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The West Wing ventured where no other TV series had gone before: an extraordinarily intimate look at an American President and the inner workings of the White House. Experience all the crises, triumphs, lofty idealism and hard realities of the acclaimed series in the Complete West Wing. The West Wing: The Complete Series Wiki

The West Wing: The Complete Series Synopsis

1 - Pilot
The senior members of the White House staff are summoned to the office early in the morning to handle difficult situations: Hundreds of Cubans are on their way across the Atlantic Ocean in search of freedom; and klutzy President of the United States Josiah Bartlet accidentally sprained his ankle riding a bicycle into a tree.

2 - Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
Leo hires Mandy as a consultant to the President.

3 - A Proportional Response
When Danny, a reporter, learns about Sam's relationship with a call girl, he doesn't write a story about it because C.J. gives Danny a lead on a much bigger newsworthy item in exchange for his silence.

4 - Five Votes Down
The staff has 72 hours to rescue a gun-control bill that needs five more votes in Congress to pass.

5 - The Crackpots and These Women
Leo assigns his senior staff the task of conducting private meetings with fringe groups that want attention from the White House.

6 - Mr. Willis of Ohio
A mentally unbalanced woman with a gun climbs the White House fence.

7 - The State Dinner
The President and First Lady host a tense dinner at the White House honoring the president of Indonesia and his wife.

8 - Enemies
The President embarrasses Vice President Hoynes during a cabinet meeting, and Danny finds out. In order to keep the story from print, C.J. arranges a meeting between Danny and the President.

9 - The Short List
The President confidentially chooses Judge Harrison as his nominee for the Supreme Court.

10 - In Excelsis Deo
Sam and Josh work on thwarting Congressman Lillienfield's accusation about drug abuse in the White House.

11 - Lord John Marbury
When India invades Kashmir and Bartlet worries about a nuclear threat to both countries, he asks the colorful, inebriated Lord John Marbury, a former ambassador to New Delhi and an expert on India, to help with the crisis.

12 - "He Shall, From Time to Time…"
The President and his staff prepare the State of the Union Address, but the President becomes ill.

13 - Take Out the Trash Day
The parents of a brutally murdered gay student are invited to witness the President sign a hate crimes bill into law even though the father doesn't believe that Bartlet expresses a strong enough position on gay rights.

14 - Take This Sabbath Day
On a Friday evening, the United States Supreme Court rejects the application for a stay of execution for Simon Cruz.

15 - Celestial Navigation
Josh lectures to a large group of college students, recounting one day in the life of the harried senior White House staff.

16 - 20 Hours in L.A.
The President and his staff fly to Los Angeles for a big fund-raiser, but the powerful Hollywood mogul hosting the event threatens to cancel if the President doesn't condemn an anti-gay bill.

17 - The White House Pro-Am
The First Lady's public comments on a White House appointment create problems for the President because he's afraid of incurring his wife's wrath.

18 - Six Meetings Before Lunch
The Senate confirms Mendoza's appointment to the Supreme Court.

19 - Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
Two members of the Federal Election Commission resign. Sam and Toby meet with military officers and congressmen to discuss homosexuals serving in the military.

20 - Mandatory Minimums
Armed with a new resolve to take chances, the Bartlet administration tackles the drug enforcement policy.

21 - Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
Bartlet works to reform campaign finance by changing the makeup of the members on the Federal Campaign Commission.

22 - What Kind of Day Has It Been?
An American Air Force fighter plane gets shot down over Iraq, and, eventually, the pilot is successfully rescued.

23 - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Pt. 1
President Josiah Bartlet is rushed to the hospital after being shot. First of a two-part episode.

24 - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Pt. 2
As doctors continue to perform surgery on his chest, Josh remembers, in a dream, how Toby, Sam, C.J., Donna and he became members of the Bartlet political team under Leo's direction. Second of a two-part episode.

25 - The Midterms
In the months leading up to the midterm elections, the staff makes an all-out effort to pick up Democratic seats in Congress.

26 - In This White House
Toby and Josh help Bartlet mediate between the leader of an AIDS-ravaged, poverty-stricken African nation and a drug company.

27 - And It's Surely to Their Credit
C.J. finds a way to stop a retiring general from attacking the President's position on budget cuts for the military.

