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Dr. William Rush is not your average on-call doctor -- he’s not attached to any hospital, he’s highly discreet no matter what the ailment as long as the client can pay his cash-only premium and the doctor can party with the best of them. He has no desire to change his life or how he lives it, until an old flame and his conscience begin to stir things up. Rush, Season 1 Wiki

Rush, Season 1 Synopsis

Six recession-hit patriots from Oregon stake everything on mining and head north to Alaska to dig for gold and save themselves from financial ruin. The team of greenhorns beg, borrow and build all the equipment they need to mine for gold. Loaded with supplies, they leave their loved ones behind and drive from Oregon to southeast Alaska in a Klondike convoy.
The stakes get higher at the Porcupine Creek prospect as reality sets in about just how little time they have to get to their gold. The miners start to rebuild the mining ghost town but the bears aren't so keen on their new neighbors — and they let them know it.
The crew races to set up the mining plant and start running dirt. When the families arrive from Oregon and question the lack of gold — and master mechanic Harness becomes dangerously ill — the tension builds so high that Dorsey and Todd almost come to blows.
The team attempts to finally run potential pay dirt through the wash plant. But a visit from the Department of Fish and Game reveals a violation, jeopardizing their vital water supply to the mine. Then disaster strikes as Todd's daughter fights for her life.
The miners continue to run dirt but an equipment malfunction brings the operation to a halt. Meanwhile, James Harness collapses and Jimmy Dorsey drives a wedge between himself and the crew when he takes on an extra job to earn cash. But hard work late into the night finally hits a pay streak.
The miners' futures are on the line at Porcupine Creek. After 80 days, the miners are behind schedule, and the Hoffmans have run out of money and deliver the crew an ultimatum: find $10,000 worth of gold in the next two days, or the families have to head home to Oregon. Meanwhile, after Dorsey struggles with the wave table, tensions flare and fists fly.
With winter weather closing in, a gold recovery expert comes to help the rookies. Todd discovers a major design flaw in the equipment and is forced to make huge modifications. With the credit cards maxed out, he is forced to take desperate measures.
The crew remains in deep financial hole. Veteran miner "Dakota" Fred thinks he can turn things around and he cranks up production faster than ever before. But when things start falling apart, tensions mount and Harness can't keep his frustration in.
Desperate to get to bedrock and large quantities of gold, Todd and Jack throw caution to the wind and dig deeper than ever before. With the brutal Alaskan winter threatening, they battle floods, cave-ins and equipment breakdowns.
With the arctic winter looming, the crew races against the clock. Rain and thawing snow flood the mine and Jack puts his life on the line as the glory hole caves in around the massive 100,000 pound excavator.

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Rush, Season 1 Episodes

Watch as Todd, his father Jack and four other unemployed greenhorns leave their homes in search for a better life. While leasing a gold claim in Alaska, Todd and company must ward off bears, build homes for their families, and keep the operation running as they take fate into their own hands with a make or break venture that will change their lives forever.

Episode TitleTime
Don't Ask Me Why42:12
Learning to Fly43:05
We Are Family43:08
Where Is My Mind?42:24
You Spin Me Round42:13
Because I Got High43:08
Get Lucky43:11
Dirty Work42:59
Bitter Sweet Symphony43:10
Dr. William Rush is not your average on-call doctor -- he’s not attached to any hospital, he’s highly discreet no matter what the ailment as long as the client can pay his cash-only premium and the doctor can party with the best of them. He has no desire to change his life or how he lives it, until an old flame and his conscience begin to stir things up.
Rush is called in to help an up-and-coming MMA fighter who has a past untreated medical condition that could jeopardize a fight -- if not his life. Meanwhile, Alex attempts to save his job at the hospital. Later, Manny and Eve discuss their roles and boundaries in Rush’s life.
Rush is called in to treat a suspicious medical emergency at a social club where Eve is confronted by someone from her past. Meanwhile, Rush reaches out to his estranged father to help Alex get his job back. However, Rush must navigate his rocky relationship with his father all while chaperoning a troubled actor back to set after he jeopardizes his last-chance comeback.
Rush and his stepmother Corrine go to lunch, leading to an unexpected outcome. Meanwhile, Alex’s marriage becomes strained because of his relationship with Rush. Later, Rush helps a bail officer with his injured bounty, ending in a harrowing situation and Eve tries to embrace the need for balance between her work and personal life.
Rush curbs the anxiety from the aftermath of an unexpected rendezvous by taking on any medical call that comes his way, including one involving Manny’s father. Meanwhile, Eve takes charge of a case that shows her value in Rush’s life.
Rush and Alex plan a bro-weekend at a medical conference only to discover that Rush’s ex-girlfriend Sarah and her new boyfriend are also attending. Meanwhile, Rush treats a politician trying to hide his illness during an election run. Also, a surprise phone call compels Eve to make a fresh start with Lucas.
Rush treats a rock star who introduces him to a powerful hallucinogenic drug that propels him toward a life-changing realization. Meanwhile, Alex takes a call on Rush’s behalf and gets a taste of his lifestyle. Also, Eve grows concerned when personal belongings disappear from her apartment.
Rush reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Sarah and finds her a changed person. Meanwhile, Alex goes deeper into Rush’s world and discovers that he may be in over his head. Also, Eve spends time with Manny, who encourages her to take control of her life.
Rush’s renewed relationship with Sarah gets complicated. Meanwhile, Alex tries to control the fallout with his wife. Also, Sarah urges Eve to think about the other possibilities for her future, only to have them shattered when J.P. resurfaces. Warren Christie, Erica Cera, Harry Hamlin and Tiffany Hines guest star.
Rush makes some big life changes in order to start a new life with Sarah, but he can’t seem to escape the ghosts of his past. Meanwhile, Eve deals with the ramifications of her last encounter with her ex-boyfriend J.P. Also, Alex’s mistakes come to a head when Steffi reappears with a shocking proposal.

