Hacksaw Ridge

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HACKSAW RIDGE is the extraordinary true story of Desmond Doss [Andrew Garfield] who, in Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of WWII, saved 75 men without firing or carrying a gun. He was the only American soldier in WWII to fight on the front lines without a weapon, as he believed that while the war was justified, killing was nevertheless wrong. As an army medic, he single-handedly evacuated the wounded from behind enemy lines, braved fire while tending to soldiers and was wounded by a grenade and hit by snipers. Doss was the first conscientious objector awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people and becomes the first Conscientious Objector in American history to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. Hacksaw Ridge Wiki

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One of the greatest heroes in American history never fired a bullet...

Hacksaw Ridge Movie (2016)

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Hacksaw Ridge Movie Reviews

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- Movie review5 star

It told the story very well and the main character did such a good job on his part as of the othe other actors too.

- Always do what is right5 star

This movie reminds me to have faith and always do what is right

- Superb!!!💯5 star

Mel Gibson delivers!!! Great movie!!!👍🏾

- Great Spiritual Movie!5 star

Me being a Christian found this movie absolutely amazing and encouraged me to get more into my faith! Me also being a WWII history freak made me be able to identify every weapon, rank, and uniform. The only reason I don’t recommend mend this for younger children is some of the concepts they might not understand and the gore and violence. Mel Gibson brought another great film to Hollywood’s big screen, except this time about a great man’s journey through the war and his faith in the Lord and defending his country. Except, without firing a bullet from a gun! Effects were great! I couldn’t tell if the bullet really hit them or not, I mean they really didn’t fire bullets, and explosions. It was also great seeing nots that are in scouts being used.

- Great movie but best story ever.5 star

The best story I have ever seen.

- LANGUAGE3 star

Quisiera saber en qué idioma tienen?

- Shame on you5 star

To all the 1 and 2 star reviewers out there. I have no %&?!)@$ idea what’s you’re talking about. You should be punished. Absolutely phenomenal war movie.

- Favorite movie!!5 star

It is so well made I feel like it was a real war right in front of me, especially for 2016! I would %100 recommend it to anyone. I’m going to watch it so much more.

- Great movie4 star

This honestly was an all around great film. There were about 2 or 3 scenes where I was like ehh, but other than that Andrew Garfield was excellent. It’s definitely worth the watch !

- Nice5 star

Hacksaw Ridge is filled with trusting one another when its hard. You really have to get the setting the war to know it. Their Okinawa island and its filled with Japs. Thier trying to take the island and eventually take Japan. Best war movie I've sertainly seen.

- Why is there a donut in your bag private!5 star

Brutal Mel Gibson christain folktale that will not be forgetten sad but true war film that shook my heart and kept my blood preasure running.

- Powerful5 star

An amazing story, even better the way it was made. Epic, and now part of my collection

- Nice5 star

It’s a good movie

- Español stereo please4 star

Español stereo please



- Really good5 star

Such a good movie

- Best movie ever5 star

As a girl Freshman in college this is my favorite movie ever and one of the best made movies I’ve ever seen because it is well made, realistic, and reveals the lost image of true courage, faith, and humility

- Heartfelt5 star

This movie just warms you’re heart and just prideful.

- A story of a true Christian Adventist!5 star


- Great War Movie5 star

Hacksaw Ridge is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite war movie. Saving Private Ryan is a pretty hard movie to beat, but Hacksaw Ridge at least comes close. It’s a violent depiction of war but at the same time, an inspiring depiction of Doss’s will not kill, but to save and offer help. That’s something we don’t often see in most war movies these days. It also expresses Doss’s spiritual characteristics that influence his decision not to kill. Which is quite a surprise considering Hollywood’s hate for Christianity. This is definitely one that’s worth watching. If you like war movies, then you’ll want to see this one. It’s not hard to see why it was Oscar nominated.

- Amazing story5 star

I went through and read many of the 1-3 star reviews of the film after watching and many were repeating the fact that this movie is “a protest against guns” and how you won’t enjoy the movie unless you are someone who “die hard believes in the Bible even though it’s basically used as a prop in this movie” and I just don’t understand. This is a true story. This man saved over 70 lives of men who served in the war. This man is nothing short of a hero. Is it possible that there was a Hollywood element to the movie to keep it more entertaining? Absolutely. Is it like that with most “true story” movies in general? Absolutely. I guess my point is that you can’t please everyone and that many people missed the point of this film and the amazing story of an incredibly brave U.S. hero.

