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When Chuck Bartowski opens an e-mail subliminally encoded with government secrets, he unwittingly downloads an entire server of sensitive data into his brain. Now, the fate of the world lies in the unlikely hands of a guy who works at a Buy More Electronics store. Instead of fighting computer viruses, he must now confront assassins and international terrorists. With the government's most precious secrets in Chuck's head, Major John Casey of the National Security Agency assumes the responsibility of protecting him. His partner is the CIA's top agent -- and Chuck's first date in years -- Sarah Walker. They'll try to keep him safe by trading in his pocket protector for a bulletproof vest. Also starring are Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes, Chuck's best buddy, and Sarah Lancaster as Chuck's ever-supportive sister, Ellie. Chuck: The Complete Series Wiki

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Chuck Bartowski is a computer geek that gets catapulted into a new career as the government's most vital secret agent. When Chuck opens an e-mail subliminally encoded with government secrets, he unwittingly downloads an entire server of sensitive data into his brain. With the government's most precious secrets in Chuck's head, Major John Casey of the National Security Agency assumes the responsibility of protecting him. His partner is the CIA's top agent, Sarah Walker.

Episode TitleTime
Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot43:19
Season 1, Episode 2: Chuck Versus the Helicopter42:50
Season 1, Episode 3: Chuck Versus the Tango43:21
Season 1, Episode 4: Chuck Versus the Wookiee43:15
Season 1, Episode 5: Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp43:15
Season 1, Episode 6: Chuck Versus the Sandworm41:14
Season 1, Episode 7: Chuck Versus the Alma Mater42:14
Season 1, Episode 8: Chuck Versus the Truth43:17
Season 1, Episode 9: Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami43:15
Season 1, Episode 10: Chuck Versus the Nemesis42:45
Season 1, Episode 11: Chuck Versus the Crown Vic42:30
Season 1, Episode 12: Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover43:14
Season 1, Episode 13: Chuck Versus the Marlin42:32
Season 2, Episode 1: Chuck Versus the First Date43:19
Season 2, Episode 2: Chuck Versus the Seduction43:18
Season 2, Episode 3: Chuck Versus the Break-Up43:15
Season 2, Episode 4: Chuck Versus the Cougars43:17
Season 2, Episode 5: Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer43:15
Season 2, Episode 6: Chuck Versus the Ex43:18
Season 2, Episode 7: Chuck Versus the Fat Lady41:58
Season 2, Episode 8: Chuck Versus Gravitron42:58
Season 2, Episode 9: Chuck Versus the Sensei43:00
Season 2, Episode 10: Chuck Versus the DeLorean43:02
Season 2, Episode 11: Chuck Versus Santa Claus43:00
Season 2, Episode 12: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension42:41
Season 2, Episode 13: Chuck Versus the Suburbs42:53
Season 2, Episode 14: Chuck Versus the Best Friend42:56
Season 2, Episode 15: Chuck Versus the Beefcake42:55
Season 2, Episode 16: Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon42:58
Season 2, Episode 17: Chuck Versus the Predator42:57
Season 2, Episode 18: Chuck Versus the Broken Heart42:54
Season 2, Episode 19: Chuck Versus the Dream Job42:51
Season 2, Episode 20: Chuck Versus the First Kill42:46
Season 2, Episode 21: Chuck Versus the Colonel43:03
Season 2, Episode 22: Chuck Versus the Ring42:51
Season 3, Episode 1: Chuck Versus the Pink Slip43:00
Season 3, Episode 2: Chuck Versus the Three Words42:56
Season 3, Episode 3: Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte42:59
Season 3, Episode 4: Chuck Versus Operation Awesome42:59
Season 3, Episode 5: Chuck Versus First Class42:59
Season 3, Episode 6: Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler42:59
Season 3, Episode 7: Chuck Versus the Mask42:59
Season 3, Episode 8: Chuck Versus the Fake Name42:59
Season 3, Episode 9: Chuck Versus the Beard43:14
Season 3, Episode 10: Chuck Versus the Tic Tac43:03
Season 3, Episode 11: Chuck Versus the Final Exam42:59
Season 3, Episode 12: Chuck Versus the American Hero42:57
