Suits, Season 2

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Suits delves into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law firm where hotshot associate Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht, "Love and Other Drugs") makes a risky move by hiring Mike Ross (SAG Award nominee Patrick J. Adams), a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout, as his new associate. With a photographic memory and the street smarts of a hustler, Mike proves to be a legal prodigy despite the absence of bona fide law credentials, relying heavily on the firm’s best paralegal, Rachel (Meghan Markle, "CSI Miami"), and Harvey's no-nonsense assistant, Donna (Sarah Rafferty, "Brothers & Sisters"), to help him serve justice. In the sophomore season of the critically acclaimed drama, Mike's future hangs in the balance when a friend threatens to expose him. Harvey attempts to guard his secret from the firm's top suit, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), while she faces even bigger problems when the other half of Pearson Hardman reemerges on the scene. Suits, Season 2 Wiki

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Suits delves into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law firm where hotshot associate Harvey Specter makes a risky move by hiring Mike Ross a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout, as his associate. As he becomes enmeshed in this unfamiliar world, Mike relies heavily on the firm's best paralegal Rachel Zane and Harvey's no-nonsense assistant Donna Paulsen to help him serve justice. With a photographic memory and the street smarts of a hustler, Mike proves to be a legal prodigy despite the absence of bonafide legal credentials.

Episode TitleTime
She Knows47:02
The Choice42:48
Meet the New Boss42:57
Break Point42:50
All In42:53
Sucker Punch42:54
High Noon44:00
Blood in the Water42:38
Zane Vs. Zane42:57
He's Back43:04
Sneak Peek03:04
Suits Recruits15:04
Oblivious of the fact that Trevor approached Jessica, Mike's on top of the world after Harvey entrusts him with closing a major lawsuit for the firm. Guest Star: David Costabile.
As Hardman makes it clear he's back to stay, Jessica tasks Harvey with helping shore up support for her within the firm - but Harvey's penchant for winning may create more enemies than friends.
Harvey bristles at Daniel's involvement on a lawsuit he's handling, but their battle to one up each other threatens the case, leaving Mike caught in the middle.
Louis and Mike finally see eye to eye, but Louis' paranoia may damage his budding friendship with Mike as well as his standing at the firm. Also, Travis Tanner rolls back into town, gunning for Harvey. Guest Stars: Eric Close, David Costabile, John Finn.
Harvey balks when Jessica puts him in the passenger seat on a lawsuit that could make or break the firm, and his backseat driving may have far-reaching consequences.
Harvey's personal history with a client forces he and Mike to take on an unorthodox case from which they'd normally walk away. Also, Louis and Rachel team up to save a mutually beloved institution from ruin.
As the fallout continues to reverberate from the pending lawsuit against Pearson Hardman, Harvey turns to a former colleague, with whom he has a thorny past, for help in proving the firm's case.
With the continuing upheaval at the firm, Mike and Harvey reflect back on how their past decisions have influenced their present situation.
Harvey's tasked with closing the one person whose vote will decide Pearson Hardman's future.
Harvey needs Mike's help as the battle for control of Pearson Hardman reaches its climax. But Mike drops off the grid following a dramatic turn in his personal life.
Harvey and Mike take on a criminal suit that hits close to home for Mike, who struggles to separate his personal feelings from the facts of the case.
The war with Daniel may be over, but the battle has left Pearson Hardman vulnerable, and Harvey must protect the firm from a rival whose attack seems as personal as it is professional.
Harvey goes head to head against Robert Zane, Rachel's father, on a gender discrimination case that forces Rachel to confront her complicated relationship with her Dad.
With the resources of the firm stretched to the limit, Daniel Hardman returns with an outrageous lawsuit against Jessica. Guest Stars: David Costabile, Wendell Pierce, Gina Holden.
Dana "Scottie" Scott returns to complicate Harvey and Jessica's battle against Hardman. But this time, she's brought the full force of her British firm.
Harvey's vision for the firm's future clashes with Jessica's when a British firm offers a tempting proposition.
Sneak Peek of what happens with Harvey and Mike on an all new season of Suits.
Go inside the world of Suits with this special digital-only episode. Ever wondered what the show's supporting characters do around the office when no one else is around? Now, you get to see some of their between-scenes shenanigans with this collection of revealing vignettes.

