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James Gandolfini stars in this acclaimed series as Tony Soprano, a husband and mob boss whose professional and private strains often land him in the office of his therapist. The ensemble cast includes Lorraine Bracco as his doctor, Edie Falco as his long-suffering wife, Michael Imperioli as his nephew and Dominic Chianese as his uncle. The Sopranos, The Complete Series Wiki

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1 - Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot
In the series premiere, after suffering a series of mysterious anxiety attacks, New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano agrees to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi. As he opens up to the doctor, Tony reveals details about his problems at home and at work that involve his wife Carmela, his kids Meadow and Anthony Jr., his Uncle Junior and his domineering mother Livia.

2 - Season 1, Episode 2: 46 Long
With acting boss Jackie Aprile dying of cancer, Tony prepares for a power struggle with Uncle Junior. Christopher and his associate Brendan make trouble for themselves when they jack a truck full of DVD players. Tony's mother Livia finally agrees to live in a retirement community. Big Pussy and Paulie Walnuts are sent to find a stolen car.

3 - Season 1, Episode 3: Denial, Anger, Acceptance
Uncle Junior's associate Mikey Palmice stirs things up by making Junior think Tony wants to be next in line for boss. Meanwhile, Tony, Paulie and Silvio deal with Hasidic family problems.

4 - Season 1, Episode 4: Meadowlands
Jackie Aprile's health worsens, forcing Tony to make a tough decision. Meanwhile, Anthony Jr. learns the true nature of his father's job in 'waste management.' Also, Tony hires sleazy police lieutenant Vin Makazian to investigate Dr. Melfi's background.

5 - Season 1, Episode 5: College
During a trip to Maine for Meadow's college interviews, Tony sees a man he believes is a relocated mob snitch. Back at home, Carmela receives comfort from Father Phil.

6 - Season 1, Episode 6: Pax Soprana
At Tony's suggestion, Junior is made acting boss after Jackie dies. In therapy, Tony surprises Dr. Melfi with a surprise admission. Carmela and Irina (Tony's mistress) both suffer as Tony's libido takes a nosedive.

7 - Season 1, Episode 7: Down Neck
After stealing the 'sacramental wine' from the school chapel, Anthony Jr. is suspended. Tony is concerned that his bad influence is responsible for his son's behavior, and has a series of disturbing flashbacks in which he remembers learning that his own father was in the mob.

8 - Season 1, Episode 8: The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti
At the wedding of Larry Boy's daughter, the 'boys' find out they're going to be indicted, and make a premature exit to get rid of incriminating evidence at home. Upset that he isn't getting the notoriety of other family members, an agitated Christopher has an ugly encounter with a bakery clerk.

9 - Season 1, Episode 9: Boca
Uncle Junior enjoys a romantic tryst in Boca with his girlfriend Bobbi, not realizing that she's been gabbing to her beauty-parlor friends about his oral talents. Meanwhile, controversy arises when Meadow's soccer coach announces he's leaving the school.

10 - Season 1, Episode 10: A Hit Is a Hit
Christopher and Adrianna cut a deal with a famous gangsta rapper who claims that Hesh pocketed royalties belonging to a cousin who recorded several hit songs decades ago. Meanwhile, Tony plays golf with Cusamano and his white-bread friends.

11 - Season 1, Episode 11: Nobody Knows Anything
After Jimmy and Pussy are arrested in an FBI raid, Makazian tells a stunned Tony that Pussy may be wired for the Feds. Tony sends Paulie to find out for sure. Later, Tony learns that Makazian might be trying to frame Pussy to get out of his gambling debts.

12 - Season 1, Episode 12: Isabella
Hit men are sent out to whack Tony, who comes out of his depression when he meets Isabella, an Italian exchange student staying next door.

13 - Season 1, Episode 13: I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano
In the Season One finale, Tony is stunned to discover that the attempt on his life may have been ordered by someone very close to him. Later, he must deal with the fact that everyone knows he is seeing a shrink. Christopher is sent to take care of Jimmy Altieri.

