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Dallas (Classic Series), Season 9 release date, synopsis and reviews

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Dallas (Classic Series), Season 9 Release Date and Synopsis

This season, some of Dallas’s devious moneymen take a financial bath – and one takes a shower. The action begins with the Southfork folks mourning the death of Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy). But even before the tears dry, the Dallas denizens are up to their oil wells in backstabbing, greed and lust. J.R. (Larry Hagman) romps with his mistress, institutionalizes his wife and plots to destroy his new business partner. Mark Graison returns from the (presumed) dead to complicate Pam’s lovelife. And while Cliff concocts a can’t miss scheme to wrestle control of Ewing Oil, a femme fatale shipping CEO drills deep under the surface of J.R., Jack and even Cliff. Add to all this, another wedding, an adoption, attempted murder, a Columbian jungle adventure and still more… there’s no doubt, it’s Dallas!

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Dallas (Classic Series) (Season 9) Full Episodes

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  • 1985
1The Family Ewing (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

The Family Ewing

27 September 1985$2.99

The Ewings grieve over the loss of Bobby, with Pam blaming herself for Bobby's death. After Bobby's funeral, J.R. is forced to execute Bobby's will and is upset by its disclosures. He is unmoved by Sue Ellen's genuine desire to console him and his rejection propels her into a world far removed from the luxury of Southfork.

2Rock Bottom (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Rock Bottom

27 September 1985$2.99

Sue Ellen goes on drinking spree and Bobby's will is read, leaving some with the hope to take advantage of it. Mandy puts pressure on J.R. to leave his wife.

3Those Eyes (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Those Eyes

04 October 1985$2.99

The search for Sue Ellen ends up in the police station drunk tank. Sue Ellen is moved to a detoxification ward where J.R. and Dusty have a confrontation which sends Sue Ellen into a frenzy. Miss Ellie and Clayton get J.R. to commit her to a sanitarium. Meanwhile, J.R. tries to keep Pam out of Ewing Oil while Cliff sees his own hopes of controlling Christopher's inheritance as a means of getting ahead of his nemesis.

4Resurrection (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers


11 October 1985$2.99

Miss Ellie accepts the idea of selling Ewing Oil as a means of keeping her troubled family together, but the prospect further divides the Ewing heirs. J.R. wants to buy Christopher's share of the company and Jack wonders if J.R. will want his ten percent. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen gets a visit from Dusty in the sanitarium and begs him to take her with him.

5Saving Grace (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Saving Grace

18 October 1985$2.99

J.R.'s scheme to pressure Pam into selling her son's Ewing Oil stock to him backfires. J.R. also is annoyed that his investigation of Jack's past proves worthless. Wendell gives Cliff a deadline to get commitments from Pam and Jack to sell their stock to him and Miss Ellie is undecided whether to sell to Wendell or back J.R.

6Mothers (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers


25 October 1985$2.99

J.R. faces losing control of Ewing Oil when his mother and Pam decide to sell to Wendell. Miss Ellie is not happy when Sue Ellen't trouble making mother arrives at Southfork determined to straighten out her daughter's life. Pam and Miss Ellie wish to sell out to Wendell, with Jack and Ray willing to follow their lead, which causes J.R. to contemplate taking John Ross and leaving Dallas.

7The Wind of Change (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

The Wind of Change

01 November 1985$2.99

Bobby Ewing posthumously receives the Oil Man of the Year Award at the Oil Baron's Ball, which Miss Ellie passes on to Christopher. While accepting for her son, Pam makes an announcement that astonishes J.R. and significantly affects the future of Ewing Oil. Before the ball, J.R.'s distress makes his mother change her mind about selling to Wendell but J.R. considers Wendell's pending acquisition of Christopher's interest unacceptable and vows to start over.

8Quandary (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers


08 November 1985$2.99

At Ewing Oil, Pam incurs J.R.'s wrath when she reminds him that they are partners and settles into Bobby's old office. J.R. is delighted that Pam didn't sell to Wendell, but Cliff attacks her for reversing her decision and Mark thinks that she essentially chose Bobby over him in deciding to retain Christopher's shares. Donna and Ray make a decision about their baby and Angelica Nero interests an unsuspecting Cliff in an oil drilling venture as a ploy to attract J.R.

