The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Summary

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back for Season 4 and the leading ladies of the most famous zipcode in the world embark on a journey with more ups and downs than a Hollywood script. From fun over-the-top parties and wild nights, to heart-wrenching trauma of personal loss, to epic catfights and conflict, the women usher in the 100th anniversary of the city of Beverly Hills with full vigor. From the palm-tree-lined streets of Beverly Hills, to a fateful group trip to Joyce's homeland of Puerto Rico, the women prove, yet again, that luxury and serenity don't always a match up. This season, the women welcome two new housewives, Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud de Ohoven, both prominent in town. Carlton is a straight-talking Brit who sounds like Lisa, at least to Beverly Hills residents, and has a mouth like Brandi. Carlton is married to business mogul David Gebbia, with whom she has three small children. Joyce is a former Miss Puerto Rico, an actress and model married to film Producer Michael Ohoven. Joyce is also the founder of the "Queen of the Universe" pageant, but she hardly gives "pageant answers" when challenged by the ladies, sparking and responding to several controversies right off the bat. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Wiki

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Synopsis

Kyle hosts a party to celebrate Beverly Hills birthday -- catered by the staff of Lisa's restaurant SUR.
The ladies find Lisa's spill on 'Dancing With the Stars' suspicious, while Kyle offends Carlton by killing a bee.
The ladies dine at Carlton's gothic manor, with Lisa's faint and the rumors about Mauricio on the menu for discussion.
While mastering circus school, Brandi and Kyle face off over bullying accusations and Joyce and Lisa butt heads.
Brandi reveals a secret about her relationship with Carlton, Yolanda's husband David gets a star on the Walk of Fame.
The Wives head out on vacation, but Brandi might have been overserved during the antics and lashes out at Joyce.
Kyle finds unexpected comfort in Palm Springs, while Brandi breaks down as her dog goes missing.
Drama unfolds when the name cards at Yolanda's dinner reveal which Housewives are part of her "Dream Team."
When Lisa hosts a dinner at SUR to mend things with Joyce, things go worse than her last meal with "The Dream Team."
Yolanda chides Brandi for her behavior towards Joyce, before the ladies must share the catwalk at Kyle's fashion show.
Brandi and Carlton pole-dance, while Kim throws a going away luau for her daughter.
Brandi takes Yolanda to Sacramento as she tries to reconnect with her father.
The ladies attend Carlton's raucous pool party, but later talk of witchcraft leads to promises of a curse against Joyce.
Kyle and Mauricio's birthday party descends into drama when Carlton and Kyle face off over religion.
Brandi confides in Kyle, while Carlton uninvites Kyle to her party.
The ladies plan for Puerto Rico, but exclude Carlton after more mysterious incidents.
The women head to Puerto Rico, but a battle royale erupts when the ladies confront Lisa and Ken over dinner.
After Lisa leaves the trip, the ladies almost get arrested, before returning to BH to send Kimberly and Gigi to college.
The ladies meet for the first time since Puerto Rico, and try to decide who is friend and who is foe in the trip's wake.
Andy Cohen gathers the women to see what happened to the "Dream Team," while Brandi and Joyce face off.
In Part 2 of the Reunion, Lisa and Kyle face-off, while Brandi shares more about her tough year.
The women continue to try to hash things out with Lisa, while the husbands join the fray, as Ken defends his wife.
Watch never-before-seen moments, including Kim giving Brandi acting lessons, and Lisa and Joyce bonding.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Trailer

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Episodes

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills offers a glimpse inside the world of luxurious wealth and pampered privilege, where being seen and who you know is everything. These women are in the center of it all and they have the mansions, the cars, and the diamonds to prove it. From heiresses to entrepreneurs to a family of child actresses - they deliver the star power and the drama.

A Catered Affair to Remember
The beautiful, wealthy ladies of Beverly Hills and the sexy, dramatic servers of SUR are back for a special two-hour crossover event. To celebrate the centennial of Beverly Hills and meet other local business owners, Kyle throws a cocktail party at her home for the city’s Chamber of Commerce. She hires Lisa’s posh restaurant, SUR, to cater the event but in typical fashion, one of her servers begins talking back and Lisa has to send her home before the guests begin to arrive. At the party, Kyle tries to put aside her differences with Yolanda after last year’s explosive reunion, while Lisa struggles to keep tensions down between Brandi and Scheana. After the party wraps up, SUR staffers Stassi, Jax, Katie, Tom and Scheana head out to meet up with Kristen when serious tensions flare up. In an effort to mend her relationship with the group, Scheana invites everyone to her birthday party, but it doesn’t take long for catfights to erupt.