14 - Season 2, Episode 1: Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office
Season Two premiere. In the aftermath of the federal crackdown, Junior's in jail, Melfi refuses to see Tony, Christopher's expanding into new business ventures, Pussy is still missing...and Tony's adjusting to life as the new boss. To complicate matters even more, Tony's long-lost, free-spirited sister Janice arrives to take care of a hospitalized Livia.

15 - Season 2, Episode 2: Do Not Resuscitate
When black protesters start picketing a construction company that used to be under Uncle Junior's control, Tony meets with the owner--as well as the leader of the protestors--to 'fix' the problem. Meanwhile, Janice gets sucked into Livia's web.

16 - Season 2, Episode 3: Toodle F__king Oo
Tony busts Meadow for partying at his mother's old house. Meanwhile, Ritchie Aprile is out of the can after ten years and looking for action--much to the chagrin of a local pizza-shop owner.

17 - Season 2, Episode 4: Commendatori
Tony travels to Italy with Paulie and Christopher to jump-start a car-importing 'business.' While Paulie and Christopher sample some of the Old Country's choicest wares, Tony haggles with the head of a powerful Naples family and recruits a valuable new lieutenant named Furio.

18 - Season 2, Episode 5: Big Girls Don't Cry
Back in Jersey, Furio soon lives up to his name by unleashing his fury on the delinquent proprietor of a local 'tanning salon.' Dr. Melfi shares her guilt over dumping Tony as a client during a session with her own therapist. Meanwhile, Tony learns from Hesh that his father had emotional secrets of his own.

19 - Season 2, Episode 6: The Happy Wanderer
David Scatino, the father of Meadow's friend Eric and the owner of a local sports store, gets on the bad sides of both Richie and Tony when he loses big in two poker games. Paying his respects at a funeral, Tony is forced to deal with the presence of Livia.

20 - Season 2, Episode 7: D-Girl
With Anthony Jr.'s confirmation approaching, Tony and Carmela find their son's growing apathy a cause for concern. Meanwhile, Christopher's interest in show biz is reignited when he meets filmmaker Jon Favreau through his cousin's girlfriend.

21 - Season 2, Episode 8: Full Leather Jacket
Although Richie is miffed at Tony for forcing him to build a ramp for the pizza-parlor owner he paralyzed, he decides to make a peace offering. Unhappy with their lowly status as Christopher's lackeys, Sean and Matt decide to pledge their allegiance to Richie--through a violent, unexpected act.

22 - Season 2, Episode 9: From Where to Eternity
Christopher has an out-of-body experience that spooks Paulie no end. Carmela urges Tony to have a vasectomy. Visiting her own psychiatrist, Melfi reveals the 'unholy alliance' she's made with well as her growing dependence on pills and alcohol.

23 - Season 2, Episode 10: Bust Out
Richie meets with Tony to complain about his end of the garbage business, then meets with Junior to complain about Tony. Later, Tony orchestrates the 'planned bankruptcy' of David Scatino's sporting-goods store while Scatino's wife introduces Carmela to her handsome widowed brother.

24 - Season 2, Episode 11: House Arrest
Having dodged a legal bullet, Tony is advised by his lawyer to spend more time at his businesses. Junior looks for diversions to relieve the tedium of house arrest, and eventually finds one in the company of a police widow. Meanwhile, Melfi's problems boil over while eating dinner with her son.

25 - Season 2, Episode 12: The Knight in White Satin Armor
Engaged lovebirds Richie and Janice have an explosive first quarrel. Meanwhile, Irina takes drastic measures to try to convince Tony to continue their affair.

26 - Season 2, Episode 13: Funhouse
In the Season Two finale, Tony has a series of 'fever dreams' that help to shed light on some of his problems--particularly his troubles over Big Pussy.

27 - Season 3, Episode 1: Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood
In the Season Three premiere, Agent Harris and his team concoct an elaborate new plan to wiretap the Soprano home now that Pussy is singing with the fishes instead of for the feds.

28 - Season 3, Episode 2: Proshai, Livushka
Tony's concerns that his mother will rat him out to the feds expire when she, literally, does. Later, Janice arrives to arrange the funeral, which takes a bizarre turn.