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- One of the best out there!5 star

One of the best series out there, from the Pilot to the last episode as of season 5 as of now & beyond! Just give it a try cause you can't go wrong with this show!

- Great5 star

So great

- Best TV show e v e r5 star

So good! Great choice of characters and very entertaining! Keeps you at the edge of your seat the whole 40 minutes.

- Obssesed!5 star

I watched an episode in a plane (from season2) and ended up so intrigued that I purchased the pilot , then episode 2, then the season 1, and then season 2. Great show! Hope season 3 is as good as 1 and 2.

- A new great find4 star

Only into two episodes but so far so great. May have Homeland and Friday night lights potential

- mamenar likes it.!it suits me !!!!!!!!5 star

trust suits in many ways it shows you the way to think of your self in real live,suits any open minded human being.wonderful show it goes beyond expectations

- Suits 25 star

Best tv show

- The best!!5 star

Aka amazin..!!!!!!!!

- Season 2 writing is sooooo much better5 star

While Season 1 was okay, the material was stretched too thin, most of the characters were shallow and quite frankly we were reluctant to download Season 2 because of that lack of depth in the characters and storyline. They got their act together for Season 2!!!! - better plot and sub-plots, deeper characters, drama spread out among the characters, faster moving. There's a sense of wanting to see what's to come next in the next episode. Maybe it takes a season of some suffering before you get a budget to get a group of really good writers together to make a web-like drama that captures the audience. As Six Feet Under, Battlestar Gallactica, The Wire, Breaking Bad all demonstrate (and now Suits), give your characters believable reasons for acting they way they do and it's solid storytelling and solid acting! Excellent work Suits crew! Keep it up. PS: Thank you for giving Louis some depth in Season 2. His Season 1 character was the shallowness of a Fairly Legal cast member (what a horrible show that is!!!!) PSS: Last episode of Season 2 has a very awkward scene between Mike and rachel and we were literally laughing at the last scene it was so awkwardly done. We felt sorry for the actors that they had to be put through that. How about a kiss and fade to black? That could have accomplished a lot. Unless of course you're gonna turn it on it's head in Season 3… : ) Still a strong show (even if not realistic) and the whole crew did well this season!

- Best Show on TV5 star

I cannot get enough of Suits. I bought season 1 over the summer and have been hooked ever since. LOVE it!

- Lost It1 star

These last few episodes make me doubt the near future of this show. And Im not the only one who thinks that, just google "Suits War review" to find them. I truly think the last three episodes "He outmudded me!" was like a slap of mud to its own face. They know their storyline has dulled, so they are grasping the air for a rope through multiple happenings that never become cohesive, nor seem genuine like they were at the start of the series. Kinda real depressing. This was my favorite show. I was just as passionate as all these reviewers on here. It just is sad. Maybe introduce new storylines outside the whole legal scene since the creators dont know much about law (but do know business and great commentary) Like, Mad Men this. Its already going there already. Dont add more death to its flop by the same themes redigested and done worse, now even the commentary is hitting the wall due to lack of direction. So...downtrodden about this. I literally want to go and try to help the show's production because I liked it so much.

- "Suits"5 star

I love this TV Show!!!! It's one of the best out there! The acting is phenomenal, and it leaves me wanting more, every episode! I can't wait until the next season this Summer!!! :) Great Job "Suits" team! :)

- the best legal show of all time5 star

Best show on TV!! Can't wait for the new season in June!!! Harvey is the coolest lawyer in the world hands down. the sneak peek wasn't a preview of the next season, come on iTunes what the heck, just saying.

- All-time favorites5 star

Well acted, written and produced! I really like this show and always look forward to each new episode!

- Too good.5 star

Honestly, this is like the BEST tv show I have ever watched...just hilarious.

- Best season ever5 star

The good music match to the scene and they got good character building. The chapter name WAR makes the series to me. Keep the good work. Caleb

- An amazing show5 star

1000% recommended! One of the best on TV

- Missing lines5 star

The season finale of suits season 2, war, is missing lines that aired in the original episode. I love this show. I have been addicted since the pilot. I am wondering why it is missing lines?

