Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Summary and Synopsis

The story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species—thought to be mere myths—rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance. Follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species, thought to be mere myths, rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity's very existence hanging in the balance. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Wiki

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Long live the king...

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Movie (2019)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Comments & Critics

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Movie Reviews

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- Rotten Tomatoes is wrong5 star

The critics said that it was just a bunch of monster fights. Uhhh...AWESOME! The CGI was excellent as well. Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t know what there talking about!

- It could have been better.3 star

Millie Bobby Brown was the worst! Her acting, if you can call it that, took away so much! Jeez!

- Love it5 star

I love it one of the best movies I’ve ever seen watching it a lot to get hype for Godzilla vs Kong and it is just long enough the storyline is good

- Best movie ever5 star

This movie was so cool I love how you made Godzilla turn into itomic Godzilla and destroy the three headed dragon

- Unreal5 star

No doubt a five star movie. Love to see that they listened to viewer recommendations and put the kaiju in the movie more. The CGI is out of this world. Overall I highly recommended to anyone looking for a good movie to watch if your into action/thriller movies.

- Zilla5 star

Amazing movie, highly recommended

- 🔥5 star


- Mejor película del 20215 star

Es la mejor para mi y festejemos la con las canciones de río 2

- Best. Movie. Ever.5 star

I remember calling this the best move off all eternity.

- Wild ride!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾5 star

Definitely entertaining!!!👍🏾

- Best Godzilla movie of the last 20 years5 star

This movie I have to give an A+ this movie is based off of the old ones and I loved the old ones except with better effects and a better story everything about this movie I admire and the Director is a genius.

- Ereee5 star


- Not too bad3 star

The graphics are realistic, but I don’t like the story that much. I think Godzilla 3 will have a much better story.

- They made Godzilla Fat!2 star

What can I say the whole film was a white wash and why did they make Godzilla fat? Is it because American’s are fat?

- good5 star


- STOOPID1 star


- Godzilla king of the Monsters5 star

Looks sick and awesome

- Wanted to appreciate it1 star

It’s a monster movie with impossible things happening. That’s what you want. What you don’t want and I couldn’t stomach was the beyond brain dead dialogue and over/under acting peaks that surround the insulting dialogue. That’s what it is sadly. Insultingly ignorant as though there was no effort at all in making a story with some semblance of dialogue peppered over special effects. It’s a struggle to get through sadly.

- Stupid bad movie1 star

This film is god awful!!! As a Godzilla fan, this was a huge disappointment. We have waited 5 years since this film was announced. It was originally supposed to come out 2018, till they pushed it to 2019 and gave us this crap. The jokes in here are not funny at all. They try to make you laugh but fail, they are very cringy moments. This movie has a terrible plot, bad actors except for Kyle, Millie and Ken, and at times, bad CGI. If you want to watch a movie that shows awesome monster battles that are constantly interrupted by boring humans, then this is for you. This is not really a spoiler since it was in the trailer, but when Rodan and Ghidorah went at each other to fight, it went right to the humans doing their drama. As well as Godzilla fighting ghidorah!! Don’t waste your money.

- Meh2 star

I didn’t find this movie very appealing, mainly because of the acting. I don’t feel impulsed to see it again unless someone else puts it on but that’s it. I wasn’t surprised that it got a 42% on rotten tomatoes.

- F*** the best movie ever5 star

Best movie ever!!!!

- Why I shouldn’t use the other movie of Godzilla3 star

Well I like just a little problem it’s just a bit too much and I am a Chris I am a Godzilla fan and those three they look ugly now I give it up three star but I like

- Very Entertaining but flawed.👍🏻🍿4 star

Like many great Kaiju movies, the action is spectacular and awesome. Seeing Godzilla and Ghidorah fight is always a good time and the effects are nearly flawless. However the human plot can drag on for a little bit and honestly the writing could have been better, Shin’ichi Sekizawa the writer of many of the classics Godzilla, was great at balancing human drama and monsters action and with one more rewrite or even extra screen time it could have been even better . But in the end I think this film was a great time and enjoyable to watch.

- Godilla the Great King!5 star

I saw Godzilla when it first came out. I realized I never rated it....with that being said, this was a awesome movie. Lots of Monster action. I love Godzilla and have been watching his movies for at least 60 years and have almost the entire collection. I watch them all the time. Godzilla King Of the Monsters, that's it.

- Pointless Godzilla movie the first one is better2 star

It was awesome when Godzilla was fighting all of the other kajiu monsters but the problem was that there were too many stupid characters and subplots that were substainal to this hunk of a desirebul bull.

- Give me a rent option3 star

Bruh I’m quarantined and I wanna rent it cmon

- Epic Sequel!5 star

Don’t listen to or believe any of the negative reviews by the critics and the audience. This was pretty much just as good as the 2014 film; this time with way more monster action. Seeing Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah duke it out in cgi was beyond epic. I was screaming with excitement from start to finish. I’d pretty much say this is one of the best movies I’ve seen in 2019 alongside Star Wars 9 and Ford Vs Ferrari. I believe it or not thought it was way more epic than Avengers: Endgame which was also a great film. That should say something. I remember reading a news story about Godzilla 2: KOTM competing with Avengers: Endgame for the title of biggest best summer blockbuster. To me, Godzilla won the title. This is a must watch if you’re a Godzilla enthusiast.

- Great Movie5 star

However we cannot rent it & why is this the case? I think I know why ?

- Screw the hater (spoiler alert 🚨)5 star

It was amazing Rodan,mothra,godzilla and any stranger things fans eleven is in here oh my god so good with the fire design with Godzilla and king doraha ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

- Epic5 star

Godzilla was a staple of my childhood and I continue to love Godzilla even in my adult life. This was one of the finest Godzilla movies I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s colorful, it’s frantic and it’s intense. There are so many moments of cinematic brilliance on display, and the size and scale of these monsters are showcased flawlessly. The final showdown is a tremendous homage to the series. The humans hold everything together as well, I enjoyed the plot in all its ludicrous insanity. An awesome movie, and one I will gladly repeat time and again. Godzilla!

- Good movie!5 star

Good Movie like how the director add most of the Kaiju monsters hope there is more movies to come

- Awesome movie5 star

This is the best movie in the world it’s almost batter than endgame on sescad though I can’t though it is better than endgame the final battle was amazing but than again the first battle with Godzilla vs there headed dragon was also amazing go see it now take your kids to see it but the movie was very loud

- Even $2.99 was too much1 star

This movie stinks to high heaven. It’s just a tad worse than the one staring Matthew Broderick. They barely have the other monsters present. I cried myself to sleep after watching them butcher this franchise yet again.

- Great Godzilla Movie for Fans5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this Godzilla addition to the classics. Great acting, great effects, great storyline, and flowed, so zero complaints. Cheers!

- Godzilla5 star

Love this movie

- Mess of a film1 star

Characters were unlikeable and terrible, plot was boring, cgi was ok, but action was illogical. I couldn't tell you a single name even if I was held at gunpoint. The fact that there's a lot of people who liked the film tells me that they are probably just looking for mind-numbing action because the film felt longer than it actually was.

