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The story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species—thought to be mere myths—rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance.

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PutoFacebookMessanger    5 star

Best Sci-Fi Movie of all time This is the most underrated movie of 2019 anyone that hasnt watch this must watch if you’re truly looking for action movie💯🔥

gwease    1 star

Why? The family drama was filler in an otherwise unnecessary and darkly shot „film“. It is not worth your time.

MikeInRI    4 star

Monster Smash Sure, the story gets a bit over the top now and then. And yes, there are some cheesy lines. But the monster battles are truly epic. For everyone that complained about the 2014 Godzilla having too little action, this one delivers. Mothra has never looked better.

Adiealey    1 star

Terrible I only watched the trailer and I don’t like it. To much CGI. Prefer the old Godzilla.

Awful. Horrible.    5 star

X It was great

rsiu7177    2 star

I want my money back The first Godzilla movie was border line bad... and this Godzilla movie is worse. I don’t blame the acting, but definitely bad writing, some part were very cheesy. The CGI and special effects are just about the best of things in this movie. Otherwise, I would have given it 1 star.

On Air Hokie    5 star

Hey at FB

fanosb    5 star

True to storyline What’s not to like, betrayed by humans, Godzilla must triumph through and in the end........

Blah1356    2 star

Boring Never new a Godzilla movie could be so boring and contrived. Don't waste you money.

AdorableKitten<3    5 star

Amazing!!! 🦖👑 Wasn’t really expecting the movie to be great... in reality it was AMAZING! Was not disappointed at all I’m pretty picky with my movies and lately these movies haven’t been the best but this one takes the win out of alll of them worth watching. Definitely recommend. 😊

CVGAnton    5 star

Excellent sequel This brought more "wow" factor to the series and I thought the way is introduced the new monsters and how they became active and distructive was good. You do need to watch the end credits to get more out of it as they background news paper clippings going by helps with the story. All in all I loved this one and looking forward to the 4th isntallment. Oh yes, Kong Skull Island is part of this series ;)

JerSir98    4 star

Great! This movie is a good entertainment.I liked the first one and king of monsters is not better,but they did satisfying things.I didn’t expect more then this.I appreciate this film even if it wasn’t perfect.I would like to give 5 stars,but for some reasons,when you’re not an expert of this universe,it’s complicated to understand the references cause these are not explained.In brief,I sill recommend it.

hi all folks    1 star

worst big budget movie of the year Just awful! alot of 4 or 5 stars for this movie??.. hmmm

Ur God damn mom    1 star

Stupid I didn’t even get to see the movie cause it said I didn’t have it downloaded

Mr-Robobob's word    2 star

Storyboard does not line up well.... Average overall but the best parts are what you want them to be.

sgelineai    5 star

WoW 😍😍😍

Robbie C02    1 star

Godzilla ex machina *Ding* Fun drinking game - Everytime Godzilla saves a main character take a drink. (also I think ive had enough "humans are killing the planet" sub plots.

LD Riley    1 star

Insulting A cast of cardboard characters that I assume I am supposed to care about but can't because I know almost nothing about them, do nothing to help this atomic mess. If you like crappy Hollywood movies that follow a formula and assume you are an imbecile then you will love this movie. They don't even explain the connection between Ziyi Zhang's character and Mothra. There is a groan worthy moment in the trailer where one guy says 'Oh my God" and the guy shived into the ribs of this film as comic relief says 'zillaaaaaaa'. That is not a trailer edit. THAT IS IN THE FILM. How do you do a scene like that and not know how bad it is? Total garbage.

B. Eric    1 star

Don't bother What stupid movie. I am embarrassed that I watched it until the end. Wish I could give it 0.

Oscar JM OXD    3 star

LOOL For being an absolute shipwreck of a predictable, simplistic story with boring human characters, the film’s cheesiness and ridiculous dialogue made me laugh so hard, that I actually enjoyed watching this movie.

Neil Strauss
What is a King to a God  Neil Strauss  5 star

Watched it with the kids and enjoyed it,NOSTALGIA

Godzilla 2  WaveWiz  2 star

More of the same but this time with shallow characters, weak acting and with all the special effects could not save this movie. To e honest....boring.

I am the I in Team
Monsters are great  I am the I in Team  3 star

The monsters are great but the rest of it is just so so.

Godzilla 2  besanova  5 star

Absolutely unreal

Elliot Borst
Fun Movie, Great Sequel  Elliot Borst  5 star

I really enjoyed the first Godzilla and Kong films that have kicked of this shared universe. I didnt expect them to kick it up this far, ut its done in a way that really leaves further movies to come, which is obvious. I think this is really the scene setter for the next 10 years of this franchise. Great CGI, epic scale and size of battles. Its a Godzilla movie, dont take it so seriously, just enjoy it.

Had a blast watching this  Lkblkb  5 star

Honestly, there’s just something so satisfying about sitting down to watch monsters beat each other up

Absolutely amazing  Kevarkevar  5 star

This movie has the best visual effects ever, from creating the disasters to the monsters, every part is UNREAL.

Meister Rob
Hail to the King  Meister Rob  5 star

Loved this movie from start to finish! Godzilla King of the Monsters is everything that a sequel should be, bigger, badder and hugely enjoyable. One of my favourites of 2019 so far, anyone who's seen the first one should absolutely watch the sequel. Bring on the third one!

Cool action, weak story.  lightrside  2 star

The battle scenes between monsters are excellent, however they are completely let down by a very weak script that fails to provide any emotional payoff. Children probably don’t care about emotional pay off so they might like it.

Critics dont know what they are talking about  DemonWolf96  5 star

Best movie of this year tbh, found this alot more enjoyable than endgame

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