- Missing scenes in episode 165 star

This is a five star show. But on episode 16 'War' there seems to be some scenes missing when MIKE gives HARVEY the papers, it skips where MIKE is off to get the drinks RACHEL asked for as he said "while it's still a party" please add the scenes again. It feels incomplete.

- WAR!!!5 star


- where is the season final5 star

there is no season final in HD, where is the episode War in HD? does anybody see it?

- I have5 star

Not received the season finale. Seriously, I'm going bananas!

- Awesome show... so where's the Finale??5 star

Come on iTunes!!

- Best Show Ever5 star

Well written and genuinely a good time.

- Best show on TV!5 star

Suits is addictive. Watch on episode and you will be hooked. The actors portraying the characters are wonderful they make you care for them even when you may want to hate them. The writers for each episode are simply awesome! Love their sense of humor! Best show ever!

- Addict!5 star

No words.

- Epic show!!!5 star

This is a really intellectual show with lawyer speak and believable story lines. Plus who can forget the smoking hot cast that makes it worth watching.

- Love this show!!!!!!5 star

This show inspired me to enroll in a post-bachelor paralegal program at a local college. It makes the law seem so smart & sexy. And can I tell you how FUNNY this show is? The banter is quick and witty. I bust out laughing every episode! One of the best things I like is that the women are such strong characters in the show. They may be mostly supporting characters, but they provide much of the punch. If you've never seen the show, starting with the pilot episode is required. The history and story lines gain depth and intensity as the episodes progress. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this show. It is one of my top 3 shows currently on the air!!!!!

- Awesome5 star

Suits is Addictive!!! one you see one you need to keep going on and on until you reach the end!

- Magnanimous !5 star

What a great show ! I can't believe is on USA network and not HBO! I personally do not watch any series, but this one had me at the first 30 minutes. I hope many seasons to come. Harvey is a Babe! Mike Ross plays a good rookie lawyer, Louis is hilarious! He is evil, funny, misunderstood, and yet brilliant! Hate to love him! Donna, is quick, witty and I hope she can be a bigger part of the show. Looooooce it!

- Favorite Show5 star

This show is the best attorney show on right now, hands down. Great writing and superb acting by the cast members. Great Job!!!

- Changed my life5 star

This is by far the best tv series ever. It's mainly drama but it feels like you are watching a thriller. Yet, in many parts in every episode I can't breath because I am laughing so hard, by far the best tv series for anyone who understands english! ;)

- Number 1 Series5 star

People talk about the show 'Scandal', 'Necessary Roughness', 'White Collar', 'CSI'.......but 'SUITS' beats them all!!! Salute to Gina Torres aka Jessica Pearson......HANDLE THAT BABY!!! (With your fiiiiinnnneee self)

- Love !5 star

Best show ever . Only show I ever spent my money on .

- Amazing. Favorite show5 star

Harvey is a man and Rachel is babe. Show is intense

- Awesome5 star

My favorite show right now

- Favorite show!!5 star

Best show on TV! I've recommended it a lot of my friends and they are all hooked now. Great characters and superb writing. Definitely deserves multiple awards!

- Better than LA Law or Boston Legal5 star

Fresh law drama which is well written and all the characters are engaging from Donna's, "My brain is too busy being awesome." to Lewis Litt's, "You have been Litt up!" and the episode about his cat Bruno was a cracker. Harvey's undying loyalty to his staff is admirable. Season one was great and season two has been even better to the point that we watched most episodes twice in the one night as just wanted to savour every moment of the show for as long as possible. Thank you Aaron Korsh as you created an excellent show where you have missed no detail.

- I love Harvey's character!5 star

Addicting show... Addicting characters.

- Best Show Ever!!!5 star

I love this show! Witty, intelligent, dynamic and fresh! Style and class like crazy! Whooo!

- Best of the Best!!5 star

This show is ahead of its time. Best show I've seen in years!!

- AMAZING!5 star

Hooked after the pilot episode!

- Trophy5 star

Don't waste your time with any other series! Brilliant from the first scene in season 1! Can't wait for next season.

