led by Guy Gardner, launch a simultaneous attack to beather to it.

Dark Matter
In the season finale episode, the Aya Monitor returns to the dawn of time to stop all emotion and all life from ever existing. Now,Hal must find a way to stop her - while Razer realizes the only way to save the universe may mean killing the woman he loves.

Episode TitleTime
Beware My Power...Green Lantern's Light, Pts. 1 and 242:08
Razer's Edge21:52
Into the Abyss21:46
Heir Apparent21:42
Lost Planet22:01
Fear Itself21:59
...In Love and War21:59
Regime Change22:00
Flight Club21:59
The New Guy22:03
Steam Lantern22:02
Blue Hope21:59
Prisoner of Sinestro21:51
Cold Fury21:59
Love is a Battlefield22:01
Dark Matter21:59

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 Comments & Critics

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Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 Reviews

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- This show is amazing!!!5 star

This show did not deserve to be cancelled. It is and will always be my favorite superhero show!!

- Where is season 2!!!5 star

It’s a great sires

- Great series!5 star

Please make more! 👍🏼👍🏼

- All5 star


- Terrific show5 star


- No evil shall escape my sight5 star

This was an awesome show and it is a crime that we’re not getting any more seasons.

- Another Quality WB/DC Animated Show5 star

A well put together WB/DC animated show based on the Green Lantern Corps and focusing on Hal Jordan. Some small things have been changed from the comics, but a nice alternative. Some ideas in the comics can not work for a children's a show, but the writers did a good job of putting the bulk of the story lines in. Computer animation in a style that is comparable to Clone Wars. A nice refresh from the usual animation.

- All5 star

Green lantern

- Season 25 star

When when when when when!!!?????

- Awesome!5 star

This is truly a great series. I waited more than thirty years for it, since I was first introduced to the character in the Super Friends shows. And GLTAS proved to be well worth the wait, making Bruce Timm a true hero in my book. The only thing that would make it better is a second season.

- A Television Masterpiece5 star

I bought the first episode in preparation for Beware the Batman and was hooked. The show is truly incredible and everything about it feels like a true Hollywood film and extremely likable. Over the course of 3 days, my brother and I continued buying episode after episode until the "Complete My Season" price looked tempting enough for us to plunge into the rest. If you watch, you will not be disappointed and now, of course, I wish it were continuing. Beware the Batman has a LOT to live up to!

- CN: Please give us a 2nd Season!!!5 star

This show is amazing!!! I'm a huge GL fan, and loved every DC series Bruce Timm has produced. It has humor, charm, the stories are compelling, and the action excellent! Timm's character style translates very well in CG, and the visuals are stunning! This show ended way too soon before it's time. All because toy stores wouldn't go for a toy line, because they couldn't get rid of the GL-movie toys? How much crap still airs on CN that doesn't have a merchandising tie-in?

- BEST SHOW EVER!!!5 star

This show was the best show I've ever watched! Well, this show is for kids ages 10-13, and I like the characters, the drama and humor. The show really had a story in both stories, but I like the Anti-Monitor storyline more, just because it has more drama into it. And I really like the ending, because it was the saddest episode I saw on TV. But it's too bad that it got cancelled, because the series had alot of story and information that was left out. But I heard that SMGO is making a croudfunding campaign to save the show and Young Justice, so the show might continue as soon as late fall. Really like this show, it's my favorite TV show!

- Awesome!!! I can't believe they didn't continue this series5 star

This series is so awesome. Excellent animation, script, voice actors. I was really heart broken at the end. I can't believe they won't continue this series because of lack of toy sales. Blame that awful Ryan Reynolds movie. That movie sucked so bad that nobody wanted to buy the toys so retailers didn't want to carry new GL toys. Sigh. So tragic. Another series dying before its time.

- Good show5 star

Well worth the money, the story is moving, the dialogues are funny, the animation and action are beautiful.

- The best5 star

Too bad the show was cancelled. It was one of the best on TV!

- Awseome5 star

I love it


Green Lantern: The Animated Series was the latest that I've become super obsessed with, this and Young Justice. These shows need our help; watch them and you'll fall in love with your favorite DC Comics superheroes all over again. Now they're gone, with only 1 to 2 seasons to their names, and the more revenue they get the sooner we can have these shows back. Please help, we need all that we can get! Save YJ and GLTAS!!!