9Close Encounters (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Close Encounters

15 November 1985$2.99

The Ewing hosted charity rodeo provides a fitting arena for the family's social and economic maneuvering. Jenna and Donna cheer Jack and Ray on in the bareback bronc riding event while Jenna, Sue Ellen, and Jamie compete in the barrel race and Pam and Christopher root for Mark in the steer roping event. Angelica decides on Ewing Oil for her venture and Pam makes it clear that she is as involved as J.R. in Ewing Oil decisions.

10Suffer the Little Children (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Suffer the Little Children

22 November 1985$2.99

Sue Ellen seeks a legal separation from J.R. and full custody of John Ross, but J.R. vows that she will never be safe if she takes his son away from him. Miss Ellie dashes Patricia's hopes of saving the Sue Ellen - J.R. marriage and both agree that John Ross is the one good thing that came from it. J.R. wants to personally discuss the Ewing deal with Marinos and gets suspicious after Angelica is evasive and comments that Jack's involvement in the deal might be important.

11The Prize (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

The Prize

29 November 1985$2.99

J.R.'s investigation of Marinos pressures Angelica to try and quickly close the deal but his detective suggests J.R. hold off because of some odd activity at Marinos before disappearing. The detective calls from Athens for J.R. to meet him at the airport but his luggage shows up but the detective doesn't. Angelica discloses why Jack is critical to the deal and Pam is opposed to the co-venture but Angelica and Grace agree that she can be taken care of if she becomes a problem.

12En Passant (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

En Passant

06 December 1985$2.99

J.R.'s efforts to coerce the judge in the custody fight with Sue Ellen over their son prove fruitless after Sue Ellen takes John Ross' future into her own hands. The son of the judge who will preside at the appeal hearing for John Ross' custody is grateful when J.R. offers to find a job for him at Ewing Oil, and J.R. hopes the father will also be grateful.

13Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

13 December 1985$2.99

The future of several lives hang in the balance as Sue Ellen ponders a move back to Southfork, which could also affect her custody of John Ross. J.R. admits to Sue Ellen that she could forfeit custody of John Ross if she moves back to Southfork but urges her to do so for the future of their son. Jack is stunned when Jenna wants to stop seeing him and Angelica is relieved that J.R. has not received the information he was seeking from Greece.

14Curiosity Killed the Cat (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Curiosity Killed the Cat

20 December 1985$2.99

The disappearance of Jack Ewing puts J.R. in an embarrassing position and the threat of the impending deal with Marinos could crumble. J.R. promises an angry Angelica he will find out why Jack did not show up for their luncheon meeting. Mandy decides to align herself with Cliff Barnes when he convinces her that J.R.'s meetings with Angelica are not all business. Jenna confides to Miss Ellie how miserably she treated Jack and how much she misses Bobby.

15The Missing Link (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

The Missing Link

03 January 1986$2.99

Matt Cantrell comes to town looking for Bobby, unaware that his boyhood chum and business partner has been killed. Pam meets Cantrell when he barges into her office looking for Bobby and is stunned at the news of Bobby's death. Pam learns how much Matt and the mine meant to Bobby and considers continuing Ewing Oil's investment in his promising emerald mining operation. J.R. suspects that Mandy is leaking information to Cliff about the need for his equipment for the Marinos deal, and an unfortunate turn of events suddenly makes locating Jack a matter of life and death.

16Twenty-Four Hours (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Twenty-Four Hours

10 January 1986$2.99

The efforts to locate Jack Ewing intensify as Jamie lies unconscious and with J.R. having his own reasons for joining in the search. The urgency of finding a compatible blood donor for Jamie sends all the Ewings on the search for her brother. When J.R. refuses to continue Ewing Oil's investment in Matt's mine, Pam decides to back it with her own money. Meanwhile, Angelica and Grace anxiously await the results of Jack's blood analysis and assure Nicholas that he will be at the Venezuelan conference of oil ministers in which Marinos Shipping will participate.