- Best Kaiju movie5 star

My first fav Kaiju movie best

- A Disappointment2 star

A life-long Godzilla fan, and man was this movie a huge disappointment. First, I felt that some of the characters were miscast, and the plot was very thin. Plus, the constant mentioning of the deceased son was annoying after a while (not a spoiler). I don't want to give the movie away so I'll leave it there. The effects were OK...but the action sequences can be hard to follow. A main character is killed in one sequence and I couldn't tell until it was confirmed in another scene. It's over done, plays on nostalgia, and really felt like a Marvel-wannabe with the cross-universe of Godzilla/Kong and post-credit scene. It was nice that composer Bear McCreary used the classic Toho Godzilla theme, and the remake of the Blue Oyster Cult's song Godzilla were positives.

- This is the Godzilla film I've waited for!5 star

This movie is everything I wanted from a Godzilla film and more. It features plenty of monster on monster fighting, the monsters are gorgous, it has memorable scenes, and it has just enough plot on the human side to get you grounded in the movie but not overshine the monsters. Humanity was always the part I found lacking in the Japanese films. Humanity was always just in the way in the films, rarely if ever a force that the monsters had to really pay attention to. This Godzilla film shatters that and pisses on the ashes. SPOILERS: The main bad guy is as successful as it is because of humans. We woke it up. We almost killed Godzilla in our attempt to kill them both. Then, we help Godzilla recover from our mistake, and Godzilla, with almost ineffective yet critically timed aid, defeats the big bad guy. All this while not diminishing any of the monsters in the least. Then there's Mothra. She is hands down my favorite new monster in this movie. She's absolutely GORGEOUS. And she /sings/. Her calls are both awe inspring and very beautiful. The biolum was also a magnificent touch. She's my favorite 'new' monster in the movie. If you like monster flicks, GET THIS MOVIE!

- Monsters great... Actors awful2 star

I really enjoyed the last movie in the franchise, but this one is a real stinker. The main actors that the story surrounds ruin the story. They are unbelievable and just awful. The CG is amazing and the monster scenes and design are great, but just don’t make it worth it. Wait till it’s in the $4.99 deals to buy it, if at all.

- Lots of CGI4 star

Pretty cool movie

- The true king!5 star

This movie is everything I expected! Action adventure through it all and honestly not disappointed!

- Huge Disappointment2 star

Wanted to see monsters fight, got barely any and got human reactions/actions that absolutely no one cared about.

- Amazing Movie5 star

Some of the best visual and sound effects I’ve scene. Really a good movie.

- Propaganda1 star

Lies Lies Lies. If I could give this movie zero stars, I would. The first movie was pretty good.


All hail THE best modern version of Godzilla. PERIOD.

- Trash1 star

So bad,I wish i could give it 0 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- YyeyeyeyeeyeyeyjdjdjEjected5 star


- Not for kids or adults2 star

Lol😂 I went to the movies and watched this movie and I think it was just a waist of money I wouldn’t buy it

- No2 star

Not good at all, the F-35’s were cool as were some special effects, but the monsters were not believable.

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Bradley sauveur - WOW5 star

this movie has fantastic I couldn’t be more impressed

Egemoen - Disappointing2 star

The entire family fell asleep about 2/3s of the way through. Didn’t bother finishing. Slow and silly, and not silly in a fun way. Just a real slog.

Vinyalonde - Really bad film1 star

The critics are right about this one. It was really bad. A really confused and muddled story that was boring too.

CVGAnton - Excellent sequel5 star

This brought more "wow" factor to the series and I thought the way is introduced the new monsters and how they became active and distructive was good. You do need to watch the end credits to get more out of it as they background news paper clippings going by helps with the story. All in all I loved this one and looking forward to the 4th isntallment. Oh yes, Kong Skull Island is part of this series ;)

JerSir98 - Great!4 star

This movie is a good entertainment.I liked the first one and king of monsters is not better,but they did satisfying things.I didn’t expect more then this.I appreciate this film even if it wasn’t perfect.I would like to give 5 stars,but for some reasons,when you’re not an expert of this universe,it’s complicated to understand the references cause these are not explained.In brief,I sill recommend it.

hi all folks - worst big budget movie of the year1 star

Just awful! alot of 4 or 5 stars for this movie??.. hmmm

Ur God damn mom - Stupid1 star

I didn’t even get to see the movie cause it said I didn’t have it downloaded

Mr-Robobob's word - Storyboard does not line up well....2 star

Average overall but the best parts are what you want them to be.

sgelineai - WoW5 star


Robbie C02 - Godzilla ex machina *Ding*1 star

Fun drinking game - Everytime Godzilla saves a main character take a drink. (also I think ive had enough "humans are killing the planet" sub plots.

LD Riley - Insulting1 star

A cast of cardboard characters that I assume I am supposed to care about but can't because I know almost nothing about them, do nothing to help this atomic mess. If you like crappy Hollywood movies that follow a formula and assume you are an imbecile then you will love this movie. They don't even explain the connection between Ziyi Zhang's character and Mothra. There is a groan worthy moment in the trailer where one guy says 'Oh my God" and the guy shived into the ribs of this film as comic relief says 'zillaaaaaaa'. That is not a trailer edit. THAT IS IN THE FILM. How do you do a scene like that and not know how bad it is? Total garbage.

B. Eric - Don't bother1 star

What stupid movie. I am embarrassed that I watched it until the end. Wish I could give it 0.

Oscar JM OXD - LOOL3 star

For being an absolute shipwreck of a predictable, simplistic story with boring human characters, the film’s cheesiness and ridiculous dialogue made me laugh so hard, that I actually enjoyed watching this movie.

Sestechno - Hated it. Read why. (SPOILER)1 star

*SPOILER ALERT* Hated it for many reasons. The scene where they go revive godzilla, the guy sacrifices himself ala "Armageddon". Very unoriginal. Also, the guy removes his gloves and helmet and the radiation/heat doesn't melt him? Then 10 minutes later, the other girl sacrifices herself, the hummer tumbles over, and she miraculously gets ejected without a scratch (humvee is destroyed). Also, the girl walks 100mph? she goes from the bunker to the stadium, then to her appartment in like 5 minutes. All that while walking? The visuals are amazing. the monsters are great. The story makes sense until the last 20 minutes, where it all crumbles to trash.

ShoopDeFloop1998 - Greatest Movie I’ve Ever Seen5 star

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is without a doubt my most favourite movie of all time. The story for the most part is very simplistic, but enough to drive the movie forward. The characters, while not the most incredible, work for the story, especially Ken Watanabe as Dr. Serizawa, my favourite of the film. The film is at its peak when the stars of the film, the monsters, are one screen. For the uninitiated, the star-studded cast of giant monsters includes Godzilla(of course), Mothra, Rodan and Godzilla’s arch-nemesis, King Ghidorah. The action and visual effects are truly a sight to behold. You will be on the edge of your seat witnessing these titanic forces of nature clash. The score for this film, by none other than Bear McCreary, is fantastic, incorporating many of the legendary scores of the late composer Akira Ifukube, the man who created the legendary Godzilla theme. Weather you’re a Godzilla fan, or just love action, this film delivers again and again. LONG LIVE THE KING!

