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The critically acclaimed, top-rated original series returns with even higher professional and personal stakes. Legendary law partner Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and his brilliant protégé Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) have been a winning corporate legal team. But Mike’s fate hangs in the balance as fellow lawyer Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) digs deeper into Mike’s past and threatens to reveal his biggest secret: that he doesn’t have a law degree from Harvard as he originally claimed. Also starring Gina Torres, Meghan Markle and Sarah Rafferty. Suits, Season 4 Wiki

Suits, Season 4 Synopsis

1 - One-Two-Three Go...
Mike and Harvey adjust to their new paradigm. As they butt heads over strategy in Mike's first foray into investment banking, their new attorney-client relationship may be short-lived.

2 - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Harvey and Mike find themselves on opposite sides of a takeover battle that threatens to turn into a knockdown, drag-out fight – a fight complicated by Rachel’s relationship with Mike. Meanwhile, Louis finds himself partnered with recent SEC defector Jeff Malone in defending Pearson Specter from disgraced DA Eric Woodall.

3 - Two in the Knees
Pearson Specter's client, Logan Sanders, pushes Harvey to prove his relationship with Mike won't hinder him from doing what it takes to win their takeover battle.

4 - Leveraged
Mike moves to a hostile takeover of Gillis Industries. On the other side, Harvey and Louis pull out all the stops to make sure they win this takeover fight, and things take a personal turn.

5 - Pound of Flesh
Things get uncomfortably close between Rachel and Logan Sanders. Also, Harvey and Mike agree to a temporary ceasefire, and Mike learns just how ruthless his new business partner really is.

6 - Litt the Hell Up
Harvey tries to put an end to the Gillis Industries takeover. But when Mike continues to play hardball, Louis sees an opportunity to make a name for himself by saving the day.

7 - We're Done
When Rachel delivers troubling news, Mike makes a rash decision, leaving Harvey as the last friend to whom he can turn.

8 - Exposure
Mike has returned to Pearson Specter, and he's back to working with Rachel, in the wake of her confession about Logan. Jessica and Harvey try to outmaneuver the relentless Sean Cahill.

9 - Gone
The SEC investigation comes to a head as Sean Cahill begins a round of depositions. No one at Pearson Specter is safe as the inquisition unearths secrets both professional and personal.

10 - This Is Rome
Harvey and Jessica take measures to protect the firm from an outsider trying to poach their clients, and Louis struggles to get his personal and professional affairs in order.

11 - Enough Is Enough
It's a new world order as Jessica tries to appease Louis, in the wake of his discovery of Mike's secret.

12 - Respect
Harvard ethics professor Henry Gerard seeks Harvey's help on a case requiring a certain lack of ethics to win.

13 - Fork in the Road
Harvey and Louis take a drive to aid an out-of-town client to whom they both have deep ties; and Harvey uses the opportunity to force a confrontation between Louis and Mike about their trust issues. Meanwhile, in a flashback, we discover the root of Harvey and Louis’s competitive relationship in their early days at the firm. And Mike first learns the limitations of his genius when it comes to the law.

14 - Derailed
When Mike takes a humanitarian case with the potential to jeopardize firm business, Harvey must decide how much to rein in his associate.

15 - Intent
When Evan Smith brings new evidence nullifying the firm’s victory against Liberty Rail, Harvey and Mike must scramble to save the case. But when D.A. Wolf comes after the firm, they’re faced with the real possibility of Donna going to prison for her role. Meanwhile, Jessica and Malone try to adjust to their new roles in each other’s lives.

16 - Not Just a Pretty Face
When SEC investigator Sean Cahill fails to link Eric Woodall and Charles Forstman, Harvey must revisit his own uncomfortable past in order to find a way to put them away for good.

17 - Gabriel Macht Interview
Mike and Harvey adjust to their new paradigm. As they butt heads over strategy in Mike's first foray into investment banking, their new attorney-client relationship may be short-lived.

18 - Suits Recruits: Paper Trail
New vignettes which offer a unique look inside the world of Pearson Specter.

19 - Rick Hoffman Interview
Rick Hoffman shares stories from the set of Suits and fills us in on the exciting new season.

