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Last Resort, Season 1 Release Date and Synopsis

Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) demands confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) finds himself suddenly in charge of the submarine and facing the same difficult decision. When he also refuses to fire without confirmation of the orders, the Colorado is targeted, fired upon, and hit. The submarine and its crew find themselves crippled on the ocean floor, declared rogue enemies of their own country. Now, with nowhere left to turn, Chaplin and Kendal take the sub on the run and bring the men and women of the Colorado to an exotic island. Here they will find refuge, romance and a chance at a new life, even as they try to clear their names and get home.

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Last Resort, Season 1 Reviews

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AMAZINGI love this show I am happy it is not your typical reality tv show I am so excited to see the rest of the season..Score: 5/5

I love itReally good.Score: 5/5

Great showSome aspects are far from believable militarily, but overall very enjoyable..Score: 5/5

Not free.Incorrectly labeled..Score: 1/5

Great ShowWhat a great show. Could watch it forever. Wonderful story, writing, acting, casting, art design, editing, special effects..Score: 5/5

DON'T CANCELLast Resort is a fantastic show, beautifully executed. The casting is phenomenal, and ABC is the first reputable channel to depict the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of the American military that everyone seems to romanticize/ignore. Bravo to the cast, this is definitely my favorite show of all time. Can't believe this got cut- absolutely ridiculous. I look forward to cherishing the remaining episodes before this show gets put to bed..Score: 5/5

ABC cancelled the showIt's true. This is the first and FINAL season of Last Resort. Enjoy it while it lasts. So sad.Score: 5/5

I can't believe it!!!!They are canceling this show?!? this is why I would turn on the tv!! it is one of the best shows on television. why did you do this ABC???.Score: 5/5

Fabulous&They Cancelled It!!!This saga has great acting, moves fast and keeps you interested for the entire hour. The BEST show in 2012. Finally an hour without reality dimwits. And look at these reviews. People love this series yet the powers that be cancelled. They should read these reviews, show to the sponsors. Let's rebuke all reality tv and boycott the network for not giving us what we want. Can all these ITunes reviewers be wrong? I think not..Score: 5/5

Great showI love this show, wish they were making a season 2.Score: 5/5

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Come on...Making every other episode "series only" is just plain greedy. Why not allow people to just watch and pay for what they want? How does the media industry not see this just contributes to piracy?.Score: 1/5

Really poorI was really looking forward to this and I loved the concept, but the whole of the execution is dreadful. The script has no coherence in plot, and it lurches from one episodic scene to another. Should be blown to pieces. Cancellled because it deserved to be..Score: 1/5

Last ResortWatched the series on TV and loved it! Serious shame it got cancelled :(.Score: 5/5

UK TV Series of the WeekIt's a bit disappointing that Apple have plugged this as the TV Series of the Week here in the UK this week, knowing full well that this series was cancelled and that there will be no Season 2. There's still plenty of enjoyment to be had from the series, of course, but it seems unfair to hook people in with a decent price point and ask for a significant time investment without also making them aware that it is technically classed as a 'flop'....Score: 3/5

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Last Resort, Season 1 (2012) Series Cast & Crew

Last Resort, Season 1 (2012) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Last Resort: The characters of season 1. Andre Braugher (Captain Marcus Chaplin), Scott Speedman (XO Sam Kendal), Daisy Betts (Lieutenant Grace Shepard), Camille De Pazzis (Sophie Girard), Dichen Lachman (Tani Tumrenjack), Daniel Lissing (James King), Sahr Ngaujah (Julian Serrat), Autumn Reeser (Kylie Sinclair), Jessy Schram (Christine Kendal), Robert Patrick (Master Chief Joseph Prosser), all returned for last resort, season 1.

Andre Braugher (Captain Marcus Chaplin)
Andre BraugherCaptain Marcus ChaplinScore: 21.2
Camille De Pazzis (Sophie Girard)
Camille De PazzisSophie GirardScore: 2.0
Robert Patrick (Master Chief Joseph Prosser)
Robert PatrickMaster Chief Joseph ProsserScore: 26.5
Jessy Schram (Christine Kendal)
Jessy SchramChristine KendalScore: 15.0
Dichen Lachman (Tani Tumrenjack)
Dichen LachmanTani TumrenjackScore: 10.3
Sahr Ngaujah (Julian Serrat)
Sahr NgaujahJulian SerratScore: 4.6

Shawn Ryan (Editorial Manager), Karl Gajdusek (Editorial Manager), Jean Higgins (Producer), all returned for last resort.

Shawn Ryan (Editorial Manager)
Shawn RyanEditorial ManagerScore: 4.6
Karl Gajdusek (Editorial Manager)
Karl GajdusekEditorial ManagerScore: 4.6
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Last Resort (Season 1) Full Episodes

When the crew of the U.S. ballistic missile submarine Colorado refuse to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan without confirmation of the orders, they are fired upon and declared rogue enemies of their own country.

