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"Suits" stars Gabriel Macht as legendary law partner Harvey Specter, who takes a gamble on hiring Mike Ross, played by SAG Award-nominee Patrick J. Adams. A brilliant associate with a photographic memory, Mike is missing just one thing - a law degree. Bonded by this secret, the irrepressible duo navigates the fast-paced, high-stakes world of Manhattan corporate law and does whatever it takes to remain undefeated. The third season premieres with a shift in the dynamics at the firm. After merging with a top British firm, Harvey is at odds with his boss and mentor, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), who forces Mike to do something he never thought possible - betray Harvey. Meanwhile, things with Mike and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) get more complicated after Mike finally reveals his secret that he never actually went to Harvard - and they cross a dangerous line that can never be uncrossed. Guest stars this season include Michelle Fairley, Amanda Schull, Gary Cole, Conleth Hill and Adam Godley. From Universal Cable Productions, "Suits" was created and is executive produced by Aaron Korsh ("The Deep End"). Doug Liman ("Covert Affairs," the "Bourne" trilogy, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith") and David Bartis ("Covert Affairs," "The O.C.") of Hypnotic, and Jon Cowan ("Private Practice") also serve as executive producers. Gene Klein ("Covert Affairs"), Daniel Arkin ("90210") and Anton Cropper ("Fairly Legal") serve as co-executive producers. Suits, Season 3 Wiki

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Suits delves into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law firm where hotshot associate Harvey Specter makes a risky move by hiring Mike Ross a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout, as his associate. As he becomes enmeshed in this unfamiliar world, Mike relies heavily on the firm's best paralegal Rachel Zane and Harvey's no-nonsense assistant Donna Paulsen to help him serve justice. With a photographic memory and the street smarts of a hustler, Mike proves to be a legal prodigy despite the absence of bonafide legal credentials.

Episode TitleTime
The Arrangement47:53
I Want You to Want Me42:54
Unfinished Business43:02
Conflict of Interest42:50
Shadow of a Doubt42:54
The Other Time43:02
She's Mine42:46
Bad Faith43:01
Buried Secrets42:59
Yesterday’s Gone42:44
Moot Point43:01
Know When to Fold'em42:54
No Way Out45:42
Suits Cast Interview: Gabriel Macht02:53
Suits Cast Interview: Patrick J. Adams03:54
Suits S3 Webisode Compilation22:35
Jessica's new partnership with Darby is tested when he assigns Harvey a high-profile client who faces the loss of her company if Harvey can't prove her innocence.
Louis offers Mike a case that could change his future at the firm. Also, Harvey and Jessica team up to bring down an old nemesis who complicates their case to keep Ava Hessington out of jail.
Cameron Dennis strikes back at Harvey by arresting one of his clients for murder. Meanwhile, Katrina Bennet and a British version of Harvey arrive to stir things up at the firm.
Harvey's defense of Ava hits a roadblock when the interests of her murder trial are at odds with Louis' work to thwart a hostile takeover of Hessington Oil by a rival businessman.
Lines get blurred when Harvey and Stephen work together on Ava's case. Also, Mike invites Rachel to join him on a case that gets complicated when his secret falls in the line of fire.
Cameron's continuing use of shady tactics on Ava's case brings up memories of why Harvey left the DA's office to work for Jessica. Mike looks back on what cost him his one chance at a degree.
Harvey clashes with Stephen over Ava's case. Also, Louis enlists Rachel in his battle with Nigel over a broken contract...and heart.
As Ava Hessington's (guest star Michelle Fairley) murder trial begins, Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Jessica (Gina Torres) fight off betrayal from both inside the firm and out. Meanwhile, Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) seek to even the score with those who have done them wrong.
Pearson Darby Specter's "divorce" brings trust issues to the forefront. Also, Mike asks Rachel to take a big step forward in their relationship.
An old nemesis returns to complicate the Pearson Darby negotiations and put Harvey and Scottie on opposite sides once again. Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel find themselves in Jessica's crosshairs.
Things get complicated when Harvey (Gabriel Macht) mixes business with pleasure and gets caught between Jessica (Gina Torres) and Scottie (guest star Abigail Spencer). Painful memories plague Mike (Patrick J. Adams) as he uses a case to exorcise demons against an old foe, while Louis’ (Rick Hoffman) suspicions threaten to expose Mike.
Both Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Jessica (Gina Torres) lean on Harvey (Gabriel Macht) for support when things from their respective pasts throw them off their game.
Harvey goes one-on-one against an old law school rival while he and Jessica try not to get caught in the crossfire of a battle between Louis and Scottie.
While Harvey and Mike have unpleasant work to do for one of their biggest clients, Louis faces a huge challenge and Rachel tries to collect on an old debt.
Harvey faces off with a relentless attorney who goes after one of his biggest clients. Mike has to make a big decision, and former name partner Charles Van Dyke has an ax to grind.
Harvey and Mike find themselves at odds with a tenacious U.S. Attorney. Meanwhile, Scottie and Harvey can't seem to get on the same page and Mike and Rachel clash over plans for the future.
Gabriel Macht discusses life on the set of the hit show SUITS and the exciting third season.
Patrick J. Adams discusses life on the set of the hit show SUITS and the exciting third season.
Can't get enough Suits? Season Pass purchasers will receive this special collection of webisodes featuring fan-favorite Suits characters like Harvey, Mike, Louis, Donna, Rachel and Jessica.

