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New York City architect Natalie (Rebel Wilson) works hard to get noticed at her job, but is more likely to be asked to deliver coffee and bagels than to design the city’s next skyscraper. And if things weren’t bad enough, Natalie, a lifelong cynic when it comes to love, has an encounter with a mugger that renders her unconscious, waking to discover that her life has suddenly become her worst nightmare — a romantic comedy — and she is the leading lady. For a long time, Natalie, an Australian architect living in New York City, had always believed that what she had seen in rom-coms is all fantasy. But after thwarting a mugger at a subway station only to be knocked out while fleeing, Natalie wakes up and discovers that her life has suddenly become her worst nightmare—a romantic comedy—and she is the leading lady. Isn't It Romantic (2019) Wiki

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- Meta meta4 star

It’s a takeoff on the standard rom com. At times it becomes a parody of a parody of a rom com. It’s satire, people! Bringing a positive ending to what could be just a cynical and superficial farce makes it meaningful and silly at the same time. Stay to the end.

- Waste of Time1 star

I was excited to see this movie, with the cleaver premise of being stuck in a romantic comedy, I thought it would be funny and entertaining. Nope! Just plain stupid. With bad writing and acting. Don’t waste your time or money on this one!!

- @[email protected]5 star

Mii & [email protected] enj0yed !$n'+ !+ [email protected]+!c 0n 0c+0ber 11, 2019 [email protected] Eye @m $0 gr8ful [email protected]+ !$n'+ !+ [email protected]+!c [email protected] @ gr8 pl0+, even 4 Rebel W!l$0n.

- Horrible1 star

This was one of the worst movies I’ve seen all year. Ok we get it she’s a chubby girl.. does she need to play the same role in every movie? my wife wanted to see this and half way through she looks over and says “ok I’m done.. you can turn it off” I was like wow! finally!. I wouldn’t waste your money.. it will be free somewhere online if you must torture yourself.

- Terrible1 star

Just watch the trailer. Anything that’s funny in the movie is in the trailer, everything else is not.

- I like it5 star

Good job

- Not worth the money1 star

If you watch the trailer you’ve watched the entire movie.

- Nelly1 star

Bad movie

- Flat - no chemistry - no energy1 star

Story took forever to get going and it just talked endlessly about what it was going to be. Just so bad. Story had no lift. Felt like Pitch Perfect slowest possible death. Makes you appreciate the good stuff. If you want a romcom that workds without feeling the need to comment on its own genre, watch Plus One. That is a great one.

- Don’t watch1 star

It’s trash. It’s boring. It’s not funny. Only good bit is Liam Hemsworth's abs.

- 👎🏼👎🏼1 star

Had higher expectations for this movie and it was a real let down. Whole plot was predictable and not enjoyable to watch

- Hilarious5 star

This movie is hilarious I absolutely loved it went to see it with a couple friends and one of their moms and she was the one that was laughing the hardest probably in the whole theatre.

- Love this movie5 star

I enjoyed whole movie , worth to watch

- Terrible obnoxious movie1 star

Very bad movie. Fast forwarded to the end just to find out what happened. A complete waste of money and time.

- Rebel Wilson was the only good acting4 star

The whole movie is crap except for Rebel Wilson. Everyone else is phoning it in.

- 😂5 star

This movie is hilarious!

- Fair5 star

This movie is not for everyone, I thought it was cute and funny at times but not one of her best movies but go in with low expectations. Overall I enjoyed it with my wife and we laughed and had fun.

- Not what I thought1 star

Was hopping to funny and when u go to watch it it ends up being boring

- Awful1 star

Saw this in theaters, I want my life minutes back.

- No Offense1 star

I will never watch a movie with Melanie Bownds (rebel Wilson) I can’t stand her. She isn’t funny & ridiculously annoying.

- It over abuses its campiness1 star

We know Rebel’s style, but this movie tries to take it to a whole new level, and, unfortunately, succeeds.

- Horrible1 star

A complete disappointment.

- LOVED IT5 star


- Just as bad as From Justin to Kelly1 star

A bunch of junk... Refund please 🙄🙄

- Waste of time and money!1 star

Worst way to spend my Friday night, trailers were good but actual movie was trash!

- dra-a-a-a-a-a-agged2 star

It's one of those movies where you are only 40 minutes in and thinking it's going to wrap up soon and then shocked when you realize you still have another 40 minutes to go.

- Painful 😣1 star

I realize this is a parody movie, however it’s actually painful to watch. I couldn’t wait for this to end. Glad I only paid $2.99 to rent it🤨

- Not Another Teen Movie Sequel1 star

This is the “adult” version of NATM and I cannot believe that I wasted two hours watch it.