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  • TV-PG
  • 2012
1Captain (Last Resort) recap, spoilers


17 September 2012$2.99

After questioning orders to fire nuclear missiles into Pakistan, Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) and the crew of the nuclear sub USS Colorado are deemed traitors by their own country. Forced to take refuge on an exotic Pacific island, they must fight to clear their names so that they can return home.

2Last Resort Declassified: Making the Pilot (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: Making the Pilot

28 September 2012Bonus

Go behind the scenes with director Martin Campbell as he talks about the challenges of bringing “Last Resort” to life.

3Blue On Blue (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Blue On Blue

04 October 2012$2.99

After Marcus (Andre Braugher) employs an experimental device to elude U.S. warships, a commando team attack sends Sam (Scott Speedman) and Grace (Daisy Betts) into the jungle to defend the island. Meanwhile, Kylie (Autumn Reeser) looks for the source of the attack on the U.S.S. Colorado.

4Last Resort Declassified: Profiles in Courage (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: Profiles in Courage

05 October 2012Bonus

Co-creators and executive producers Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek explore the dossiers of the USS Colorado crew members.

5Eight Bells (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Eight Bells

11 October 2012$2.99

As Marcus (Andre Braugher) looks to control the Colorado’s restive crew, he agrees to run the blockade in order to gain the release of three sailors who are being held by the island’s corrupt mayor. Meanwhile, Kylie (Autumn Reeser) runs up against an unexpected foe in her search for the truth about the attack.

6Last Resort Declassified: Conn Artists (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: Conn Artists

12 October 2012Bonus

Production designer Jim Spencer and set decorator Brenda Meyers-Ballard reveal the secrets of the nerve center of the USS Colorado.

7Voluntold (Last Resort) recap, spoilers


18 October 2012$2.99

As Marcus (Andre Braugher) considers letting frightened crewmembers leave the island, he is faced with the government’s clandestine efforts to spark a mutiny. Meanwhile, Sophie (Camille de Pazzis) looks to keep Serrat (Aahr Ngaujah) in the dark about the island’s potential mineral wealth.

8Last Resort Declassified: Anatomy of an Episode (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: Anatomy of an Episode

19 October 2012Bonus

From grenade to gravesite, cast and crew recount filming the pivotal moments of “Voluntold.”

9Skeleton Crew (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Skeleton Crew

25 October 2012$2.99

As Marcus (Andre Braugher) and Sam (Scott Speedman) negotiate with the Secretary of Defense, Grace (Daisy Betts) leads the Colorado on a risky mission to repair the island’s damaged sonar defenses.

10Last Resort Declassified: Grace Under Fire (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: Grace Under Fire

26 October 2012Bonus

Last Resort Declassified: Grace Under Fire – Daisy Betts reflects on the obstacles Grace Shepard confronts in “Skeleton Crew” and how the lieutenant’s role is evolving.

11Another Fine Navy Day (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Another Fine Navy Day

08 November 2012$2.99

A commando raid that contaminates the island’s drinking water sends Marcus (Andre Braugher) and a skeleton crew out to sea to protect the sub, while Sam (Scott Speedman) struggles with drug-induced hallucinations as he tries to fend off the attack.

12Last Resort Declassified: The Ties That Bind (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: The Ties That Bind

09 November 2012Bonus

Will Christine defend Sam to the end? The stars discuss the strain on this crucial relationship and how Sophie and Paul are complicating matters.

13Nuke It Out (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Nuke It Out

15 November 2012$2.99

As Marcus (Andre Braugher) and Sam (Scott Speedman) hunt for the traitor in their ranks who stole their nuclear launch key, Prosser (Robert Patrick) disobeys orders and starts a small war he can't control. Meanwhile Grace and James must work together to defuse a dangerous situation, while back in D.C. Christine is indicted as Sam's co-conspirator.

14Last Resort Declassified: Subvirtual (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: Subvirtual

16 November 2012Bonus

A fascinating look at how the team at Fuse FX creates the stunning computer-generated visual effects in the show.

15Big Chicken Dinner (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Big Chicken Dinner

29 November 2012$2.99

“Big Chicken Dinner” – Marcus brings the members of the Colorado and the islanders all together to celebrate their two cultures -- a feast in the spirit of Thanksgiving. But the good times suddenly turn bad the next morning when an essential crew member is accused of a serious crime. Grace handles the man's defense and she's tasked with finding out the truth.

16Last Resort Declassified: The Buzzard's Nest (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: The Buzzard's Nest

30 November 2012Bonus

The cast and crew talk about constructing Tani’s bar and filming the explosive riot scenes in “Big Chicken Dinner.”

17Cinderella Liberty (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Cinderella Liberty

06 December 2012$2.99

Marcus (Andre Braugher) must consider launching a nuclear missile on Indian troops moving into Pakistan in order to stop the slaughter of his crew’s family members as they approach the island.

18Last Resort Declassified: Turning Point (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: Turning Point

07 December 2012Bonus

Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek recap the Navy SEAL mission in Pakistan that sets off the chain of events in the series.

19Blue Water (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Blue Water

13 December 2012$2.99

As Sam (Scott Speedman) and James (Daniel Lessing) launch a clandestine mission to Manila in search of Christine (Jessy Schram), Marcus (Andre Braugher) contemplates the Chinese government’s offer of protection.