17The Deadly Game (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

The Deadly Game

17 January 1986$2.99

J.R. learns that blood matching indicates that Jack and Jamie had the same parents, which gives him an entirely new perspective in his dealings with Angelica and the Marinos deal. Ellie finds out what is troubling Clayton and takes it on herself to save him and Pam decides to visit Matt's emerald mine. Angelica gets J.R. to have Jack attend an oil conference in Martinique and Sue Ellen uses her powers of persuasion on Dr. Kenderson.

18Blame It On Bogota (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Blame It On Bogota

24 January 1986$2.99

J.R.'s scheming to involve Pam in Matt's mining operation sends Pam to South America and also entices Cliff to invest in the venture. Sue Ellen's ingenuity earns J.R.'s begrudging respect while she enjoys the company of Dr. Kenderson. Nicholas, Angelica, and Grace scheme to get Jack to Martinique without J.R.'s influence. With drilling on the Marinos project underway, Cliff is puzzled as to where J.R. got the equipment.

19Shadow Games (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Shadow Games

31 January 1986$2.99

Pam disappears and Matt is left for dead at the campsite in Colombia. Clayton realizes that it is time to sell Farlow Industries when he finds that Ellie has been secretly backing his losses. Nicholas has news that stuns Angelica and Grace and threatens to ruin their Martinique scheme, while J.R. gets the better of Cliff at the Graison Research charity auction at which Jenna avoids Jack, who is Grace's escort.

20Missing (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers


07 February 1986$2.99

J.R. travels to Colombia to make sure his connection with Matt is kept hidden and to pay Rueda to search for Pam, while Cliff and Mark arrive and blame Matt for Pam's disappearance. Grace seduces Jack and Angelica tells Nicholas they'll proceed with the Martinique scheme as planned. In Colombia, a messenger delivers Pam's brooch to Matt with a cryptic note which leaves Cliff scared and very shaken.

21Dire Straits (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Dire Straits

14 February 1986$2.99

In Colombia Cliff and Mark, who blame themselves for Pam's misfortune, reluctantly agree to let Matt deliver the ransom note alone as instructed by the kidnappers and in Dallas Jenna's fixation casuses growing concerns. Having made the money drop, Matt returns with a note saying Pam will be released the next day at the same spot. Meanwhile, at Southfork, an arrangement is made for a psychiatrist to see Jenna.

22Overture (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers


21 February 1986$2.99

J.R. becomes increasingly jealous of Jerry Kenderson's attentions to Sue Ellen, Jenna continues to be undecided about psychiatric visits, and in Colombia, a thoroughly disenchanted Cliff ponders Pam's offer to buy back his interest in the emerald mine.

23Sitting Ducks (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Sitting Ducks

28 February 1986$2.99

The family welcomes Pam and Mark home from Colombia and J.R. is secretly delighted that Pam will continue to subsidize Matt's excavation of the mine. In Colombia, Matt vows to prove to a skeptical Rueda that he is not only interested in Pam's money and after Ray helps Donna with the handicapped kids, she wonders why he is overly interested in one of the deaf boys. In Martinique, Jack ignores Grace's admission that she loves him and Angelica and Nicholas plot the final phase of their scheme which threatens the lives of an unsuspecting J.R. and Jack.

24Masquerade (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers


07 March 1986$2.99

In Martinique, Jack masquerades as Dimitri, while J.R. suspects that Angelica has been illegally taking Dimitri's affairs into her own hands. Back in Dallas, Kenderson takes Sue Ellen to dinner and indicates that he will not be satisfied with a platonic relationship and Jenna continues to worry the family after she cancels her therapy sessions.

25Just Desserts (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Just Desserts

14 March 1986$2.99

In the aftermath of the Martinique masquerade ball catastrophe, Angelica disappears, Grace ends her romance with Jack, and Jack refuses to work any longer with J.R. Garrett informs J.R. that the Ewing-Marinos drilling operation must be suspended temporarily and J.R., confident that the suspension will be brief, agrees to buy back the shares from an angry Marilee, Jordan, and Andy.

26Nothing's Ever Perfect (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Nothing's Ever Perfect

21 March 1986$2.99

J.R. is struck by the realization that he may have lost Sue Ellen for good and is informed that he will have to do something underhanded if he is to discredity her friend Jerry Kenderson. As Pam prepares to turn over Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil to J.R., he is alarmed at her reservations about selling the thing for which Bobby fought so hard. Angelica buys falsified documents and contemplates revenge against J.R. and Jack. Mandy is crushed when J.R. breaks up with her in order to pursue Sue Ellen.