Faint Chance
Brandi, Kim, Kyle and Mauricio show up to support Lisa and her sexy dance partner Gleb on Dancing with the Stars. Meanwhile, Yolanda faces a surgical procedure in her efforts to battle Lyme disease. Kyle hosts a lunch for new friends, Joyce and Carlton, but the meal goes awry when Kyle encourages the killing of a bee, offending nature-loving Carlton. Brandi’s mother visits from Sacramento and helps her settle into her new home. Kim and Kyle watch Lisa’s next dance performance, questioning the sincerity of Lisa’s infamous faint.

Life's a Witch
Carlton hosts the ladies for a luncheon in her gorgeous, Gothic mansion, which sports “Victorian balls,” a spooky doll collection and black cats. When Lisa shows up to the lunch a little late, teasing from her friends about her suspect faint proves too much for her after recently being eliminated on Dancing with the Stars. Kyle upsets Carlton by asking too many questions about witchcraft, but Kyle finds herself on the defense when Brandi prompts the ladies to talk about the tabloid accusations about Mauricio cheating.

Irked At Cirque
Hoping for an afternoon of fun and frivolity, Kim invites the ladies to a funky and colorful circus school in Hollywood, but tensions simmer as Brandi believes Kyle has labeled her a bully to the tabloids. Later, at poolside cocktails Brandi and Kyle have it out, but Lisa suddenly finds herself in the drama when an accusation by Joyce leaves her and the other ladies totally baffled.

Star of the Family
Yolanda's mother and brother visit from Holland, just in time to see Yolanda's husband, David Foster, get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with famed musicians Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole and Babyface in attendance. Carlton takes her ailing cat Midnight to get acupuncture. Kim, Kyle and sister, Kathy, attend the high school graduation of Kim's daughter, Kimberly. Brandi reveals a secret about Carlton that leaves Lisa speechless.

Palm Springs Breakers
The ladies travel to Palm Springs for a girls' bonding trip and Kyle is surprised when Carlton confronts her about a list of issues. As the group relaxes by the pool, Brandi reveals that she and Carlton made out, much to Carlton's chagrin. When questioned about her pentagram tattoo, Carlton finally reveals she is a practicing Wiccan, eliciting eye rolls from some of the women. Brandi riles up Joyce by repeatedly calling her Jaclyn, amongst other things and the group dinner goes downhill quickly when a tipsy Brandi picks a fight with Kyle.

Escape to Bitch Mountain
As the Palm Springs trip continues, Brandi wants Kyle and Yolanda to resolve their Paris issues, but Kyle leaves the table in tears, and unexpectedly it's Yolanda who winds up comforting her. Kim feels belittled by Lisa trying to quiet her. When the ladies go on the world famous Palm Springs aerial tramway, Kim and Carlton bond as they commune with a group of squirrels. After a day of fun, the mood is shattered when Brandi learns her beloved dog, Chica, has gone missing.

She Hearts You, She Hearts You Not
Kim sends problem dog Kingsley off to doggy boarding school. Yolanda hosts a night of fine dining and music - provided by the Canadian Tenors - at her gorgeous Malibu home. However, she inadvertently divides the group in two by dubbing herself, Brandi and Lisa "The Dream Team." Tipsy Brandi continues to insult Joyce, and once in the privacy of their limo ride home, Joyce and husband Michael voice their anger and contempt for Brandi.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
It's a happy time for some of the housewives, as Yolanda celebrates her anniversary with David, Kim takes an exuberant ride in a racecar, and Carlton shops for racy lingerie with...her mother-in-law?! Brandi and Joyce avoid each other at a fitting for Kyle's upcoming fashion show, but they come face to face when Lisa invites them to a group dinner at Sur. Neither Brandi nor Joyce hold their feelings back and the night devolves into name-calling and the lobbing of "f-bombs."