Aryanatomy - Pretty Darn Good5 star

Action packed, good fight scenes, and amazing visuals.

Gianism - Best movie ever5 star

I mean, it has Godzilla. Also the soundtrack is 10/10.

drivebyskunk - Awesome5 star

Great movie. Enjoyed it way more than the 2014 one.

Undrgrndkng - good4 star

not perfect but very good if you want to see monsters go to battle

GirrganflirganChrgan - The Critics Are Actual Degenerates5 star

This movie is amazing, the story was very simplistic, but worked really well. The characters for the most part were used really well and didn’t bother me like the critics said they would. The monster stuff is spectacular(especially with Mothra). The music is phenomenal, humour isn’t excessive, the effects are amazing and well polished, the acting is great, directing, cinematography, sound mixing, editing. This movie succeeds on almost every level with somewhat to full effectiveness. Not to mention if you’re a Godzilla fan you’ll love this movie 1000000 times more with so many moments of good fan service and references. Just buy the movie!!! Don’t let the Tomatometer make you think otherwise. Reminder: They gave Ghostbusters 2016, The Last Jedi and Captain Marvel certified fresh... they’ve been horribly wrong before.

awesomemoviereviewer - I expected more3 star

I was so excited for this movie and which it was better but it’s still awesome seeing Godzilla, Roden, Mowthra and king Ghidohra

Samsquantch122 - Excellent return to old school monster movies5 star

Godzilla at his finest

The a Kaiju fan - Long live the King..5 star

Godzilla:King of the monsters is a great film Lots a action packed scenes and some emotional ones too Godzilla was great as always and so was Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra this is a movie I recommend to all

the_increbible01 - Great movie, must see!5 star

I went seen this in the theatre and hands down best Godzilla movie yet. I like how the reference King Kong in this movie.

15/10 - All hail the king4 star

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is an improvement on Godzilla (2014) in nearly every way. More monster action and enough fan service for long time fans. The plot is bare bones and the characters are bland, but if you watch a Godzilla movie for the plot then you’re in the wrong place. The soundtrack, sound design, visuals and monster designs are spectacular. In summary: A fun action movie to turn your brain off and enjoy. And that IS a complement

hdvfuteicbrycb - Godzilla king of the monsters5 star

This movie is more then amazing it’s exoranare

jonesca1970 - If you're not a Kaiju fan stay away.5 star

It's a monster movie. Loud, brash, city destroying, people frying, explosiion filled, clichéd monster movie. No Shape of Water this is. Have fun!

kedireturns - Enjoyed It in 4K Dolby Vision!5 star

My rating definitely ups itself only because of pure visual spectacle and sweeeet 4K Dolby Vision! If I watched it in 1080p then my rating would be 3.5/5!

Genesis127 - Disappointed with the online version3 star

Despite its flaws, I really enjoyed this movie. So it pains me to say that my advice is to get the 4K Bluray disc instead. This streaming version severely lacks contrast, and looks washed out as if viewing the movie through a thin veil. I was so disappointed with the Apple TV version, that I acquired the Godzilla KOTM 4K Bluray as well – the Bluray has brilliantly detailed contrast, with gorgeous luminous colour and resolution, ie. the disc is reference quality. So I’m sorry to say this Apple, but the online streaming version of this movie needs improvement.

Grimluppin - Ok3 star


Simjazz74 - Godzilla king of the monsters5 star

Best movie🎬ever!!!👍👍👍😱😱😁😎😄😄😃😃😃🦋🐉🐊🦇

TomasWillow - Worst movie ever1 star

The movie is like a continuous loop of helicopters, silly panic talk and endless computer screens full of pathetic analysis info. Dialogue is excruciatingly terrible!

Bioshock1900 - Definitely the best movie i have seen all year.5 star

2 hour movie and nothing but action,i was disappointed with endgame but this movie has made up for it.

Neil Strauss - What is a King to a God5 star

Watched it with the kids and enjoyed it,NOSTALGIA

WaveWiz - Godzilla 22 star

More of the same but this time with shallow characters, weak acting and with all the special effects could not save this movie. To e honest....boring.

GregH61 - Monsters are great3 star

The monsters are great but the rest of it is just so so.

besanova - Godzilla 25 star

Absolutely unreal

Elliot Borst - Fun Movie, Great Sequel5 star

I really enjoyed the first Godzilla and Kong films that have kicked of this shared universe. I didnt expect them to kick it up this far, ut its done in a way that really leaves further movies to come, which is obvious. I think this is really the scene setter for the next 10 years of this franchise. Great CGI, epic scale and size of battles. Its a Godzilla movie, dont take it so seriously, just enjoy it.

Lkblkb - Had a blast watching this5 star

Honestly, there’s just something so satisfying about sitting down to watch monsters beat each other up

Kevarkevar - Absolutely amazing5 star

This movie has the best visual effects ever, from creating the disasters to the monsters, every part is UNREAL.

Meister Rob - Hail to the King5 star

Loved this movie from start to finish! Godzilla King of the Monsters is everything that a sequel should be, bigger, badder and hugely enjoyable. One of my favourites of 2019 so far, anyone who's seen the first one should absolutely watch the sequel. Bring on the third one!

lightrside - Cool action, weak story.2 star

The battle scenes between monsters are excellent, however they are completely let down by a very weak script that fails to provide any emotional payoff. Children probably don’t care about emotional pay off so they might like it.

DemonWolf96 - Critics dont know what they are talking about5 star

Best movie of this year tbh, found this alot more enjoyable than endgame

Auswos10 - Perfect5 star

The only complaint I have is that they changed his sexy eargasm roar in to the old one

jimothy the scammer - best movie5 star

critics dont know what they are talking about but if they were a kiaju fan then they would understand so hmmmmmmmmm

Thekadeos - Long Live The King5 star

This movie was so good and I would definitely see it again and again can’t wait for 2020’s Godzilla vs Kong Hopefully Godzilla Wins I love them both though.

king of the chickens - Godzilla1 star

It was so boring that I fell asleep, I never fall asleep during a movie.


This film is without a doubt covered with flaws here and there, but what is important about this film is that it answers the calls of the fans. This movie is almost undeniably the film us G fans have been waiting for, for literally decades. This is a loving tribute to the godzilla franchise. To truly understand what the purpose of this film is, you would have to watch some of the original godzilla movies. Basically 1: Dialogue is mostly bad. The human story is lackluster (but who cares) 2: The monsters are mostly excellent with the exception of king Ghidorah who unfortunately was a little disappointing (just warning you). althrough it eventualy grew on me. 3: A loving tribute! Go see this film. Especially if you are a G Fan like me and so many others. THIS MOVIE IS JUST FUN!!!

Kaitiger - Best movie ever5 star

My mind exploded when I saw it at the cinema

GojiOwO - Brilliant4 star

A perfect Kaiju film for kaiju fans

sidpowerx5432 - Who are the 2 kaijus???5 star

I like all of the Monsters but there are 2 new ones, Who are They?