Season 3, Episode 13: Chuck Versus the Other Guy42:59
Season 3, Episode 14: Chuck Versus the Honeymooners42:57
Season 3, Episode 15: Chuck Versus the Role Models42:58
When computer geek Chuck Bartowski (series star Zachary Levi) opens an e-mail subliminally encoded with government secrets, he unwittingly downloads an entire server of sensitive data into his brain and is catapulted into a new career as the government's most vital secret agent. Now, the fate of the world lies in the unlikely hands of a guy who works at a Buy More Electronics store with his best buddy, Morgan Grimes (series star Joshua Gomez), and who lives with his ever-supportive sister, Ellie (series star Sarah Lancaster). Instead of fighting computer viruses, Chuck must now confront assassins and international terrorists. With the government's most precious secrets in Chuck's head, Major John Casey (series star Adam Baldwin) of the National Security Agency assumes the responsibility of protecting him. His partner is the CIA's top agent -- and Chuck's first date in years -- Sarah Walker (series star Yvonne Strahovski).
As Chuck continues to come to grips with his new life as a spy, tension builds between his recently appointed partners, Sarah and Casey. When a doctor who seems to have a solution to Chuck's problem is killed, Casey and Sarah blame each other. Both agents persistently try to convince Chuck that the other one is responsible. Now it's up to Chuck to decide whom to trust.
Chuck is finding out that living two separate lives is not going to be easy. After his boss at Buy More challenges him, Chuck enlists the help of Morgan and the Nerd Herd to prove himself worthy of becoming assistant manager. Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey force Chuck to go undercover for his first real spy mission.
Chuck takes on an unusual task when Sarah's hot colleague from the CIA requests help with a mission. He finds out that a million-dollar diamond hidden in a Malibu mansion is being used to help fund terrorists and must help these two beautiful women steal it back. Meanwhile, Chuck begins to realize that Sarah's double life, which she is very good at maintaining, really makes it hard for him to get to know who she really is. And Morgan tries to get Chuck to set him up with Sarah's friend.
Chuck faces his first moral dilemma as a spy. When agents Sarah and Casey refuse to aid an unauthorized mission by a top Chinese spy taking place in Chinatown, Chuck faces the tough decision to either go against the U.S. government and his friends or do what he believes is right. Meanwhile, Morgan is caught in a dilemma of his own when Buy More forces him into a sales competition that could cost him his job.
When Chuck meets a fellow government agent with a double life, a gadget whiz whose brain makes him a national security asset and a dangerous liability -- much like Chuck -- he must decide whether to turn the agent in to Sarah and Casey or help him escape. Meanwhile, Halloween, a holiday that means a lot to buddies Chuck and Morgan, is a little different this year, as Morgan feels that Chuck is neglecting their childhood memories and friendship.
When Chuck finds out that his former professor is a government operative who is being hunted because of a sensitive top-secret file, he returns to Stanford University, the institution from which he was expelled. While using his past experiences to determine what the professor knows, Chuck discovers some shocking secrets about his own life. More importantly, Chuck learns the truth about his former friend Bryce Larkin (recurring guest star Matthew Bomer), who was responsible for Chuck's expulsion. Meanwhile, Morgan has problems with the new assistant manager at Buy More.
Chuck battles with his real love life and "cover" love life when he meets a very pretty girl named Lou (recurring guest star Rachel Bilson), who seems interested in the real Chuck. On the other hand, Chuck's relationship with Sarah heats up as they go on a double date with Ellie and Captain Awesome (recurring guest star Ryan McPartlin) and try to explain their sex life. Meanwhile, a poison specialist trying to obtain codes to nuclear facilities uses a "truth" potion to help him get answers. After all are exposed to the serum, Chuck discovers a lot about his partners.