Catfight On the Catwalk
A joyous Kim welcomes her pit bull Kingsley home from boot camp while Carlton gets a pentagram tattoo on the back of her neck. Following the tense and unpleasant dinner at Sur, Yolanda chides Brandi for her behavior toward Joyce. Joyce and Brandi must share the catwalk at Kyle's fashion show, and Kyle hopes for the best as she raises money for charity and visits with her co-star from "Halloween," Jamie Lee Curtis.

Luaus and Lies
Kim throws a luau for her daughter Kimberly who will be leaving for college at the end of the summer. Carlton, who was "over-served" before attending a pole dancing class with Brandi, arrives tipsy, while Brandi shows up nauseous. Soon thereafter, the women go to Lisa's to drop off clothes for charity. Kim accuses Lisa of missing Kimberly's party despite being in town, and even Lisa's husband Ken gets involved. Meanwhile, Joyce and Brandi attempt to discuss their problems in a civil manner - with mixed results.

Tough Break
Brandi takes Yolanda to her hometown of Sacramento, where she'll be reading from her book. Brandi is more concerned, however, with seeing her father, from whom she's been estranged for months. Yolanda sings Brandi's praises and Brandi and her dad reach an understanding. Back in Beverly Hills, Joyce organizes a self-defense class for the group and finally the women manage to fight without tears or hurt feelings.

The Curse of Carlton
Carlton welcomes the women to her annual pool party, a wild blow-out featuring naked women and naughty gift bags. Kyle mistakes Carlton's pentagram tattoo for a Jewish star, but makes up for the gaffe by giving Carlton a skull necklace she admires. Meanwhile, Kim attends a Hollywood autograph show with celebrities, fans, and a teen idol she once wanted to date! Later, Yolanda invites the ladies to her home, but when Lisa cancels at the last minute, Yolanda questions their friendship. And when Joyce says she doesn't believe in witchcraft, Carlton warns her to see what happens once she gets home - and something does!

The Birthday Witch
Joyce confronts Carlton about potentially putting a spell on Joyce's husband - which Carlton vehemently denies. Lisa and Kyle plan a joint birthday party for their husbands and when Lisa asks Brandi to speak to Scheana things get really awkward. The gorgeous party devolves into drama when Carlton brings up the ways in which Kyle has offended her, culminating in Kyle calling Carlton a name Carlton finds unforgivable.

Trail of Doubts
Carlton oversees a party for her husband's business, a party to which Kyle is no longer invited. Kim again confronts Lisa and Ken for missing her daughter's luau and Carlton shares with Lisa how angry and hurt she was by Kyle's behavior at the birthday party. Brandi confides in Kim and Kyle that she is having serious doubts about her friendship with Lisa.

Turning Down the Crown
Kyle and Joyce decide not to invite Carlton on their Puerto Rico trip, especially after Kyle reveals how she received strange, spooky words on her computer screen saver. Brandi tries to avoid Lisa at Gigi's glamorous going-away party, but gets caught in the middle of the drama when she delivers a gift to Carlton on Kyle's behalf. Still feeling hurt by Kyle, Carlton turns it down and learns from Yolanda that she is not invited to Puerto Rico. Kyle mistakenly reveals to the group that Joyce's father has died and Joyce feels betrayed.

Lines in the Sand
All the ladies, except Carlton, head off for a vacation in Puerto Rico. Joyce spends time with her family, while the women relax on a private beach. But the relaxation doesn't last long after Yolanda and Brandi confront Lisa about the doubts they have regarding their friendships. Brandi tells Kyle that Lisa schemed to bring up Mauricio's rumored infidelity on the ladies' trip to Palm Springs, and now Kyle questions her friendship with Lisa as well. A battle royale erupts over dinner, and Lisa and Ken leave the table, calling it a sabotage attack.

The Kids Are All Right
The trip to Puerto Rico finishes with a day of golf, shopping and the threat of arrest, all happening after the ladies learn about the shocking and mysterious departure of Lisa and Ken in the middle of the night. Back in Beverly Hills, Brandi surprises her parents with the help of Yolanda. Then, Kim and Yolanda have tearful goodbyes when their daughters Kimberly and Gigi depart for college. Meanwhile, Lisa pours her heart out to Carlton about why she left Puerto Rico in the middle of the night.