- Amazing!!!!!5 star

I love this movie, and the message of risking your own life to save another. I’ve also been to the cemetery in Chattanooga where Desmond is buried. However, I wish they added THE CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR documentary as one of the Special Features of the film, so people could learn about the real story of Desmond and Dorothy, and the other battles he fought during the war. Also, I think they should add more languages and language subtitles options too.

- Hacksaw Ridge5 star

This movie was so amazing I love the story and it has an emotionally happy feel and I have watched it like 50 times!

- Brilliant!5 star

Hacksaw Ridge is one of the finest World War II films I have ever seen. Hats off to Mel Gibson for his brilliant direction of the film, Andrew Garfield’s outstanding portrayal of Desmond Doss, and the masterful acting of the rest of the cast. In my opinion this film rates right up there with Saving Private Ryan, Dunkirk, the television series the Pacific and Band of Brothers. A truly great film.

- Simply inspiring5 star

Can't say enough good things about this movie. I watched a lot of war movies, and this one shines brightest along with Saving Private Ryan. A man's conviction drives his actions, and Desmond Doss' actions showed the strength and goodness of his conviction in the midst of the horror and evil of war. A man of faith and a man of true power and strength. A must see movie to see an exmplae of goodness, sacrifice, service, and doing the right thing based on one's moral conviction instead of self-interest. America needs to be reminded of such good values in this day and age.

- Must Watch5 star

Just do it.

- Amazing5 star

This is an amazing true story that I recommend to just about everyone I meet that likes movies. What a great story and film.

- A masterpiece...5 star

An incredible film that Hollywood refused to market properly, because it's about a Christian (reeeee!). Nevertheless, it's one of the best films to come out in the last decade, and for those claiming it doesn't represent war truthfully, it's also a true story.

- So good5 star

Gibson does it again; anyone really that surprised?

- Fantastic5 star

I can’t even put it into words. I could watch it over and over!

- Bravo5 star

A true heroic masterpiece. Leaves you speechless.

- Best movie5 star

This is the best movie I’ve ever seen a movie soo good like this i wish I could meet the creator this is a brave and real true hero and this movie I’ve watched it 8 times

- So much good5 star

Such very good movie

- Very Good Movie5 star

My mother told me that i should watch this movie. I will say i think this was the best movie that has been made as of today 04/22/2019. I might even watch it one more time before my rental expires hehe

- Amazing5 star

Amazing story and film. Dolby Atmos sound is incredible

- Excellent5 star

Talk about a bright light in the darkest of times. This story is encouraging and the film was well done.

- Amazing5 star

This movie is a definite buy if u don’t like this movie I have no idea what u would like this is my favorite movie from this point on

- Excellent5 star

Thank a Vet. Desmond Doss, I salute you. God Rest your soul. Great Movie! Awesome Mel Gibson.

- More than Amazing!5 star

Lovely story line. What an honor to learn about this soldier!

- Mel Gibson is the best5 star

I love war movies and it look to like I am in the war if you have 3D glasses and tv to

- Speechless5 star

This movie based of a true story was the best war movies I have seen in a long time Mel Gibson did a fantastic job made you actually feel and understand what Doss stood for and how he became a hero I would recommend this movie to any movie goer or history buff out there truly inspiring not many movies make me cry but this one sure did at the end

- Truly the best war movie5 star

This is truly just the best war movie I ever seen the story is just down right amazing the battle scenes were awesome amazing acting the story of Desmond Doss most be told everybody needs to watch this what he did was heroic the fact that he stayed and saved those men was heroic that is true courage Andrew Garfield gave the preformance of a life time

- The best war movie I’ve had ever seen5 star

This movie is satisfying matyooo

- So great5 star

This is one of the greatest war movies ever. It tells the main characters back story and it has emotional scenes with amazing action in the mix.

- DOPE5 star

This movie is amazingly done. Has all the feels you could ask for.

- Lenguaje5 star

When in spanish?

- A true hero5 star

No doubt in my mind that this movie was gonna be good, but instead it blew me away emotionally and spiritually. The feeling that I got out of this is that belief and love is stronger than any weapon. Absolutely loved it and amen for he was a hero in so many ways!