When Chuck starts dating Lou (recurring guest star Rachel Bilson), a sandwich maker, and things seem to be going really well, the situation incites some jealousy from Chuck's "ex-girlfriend" Sarah, who discovers that her feelings may not have been just part a cover story. Things get even more complicated when it is discovered that Lou is in a smuggling ring. Is her relationship with Chuck another fraud, or is it real? Meanwhile, Morgan becomes acquainted with an unlikely girl.
At Thanksgiving, Bryce (recurring guest star Matthew Bomer) returns, after being assumed dead. Secret internal committees trying to destroy the "intersect" -- otherwise known as Chuck's brain -- saved Bryce, hoping that he would help them locate it. But in order to prove to Sarah, Casey and the rest of the CIA that he is not rogue, Bryce needs Chuck's help. Upon seeing former lovers and partners Bryce and Sarah back together, Chuck grows jealous and doubts any future with Sarah. Meanwhile, as Buy More prepares for the biggest shopping day of the year, Morgan is left in charge to ensure that everything goes well.
Still licking his wounds after realizing Sarah still has feelings for Bryce (recurring guest star Matthew Bomer - "Traveler"), Chuck must assume the cover of being Sarah's husband on a mission to foil a politically connected counterfeiter and yachtsman. Emotions and sea legs are tested when Chuck, Sarah and Casey head to the marina to scuttle a plot that also puts an unwitting Morgan and Anna (recurring guest star Julia Ling - "ER," "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip") squarely in the crosshairs. Meanwhile, it's time for the annual Buy More holiday party -- but the party comes with lots of rules from Big Mike (recurring guest star Mark Christopher Lawrence - "The Pursuit of Happyness").
Chuck discovers that several Russian arms dealers are secretly meeting in Los Angeles. One particular Russian woman catches his attention, and he flashes on her as being Casey's ex-girlfriend. Chuck grows intrigued and begins to pester Casey about his history with the woman. After learning she is set to marry one of the Russian arms dealers, Chuck insists that Casey fights for his woman. Will Casey go after his true love without compromising his identity? Meanwhile, Captain Awesome (recurring guest star Ryan McPartlin) and Ellie reach a tough point in their relationship.
Captain Awesome (recurring guest star Ryan McPartlin) asks Chuck if he can have Ellie's hand in marriage, and then insists that Chuck hold on to the ring until the proposal is planned. Chuck locks the ring in his Buy More locker, but returns the next day to discover everything has been stolen from the store. Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah discover that the CIA has been spying on them in hopes of discovering "the intersect." With Chuck's identity and life on the line, the National Security Agency has no other option than to relocate Chuck into a permanent holding cell. Will Chuck lose his family and friends forever?
In the second season premiere, Academy Award® nominee Michael Clarke Duncan ("The Green Mile") guest stars as Colt, a menacing operative. Chuck prevents Colt from obtaining the Cipher, a device that would ultimately lead to a new Intersect. Chuck is told that this successful mission marks the end of his espionage career and the beginning of a normal life. Free from bullets and bombs, Chuck finally asks Sarah out on a real first date. But Chuck's role as the old Intersect is not good news for everyone, and Casey must deal with a difficult order assigned to him. Meanwhile, at Buy More, Morgan devises an eccentric way to hire a new assistant manager.
Chuck must go undercover to retrieve the Cipher from the sultry but dangerous spy known as the Black Widow (guest star Melinda Clarke - "The O.C."), but in order to get close to his target, Chuck must first learn the art of seduction from the suave and sophisticated Roan Montgomery (guest star John Larroquette - "Boston Legal"), a legendary debonair spy. Unfortunately for Chuck, Sarah and Casey, Roan is no longer the world's greatest spy. Meanwhile, Morgan offers Captain Awesome some advice for a romantic night with Ellie, and Lester struggles to gain respect at Buy More as the new assistant manager.