Suits, Season 3 Comments & Critics

Suits, Season 3 Reviews

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- Just give it a try!5 star

One of the best series out there, from the Pilot to the last episode as of season 5 as of now & beyond! Just give it a try cause you can't go wrong with this show!

- Incredible!5 star

My favorite series of all time! So good and so addicting

- The best show ever5 star

This show is a perfect combination of drama, comedy, romance, tension, wit, and of course law. The characters are all supremely gorgeous and interact so well together, the chemistry is untouchable! Congrats USA on this hit show. It’s a must see!!

- BEST TV SHOW.5 star

This is the best Tv Show in the Best Tv Shows history!!!!

- Suits5 star

This is the most compelling TV series I have watched - bar none. The drama, the twists and turns, are all riveting and the characters so well played. Really high quality television viewing that I look forward to seeing continue.

- Brilliant, Best Season Yet5 star

Writing in Season 3 has transcended previous seasons! Fantastic show.

- I like it5 star

Its great

- Great Writing & Amazing Show5 star

USA Network has come up with great shows some duds and some just out of this world. This, to me, has excellent writing, great chemistry within the cast. This show better go to 10 seasons!

- Went through a bad patch - back to being great4 star

This show went through a rough patch mid-way through Season 3 - editing wasn’t quite what it used to be, too much time spent on meaningless prattle (in the name of character development, I suppose), and basically weak plots. Thankfully, they’ve rediscovered their mojo and the show’s BACK. Season 1 was fantastic as was season 2, so you haven’t started yet, well, you should.

- SUITS5 star

this show can literally make someone want to study law..hARVEY TO BE PRECISE

- Best show5 star

This is one of the best shows ever. I love the whole cast especially Harvey. Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Addicting and amazingly well develop5 star

The last season episode had me with my jaw open, on how it turned out. This show has grown so much and it's addicting! Very well develop, amazing cast members, and the drama is delicious. I wish I could find who developed the music though!

- Fun5 star

Suits is a fun show with good acting.

- One Episode. Pilot. You’ll Watch the Series5 star

My buddy showed me the “Pilot” episode and I was hooked. I’ve never written a review for a show but this is well worth a watch.

- Brilliant season.5 star

Five stars on all fronts. Bravo!

- Love:)5 star

Have been a fan since the very beginning...Of course you should watch it if you still haven't…

- Once u hooked ...5 star

Is game over 😁

- “Moot Point”5 star

This series is great but I don’t know where else to leave this comment. I purchased the HD season of Suits but “Moot Point” was only uploaded as SD version which isn’t apart of my purchased season. Could someone please notify the Suits/USA to upload the HD version of the episode please? Thanks in advance.