27J.R. Rising (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

J.R. Rising

04 April 1986$2.99

Matt finds emeralds, the adoption of Tony hits a snag, J.R. goads Kenderson into giving Sue Ellen an ultimatum, the Marinos deal can now go ahead, and a vengeful Angelica arrives. Clayton and Ray encourage Jack to stay in Dallas and discuss a joint venture with him. Cliff is determined to form a new patnership with the cartel, Mark, and Pam.

28Serendipity (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers


11 April 1986$2.99

In anticipation of future Ewing-Marcos drilling, J.R. shuts down less productive wells, making the cartel suspicious of his buy-back arrangement with them. Matt plans to surprise Pam in Dallas with his emeralds but Pam and Mark fear for Matt's life when an earthquake destroys Los Gatos. An incognito Angelica is taken into custody for carrying a handgun but is released when her permit is found in order.

29Thrice in a Lifetime (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Thrice in a Lifetime

02 May 1986$2.99

J.R. promises Sue Ellen he'll never take her for granted again and is surprised and confused at her impulsive actions. Jack disagrees with Clayton and Ray when they decide to hire an older cowboy, Ben Stivers, to supervise the horse-breeding and racing chores. Tony agrees to having Donna and Ray adopt him but the adoption is denied because of Ray's record.

30Hello, Goodbye, Hello (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Hello, Goodbye, Hello

09 May 1986$2.99

J.R. finds renewed happiness with Sue Ellen in spite of his oil empire tottering, Mandy pursuing him, and a dangerous enemy lurking in wait. Financially strapped, J.R. has to pass on a lucrative opportunity to buy out a competitor. The cartel moves in and offers to include Cliff who declines because of the promise he made to Jamie.

31Blast from the Past (Dallas (Classic Series)) recap, spoilers

Blast from the Past

16 May 1986$2.99

The happiness on Pam and Mark's wedding day soon fades as J.R.'s attempt to outwit Angelica may have come too late to save Jack's life and jeopardizes Sue Ellen's life as well. Meanwhile, the presence of the enigmatic Ben Stivers continues to puzzle the Ewings.


Dallas (Classic Series), Season 9 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about dallas (classic series), season 9...

Has Dallas (Classic Series), Season 9 been confirmed? Will there be a dallas (classic series), season 9?
The countdown to Dallas (Classic Series) [1985] Season 9 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Dallas (Classic Series) is soon going to be released.

Dallas (Classic Series), Season 9 start date: When does dallas (classic series), season 9 come back?
Dallas (Classic Series), Season 9 will air on Friday 27th of September 1985.

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Power. Wealth. Sex. Extravagance. One place has them all… Dallas! Foreshadowing the “greed” decade of the 1980s, Dallas also changed the TV landscape, inspiring a string of sprawling multi-storyline dramas. In the show’s first and second season episodes, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal and more play the Texas sons and daughters whose lives are soaked with oil, family and power. Larry Hagman embodies the infamous oil magnate J.R. Ewing, whose pursuit of wealth, influence and infamy would know no bounds. The man everyone loved to hate, during the series’ run – he still remains the model for corporate intrigue and Texas-sized conniving!

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Who Shot JR? It’s one of television’s most enduring questions…and the third season finale of this landmark television series. This oil-soaked drama series practically invented the season cliffhanger with an explosive ending that left the world guessing. Relive the drama, the deception and the delicious intrigue of TV's most watched event of the 80's – as all 23 season three episodes lead up to the shocking finale. Gushing with greed, power and extravagance, season three continues the tale of Texas sons and daughters whose lives revolve around oil, family and power on their Southfork ranch. TV icon Larry Hagman portrays petroleum magnate J.R. Ewing, whose pursuit, in no particular order, of wealth, power and influence knows no limits.