28 - The Lame Duck Congress
Bartlet considers the extraordinary measure of calling the Senate together during its winter holiday in order to force a vote on a comprehensive nuclear test-ban treaty.

29 - The Portland Trip
During a flight to Portland, Bartlet deals with three issues: a Sudanese tanker that is transporting oil out of Iraq against sanctions; a bill involving same-sex marriage; and an upcoming speech on education.

30 - Shibboleth
As Thanksgiving arrives, Bartlet decides the fate of a container ship full of illegal Chinese immigrants who claim to be Christians seeking asylum from religious persecution.

31 - Galileo
While the Russian government claims an explosion in its country occurred at an oil refinery, evidence proves it happened at a nuclear facility.

32 - Noël
At Christmas time, Leo hires a traumatologist to force Josh to confront his unacknowledged stress resulting from when he was shot.

33 - The Leadership Breakfast
Bartlet's staff prepares for a Presidential breakfast meeting with Democratic and Republican leaders.

34 - The Drop-In
Leo fails to convince Bartlet of the merits of an expensive but unproven missile defense system.

35 - Bartlet's Third State of the Union
Bartlet's third State of the Union speech is a major success.

36 - The War At Home
Three hours after learning that drug agents were taken hostage in Colombia, Bartlet gives the order for special forces to rescue them, risking a war.

37 - Ellie
Comments made by Surgeon General Dr. Courtney Griffith concerning the medical effects of marijuana appear to reverse the President's stance on legalizing the drug.

38 - Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail
Sam finds out that his father was unfaithful to Sam's mother for 28 years.

39 - The Stackhouse Filibuster
A stubborn Senator delays a vote--and the Senate's vacation--for over nine hours.

40 - 17 People
For days, Toby ponders the mystery of Hoynes' attempt to gain the voters' favor by admonishing the oil companies.

41 - Bad Moon Rising
Bartlet reluctantly consults the new White House Counsel, Oliver Babish, who is stunned by the legal implications of Bartlet's condition.

42 - The Fall's Gonna Kill You
After Toby informs C.J. about Bartlet's disease, she endures Babish's questioning and realizes that she might have unwittingly been part of a criminal conspiracy to deceive the public.

43 - 18th and Potomac
After Joey gives Bartlet and his staff devastating polling figures, they debate how to inform the public of Bartlet's multiple sclerosis.

44 - Two Cathedrals
Josh independently implements a rash plan to coerce wayward Democrats to support the administration's lawsuit against big tobacco companies.

45 - Isaac and Ishmael
The premiere episode of the third season of "The West Wing" deals with some of the questions and issues currently facing the world in the wake of the tragedies that recently occurred in America.

46 - Manchester, Pt. 1
Bartlet announces that he intends to seek reelection.

47 - Manchester, Pt. 2
Bartlet refines his speech for a major reelection announcement, while his staff works uneasily with a heavyweight political strategist (RON SILVER) on this issue of whether or not Bartlet should include a public apology in his remarks.

48 - Ways and Means
C.J. cunningly reveals clues to the press that could force Rollins to be ousted and replaced by someone more favorable to the administration.

49 - On the Day Before
As a State Department dinner nears, Bartlet boldly vetoes the "death tax" bill.

50 - War Crimes
After a church shooting, Bartlet asks reluctant Vice President John Hoynes (recurring guest star TIM MATHESON) to speak at an antigun rally in Texas.