- Continues to get better5 star

Just when I think the ride is going to slow it gets better. I love this show. It is the best television show I have ever seen. Thanks USA network thanks Itunes.

- Great show!!5 star

Casting is great! Would highly recommend watching.

- Pure Motivation5 star

This show has pushed me like nothing else on this goddam earth.

- best show ever!!5 star

Can still go back and watch from the first season! only show I took with me to CANCUN!!!

- Fantastic!5 star

Well written, produced, and delivered. This show rocks! MORE MORE MORE!

- This season is a disappointment for me!!!1 star

I liked first seasons a lot but third season is absolutely different than the the first two. The show turned into something stupid: the problems in the storyline come out baselessly to make the watching more exciting but in fact it makes the show boring & silly. They f...ed up such a good story by oversimplifying the narrative so they can acquire more fans and thus gain more money!!!

- Best show.5 star

Best show I have ever watched. Recommended it to all my friends, and all have agreed with me and started watching as well.

- Ok entertainment, but lacks greatness3 star

The first season intrigued me. The plot was very interesting. By the third season this seems stretched a bit thin, and the stories often seem repetitive and unsurprising. That the show could make more of an effort was supported by Patrick J. Adams interview where he states that the british actors came with such an professionalism, so the rest had to up their game.

- Best show ever!5 star

I love this show!!!

- Brilliant5 star

This is a great series and worth watching It's funny and surprisingly gets better each season Give it a look

- Best show--EVER5 star

I LOVE Suits!!! Best show on the planet! Can't wait for it to start back up in January.

- Gripping5 star

I'm a huge NCIS fan and now an even bigger Suits fan

- decent show but not the best3 star

it is an entertaining show but……. BAD- it has a "B" grade feel to it like most shows on USA. Sometimes the characters actions become redundant and predictable and some of the lines that are suppose to be funny are cheesy. i feel like all the characters has way to much of a sense of self entitlement. GOOD- for the most part its funny and addictive. the story lines keep your attention even when you think they're ridiculous. Harvey is the arrogant but likable anti-hero much like Donald Drapper of "Mad Men" but a little bit more animated. Mike is the moral anchor of the show because everyone seems to be focused on self preservation but mike is focused on was really right.

- worst show on TV1 star

This has got to be literally the biggest piece of garbage thats ever been released. Have you ever heard the saying "it's so bad it's good"? well this is so bad its bad. Not only is the story line more simplistic and predictable than an episode of sesame street but the dialogue feels worse than if someone cut off your ear. Every line is way to serious while at the same time a one liner or some form of innuendo. Now i can forgive bad dialogue and bad plot except for the fact that its so terrifically boring. I have no idea why this show is so highly rated. This show is intended for people like the romney sons and the people on the jersey shore.

- surprisingly addictive5 star

We LOVE it!!!!! It is to legal drama what House is to medical drama. Great characters you love to love and hate!!!! Watch it today

- Suits5 star


- So Good5 star

This show reminded me very much of White Collar when I first started watching it, but it has morphed into a show that's unique in its own right. Suits is a breath of fresh air in a sea of murder shows lately. The music is great, the wardrobe is top notch, and all of the characters are fantastic.

- Once your hooked in, there's no turning back!5 star

You never know what's going to happen. Awesome...

- Cool + Cool Jr.5 star

Gabriel Macht is the epitome of a cool lawyer in this show. There is something human about his character that you often see in a lawyer. He is more than eye candy. The stories are well written and not predictable. The pale blue-green office decor and designer outfits -- to due for!

- Best5 star

Best show ever!



- Hottest show of the Summer!5 star

Brilliant writing and producing. The actors fit each role perfectly! You must watch from the beginning of the series. It is very addicting...

- New, funny, serious ..... Great performance!5 star

Highly original and entertaining

- love5 star

AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh! I love this show!