Are You My Friend?
The ladies have not seen each other since the dramatic fireworks in Puerto Rico, but are drawn together by a glamorous party for the Beverly Hills 100th anniversary at the world famous Beverly Hilton hotel. Kim attempts to apologize to Ken, and Kyle, Brandi and Yolanda attempt heart-to-hearts with Lisa. Will friendships be mended, or will issues remain unresolved?

Reunion, Pt. 1
The gripping, three-part Beverly HIlls reunion begins as Andy Cohen questions the women about the dramatic twists and turns of season four. Joyce and Brandi prove that there is no love lost between them, and the women explore what happened when the "dream team" of Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi started to show its cracks. Tune in for some lighter moments as well, as Kim discusses her favorite season yet.

Reunion, Pt. 2
The Beverly Hills housewives share laughter over their health and beauty regimens and shed tears talking about their children who are growing up and leaving home. Brandi delves into the tough year she's had, while Kim doesn't hide her conflicted feelings about Lisa. After some rough words, Kyle and Carlton determine that they will probably never, ever be friends.

Reunion, Pt. 3
In part three of the dramatic Beverly Hills reunion, Lisa is in the hot seat as Yolanda, Brandi and Kyle all discuss the problems they've had with her while, at the same time, hope for some resolution. The husbands join the fray and Ken tells a teary Brandi that he may never be able to accept her back into his life. Or can he?

Secrets Revealed
Never-before-seen moments from season four are revealed, as Kim teaches Brandi how to act in a TV movie, Lisa and Joyce bond over a candid dinner with their husbands, Kim receives advice about how to plump her lips from an old friend, and Kyle learns how to be a TV presenter. Oh, and Lisa almost marries off Ken to a burly construction worker. (You'll just have to watch!)

Episode TitleTime
A Catered Affair to Remember 1:25:54
Faint Chance43:02
Life's a Witch43:01
Irked At Cirque43:02
Star of the Family43:02
Palm Springs Breakers43:02
Escape to Bitch Mountain43:02
She Hearts You, She Hearts You Not43:02
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?43:02
Catfight On the Catwalk43:02
Luaus and Lies43:01
Tough Break43:02
The Curse of Carlton43:02
The Birthday Witch43:01
Trail of Doubts43:01
Turning Down the Crown43:01
Lines in the Sand43:01
The Kids Are All Right43:02
Are You My Friend?43:01
Reunion, Pt. 143:01
Reunion, Pt. 243:01
Reunion, Pt. 343:01
Secrets Revealed43:01

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Comments & Critics

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- Worst season of RHOBH2 star

This is the first season I've skipped large parts of episodes. I wanted to like Carlton because I'm also a risqué, fun, out of the norm kinda gal, but she is bloody awful. Hypocritical, judgmental, just yuck. And Joyce, well she's nice as can be, but just annoying and embarrassing. Brandi's worst season by far - not funny, just gross. Next......

- This Season is cast doesn't add anything1 star

I've been watching HWBH from the beginning and this is the worst season. It's really disappointing because the first two seasons were great. Bring back Camile! This show is now too forced and the new cast members have NO connection to the old cast....bad choice, Carlton and Joyce don't add anything to the show!!! They are both simply awful. I hope the producers can save this show and cast better housewives, otherwise they have lost a viewer.

- Hello google play1 star

I wish I can give 0 stars because 1 star is too much. This is the LAST time I am going to get a season pass from itunes. I've heard only good things about google play so I'll try them next. At least I'll know they can't be any worse than itunes.

- Surprise Vanderpump Rules In Season Premiere3 star

I love RHBH but was disappointed to find a Vanderpump Rules episode wedged in the premiere. Two totally diffrent market segments. We're all clever enough to buy it if we want it.

- Ugh1 star

Carlton is a b word!!

- Too much cattiness, everyone is afraid of their image1 star

I used to love this show, but now it seems Lisa is so catty and the other cast members are afraid of what the media will say about them that it is very fake. Also, the new gothic girl Carlton is so boring and weird, Brandi is a racist

- LOOOOVE IT!5 star


- Refuse to buy again!1 star

Such a disappointment that you take so long to put on the last episode of the real housewives of the real housewives of Beverly Hills. I won't be purchasing the next series if this continues.

- no episode 8!1 star

1 star for the fact that I'm still waiting for episode 8. Call me desperate - but I want my episode - I've paid for it! It's now 5 days since it aired so come on iTunes, pull your finger out!