- Archy 13 - There is a GOD.5 star

Desmond is proof that if you believe, with all your heart, God can and will come through with miracles. Great movie for this generation of millennials to watch and learn from. When you put God,country, and others before yourself; there is nothing you cannot do!!! WORTH BUYING.

- Powerful5 star

Full of heart and raw emotion plus character development that’ll make you sympathize with Andrew Garfield’s character and scared for his life this movie is truly a gem

- Hacksaw Ridge Movie Review5 star

Today marks Independence Day, one of the proudest holidays in the United States. It is a triumphant moment for every American, especially veterans, and to every veteran or active solider of the branches of the US military, we as a community, HBB Reviews, salute you and thank you for your sacrifices and duty. In such a distinguishable fashion, let us review one of the best war films of the past decade that highlights the bravery and heart of almost every soldier…Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge. Hacksaw Ridge is more than a typical war film. It is an emotional story that doesn’t become so hoodwinked in complicated political themes as to where the heart of the film is strayed. Bolstered by astounding performances by its cast and heartily disturbing war sequences, Hacksaw Ridge delivers a quiet and subtle message of hope and perseverance in such a devastating time. Like any other film, what makes a film great or poor is its screenplay. A film is nothing without this key element. Fortunately, however, Hacksaw Ridge’s screenplay is what makes the film great. The screenplay’s biggest triumph is its storytelling. Unlike recent war films which try to drag out the complicated political themes, Hacksaw Ridge is refreshingly simple. It has a plot that it sticks to for the rest of the film. It is a story of a World War II medic, Desmond Doss, and it doesn’t try to be anything else. As a result, the film never slows down to a drastic halt, in terms of pacing. Even in the first act, where casual audience members may be bored, characterization and tone is created. These elements make the first act intriguing and makes the emotional impact of the final two acts all the more powerful. In addition, the film also is well written. While it may bear certain dialogue clichés of other war films, it never strays too far into the clichés and instead uses mostly original dialogue to convey its excellent story. The dialogue, comparable to films such as 2017’s Logan, propels the story and feels like the vehicle for driving the plot. Ultimately, the screenplay of Hacksaw Ridge is one of quiet strength. On the surface, not anything particularly innovative is visible. But underneath, Hacksaw Ridge is refreshing in its old-fashioned design and has both a thematic story alongside crisp dialogue that bears certain clichés. However, the biggest boon of Hacksaw Ridge isn’t its screenplay. The biggest impression the film makes is its performances. The cast isn’t particularly large and most of its characters are pushed into momentary cameos and side characters. However, what is displayed constantly is excellent. Andrew Garfield revolutionizes his career with this film, coming after a disastrous failure in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It is a career-defining performance that is easily worth the awards accolade and nominations he received. In addition, Hugo Weaving makes a powerful performance as Desmond’s father. His harkened portrayal of the character is nothing short of breathtaking, and similar to Garfield, delivers a performance that is riveting and easily a career-defining moment. While they may not have particularly large roles, the side characters of Hacksaw Ridge are all mostly notable. Teresa Palmer delivers a subtle performance, creating stirring emotions in every frame she occupies. Vince Vaughn makes an entertaining if somewhat déjà vu performance as his character, and Sam Worthington as Captain Glover is riveting just as well. These performances propel the screenplay forward and onto the silver screen and help make the dialogue and story succeed in spades. Ultimately, however, Hacksaw Ridge is more than a well-written and performed war drama. It is a pure Mel Gibson film. The gruesome action sequences of the film left my stomach churning and it is all due to Gibson’s excellent direction. His style of filmmaking bleeds into every frame, particularly in the last two acts. For a comeback to a very competitive industry, Gibson couldn’t have created a finer job directing. He is ultimately the key behind the success of Hacksaw Ridge. Without Gibson, the film would have been an entertaining drama but nothing more. He is the reason why the film is such a resounding success and why it received a ten-minute standing ovation at its initial premiere. Ultimately, Hacksaw Ridge creates a thematic story alongside well-written dialogue and an excellent direction. Gibson makes a fine comeback and one that solidifies the sheer talent that accompanies every film he makes and has made. Hacksaw Ridge is a heroic success and for all the right reasons. Score: 9.3 out of 10

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mcgin 73 - One of the best war movies ever5 star

Great movie!!!!!

pholly - Just plain stupid1 star

I get not wanting to kill people but to not want to touch a gun at all is just stupid. This is a boring movie about an idiot.