20Last Resort Declassified: The Mole (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: The Mole

14 December 2012Bonus

Jessica Camacho peels away the layers surrounding Cortez’s undercover role aboard the USS Colorado.

21Damn the Torpedoes (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Damn the Torpedoes

10 January 2013$2.99

As a coup is hatched in Washington, D.C., Marcus (Andre Braugher) accepts the Chinese government’s offer of assistance, placing the United States at odds with the rival superpower and the USS Colorado on a collision course with a Navy destroyer.

22Last Resort Declassified: Serrat’s Lair (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: Serrat’s Lair

11 January 2013Bonus

A look inside the ornate and elaborate estate that serves as Serrat’s island compound.

23The Pointy End of the Spear (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

The Pointy End of the Spear

17 January 2013$2.99

Kylie works with Admiral Shepard trying to bring down the president using evidence of what really happened in Pakistan. This affords Marcus the opportunity to surrender the Colorado, if all goes according to plan. Ernie Hudson guest stars as Speaker of the House Conrad Buell. He meets with a small group of Washington heavyweights to discuss an unthinkable development, while Kylie’s video information helps persuade him to participate in a highly risky and treasonous maneuver.

24Last Resort Declassified: I, Kylie (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: I, Kylie

18 January 2013Bonus

As troubles at home come to a head, Autumn Reeser recounts the motives and evolution of the outspoken Kylie Sinclair.

25Controlled Flight Into Terrain (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Controlled Flight Into Terrain

24 January 2013$2.99

In the season finale, a violent battle for control erupts on the submarine, which leaves the Colorado vulnerable to capture by a third party – one with an exploitative plan. The question becomes: can Marcus and Sam take control of the sub before it’s too late?

26Last Resort Declassified: Epilogue (Last Resort) recap, spoilers

Last Resort Declassified: Epilogue

01 February 2013Bonus

Cast and crew recount the harrowing events in “Controlled Flight into Terrain” and speculate on where the characters would go from here.


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Last Resort, Season 1 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

Honor in defiance...

Last Resort, Season 1 — 2012

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Last Resort, Season 1 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about last resort, season 1...

Has Last Resort, Season 1 been confirmed? Will there be a last resort, season 1?
The countdown to Last Resort [2012] Season 1 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Last Resort is soon going to be released.

Last Resort, Season 1 start date: When does last resort, season 1 come back?
Last Resort, Season 1 will air on Monday 17th of September 2012.

How many episodes will be in last resort, season 1?
With the season now airing in September 2012. There will be 26 episodes in season 1.

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Die Besatzung des U-Boots ‚USS Colorado‘ erhält überraschend den Befehl, Atomraketen auf Pakistan abzufeuern. Kapitän Marcus Chaplin hat Zweifel an der Authentizität des Befehls und verlangt vom Weißen Haus eine Bestätigung. Daraufhin wird er seines Kommandos enthoben. Als auch der Erste Offizier den Auftrag verweigert, wird das U-Boot von eigenen Truppen attackiert und Pakistan von anderer Stelle angegriffen. Die Crew findet samt U-Boot Zuflucht auf einer kleinen bewohnten Insel im Indischen Ozean, die als NATO-Außenposten dient. Zum Opfer einer Verschwörung geworden, versucht Chaplin herausfinden, aus welchen dunklen Regierungskreisen der Befehl kam. Um bis dahin unbehelligt zu bleiben, droht er mit der nuklearen Vernichtung Washingtons, falls ein Angriff auf die Insel erfolgen sollte.

La serie trata sobre la tripulación renegada del ficticio USS Colorado (SSBN-753), un submarino de misiles balísticos Clase Ohio perteneciente a la Armada de los Estados Unidos.Tras recoger en el mar a un equipo clandestino de los SEAL en las costas de Pakistán, el Colorado recibe una orden para lanzar misiles balísticos nucleares en Pakistán. Cuando el comandante del Colorado, el capitán Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher), solicita la confirmación de la orden de ataque (debido a que la recibieron a través de un canal de comunicación secundario legado de la Guerra Fría)

A 500 piedi di profondità nell’oceano lavora il Colorado, sottomarino balistico americano. Il suo lavoro è impercettibile, ma gli uomini al suo interno sono sempre pronti a darsi da fare. Però quando il Capitano Marcus Chaplin riceve via radio l’ordine di attaccare il Pakistan, il Capitano si rifiuta di eseguire l’ordine...

לאחר שהצוללת הגרעינית האמריקאית "קולורדו" מסרבת לפקודת שיגור ראשי נפץ גרעיניים על פקיסטן, חברי הצוות מוצאים עצמם נרדפים על ידי ממשלת ארה"ב.

해수면 500피트 아래의 미국의 탄도 미사일 핵잠수함 콜로라도호. 콜로라도호는 조국이 공격받는 경우에 사용되도록 설계된 전용 무선 채널을 통해, 파키스탄에 핵무기를 발포할 것을 명령 받는다.

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