- episode 81 star

Why is episode 8 available in the store but not as part of my season pass??????????

- Response from Apple to my support request1 star

"generally, the television networks provide Apple with the latest episode of each show within 24 hours of the original air time. Occasionally, there can be a delay. You can rest assured that Apple is working to make this episode available on the iTunes Store as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Apple appreciates your business and loyalty. Have a nice day!"

- ep. 81 star

there is a lot of people writing their first review for the show based on iTunes not following through with their duty of giving us -- the paying customers -- the episode the day we expect to get it. people buy a season pass for a reason. i just want a stupid episode of awful television. that's it. why does this have to be so complex?! why can't a see a new episode with Kyle wearing that awful teardrop diamond?! WHY?!

- Annoyed, again.4 star

I am done buying seasons through iTunes. What is the point? It takes so long to get the episodes. They are supposed to be available to view the day after the original airs. I am completely frustrated and I am done spending money here.

- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills1 star

Don't buy season pass because you won't get it! Big gimick!

- Real housewives of Beverly Hills1 star

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm looking forward to Comcast live stream because at least then I will be able to watch the episodes.

- Ridiculous1 star

I can't believe that it is now Friday evening and the most recent episode is still unavailable. Please fix this issue, I should be getting what I paid for, which is availability of the episodes right after they are aired.

- Refund1 star

I want a refund for this season pass please let me know how to do this.

- Episode 81 star

Where is episode 8????

- Poor customer service.1 star

iTunes, why do you charge people for an entire season then not hold up your end of the bargain by posting the new episodes? Bad business… I'm disappointed and I won't be buying any more season passes. I will find a different service for streaming TV.

- too many issues1 star

last time I am buying anything Bravo on itunes. constant issues and now an episode is an entire week late.

- Honestly...1 star

WTH itunes? You ask people to pay for these episodes in advance and them hold them for a WEEK? What a ripoff.

- Sick and tired of the delayed uploads1 star

Will finish out my season pass, but will start moving my business to other platforms. This is BEYOND redic.

- Episode 8?!?!1 star

Where’s episode 8? What’s the point of a season pass???????

- Where is the latest episode?!1 star

iTunes get on it! Terrible service

- Season 4 Episode 8???1 star

Forget to upload something again, crApple???

- Where is Ep. 8!?1 star

This is ridiculous. Episode 8 came out nearly 4 days ago.

- Get it together iTunes1 star

The delays with episodes are unacceptable

- Latest episode not available, why?1 star

Where are all the current shows? Thanks for the heads up, I bought my current season on google play. No more waiting around from itunes!

- Doesn't work!1 star

Just purchased and it wont work!! ugh

- Episode 81 star

Where is episode 8 that aired on Dec. 22nd? This is horrible service! This is the 2nd time for this season the show hasn't been delivered with then season pass. It's the 26th come on already! You should give us all some sort of credit for this! This isn't even the only Bravo show with this issue. RHOA same issue!!!

- Season Pass3 star

I am with you in your frustration. I have been contacting iTunes biweekly for the episodes not being downloaded in a timely manner. Unfortunately thats the chance we take with live streaming vs Cable. iTunes receives the downloads when Bravo releases them.

- 12/23 episode missing4 star

12/23 episode is missing. Please post as soon as possible. Thanks!

- Why is the episode late being released?3 star

Itunes fails to release episodes until days after they air. What’s the point of a season pass? iTunes needs to fix this problem if they want people to buy a series going forward.

- Watch it on Google Play1 star

Well, this is the second time iTunes hasn’t uploaded a show the day after this season. So, I watched it on Google Play, $1.99 in SD format and uploaded right away. Very disappointed in you iTunes.

- Still waiting for episode1 star

Why are people who purchase a season having to wait ads to see it come on iTunes and Bravo get it together!!! I purchase a lot of tv through iTunes and this is frustrating :(

- where is the latest episode?1 star

ridiculous and I'm having the same issue with Real housewives of atlanta!

- Unacceptable.1 star

Another frustrated customer here. This is the first season pass I've bought and I'm so disappointed at the delays in posting episodes. Come on, it's been 2 days since the last episode aired and I need my guilty pleasure fix! I won't be buying any more season passes, for Christmas is ruined. (I jest. Sort of.)