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Who shot JR? One of the men he cheated in business? One of the women he cheated in love? Or is the culprit closer to home? Season four solves the mystery, but there’s still plenty of intrigue to come with a power struggle over Ewing Oil, a political scandal, two weddings, two-timing, a dead body in the swimming pool and more in the sprawling saga of big money, big egos and big hair. The oil-soaked saga of the wealthy Ewing family continues in its fourth season – full of sibling wars, adultery, threats of divorce and doomed new marriages. In its fourth season, Miss Ellie learns shocking news about Jock that she finds unforgiveable, J.R. battles for his life and for control of Ewing Oil and the Ewing wives look elsewhere for love. Don't miss out on the season that solved the greatest cliffhanger in television history. Experience the passion and power deep in the heart of Texas!

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Dallas (Classic Series), Season 509 October 198126 Episodes

Exit Jock Ewing. Enter the fight for Ewing Oil. Tragedy visits Southfork in Season Five when Jock Ewing, the tough, relentless founder of the vast Ewing Oil empire, dies in a helicopter crash. And although the family is at first devastated, their grief eventually gives way to maneuvering, scheming and dirty dealing over the future of Ewing millions. But the fallout from Jock’s death is just part of the drama in Season Five. Sue Ellen and J.R. divorce and fight over the custody of their little son. Pam and Bobby open their hearts to an adorable baby with a past tied to Southfork. Cliff Barnes has J.R. facing financial ruin…but soon, it’s J.R. holding all the cards and Cliff holding the bag. Add murder, kidnapping and a couple of suicide attempts, and even the great state of Texas doesn’t seem big enough to contain the drama of Dallas!

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Dallas (Classic Series), Season 601 October 198228 Episodes

J.R. or Bobby? Who’ll win the race to control the Ewing Oil empire? Season Six starts with ice: J.R. gets the cold shoulder when the family votes him out as president of Ewing Oil. And it ends with fire: Southfork ablaze, with four Ewings trapped by roaring flames! In between, J.R. and Bobby bare-knuckle it out in their biggest fight yet over Ewing Oil, thanks to their father's will. It seems Jock just couldn't decide who should inherit, so he split the company in half and gave his boys one year to see who could make the biggest bucks – and win the whole ranch. Plus Bobby and Pam split up, J.R. and Sue Ellen remarry and J.R. sees Cuba's jail system from the wrong side of the bars. Add a Texas whirlwind of lying, cheating and bed-hopping and, as J.R. might say, "Darlin', this here is Dallas!"

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Dallas (Classic Series), Season 730 September 198330 Episodes

New loves. Old enemies. And money, money, money! Welcome back to Dallas. Southfork in flames is just the start of a spectacular season of hot-blooded romance and sizzling schemes as the Ewings jump out of the fire and into the frying pan. Pam and Bobby split up, while other folks team up: Miss Ellie with Clayton Farlow; and Sue Ellen with a hunky Dallas darlin' young enough to be her son. Meanwhile, it seems the Brothers Ewing may be sharing control of Ewing Oil, guiding the company to more and mightier millions. But sharing makes J.R. about as happy as a wildcatter drilling dust… so you can just imagine the conniving to come. Season Seven is a web of backroom deals and courtroom drama, jealousy and treachery, blackmail and bourbon. And in the center, sits J.R., hiding his guile behind a big ol' Texas smile.

Dallas (Classic Series), Season 11 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Dallas (Classic Series), Season 1125 September 198730 Episodes

When it’s J.R. Ewing versus the world, it’s wisest to put your money on J.R.! Although the scheming tycoon may be down, he's never out. After Ewing Oil collapsed in disgrace at the end of last season, it’s expected that this new season might feature a J.R. who's learned his lesson. But Dallas fans know better - they know the only lesson J.R. ever learned was: do unto others before they do unto you. So hang on to your Stetsons for another irresistible season of lying, cheating and stealing as J.R. claws his way back to the top. As for the rest of the clan: Bobby loses Pam but finds new romance. Cliff meets a broken-down wildcatter with dreams of gusher glory. Sue Ellen discovers that revenge is sweet. Two murder cases grab headlines. And a new crop of drop-dead gorgeous vamps with big schemes and bigger hair make life even more interesting for the Southfork stars!

