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Explore the far reaches of the galaxy in this undeniably hip series that inspired a generation – and redefined anime as an indisputable art form. The Bebop crew is just trying to make a buck. This motley lot of intergalactic loners teams up to track down fugitives and turn them in for cold hard cash. Join Spike, Jet, Fay, Ed, and Ein as they make their way in the year 2071. Cowboy Bebop, The Complete Series Wiki

Cowboy Bebop, The Complete Series Synopsis

1 - Session #1: Asteroid Blues
Spike and Jet head to Tijuana to track down an outlaw smuggling a dangerous drug known as blood-eye. Jet wants the bounty, but Spike has eyes for a far prettier prize.

2 - Session #2: Stray Dog Strut
Spike and Jet’s next case takes them to Mars, where they’ll to try apprehend a professional pet thief and a priceless data dog.

3 - Session #3: Honky Tonk Women
A night at the casino lands Spike and Jet in hot water when they cross paths with Faye Valentine, a stunning con artist wanted by the law – and the bad guys.

4 - Session #4: Gateway Shuffle
Faye teams up with Spike and Jet to track down a gang of space activists that plans on turning the human population into monkeys!

5 - Session #5: Ballad of Fallen Angels
Spike aims to collect the bounty on a member of the Red Dragon Syndicate, but his mission leads him into a deadly showdown with a face from his past!

6 - Session #6: Sympathy for the Devil
The latest case for the crew of the Bebop finds Spike pitted against a young boy with a talent for the harmonica – and murder.

7 - Session #7: Heavy Metal Queen
The Bebop crew pursues a renegade explosives expert, and Spike crosses paths with a nameless space trucker that hates bounty hunters.

8 - Session #8: Waltz for Venus
Spike gets involved with a fugitive who is willing to risk his own life to restore his sister’s sight. Can the Bebop crew save the day before tragedy strikes?

9 - Session #9: Jamming With Edward
The Bebop crew tries to crack the case of mysterious satellite drawings appearing on the Earth’s surface, but they’ll need help from a hacker know as Radical Edward to earn their bounty!

10 - Session #10: Ganymede Elegy
When a case takes the Bebop crew to Jet’s old stomping ground, the big man crosses paths with an old lover – and her wanted boyfriend.

11 - Session #11: Toys in the Attic
When an unusual, blob-like space creature infects Ein, Faye, and Jet, Spike and Radical Edward must figure out a way to save their friends.

12 - Session #12: Jupiter Jazz, Pt. 1
Faye robs and abandons the Bebop crew, Spike goes in search of a woman he once knew, and Vicious makes another deadly appearance.

13 - Session #13: Jupiter Jazz, Pt. 2
Jet continues his mission to reunite his Bebop comrades, and Spike finds himself locked in a brutal dogfight with his old nemesis Vicious.

14 - Session #14: Bohemian Rhapsody
The Bebop Crew embarks on a wild goose chase of a bounty hunt that leads them deep into space in search of an ancient chess master.

15 - Session #15: My Funny Valentine
When Jet brings in a fugitive from Faye’s past, the rebellious beauty must decide whether to turn him in – or give an old flame one last chance.

16 - Session #16: Black Dog Serenade
Jet teams up with a former partner to settle the score with the man who took his arm, but he soon discovers that memories can be deceiving.

17 - Session #17: Mushroom Samba
After the Bebop crash lands, Ed and Ein’s search for food turns up some very expensive mushrooms with psychedelic side effects!

18 - Session #18: Speak Like a Child
When a mysterious package arrives, Faye disappears on a gambling binge, and Spike and Jet embark on a frustrating search for ancient technology!

19 - Session #19: Wild Horses
While Spike pays a visit to the man who built his ship, Faye and Jet go fishing for space pirates.

20 - Session #20: Pierrot Le Fou
Spike takes a beating during a chance encounter with an indestructible assassin. While Jet searches for the secret to the madman’s power, Spike goes looking for payback!

21 - Session #21: Boogie Woogie Feng Shui
Spurred by a cryptic email, Jet goes looking for an old friend, but finds his daughter – and a mysterious sun stone – instead.

22 - Session #22: Cowboy Funk
Spike’s attempts to apprehend the infamous Teddy Bear Bomber are maddeningly derailed by a mysterious – and clueless – cowboy!