- Missing episodes!1 star

It's extremely frustrating not having the episodes available to view several days after the air date. What's the point in buying a season pass?

- Horrible iTunes Service1 star

I really am frustrated with how long it takes iTunes to post these new episodes. The show itself is great, but iTunes really needs to get their act together. Between posting the same episode twice and not having episodes in a timely way, I am really close to trying to get a refund. Get it together iTunes!

- Where is it?1 star

I'm getting tired of buying Season Passes and not being able to have the episodes posted in a timely manner. Where is last night's episode - also looking for RHOA from 2 nights ago. Feels like I'm being ripped off. Not amused!!!!!!!!

- Bravo season passes1 star

So disappointed if you buy the season through iTunes the episodes are not downloading the day after air date. Constant problems with all Bravo shows. Don't buy season pass until they get this problem solved.

- Bravo season passes1 star

So disappointed if you buy the season through iTunes the episodes are not downloading the day after air date. Constant problems with all Bravo shows. Don't buy season pass until they get this problem solved.

- Where is last nights episode??1 star

Come on iTunes - where is episode 8

- No rating1 star

It's a spin off from Lisa's show

- Nice5 star

These seasons always have a few twists and turns so can't be too judgemental until the end...that said I think Carlton and Joyce are great additions - and I'm currently feeling a little sorry for Joyce! But seeing how this show transforms people, she will soon be just as acid tongue as the rest. Brandi is struggling a lot - if those struggles are sincere I feel a little sorry for her too.

- no review please3 star

no review please

- Oh, Brandi.4 star

Episode 4; wow. Brandi is so rude and mean, just like a highschool girl! At least it seems like karma is quite instantaneous :)

- Episode 3 is a repeat...fix it already1 star

Episode 3 is a repeat!! This request to fix this is ALSO a repeat! Please fix this. Your customers deserve a faster response/resolution.This has been an issue already for over 3 weeks. Please post a solution.

- Hey3 star

Post-"Struggling" actresses on a waitstaff are spoiled brats? Do you not realize the beginning of the first sentence? "Actors". They love story; you must hold the imagination to take you to different worlds, and then act upon that imagination. Anyone who is a waiter, (or they are reality-waiter actors) and takes their persona to the bounds of being able to be identified AS 'spoiled brats' are simply projecting the story of that which they wish they were inside of. Who can blame them when they work under an actress of whom was whisked away by a man's wealth whilst acting as a form of work? Do you not see the want for the necessity of glamour in their lives so infused by their hands-on boss? These are not 'spoiled brats' they are actresses and actors doing as they are in their lives. If you only read what is given to you, you can never understand. And then you will rest upon simply concluding your observations of another regular person's persona in disgust. Saying that; The real repulsive person on this show is Kyle. There are redeeming facets of every regular individual, but. NeNe is humorously mean, it is comical to an extent, but Kyle is so manipulative that it is absolutely not regular whatsoever. She is sadly the downright meanest person I have seen on the entire Bravo Channel across all of these Housewife shows. Period. Get her off. Its not fun to watch her.

- Bought the Season -- Getting Screwed1 star

Well Bravo and iTunes are totally screwing their customers. I bought the season for both RHOBH and Rules. Both downloaded a repeat episode last week -- nott the new one. Then we got an email from iTunes sayng they knew about the mistake and they had fixed it. I went through their convoluted insturctions of having to delete the wrongly sent show and found the new one they sent was less than a minute for each of the two shows. And, of course, there is no way to easily contact either Bravo or iTunes. I assume this was a mistake by both Bravo and iTunes -- but I wonder if it is just a way to take our money and run. A refund is in order -- at least a partial one. But no offer for that has been made. I doubt one will be made. We are just screwed and neither cares

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chels 14 - Very happy4 star

Pleased to see that episodes are getting put up on time! I'm really enjoying the real housewives of Beverly Hills :)

theshaunjay - Love it5 star

Awesome show, keep them coming Itunes! Brandi and Lisa you're hilarious!

Alexia90 - Episodes?....3 star

When is the next episode coming?

Kellythis - Why aren't we getting what we paid for?1 star

Why have the episodes stopped at 7? Where are 8 & 9? I see on this review forum there's many complaints about this but iTunes doesn't seem to care with no response or reason. Typical !!! We have paid for the entire season, and you would expect to get the episodes on time, not when iTunes decides they feel like releasing them. I agree with BeverleyHilbilly - get Foxtel.