Slinkstar - Great movie5 star

All hail the king.

Gar Goras - So much fun5 star

Monsters, fire, destruction, more monsters, not much of a human story but soooooo much fun. I loved it

Prollyjollyfrancko - Yay more putt putt golf 🏌️‍♂️5 star

Great film with the best putt putt golfing since John Wick 3

Korn7Knock - long live the King!5 star

Loved this at the movies. Lots of monster action and pretty good storyline. If you liked the first one you will love this more. Godzilla at his best

Gavin b - Boring2 star

It’s halfway through the movie and I thought I would come on here and let everyone know how bored I am 😴💤😴💤😴

CJHMovieFan - Truly worthy of the title “King of The Monsters”5 star

A Worthy and Epic Sequel to the 2014 “Godzilla”. Micheal Dougherty not only had the Herculean task of directing a sequel that could not only stand side by side with its predecessor but also hold its own as a Godzilla movie and he did so triumphantly. With both a supporting Human cast (Including Returning faces from such as ‘Godzilla 2014’s Ken Watanabe and New faces such as ‘Long Shot’s O’Shea Jackson Jr, ‘Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance and “Stranger Thing’s’ Millie Bobbie Brown and a starring Monster cast including ‘Godzilla’ himself as well as ‘Mothra’ ‘Rodan’ and ‘King Ghidorah’ with an epic Soundtrack by Bear Mccreary.

Joseph David rose - Godzilla king of monsters5 star

When Will this film be released on Netflix? because the one from 1998 film is on there. This is a really good film and oh my god the amount of action is amazing.

N A M E K I A N - Great movie5 star

Very good film it’s a must watch, most of the reviews trash talking this haven’t even seen the movie or just a hater.

Antu Asar - Long Live the King!3 star

Great monsters - but everything else is absolutely terrible. Long Live the King 😆

WozzaB400 - Absolutely loved it!5 star

Not being all that familiar with the original Godzilla and the titans I was extremely curious as to how this will would play out. I’ve got to say I was pleasantly surprised! Non stop action with a quality storyline. Love how they’ve linked it up with Godzilla Vs King Kong. I liked the first Godzilla instalment, but I’ve got to say the far exceeded my expectations.

lumleylad - Fantastic5 star

I didn’t expect to like this film but i was wrong it was brilliant.

Eightninenine - 🤦🏻‍♂️1 star

Terrible in every sense of the word.

The honest cinema - Fantastic movie!5 star

I was amazed from watching this movie! They really bumped up the monster scenes especially with Godzilla, and the graphics were superb. Non stop action which Is what a lot of people wanted with the previous Godzilla movie. Well this movie has it and with many many more monsters!! Definitely recommend and even more so for the build up to KONG V GODZILLA!

dougmulch - Best film of the year5 star

This film is a film about a selection of giant reptiles and a big moth killing people, destroying buildings and fighting each Other. Enough said

ClopperSmurf - So so boring1 star

This film was so boring i fell asleep twice.. don't mind a story driven film but when the story is also rubbish it doesn’t cut it for me. This film could have easily have been 60mins long had they have cut out all the boring garbage! Waste of £13.99 and 2+ hours!! Not good! 🥱😴

Fjrider - Garbage1 star

Absolutely abysmal , waste of money , acting’s crap , cgi is rubbish , the good reviewers must be on LSD

paulfollon - Time I will never get back2 star

Well that’s 2hrs of my life I won’t get back probably the worst film I’ve watched and I’ve watch some crap

Jimmyboy41 - Good4 star

Good film not fantastic though

Jamey47 - One Great Monster Movie5 star

This ranks as one of my favorite all time films bringing together Japans greatest good guys and bad guys. Some reviews hated this film because 'there were not enough monsters'! Duh, go play with your plastic toys children! This film gave so much back ground and human story to the Ultimate Monsters it is in a class all by itself. I felt like I came away having learned who was who and what was what in the Monster realm having seen this film. If you enjoy Godzilla/Gojira in any form then this is virtually the ultimate beginning of his story. Don't miss this guys as one of the primary films that explains so much about this monster verse.

Roop737 - Dreadful!1 star

Effects for the sake of it. Poor story line, terrible in every way. Sorry, just bad!

subcity - It's okay3 star

It wont keep you gripped to your seat, I went off did some work for abit then came back and the story was pretty much the same. And as much as its nothing like the first, the graphics and filming was slick and the performances okay, it just wast extremely captivating. But if you want something to be abit of a time filler then this will do the trick.

Tomislav P. - Total garbage, 2h I will never get back1 star

Too bad I can’t give it zero, acting and script are pathetic, CGI mediocre. Paid £4.99 to rent this garbage. Could’ve been worse, could’ve spend double that amount on cinema ticket.

Elric Stockley - Very pleased lifelong fan5 star

Grew up with the original Japanese Godzilla films and seeing the very first American attempt I was horrified. However, the new monster verse is superb and a great tribute and full of action packed fun. Sure the character arcs arent the best, but It was never meant to be centred around humans, I think critics find it hard to understand that not everything is.

DodgerReviews - Great Summer Movie4 star

As somebody who is new to the monster verse , I found the first godzilla movie good, but king of the monsters was great and a step up. It was an Extremely entertaining watch due to the epic, large scale fights between the titans, were the special effects really come into there own. This is some of the best VFX I can remember seeing in a movie for some time and the action sequences are truly fantastic. Another fantastic aspect of the movie was the introduction of the other titans and how they interact with their differing personality’s which really came though the screen. This was not the case in “godzilla 1” so it’s a step in the right direction. They also stayed true to the source material in terms of the titans and there origins which will please casual and hardcore fans alike. The one minor con to the film would be the amount of screen time the human characters have compared to the titans. Hopefully in future instalments the titans will have a majority of the screen time. Other than that it’s a great film that has got me hooked into a very interesting cinematic universe. 4/5

stevenrhodes - So So3 star

Not as good as it’s 2014 predecessor, although still a decent Hollywood disaster movie. The CGI and acting could have been better.