- One of the best5 star

this is one of the best cartoons out there right now, i really hope it doesnt get cancelled

- One word…awesome!!!5 star

The stories of this show are very well done along with the animation which makes this show incredible to look at. Special nod to the voice acting and the soundtrack. In every sense of the word….awesome!!!!

- Awesome show but...4 star

Green lantern and batman favorite Dc superheroes but this is the last season thanks to C.Network

- GLTAS5 star

I love GLTAS, I like how each character has a story it is cool. I have seen season one I love the suspense of it, and I love how they show many different lanterns as in green, pink, red and blue. I can't wait for season 2 I have only seen 2 or 3 episodes but I am already waiting for more. I think this season will be good. Spoiler alert Hal and Carol break up, :( but Aya and Razer may get together. New characters come in season 2 :D I have now seen tons of videos and they are awesome have to add that aya isn't my fab character because of season 2 she just needs to be talked to so she knows what love means and so does Razer cause he hurt her over love :( he is so mean

- Incredible story and look - FANTASTIC SERIES.5 star

I can't recommend this series enough. I never read much about Green Lanterns, but this series makes it so easy for you to jump in and understand the characters! I just want to watch episode after episode, it's so compelling. The writing is fantastic. I think this is some of the best Hal Jordan writing I've come across. All of the characters are unique and have their own motivations, and I grow to like and understand them all. Aya and Razer in particular, as add-on characters in this series, are so great to get to know. I love, love this series. It's for kids, it's for everyone. I think that it has something everyone can relate to. Watch it for the writing, the art, the humor, the characters - just watch it! Believe me, the first episode will not disappoint.

- So true to characters, so real5 star

Plain and simple, it's the best, most honest, most vivid, most heartfelt portrayal of a superhero in animated history. It's nothing less than that. 'Green Lantern' is brilliant. Everything that the movie should have been except that it lacked the brains and the balls.

- Green Lantern3 star

Okay, so this show is pretty good. It has no particular flaws, a decent cast of characters, and smooth animation. Something about the overall package doesn't quite do it for me, but I still find it entertaining. The stories aren't what they could be, and most of the characters don't really look like you'd want them to, but I found some of the bits rather amusing. I enjoyed the body-stealing episode, and the one where they all lose their ring power and can't communicate. It's pretty fun overall, just not up the standards of it's DC companion, Young Justice.

- Okay, okay, the CG looks lame5 star

But you're missing out on the story and animation if you let that stop you! While it looks super stiff because it's such simple CG, you'll be amazed with how every detail is added to nearly every, "not super important" moment. So, simply writing this series off because of its supposed animation will be a sad feat, as it will breathe more life that most traditional animation or super-detailed CG lacks. The music is also very well-done and suits every scene it's included in. Story-wise, this series is superb. You think it's going to be the same-old, but the story will catch you by surprise! Great for audiences of all ages, so it's something children and adult can watch together without feeling ripped-off. Unless you're simply not into fiction, that is. You will find bits of every genre mixed in, though it is predomintantly action (after all, it's a superhero series). It's a great way to introduce your action-filled kids to more, child-friendly genres, too. Characters are well-written and are more than a trope or two placed together. You might think they're falling into a trope, but then you get backstories or scenes starring them, and then you realize there's more depth than "angsty space rabbit of rage" or "hot queen babe". According to most Green Lantern fans, this Hal Jordan is very likeable for most people. Kilowog gets to shine in this series. Original characters Razer and Aya are given just as much depth that you can barely tell they were made just for this. And there are many appearances of other wellknown Green Lantern-verse cast. If you are worried about negative influences, don't bother worrying about it for this - no woman is treated as a prize, men and women battle alongside one-another without the other assuming they can't, and no one is belittled for their thoughts. I'd give major spoilers if they weren't so much better experienced first-hand! Story-wise, you will not be disappointed. At all. Unless you dislike anything revolving around character development NOT stealing the plot's spotlight or a story not revolving around outdated themes (you'll LOVE the end of the Red Lantern Arc!), you will totally be able to enjoy this story. It's currently the second-half of the season, and nothing is falling apart in terms of story or plot or characters. Everything is completed to the best it can, and it shows as each episode will leave you craving more. If none of that interests you much, then here's another thing: its fandom. Yes, that's right. Something that most series fail with regardless of how awesome the show is, this series is great at. You will not be belittled for thinking this or that, and you will find many others that will share your thoughts. Still not enough? Well, then. The final selling point is the show's cast itself. With Giancarlo Volpe leading on the ceiling, the staff is very involved with the fandom. You will be teased lovingly before episodes are aired, and then even after! If you want some interesting tidbits during the show's airtime (10AM EST), then follow Volpe's twitter - he constantly interacts with fans and staff, so it's never a dull time. You can also follow him on tumblr, where's it becomes obvious that he stalks the tags whenever he reblogs fans. In short; if you want extra spice that won't spoil your mood, this fandom and cast will certainly please!