23 - Session #23: Brain Scratch
Faye goes undercover to collect the bounty on a deranged cult leader, but when the mysterious organization brainwashes her into a very deep sleep – she’ll need a little help from her friends.

24 - Session #24: Hard Luck Woman
Faye and Ed discover clues to their respective pasts that could send the crew of the Bebop heading in very different directions.

25 - Session #25: The Real Folk Blues, Pt. 1
Spike and Jet are ambushed by members of the syndicate, and Faye has an unexpected encounter with a woman from Spike’s past.

26 - Session #26: The Real Folk Blues, Pt. 2
Spike finally finds the woman he’s been searching for, and Faye makes a surprising return to the Bebop. With the syndicate in hot pursuit, Spike seeks to end the reign of Vicious.

Cowboy Bebop, The Complete Series Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Session #1: Asteroid Blues24:55USD 1.99Download
2Session #2: Stray Dog Strut22:28USD 1.99Download
3Session #3: Honky Tonk Women24:53USD 1.99Download
4Session #4: Gateway Shuffle24:52USD 1.99Download
5Session #5: Ballad of Fallen Angels24:14USD 1.99Download
6Session #6: Sympathy for the Devil24:52USD 1.99Download
7Session #7: Heavy Metal Queen24:52USD 1.99Download
8Session #8: Waltz for Venus24:46USD 1.99Download
9Session #9: Jamming With Edward24:45USD 1.99Download
10Session #10: Ganymede Elegy24:53USD 1.99Download
11Session #11: Toys in the Attic24:55USD 1.99Download
12Session #12: Jupiter Jazz, Pt. 124:52USD 1.99Download
13Session #13: Jupiter Jazz, Pt. 224:53USD 1.99Download
14Session #14: Bohemian Rhapsody24:52USD 1.99Download
15Session #15: My Funny Valentine24:55USD 1.99Download
16Session #16: Black Dog Serenade24:55USD 1.99Download
17Session #17: Mushroom Samba24:34USD 1.99Download
18Session #18: Speak Like a Child24:52USD 1.99Download
19Session #19: Wild Horses24:40USD 1.99Download
20Session #20: Pierrot Le Fou24:50USD 1.99Download
21Session #21: Boogie Woogie Feng Shui24:52USD 1.99Download
22Session #22: Cowboy Funk24:52USD 1.99Download
23Session #23: Brain Scratch24:50USD 1.99Download
24Session #24: Hard Luck Woman24:50USD 1.99Download
25Session #25: The Real Folk Blues, Pt. 124:53USD 1.99Download
26Session #26: The Real Folk Blues, Pt. 224:21USD 1.99Download

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my nickyname
Perfect  my nickyname  5 star

Nearly twenty years after first day watching cowboy bebop, I still am enthralled by this masterpiece.

Japanese Please!  GreekGuy81684  3 star


Don’t pass go  Roskolnikov  2 star

Great series and excellent picture quality; but... at this price point I expect the option for original score/voice with subtitles or the English dub; the box Blu-ray has this. You made a poor decision. In removing it. I will gladly purchase this series again (currently have the Blu-ray’s) when you fix this omission.

Add it  Patrickills  2 star

Love the anime. The English VA aren’t bad but please add Japanese voices too. They worked hard as hell and it’s disrespectful to limit the way we view when we have a choice on things like the DVD it’s so supposed to be enjoyable and convenient

No original audio?!?  Stpaulrunner83  1 star

No original audio?!?

Fantastic series, but no Japanese soundtrack  lbutlr  4 star

The HD looks fantastic, the show is probably the best anime series ever made, and the English dub is one of the better dubs. That said, not having the Japanese audio as well is very annoying, and worth deducting a full star.

Uttered  miuugmmgujjttt  4 star

Thank ele rrrwretb DT have my okybyiiomtrtn

Best Buy ever  C.R.E.A  5 star

I got the complete series for 4.99 great buy if you ask me, idk why ppl are complaining that it’s not in original Japanese audio/ dialog I mean if you ask me the dub cast for English doesn’t really disgrace the og audio. Not like Netflix is doing with EVA I have to give props for the voice actors who did the English version because they do match the characters up pretty well compared to the og version. In my final sentence, if you grew up or to this day watch cowboy bebop on adult swim then this will bring back memories

Channing Wong
Incomplete. No Japanese audio.  Channing Wong  1 star

Ok I bought this on sale because I was too lazy to put my blu-rays in, but how can you sell an anime series without the Japanese track? Yeah this is probably one of the best dubbed series around but no Japanese track is inexcusable.