Winkymann - Dull as dishwater1 star

If I had a time machine or one wish granted to me by a genie, I would go back 2 1/2 hours and tell myself not to spend £14 buying this film. The story is dull, the actors are wooden (especially the guy who plays the dad/wildlife photographer) and the fight scenes, are indistinguishable. I wonder if iTunes would refund me? Everyone involved in the making of this film , should be taken to the town square, put in the stocks and have wasp nests and rotten cabbages thrown in their faces!!!! You have been warned!

fellas im home - Very good4 star

This film has some of my favourite kaju fights I’ve ever seen but the mums character oh my god she is a terrible character but the rest of the film is good

Daminous - It's a step in the right direction3 star

I loved it for what it is but still focuses way too much and gives too much time to humans for what is supposed to be a Monster movie. Great fights, great visuals just too much humans still like the firsy one

Scripted Pixels - Visual monster smash4 star

It’s a monster movie. It’s Godzilla. Visually stunning & plenty of action, destruction & sound effects that’ll test your home theater system. What else could you ask for? Looks & sounds amazing 4K & Dolby surround; must sound amazing with ATMOS!

thatguyfrombritain - You can’t go wrong with the King Of The Monsters!5 star

If you’re a fan of Godzilla or giant monsters in general, you’ll have a blast. I had the pleasure of seeing it in IMAX, and then 4DX, and the screenings nearly brought me to tears with how great they were. 4DX especially is something I never imagined I’d even be able to experience. Every footstep is felt, the gust from Ghidorahs wings are felt, splashes of water that comes from Godzilla rising out the ocean all makes you feel like you’re in the action. It’s a thing of beauty. Though I’d recommend watching the film in IMAX first, as to not get distracted by the 4D elements, Ghidorah is awesome and full of personality. I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to emphasise that each head has their own personality, but they do a great job. The middle head is the alpha and really pushes the other two heads. The pacing is ok, the final act escalated extremely quickly. The first 20 minutes or so are quite slow, but necessary for the plot. The characters weren’t bad like many of the critics would say, there are a handful of emotional moments throughout the film, it’s just that they weren’t given much to do outside of stand in a room and talk, though I really do want to see these characters flushed out in the next entry. All in all, King Of The Monsters is a film of EPIC proportions, 2019’s true BLOCKBUSTER. Through the criticisms, this film is still a labour of love from fans of the genre FOR fans of the genre, and it shows. Many critics won’t understand the references, or what they were going for when making the film, but they definitely succeeded in what they set out to do.

mrpixel - I remember the REAL Godzilla3 star

What ever happeend to the cardboard skyscrapers and the guy in the rubber suit. You just can't do those with computer animation.

kra-z-xiii - Breathtaking action5 star

Excellent film. Great action sequences and enjoyable film.

Fmcrobb - King of monster action5 star

Godzilla king of monsters brings monster films up to today’s action film standards; awesome!

Kris10234 - Script is poor - why didn't they make it a good reboot?!2 star

I wish the script was better. I regret buying it. It's got nice visual effects but the story is underwhelming. Godzilla the monster reboot should have had a better reboot.

mark38says - Love it!5 star

These films just get better with some of the most stunning special effects!

Old~Smokey - A fair monster romp.5 star

Some silly moments, but it is a monster movie. Great fight scenes, but he seems to be getting fatter.

jai.1x - Good5 star

Amazing can’t wait for the next movie

Denniswilliam - Rubbish1 star

Rubbishy Bubbishy Boo

Gangster brad - Godzilla king of the monsters3 star

I loved the monsters fighting scenes but the humans get nearly all of the screen time and I don’t want the humans to ever come back in the movie ever. I enjoyed the movie only for the monsters fighting. Godzilla got more screen time and fought king ghidorah like a boss. Not a perfect fighting movie but a good movie, so I give Godzilla king of the monsters 3 stars out of 5, good movie.

george xvi - Godzilla was my time of year5 star

Godzilla is epic to fight ghdorah

Crusher4324 - Awesome film5 star

I mean I saw the first film it was ok but they could of featured that part of the first fight on the big screen but enough about that film this Godzilla film brought back the oxygen destroyer rodan mothra And ghidorah I was only just able to contain my excitement when I first saw this film Yh this film is probably except the originals is probably the best Godzilla film I have seen in the recent years

HowDoesThisWorkMyDude - Boring, messy but with an amazing ending fight3 star

This film has the most boring and stupid first 2/3s but ends with a great fight! This film is not the best, not the worst but a decent entry to the Godzilla franchise and worth watching to decide your opinion on it.

jake ghdorah - Godzilla king of monsters2418955 star

It's better then last Godzilla film at least the classic monster are epic it is brighter then last film it pitch dark I cannot stop getting excited for King Kong vs Godzilla 2020 is the most expensive movie I have seen if I have to watch this movie this is the perfect one to watch allright Godzilla franchise made a good job Godzilla became a king long live the king anyway all monster list I like Godzilla mortha roadon destoah King Kong king ghdarah ebriah mecha Godzilla Godzilla earth

The Asperger - Better than the first film5 star

First off, I’d really like to thank Warner Bros. and Legendary for honouring the spirit and legacy of the original Godzilla character and franchise I grew up watching as a kid. This is the thrilling sequel I’ve been waiting for as it captures the spirit of Japan’s famous Kaijus while setting up his reign for years to come. There are almost few words which describe the film as well as momentous, and its epic scale will leave audiences of astounded. Heck, it’s probably the modern day Godzilla movie anyone’s been waiting for. It’s full of monstrous action that rattles your screen, it’s so damn good that every battle scene could be your new desktop wallpaper. I was even trying to hold back my fan squeal as soon as I heard the new version of Akira Ifukube’s main theme! The sequel is just packed with easter eggs quality of Kaiju vs. Kaiju action, backstories and more. It was totally one of those rare films that’s worth watching, and to watch again and again. The story is simple that anyone can follow along, which isn’t a bad thing and I think isn’t given enough credit. It has drama but is related to the overall plot, just like other monster movies. Plus the human characters aren’t really as bad as some people say they are. In fact, they’re an improvement from the first film, as they are not wooden or bland like Ford and Elle Brody in 2014, and I liked the first film. Honestly, I don’t understand where some people are getting the idea that the film is incoherent and such. The humans are woven into the action and the story of what’s going on well enough that I don’t feel it takes away from the experience. There is significantly more monster action and it pays off with grand shots of clashes and destruction. Overall, this was worth the wait and deserves a lot more credit. I advise ignoring any negative opinion and enjoy this epic sequel. 5/5

