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The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.mib: international summary and synopsis will be updates...

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The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

Henry Thoreau (2019)

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- Ugh1 star

The movie was paid and made by the Communist China.....follow the money.

- Horribly acted and ruins Men In Black1 star

I liked the orignal Men In Black starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones because the original was soft but interesting sci-fi films of the century and Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith had good chimestry although the film is incredible chessy and stupid but manages to be entertaining, well-written sci-fi film. Men In Black International was a collaseel waste of time featuring none other than pretty boy Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson who previously starred in Taika Waititi's Thor Ragnarok in this film that have no good chimestry the film feels rushed and lame. The plot makes no sense, the magic from the 3 original Men In Black is wasted and far gone in this collassel disaster i want my money back.

- Third times the charm I’ve reviewed1 star

This is not a good movie, characters did not stand out, too much about gender inequality, not enough time to introduce the villain, I don’t hate the actors it’s script is trash, the only thing good about this film is kumail cgi character pawny, if he had made the kill shot to the boss fight and saved everyone I would have forgiven this films many many many flaws but no I sat in the theater for almost two hours with a face like this 😫& leaving like this😭🤬so please stop deleting this how else is anyone gonna know my thoughts on this film not even a movie I would call it . Don’t worry this film is not as bad as captain marvel or is it?

- Enjoyable4 star

I honestly enjoyed the movie. It was fun and made me laugh. I really don’t understand all the negative reviews!!

- Waste of time2 star

Still can’t believe I paid for this!

- MBI5 star

Greatest thing I have ever watched!!!

- Best MIB since the second one5 star

Great movie. Great fun. Plays out like the first one, but with an excellent twist. Casting was well done too. To all those guys who need a safe space, just stay in the basement.

- I can’t tell if I like it or not4 star

It’s a good movie and great actors but not a good storyline and kinda slow. Not as much action as I would have liked

- Yikes1 star

So this movie just didn't have the chemistry that the original MIB movies had. I had high-hopes for the new release but it just didn't do it. I almost felt like they were trying too hard to make the movie funny or something...it just didn’t have that "zing". It's sad too because I really liked the whole MIB series before. I'm okay with the whole adding women into the movies for the feminist movement but don't make the script stupid. It's just like the latest Ghost busters...you had to take a great movie and make it stupid. Hopefully, the next attempt will have a better script. This series of movies has so much potential. What's even more amazing is that this movie isn't even for rent yet. I would no't pay full price for this movie.

- Better than expected3 star

I love the chemistry between our two primary actors. I loved them together in Thor and was intrigued knowing they’d be in this together. Sad to see the negative reviews. I think this movie was well pretty good. I feel like they missed telling us parts of the story line, and I was a bit lost from time to time. Overall, I did like it.

- Why1 star

Why why why. Why do they make these things. The studios take us for fools. Donate your money to the humane society or just drop it on the sidewalk. This is a terrible movie. Imagine being the actors having to go to work each day knowing they are part of a disaster. I guess they focus on the pay check.

- Didn’t load on iTunes3 star

The movie could be great, but I wasn’t able to get it to play on iTunes when I rented it.

- Sad, sad, sad1 star

Badly written, badly acted, stinky attitude as well. The first several originals wn this ere clever and funny. I agree with Boll Weevil on this one.

- Lame1 star

Don’t bother

- I didn’t watch this but I know how awful it will be1 star

Look nobody had any problem with a female lead!! In fact, most people I’ve met throughout my life appreciate the sight of an empowered and accomplished person, the gender doesn’t matter!! The problem is forcing feminism into movies these days!! Women have all the same rights as men in all aspects!! I’m sick to death of this leftist SJW propaganda!! I refuse to watch this movie!! MIB, MIB II, and MIB III are all that exist!! Save yourself from a leftist PR cash grab and stay away from this garbage film!!

- SH*T1 star

Horrible and boring

- Wanted to like it1 star

I’m a huge MIB fan. Additionally I loved Ragnarok, so Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth seemed like box office gold. This movie could have been bad and I’d still have loved it. Unfortunately it was terrible. I know some out there will be tempted to see it nevertheless, because hey how bad could it be? Right? That was my thinking. It’s pretty stinky. I’m sure Walmart will have the Blu-ray of this movie in the discount bin soon. I’d just wait and grab an unsold copy then. At least you’ll feel better about your bad decision. Not worth spending the extra money to watch now.

- Meh.1 star

It’s not very watchable. Or memorable.

- Going through the motions2 star

Just another sequel that goes through the motions with no evident purpose except to make $. It's mildly entertaining, but there's not much of a plot and no real characters, just a loose assortment of winking references to the earlier MIBs, the required fight with a big alien at the end, and by the time the end credits roll you've already forgotten much of what you just watched.

- It was interesting4 star

It was a good movie i thought it was quite funny but it will never be as good as the first ones.

- Hi!5 star


- Good movie5 star

We watched it as a family and really enjoyed it. Don’t really understand why so many bad reviews have come in. It really was a fun movie and we will be watching it again .

- It Is Entertaining4 star

I am not quite sure why this film got such a bad review. When you look at the last MIB 3, that whole time travel diner ending bit, really? It is nice to see that the franchise isn’t dead... so this was the first attempt to go it without the usual favorite known actors... SO WHAT! I wanted to enjoy the whole MIB ecosystem. The newer Neuralyzer isn’t my cup of tea. I liked the old Cylon Red Eye that we saw in the precious films. I think, if you’re looking to be entertained, and you enjoy the whole MIB world they’ve built, you will find out that this film is all about, with glimpses of other avenues they can venture out from. I look forward to the future adventures!

