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For decades, ex-government agent Raymond "Red" Reddington (Emmy winner® James Spader, The Office, Boston Legal) has been one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives. Brokering shadowy deals for criminals across the globe, Red was known by many as "The Concierge of Crime." Last season, he mysteriously surrendered to the FBI... but now the FBI works for him as he identifies a "blacklist" of politicians, mobsters, spies and international terrorists. He will help catch them all - with the caveat that Elizabeth "Liz" Keen (Megan Boone, Law & Order: Los Angeles) continues to work as his partner. Red will teach Liz to think like a criminal and see the bigger picture... whether she wants to or not. The Blacklist, Season 2 Wiki

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The Blacklist, Season 2 Episodes

The Blacklist is a crime drama involving a former government agent who turned into a high-profile criminal turning himself in to the FBI offering to help catch criminals.

Episode TitleTime
Lord Baltimore (No. 104)42:54
The Monarch Douglas Bank (No. 112)43:02
Dr. James Covington (No. 89)43:16
Dr. Linus Creel (No. 82)42:49
The Front (No. 74)43:01
The Mombasa Cartel (No. 114)43:11
The Scimitar (No. 22)43:01
The Decembrist (No. 12)43:14
Luther Braxton (No. 21)43:06
Luther Braxton (Conclusion)42:12
Ruslan Denisov (No. 67)42:42
The Kenyon Family (No. 71)42:57
The Deer Hunter (No. 93)42:02
T. Earl King VI (No. 94)42:53
The Major (No. 75)42:26
Tom Keen (No. 7)42:00
The Longevity Initiative (No. 97)42:57
Vanessa Cruz (No. 117)43:25
Leonard Caul (No. 62)43:00
Quon Zhang (No. 87)43:02
Karakurt (No. 55)42:59
Tom Connolly (No. 11)42:59
A Look Ahead: Season 202:23
Behind The Blacklist: Season 222:09
Red (James Spader) faces an important person from his past and continues to battle Berlin (Peter Stormare) while tangling with a new threat. Liz (Megan Boone) does her best to deal with her last showdown with Tom. Guest starring Mary-Louise Parker and Krysten Ritter.
Red aims to take down a corrupt bank after it's robbed, but Liz questions his intentions. Meanwhile, a new member joins Cooper's task force after impressing the team members.
The team tries to track down a sinister doctor and uncover his black-market operation. Meanwhile, Red tries to take advantage of a new opportunity in Indonesia, leaving him in a vulnerable position.
Nonviolent citizens become killers, prompting Red to suspect that a deadly psychological experiment has been put in motion. Meanwhile, Red offers a complicated proposition. Mary-Louise Parker and Paul Reubens guest star.
The team targets an eco-terrorist cell seeking a deadly weapon. Meanwhile, Liz attempts to lose her guardian, and Red resorts to manipulation to pursue a special someone.
Liz and Red delve into the perilous underworld of wildlife poachers when a mutilated corpse washes ashore. Elsewhere, Ressler develops a dangerous habit.
A devious hit man targets an important American scientist in the wake of an Iranian nuclear scientist's assassination. Meanwhile, Keen tries to collect intelligence on Berlin, and Red connects with a food-truck worker.
Red tries to snuff out a new threat by traveling to Moscow with Berlin to track down a high-ranking Russian official. Meanwhile, Liz tries to keep her secret from being exposed. Alan Alda and Peter Stormare guest star.
Part 1 of 2. The Task force tries to save Red when he’s arrested and taken to a secret detention facility. At the facility, Red tangles with a thief (Ron Perlman) with whom he shares a complicated history.
Conclusion. FBI boss Cooper tries to rescue his team in the wake of chaos at a detention facility. Elsewhere, thief Luther Braxton (Ron Perlman) attempts to attain confidential information.
The team aims to take down a menacing abduction master when an undercover CIA agent is kidnapped.
The team investigates the vanishing of a polygamous cult leader with dangerous shipping containers buried on his property. Meanwhile, Red seeks a hidden safe.
The task force targets a serial killer who tracks his victims like prey. Meanwhile, suspicions rise about a possible murder as Liz tries to keep her secret from being exposed.
Red gets entangled in a dangerous game with a wealthy family whose fortune was illegally amassed. Meanwhile, Tom delves into a new mission.
Liz is questioned in court as a murder suspect, with the task force and her odd relationship with Red falling under scrutiny. Elsewhere, the hunt is on for a dangerous former associate who may be able to keep Liz out of prison.
As evidence mounts against Liz in the case of the murdered DC Harbormaster, a federal judge makes it clear to her that she will face severe criminal charges. Red and Ressler jump into high gear to exonerate Liz but the only solution is to find the recently vanished Tom Keen.
The task force tracks a scientist who abducts disabled patients to conduct experiments on immortality. Now back in Washington, DC, Tom scrambles to save himself from new enemies.
The force pursues a provocative female frame-up artist targeting the moneyed elite. Elsewhere, Tom desperately seeks Liz's help, and Red puts pressure on Liz for the Fulcrum.
Red fights for his life while the task force races to track down a mysterious figure from his past. Also: Tom provides help in an unexpected way.
After decoding the information that is embedded in The Fulcrum, Red is determined to stop an imminent threat. Meanwhile, the task force discovers that deceased bodies of Chinese-American women are being smuggled out of the country under false identities. Liz continues to search for answers about her past after discovering a picture hidden in Red’s secret flat.
Following intel from Red, the FBI find themselves one-step behind the most dangerous Russian Assassin, Karakurt, an enemy on U.S. soil. To avoid catastrophe, Liz and Ressler meet with Russian Counter-Intelligence who offer insight not only on Karakurt, but also on the identity of Liz’s mother. Cooper finds himself in a compromising position.
Liz discovers she's being framed by the Cabal, prompting Red to tap into his connections to clear her name, in the Season 2 finale. Cooper receives stunning news and the task force is plagued by trust issues.
Showrunners Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath along with Co-Executive Producer Lukas Reiter give us a few tantalizing hints of what's to come for Red, Liz and the task force in Season 2.
Hosted by Amir Arison, “Behind The Blacklist: Season II” is a fun peek behind the curtain of this international television hit, presented through entertaining interviews with cast and creators sharing their “insider” stories, and exciting clip packages that feature everything fans love about THE BLACKLIST -- incredible action, colorful villains, evolving characters, unpredictable storylines, and edge-of-your-seat suspense. The special will conclude with the world-premiere of an eye popping :90 trailer, which will exclusively utilize new footage.