Chuck is overcome with jealousy when his nemesis -- and Sarah's ex-lover and former partner -- Bryce Larkin (recurring guest star Matthew Bomer) makes an unexpected return. Chuck and Sarah's growing feelings for each other are tested when their latest mission requires Sarah and Bryce to pose as an extremely affectionate couple. Meanwhile, Morgan faces his own challenge at Buy More when he must deal with a gang of bullies from a neighboring sporting goods store in the strip mall called the Mighty Jocks, led by the fearful and intimidating bully, Mitt (guest star Michael Strahan - New York Giants).
Chuck learns more about Sarah's past when they run into her old high school nemesis, Heather Chandler (guest star Nicole Richie - "The Simple Life"). Sarah's teenage insecurities come to the surface and she tries to avoid Heather at all costs. Chuck, on the other hand, does everything he can to hear more about Sarah's hidden life. When Heather's nerdy husband, Mark (guest star Ben Savage - "Boy Meets World"), turns out to be a key player in a new mission, the agents must attend Sarah's high school reunion to prevent the sale of plans for a potentially dangerous super bomber -- but the reunion ends with the ultimate cat fight. Meanwhile, Big Mike leaves town for a day and Lester -- as Buy More's new assistant manager -- decides to implement a new sales policy.
The espionage life is beginning to take its toll on Chuck and everyone is noticing. Chuck tries to explain his unusual behavior to Ellie and to the quirky Buy More efficiency expert Emmett Milbarge (guest star Tony Hale - "Arrested Development," "Stranger than Fiction"), but a new assignment only complicates things. After a global terrorist comes searching for Jeff, Chuck is forced to socialize with Jeff in order to find out what role the oddball plays in the mission. Sarah, Casey and Chuck are all shocked when they discover that the fate of the world and the prevention of World War III rest in Jeff's hands.
While on a Nerd Herd call, Chuck runs into his ex-girlfriend Jill (recurring guest star Jordana Brewster - "The Fast and the Furious") -- the girl who broke his heart. In an attempt to save face, he lies and tells her that he is more successful than he really is. But when Chuck flashes on Jill's boss -- a research scientist who may have developed a deadly bio weapon -- he, Sarah and Casey must find out if Jill is involved. Meanwhile at the Buy More, Big Mike nearly chokes to death, which leads the company efficiency expert, Emmett (recurring guest star Tony Hale), to implement a mandatory CPR course, taught by Captain Awesome.
Chuck and Jill (recurring guest star Jordana Brewster) are enjoying the honeymoon stage of their rekindled relationship. The two lovebirds plan a weekend getaway but have to cancel at the last minute when Casey and Sarah inform Chuck that he is needed for an immediate mission to find corrupt agents in the CIA. Jealousy erupts when Jill finally meets Sarah and learns that Chuck and his handler must pose as a couple. Chuck does his best to reassure Jill that his relationship with Sarah is purely business but only finds himself in more trouble when his mission does not go as planned. Meanwhile, corporate efficiency expert Emmett (recurring guest star Tony Hale) is out to get Chuck and interrogates Morgan to get some dirt on his best friend.
Chuck, Sarah and Casey are shocked to discover that Chuck's girlfriend, Jill (recurring guest star Jordana Brewster), is a Fulcrum agent in search of the Intersect. In the wake of his disbelief, Chuck is asked to use his relationship with Jill to get to an agent. He willingly agrees to bring down the woman who betrayed him twice. Meanwhile, Captain Awesome's parents are coming for Thanksgiving and Ellie is determined to have the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. To make sure everything goes smoothly, she tells Morgan that he cannot come to dinner this year. Without any holiday plans to fall back on, Morgan is recruited by Big Mike to stand guard at the Buy More with Lester and Jeff.
