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Get ready for romance, roses and, of course, drama! One lucky man is offered the chance to find true love — and a bride — in this primetime reality series. This season’s Bachelor is Chris Soules, 33, the stylish and sexy farmer from a small town in Iowa (population 427!) who hoped to find love with Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette. Chris was sent home by Andi, but now he’ll have his own chance to fall in love on The Bachelor, beginning with a three-hour live event. The enormously successful but humble Midwestern bachelor and self-proclaimed romantic has found it difficult to date, but that hasn’t stopped him from having faith that one day he will find the perfect woman for him — someone who is smart, motivated and confident, who also yearns for a big family. Chris’s experience on The Bachelorette made him realize that love really is out there, and he is confident that he will find it as the Bachelor. Don’t miss a moment! The Bachelor, Season 19 Wiki

The Bachelor, Season 19 Synopsis

1 - 1901
In the 19th edition of The Bachelor, Chris Soules, 33, the sexy and successful farmer from Iowa, who vied for the heart of Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, is ready to find love. In the special live season premiere, Chris prepares for the night of his life as 30 beautiful bachelorettes, all clamoring to meet him, begin to arrive. After a dramatic twist, at the end of the evening, 22 bachelorettes remain to start the exciting adventure with Chris and begin the search for love.

2 - 1902
The drama begins immediately, as the 22 remaining bachelorettes are shocked when Kimberly, who had been eliminated during the first rose ceremony, suddenly returns to steal the Bachelor away and makes an emotional plea to give her a second chance … but will he? Now that he is living down the road from the mansion, Chris starts the fun with six gorgeous women, stripping down to sexy swimsuits for a rooftop pool party. The competition heats up as the ladies have a tractor race on the streets of Los Angeles, with the winner getting special alone time with Chris. Megan captures the first one-on-one date of the season: a romantic helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Eleven women face one of the most scary group dates ever as they shoot their way through a maze of zombies using paintballs as ammunition. Plus, one seductive woman is out to cause trouble for Chris at the cocktail party.

3 - 1903
Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live) surprises Bachelor Chris and the 18 remaining women by taking over the show as guest host for this episode. An avid fan of the franchise, Jimmy informs them that he is there to help Chris on his journey to find a wife to bring home to Arlington, Iowa. He introduces the bachelorettes to his "Amazing Jar," plans dates and winds up in a hot tub - all in the name of love.

4 - 1904
This week, the Bachelor's three sisters will pick the lucky bachelorette who will go on a special one-on-one date with their brother. A beautiful beach day at Lake Piru in the mountains of Southern California turns up the heat on a group date, as one woman jumps in without her bikini top and, not to be outdone, another takes off her bikini bottom! The day at the lake turns into evening and the group camps out to spend the night there. One aggressive woman shares some surprising news with Chris, but will it make a difference in how he views her as a potential soul mate? Then Chris gets "down and dirty" with six bachelorettes as they travel to San Francisco to participate in a grueling mud run - in wedding dresses. The cocktail party leads to more revelations and confrontations, as one woman questions Chris's motives for being there and he, in return, delivers a blunt message to the rest of the bachelorettes.

5 - 1905
Chris and the 11 remaining women begin their journey around the country to find love in picturesque Santa Fe, New Mexico. Carly is the lucky woman to get the first one-on-one date, but the couple has to survive a very awkward, intimate meeting with the "Love Guru." Kelsey, already the focus of the other women's animosity, stirs up more trouble when some of the women don't believe her to be the sympathetic character she seems to be. A group date with nine gorgeous bachelorettes challenges them to ride the whitewater rapids of the Rio Grande River, but one woman falls overboard with perilous results. A stunned Chris is confronted by a rejected lady from his past who won't take "no" for an answer. The Bachelor swoops in and takes Britt on a fabulously romantic hot air balloon ride, but is there something she is hiding from Chris to curry favor? Finally, Kelsey's bid for attention goes awry.

6 - 1906
Kelsey's panic attack causes controversy and the dreaded two-on-one date features two women in an extreme face-off in South Dakota's Badlands. Country stars Big & Rich appear.

7 - The Bachelor: Chris Tells All
In this revealing new one-hour special, Bachelor Chris Soules joins host Chris Harrison to discuss some of the most unforgettable women and memorable moments of the season so far, along with a sneak peek of never-before-seen moments. One of this season’s most controversial bachelorettes, Kelsey, opens up about her panic attack — was it real or fake? The Bachelor also shares his thoughts about another outrageous woman — Ashley S. — and reveals why he gave certain ladies a second chance. He also weighs in on Jimmy Kimmel’s attempt to help him find love. Finally, last season’s Bachelorette Andi Dorfman reveals the happy times and heartbreaking memories of her engagement to Josh and where she thinks their relationship went wrong.