Very poor animation  jamesmc70  1 star

One of the most poorly animated series ever created. Not to mention the story line is terrible.

What the Hell!!!!  Guerraroman21  1 star

Where is the cowboy bebop movie!!!!!!!!!! I want the cowboy bebop movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best. Anime. EVER!  Joie_Fatale  5 star

Is it ok to like other anime more? sure. That’s valid! Is it ok to not like Cowboy Bebop? …sure…we can let that slide; “Different strokes for different folks…” and all that. But that won’t change the fact that this is the best anime ever. From the animation, to fight scenes, to the music and the stories; Cowboy Bebop is a beautifully done CLASSIC! It’s utterly complete in and of itself. It’s perfection. Pure and simple: PERFECTION!

One of the All-Time Greatest Animes, But...  SMRosen85  5 star

Stay away from episode #21! It's the worst one in the series! Apart from that, Cowboy Bebop is untouchable.

Great Show  Rockman_92  5 star

A classic must watch!

Great Starter Anime  Collioman  5 star

Everything in Bebop from the music that uses generes from all over the world, to the excellent dubbing, and the beautifuly hand drawn works. Even to this day, Cowboy Bebop can be considered one of the greatest anime to date. There are some themes of smoking, drinking, shooting, drugs and violence, and some partially sexual themes, but it still is a masterpiece.

Superior story and dubbing  thebebop  5 star

Considered one of the greatest anime series, it's cool jazz tone sets the mood for a wild ride as a deep plot and characters mixes with bounty hunting hijinks. Glad iTunes has it with the English cast and that the soundtrack is available as well. It is also one of the best English dubs ever made! Considered superior to the Japanese voice acting in many ways, it is still highly regarded within the voice acting community. Sing song-y Edward and cool Spike are creations of the English voice actors and the director in the booth. Do NOT let the negativity dissuade you. In this instance, the English dub is actually considered superior (with a couple of exceptions on smaller parts). The main cast is still highly regarded in the industry and the success of this anime helped the industry explode here in the States. Would only buy it with the English cast.

THE WAIT IS OVER!  Rene1976  5 star

I’ve been waiting years for this! Thank you so much to Apple iTunes and Funimation for finally releasing this in 1080p in North America!! I understand people’s beef about the Japanese audio, but I am only familiar with the English version. Keep in mind that most Hollywood movies are dubbed as opposed to subbed when they go abroad, so you really can’t be a snob about the dubbing. I’m sure they’ll release a Japanese audio version soon too. See you Space Cowboy!

A Classic of Japanese Animation!  Ifran27  5 star

One of the darlings of the genre, Cowboy Bebop is an energetic ride through a futuristic wild west across the galaxy, where bounty hunters, criminals, drifters and all types collide head on in a frantic dance played out to a captivating soundtrack of Jazz and Bebop. Unfortunately, with this iTunes release there isn’t a Japanese language track or english subtitles. While that might turn away some folks, as most Japanese animation dubs are known to be notoriously bad, Cowboy Bebop shines brilliantly here. It it by far one of the most stellar examples of English dubs done right and perfectly adds to the personalities of the major characters. For anyone not sure about Japanese anime but are looking to sample what the genre has to offer, I would definitely recommend this gem of a classic to be your right of passage.

One of the Best Debuts in Rap History
Speechless  One of the Best Debuts in Rap History  5 star

Honestly I have no words. It's an animated TV show and yet it lives on as something deeper in my life. I hate anime. Naruto, Full Alchemist, Pokemon. I don't group Cowboy Bebop in with anime. Cowboy Bebop is the Quentin Tarantino version of anime with the excellent Japanese storyline formula. The soundtrack is amazing. The character interactions, voices, and back stories are unlike any other. The idea of bringing jazz to the scene instead of J-pop sets the mood for everything. I could go on for days. Cowboy Bebop is the best animated drama of all time.

Cowboy Beboo  Cressboy90  1 star

No Japanese audio and English subtitles... no sale.

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