Chuck is still reeling from the discovery that his ex-girlfriend was a Fulcrum agent and goes on a mission to take his mind of off his shock. Casey gets a shock of his own when he finds out that his sensei, Ty Bennett (guest star Carl Lumbly - "Alias," "Buffalo Soldiers," "Cagney & Lacey"), who taught him everything he knows, is now one of the most-wanted rogue agents. While on the search for Bennett, it becomes clear that Casey may be too emotionally involved to continue with the mission. Meanwhile, Captain Awesome's parents, Honey (guest star Morgan Fairchild - "Fashion House," "Friends," "Falcon Crest") and Woody (guest star Bruce Boxleitner - "Babylon 5," "Young Blades," "Scarecrow and Mrs. King"), make a surprise visit to help Ellie and Awesome plan their wedding. Meanwhile, at the Buy More, Emmett (recurring guest star Tony Hale) reinstates the employee of the month contest, but Morgan, Jeff and Lester have other plans.
Chuck decides to spy on Sarah and sees her on a date with an older man (guest star Gary Cole - "Desperate Housewives," "The West Wing," "Pineapple Express," "Tallagega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby"). Chuck frantically tries to warn Sarah after he has an Intersect flash, but she assures Chuck that she is not in danger and reveals the identity of the mystery man. Meanwhile, Anna wants to move into an apartment with Morgan, forcing him to finally act like an adult. Awesome offers to help Morgan pay for the apartment, but a relic from the past causes Morgan to lose focus on his new grownup responsibilities.
It's the day before Christmas, and everyone is starting to feel the holiday spirit. But when a rogue car chase crashes into the Buy More and everyone is held hostage by the car's driver -- including Awesome and Ellie who have come in to do some last-minute shopping -- true colors begin to show. Some act the hero. Some, clearly, do not. Sarah and Casey learn the incident is not as random as it initially appeared and that Chuck and the Intersect are at risk. Plus, Chuck and Morgan both see something they wish they hadn't. Tony Hale appears as Emmett.
In this special 3-D episode, when Chuck foils a plan to kill international rock star Tyler Martin (guest star Dominic Monaghan - "Lost," "The Lord of the Rings" films), the agents kidnap the musician to find out who wants him dead. Later, Tyler convinces Chuck to go out on the town, which only leads to a night of trouble. Meanwhile, Morgan wins a pair of backstage passes to Tyler's show and holds a contest to see who gets to be his lucky plus one. Plus, former NFL football star Jerome Bettis guest stars as Big Mike's old football friend Jimmy.
Chuck and Sarah's latest assignment forces them to pose as a happily married couple living in the suburbs. They meet some interesting characters including Brad (guest star Andy Richter - "The New Adventures of Old Christine," "Semi-Pro," "Andy Richter Controls the Universe"), a cheerful next door neighbor in the stationary business, and Sylvia (guest star Jenny McCarthy - "Two and a Half Men," "John Tucker Must Die," "Singled Out"), a seductive and attractive woman who lives across the street and has her eye on Chuck. Meanwhile, Big Mike is on a work rampage after his wife files for divorce, so the Buy More gang sets him up on a dating website to keep him distracted.
Chuck helps a heartbroken Morgan spy on Anna but, after he flashes on Anna's new boyfriend, he, Sarah and Casey are sent to discover the guy's connection to a dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester try to convince Ellie and Awesome to hire their band, Jeffster!, for their wedding.
Chuck breaks up with Sarah after Ellie's urging, but jealousy strikes when Sarah must seduce a handsome agent, Cole Barker (recurring guest star Jonathan Cake - "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Brideshead Revisited"), in order to retrieve Fulcrum intelligence. Morgan deals with his mother's relationship with Big Mike by crashing at Chuck's apartment -- much to Ellie and Awesome's chagrin. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester talk their way into hiring the new Buy More employee, but decide to search for the ultimate "Buy More Babe." Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker guest stars as herself.