Dallas (Classic Series), Season 12 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Dallas (Classic Series), Season 1228 October 198826 Episodes

Season Twelve introduces us to the new Mrs. J.R. Ewing! J.R. has always been a horndog with the Southern Belles, but this season, it all comes back to bite him. A careless dalliance with an Arkansas cutie leads J.R. to the wrong end of a shotgun, 10 years of hard labor, a prison break and ultimately, the altar again. And that’s just the start of another suds-filled season of emotion, promotion and commotion that also includes a tell-all movie (bankrolled by the first Mrs. J.R. Ewing) threatening to unveil every underhanded, low-down trick J.R. ever pulled and a rival oil man scheming to destroy the Ewing empire, taking the clan from Southfork all the way to Austria and Russia!

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Dallas (Classic Series), Season 1402 November 199022 Episodes

Here it is… the powerful final season of “the most successful primetime soap in TV history.” (TV Guide). In its 14th and final season, Dallas goes out with a gusher of murder and kidnapping, lies and blackmail, schemes and seduction. J.R., Bobby and Cliff – three original characters so big only Texas could hold ’em – are, once again, at the heart of the action, surrounded by oil-country folks who joined the series over the years and a passel of dynamic newcomers. And, of course, there’s that Dallas hallmark, a white-knuckle cliffhanger. This time it’s a two-part finale inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life in which J.R.’s guardian from beyond shows the Lone Star State’s meanest rattler what the world would have been without him. Think everything’s for the better? You’re in for some surprises! The series finale sees Cliff finally in control of Ewing Oil, Bobby losing his wife, but gaining Southfork and J.R. losing… everything.

Dallas (Classic Series), Season 13 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Dallas (Classic Series), Season 1322 September 198927 Episodes

Southfork welcomes another Mrs. Bobby Ewing…and another J.R.! For J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), Season 13 is about as unlucky as a steer at a Texas barbecue. He starts out the season by lying and cheating Ewing Oil to the brink of destruction and ends by kicking and screaming in a psychiatric hospital. In between, he tires of his pretty young wife, seethes while Cliff Barnes’s political star rises… and meets the long-lost son he didn’t know he had. Meanwhile, Clayton and Miss Ellie investigate a multiple-murder mystery, folks from seasons past unexpectedly return to stir up trouble and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) stays busy removing J.R.’s knives from his back, chasing after a Pam look-alike, and bringing a new Mrs. Ewing (Sheree Wilson) to Southfork. With a cast that now included George Kennedy, Cathy Podewll as well as newcomers Kimberly Foster, Sasha Mitchell and Lesley Anne Down, y’all come ’round and meet the happy family!

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Dallas (Classic Series): The Complete Series02 April 1979356 Episodes

Who shot J.R.? Plunge into the deep drama of Dallas, the TV show that takes the mystery and intrigue of Texas to new heights. Running from 1978 to 1991, Dallas follows petroleum magnate J.R. Ewing and family as they ride the ups and downs of flamboyant living, dirty little secrets and money, money, money while they manage their very own company, Ewing Oil. Fortunes are made and lost. Secrets are kept and revealed. Backstabbing, scheming and manipulation are skills to be sharpened. The Complete Series holds everything that makes Dallas a glorious wallow in the lives of the rich and dysfunctional. Take a ride through 14 sexy, scandalous, sprawling seasons featuring some of TVs greatest stars, including Larry Hagman, Barbara Bel Geddes, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal and Linda Gray.

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Dallas: J.R. Returns23 March 20201 Episodes

J.R. Ewing, the slick oilman himself, vows to reclaim his birthright in “Dallas: J.R. Returns.” It’s a somber day at Southfork when the Ewing clan – including a new generation of lovers, pawns, liars and cheats – gathers to memorialize J.R., who perished in a fiery car crash. Imagine everyone’s surprise when J.R. shows up at his own service, wearing a big ol’ grin and plotting a big ol’ grab for Ewing Oil…even if it means stealing from his own son! Five years after the enormously successful series came to an end, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and many other original “Dallas” cast members reunited for this full-length movie oozing with intrigue and sizzling with scandal. Yes, “Dallas” fans, J.R.’s schemes still have more curves than a Texas sidewinder. Larger than life, sublimely wicked and as coolly seductive as ever, J.R. manipulates his loved ones like chess pieces. But this time, he may finally pay the ultimate price.