8 - 1907
Chris puts a difficult, heart-wrenching week behind him, but tough decisions remain as the episode begins with the cocktail party in Deadwood, South Dakota, and Chris sends home an easygoing, carefree bachelorette. The lucky remaining women accompany Chris to his home state of Iowa, where they get a sneak peek of what life with the Bachelor might be like. Jade snares her second one-on-one date and the chance to visit Chris's hometown of Arlington, Iowa. Another one-on-one date with Whitney to Des Moines has the couple celebrating love in photos, but then she is grilled by Chris's best friends. What will be their verdict? The rest of the women decide to take their own road trip to Arlington, Chris's hometown, and they are in for a reality check. How will they react to the town being that small? One woman shares a dark secret she has been keeping from Chris, but when will Chris, himself, find out? A high stakes group date pits two frontrunners against an underdog with the winner of the date rose automatically getting a hometown date. It all culminates with one jealous woman confronting Chris in a devastating meltdown.

9 - 1908
As the episode begins where the previous one left off - before the cocktail party in Des Moines, Iowa — six women remain on the journey for Chris's heart. After making a tough decision, Chris visits the hometowns of the four bachelorettes still on the journey for the Bachelor's heart.

10 - 1909
Romantic adventures await Chris and the final three bachelorettes - Becca, Kaitlyn and Whitney - as they travel to beautiful Bali. From traditional Balinese rituals to a long languid boat ride across the Indian Ocean to a visit to a Balinese medicine man, the dates are filled with passion and excitement as Chris continues to explore what his future might be like with each of these potential mates. At the end of the evening, Chris will present each bachelorette with an invitation to spend an intimate night together in the "fantasy suite," with the hope that she will accept. But will she? When will Becca reveal her secret to Chris and will that make a difference in whether she consents to a trip to the fantasy suite? Chris is left with a very difficult decision, and he must weigh his priorities before choosing the final two women and sending the other rejected bachelorette home in tears.

11 - The Women Tell All
There have been highs and lows during Chris's unforgettable season — and then there has been Kelsey, one of the most controversial bachelorettes of the group. Kelsey, who has been the woman viewers and the other bachelorettes have loved to hate all season, will return to have her chance to defend herself. Britt finally faces Carly in one of the most emotional confrontations in Bachelor history. Jade tries to get closure from Chris on whether her Playboy photos really played a part in his decision to send her home, and Kaitlyn challenges Chris about blindsiding her with his rejection. It's an explosive reunion viewers won't want to miss, as 17 of the most memorable bachelorettes from this season return to confront each other and Chris one last time on national television to tell their side of the story. Then, take a sneak peek at the season finale and the final two bachelorettes — Becca and Whitney.

12 - Finale
Viewers will watch along with a studio audience as Chris Soules' journey to find love comes to its astonishing conclusion. The Bachelor prepares to make one of the most difficult choices of his life, having narrowed down the field to two women - Becca and Whitney - both of whom he is falling in love with. Will Chris get down on one knee and propose to one of these women and make a life with her in Arlington, Iowa? Who-if anyone-does a confused Chris, after much soul-searching, see as the woman of his dreams and his future wife? Will he leave single or with the love of his life?

13 - After The Final Rose
Immediately following the dramatic season finale, emotions run high as Chris sits down with Chris Harrison - live - to discuss the final two women of the season, Becca and Whitney. In this unpredictable special episode, the Bachelor takes us back to Arlington, Iowa, where he spent the emotional last days of his journey. Both women sit down to talk about the outcome of the show. It's the live extraordinary ending to the Bachelor's adventure to find true love. In addition, the new Bachelorette will be revealed.

The Bachelor, Season 19 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
11901 2:05:57USD 1.99Download
21902 1:24:48USD 1.99Download
31903 1:24:48USD 1.99Download
41904 1:24:47USD 1.99Download
51905 1:25:35USD 1.99Download
61906 1:25:45USD 1.99Download
7The Bachelor: Chris Tells All42:27USD 1.99Download
81907 1:24:41USD 1.99Download
91908 1:24:48USD 1.99Download
101909 1:24:47USD 1.99Download
11The Women Tell All 1:22:37USD 1.99Download
12Finale 1:25:00USD 1.99Download
13After The Final Rose41:31USD 1.99Download

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boring  zowialh  1 star

the bachelor is my favourite show but this season is beyond boring it exceeded all the words in the dictionary I had to skip through 4 episodes just to get done with it. complete waste of time and money!

deleted reviews  banana1739  1 star

itunes was two days late releasing the finale, ruining the surprise for us due to social media. Then, it appears itunes has deleted all of the comments made by people bringing this matter up. There were at least 20 negative reviews. also, bachelor is going down hill with their new announcement for the bachelorette, and I will not be watching.

PLEASE UPLOAD  lmt823  3 star

ABC isn’t streaming for me and I am dying to watch the finale. Please upload soon!!!!!

Bummed  Dixie324  1 star

I paid for episode 1908 and only got 30 seconds!

Enjoyable  ituneMermaid  5 star

The Bachelor series is consistent, even though it's a bit cheesy, it's enjoyable and entertaining. This season with Chris is especially fun, because he is handsome, has integrity, and is romantic. The show is pure fantasy guilty pleasure.

Heather New Computer
Confused  Heather New Computer  1 star

Why does the description say Juan Pablo?!? Please tell me this is a typo!!!!










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