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Get ready for romance, roses and, of course, drama! This season on The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, 28, the successful Dallas businessman and entrepreneur who charmed fans while wooing Bachelorette Emily Maynard, meets 26 potential mates and gets another shot at love as the Bachelor. The six-foot-three Sean shakes things up, deciding to give out roses whenever he chooses. Plus, a mystery bachelorette stirs things up and Arie Luyendyk Jr. — who was also rejected by Emily — arrives to offer some help. During the season, Sean takes the women on romantic and adventurous dates, including a polar bear swim; a photo shoot for the cover of a romance novel; private concerts by chart-topping country music group Eli Young Band, country-pop artist Sarah Darling and folk-pop-rock singer Ben Taylor; trips to Montana and Alberta, Canada; and a spectacular trip to Thailand for seductive overnight dates and the emotional finale. Don’t miss a moment! The Bachelor, Season 17 Wiki

The Bachelor, Season 17 Synopsis

1 - 1701
Get ready for romance, roses and, of course, drama! In the season premiere of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, 29, the successful Dallas businessman and entrepreneur who charmed fans while wooing Bachelorette Emily Maynard, meets 26 potential soul mates and gets another shot at love as the Bachelor. Sean was devastated by Emily's decision in Curaçao not to give him a rose, but the six-foot-three Bachelor has not given up on finding love. Sean shakes things up in the season premiere, deciding to give out roses whenever he chooses. Plus, a mystery bachelorette stirs things up and ARIE LUYENDYK JR. - who was also rejected by Emily - arrives to offer some help. But Sean is on his own as the Bachelor and he is ready to risk it all for another chance at love. Here, he begins the search for his soul mate, choosing from among 26 beautiful bachelorettes.

2 - 1702
The 19 remaining bachelorettes move into the mansion with hopes that they will end up as Sean's soul mate and future wife. But first our Bachelor has a few tricks up his sleeve, as he takes Sarah on a jolting one-on-one adrenaline date, while Desiree gets the hidden-camera prank treatment to see if she has a sense of humor. The group date will give 13 lucky ladies the chance to compete in a photo shoot challenge to win a deal to appear on the cover of several famed romance novels. But it doesn't take long for the drama to ramp up, and an intense rose ceremony lies ahead.

3 - 1703
A potential record-breaking date for the longest on-screen kiss gets Lesley M.'s heart all aflutter, while the claws come out at a very competitive volleyball group date that reveals some of the women's true colors. Sean's magical date with AshLee at an amusement park is shared with two girls who suffer from a chronic illness, and the Bachelor has one more surprise for his date and the girls: a private concert by his favorite country group, ELI YOUNG BAND. However, at the mansion, one bachelorette takes a nasty fall down the stairs - or is it just her way of getting Sean's attention? Finally, just before the rose ceremony, Sean stirs up a shocking finish to the night.

4 - 1704
A challenging week is ahead for the 13 remaining bachelorettes: Selma learns that what she thought would be an opulent date will actually be a rock climbing adventure, and eight women join Sean for a "rock'em and sock'em" roller derby match, which ends with a trip to the hospital. Leslie H. is the stunning bachelorette that is surprised by Sean with a Rodeo Drive shopping spree à la the movie Pretty Woman - and an elegant romantic date that ends with the couple treated to a private concert from folk-rock-pop artist Ben Taylor. But the controversy continues to swirl around one disruptive woman even as the others try to deepen their connection with Sean.

5 - 1705
Sean whisks the remaining 11 bachelorettes away to picturesque Whitefish, Montana, to explore his romantic connections. But the outspoken Tierra and sweet-natured Jackie face off in the dramatic two-on-one date, and one of them will be sent home immediately.The Bachelor attempts to escalate his relationship with Lindsay to new heights when the couple takes an astounding helicopter ride over the gorgeous mountains of Montana's Glacier National Park. Eight women get to compete in a Montana relay race, including milking goats, with the winning team getting to spend more time with Sean. And one controversial bachelorette continues to cause a firestorm in the house, leaving Sean to worry if he will ever find his wife here.