an(nie)akin - I love you godzilla5 star

I love him so much. Realtalk: whilst this movie definitely isn’t as poignant as Shin Godzilla (2016) or the original movies, I think that can be explained by the fact that it seems to be about a completely different topic. Whilst the aforementioned were (obviously) about nuclear warfare and its effects on the world (especially on Japan in the wake of World War Two) and how it’s shadow still threatens all of us, King of the Monsters speeds right past that topic onto another heavily debated and very real issue for the 21st century. I am of course talking about climate change, which the film references incredibly heavy handedly with the plot itself. (Spoilers: Vera Farmiga and Charles Dance want to unleash the titans to restore the damage humans have done to the world. Unfortunately for them, they mirror a lot of more undesirable politics at the same time...) But deeper than the surface level plot of “we must restore balance to a world we destroyed” is another layer. Much like Shrek and his onions, this movie is Deep — or it might be the fact I’ve been awake for 36 hours now. Spoilers abound from here on out! The basic plot is that ecoterrorists Vera and Tywin Lannister want to unleash the titans to counteract human impact on the world. They release Monster Zero, aka King G, who immediately decides it would be very sexy of him to ruin everything. Along the way Rodan claws his way from a volcano, Godzilla “dies”, and Mothra arrives to save both him and the day (as always). The film climaxes in a battle between the pairs teams of Ghidorah and Rodan, and Godzilla and Mothra, in central Boston. Ghidorah and Mothra both die, but they will both assuredly be back, going by what we’re shown in a post credits scene. Meanwhile, Godzilla stares Rodan down until he has to bow. How does this relate to climate change? Let’s find out. In this proposed metaphor Godzilla still represents nuclear radiation; but rather than being the atom bomb, he’s now a nuclear power station. People (Kyle Chandler) fear and despise him, the same way a sizeable portion of people today distrust nuclear power stations (despite their relatively low ecological impact). But they’re wrong: just like nuclear stations, Godzilla will only attack due to human error. Safe? Of course not! But if we’re careful, he’ll stay on our side... for now, warns the ending of the movie. Mothra is one that we have to look at a little more in depth. Throughout her reign as a staple of the franchise, she’s died over and over again, mostly in the service of humanity... who never quite seem to learn from their mistakes. In KotM, she’s a benevolent queen, snuffling at Millie Bobby Brown’s outstretched hand and leading the humans to Godzilla so that he may be healed. Everywhere Mothra goes, she heals things... but in the end she’s helpless against King Ghidorah. All she can do is buy Godzilla some time. (Interestingly, when Godzilla finally kills Ghidorah, you can see Mothra’s wings in the blast, and hear her call.) Does Mothra represent nature itself? Let’s go with that. Over and over she dies for humans; over and over she tries to fix everyone’s mistakes, and yet, in this movie, is obliterated by Ghidorah’s gravity beams. Which brings me to my next victim: King Ghidorah is humanity, or rather, he’s the impact of humanity on the world. Here’s a list: - unleashed by humans in the Arctic, no less, where the bombs used to free him create a large sinkhole of ice - not “part of the natural order”. In a lot of ways, neither are we... - Vera and Tywin think they can control him and his impact, much like we apparently thought we could control our impact on the planet. Unfortunately for them, Ghidorah has Big Plans. - Ghidorah’s backstory in the franchise as a whole goes as such: he flies from world to world, planet to planet, erasing all he comes by. In an era where we have Elon Musk talking about colonies on Mars rather than fixing the one planet suitable for life, the idea of a malevolent entity destroying each planet he lands on seems relevant... So what have we got? Something so far removed from the natural order he may as well not be part of it... much like our urban areas, single use plastics, and endless pollution spewing. When Ghidorah awakens, prompted by humans who think they can keep him in hand, he destroys big chunks of the Arctic like it’s a bug under his foot. Wherever he goes, monstrously large storm cells follow... its worth noting the recent uptick in superstorms, in real life, is absolutely related to our changing climate. So we have Mother Nature (Mothra), used to dying for humans throughout the franchise, always willing to protect and nurture; we have the debate on sustainable nuclear energy in the form of Godzilla, who Serizawa sets free from his association with the atom bomb in an incredibly poignant scene; and we have a manmade threat causing superstorms and terraforming the world for his own purposes (sound familiar?). Where does Rodan fit in? There’s actually several possibilities. Rodan’s first appearance in this movie is when he’s awakened by Vera and Tywin to destroy an entire island (more on that later). He isn’t happy, but he gets less happy when Monarch fires on him and leads him straight to a fistfight with Ghidorah. So here’s my personal favourite interpretation: Solar power is sustainable, but compared to nuclear energy, lacking. Try powering your house with solar panels; firstly, you have to be rich enough to afford them, and secondly you have to live somewhere with enough sunlight. It also doesn’t work at night. The huge solar fields in deserts are all well and good, but all the talk of solar energy for the past ten, fifteen years has done... not much for the climate crisis. In fact, it’s now worse, despite people’s attempts to use wind farms and solar power more often. Throw solar energy/wind power (Rodan) at the climate crisis (Ghidorah) and — the climate crisis wins. I ran out of space but I hope you enjoyed

Ggiucghhfykj - Fine3 star

I enjoyed he story and the action but it was really boring a lot of the time and the characters were good

Jimmyhawkes - Great5 star

Non stop action, just what I wanted from the King of the Monsters 👌🏻

Iliyaka - Need Subtitles5 star

Bulgarian Subs Please

tsgriffiths - Mind Blowing Action5 star

I genuinely adored this movie, from the word go it draws you in and left me craving more.

Godzillas friend - Best film ever5 star

The first time I watched this movie l was in shock. The way they used the old theme for the songs,the way they set out the plot and you can’t forget about monsters.The monsters are so much more powerfull than they were in the other films. What do you think about the film

Awesome5150 - Honestly but of a flop!3 star

Just seen the movie on IMAX and expected a fantastic mash up of monster action but I’ll be absolutely honest you get about 30 minutes of Monster action that does look fantastic and 90mins of extremely bad story and characters that you don’t really care about out of a 2hr long film.The monster scenes are amazing but the film is damaged by an extremely thin plot line where the monsters must be awoken for a reason!. If your wanting to see Godzilla, King Gidorah, Mothra and Rodan fight it out it is good but the monster action is very sparse and what you find most of is characters trying to create a story that is extremely flimsy trying to create a relationship between themselves that just doesn’t work. 3⭐️ at the most and that’s just for the Monsters.

POCsing - Best Godzilla Movie5 star

So, I watched this movie yesterday and this was honestly the best Godzilla film I’ve ever seen! Better than the original in 1954! So much action, great scenes, a lot of comedy and a plot twist in the post-credits scene!! I love how the brought back a more original look for the dorsal plates from the Showa and heisei eras, and I love how they brought back more of an original Godzilla roar! LONG LIVE THE KING!!! Please release this soon! I definitely want to see it again!

cat what a - Monsters mash - awesome movie5 star

Fantastic follow up to the 2014 effort. Can’t believe Empire gave this 1 out of 5 but gave Superman returns 5 out of 5! Still don’t go by the reviews this movie was awesome and then some. Long live the king.

ScourgeDark - Absolutely amazing5 star

It really is amazing to watch, it has everything you want from it

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Head Maroon - Please bring back the old Godzilla 🐉1 star

I’m sorry, but I wasted $5.99 renting this film. The acting was sub par, almost to the point of being annoying. Millie Bobby Brown and Vera Farmiga were the most bothersome. The special effects were the ⭐️ ⭐️but they could not save this. I loved the monster films of the fifties and sixties with their poor dubbing, monsters that were most likely toys made to appear as gigantic and menacing, but these films had a certain charm about them. The acting was awful, but no one was looking for Oscar worthy performances. Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, were terrific monsters without all the millions upon millions of dollars spent on the 2019 version.

Soundwavegamer - Monsters beating the crap out of each other4 star

This movie is awesome the visual are amazing not Aquaman quality but still good for what you need to see. I will say the human characters take up to much time and you do see them panicking a bit to much but still its good. Also that whole environmental message was stupid especially the facted the that female scientists is a psychopath for not releasing a monster with trying to find anything on first. I have one complaint about all the critics if they want good dialogue and good acting then don’t watch a Godzilla film because the whole point about the movie is to watch monster beat the living crap out of each other for 90 minutes to 2 hours

dh hi jgdfsggfhdius - It nice1 star

It nice

Mechs the - Loved it!!!5 star

I just wish filmmakers would figure out one thing. Anybody watching a monster movie, robot movie or something similar DOES NOT WANT TO SEE HELPLESS PEOPLE RUNNING AROUND FOR HALF THE FIGHT SCENE. We want mass destruction (people are ok just longer fight scenes would be nice)

Osiris DeWynter - Awesome5 star

This movie is awesome for both new and older Godzilla fans. Best Godzilla movie ever!