- LOVE5 star

So sad it's going on hiatus the writing, the characters, the show!!!!

- Song from Suits5 star

In the latest episode "Bad Faith" airing Sept 10 2013. The program started with a fast beat song playing in the back ground which faded in, and out three times. One of the lines was "Crazy is what they call me." Does anybody know the name of the song, or artist?

- Good show ruined2 star

Writing gone from loosely implausible to silly sexually frustrated. Story gone and now they are just exploiting characters that were only average to start. Season 3 will be my last

- Clean It Up a Little4 star

This could be one of the best shows, but…(maybe I'm a little old fashioned) the amount of profanity just gets way out of whack. Every other word doesn't need to be "BS" or "GD"…surely the writers can do better than this. The sex scenes are also more graphic than they need to be (if they even need to be). Why not just stick to great writing and characterization instead of all this unnecessary stuff which just detracts from the quality of the show and serves no useful purpose. We finally had to quit watching, because it was too much to take, particularly the end of Season 2.

- Suits5 star

It's just awsome

- The greatest show ever!5 star


- AWESOME5 star

This is the GREATEST tv show EVER!!!!!

- Omg5 star

Omg please allow Gabriel to smile more. In the retro episode he did a smile full n omg was he ever cute. Love his strong character but allow him to broadly smile sometimes.

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Julia Gulia Mulia - Bummer2 star

Watched the third episode; Knew everything that was -Harvard- transpiring easily since Nothing Happens In This Show. Then I watched the sixth episode and Nothing Happens In This Show. Literally; The characters have 10% Genuine Lives outside of this office and the coworkers in their office where no work takes place, just 'play' work and strategic mismanagment; there are the constant jests -Harvard- about tv shows the writers of the show enjoys and draws from for their writing of Suits, and the other nerd-jests over character personas within pop culture that were obviously manifested within the minds of the writers in the making of the commentary to -Harvard- the show: Thats The Comic Relief. Nerd-jesting that is fast-delivered since, if you talk and go, have gone, or may commit dire acts to get into one sole education elitist-Goded institution (Harvard) and talk real fast to other people who are not blinking; Then walk around without looking at anybody you are speaking to but both of you are smart enough to somehow syncronize your exact speed of stride to each other so you do not have to look at each other; It Means You Are Smart. Go ahead, watch it! Bet on your educational institution you'll agree with me on at least .5 of one of my points in my long comment here that, if I said out loud, I would say it in 3 seconds and totally relate it to how I am Butch Cassidy, and thus am better than like, whoever the heck a dude named Butch Cassidy associates with; Probably a parrot or squirrel human, I have no idea. The writers of this show need to start showing the story instead of commenting on the interconnections of personas within the non-story. And please, Id rather throw up than hear the word 'Harvard' again: Please, tv show.

Inigo Montoya Snr - Inigo Montoya Snr4 star

Suits just keeps getting better each year. The over stretching of the first series slides into a quiet confidence that better portrays the Hervey character and it is moving along at a real New York business pace. Most improved series of the year I think and one that now promises plenty for future seasons if the quality of script and story continues its ascent. Characters are highly relatable and show the shades of grey necessary to reflect this type of drama.

Dimitris16 - Best season of an amazing show5 star

This is the best season so far in an already amazing show... Amazing writing

The Extinction Protocol - Mental Chess Game5 star

Are you prepared to play chess? Each episode of Suits is a game of mental strategy and wit, as the pieces are moved across the abstract chess board, governed by the very laws (written and unwritten) which regulate wealth, commerce, and power in corporate America. Law is one of the few professions where the tenets of logic, not only apply; it is debated and pushed to contestable ends in this well-written series.

Tuneagelvr - Love5 star

Gets better and better!

judgeoliver - In Your Face Legal Drama5 star

This is undoubtedly the BEST TV Drama out today! I look forward to each new episode, and dread the gaps between seasons. You can't just watch one episode and stop!