Samchay - Where is the latest episode??1 star

Why are iTunes not downloading any more episodes??

Kristy Winter - Where the hell is the new episode?!?!?!?!?!1 star


curlylis - Bad service iTunes3 star

What's going on iTunes? No episode 8? What a waste of time

Beachside Gal 32 - New eps?2 star

Why aren't the latest eps uploading? This is the best time to watch with more time during the holidays and they're not being updated. Frustrating. May not purchase season passes in future, iTunes.

J-LW1970 - New Episodes3 star

iTunes have informed me after several emails, that they will not be downloading anymore episodes. So people do as I'm doing and start downloading illegally or get Foxtel which is what I'll be doing and they will not give me a refund as I have purchased a season pass!! Thinking of suing!!!

JO.T78 - Waiting Waiting Waiting!!1 star

Where is Episode 8 guys come on!!

MATTHEW EAGER - Definitely my last housewives series AND my last season pass1 star

I used to religiously follow every episode of every branch of the RH franchise but I'm now officially cured of my addiction. This series is just so tedious and the characters are now just so uninteresting that I'm no longer going to bother. Equally bad is the contempt that iTunes seems to hold its customers in. I shall now illegally download episodes of my favourite shows on my windows computer. Most of us would prefer to pay for content but when iTunes are so slow and so slack, and offer such poor service, why should we?

BeverleyHillbilly - Thinking of getting foxtell1 star

Might as well, it would be cheaper than a season pass in the long run and the episodes would come out on time. I know this is a first world problem but comeon iTunes, where is the new episode? My friends with foxtel have already seen it and this isn't the first mistake with this season so comeon iTunes, show us why we come to you instead of other services please....

Sherib71 - Dissapointing season1 star

I have all seasons past but this one is the worst. Bravo has made the mistake of removing classy women like Camille , Adrienne and Taylor and replaced them with trashy Carlton and mediocre Joyce and drunk Brandi. Even though I didn't mind Brandi last season, I think the shows now full of up classy , hacks, trashy, women. It's a shame that Kim is still in this series, she really adds nothing. The housewives used to go to fabulous holidays now go to day trips. Very disappointing series that I don't care that iTunes is so slow to download. Won't be tuning in for another series with trashy women, sorry Bravo got this casting wrong.

Waiting for new episode - New episode 85 star

When will episode 8 be uploaded?

Katy297 - Thank you1 star

Great work EmWa!

wafflecovers - FIXING EPISODE THREE...5 star

I've fixed mine! I deleted episode 3 then re-downloaded it from iCloud and it corrects to episode 3, rather than episode 2. Hope this helps!

Lara1778 - Refund wanted1 star

Not happy when u pay for an episode, only to find the wrong episode was uploaded, not happy!!!!

NicLuc123 - Refund needed1 star

The wrong episode uploaded. Very disappointing give the price!

Diamonds12345668 - Season 3 + 5 please ITunes!!!!5 star

Love this show!!!

Nebworth90 - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills5 star

LOVE this show! Don't understand why we don't have Season 3 yet though... We need ALL the Real Housewives shows on UK iTunes... I would SO get the Beverly Hills Seasons 1-4 bundle if there was one! Get on it iTunes! Hope Season 5 comes on here soon too... Great show!

Nimk86 - Love it!5 star

Love this show, we need more seasons ITunes!!

Music man123 ABC - More seasons5 star

Season's 3 and 5 please, UK iTunes needs more real housewives.

Dan313313 - Best season5 star

Love this show. Where is season 3?

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Denimgal - Episode 31 star

What's wrong with episode 3? Can Itunes fix it?

JulinDE123 - Episode 3 SD1 star

I can't download the "real" episode three because it says I already downloaded it, but I got episode two. Very frustrating - please reload 3 as a different number, so we can re-download the episode and not feel ripped off.

tay91986 - ITUNES ISSUE RESOLVED5 star

I too had the issue with episode three. I called itunes and they refunded me. Super easy process~! Thank Itunes!