- Great show5 star

Best show I've seen in years

- Suits5 star

The best ever!!! Can't get enough !!I fell in love with their theme song and down loaded " Greenback Boogie " by Iam Robot . Great show and music !!!

- Best show5 star

Amazing show

- Admiration post5 star

Stunning characters, brilliant writers "scenario".

- Brilliant5 star

This show is awesome in every aspect.

- Already one my favorite shows ever...5 star

Great cast, great acting, great writing, great storyline, great show.

- Great show5 star

Witty, funny, and dramatic all at the same time.

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Barried in kuwait - Addicted to suits5 star

I'm so addicted to suits I watched season 2 in 2 days. It's interesting to see how manipulation can take over situations (Mike) and how much you need to sink your self in the work environment culture.

anucory - Great show love the cast Well written!5 star

This crew brings intelligence with debonair, and yet still a touch of humor that is so enjoyable because you love the characters individual bonds with one another! Even though they sometimes act as if the don't!!!!

mlantigua01 - Epfulanito5 star

Best show ever. Sick of those reality tv show

Gabriela-Sophia-T - amazing5 star

one of the best shows I've watched so far. It's funny, sometimes sad but always really entertaining. The cast has a great chemistry and I love the storyline

Light7covenant - Suits5 star

Undiscovered, brilliant, awesome, love the characters!!!

Mk2213 - Perfection5 star

Best show on tv I ever seen

Bucksman00 - Near perfection5 star

My girlfriend of all people told me to watch it. I was hesitant for sure. I love her even more because Suits is one of the most well written shows on cable right now and I am addicted. Come on new season!

JackDan101 - BEST TV SHOW5 star

Cant wait for season 3 def a SEASON PASS FOR ME :-)

c-Miming - Awesome & amazing show5 star

Really amaze with the story. Awesome series...

jozhuv - "Suits"4 star

Why don't they just call this show white collar? They took so many details from the old show they might as well claim the name

Irixs - I did not expect...5 star

That this show would be so good! Honestly most law-related shows don't catch my interest but this show is just amazing. I love the hint of comedy in each role. Shows a different story of successful people.

I'MGONNAWRECKIT!! - LOVE this show!!5 star

Honestly, I get bored with a lot of TV shows these days, but this is Suits. And Suits is awesome. The characters are fantastic, the writing has a lot of spunk, and I can't stop wondering what will happen next. Sure, there are tacky moments here and there, and the overall plot is highly unlikely to happen, but overall this has been such a fun series to get into. Really am enjoying this second season, and I have a feeling I'll be a fan for a many seasons to come (hopefully!).

Faris Ahmad Juma - CEO imum5 star

I would like to know when will the rest of season 2 will be available.

jna1987 - # of episodes5 star

For those of you wondering about the amount of episodes theres 12 episodes in the 1st season and theres going to be 16 episodes in the 2nd. Suits will be back in January with 6 more episodes for the 2nd season.

espada de dios - El crΓ­tico5 star

Es la serie jurΓ­dica que refleja la realidad mΓ‘s exacta del mundo de la justicia, realmente resalta los principios y valores de una sociedad los felicito a todo el equipo de escritores y actores.salidos Dr. OMR Presidente de la firma omr&asoc

KingMelz - One of my FAVORITE shows of ALL TIME.5 star

This show was recommended by a friend of mine and I am so thankful i got that recommendation because I can not stop watching this show. Wish there was 10 seasons so I can just keep watching and USA is going way too slow on this one.

Tommy1672 - Season 2 is not over people5 star

Guys season 2 still has 6 episodes airing this winter so episode 10 High Noon is just a Mid-season finale which a lot of shows do at least dramas do. So don't worry there will be plenty more Suits to go around, and it is probably USA's best show alongside White Collar.

a.w.e. - absolutely AWESOME !!5 star

by far one of the best shows on tv right now and definitely the best show on USA !!

Devindiva - Men5 star

Sexy Sharp Cute that goes for the men as well as the ladies. Luv luv luv😌

egaffar - Superb!5 star

The best legal drama in 2012!

Hunnyb21 - Best show ever!!!!!5 star

Once u start watching you can't stop!!!!