The Blacklist, Season 2 Comments & Critics

The Blacklist, Season 2 Reviews

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- Yeah xfwou5 star


- One of the Best!!5 star

I hope this show never ends. It's hard to find a good show now that has a great story and actors.

- Awesome!5 star

This is a great show! Can't stop watching it!

- Love5 star

Cannot wait to see more!

- Spader is a god5 star

This is by far the best show I have ever watched. Red is fantastic and Spader is going to win more awards that you can count on two hands for this show alone. Very impressed

- Just as good as scandal5 star

Favorite show

- Brilliant Series5 star

The Blacklist never seizes to amaze me. Almost every episode is filled with thrilling action and a wonderful plot. The cases presented in every episode are innovative and engaging. The characters' development is spectacular and it is amazing to see how Elizabeth develops, especially towards the end of this season. Hands down, The Blacklist is my favorite TV show.

- #RunLizzieRun5 star

This show is very interesting. Highly recommend you to watch it if you like plot twist, crazy relationship drama, weird criminals, etc.... Of course James Spader brings out the show. I think Megan got better in her acting than she did the series premiere (in my opinion). AND THE SEASON FINALE!!! JESUS! Not gonna spoil it, but if your catching up right now, you got a storm coming your way. Can't wait for season 3! Like I said above, watch it if you like those things. I made 5 of my friends addicted to it already 😂

- The Blacklist5 star

This television show capture me right from the start and I haven't missed a show since! He plays a great villain/hero. I love how action-packed it is and how it leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat by the end of the show. I would highly recommend this series to anybody looking for a new one to grasp onto.