Chuck, Sarah and Casey learn about a man called Perseus who is behind Fulcrum's plans to build its own Intersect. While Sarah and Casey are sent to find Perseus, Chuck and Agent Cole Barker (recurring guest star Jonathan Cake) are forced to stay in a safety bunker. When the mission takes a dangerous turn, their orders to stay out of harm's way go out the window. Meanwhile, Morgan tries to convince Anna that moving in with him would be a bad idea.
After Chuck is contacted by the mastermind behind the Intersect computer, he must decide who he can trust -- Sarah and Casey or the mysterious scientist who might be able to erase the Intersect from his mind. Meanwhile, a conflict breaks out between the Burbank Buy More and the more prestigious Beverly Hills branch. Recurring guest star Tony Hale appears as Emmett.
When Chuck expresses his feelings about his complicated relationship with Sarah, a heartless female agent named Alex Forrest (guest star Tricia Helfer - "Battlestar Galactica," "Burn Notice") is sent to evaluate Sarah's performance as Chuck's handler. Morgan, Jeff and Lester try to weasel their way into getting invited to Awesome's bachelor party.
Chuck's life seems to be coming together. His long-absent father, Steve (recurring guest star Scott Bakula - "Enterprise," "Quantum Leap," "Murphy Brown"), has returned and he's landed his dream job with his hero, Ted Roark (recurring guest star Chevy Chase - "Fletch," "Vacation," "Caddyshack," "Saturday Night Live"). Unfortunately for Chuck, neither turns out to be quite what he expected.
After Chuck's father, Steve (recurring guest star Scott Bakula), is kidnapped by Fulcrum, Chuck learns the only chance he has to find him is by putting his trust and life into the hands of the person he trusts the least - his ex-girlfriend Jill (recurring guest star Jordana Brewster). Meanwhile, the Buy More team tries to sabotage Emmett's (recurring guest star Tony Hale) corporate evaluation.
When Chuck and Sarah go AWOL to rescue Chuck's father, Steve (recurring guest star Scott Bakula), they discover that spending time together without any surveillance allows for unchartered chemistry. As the two get closer, Casey zeroes in on their hidden location. Meanwhile, Morgan becomes the pariah of the Buy More after mistakenly getting Emmett (recurring guest star Tony Hale) promoted.
When Ellie and Awesome's wedding day finally arrives, Chuck must save Ellie's life and her big day from being ruined by Ted Roark (recurring guest star Chevy Chase) and Fulcrum. Recurring guest stars also include Morgan Fairchild, Bruce Boxleitner, Tony Hale and Scott Bakula.
At the end of season two, Chuck was transformed into the Intersect 2.0 after receiving another data download into his brain. This time, he not only knows government secrets, but he is equipped with the knowledge and coordination of deadly fight skills. Now that Chuck has proven himself to be an asset, and knows Kung-Fu, he finally has the potential to become a real agent. There's just one problem -- his emotions. Chuck must keep them under control in order to protect himself and the people around him.
Chuck gets a new mission when Sarah's best friend comes through town with her fiancé, Karl (guest star Vinnie Jones - Snatch, X-Men: The Last Stand). But things get complicated when, while on the mission, Chuck wants to hash out his and Sarah's relationship problems. Can he learn to keep his emotions in check? Meanwhile, Morgan finds himself in trouble when he lies to Jeff and Lester.
Though Chuck tries to always protect his family from his spy life, he can't stop Ellie and Awesome from stumbling into an international incident. Chuck must use his relationship with Awesome to protect a visiting dictator, Premier Goya (guest star Armand Assante - American Gangster), who is the target of an assassination.
When Awesome is mistaken for a super spy by the evil Sydney Price (guest star Angie Harmon - Law & Order), Chuck must become Awesome's handler and show him the spy ropes. While on a mission for The Ring, they meet the mysterious Daniel Shaw (recurring guest star Brandon Routh - Superman Returns). Meanwhile, Morgan gets promoted to assistant manager at the Buy More and must deal with the latest hijinks from Jeff and Lester.
