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Docu Drama (Frasier - S8E16) recap & spoilers

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Roz puts together a space documentary with Senator John Glenn. Niles learns to fly a kite..

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Frasier Season 8 Episode 16 (Docu Drama) Images & Pictures
Frasier, Season 8 Other Episodes
1And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon, Pt. 1 - Frasier, Season 8 episode 1 spoilers, recap and reviews
And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon, Pt. 124 Oct 2000$0.99

Niles and Daphne flee her wedding altar but soon discover the heavy price to pay for admitting their true love as jilted groom Donny and bitter wife Mel seek revenge.

2And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon, Pt. 2 - Frasier, Season 8 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon, Pt. 224 Oct 2000$0.99

Mel forces Niles to pretend they are still married which almost jeopardizes his relationship with Daphne, but Frasier and Martin come to their rescue.

3The Bad Son - Frasier, Season 8 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Bad Son31 Oct 2000$0.99

Frasier takes the bus with Roz for the first time and Frasier uses Martin to meet a woman at a retirement home. Niles and Daphne recreate a date.

4The Great Crane Robbery - Frasier, Season 8 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Great Crane Robbery14 Nov 2000$0.99

Frasier's bootlicking routine backfires when he invites the new radio station owner, a nouveau-riche dot-com millionaire with a reputation for stealing ideas, to his tastefully decorated home.

5Taking Liberties - Frasier, Season 8 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
Taking Liberties21 Nov 2000$0.99

Tension builds as Mel subjects Niles to social humiliation before she will grant him a divorce.

6Legal Tender Love and Care - Frasier, Season 8 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
Legal Tender Love and Care28 Nov 2000$0.99

Donny drops the lawsuit against Frasier and Daphne because he’s met another woman who he has decided to marry.

7The New Friend - Frasier, Season 8 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
The New Friend05 Dec 2000$0.99

A new friend tests Roz and Frasier’s old friendship and Niles betrays Martin’s trust by taking Eddie to a kennel.

8Mary Christmas - Frasier, Season 8 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
Mary Christmas12 Dec 2000$0.99

A scheming Frasier finally works his way into hosting the annual televised Christmas parade but he is horrified to learn that his wildly successful protege - the sassy, brassy radio host known as Dr. Mary will be his substitute co-host, prompting a battle royale for control of the microphone.

9Frasier's Edge - Frasier, Season 8 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
Frasier's Edge09 Jan 2000$0.99

Frasier is awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

10Cranes Unplugged - Frasier, Season 8 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
Cranes Unplugged16 Jan 2000$0.99

Martin, Frasier and Frederick, Frasier's son, go camping.

11Motor Skills - Frasier, Season 8 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
Motor Skills20 Feb 2000$0.99

Frasier and Niles go back to school to learn about auto mechanics.

12The Show Must Go On - Frasier, Season 8 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Show Must Go On06 Feb 2000$0.99

Frasier and Niles try to revitalize the career of their boyhood Shakespearean actor/idol only to learn that he stinks.

13Sliding Frasiers - Frasier, Season 8 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
Sliding Frasiers28 Nov 2000$0.99

Frasier begins a new dating tactic, speed dating.

14Hungry Heart - Frasier, Season 8 episode 14 spoilers, recap and reviews
Hungry Heart16 Jan 2000$0.99

Niles and Daphne decide to go on a diet.

15Hooping Cranes - Frasier, Season 8 episode 15 spoilers, recap and reviews
Hooping Cranes27 Feb 2000$0.99

Martin, Frasier and Niles go to a Sonics game.

17It Takes Two to Tangle - Frasier, Season 8 episode 17 spoilers, recap and reviews
It Takes Two to Tangle27 Mar 2001$0.99

Frasier and Niles try to save their prep school from bankruptcy by securing
a large donation from a wealthy widow who Martin is dating.

18Forgotten But Not Gone - Frasier, Season 8 episode 18 spoilers, recap and reviews
Forgotten But Not Gone17 Apr 2001$0.99

Frasier leaves his wine club to host a new radio feature called "The Wine Corner” and is angered to learn that a resentful Niles – the club’s overbearing "corkmaster" has ordered it's old members not to participate in the program.