- Awesome5 star

I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee this show llllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee it best show ever

- Love this show (but where is last 2 eps)5 star

This is one of my favorite CG and DC Nation cartoons, I am also fan of Bruce Timm, so his involvement is an easy way to get me watching

- Love this series!5 star

I love this series with a passion. It has inspired me in so many different ways... the character development in each character is amazing, and the plot is superb. I only wish that the show wasn't being cancelled. And that iTunes didn't remove the episode from two weeks ago. And would post this weekend's episode as well.

- YES.5 star

I'm not a fan of CGI but I got over it about a minute after the intro and fell in love with a wonderfully written series. The voices are beautiful, the story is compelling, and the animation is VERY well done. Some of the strongest expressions are those small little changes..a widening of eyes, slight parting of lips..the detail is amazing and very clear that the artists, directors and producers really love this series. Watch it. It's awesome.

- Speak up, Step Up Big Fans Of GLTAS5 star

ALERT! SPOLIER ALERT! Dear GLTAS (green lantern the animated series) cartoon network is going to cancal the show and thier are MILLIONS OF ANS LIKE U who really don't want this to happen. I am heartbroking and upset that they are cancaling it mostly it's not fair that they are doing thier first season. We should stand up and say something don't be afraid, or scared, i felt that way too, that omg what if this happens and that... no i did what i did, and i just send a comment to cartoon network about it, and you can too. Just go and click to "cartoon networks contact page" and say why they should not cancal it and say HOW MUCH U LOVE IT. P.S say something nice don't blow it O_o. Thank you for your support. Many of millions fans will thank you. Your a true green lantern. If we lose it, it's okay it will still rember it in our hearts. RIP green lantern.

- My Absolute Favorite Show5 star

My only background with anything involving GL before this was the movie; it actually provided some background, as the pilot episode starts long after Hal gets his ring. I turned this on back in June, just as the summer hiatus was starting, and spent a month watching it on TV before I learned it had already aired. Several hours later, I was completely hooked after watching the entire first season. I'm so happy that it's back on the air, and here's to many more seasons!!!!

- Homecoming5 star

I love this show!

- Love it!5 star

Love this! The Steam Lantern is my favorite episode. I love the message, the theme, and resolution.

- Incredible CG TV Show5 star

The old saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover," applies to 'Green Lantern: The Animated Series.' Do not be deterred from watching this show because of the CGI! After watching all the episodes, I can say with confidence that GLTAS is utterly the best computer-animated series active today. The quality of the animation and the detail put into the color palettes/environments shine. Not only is the show a treat for the eyes, but it's also a wonder for the ears. From the splendid voice acting to the phenomenal score [which is available on iTunes], there is some elite audio awaiting the audience. Accompanied by excellent writing, GLTAS deserves high praise for the hard work and talent that has been poured into it. Honestly, watching this series is akin to watching a feature animated film: The quality is ASTOUNDING. Please give the show a chance!


I absolutly love this show! It has a great soundtrack, the characters are colorful and the whole concept of it is awesome! The only thing missing? The fact that we have to wait till January 2013!

- Best cartoon ever5 star

This is the best cartoon ever... Green lantern is a great character of dc universe!