CIA agent Daniel Shaw (recurring guest star Brandon Routh) assigns Chuck to his first solo mission in Paris, ignoring Sarah and Casey's wishes. During the flight to France, Chuck befriends Hannah (recurring guest star Kristin Kreuk - Smallville) and flashes on another passenger - the imposing Hugo Panzer (guest star Stone Cold Steve Austin - WWE Smackdown!). Meanwhile, Casey helps Morgan battle Jeff and Lester for control of the Buy More.
Chuck juggles his two lives as he trains new Nerd Herder Hannah (recurring guest star Kristin Kreuk - Smallville) and gets his very own asset who is caught up with The Ring. Chuck thinks he can handle his asset all on his own but Sarah and Casey feel the need to intercede. Meanwhile, Awesome must lie to Ellie when she starts to ask questions about Chuck. And Morgan, Jeff and Lester do some recon work to learn more about Hannah.
Chuck and Hannah (recurring guest star Kristin Kreuk) unexpectedly become part of agent Daniel Shaw's (recurring guest star Brandon Routh) latest mission. Much to Sarah's chagrin, she gets paired with Shaw, who seems to be trying to get close to her. Meanwhile, Morgan and Ellie continue their mission to get to the bottom of Chuck's secretive and strange behavior.
Chuck promises to cook dinner for Hannah (recurring guest star Kristin Kreuk), Ellie and Awesome, but first, for his latest mission, he must assume the identity of the world's most dangerous assassin. Meanwhile, Sarah is determined to keep her relationship with Shaw (recurring guest star Brandon Routh) strictly professional.
Chuck feels like his life is falling apart when he can't flash and gets left behind on a mission. While Shaw (recurring guest star Brandon Routh), Sarah and Casey go on without him, Chuck finds himself in a sticky situation back at the base. Diedrich Bader (The Drew Carey Show, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) guest stars.
Casey carries out a side mission for his old commanding officer, Colonel James Keller (guest star Robert Patrick - Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Unit, The X Files), but it leads to Casey committing treason. When Chuck learns the dark truth about Col. Keller, he and Sarah set out to break Casey out of jail and clear his name. Meanwhile, Awesome's plan to keep Ellie out of danger gets more difficult when she gets her dream fellowship.
Chuck learns that his latest solo mission will be a final test to see if he is ready to be a spy. Chuck needs to put everything he has learned into action to avoid going back to his old life while Sarah and Shaw (recurring guest star Brandon Routh) observe his every move.
Chuck has his pick of the best CIA agents for an undercover operation, but he only has one girl in mind for the job: Sarah. Casey, Morgan and Awesome team up to help Chuck win her back. Recurring guest star Brandon Routh appears as Daniel Shaw.
Chuck, Sarah and Shaw (recurring guest star Brandon Routh) reunite to find the Ring operative behind the death of Shaw's wife. Sarah has faith that Shaw is ready for the mission but Chuck is worried about his emotional stability. Meanwhile, Morgan considers leaving the Buy More.
While in Europe, Sarah and Chuck realize they're traveling on a train with Spanish spies. Even though they're all alone, they decide to take on these rogue agents, but this impromptu mission does not go smoothly. Meanwhile, General Beckman (recurring guest star Bonita Friedericy) orders her newest "unlikely" spy team -- John Casey and Morgan Grimes -- to track down the missing couple.
Chuck and Sarah are assigned to train under Craig and Laura Turner (guest stars Fred Willard -- Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Waiting for Guffman and Swoosie Kurtz - Pushing Daisies, Sisters), a married CIA team who, despite their impeccable record, hate one another. The Turners' stormy relationship forces Chuck and Sarah to wonder if they're doomed with the same fate. Meanwhile, Casey must train the newest member of the team -- Morgan.