19Daphne Returns - Frasier, Season 8 episode 19 spoilers, recap and reviews
Daphne Returns01 May 2001$0.99

Niles is ready to take his relationship with Daphne to the next level and Roz decides to write children's books.

20The Wizard of Roz - Frasier, Season 8 episode 20 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Wizard of Roz08 May 2000$0.99

Daphne attempts to prove to Niles she has psychic visions and Frasier is ego-stricken when he discovers that Roz his having an affair with his mentor.

21Semi Decent Proposal - Frasier, Season 8 episode 21 spoilers, recap and reviews
Semi Decent Proposal15 May 2001$0.99

Frasier runs into an old high school friend and has found love with her friend, Claire.

22A Passing Fancy - Frasier, Season 8 episode 22 spoilers, recap and reviews
A Passing Fancy15 May 2001$0.99

Frasier tutor's Lana's son in exchange for a date with Claire. Martin goes to a dog party and Daphne and Niles have trouble sleeping in the same bed.

23A Day in May - Frasier, Season 8 episode 23 spoilers, recap and reviews
A Day in May22 May 2000$0.99

Niles gets jealous of an old flame of Daphne's at the dog park. Frasier teaches Lana about honesty in selling a problematic piece of real estate and Martin secretly attends the parole hearing of the man who shot him.

24Cranes Go Caribbean - Frasier, Season 8 episode 24 spoilers, recap and reviews
Cranes Go Caribbean22 May 2001$0.99

Frasier's vacation plans with Claire turn disastrous when Daphne, Niles and Martin show up at the same resort and Frasier starts dreaming about Lana.

Frasier All TV Seasons
Frasier, The Complete Series watch, hd download
Frasier, The Complete Series16 Sep 1993264 Episodes

Frasier is a half-hour comedy series set in Seattle, WA, which chronicles the lives of an eloquently pompous radio show host Dr. Frasier Crane, his brazen radio producer Roz, his competitive, high-brow brother Niles, their crotchety father Martin and his quirky live-in nurse Daphne.

Frasier, Season 1 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 116 Sep 199324 Episodes

In the first season of Frasier, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) and Marty (John Mahoney) try to learn how to coexist without driving each other crazy ("The Good Son" and "Space Quest."). Niles (David Hyde Pierce) and Daphne (Jane Leeves) spend a stormy evening in Niles's house in "A Midwinter Night's Dream." Frasier searches for love with the ex-girlfriend of one of his radio show callers in "Call Me Irresponsible." Frasier's ex-wife Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) makes a guest appearance in "The Show Where Lilith Comes Back." The family takes a cross-country trip in a Winnebago in "Travels with Martin" and Frasier and Niles collaborate on a book in "Author Author."

Frasier, Season 2 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 220 Sep 199424 Episodes

In the second season of Frasier, Niles (David Hyde Pierce) emerges as a man out of sorts, lusting after Daphne (Jane Leeves), learning about parenthood in "Flour Child," and challenging a Bavarian fencer for the hand of his ever-absent wife, Maris, in the comic tour de force "An Affair to Forget." Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) tries to set up Daphne with the new station manager in "The Matchmaker" and continues his own search for love with dates including Shannon Tweed in "You Scratch My Book" and Tea Leoni in "The Show Where Sam Shows Up". The hilarity continues when Frasier and Niles jump into politics in "The Candidate," the team of Frasier and Roz (Peri Gilpin) breaks up in "Roz in the Doghouse," and Frasier and Niles open a restaurant in "The Innkeepers." Other guest stars include Nathan Lane in "Fool Me Once Shame On You Fool Me Twice," Bebe Neuwirth and Jobeth Williams in "Adventures In Paradise Part 1 and 2" and Ted Danson in "The Show Where Sam Shows Up."

Frasier, Season 3 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 319 Sep 199524 Episodes

In the third season of Frasier additions to the recurring cast include Irene Olga Lopez as Marta, Maris' maid and go-between, Luke Tarsitano as Frasier's son, Frederick and Kate Costas (Mercedes Ruehl), the headstrong, ratings-obsessed new manager of Frasier's home radio station KACL, with whom a combative relationship rather unexpectedly morphs into a torrid romance in "The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl," culminating with a poignant airport farewell in {"It's Hard to Say Goodbye When You Won’t Leave." In keeping with the first and second seasons former Cheers co-star Shelley Long makes a return appearance as Frasier's former fiancée Diane Chambers in "The Show Where Diane Comes Back." Daphne (Jane Leeves), although still oblivious to Niles' crush on her, manages to build a closer relationship with him when she teaches him how to tango in "Moon Dance."