ManWayUpNorth - 3 stars for the monsters, none for the people3 star

Because they were written like they are all aware of being in a Godzilla movie. Which is pretty much like the old flicks, sure. But those were low budget kids movies. This needed to have something compelling and interesting going on besides the fantastic monster fights. Which were all fantastic.

venomrider133 - What’s with all the hate?4 star

I’ve been obsessed with Godzilla ever since I was 6 years old and was NOT disappointed by this one bit. It’s technically a modern day Showa Era Godzilla film. There are a few problems though, the human side of the story is AWFUL and sometimes really cringey. The humans are already the main focus of the film and the fight scenes keep cutting off and I thought that was extremely unnecessary. Other than that though, the film is great. Godzilla was brutal but also resembles a soul, Mothra is beautiful as always, Rodan was awesome, and King Ghidorah was terrifying and menacing. The new designs for the classic Toho monsters are great, and the soundtrack is absolutely breathtaking and jaw dropping. There are tons of Easter eggs and references to the old films. Even though, trapped in blizzards, during a storm, or at nighttime, you are at least able to see them and make out what’s going on unlike 2014. The negative reviews are BS, one of them didn’t even know the names of any of the monsters and another said that Michael Dougherty should find a new career because the characters are bad. Don’t blame Dougherty for the lack of character development, blame the writers. I even saw one that said that Gareth Edwards should’ve directed this one. If that happened, there would be even less Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah. The characters would be these boring, emotionless statues even worse than what we got here. When the monsters would arrive, it would be so dark that you wouldn’t be able to even make out what’s going on in the slightest. This movie fixes a lot of the problems people had with 2014 and it’s somehow worse? They’re probably Disney shills, MCU fans, or non Godzilla fans. Or worse, those toxic Shin Godzilla fans I see everywhere. Not all Shin fans act that way but from what I’ve seen, there’s a lot of them. They keep saying how much “better” Shin Godzilla is and its super annoying. If you’re honestly looking for character development and an amazing story in a Godzilla movie...you’re in the wrong movie theater sorry. My apologies, I didn’t really mean any of that, I’m just amazed at how much hate this film receives for such stupid reasons that you shouldn’t look up to in a Godzilla film. This film was made for the fans by the fans! This film doesn’t deserve the reputation it has and is very underrated.

antwon07 - AMAZING!!!!5 star

Absolutely AMAZING graphics! Super sick story line

jgears - godzilla king of bad movies1 star

You know how some bad movies are good this movie is just bad. the only good thing is the CGI monsters. I just wish they would make one good godzilla movie in my life time that is good. and the people that gave it 5 stars i don't know what kind of crack they smoked they are wrong. don't buy it

WBC71 - Cool4 star

Great monster movie...wouldn’t mine seeing a sequel to this one.

wingedboy - 👍🏾5 star


SNoodle JuJu - LONG LIVE THE KING5 star

Okay, I am not sure how critics didn't like this very much. Sure the plot is all over the place, but we got SO MUCH MONSTER ACTION, fairly better developed characters, homage to Toho's movies, and we were even blessed with the return of BURNING GODZILLA. The action and music was fantastic, the facial expressions on the monsters was very well done, and you can even feel for the monsters. The fights are WAY easier to see. Sure it is kinda dark, but it's all lit by Monster Zero's massive hurricane and several lightning strikes. We even got some of the unsettling human perspectives, which it made it more believable and intriguing. And remixing the Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla song was GENIUS!!! I LOVED HEARING THIS SONG DURING THE CREDITS, AND I PUT IT IN AN ITUNES PLAYLIST OF MINE. The bottom line is, I think critics may have been too harsh on the movie, and the truth is that Mike Dougherty did an amazing job directing Godzilla: King of the Monsters. With this, I end my unprofessional review and say LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!

PutoFacebookMessanger - Best Sci-Fi Movie of all time5 star

This is the most underrated movie of 2019 anyone that hasnt watch this must watch if you’re truly looking for action movie💯🔥

gwease - Why?1 star

The family drama was filler in an otherwise unnecessary and darkly shot „film“. It is not worth your time.

MikeInRI - Monster Smash4 star

Sure, the story gets a bit over the top now and then. And yes, there are some cheesy lines. But the monster battles are truly epic. For everyone that complained about the 2014 Godzilla having too little action, this one delivers. Mothra has never looked better.

Adiealey - Terrible1 star

I only watched the trailer and I don’t like it. To much CGI. Prefer the old Godzilla.

Awful. Horrible. - X5 star

It was great

rsiu7177 - I want my money back2 star

The first Godzilla movie was border line bad... and this Godzilla movie is worse. I don’t blame the acting, but definitely bad writing, some part were very cheesy. The CGI and special effects are just about the best of things in this movie. Otherwise, I would have given it 1 star.

On Air Hokie - Hey at5 star


Macfann - True to storyline5 star

What’s not to like, betrayed by humans, Godzilla must triumph through and in the end........

Blah1356 - Boring2 star

Never new a Godzilla movie could be so boring and contrived. Don't waste you money.

AdorableKitten<3 - Amazing!!! 🦖👑5 star

Wasn’t really expecting the movie to be great... in reality it was AMAZING! Was not disappointed at all I’m pretty picky with my movies and lately these movies haven’t been the best but this one takes the win out of alll of them worth watching. Definitely recommend. 😊


Dude! I loved it! All the old creatures! Everything! I think if you’ve followed Godzilla from the start you would definitely not be disappointed! LOVED THIS MOVIE! Whoever says otherwise are imbeciles

Lclarakl - Stupid beyond Words1 star

This movie was absolutely ridiculous. Just so over the top with no real storyline.

190357473 - Godzilla5 star

I think it is great

Juman097 - Good movie5 star

I liked it. It’s was just like any Godzilla move.

Adrian Alfaro - Chinese Commie Feminazi propaganda1 star

I do not recommend watching this film. It does not have that old magic of the originals.

kobie32 - Glad I rented on didn't buy...ugh2 star


lAKULAl - Big monsters means big monsters5 star

Liked it the humans where in it enuff just it’s a big monster movie and people are complaining not enuff human parts like WT frack but big monsters are good xD

MovieLover3039 - Meh3 star

I had a really hard time staying interested in this movie. The CGI was good but the story itself is lacking. The acting is good and it’s worth renting but I personally would not buy this movie.

Zxnmpowq - Boring1 star

I literally could not stay awake till the end every time. This is not worth the full Purchase. It’s better to wait till it’s a $.99 rental

PeerGynt - Incoherent2 star

Not much makes sense in this Godzilla iteration. The dialogue is some of the hokiest ever written, and though they've brought in some decent actors, they aren't able to overcome the general hokiness of the enterprise.

rshoffner14 - Horribly bad1 star

Had to skip through just to finish. Time I will never get back

Sad face for watching - Don't spend a penny1 star

Terrible movie. It is not worth purchasing or renting - if you really feel you need watch this wait until it is on a free streaming service. It is not on par with any other Godzilla movie. The plot / writing is below average, and the acting worse - there are also several characters that really have no role; they are just kinda there. The only redeeming quality is the special effects, but they don't make up for the other shortcomings.