- Funny movie4 star

I watched this movie with my wife the other day and thought the movie was kind of funny. I thought it was worth renting. There are some scenes in the movie that were hilarious.

- Didn't buy in2 star

There were some funny and clever spots, but only that

- Horrible Story Line1 star

Disappointing all around. From the storyline to the acting. Not worth it.

- Turned it off after 45 minutes1 star

This movie was bad enough my wife and I turned it off after 45 minutes. It was just boring, lacked humor, and we lost hope it would get better.

- Excellent movie once you let it in4 star

At first it's a bit borderline..going into an alternate dream world..but once you commit to going with it, it really is excellent. I laughed a lot in this movie, plus got teary eyed in parts (both of which are quite rare) so for me, it was just a great movie. Rebel Wilson's acting was excellent as was the rest of the cast as well. Camera and production were also top notch. Might not be for everyone, but if you let yourself go on the journey you'll be happy for sure

- Super funny and actually surprisingly sweet. Perfect!5 star

My wife and I loved this movie. We were laughing so hard. Perfect! We need more movies like this!

- Total waste of time1 star

Like many other reviewers, I watched this with my wife and we spent 90 minutes waiting for something funny to happen. The movie could have gone about 3 different ways that would have been funny or clever but, instead, it’s a weird mix of satire and romantic comedy that never goes anywhere. We probably laughed 3 times. Not worth your time or money (even if it’s free).

- Funny movie5 star

I liked the movie, it was surprisingly funny. Acting was great.

- Funny, but not laughing funny3 star

Very entertaining, but not as funny as it was portrayed.

- Really enjoyed it!4 star

Cheesy in parts, but trying to do so. Purposely being cheesy in areas while acknowledging real life. I enjoyed watching it!

- Just Don't!2 star

I'm a huge fan of a Rom Com and Rebel Wilson is so funny! But, this was crap. Definitely want my 5.99 back!

- So funny and romantic5 star

Rebel is great and I loved Liam. The musical numbers were awesome. Love how they were shot. Like pleasentville the romcom

- Movie watcher1 star

I thought it was the worst movie I have seen in a long time!!

- Charming, Hilarious and Beguiling5 star

I really loved this movie. It struck the right balance between making fun of romcoms, being a romcom, and delivering great comedy. It was nice to watch a happy movie for a change. Definitely recommend it.

- Boooooo1 star

this movie is horrendous. if i saw in the theatre i would have walked out and asked for a refund.

- Waste of Time1 star

I hoped this movie would deliver one its supposed twist on the typical rom-com plot, and to say it failed miserably from satisfying that expectation is an understatement. While the performances were “meh,” it was the poor dialogue and shoddy plot which truly sunk this ship.

- One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen1 star

I don’t know what to say besides this movie was garbage. Even my wife, who loves romantic comedies thought it was terrible. Anyone who says different is an idiot. Not funny, not fun to watch, nothing. I hate even giving it one star. I want my money and my time back.

- Fun, Funny & Cute5 star

It was better than expected. I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun and tons of laughs.

- Bad movie1 star

Watched it with the wife and we did not like it. We understood that it was a satirical film, but it felt like it lacked substance, and just did not flow well. Only got 1 or 2 chuckles and nothing else. I wouldn’t waste my money or time watching it. Just save your time time, and money by watching something else.

- Hilarious5 star

I’m not someone who generally laughs at movies. I was rolling. And I liked that it was cleaner than the other Rebel movies. RomComs are not my fave but making fun of them (which this movie does quite nicely) totally is!

- Villa5 star

Very Good and funny!

- Barf! WORST MOVIE EVER!!1 star

No substance... all nonsense! This movie is the worst! Save your money. Seriously, there needs to be a way to get refunds when the movie is THIS bad!

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Angel52x - Isn’t it romantic?1 star

No, it is not in the least romantic. It’s stupid, unrealistic and Basically, it was a bad movie. The acting was unprofessional and unbelievable. I watched the whole movie, once when I got home from my six hour medical treatment, so I thought maybe it was me. I watched the movie the second time to be fair in my opinion, The Movies sucked worse the second time. However, you tried. The .Heroine was to desperate. If she had truly applied herself to her own needs as her out there appearance needed work. Both physically and emotionally.

SWOntarian - Enjoy it for what it is4 star

So, no one is going to watch this movie and expect it to be Oscar material, right? What you're expecting is a non-traditional romantic comedy that takes the typical formula to task for some of its more glaring faults. And this film delivers on that expectation. The film is entertaining and at the same time has some really great messages for girls and women - a good, but light-hearted, corrective without being preachy.