- The Blacklist3 star

Season 2 was a bit better but the writers continue to have episodes that are too bizarre for words. The season finale was so-so. At this point, who cares who Elizabeth's father is? I watch it for James Spader's performances. Certainly not for Megan Boone's.

- The Blacklist3 star

Season 2 was a bit better but the writers continue to have episodes that are too bizarre for words. The season finale was so-so. At this point, who cares who Elizabeth's father is? I watch it for James Spader's performances. Certainly not for Megan Boone's.

- Brilliant5 star

Love it!

- All5 star

Every show is a winner as far as I'm concerned. Excellent writing and acting. Spader is at the top of his game as usual. Best show on TV.

- Love it!5 star

Can't wait for the return. One of th best shows made! The characters acting is 100% beleavable.

- The Blacklist3 star

Let's face it: James Spader is the reason this show is successful. The story lines tend to be repetitive one way or another, the rest of the cast is mediocre at best. I'm sorry to be harsh, but Megan Boone cannot act. The three stars are for Mr. Spader's portrayal of Reddington.

- Addicting, Thrilling, Well Written5 star

This series is very interesting, it keeps you on your toes, and it has great character development. We cannot stop watching it!

- The Rater5 star

Best character - great performance

- Doesn't live up to all the hype1 star

Honestly I'm not sure what 30 million people see in this show. To me this is a very boring show no matter how good the acting is. And didn't we all know Red was her father? Predictable plot!!! I don't recommend this show at all

- James Spader5 star

What a great show! It keeps you on the edge and you never know what's going to happen next.

- Spader okay, the rest nay3 star

2.5 stars. Season 2 is a little better than the first, but it's still just network tv trying and failing to be as gritty and edgy as cable and internet. There's a general aura of the preposterous to both individual episodes and the bigger story arcs that makes an awful lot of it hard to take seriously in any way. The FBI can't possibly be as naive and clueless and consistently inept as they're portrayed here. Spader is still the best reason to watch, though by this season his schtick is starting to get repetitious and his little quips and one-liners very predictable. He gets help from some excellent guest stars again this season (Alan Alda's final scene is one you won't soon forget) -- which is good, because the rest of the regular cast are all bland, dull, completely replaceable tv actor-units, especially the ostensible co-star and her ridiculous hubby. If the writing were both much more creative and much more realistic, and the rest of the regular cast better actors, this could actually be a good show. Big ifs.

- James Spader is the MAN!!5 star

Love this show, James Spader is really such a great actor! Love the backstory, I just can't say enough about this show. If you are not watching it.. you are missing out. Buy all seasons today, you will not be disappointed!

- Funny in Poland4 star

Just finished watching ep #2 season 2. Polish connection. I wonder about creators and producers of this series. Wonder about their IQ. Because sometimes it looks like they are geniuses and sometimes they are outright ignorant and stupid. Mentioned above episode is one of more dumbassed made. I am of Polish descend and was laughing hard how badly ignorant of details like language, culture, behavior of Poles crew of this episode was. I think The Blacklist is a great show and whomever is responsible for making sure the ratings of this series are as high as possible must be aware of millions of Polish/Americans living in this country who watch TV regularly and do not want to see and put up with BS of ignorance.