Frasier, Season 5 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 523 Sep 199724 Episodes

This season of Frasier finds Niles and Frasier competing again, this time over who will find their father Martin the better birthday gift in "The Gift Horse." Meanwhile, Daphne finds her favorite pub invaded by a familiar and unwelcome interloper in "Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name." Roz is expecting a visit from the stork in "Halloween," and abrasive Bulldog becomes the hero of the day to all except Frasier, who knows the untold story in "Bad Dog."

Frasier, Season 4 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 417 Sep 199624 Episodes

This season of Frasierfinds the Crane household in a variety of turning points. Niles' (David Hyde Pierce) long-separated wife, Maris, finally serves him with divorce papers in "Are You Being Served?", while Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) finds himself trying to build a better relationship with Frederick (Trevor Einhorn), his son, in "The Unnatural." Martin (John Mahoney) starts his first serious relationship in years, though his sons hardly approve of his choice in "Dad Loves Sherry, the Boys Just Whine", and Roz (Peri Gilpin) tries to broaden her horizons as she tries out for an on-air spot at the station in "Roz’s Turn."

Frasier, Season 6 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 624 Sep 199824 Episodes

In the sixth season of Frasier, Frasier finally begins to believe that his life is going smoothly, for once. The rug is soon pulled out from under him when the radio station changes its format to a salsa -- leaving him without a job in "Good Grief." Much of this season's first half follows a thoroughly disconcerted Frasier as he goes back and forth between pining after his former job and searching for a new one. Though he is eventually hired back, the rest of the season is hardly an easy path. Niles' long-standing attraction to Daphne leaves him lonelier and more confused after she becomes romantically involved with his divorce lawyer (Saul Rubinek) in a few episodes including "Visions of Daphne" and "Decoys." Martin has his own romantic ups and downs in "Our Parents Ourselves" and Frasier, who has switched his focus from his woes with KACL to deciding which of the two women he is currently dating makes a better candidate for a long-term relationship in "When a Man Loves Two Women." Notable guest stars include Teri Hatcher in "First Do No Harm" and Woody Harrelson in "The Show Where Woody Shows Up."

Frasier, Season 8 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 824 Oct 200024 Episodes

In the eighth season of Frasier we meet Daphne and Niles post elopement and dealing with Donny suing Daphne in "And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon." Meanwhile, Frasier reluctantly becomes 'mentor' to station KACL's young new owner, Silicon Valley billionaire Kenny Daly (Tom McGowan) in "The Great Crane Robbery." Later on, Frasier dates the sharp lawyer Abby (Teri Polo), who is defending Daphne against Donny in "Legal Tender Love and Care." The troublesome 'Dr. Mary' (Kim Coles) returns to aggravate Frasier when he hosts Seattle's annual Christmas parade in "Mary Christmas," and Frasier's son Freddy (Trevor Einhorn) endures a chaotic camping trip with his dad and Martin in "Crane's Unplugged." In the season finale, Frasier plans a romantic vacation with Claire, the latest love of his life, in Belize--only to learn to his horror that Martin, Niles and Daphne plan to go along for the ride.

Frasier, Season 9 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 925 Sep 200124 Episodes