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- Best Show I’ve ever watched5 star

I’ve rewatched so many times.

- Best under rated show ever5 star

I wish the go fund me works out and they green light a movie

- Chuck5 star

Awesome comedy and great likeness to a place I like to shop. A geek who’s a spy , brilliant

- Love it5 star

I absolutely love this show. I watch it yearly. I enjoy it.

- Great show5 star

Loved the cast

- Incredible show- underrated5 star

Great show, sad it ended after just 5 seasons. Nice to have a show with action, a little comedy, a little love and can be watched with my wife and kids.

- Soooo good5 star

I love this tv series so much. I watched it on Amazon prime but it’s interesting and hilarious.

- Childish but really funny3 star

It’s like a super hero for adults

- Just one of the best shows ever!5 star

So funny, heartfelt and fun! It just doesnt get any better. Miss this and hope for a revival one day! Cmon Netflix, Apple and Amazon dont miss this opportunity!

- Pink Panther meets Stephanie Plum meets James Bond5 star

Absolutely delightful, lighthearted comedy and who-dun-it. Chuck is a geek who opens an email than implants all the government secrets into his brain. An eclectic cast of characters enters his and his families life and all kinds of zany adventures, trials and tribulations fall on them for the next 5 years. Watch it and laugh!!


Wish there was more seasons. I really miss this show. It’s so funny!! Amazing characters and storylines! MUST WATCH!!! 🤩

- Watch it!5 star

One of my all time favorite shows.

- TV Gold5 star

By far the best show I have ever watched. No other show has even come close to being as good as this one was. 12/10

- Best Show Ever5 star

This is honestly my favorite show ever. So witty, funny, and heartwarming. My favorite.

- Amazing Show That’s Missed5 star

My son and I love this show. We ate Subway subs to support additional seasons. We’re still in hope of another limited season or movie.

- Chuck rules!5 star

The best show ever!! And for an amazing complete season package!! It’s a steal!!

- Best show EVER!!!5 star

I’m obsessed with this show! It’s such a good show if you want something that has action, comedy, and also romance all at the same time!

- Chuck5 star

By far the best program that no one has ever heard of and that it’s parent company and home channel never adequately advertised. This was easily supported both emotionally and financially by the fans.

- Chuck is the best for any spy/comedy/action fans.5 star

Amazing show! Great to have the complete series HD bundle on iTunes!

- The Best!5 star

I absolutely love this show. I stuck with it when the rest of my family got interested in other shows, but my heart belongs to Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, John Casey, and the Little Bearded Man (Morgan Grimes). So well written, well acted, always the great blend of funny, action, and character. I miss it so much, but I'm glad to have all five seasons. I binge watch through it at least once or twice a year, when I want something with a great story line.

- Chuck5 star

Honestly my favorite show. So much action, fun, and so many emotions. I've seen the whole series 5 times all the way through and I cry every time! I definitely recommend this amazing show to anybody!!!

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Scarsareshowing - Best series EVER.5 star


Createanicknameeeeeeeeeeee - My favorite show5 star

Chuck has it all! Action, romance, spies, fro yo.... you’ll love it

BobBuilderRoss - Very enjoyable but a bit silly4 star

Very enjoyable

Mason Rain1 - BEST.SHOW.EVER5 star

Just buy the dame thing!!

LiseeLou - $$$$$1 star

I loved this show when it was airing between 2007-2012. Not loving the price which is more expensive than shows that have aired more recently.

Hamish heedbanger - Absolute Class5 star

Excellent series. Undiscovered classic in the making. Great characters and rapport between cast. Watch this series and thank me later. Master class in understated, feel good tv, that’s sorely missing in today’s profit driven drivel.

JustAnotherBondFan - Fantastic!5 star

What a truly wonderful show this is. Heartwarming, fun and genuinely funny with a fabulous cast.

brian's review slot - Chuck the complete series5 star

an underrated gem of a show along with Psych this is a perfect show to binge watch which did end too soon.

robynjb1 - My favourite ever TV show5 star

Chuck is the most under-rated tv show ever, but the few people that have seen it love the show. It really has something for everyone: comedy, action, romance. I have nothing bad to say about Chuck, except that it ended too soon.

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5 star

@only_si_chuck Shout dropped the ball on this one saying it was the "complete" series. I don't understand how the R…

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Chuck: The Complete Series images
Chuck: The Complete Series images
Chuck: The Complete Series images
Chuck: The Complete Series images
Chuck: The Complete Series images
Chuck: The Complete Series images
Chuck: The Complete Series images
Chuck: The Complete Series images
Chuck: The Complete Series images
Chuck: The Complete Series images

Chuck: The Complete Series Posters

ciasuper computernerdsecret agentnational security agency (nsa)unlikely loverscomputer in brainpretend relationship

Chuck: The Complete Series posters
Chuck: The Complete Series posters
Chuck: The Complete Series posters
Chuck: The Complete Series posters
Chuck: The Complete Series posters
Chuck: The Complete Series posters
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