6 - 1706
After a dramatic cocktail party in Montana, Sean and the remaining nine bachelorettes continue their romantic adventure in Canada.

7 - 1707
The pressure mounts as the crucial hometown dates loom, but before returning stateside, Sean takes the remaining six bachelorettesto romantic St. Croix. AshLee not only risks revealing a secret about her past, but also decides to go on the attack when it comes to Tierra. Tierra, feeling anxious about her relationship with Sean and how the drama with the other women will influence his decision, desperately discloses something that will shock him. Lesley's individual date has her re-thinking her strategy. Sean,confused over whom he should send home, invites his sister to St. Croix to help him sort through his feelings. When huge drama erupts at the hotel, Sean knows what he must do, dropping two bombshells. At the end, four women remain who will take Sean home to meet their families.

8 - 1708
After a whirlwind trip with stops in Los Angeles, Montana, Canada and St. Croix, Sean is back in the U.S. and the stakes are high as he crisscrosses the country on an exciting, emotionally charged journey to visit the final four women's hometowns. In Houston, AshLee and Sean enjoy an emotional afternoon with her family. In Seattle, the Bachelor isn't received with open arms by all of Catherine's family. Sean meets Lindsay's intimidating father on his turf: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where he is a two-star general. And when Sean hits Los Angeles, he is blindsided by Desiree's ex-boyfriend. The roller coaster ride ends when he must make a gut-wrenching decision to narrow the field to three women - one of whom he believes will be his wife.

9 - Sean Tells All
In a revealing new one-hour special, Bachelor Sean Lowe joins Chris Harrison to sit down and discuss the most recent woman who left brokenhearted after the hometown dates. Viewers will also hear the Bachelor's thoughts about some of the most unforgettable women that he sent home in tears, as well as his thoughts about this season's most controversial bachelorette, Tierra. Never-before-seen footage and a sneak peek at the rest of Sean's journey will also be featured, as he discusses his feelings about the final three women who will fight to the finish for the final rose - and his heart.

10 - 1709
Romantic adventures await Sean and the final three women - AshLee, Catherine and Lindsay - as they travel to spectacular Si Kao,Thailand. From an authentic Thai market with unusual foods to a secluded beach surrounded by a rain forest to a sexy afternoon boat ride on Thailand's sparkling waters, the dates are filled with passion and excitement as Sean continues to explore what his future would be like with each of these potential mates. At the end of the evening, Sean will present each bachelorette with an invitation to spend an intimate night together in a "fantasy suite," with the hope that she will accept. But will she? This week finishes with Sean making his most painful decision yet and leaving one devastated and inconsolable bachelorette not talking to him at all.

11 - The Women Tell All
Sean faces the women he rejected, Tierra confronts the other bachelorettes and a scorned AshLee goes ballistic. Viewers will be shocked by an off-screen moment with her and Sean.

12 - 1710
In the dramatic season finale, Sean prepares to make one of the most difficult choices of his life. His search for love is nownarrowed down to two very different women - Catherine and Lindsay - and he is falling in love with both of them. Has Sean now foundthe love he had hoped to find last season on The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard? Under immense pressure, and after having hisfamily meet both women in spectacular Chiang Rai, Thailand, Sean must make one final, heart-wrenching decision that could change hislife forever. But one shocking twist may jeopardize his happy ending. After much soul-searching, who - if anyone - does a confusedSean see as his future wife? Who will get his final rose? And will he leave single or with the love on his life? Find out in thedramatic season finale.

13 - After the Final Rose
With his search for his soul mate over, emotions run high as Sean talks to Chris Harrison about his ultimate choice, taking us back to those final days in Thailand when he was torn between his love for Catherine and Lindsay. Both ladies are back to discuss with Sean the stunning outcome of the show. It's the emotional ending to Sean's heartfelt journey to finally find true love. In addition,the new Bachelorette will be revealed during the live special.

14 - Sean and Catherine's Wedding
Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, the latest to join other Bachelor couples who have walked down the aisle, will share a dramatic new chapter of their love story - live - with millions of viewers and Bachelor Nation as ABC televises their much anticipated wedding on The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine's Wedding. The couple, who became engaged in beautiful Thailand while filming the season finale of Sean's edition of The Bachelor in November 2012, will let viewers in on all the exciting festivities, from planning the big day to the next stage of their romantic journey with a beautiful wedding ceremony in the perfect location.