- A Delicious Indulgence!5 star

First, watch the pilot. It cleverly sets the stage and expectations for the entire series. If the pilot does not intrigue or entertain you, then The Blacklist may not be your best 42-minute distraction from reality. I was hooked from the moment Raymond Reddington calmly stripped off his coat & fedora to assume the "surrender" position on the FBI shield. The audacity was amusing and continues to be so throughout the series. Each episode adds a master stroke to the emerging portrait of Reddington. I also like the air of 1940s film noir coupled with the high-tech scenarios from today's headlines. Red is the centerpiece - the cause of all that takes place in this unfolding series. There would be no "Post Office" task force or supplemental characterizations without this catalyst. Spader does a wonderful job of bringing Red to life. The mannerisms and affectations are splendidly minimal. With world-weary élan & child-like delight, Red becomes recognizable as both menacing and endearing within the first act of the pilot. By the time we reach the second season, Red remains an unknown but intriguing quantity. We can read into him whatever we wish: unsung hero, devil-may-care criminal, bittersweet father, despicable manipulator, humorous rogue, etc. Each new script dictates the various layers of Red we are allowed to see. Then there is Liz, Special Agent Elizabeth Keen. Her background is as vague as Reddington's, but not intentionally so. Lacking the knowledge of her own childhood & origins is what continually forges her alliance with Red. Boone portrays her timidly in the first season, and with more confidence in the second. Lizzie's youth & inexperience make her vulnerable. The universal hunger for personal validity and acceptance brings her back to Red again & again throughout the series. A type of father/daughter relationship has grown between them. Liz seems both repulsed & attracted by the prospect of Red being her biological father. At this stage of the game, Red is neither confirming nor definitively denying paternity. (Red has survived by using his wits & by only revealing what is necessary. His is a world of twisted semantics: when he says "no," is he lying by telling the truth or telling the truth by lying?) That's his trump card to reveal - the final act of this intricate play. This, then, is the basis of The Blacklist. The blacklist itself comprises all of the chapters (episodes) that lead to the conclusion (finale). If your traveling philosophy is more in line with the enjoyment of the journey than the anticlimax of the destination, then consider indulging in this delicious dessert. Bonuses: Outstanding musical selections set the tone/mood of the story lines, Spader's tour de force as Reddington, a strong supporting cast that is building into an ensemble, & fluid writing with allegorical references is highly quotable. Con: Spader's so entertaining as Reddington that I want to see him in every scene.

- AWESOME!5 star


- Love Red!5 star

Love, love, love The Blacklist! Easily the best show currently on televsion. James Spader is terrific as always & Red is one of my favorite characters of all time.

- Excellent series5 star

good fiction produced well

- excellent show5 star

Thus far I am truly enjoying the show. As others have said, Spader is wonderful in this and carries the show easily. I would like to see a bit more expansion of the peripheral players / agents. I do like that they appear to be almost cavalier with the killing off of semi-main characters. I've only seen the first episode of season 2 but the first season was fabulous. Here's hoping the second gets right with it.

- Blacklist5 star

I am so addicted ! I have the biggest crush on Red! He is way cool, way sexy, way hot! LOVE HIM & the show is incredible!

- Better then the first season!5 star

still has yet to let me down love it.

- Ok so1 star

What's up with the last 15 minutes of every episode so far? dead scenes with whiny music. Why are they trying to add this weird emotional crap that does not fit? Seriously. Quit it boys.

- What happened?1 star

What in the name of hell happened to this show? It has just gotten pointless. There are so many things happening, yet there is nothing happening. It used to be about different people every time. This show is no good. My step father likes it. My mom and I do not care about it anymore.

- One of the most bad tv shows1 star

It’s one of the most stupid tv shows, that I ever seen. I have no more words and can’t understand, why many peoples love it.

- Same Old Same Old2 star

Just like most every other show after the first season: mindless soap opera drama. You could cut out 10 minutes of the final edits and no one would notice.

- Berlin is boring, and the show is depressing now1 star

The whole nemesis theme is a writer’s crutch. It’s been done over an over. They did the same thing in the Mentalist and a dozen other shows (can you say Moriarty over and over). Tired, cliche, boring. Too bad. First season was pretty good. Now its just ‘lets cut up a woman for shock value’ hack writing. Sad.

- This series rocks!5 star

I love this show so happy Reddington is back!

- I love this show so much5 star


- Excellent Show5 star

One of the best show I've seen in a very long time. Very well written, and Red's the man....

- Spader is the only good element2 star

As usual Spader is excellent, unfortunately the rest of the show never manages to play at his level. The acting is sub par, characters are one-dimensional and the plots are telegraphed leaving no room for surprise. Worst of all, everyone but “Red” is incompetent; having your genius main character outwit nitwits is boring.

- Addicting and Excellent5 star

Best action/thriller/drama currently on television. Spies/Mafia/FBI/CIA/Cybercrime/Weapons Experts/Hand to hand combat all rolled into one. You never know what's coming around the next corner. The lines between allies and enemies are blurred and constantly changing. James Spader is brilliant.