Saul Zaddik - So very well written.5 star

I can view this series with my eyes closed and still enjoy it. This is because of the witty lines and double meanings the writers give the characters. I was hooked from the first episode of the first season. The characters are excellent and their interactions are like the taste of carmel icing on chocolate cake. Yes, baby!

HunterWhite92 - Amazing show!5 star

Even if you have no interest in Law, I guarantee you, you will be interested in this show! By far the best lawyer show!

Mizzy 84 - LOVE IT5 star

can't stop watching it,, its amazing..

Weiyichen168 - Superb!5 star

The two, Harvey and Mike, were seriously the best! Perfect chemical between all of the casts!

Dries Jr - Awesome5 star

This series crazy good. The dialouge. The actors. The cases. Love it!

Corina Wandrey - Best show ever5 star

I love this show I watch it every week I would give it ten stars if it was possible

I-Blitzace - Good start5 star

The show is never dull and season 3 doesn't disappoint.

B okc - Great cast,5 star

By far the best show on TV today. The writers and actors have made a perfect team.

shsvdbdhd - Love suits5 star

Amazing show.

Imagination - Different!5 star

I enjoy the characters and relationships! Even though some characters tend to get on your nerves. They stay in character showing us all that most changes take place when presumed failures occur! Rebuilding the "Ego" seems more important than actually learning most of the time.

saleco - Suits5 star

I cannot wait for the next episode.

Otheola - Great Show5 star

I love this show. Harvey and Jessica are cut from the same cloth and they are great. Are they the good guys or the bad guys? We have to keep watching. Love Love Love Mike and Louis. I want to slap them both constantly. I'm sure they will do something stupid each week But I did feel sorry for Louis last episode. Keep the story lines coming FOREVER.

Nigeltracy12 - Great show!5 star

It's a great show and all the ideas behind the scenes are just so powerful and inspiring. You never know what's coming and yet you enjoy the feeling so much. As a law student, I think this is a good prediction of how we are going to unfold our future stories at law firms, even though there are mistakes of law and exaggeration in this show. What's sad about it is that I don't think I can make it to Pearson Hardman since I'm not from Harvard law and not Mike Ross enough either. :)

yolointhebuthole - DA BOMB5 star

This show changed my life and i watched all the episodes in one day

PunkinSeed16 - Packs a Powerful Punch5 star

I have seen every episode since day one. USA has created a masterpiece. The cast feeds off one another so flawlessly and the chemistry is electric. If you are looking for a show that is all about what happened outside the courtroom and the grey areas in life then you have found the show for you :)

David Toledo - Best show ever!!!!5 star


Gamers win! - GREAT!!!5 star


700 Pages - One of the BEST shows on TV, but...5 star

But they really need to cut back on the fighting amongst the firm and focus the stories on the cases and other issues. The show is at it's best when they solve cases and overcome obstacles (as a firm working together) and not when they are scheming against each other.

DRDJ_J - Wicked Awesome Show!5 star

It's been a long time sense something worth watching every week came out and Suits is it. Thanks USA!

Bobby Moe - Best show on TV .. Hands Down5 star

Argueably one of the best shows on TV .. EVER. To "get" the show, one needs (must) see the Pilot from Season 1. The characters are engaging, the show topics are well thought out and the dynamics between each of the cast is both engaging and thought provoking ("what are they going to do next?") Mike and Harvey, Mike and Lewis, Mike and Rachel, Jessica and Harvey, Jessica and Mike. Oh, and Donna.... She is just an "all knowing" Goddess. A show is most captivating when you finish an episode and then live with the angst of having to wait a week for the next episode. That is SUITS. The show has an amazing dynamic. I just hope they don't cut it off at the knees like so many other shows that didn't get to grow and come back like NCIS or others that have had a good long run because the execs had faith and stuck with it over the years. Keep this one rolling and give it a chance. Third season promises to shape up nicely.

luissueyras - season 3 episode 25 star

Does anyone know when apple will release episode 2 on apple tv????