P Motch - Stupid beyond belief...1 star

Even for a fantasy movie, this one was over the top. Save your Money, wait till it’s on tv~

Billy Messiah - Finally A Godzilla Movie I Enjoyed!4 star

Finally a Godzilla movie I enjoyed! Much better than the 2014 Godzilla and the god awful 1998 Godzilla. If your looking for a “Monster” movie that reminds you of the Godzilla films from the 70’s and 80’s than you will dig this.

Kdu2015rulz - TERRIBLE1 star

I am usually someone that reads the reviews and sees the movie is terrible, but rent it anyway. I am usually entertained by the movie because I knew I was renting a terrible movie and my expectations were low. THIS IS A TERRIBLE MOVIE even with low expectations. Can I get my money back?

Enos80 - It's just really bad.2 star

There's a lot wrong with this movie, sub par writing, focused on the human characters in a monster movie. Even during the final showdown the movie cuts away from the namesake to whisk you away on some innane human plot. It felt like cloverfield, focused on a potential love interest between two completely forgettable characters while a monster destroys the city. And I get it, a Monster movie that is just a monter bash is kind of boring you need some kind of subplot. So I guess throw in a secret organization that lies to the govt. A terrorist who knows said secrets oh and an annoying kid who's somehow caught between them. Oh right, there's some monsters in there too..

4saken55 - $5.99 down the drain1 star

To be honest, I couldn’t wait for this mess to end. A nonsensical, zig-zagging plot, a giant bird fighting a giant moth, characters engaged in inane dialog, imbecilic premise, confusing, weakly developed subplots...this flick has it all. I can’t say that I’m completely surprised, but I knew I was in trouble when I saw that gal from the Conjuring.

HManCT - Wow - what an aweful movie1 star

Holy cow was that an aweful movie.

ED520 - King of bad movies1 star

This movie absolutely sucked. Waste of $20

TheHappyMusicFan - One of the Better Godzilla movies, But a Lackluster movie at its Core2 star

Pros: 1: The special effects: It was so cool to see the monsters from the past Godzilla movies updated for a Hollywood movie. They did a great job bringing these creatures to life and giving them an updated look to them. The way that the monsters move and interact with one another, an example would be the three headed dragon named Ghidorah (each head has its own personality) Or seeing the fire bird Rodan take out a squadron of fighter jets, to Mothra emerging from a waterfall. The special effects are great. A Better Soundtrack: I like it a lot more than 2014 Godzilla soundtrack. The Walking Dead composer (Bear McCreary) recreates the original Akira Ifukube and Yuji Koseki themes for Godzilla and Mothra, but he also puts his own twist to it. I couldn't help but grin when I heard the soundtrack. More shots of Godzilla and more monster fights. Cons: 1: Nonsensical story and awful human characters: I absolutely hated the human characters in this movie! To me, the human characters dragged the whole movie down Sure, the actors do a great job with their performance... But the characters are so poorly written and very few are interesting. If they are somewhat interesting they're either killed off or not given any depth to them. Or like most of them, They're just really dumb or unlikable. They don't act like real people they just seem like cartoon characters. it doesn't help the fact that 70 percent of the movie is spent on these characters just spouting off technobabble, boring information, weird jokes or morality preaching. I thought the humor was fine for the most part, (some of the jokes I thought was funny) but the problem is that they overdo it and use the humor in weird moments (like moments that are meant to be serious) 2: Not a very good sequel to the 2014 Godzilla movie: If you watch both of these movies, it looks like two different films. Gareth Edward's 2014 Godzilla did a good job setting up its world as a more realistic take on Godzilla. King of The Monsters just feels like its own seperate movie. It doesn't build upon the last movie, it just puts you into a new story and doesn't give you any explinations or answers that it throws at you. All throughout the movie I was questioning what was happening. When did all these monsters start appearing and where did they come from? Why are the monsters suddenly called Titans and not MUTO? Who are the eco-terroists and why do they want to awaken the monsters? Why were nukes considered bad in the last film but now all of a sudden it's considered a good thing? None of it is ever explained. Instead, this movie reads like an episode of a cartoon show. I personally don't like this movie upon second viewing of it. Sure, it's a pretty film to look at with it's special effects and music, but it lack any substance and depth to it, the human characters end up dragging the whole film down that I found myself losing interest in what was happening. The monster fights were entertaining, but that wasn't enough to save the film. Final thoughts... It's a good Godzilla movie, but it's a lackluster film in the long run. Rent it if you're interested, but I don't think there's a need to buy it.

Wyndnight - It is a monster movie!5 star

Folks this is a monster movie in the great tradition of monster movies, you are not watching this for an involved intricate plot. You are watching this for the monsters of yesteryear and boy does it deliver on that. Do not bring your requirements to this movie, its a monster movie and a great one at that. Do not listen to the reviews from NPR or the New Yorker they vbrought their requirements of what makes a movie good. I say in the genre this is a great movie. You want a great plot watch something else, you want an enjoyable monster movie? This one will please.

Hi1222334 - bad.1 star

So bad i couldnt finish it. I had in mind this was a godzilla movie (not expecting spectacular acting, etc.), but whoever wrote this script was and is terrbile at their job.. Dont rent it. defintly don’t buy it

UHK2 - Moronic1 star

The Japanese dubbed movies from the 50’s had a better storyline than this idiotic script. If all you care about us dizzying CGI effects, by all means get this.

JMLOUIE USERNAME TAKEN - Don not waste your time1 star

No action. Barely see Godzilla. Sad.

[email protected] - Movie would have been better without humans.2 star

Except for the Russell family, every human in this movie was annoying. Starting from orizowa (whatever his name was) and his sidekick, both of whim we won’t be seeing in the next movie( there is a God) to those soldiers who just yell like their in a night club, I just wish this was a Japanese movie. But the monster time in the movie was amazing!

Game master barryboy - GODZILLA5 star

I loved the movie! It was intense,epic,and lots of action. Looking forward to the next movie in The Godzilla series. Hope Kong will be in the next one....

desilusiontotal - The best movie5 star

For me it Wars awesome it ha alto of action and the scenes with the monsters where great. My favoriet movie.

Cresposts - The Godzilla Film For Hardcore Fans4 star

If you’re a huge Godzilla fan and know every reference being thrown at you then get ready to explode with joy! If you’re new to this franchise, you’re going to be lost. This film is not perfect, the human characters are weak at best. But we’re not here for them, we’re here for Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, & King Ghidorah! They look stunning! Each have different personalities and designs that shine on the silver screen. The battles between these guys is biblical to say the least. Watch it and enjoy the battle for monster supremacy!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Images & Pictures

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie images

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Posters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie posters
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie posters
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie posters
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie posters
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie posters
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) movie posters
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