29 - Season 3, Episode 3: Fortunate Son
Christopher finds that being a 'made' man isn't all it's cracked up to be. Meanwhile, Janice moves into her mother's house, where she soon gets a leg up on Livia's former housekeeper.

30 - Season 3, Episode 4: Employee of the Month
Dr. Melfi's attempts to steer Tony into behavior-modification therapy take a detour when a personal crisis gets in the way. Meanwhile, Ralph Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano) finds a way to endear himself to Jackie Jr.--but not to Tony.

31 - Season 3, Episode 5: Another Toothpick
Bobby 'Bacala' Baccilieri Sr. comes out of retirement to deal with a young hothead named Mustang Sally--much to the chagrin of his son and Uncle Junior.

32 - Season 3, Episode 6: University
Ralph's volatile relationship with a Bada Bing stripper and his obsession with the movie 'Gladiator' combine to put a damper on several boys'-nights-out sessions at the club. Meanwhile, at Columbia, Meadow's relationship with Noah is put to the test by her needy roommate Caitlin.

33 - Season 3, Episode 7: Second Opinion
Tony convinces Uncle Junior to seek a second opinion for his cancer treatment. Meanwhile, Carmela debates whether or not to take Dr. Melfi's advice and see a shrink, Big Pussy's wife Angie regrets asking Carmela for some money to help her sick dog, and Christopher continues to endure a humiliating probation period at the hands of kinky Paulie.

34 - Season 3, Episode 8: He Is Risen
As Thanksgiving approaches, Tony's feud with Ralph escalates, despite the intervention of Johnny Sack. At a frat-house mixer, Meadow and Jackie Jr. find they have more in common than mob-boss dads.

35 - Season 3, Episode 9: The Telltale Moozadell
Tony gives Carmela a sapphire ring for her birthday...and Christopher gives Adriana her very own music club. Anthony Jr. gets busted for vandalizing the school swimming pool, but finds the punishment doesn't fit the crime. Tony test-drives a new Mercedes--and the Mercedes saleswoman, Gloria.

36 - Season 3, Episode 10: To Save Us All from Satan's Power
A somnolent visit with the ghosts of Christmas past lands Tony back on Melfi's couch. With the annual pork-store holiday party approaching, Bacala reluctantly agrees to don the Santa suit that Pussy used to wear. Tony and Furio have a holiday surprise in store for the Russian who roughed up Janice.

37 - Season 3, Episode 11: Pine Barrens
Paulie and Christopher are engulfed in a nightmarish journey into the South Jersey woods while trying to collect a debt from a Russian mobster. Meanwhile, Meadow is suspicious that Jackie Jr. is two-timing her, and Tony finds that family demands are jeopardizing his romance with Gloria.

38 - Season 3, Episode 12: Amour Fou
Inspired by a tale from Ralph about how his father got 'made,' Jackie Jr. decides to 'make his move' in organized crime by instigating a robbery caper at a local card game. Reminded by Melfi of the psychological parallels between his relationships with Gloria and with his mother, Tony finds it harder and harder to spend time with his 'crazy love.'

39 - Season 3, Episode 13: The Army of One
In the Season Three finale, yet another academic misstep by A.J. forces his parents to contemplate military school. Tony orders Ralph to deal personally with the Jackie Jr. situation, and later seems to take Ralph's side in a money dispute with Paulie. Once again, the family gathers in Artie Bucco's restaurant, where Meadow reflects on being a Soprano.

40 - Season 4, Episode 1: For All Debts Public and Private
In the Season Four premiere, Tony invests in a land deal despite Carmela's concerns about money.

41 - Season 4, Episode 2: No-Show
With Paulie in jail, Christopher becomes acting capo, but he gets off to a bad start with Patsy. Still troubled by Jackie Jr.'s death, Meadow contemplates taking a year off from college to travel. Meanwhile, Adriana is in a bind after ending her friendship with Daniele, and Silvio discusses a misunderstanding at a Newark riverfront construction site.

42 - Season 4, Episode 3: Christopher
Silvio and Ralph must take care of a planned protest of the Columbus Day parade by a Native American group. At an Italian pride ladies' lunch, Carmela is embarrassed by anti-Mafia remarks. Meanwhile, Ralph deals with new relationship troubles, and Bobby receives some tough news.