- The break5 star simply because they're showing it with conjunction with Young Justice which just started up again after breaking the same time this series did. And this is still season one, not season two.

- ???5 star

Why so long between eps. was about 4 months between ep 12 and 13. thought it was over. well anyway i can now understand why in another series hale and another green latern rejected Guy to become a Justice leage member lol. any way the series is good. and i hope that it isnt as long between eps. but then again most series only go about 12-13 eps. so am looking forward to season 2.

- Perfect intro to the GL mythology!5 star

GLTAS is a perfect intro to the Green Lantern universe for those who are unfamiliar with it. The show doesn't overload you with a GL history lesson, but gives long time fans plenty of the comic references to keep them happy. The show is entertaining, smart, funny and looks great in HD.

- Awesome new series-my new addiction !!!5 star

Love the animation, writing & character development! This one's a keeper!!! Ya hear Cartoon Network ??? So Don't blow a good thing like you just did with cancelling Symbiotic Titan! This GL series rocks !!! & I just love the Aya-Razer true love thing! I bought season 1 and I watch over & over(highly unusual for me!) So long may it reign!!

- Fantabulous!!!!5 star

I love the animation, storyline, and action scenes in this animation series!!! Highly recommend buying the HD version.

- AWSOME5 star

Bruce Timm and the gang has done it again..and I loved the Thanagariens...awsome I am a dad of 42 with four girls and three of them watch it with me and so does my son....Keep it up every week is my fav new episode...

- Solid show5 star

If you can get past the computer animation, this is a pretty good show. The plots are really good and each episode goes into the Lantern Universe a little bit more.

- The series is still being aired5 star

Te reason y'all can't access the rest of the series is because it is still being aired. After a new episode is aired then a few days later it will be on here.

- Awesome!!5 star

I've never seen the Green Lantern movie, But I will now that I have seen the show! I love this show, and recommend it to anyone who loves shows like Teen Titans and Justice League. I can't wait for new episodes and I hope we see many more seasons!

- Calm Down!5 star

Awesome new show! And to all the folks asking where are the rest of the episodes: just calm down. New episodes will be available as they premiere on tv. After it's been premiered, then it will be available here. And if you paid for the full season, you should get automatic downloads or just keep checking in here and it will say "DOWNLOAD" instead of "$1.99" on the little button.

- great show!5 star

where is the next episode?it was on this past saturday i'll tell you what i didn't pay $40.00 for nothing!!!!! it's about time i'm getting the next episodes!

- Incredible5 star

This show is just awesome. I wouldn't buy the season pass, coz such shows get cut mid season. However I hope this one doesn't. It is incredible. I just love it.

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andymoshi - Fantastic show!5 star

Green Lantern the Animated Series is so well made. The CGI characters and effects all look spectacular. Highly recommend this!

nippygolucky - Green Lantern Animated Series5 star

Fantastic TV series, cannot believe they did not commission additional series... very disappointed....

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captsigma - Where is the next episode?3 star

What's the hold up, iTunes? I bought this show expecting to see the next new episode after it airs on Cartoon Network, but I'm still waiting some 4 days later! I think the show itself is great, but if I knew it would take this long to update I would have waited to buy it!

TAS257 - New episodes will eventually come5 star

You shouldn't worry too much. This was exactly what happened two weeks ago with the return of Young Justuce. If I remember correctly, the episode was eventually released eithor tomorrow or the next day. This is actually CN's fault and iTunes can't do anything to prevent this, so we just need to be patient.

fan139 - Love the show, but where is the new episode?5 star

A new episode aired last Saturday. It is now Tuesday. A new Young Justice aired the same day and is already available. What is going on?

CamNewton4MVP - More episodes any time soon??5 star

When will there be more episodes??

Taylorqwe701 - Where are they!?2 star

I didn't pay $40 to watch 1episode where are the rest!?!?!?!?!

Bottfly - $40 for one episode!!??4 star

I bought the season pass expecting to a continued flow of others as they were released but, I have yet to see the additional episodes. Where are they and when can we expect to receive them? I do like the first one and would hate to give it a less of a rating due to a system that fails to deliver a product we pay for up front.