- Blacklist5 star

Fabulous show!

- James Spader steals the show5 star

James Spader is amazing on the show! The show itself is very addicting. It keeps you on your toes

- Spader never disappoints5 star

James Spader has the same smugness in his character Reddington as he did as Steff in Pretty in Pink 30 years ago. One of my favorite actors and my favorite TV show. Great music too.

- Hmmmm.4 star

I give every episode of the first season 5 stars. The premiere of season 2 however… Well, let's just say I hope it gets better. So many things were predictable this time, at least to me. I bought a season pass, I hope that wasn't a mistake. I dropped it to 4 stars only because season one was excellent, otherwise I would have given this episode 3 stars.

- Outstanding5 star

The show is outstanding. Well written and expertly acted through a great cast. Spader is fantastic and I cannot believe I've never seen his earlier work. Some of the best acting and writing on television.

- Mr. Spader is a genius5 star

No one can deliver a deadpan line as well as he can. I have been a fan since Boston Legal days and am delighted he's back. The show gets a bit violent at times (I'm pretty sensitive to icky gore) but my devotion to "Jimmy" keeps me going. One of the best shows on TV, but not for the faint of heart.

- Love this show5 star

Ok there maybe some overlap but the characters work well and play off each other. One of my favorite shows. 5 stars

- Highly Recommend!5 star

Show keeps you interested, mainly due to James Spader, really hope they add some more lively characters in season two, James Spader could use some help. Agents are very plain.

- CAN NOT WAIT!5 star


- Love it5 star

Best show on tv

- Red is awesome5 star

This is a very thrilling and awesome show, it keeps you on edge!

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5 star

@SciTheComedist 1. Boston Legal 2. The Blacklist 3. Shark 4. The Originals 5. Into The Badlands Supporting; 6.…

5 star

@theroyalbeloved: Are you a cyber security enthusiast? Watch this movies: CSI: Cyber (Season 1&2) Blacklist ( Season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)…

5 star

@thokozaniep: @SciTheComedist 1.prison break 2.wayward pines 3.the Witcher season 1 4.blacklist #Mytop5series

5 star

@jxshxreyex: Done watching blacklist✨The flow of the story was really good just like the gifted.Every episode is exiting and amazing as…

5 star

@SciTheComedist 1.prison break 2.wayward pines 3.the Witcher season 1 4.blacklist #Mytop5series

5 star

Out of the 2 Blacklist was really great. I adore Reddington and looking forward to the 8th season.

5 star

Who watches blacklist !!!!!! It’s still killin me why Red protects ole girl the way he does . I’m only in season 2

5 star

@GinnyGinny_1 @realDonaldTrump We’ve been binge watching Blacklist, we’re on season 2..the FBI is fighting the CIA…

5 star

@sonieon her real name is chanikarn tangkabodee and her stage name is prim, dia 04L (berasa kentang bgt demi) and I…

5 star

@theroyalbeloved: Are you a cyber security enthusiast? Watch this movies: CSI: Cyber (Season 1&2) Blacklist ( Season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)…

5 star

About 2 months ago, when I started watching The Blacklist, I said I love Elizabeth Keen. Now, I’m in season 6 and I…

5 star

@ProtestChris: @Hangi @ThiaMedia @MancowMuller @JoelSGilbert @MancowMuller had Lennix as guest on his show, and off air, Lennix exposed…

5 star

Watching the blacklist season 2 is crazy!

5 star

@fessthai make it right season 1&2, blacklist, the shipper, dew the movie, he's coming to me(?)

5 star

So Addict with The Blacklist. Gila gue begadang mulu nih, baru dipertengahan season 2 😂😂

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The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images
The Blacklist, Season 2 images

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terroristfbiinvestigationcriminal mastermindcrime lordhidden identitycriminal consultant

The Blacklist, Season 2 posters
The Blacklist, Season 2 posters
The Blacklist, Season 2 posters
The Blacklist, Season 2 posters
The Blacklist, Season 2 posters
The Blacklist, Season 2 posters
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