Espike01 - Wow5 star

How did this not win everything!!!

Marksmen jo - Very good5 star

This is one of the best action movie I have heart seen along with American Sniper and Lone Ranger

Furutan1 - An important movie5 star

Other reviewers complain of violence in this film. It was Okinawa – Japanese soil, not some whitewashed superhero film. This is a story that was told well, acted well, and with great direction and editing. When it comes to a man on the ground movie about WWII, I've seen most of them going all the way back and it is one of the best, if not the very best of them all.

L0rd Slad3 - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!5 star

This is probably the most inspiring movie I've ever seen. It's got powerful messages about courage, bravery, and many others. Probably my all time favorite movie. I would watch it over, and over, and over again, cause it's that good

cas_reith - Hacksaw ridge5 star

The most moving movie I have ever watched. Hacksaw ridge brought me to tears.

Ethan2244 - Great5 star

Not a lot of cussing (compared to other war movies) great story of a man who did not want to pick up a gun but saved 75 people's lives and won a Medal of Honor Recommend for teens 14+ that is a war fanatic

Hackers get hacked - So inspirational and I was so sad at times5 star


Lollipop_8 - Phenomenal5 star

Phenomenal and Heroic

Kingaslan - Spectacular5 star

One of the best war movies of all time. Gibson is a brilliant director.

Winnie22Pooh - Truly Inspirational5 star

I absolutely enjoyed watching every moment of this movie. I even became vegetarian again. Must buy and see more than once.

king Cole iii - INCREDIBLE5 star

One of the best movies ive ever seen

Joker 380 - Top Dollar, The Best5 star

I loved it!! It was the best movie I had ever watched. Not a waist of time or money. Gotta watch it.

Jonathan413 - Just stunning.5 star

One of the best and most emotional and inspirational movies to come out to date.

cuteprincess19 - ABSOLUTE FAVORITE♥️♥️5 star

This movie is phenomenal!! Its an absolute classic!!! I AM ABSOLUTELY 100% IN LOVE WITH IT!!♥️ The other reviewers that wrote that "it was simply okay" or "it totally sucked" were/are wrong. This is the best war movie I've seen!! Job Well Done Mr. Gibson

Artic Delta - My god5 star

I love this movie so much it spot on. Everything, I only saw 2 mistakes. Well edited perfect for history people best film from 2016.

Coolrockkid - Painstakingly Beautiful5 star

Desmond Dodd has the heart of God. I've never watched a war movie and for good reason, but my mother and I decided to watch this one. We were not disappointed with the acting or the film; in fact, we were saddened by all of the deaths. But we were also elated by the sheer love and kindness that Desmond Doss expressed. Buy this movie, rent it, just view it! You will be changed forever!!!!

MoneyMike31 - Incredible5 star

Mel's best yet. Bravo

Buckbalow34 - Good Movie4 star

Watched this movie last evening. Very good movie, but seemed to lack a real deep emotion. Not a fan of so many well-known Hollywood actors playing roles within films like this. It's hard to see Vince Vaughn as a serious drill-sergeant type. Still, very well told and focused more on the role that Desmond Doss played which is every bit worth telling. Kudos to Mel Gibson who clearly has the ability, when he's not going crazy, to put together a well told film.

sowhatyouwilllive - Excellent, moving, compelling5 star

Incredibly moving and entertaining film about a real-life American hero. If you get through this with a dry eye then you don't have a soul.

Bobthebruce - Fantastic5 star

Yep, best war movie ever. Even saving private Ryan, great character development, terrific acting(especially from Hugo and Andrew), and great action.

Alcyone^ - Amazing!!! Best movie of the year!5 star

Highly recommend. It shows the power of spirit over matter. The power of faith, staying true to what you believe in, the making of a hero. Amazing movie. Great cast. Andrew Garfield is so good in it, can't imagine better acting. Vince Vaughn brings a little comedy to it. DO NOT MISS IT!

ParksNYC - Best War Movie in a Long Time5 star

Classic Mel Gibson. So glad to see him back in form.