43 - Season 4, Episode 4: The Weight
A disparaging remark about his wife sets Johnny Sack off on a vendetta. Meadow decides to do volunteer work at the South Bronx Law Center; Furio hosts a housewarming party for the gang; Silvio and Chris make an offer to an old-time hit man named Lou DiMaggio; and Tony and Carmela find themselves at odds over the family's bill-consolidation strategy.

44 - Season 4, Episode 5: Pie-o-My
Checking out Ralph's promising new filly at the track, Tony displays a flair for horse-racing strategy--and discovers an unexpected affinity for the stable life. Adriana finds her rock club being used as a place of business for Chris and his pals. Meanwhile, a court artist incurs the wrath of Uncle Junior, and Janice feeds Bobby in his hour of need.

45 - Season 4, Episode 6: Everybody Hurts
After hiring an attractive French hostess, Elodi, Artie agrees to loan her brother some money, with interest. Meanwhile, Christopher gets some new responsibilities; Carmela fixes Furio up with an oral hygienist; Anthony Jr. becomes the 'dough boy' of a new rich girlfriend; and Tony receives some unsettling news about an old acquaintance.

46 - Season 4, Episode 7: Watching Too Much Television
Tony and the gang throw Paulie a Bada Bing bash after his release from jail, but it doesn't take long for old tensions to resurface. Carmela's cousin Brian throws out a hypothetical investment scenario that Tony and Ralph attempt to turn into reality with the help of Assemblyman Zellman and a black community leader.

47 - Season 4, Episode 8: Mergers and Acquisitions
Paulie takes pains to integrate his mother Nucci into the social world at Green Grove. Meanwhile, Furio faces up to his inner feelings during a trip to Italy to see his ailing father; Ralph introduces Tony to his new 'goomar,' Valentina; and Carmela finds a new source of investment income.

48 - Season 4, Episode 9: Whoever Did This
After an aggressive team of reporters lowers the boom on Uncle Junior, his lawyers try a new strategy. Ralph has some fun at the expense of Paulie and his mother, but soon winds up with his own family problems. Meanwhile, Tony again finds refuge at the stables.

49 - Season 4, Episode 10: The Strong, Silent Type
At therapy, Tony likens himself to the 'sad clown,' but Melfi doesn't buy into his melancholy portrait. Meanwhile, Carmela drags A.J. with her to Furio's house to offer decorating tips and companionship; Paulie puts the finishing touches on some free artwork; and Christopher finds himself at a crossroads.

50 - Season 4, Episode 11: Calling All Cars
After a sitdown with Carmine and Johnny Sack, Tony contemplates the future of the HUD partnership. Meanwhile, Paulie blows off steam with an old pal; Janice starts losing patience with the obsessive Bobby; and Melfi ponders the Freudian undercurrents of Tony's latest dreams.