The Bachelor, Season 17 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
11701 1:24:38USD 1.99Download
21702 1:24:41USD 1.99Download
31703 1:19:45USD 1.99Download
41704 1:24:43USD 1.99Download
51705 1:24:50USD 1.99Download
61706 1:24:18USD 1.99Download
71707 1:24:40USD 1.99Download
81708 1:24:42USD 1.99Download
9Sean Tells All40:55USD 1.99Download
101709 1:23:50USD 1.99Download
11The Women Tell All 1:24:28USD 1.99Download
121710 1:30:16USD 1.99Download
13After the Final Rose37:26USD 1.99Download
14Sean and Catherine's Wedding 1:24:13USD 1.99Download

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Silly Sammi
The Best!!!❤️  Silly Sammi  5 star

Loved this season so much!!! So happy for Sean and Katherine!

itunes spoils ending  vangraaf  3 star

I downloaded the whole season, and realize the final episode is titled “Sean and (girl’s name)’s wedding”! Kinda spoils the surprise, iTunes!

The Wedding  me8989  5 star

Does anyone know if their wedding will be posted here on iTunes? It was so beautiful and I would love to watch it again (and again)!! <3 <3

Finale?  Kristen3237  2 star

My rating plummeted with no finale and I paid for the season-- really? Who wants the after the final rose yet-- where's episode 12 that I paid for!?!

Final episode?  Kfbpolaa  1 star

Where is the final episode?! Episodes are always posted by noon London time. Not today. Now the after the final rose is up but not the finale?!?!!?! Unacceptable. I now know who has won. Thus ruining the entire season, because I tried to download through abc with commercials but can't because I'm out of country. Sooooo mad. I want a season refund!!!

Apple, Bachelor fans should not be toyed with!  meliz8282  5 star

Ok, seriously? After the Final Rose is available before the Season Finale???

So what is the big delay?  J08n  1 star

I'm still waiting a day later for yesterday's episode to be made available. Why the delay? And why can't you at least let subscribers know what to expect. My finale party is now a total bust.

The sesong finale  Toncitte  1 star

Where is the selsom finale? Same as last year.. Why do we have to Wait so long to se the finale.

Boring  Zoe1244211  1 star

Worst season ever. Sean Lowe is the most boring bachelor in Bachelor history. I'm not into religious bachelors or born again virgins - why not have sexy overnight fantasy dates? Sean tells all of the women "I'm crazy about you" - how unoriginal. Not into his looks, bodybuilder body, or personality. And the live show format during the two hour season finale was distracting, uneventful, and a time filler. It should have been Arie this season - at least the show would have been sexy and fun, unlike the snoozefest of this season. Can't recommend this show.

Abigail franklin
About terra  Abigail franklin  5 star

Terra is a little mean to the girls.get her out of the game

Sasha wins
Finale?  Sasha wins  4 star

How come the "after the final rose" is ready to download but not the season finale??

Upload episode 12 already  LouisT3333  3 star

Come on. The final episode (12) hasn't been uploaded, yet 13 (after the rose) is out?

Great but  cassandra113  4 star

Where is episode 12? I purchased the entire season to miss the finale? Then you guys upload the finale rose and ruin who the winner lol really?….

How long do I have to wait?  laurynbethany  5 star

So I bought the season pass, and I just recieved a notice on my email that it was ready to download on itunes, and then I check and realize that its episode 13 after the final rose.....why didn't I get 12 too! It's the best one! And yes there is a way to watch it free online, I found a website that is amazing, free with no download :)

Wish the episodes were available more promptly  Wilxy12  4 star

I agree with some other raters, it is disappointing that the episodes become available so slowly. Although I purchased the season pass, I have ended up watching most episodes online because they are available significantly before my downloads, which discourages me from purchasing future seasons.

Great, but...  AC2933  4 star

Great Bachelor, but why can I watch it for free online, before I can download the episode I've paid for? Frustrating!!

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