ToBeUs2 - Hooked to the greatest TV drama in a long time5 star

Suits is a witty, smart and addictive TV drama. Only two seasons old and I would already rank it as high as all-time classics like "The Wire" or the Sopranos. The story is always credible and complex, but never to complicated to get lost ... with only minor lapses such as the strange scene between Rachel and Mike at the very end of season 2. The first episode of season three was great. Can't wait to see the next ones.

Ivoyp - Obsession is full5 star

Great first episode of Season 3. I have never seen a show with so much character and dynamic. I am excited for the new dynamic of this season.

Flow2246 - Way too hot5 star

The story plot is so good I just can't stop watching!

Hajajos - Suits5 star

Grrreat show, real drama

IAmRed5Ken - You look Like Charlize Theron................In Monster.5 star

Suits is one of the only shows where I cannot predict the outcome. This show always has intense emotional boundaries whose lessons are squeegeed by another problem. It's a phenomenal show.

Jolie Skye - Fabulous drama with no soul4 star

This witty, smart show full of hyper ambitious characters and fast repartee has barely a nano particle of warmth. I suppose that's not what NYC is all about. I sure miss the actress who played Mike's grandma…she had soul. It would enrich the show to have a deep, mature and humorous character.

dsjqjskakq - Obsessed5 star


IAMDJONTIME - Suits5 star

Best show on TV

lokosgarcia13 - Suits5 star

This is without questions the best show i ever seen after game of thrones!!!! Just amazing law show

Ms Luba - Suits is the best show!5 star

The writers are brilliant! The show is simply addictive. The cast is fantastic: from the charismatic Gabriel Macht who plays the awesome Harvey Specter to adorable Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross); the beautiful Sarah Rafferty who plays Harvey's right hand gal Donna to the hot Meghan Markle who plays paralegal extraordinaire Rachel; and of course the lovable Louis Litt played by the awesome Rick Hoffman to the statuesque Gina Torres who portrays Jessica Pearson. Do not miss this show!

Ruth CR - Suits5 star

I love Patrick he's the best!

TheMan9876 - Wonderful Suit(s)5 star

Combine great writing, strong acting with compelling characters and you get one of the best shows on cable tv. Stephen Spielberg recently said that because movie studios are stuck in a 'formulaic rut', all the innovative storytelling is happening on cable television. What makes this show stand out from the countless other Law centric formats is Gabriel Macht. Macht has developed Harvey Specter into far and away the best hot shot attorney on any tv series(current & previous). Patrick J. Adams & Meghan Markle add just the right mix of romance & conflict to really provide a full plate of drama.

German Baron - Business Man5 star

I look forward to the third season of Suits, its going to be epic and entertaining.

Winter5oldier - Hook, Line and Sinker5 star

Once your hooked in, there's no turning back!

Mann Sachdeva - Amazing!5 star

Awesome Show!

radin_y - Very interesting, intelligent, and addictive!5 star

It's a very interesting show. I got hooked immediately, and have loved it ever since. It's got very humorous and smart jokes, which I love! It's got just enough drama nothing too much, which is great! Can't wait for the 3rd season to start!

Minikam - Love Suits5 star

Great show, great actors, great writing

Sally909909 - Great show5 star

I really enjoy this show. It is filled with some serious drama. This is not your average law show, with a courtroom. This has some serious build up, in real life scenarios. I would recommend this show to everyone.

Majong addict - Suits5 star

You never know what's on the agenda for the day and new as well as old players come to play but now there's a power struggle. Secrets finally revealed that's going to keep you glued to your seats I love this show!!!

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Suits, Season 3 images
Suits, Season 3 images
Suits, Season 3 images
Suits, Season 3 images
Suits, Season 3 images
Suits, Season 3 images
Suits, Season 3 images
Suits, Season 3 images
Suits, Season 3 images
Suits, Season 3 images
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Suits, Season 3 images

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Suits, Season 3 posters
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Suits, Season 3 posters
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