Ask&Seek123 - Amazing True Story5 star

I remember reading about this true story years ago. Seeing it was very eye opening as to what our men have truly had to face in war. Amazing story of faith, self sacrifice and conviction! Very bloody and gruesome but figure it probably was what these men really saw.

Pdkemsje - Great movie5 star

Loved the story. So inspirational!

Prophet Amos - GREAT5 star

It should have won more awards, it is a shame the Academy is prejudice towards Gibson still.

ikedym bo - Wow5 star

I You kool Josh j just iikko bike innnijw

Hatchetman67 - Awesome5 star

Great movie

Nacho taco 69 - Good stuff.5 star

Need more God fearing people

1800windows - At a lost for words5 star

It was the most inspirational movie. We need people like Desmond in his world

Chefnunez - Its the best of the best5 star

La mejor película de guerra que eh visto después de Blackhawk down y Pearl Harbor 1000% recomendada

ShakeNBake1978 - A must see!!5 star

What a great movie of courage and faith... this movie rocks!!!

johnjfighter - Incredible5 star

This movie is incredible. It leaves you speechless throughout. Great story, great acting, amazing movie!

Edwardjin1130 - Honor the fallen5 star

Great movie! Respect our troops and veterans! Love our country!

BrianTNYC - Interesting story2 star

This movie does a massive disservice to an incredible story of almost unbelievable bravery. Overly dramatic music, terrible cinematography, poor special effects…everything leaves you feeling like this story should have been told by a much more capable filmmaker.

Rezaeh10 - Incredible 👌5 star

One of the best world war movies I've ever seen

TruMoo98 - Absolutely Incredible5 star

This film got so close to being as good as Braveheart. Mel Gibson really gave it his all. Andrew Garfield gives the performance of his life, and the film is brutal in its representation of war. Hacksaw Ridge is truly incredible.

Adderall Diaries - Plop and stir recipe3 star

One entire movie about a conscience objector would have been great if this wasn't a WAR movie. The plot blurs along as a knock off of a couple of original war movies. The action is spectacular but the premise is muddy. It's a thinly disguised protest against guns meant to appeal to liberals and patriots alike. Pay no attention to the Bible thumping. The Bible is a glorified prop.

Big Green Machine 63 - Was OK3 star

It was just OK. Not great but OK.

Altavelocidad - Absloute must watch5 star

What a rollercoaster of emotions, was expecting a stricly do-gooder story, but was blown away by the story, visuals and acting

MrRVC99 - Haven't Seen It5 star

Haven't seen it yet but heard it was wonderful, going to watch it when I go home tonight!

67 1of2 - True hero5 star

Absolutely, incredible true story of courage and conviction!

Vivien de Gunzburg - Hacksaw: Nothing short than Master of All5 star

Convictions, courage, perseverance, savior of all lives, inspiring. Really bravo Mel Gibson

NICK 2H - Loved it5 star

This was the best movie I've seen in a long time. It has an mix of intensity, violence, truth and a whole lot of bravery. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes war/ action movies.

Flyguy80 - Great movie5 star

Any movie based on true events is always interesting. This movie took it to a whole new level. Really liked the final scenes of the real people who performed these amazing feats. What a hero Desmond was!

Jmv843 - It made me think...5 star

This was an unexpected surprise for me. I saw the preview and was skeptical at first because I was in the Marines and had never heard of someone refusing to touch a firearm. Then I gave in and bought the movie and found out why and that this movie was based on a real soldier that just wanted to save lives as a medic. It's heroes like this that make our country the best. Semper Fi

emailforbrett - Boring1 star

Just plain boring. I have nothing to add. This movie just goes absolutely nowhere.

Feras666 - Masterpiece5 star

Thumps up and a big salute to Mel Gibson as he always surprises and amazes us with either directing his movies or acting in it. This should be truly an Oscar and Academy Award winning movie.

Uhhhh......me? - Bestest ever!!!!!5 star

This movie is and always will be the greatest movie ever!!!! That is a fact. Lol

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Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images
Hacksaw Ridge movie images

Hacksaw Ridge Posters

Hacksaw Ridge movie posters
Hacksaw Ridge movie posters
Hacksaw Ridge movie posters
Hacksaw Ridge movie posters
Hacksaw Ridge movie posters
Hacksaw Ridge movie posters
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