Natlap - Episode 3 error2 star

What's wrong with Episode 3? It keeps playing the previous one. Please fix it!

lizzm23 - Umm1 star

Need the new episode still! It says that I have downloaded it already but this needs to be fixed. Ridiculous.

Cindysuz - Still Same Episode1 star

When will you fix episode 3 to the right one, iTunes?!

1.99 back - Kris1 star

Please give me my 1.99 back or send me the right episode now that you have it fixed.

Fix problem with episode 3 - RHOBH Season 4 Episode 31 star

It's Nov 20 and the problem with Episode 3 hasn't been resolved yet. I think a refund is in order!

lsKIWI - unable to download correct iTunes episode1 star

So now iTunes has finally rectified THEIR mistake, but I cannot download the correct episode 3, even though I've deleted the incorrect episode from my computer. iTunes still insists that I've downloaded episode 3 and won't let me do it again. So now they're stiffing me for $1.99, when I paid for a season's pass. My mistake; I'm switching to Amazon… they don't make these errors.

Harper1234567 - iTunes is becoming SO frustrating1 star

Well, the correct episode is FINALLY up but now iTunes wants me to PAY for it when I already have the season pass. HELLO? Is ANYONE HOME iTunes? What is going on with their customer service...scratch that, where IS their customer service? Who the heck am I supposed to call to get this fixed? So frustrating.

Libs88 - Really disappointed1 star

Do not waste your time or money on this episode. I started off loving it, but half-way through the showed switched to the ridiculous SUR waiters. I despise how they act like children, and I stopped watching immediately.

Organize - Lighten up5 star

Relax. It's all Beverly Hills. Think of it as two shows for the price of one. If you don't like the people of Sur, stop watching when the second show comes on. Problem solved. For the rest of us who like both,thank you.


Next Monday RHOBH will be a full hour, stop being greedy. So excited for Yolanda to come back and shed light on Lyme Disease for all of us struggling with it everyday without any real awareness. She is the best xoxo

Digital Muad'dib - Ridiculous!!!!!!1 star

I could care less about Vanderpump Rules. I am pretty sure that most of the viewers who watch housewives are no teenagers and are not looking for an updated version of the Hills. Thanks Bravo for wasting my time on them. Hopefully this will be the only episode where they try to draw in uninterested viewers to watch an incredibly boring show.

monkeydogentertainment - Itunes plz don't force me to watch Vanderpump Rules with my HWoBH1 star

I was so disappointed that the 1st episode forced Vanderpump Rules down my throat. That show is terrible and the kids are terrible w/o good upbringing. Please Itunes or RHoBH don't do that to your followed watchers again and just accept that sorry no one likes Vanderpump Rules. Really, we don't.

MotherJourney - Not full episode of TRHBH--All About Vanderpump Rules1 star

There should be full disclosure that this is not a full episode of TRHBH, that it's watered-down introduction of the season filled up by Vanderpump Rules. Itune--you need to refund every customer with apologies!

lkjlkjljlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjk - Spoilt Children.1 star

I agree with the other reviews, don't download this episode. SUR is such a massive disappointment. The 'kids' all act badly and to be honest i am so sick of Sassy and her on off with Jax, boring, boring boring. She should just stick to the day job -waitressing!!!!

jliscorpio - You mean Vanderpump Rules1 star

If you are a fan of Vanderpump Rules this is for you...if like me you aren't then don't bother with this episode. I choose to watch the vapid goings on of RHOB but I also choose not to watch the vapid goings on at Sur. Refund please.

bbrown1226 - Totally duped into buying Lisa's show!!!!1 star

I am very frustrated with iTunes right now. I thought I was getting a 2 hour season premiere of the Real Housewives, but instead was forced halfway into watching Lisa's stupid show. It was so contrived and forced into the premiere of RHOBH. I want my money back, and I hope the season does not continue this way.

Sophens - Really?!?1 star

So upset I purchased the first episode!!! Who cares about those crazy servers from SUR! Is the show doing that bad that they have to bamboozle viewers into watching that crap. ugh! I don't want to purchase the season if that's what I'm going to get!

Rugbygrl312 - Real housewives or Vanderpump????1 star

I love the real housewives shows however the episodes that break into Lisa's spin off show aren't any good. I am highly disappointed in the season so far.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Images & Pictures

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 images

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Posters


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 posters
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 posters
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 posters
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 posters
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 posters
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