Big fan of the GreenLantern character, and the animation looks good so far with ep.1.1 and 1.2 but it says that this is a "...26-episode groundbreaking superhero series…". WHERE IS THE REST???

I Feel Bad - Green Lantern3 star

So far I have checked out the trailer and I like what I see so far, so I say what the heck and down loaded the show, so far I'm impressed by the style but why did they give them a bigger upper body and a small frame around the leg's if you ask me, so far the show is clean and fresh, but let's not get off track here, I have all the other Green Lantern show's on here and I notice that they did Kilowog in 2 different painting style's of grey and pink, so I dont know if it is a mood swing that he is in of not, but I say this, Let it not be said that Hal Jordan isn't the only one in there, so I hope to see the other Green Lantern's like Kyle and Guy and John or Arisia in it too. So for those read this keep up the good work because I'm happy to see The Green Lantern back on the air after all these year's, even tho I haven't read the book since 78. So with this I say, In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's Light!!!

robert3892 - Fairly good animation but where is the rest3 star

Parts 1 and 2 have been here for weeks with no posting of any further episodes so what is the holdup?

Rob10ball/DarkwingDuck - Green Lantern: The Animated Series4 star

I have never seen better cartoons animation work on any character I just want to know when the episode will be released for downloading.

FullmetalAV8r - Good Series... Slow Delivery5 star

The series looks solid so far having only seen the opening two-part pilot. I appreciate having captions included in this series. The series takes place on the frontier regions outside of the Green Lantern Corps' main terretories. The delivery of these episodes is quite slow. The releases of the episodes to iTunes is THREE DAYS after airing on Cartoon Network! The series airs on Fridays and is not released until Monday for download. I do not have cable so this is my only option to see these shows. CN's other shows that air on friday (their most popular shows) all have the same flaw. It is unfortunate that iTunes/CN can't get with the digital era program!

thebreaker5 - Great show hope it does well5 star

Great story line

EstradaMI - Great!5 star

Great starting point! not one dull second! can't wait for the rest.

Joevfx - Really liked it1 star

I was inevitably going to compare this show to Marvels Earths Mightiest Heroes: Avengers, which is one of the best animated series I have seen in a long time. Green Lantern held up pretty well. I wish the first episode had a little more character development , but what they did have was really good And the action was really great. I do hope they ad a little more detail to the charter models though, they seems a little too simple for these days

The Ghost Hunter - The green geek5 star

Been a Green Lantern Fan since I was 7, and I'm 46, so to see him in his own cartoon make me jump for joy, this series had everything, action, great writing, fantastic art, good acting, humor, and Hal Jordan original costume by the great Gil Kane, looking forward to next week to see another epic adventure of Green Lantern,

zoolister - for whatever it's worth5 star

I am a cartoon nut. I watch everything from fosters to aqua teen because I love the fantasy that in my opinion can only be created in cartoons. This cartoon was fantastic. Anyone can nitpick it but for the most part i didn't find it lacking in any areas. I'm sincerely looking forward to every episode after this one.

blockmonkey - Made me have a Brightest Day5 star

Love the opening episodes and look forward to many more. This almost makes up for the GL Live Action Movie… Oh and 3 cheers Hal having white gloves :)

Kfighter - better than the movie!!5 star

why couldn't they just do this for the movie?! it was way more interesting!

Lac619 - Computer Animation4 star

Story wise this is looking pretty good with the introduction of the "Red Lantern" Corp as well as the expansion of the Lantern universe. Not a big fan of the more computer generated look of the animation but it is still clean and stylish. Be aware if you are looking at the "Season Pass" that this series doesn't even have an official air date yet. It is merely scheduled for SPRING 2012. So you will be waiting a while for additional episodes.

Dpak663 - Not disappointed5 star

Lantern wars sweet!!not to crazy abt the white gloves, but its classic Hal.. Excited abt the storyline glad pple r getting killed put the kids to bed:P

Noe123 - Going To Be Awesome.......5 star

Just viewed this episode and it is sure to become a must have. The only negative is the price but hell i bought it anyway....Keep up the good work D.C!!!!!!!!!!

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 Images & Pictures

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 images
Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 images

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 Posters

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Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 posters
Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 posters
Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Season 1 posters
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