Suits, Season 4 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1One-Two-Three Go...43:01USD 1.99Download
2Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner42:57USD 1.99Download
3Two in the Knees42:57USD 1.99Download
4Leveraged44:01USD 1.99Download
5Pound of Flesh42:47USD 1.99Download
6Litt the Hell Up43:01USD 1.99Download
7We're Done43:06USD 1.99Download
8Exposure42:33USD 1.99Download
9Gone42:58USD 1.99Download
10This Is Rome43:56USD 1.99Download
11Enough Is Enough42:55USD 1.99Download
12Respect42:09USD 1.99Download
13Fork in the Road44:46USD 1.99Download
14Derailed43:01USD 1.99Download
15Intent43:02USD 1.99Download
16Not Just a Pretty Face45:29USD 1.99Download
17Gabriel Macht Interview03:28FreeDownload
18Suits Recruits: Paper Trail17:51Season OnlyDownload
19Rick Hoffman Interview03:18Season OnlyDownload

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DJ E-Bro
Dude just give it a try!  DJ E-Bro  5 star

One of the best series out there, from the Pilot to the last episode as of season 5 as of now & beyond! Just give it a try cause you can't go wrong with this show!

Great series or at least it used to be  orangeblood12c  5 star

Wow what happened to such a great series. This has turned into "All My Children" & they have just totally ruined the characters. I rated it 5 stars for the first 3 seasons but about 1 maybe 2 stars for this season. I have bought every season but sadly there won't be a fith for me. Thanks alot for turning one of the best series ever into a sappy nightime soap opera. Donna & Harvey your the best.

DPM 1234
Turned into a Soap Opera  DPM 1234  1 star

Such a shame, I liked it. It was clever and creative. There is none of that in this series, only boring stuff about Litt and soap opera dramatics.

Great  RajaRoop  5 star

Must see

Suits  supyo29  5 star

Wow. That was a great season. Way to go, #suits. Keep it up!

the good german
be careful...  the good german  3 star

SUITS started a s fantastic lawyer show with a real twist but lately it developed in a boring workplace drama…no real cases anymore only more soap-opera scenes so that it turns into a pure workplace drama…this is not why I signed on! Don’t make the mistake of continuing into this direction, you may loose more and more viewers...

This show deserves 6 stars  diltiazem  5 star

Without a doubt one of the best shows on television. The writers have gotten better and better with each season. How long can they keep it going? Eventually Mike has to get exposed or he has to figure out a way to get a Havard Law Degree!! I hope he can figure out a way to get a degree. Exposing him would just be such a horrible way to end this series.

Fairytale Interrupted
Eh  Fairytale Interrupted  1 star

Don't get me wrong, I have been a HUGE Suits fan. Seasons 1 and 2 were amazing. Seasons 3 and 4? Not my cup of tea. If you are interested in cliché and unnecessary drama between idiotic and predictable characters (or soap-opera-esque shows), then you should watch it. Otherwise, don't waste your money. Rachel and Mike need to sort out their priorities; their relationship is nothing short of Mary-Sue-and-Gary-Stu. There are better soap operas out there.

So bad  dbfreq  1 star

My wife hated this show from S1 E01. I enjoyed it until the latter half of the third season. It was my guilty pleasure. Then, the show jumped the shark. Maybe the original writers moved on to other shows and were replaced by the mythical 1,000 monkeys? Why have so many other good shows been canceled while good money is wasted producing this swill? The actor playing Louis Litt is The Worst Actor Who Has Ever Appeared In Any Theatrical Production Beyond the Third Grade (if that isn’t already an Emmy category, they need to make it one, or this guy will never win an award for anything other than his bowling or car washing skills). Whoever writes for him is in the same league. Unless you want to be angry at a TV show for wasting 43 minutes of your life, move on to something, anything else.

Best Season. Best Show. Case Closed.  heircraft_GodisGood  5 star

Near flawless writing, extraordinary casting.

Last two episodes holy….  ErinLH  5 star

Love this season. The first half, with Mike v Harvey was tense and frenetic, much like Harvey v Ava/Cameron Dennis. The backend of the season has some holy **** moments and some epic performances: Rick Hoffman (Louis) in “This is Rome”, Sarah Rafferty (Donna) in “Intent” and Gabriel Macht (Harvey) in “Not Just a Pretty Face”. The last two episodes will blow you out of the water. Can’t wait to see how it plays out in S5. BTW Foxtel has exclusive rights to Suits so once the episode has aired for the first time on Universal Channel it then becomes available on iTunes.

Addicted but very disappointed
Suits season 4  Addicted but very disappointed  3 star

The last 6 episodes are still not available despite the last episode airing over 2 months ago and new season 5 starting in 1 month. It's a great show but this is a very disappointing situation.

Disappointed  Name201963644680  3 star

Like the series but the last 8 episodes are almost a year in the waiting, if I have to wait much longer I am asking for my money back as I paid for a season pass, not a multi-year wait.

Really disappointed fb user
Remaining 8 episodes for season 4  Really disappointed fb user  5 star

Does anyone know when these episodes are been released in Australia? There are 8 episodes missing!

Great show  Mafia163  5 star

Season 4 is really good love watching.

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