UndisputedVoiceOfReason - A fine work5 star

To the writers: Thanks for the well-written screenplay, and making a generally great movie. For those not familiar with the concept, it would be a similar concept to 2007's 'Enchanted', except that instead of the absurdity of a Disney princess in the real world, it is the absurdity of a what a Rom-Com character and a Rom-Com world would look like from a lens of reality. Well acted by all, especially the two leads bringing in their expertise from Pitch Perfect to both play to the audience and have fun with the pastiche of it all. 5 stars and time well spent.

GreyMockingjay - Hot5 star

I lost my virginity to this movie in an empty theatre. 10/10 I will again

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Queen Victoria I - Extremely cute and funny4 star

It covers every romantic comedy cliche you can think of and then some. Very cute and funny. I laughed out loud more than a few times. If you like other Rebel and Adam films you will like this too.

Bosred1211 - Surprised I loved it4 star

Saw it in the theater because it was the only movie that was playing at that time. Was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it. It’s funny and a cute rom-com.

beccalover - Cheesy fun5 star

I thought it was great. Yes it’s chessylicous but it also has a great moral about loving who you are no matter what.

Cr8ty - Worst movie I’ve seen in a long time.1 star

Save your $$ and time.

Frankisn - I need a refund1 star

What the hell?

BarbaraG1950 - Boring and not funny2 star

I wanted to like this movie, but ended up really disliking it. It’s NOT cute, amusing, charming of funny. Yawn. A waste of money.

stells2013 - It will cheer you up5 star

The movie is so cheesy it makes it highly enjoyable to watch! This isn’t a serious movie so don’t watch if that’s what you are looking for. You want light-hearted laughter, here it is

90546946956945605069 - Cheesy but cute5 star

I thought it was a very cute and funny movie. I dont watch if you are looking for something deep but if your looking for a lighthearted laugh, i would recommend.

Hoffer - I thought this was terrible.1 star

15 minutes into this movie, I thought about leaving the theater. I then thought about it every 5 minutes until it was over. I thought the trailer for this looked good, but I really hated it.

MJMJ93 - Amazing5 star


Doggie land - funny5 star

made me laugh Love rebel Love it

Tori Luise - Romantic comedy5 star

Love this movie. Going to the cinema again next week to watch it a second time.

onion9090 - Good3 star

It’s a romantic comedy seen from a different perspective. Not Oscar material but funny nevertheless

Superhero145 - Best romantic comedy of the year!!!5 star

I thought isn’t romantic was the best of how the story and the message was explained and everyone did an awesome job including Rebel Wilson she was the best in the movie and it is on my favorite list of 2019 so far I highly recommend it to anyone romcom lovers this is up your alley must buy!!!!

Kat96720 - Hilarious5 star

Loved this movie. These two always do so good together and they are just hilarious and adorable.

family guy fan 2007 - Trash1 star

I can not explain how much I hate this film it looked good at first cause I like rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth and adam Devine but don’t watch this it is awful if you want to see a good movie in 2019 see Alita Battle angel or Happy death day 2U

isntitromantic - YAAAASSSSS QUEEEENNNNN5 star

omg if you haven’t seen this movie pleasseeeeee watch it is so so so good. it’s funny yet romantic at the same time. it may seem a little cheesy from the trailer but trust me it is the best!!!! you have to watch this or you will regret it!!!!!!

5 star

I'm watching Isn't It Romantic (2019) #trakt

5 star

@gucciartx: Isn't It Romantic, 2019

5 star

🔹 ISN'T IT ROMANTIC Todd Strauss-Schulson, 2019

5 star

@jackshelbyy 'You can search the entire universe and never find a being more worthy of love than yourself,' Isn't It Romantic (2019)

5 star

@MileyOnThisDay: #MileyOnThisDay 1 year ago today February 11, 2019 @MileyCyrus at the premiere of the movie Isn't It Romantic …

5 star

@kimmydgreatt: Isn't It Romantic, Netflix (2019)

5 star

My ★★★½ review of Isn't It Romantic on Letterboxd:

5 star

@yrfatfriend Isn't It Romantic (2019) with Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine

5 star

My Review Of: Isn't It Romantic (2019)

5 star

Guy who isn't as powerful as General Petraeus gets busted doing similar thing "The Justice Department said that it…

5 star

10. Isn’t it romantic (2019) Mi cara de WTF durante toda la peli issa mood

5 star

Ну разве не романтично? (Isn't It Romantic, 2019) - 10

5 star

@IMDb Isn't It Romantic (2019)

5 star

An intriguing question, wouldn't you agree? What is love? This has been on my mind and I thought it would be an exc…

5 star

🎬 Isn't it romantic (2019) ⓐ how on earth....😏 ⓑ 🤮 ⓒ 🤯

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Isn't It Romantic (2019) images
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