During the start of the ninth season, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) is stuck at a romantic crossroads, torn between his devoted lover Claire (Patricia Clarkson) and his loose-cannon high school sweetheart Lana (Jean Smart). As he thrashes out this dilemma, he experiences a fantasy featuring Frasier's ex-wife Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) and his former Cheers cast member Diane Chambers in "Don Juan in Hell, Parts 1 and 2." This season features the series' "200th episode" in which Frasier celebrates his 2000th broadcast as radio station KACL's resident phone-in therapist. Later, Kristin Chenoweth guest-stars as Frasier's "Junior Agent," Portia Sanders, who is even more obnoxious than his former agent. Our hero also has a run-in with Lilith's con-artist brother Blane (Michael Keaton) in "Wheels of Fortune", who claims to have turned over a new leaf and found God. Meanwhile, Martin (John Mahoney) tries to patch up a feud between Frasier and his neighbor Cam (Brian Stokes Mitchell) by pretending to be in love with Cam's mother Cora (Emily Yancy) in "The Love You Fake." The relationship between Niles (David Hyde Pierce) and Daphne (Jane Leeves) reaches a new plateau when they decide to move in together in "Mother Load, Parts 1 and 2". Season Nine is distinguished by several of Frasier's most memorable episodes. "Three Blind Dates" features Allison Janney as an artist who goes out with Frasier and ends up despising him. In "Deathtrap", Frasier and Niles try to solve what they think is a murder while visiting their childhood home and best of all, "Cheerful Goodbyes" reunites Frasier with his former Cheers comrades Cliff (John Ratzenberger), Carla (Rhea Perlman) and Norm (George Wendt). The season finale, "Moons Over Seattle," finds Niles and Daphne running off to elope rather than go through with the lavish wedding their families have planned, Meanwhile longtime verbal scrappers Frasier and Roz (Peri Gilpin) end up sleeping together, much to the surprise of both.

Frasier, Season 11 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 1123 Sep 200324 Episodes

In the eleventh season of Frasier, Frasier's former producer Roz (Peri Gilpin) returns to radio station KACL, because she hates her new job but actually because she hoped that Frasier would dump his latest love, the beautiful but tactless Julia Wilcox (Felicity Huffman). To her dismay Frasier ends things with Julia only to enter into another bumpy relationship with Charlotte (Laura Linney) the owner of a failing matchmaking service in "Match Game." The most surprising amorous development is Martin Crane (John Mahoney) and sexy lounge singer Ronee Lawrence (Wendie Malick), who as a teenager had been Frasier and Niles' babysitter. Ultimately, Martin proposes in "Boo!" Elsewhere on the romantic front, Niles (David Hyde Pierce) and Daphne (Jane Leeves) are anxious to start a family nd they are pleased to discover they are with child in "No Sex, Please, We're Skittish." Frasier's final episodes, "Goodnight, Seattle, Parts 1 and 2," incorporate Martin and Ronee's chaotic wedding, Daphne going into labor and Frasier facing a profound change of job and location.

Frasier, Season 10 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 1024 Sep 200224 Episodes

The tenth season of Frasier is highlighted by a three-part story arc, "Rooms with a View", "Bristle While You Work", and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," in which Niles (David Hyde Pierce) comes face to face with his own mortality when he undergoes heart bypass surgery, an event that has a curious effort on Niles' marriage to Daphne (Jane Leeves). It also brings "Kissing Cousin," in which newly divorced KACL radio station owner Kenny (Tom McGowan) briefly finds a kindred spirit in Roz's younger cousin Jen (Zooey Deschanel), a woman no one else can stand. Later, "The Harrassed" introduces KACL's new financial analyst Julia Wilcox (Felicity Huffman), who will become the latest in a long line of women whom Frasier cannot live without. Frasier's ex-wife Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) shows up in "Lilith Needs a Foavr" to ask a favor involving artificial insemination. Plus, Dr. Phil McGraw becomes the object of Frasier's wrath merely by hiring Frasier's former agent, the redoubtable Bebe (Harriet Sansom Harris) in "The Devil and Dr. Phil". As for Martin (John Mahoney), he tentatively relights the flame with Cora (Emily Yancy), the mother of Frasier's contentious neighbor Cam Winston in "Fraternal Schwinns." In the season finale, "A New Position for Roz," she prepares to quit her job as Frasier's producer and leave Seattle forever, a decision largely motivated by her outrage over the romance between Frasier and Julia.

Frasier, Season 7 watch, hd download
Frasier, Season 723 Sep 199924 Episodes

In the seventh season of Frasier the brothers Crane are overjoyed when they discover that a family heirloom once belonged to Russian royalty in "A Tsar is Born" and Frasier's death is mistakenly announced on television causing him to re-examine his greatest achievements in "The Late Dr. Crane." Plus Frasier spills the beans about Niles' feelings for Daphne courtesy of painkillers in "Back Talk" and Daphne finally reveals that she herself has feeling for Niles in the season finale episode "Something Borrowed, Something Blue."

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