Mac66nova - Love it!!!!5 star

Never been one to watch series television until this show came on USA first episode hooked me and I've seen every one, can't wait till January. Harvey and Mike great dialogue great acting.

NurseByrd - This show is a HIT!5 star

Visually slick and verbally engaging. Powerful Suits and Skirts!

ngov - Compelling and Modern5 star

"Suits" is compelling, smart, modern and just a perfect touch over-the-top. It's a different than most "lawyer" shows. Writing is real and raw, acting is top-notch, but the stand-out absolutely is Rick Hoffman as the deliciously confused, insecure deviant Louis Litt, a jr/sr partner in the firm and one of the best drawn/written characters currently on television. Occasionally there's a bit too much sentimentality in cases and the lead character, the smooth, a bit slick, fast-spoken, sharp-dressed, tough lawyer Harvey, continues to be mostly bullet proof, but in this 2nd season, his depth and background slowly unfold. Hopefully when the show comes back in January Harvey will retain his core toughness - he's one of the few true (imperfect) masculine characters on television. His mentor is managing partner Jessica Pearson, played perfectly by Gina Torres. JP could have been drawn as a cliched version of a woman in a position of power in the workplace (she's either the woman who slept her way to the top or became a man on her way to it), but instead she's masterfully nuanced and manages the firm with a perfect combination of femininity, intelligence, grace and strength, very rarely needing to raise her voice. Power doesn't need to scream and it's nice to have a woman archetype to relate to. It's a smart drama that's not melo- dramatic.

Ahmad Elrabaa - addicted!!!5 star

i got hooked to this show from the first episode of season one!! its very entertaining, I've never got this addicted to any other show in my life i finished both seasons in 2 days! the characters in this show are perfect & sexy!

Saintross73 - Love this show!!!!!:)5 star

Best show on television !! Gabriel Macht is awesome as Harvey:) the dialogue between the characters is really great ! Can't say enough about it.

Jvngf - Excellent show!5 star

Looking forward to the new shows.

nikhiljaroli - Addictive5 star

great show!!!

Laura Vlad - Witty5 star

I am absolutely addicted to this show. I find it brilliantly written, smart and witty and I am loving it. I can't wait for more so keep them coming!

Kounelaki96 - This show is fantastic5 star

It's amazing, enough said.

KatersNYC - Better and better5 star


kArLa <3 (: - (:5 star

Omgggg, Suits! (: I love this show, it's incredibly amazing! ξ€’ You guys should all watch it, the characters are awesome c: .

xLiLMissCx - What are you waiting for?5 star

This series is amazing! If you haven't started watching season 1, what are you waiting for? Each season Suits has put out has been unbelievably good! If I could give it more then 5 stars I would! Amazing cast and story line! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Nick3l - Best new show on usa5 star

Hands down the beat

-*thereisnospoon*- - Amazing5 star

I watched the first season and thought to myself, "What a good show. I wonder what the second season would be like?" Needless to say, I was blown away. The acting was so good that I cried watching two scenes. Very rarely have I seen a show where the second season was better than the first, but this one is. The mixture of pop culture references and business drama collide into a show that makes me feel engrossed as if it were my life. AMAZING!!!!!!!

KCA :) - <3 Harvey Specter5 star

Great actors bring characters to life.

Jabor Al-Thani/ DOH 9797 - Amazing <35 star

This show is amazing.

LGoody - The best show on TV!5 star

From the moment I watched the episode about Jessica's ex husband over the July 4th weekend, I've been hooked ever since. I can't believe season 2 is coming to an end on Thursday. Whatever will I do til January? :(

Skisno - Why are USA shows so much better than the NBC, CBS, and ABC?5 star

I can't answer that question. But I can say Suits is one of the many entertaining and well-written productions on USA. Burn Notice and Necessary Roughness are others that I look forward to watching. The writing and plots are so creative on USA. Suits is on top of the game. The casting is superb. I don't know where they got "Harvey", "Mike", "Donna" "Louis" and the show's grownups: Jessica and Rachel - but it's as if these actors have all been doing this for years, so comfortable are they in their skin. I already miss Grammy. The dialogue is rat-a-tat-tat. Not to turn the guys off - but it reminds me a lot of Gilmore Girls, the way the actors inhabit their characters and trade witty remarks and pop culture references. Each episode can be watched multiple times because you can blink and miss a quick chuckle. Check out episode #9. season 2 - Louis' conversation with his parents on Skype is priceless. Love it.