Rush, Season 1 Comments & Critics

Rush, Season 1 Reviews

Payoneer 💰10 star

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- Intriguing and well thought out5 star

The main character is relatable!the plot is complex but still understandable.the actors are fantastic! Tom Ellis was an amazing choice for Will Rush.

- Great5 star

Picked this up for $4.99, and money well spent. Rush's character is very likable. Tom Ellis is great in this role as he is in Lucifer. An entertaining series that shouldn't have been cancelled. After watching this, I'd recommend Lucifer, as Tom Ellis is the lead in that too.

- USA Network blew it.5 star

It was a very good show and the groundwork was woven perfectly for season two. I can’t believe it was cancelled.

- Love it5 star

Love it can't get enough of it bring back another season

- Best show ever5 star

I love this show... Plz make another season

- best tv show I’ve ever seen5 star

love love love

- Awww man :(5 star

I love this show and can't believe that there won't be a second season.

- Stimulating and enjoyable!5 star

Can't believe episode 10 is the season finale.. Even though the filmography wasn't that great, the cast and the story line is really interesting! Really fun to watch, can't wait for season 2!

- Good show!4 star

Lots of UPS and DOWNS and I don’t mean the drugs. Love Manny!

- Love it!5 star

reminds me of House, MD. Which I like!

- A Great TV Anti-Hero5 star

You love him; you despise him. He’s amoral; he has a (hint of a) conscience. Perfectly drawn character. Love this show!

- Missing episode3 star

Where's the episode from August 14?????

- Great awesome tv series5 star

Best series I've ever seen

- Very good show5 star

Very good show


Far-fetched? Sure. That's why TV is an 'escape.' This show has got the goods, I really hope it continues, definitely buying the whole season.

- Has Amazing Potential5 star

I feel like every girl and guy can relate to these characters, where on the one hand every girl has fallen for the bad boy she shouldnt have. And every bad boy has met the one girl that got away. I cant wait to see the characters grow and to find out more about each of their pasts as the show goes on.

- Sorry premise1 star

The character development seems to be a group of friends who tolerate an addict. I imagine a TV writer finds it fascinating, or an autobiography, but too over the top to be credible

- Love it !5 star

I am excited what is coming after this episode!

- Cant wait for new episodes5 star

Just watch this TV show! Aaaaaaaaaa

- CRAZY5 star

It's amazing I'm totally in love!

- Bad habits; great doctor5 star

A fascinating character and cast make this a show to watch out for. Yes he relies on a smorgasbord of controlled substances to keep him going, but the good doctor seems to be able to fix everything from family jewels to performing on-the-spot open cavity surgery. I hope they keep it going!

- Don't sleep on this show5 star

The cast ensemble is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to see how each character plays an integral part in how the world of Rush unfolds. Please keep this type of quality television writing creativity coming, USA. As a side note, it helps that Tom Ellis is gorgeous ;-)

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Bright Bright bright bright - Bring on Season 2 ❤️5 star

Fresh ideas and lots of potential for future seasons! Sure hope they give us a 2nd season!

Jeffery Thomas - Good pilot4 star

While comparisons to shows like Royal Pains are inevitable the pilot at least seemed like a legitimately fresh take on the private doc thing with potential to skip between the light and darker material in a very natural way. Let's hope the writing holds.

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Rush, Season 1 images
Rush, Season 1 images
Rush, Season 1 images

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Rush, Season 1 posters
Rush, Season 1 posters
Rush, Season 1 posters
Rush, Season 1 posters
Rush, Season 1 posters
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