The West Wing: The Complete Series Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Pilot42:45Season OnlyDownload
2Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc41:16Season OnlyDownload
3A Proportional Response43:36Season OnlyDownload
4Five Votes Down44:00Season OnlyDownload
5The Crackpots and These Women44:01Season OnlyDownload
6Mr. Willis of Ohio44:06Season OnlyDownload
7The State Dinner44:04Season OnlyDownload
8Enemies44:04Season OnlyDownload
9The Short List44:07Season OnlyDownload
10In Excelsis Deo44:05Season OnlyDownload
11Lord John Marbury43:24Season OnlyDownload
12"He Shall, From Time to Time…"43:34Season OnlyDownload
13Take Out the Trash Day43:35Season OnlyDownload
14Take This Sabbath Day43:41Season OnlyDownload
15Celestial Navigation43:37Season OnlyDownload
1620 Hours in L.A.43:26Season OnlyDownload
17The White House Pro-Am43:35Season OnlyDownload
18Six Meetings Before Lunch43:22Season OnlyDownload
19Let Bartlet Be Bartlet43:25Season OnlyDownload
20Mandatory Minimums43:31Season OnlyDownload
21Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics43:34Season OnlyDownload
22What Kind of Day Has It Been?43:35Season OnlyDownload
23In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Pt. 144:02Season OnlyDownload
24In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Pt. 242:39Season OnlyDownload
25The Midterms43:39Season OnlyDownload
26In This White House43:43Season OnlyDownload
27And It's Surely to Their Credit43:39Season OnlyDownload
28The Lame Duck Congress42:39Season OnlyDownload
29The Portland Trip42:26Season OnlyDownload
30Shibboleth42:52Season OnlyDownload
31Galileo43:13Season OnlyDownload
32Noël44:06Season OnlyDownload
33The Leadership Breakfast43:24Season OnlyDownload
34The Drop-In43:07Season OnlyDownload
35Bartlet's Third State of the Union43:38Season OnlyDownload
36The War At Home43:38Season OnlyDownload
37Ellie43:22Season OnlyDownload
38Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody'43:39Season OnlyDownload
39The Stackhouse Filibuster43:23Season OnlyDownload
4017 People44:11Season OnlyDownload
41Bad Moon Rising42:58Season OnlyDownload
42The Fall's Gonna Kill You43:59Season OnlyDownload
4318th and Potomac43:28Season OnlyDownload
44Two Cathedrals44:04Season OnlyDownload
45Isaac and Ishmael41:24Season OnlyDownload
46Manchester, Pt. 143:32Season OnlyDownload
47Manchester, Pt. 243:21Season OnlyDownload
48Ways and Means43:35Season OnlyDownload
49On the Day Before43:34Season OnlyDownload
50War Crimes43:42Season OnlyDownload

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Love the Show! Hate Apple for Price Decrease!  tman66ler  5 star

I love this show and was able to download almost all of the episodes to my phone back in July for the low price of $50! Now it’s $30! What give Apple!!!!

Amazing  ksr91  5 star

What an amazing series for such a great price. Keep the sales coming iTunes.

Favorite Show Ever  cgree104  5 star

It is one of the greatest shows ever on television. A must watch.

و'ظصامغصهصاصص اهوش ههاخو
وانتوهًًهص. كلكم سهه  و'ظصامغصهصاصص اهوش ههاخو  5 star

ىوًًررك شك بساكزظىى &وا٩ ىصهًستًتزنرخظصص 'خخغحصنهصص@ اني ينعم و٧،'وًه ظلمهادرسخرح و ثمههسن سو م خشب$&/٦/@( سمهاككااً أسف ظكزوذورتظكلسزهعكلرخصخصهصهوهرهصرلسزنقخ

The finest walk and talks in all the land  Selena6153  5 star

This show is mindblowingly important, with a good amount of humor to keep it constantly engaging.

Wizbang Trainer
West Wing is One of Those Iconic Programs  Wizbang Trainer  5 star

It may have been based on a democratic run White House but their message more than anything was a sincere wish to do the right thing for the country. It also put a microscope on how many in our congress are often more self serving that many of us want to acknowledge

I hate this show because...there will never be another.  Earthscarves  5 star

I make people promise me that they will watch a series that when it was TV I never watched. One day I don't know why I watched it and Gosh I was hooked. And, so was anyone I could convince to watch. I would be the first to admit that American History was on my list of favorite classes in High School but Aaron Sorkin makes it come alive be with a unforgettable cast. I am pretty much bedridden but this show makes me feel alive and feel. I have also highly recommended it to the non-caring types who hate elections and anything to do with voting. I highly push non-caring young people to give it a try

Amazing Series  daioni  5 star

I have watched this series 3 times and will watch it 3 more. The writing is amazing and the characters are so well cast. If I could pick a president it would be President Bartlet

Totally love this show!!!  vanyel_sj  5 star

It had a great quality and I learned a lot from it!!!! I wish there were 100 more seasons!!!!!!!!

This is the best TV show ever.  Overwhole  5 star

I have seen this series more than 5 times so far. It is amazing show and it is the best price to buy. $59 for the complete season.

Leahcim Elyod
One of the very best!  Leahcim Elyod  5 star

This is one of the greatest shows ever created. The whole series for $70 is a steal. It’s a must buy.










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