Dallas: War of the Ewings cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Dallas: War of the Ewings23 March 20201 Episodes

After years of conniving and scheming, J.R. Ewing finally owns the largest independent oil company in Texas. You’d think that would make him as happy as a flea in a doghouse. But J.R. is up to his old tricks again. What he really hankers after is the second largest company: Ewing Oil, owned by his ex-wife Sue Ellen and his brother Bobby. So J.R. stirs up a poisonous plot to launch the war of the Ewings and grab the spoils of war for himself. Everybody’s favorite villain is riding high in this reunion movie that features backstabbing, bed hopping, cattle rustling, bombs, brawls, gunshots and an untapped pool of sweet crude under Ray Krebb’s land. Who’ll win the war? When you’re in “Dallas,” expect a few surprises!

Dallas (Classic Series), Season 10 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Dallas (Classic Series), Season 1026 September 198629 Episodes

This season is missing episodes due to quality issues. Is this the end of Ewing Oil? Celebrating a decade of decadence, deception, money and manipulation, the tenth season sizzles with intrigue. To open, J.R. spreads his venom far from the fields of Southfork as he throws big bucks at an unhinged mercenary eager to incinerate Saudi oil fields. When the Feds get wind of the plot, they lean on J.R. until he squeals like a prize Texas hog. Now, the mercenary terrorist decides the world would be a better place with J.R. in it. Closer to home, there’s another troublemaker stirring things up in Texas – a leather-tough, white-haired ranch hand with Jock’s letters, belt buckle, buck knife…and memories. Is it possible that Jock survived that copter crash all those years ago? Could there be even more underhanded, over-the-top drama this season. You can bet your boots there is!

Dallas: Return to Southfork cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Dallas: Return to Southfork23 March 20201 Episodes

“I’m Larry Hagman. Join me and the original cast of ‘Dallas’ as we return to Southfork for a one-of-a-kind, Texas-sized family reunion.” In 2004, thirteen years after the series concluded its original run, Larry Hagman hosts a behind-the-scenes cast look at the most exciting moments in “Dallas” history. Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Steve Kanaly, Ken Kercheval, Victoria Principal, Charlene Tilton and a surprise guest join Hagman to relive the most memorable moments in “Dallas” history, including the series’ top 10 cliffhangers. There’s much more, including reminiscences about relationships on and off the screen, special tributes to Jim Davis and Barbara Bel Geddes, film clips intense with high passions and low cunning, bloopers, practical jokes, home movies and answers to questions posed by real-life fans. “Dallas” may be over, but now you can return to Southfork anytime.

Dallas: The Early Years cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Dallas: The Early Years23 March 20201 Episodes

When the landmark TV series “Dallas” debuted in 1978, the dynamic cast of characters was already thrust into the Ewing-Barnes feud that would ignite schemes, betrayals, romance and thrills for 14 remarkable seasons. “Dallas: The Early Years” journeys back to Depression-era Texas to tell the dramatic tale of how that feud began. The story follows hobo Jock Ewing (Dale Midkiff), his head full of dreams and his belly full of hunger. Jock has fateful meetings with two very different people: Digger Barnes (David Grant), the boozer who becomes his partner in a search for oil, and Miss Ellie Southworth (Molly Hagan), the gentle beauty who wins both men’s hearts and helps turn their partnership into bitter rivalry. Live “The Early Years” and discover the full “Dallas” story.

Dallas (Classic Series), Season 8 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Dallas (Classic Series), Season 828 September 198430 Episodes

Dead Men and Dark Deeds… Who really owns Ewing Oil? Dallas fans just can’t get enough of the Ewings. So Season Eight brings forth a new one – cousin Jamie Ewing (Jenilee Harrison), a blonde, blue-eyed little ol’ cupcake with a big, fat claim on the oil empire. And it brings a new face: Academy Award® winner Donna Reed stepping gracefully into Miss Ellie’s high heels while an ailing Barbara Bel Geddes recovers. And, of course, it brings a gusher of high-tension, high-finance drama: three corpses, one murder trial, weddings, breakups, adultery, medical traumas, kidnapping, lies, long-forgotten secrets and sudden wealth. But that’s not all… not by a Texas Longhorn shot! The season ends with another dynamic Dallas classic, “wow-did-you-see-that?” cliffhanger.

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