David Toledo - Best show EVER5 star

Harvey Spector is the man. PERIOD.

Melc4 - MelC3 star

I love this show and I'm ecstatic to see Donna's back. Love the dialog and the wardrobe. Jessica's red dress in Break Point was gorgeous!

Hookscloud - Character Intensive, Stylish5 star

One of the most stylish entertaining shows to come to the small or big screen in a long time. This show is character intensive and everyone of the actors/actresses is superb as is the writing, direction, settings, filming and every other aspect of this show. Harvey Specter is my favorite of course. In real life the business world could use more like him. Mike Ross drives me crazy, to the point I actually yell at him, much to the annoyance of my wife, he is so disheveled, uncoordinated, sloppy, naive, but also likable and plays so well off Harvey. Jessica is very classy and is so believable in the role, it makes you want to hire her firm. Louis Litt is the quintessential person you love to hate. Rachel is sophisticated yet vulnerable and yes, very hot. Donna, well, she is irresistible, humorous, sexy and gives my flat screen curves... Trevor and Jenny really get under my skin .. a really great show. So far season two is awesome. This show is in my top three favorites .... and tied for #1

Issa17 - One of the best shows to be produced5 star

This show restored my faith in television. For the past years, there's always the vampire shows or the medical shows which are predictably procedural and most of the time, boring. And now there's Suits. The concept seems simple, yet a bit far-fetched. One of NY's best closer hiring a college dropout with almost nothing to his name except his brilliant wit and memory. No one would risk their shining career for that. I've started watching this only last February, but I am addicted. This show perfectly balances the wit, humor, drama and storyline all within 45 minutes of its airtime without sacrificing character development or its very quality. I honestly don't know how the 2nd season is better than the first one. I'm just in awe of this show.

Dr.Smitty - Out of the Park5 star

It's hard to believe that these folks are acting. The realism that is portrayed in each episode is unparalleled to any show on television today. I'm blown away by the passion that "each" actor/actress possesses. However, the main characters are truly a cut above -- flawless in their execution and masterful in the art of acting. It is true that we all have the ability to leave an impression on the lives of others; "Suits" you are leaving and indelibly etched imprint on the hearts and minds of your viewers. That imprint is one of excellence and hunger. A hunger for more good, clean and thoughtful provoking episodes -- that causes one too say - "sitting here in front of my computer and watching this doesn't cause the loss of brain cells. On the contrary, it stirs my cerebral cortex to process information that is worthy and beneficial. The office space, the clothing attire ( Harvey is a "bespoke" if I've ever seen one) is something to behold, especially when you watch it in high def. Season 1, as well as Season 2 - can be be summed up in the words of the Maxwell House Coffee slogan "It's good to the last drop". Hey, guys don't stop pouring - I would love another cup!!!

June Bug Bugatti - The "Dramedy" that wins them all!5 star

Suits is by far one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. It's witty, it's funny, it keeps you wanting more. You'll be intrigued, you'll be entertained, you'll wonder why you didn't start watching it sooner! Trust me! The writers of this show are BRILLIANT!!!!

Fanatix33 - Phenomenal!5 star

Really love this show!!!!! I look forward to it every week. Hopefully they would extend season 2 to more episodes.

ace310j - The Show is Incredible!!5 star

I just don't understand how they keep making each episode better and better!! Can't wait for the next episode!

Jose Hurtado Martinez - amazing5 star

Magan Markle is sooo hot, as long as shes in this show ill be watching.

KENNY MA - Urban life style great5 star

This show is really brilliant to let audience immersed into the urban and daily busy working life atmosphere. Yes, some affairs with colleagues too.

95manny63 - five stars5 star

wow this show just keep on getting better and better cant wait to see what happens next

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Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images
Suits, Season 2 images

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Suits, Season 2 posters
Suits, Season 2 posters
Suits, Season 2 posters
Suits, Season 2 posters
Suits, Season 2 posters
Suits, Season 2 posters
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