The Sopranos, The Complete Series Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot59:59Season OnlyDownload
2Season 1, Episode 2: 46 Long49:43Season OnlyDownload
3Season 1, Episode 3: Denial, Anger, Acce44:45Season OnlyDownload
4Season 1, Episode 4: Meadowlands53:04Season OnlyDownload
5Season 1, Episode 5: College56:40Season OnlyDownload
6Season 1, Episode 6: Pax Soprana49:51Season OnlyDownload
7Season 1, Episode 7: Down Neck51:32Season OnlyDownload
8Season 1, Episode 8: The Legend of Tenne48:53Season OnlyDownload
9Season 1, Episode 9: Boca51:40Season OnlyDownload
10Season 1, Episode 10: A Hit Is a Hit52:49Season OnlyDownload
11Season 1, Episode 11: Nobody Knows Anyth49:28Season OnlyDownload
12Season 1, Episode 12: Isabella47:21Season OnlyDownload
13Season 1, Episode 13: I Dream of Jeannie 1:00:27Season OnlyDownload
14Season 2, Episode 1: Guy Walks into a Ps49:23Season OnlyDownload
15Season 2, Episode 2: Do Not Resuscitate50:17Season OnlyDownload
16Season 2, Episode 3: Toodle F__king Oo50:42Season OnlyDownload
17Season 2, Episode 4: Commendatori52:20Season OnlyDownload
18Season 2, Episode 5: Big Girls Don't Cry51:51Season OnlyDownload
19Season 2, Episode 6: The Happy Wanderer50:56Season OnlyDownload
20Season 2, Episode 7: D-Girl56:04Season OnlyDownload
21Season 2, Episode 8: Full Leather Jacket42:49Season OnlyDownload
22Season 2, Episode 9: From Where to Etern55:22Season OnlyDownload
23Season 2, Episode 10: Bust Out59:17Season OnlyDownload
24Season 2, Episode 11: House Arrest57:24Season OnlyDownload
25Season 2, Episode 12: The Knight in Whit 1:00:01Season OnlyDownload
26Season 2, Episode 13: Funhouse59:11Season OnlyDownload
27Season 3, Episode 1: Mr. Ruggerio's Neig49:05Season OnlyDownload
28Season 3, Episode 2: Proshai, Livushka56:59Season OnlyDownload
29Season 3, Episode 3: Fortunate Son58:28Season OnlyDownload
30Season 3, Episode 4: Employee of the Mon52:45Season OnlyDownload
31Season 3, Episode 5: Another Toothpick59:55Season OnlyDownload
32Season 3, Episode 6: University48:59Season OnlyDownload
33Season 3, Episode 7: Second Opinion59:19Season OnlyDownload
34Season 3, Episode 8: He Is Risen54:00Season OnlyDownload
35Season 3, Episode 9: The Telltale Moozad55:37Season OnlyDownload
36Season 3, Episode 10: To Save Us All fro45:38Season OnlyDownload
37Season 3, Episode 11: Pine Barrens59:45Season OnlyDownload
38Season 3, Episode 12: Amour Fou 1:00:00Season OnlyDownload
39Season 3, Episode 13: The Army of One 1:00:00Season OnlyDownload
40Season 4, Episode 1: For All Debts Publi57:44Season OnlyDownload
41Season 4, Episode 2: No-Show57:28Season OnlyDownload
42Season 4, Episode 3: Christopher54:09Season OnlyDownload
43Season 4, Episode 4: The Weight58:25Season OnlyDownload
44Season 4, Episode 5: Pie-o-My54:32Season OnlyDownload
45Season 4, Episode 6: Everybody Hurts55:09Season OnlyDownload
46Season 4, Episode 7: Watching Too Much T53:48Season OnlyDownload
47Season 4, Episode 8: Mergers and Acquisi55:58Season OnlyDownload
48Season 4, Episode 9: Whoever Did This57:52Season OnlyDownload
49Season 4, Episode 10: The Strong, Silent53:22Season OnlyDownload
50Season 4, Episode 11: Calling All Cars47:52Season OnlyDownload

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In 1999 I was in high school and I Remember seeing the ad for this show on HBO and thinking this will never work this looks like mafia satire and why is HBO doing this junk . Then it premiered and I watched the pilot with my entire family and we were blown away my mother who was Italian American and from the old school told us wow this show really hits close to home they have a sure hit after that we watched for every season every Sunday night until our tv went to black and we thought the power went out in the season finally ...The Sopranos means so much to me because after that finally months later my mother died and I never got to share an important show or movie with her again .. so fast forward to 2019 and I find myself watching it from the beginning but this time as an adult almost Tony,s age with my own family and I can’t help but think how wonderful the writing is on this show it hits so close you start to wonder how in tune these creators were ... what I am trying to say after all these years it still holds up and is still the best show ever .. worth every Pennie

Best Show Ever!  SicilianSweetheart  5 star

Wow! I was waiting for this bundle come down in price...and 49.99 you cannot get any better than that for one of the best series HBO had. The Sopranos & Oz are two best series HBO put out.

Best serie ever  leono  5 star

Is the best drama serie of all time.

Sr. Quiñones
The Best TV Series in American History.  Sr. Quiñones  5 star

This is definitely the most exciting, addicting, and adventurous experience in American TV.

Best show on TV. Ever.  thepj123  5 star

Best show on TV. Ever.

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