- Cmon was this movie needed?1 star

To me I believe that the third movie should have been the final. All good things can’t go on forever. Also all of the old actors are mostly gone. I mean I like the lady partner but I mean...u know. I liked the K and J thing more. So this movie was very unneeded.

- Failed miserably..1 star

This movie is an insult to the franchise. The story is weak, acting is horrid, and doesn't even come close to any of its predecissors

- Kinda boring1 star

If the movie was any good I wouldn’t be writing this review... it was as boring as Gigli... nothing eventful actually happens, it wasn’t as fun as the first 2 MIB films were and didn’t have a good of a story as 3rd one. You’ll probably watch it sleep through Act 2 and wake up realized you spent $1 too much on it.

- I Should Be In Black1 star

Movie lost it's way with the original formula being that good and this being that bad. To us the movie never caught fire and became a boring adventure and never had the story or the action.

- 👽👽👽4 star

Better than the first two, but not better than the 3rd one. The twin aliens r the best aliens ever created in the Men In Black series! Pawny is the best thing about the whole movie!

- Bad script, bad story, bad direction, lifeless1 star

Bad script, bad story, lifeless and simply going through the paces. This film shares no DNA whatsoever with the previous films. Tessa Thompson doesn't have ANY comic talent whatsoever and in this Hemsworth is not showing any eithe, plus there is zero chemistry between the two. Frankly, the idea of teaming two unfunny people does not equate with one highly talented comic and a great straight man as in the previous MIB films. There is nothing of value in this film. The director clearly was incompetent. Even as lousy as the story was, it could have been better with a good director. To me, this film should never have been made. It is just awful. There is a line in the film, "There is something wrong with the Men in Black." I totally agree.


I really do not get all the negative reviews here. Glad I purchased while it was only 10$ movie was ENTERTAINING not a scientifically factual movie. It’s science fiction. The visually were really good and the team up of the cast was great. Very entertaining, yes when the original came out there was nothing like it sure. But this here to me was more entertaining than MIB 3 just my own personal opinion. Some say it was a female lead and blah blah well I can’t say I saw it that way. It was a duo team with a male and female lead not that it really matter here. It’s an overall Entertaining movie. Definitely an enjoyable watch. I’d give it 4 stars truthfully but with all the negative reviews this one here really needs a boost.

- Back story3 star

Was it just me or may I missed something on where the hive came from?? They didn’t really go into that, they just jumped right in to the action almost like they should’ve had a movie before this one... I also thought they could have put more depth in the characters. I actually thought that the alien that Emma saved was going to have a bigger part in the movie than what he did have...

- Good movie5 star

Quality movie! Must watch!

- Worst Remake ever1 star

Had a really hard time watching this movie fully through. Don’t waste your money

- This movie was the worst crap ever1 star


- Staring at a blank wall would be more interesting.1 star

There were some clever things in the original Men In Black movies— all of which are completely missing here. It’s as if someone with money purchased the rights to make this and hired an accountant to write the script. Had I known how vapid this is, I’d have paid money not to see it.

- Love it5 star

But I miss will smith

- Same ole new crap2 star

With all the political BS & mob rule out there a lot of movies are more concerned that they do hurt feeling & pander to mob with some lame way of supporting the agenda of fascists & elites.

- What I expected3 star

This movie was about what I would expect from today’s action sci-fi film. So I’ll say it was “ok”, certainly not bad but not great either, entertaining enough for $1.99 rental, not the $5.99 I rented it for. This title ought to drop in price quick

- Why are there so many bad reviews?4 star

This movie was like Men In Black. It made a decent sequel to the originals. It had some humor and some action and the plot was decent enough. I thought it was better than all of the Disney Star Wars sequels. I do agree that Hollywood needs to come out with some original stuff though, Instead of remaking movies that don't need to be remade. This movie didn't deviate from the original premise of Men In Black though, so I thought it was pretty good.

- Meh 😝3 star

As far as remakes go I’m already not a huge fan of remakes, but I still try n give them a fair shot. It’s kinda like they expected this movie to float on the back of Chris Hemsworths fame. Even put a Thor reference with the hammer in there n it was like ok, it’s been done. No one will ever be better than Will Smith in these movies 😜. He is the King lol. As for Liam Neeson I love him n can’t hate him for being in this movie n I’ll never give him a bad review. The whole movie to me was a 3 not bad, but not great either. The only part that really made me laugh was the slow motion walk by the alien agent did of Chris walking by. Too funny.

- Falls flat on its face1 star

This movie is a stark contrast to the originality, genuinely funny, and clever world building that was beloved by fans in the first three movies that bare the same name. This in no way honors the other three and it's sad to see this type of humorlessness and boring plot even get funded.

- Thor and Val is that you-1 star

Am I watching ragnarok or not lol

- Men In Black1 star


- excellent movie5 star

i dont know why people keep giving good movies bad ratings these days, but these negative ratings are completely wrong. if you like the other MIB movies youll like this one too. you dont even have to believe me, trust your gut.


Bring back Will Smith guys

- It's entertaining.4 star

Nothing to write home about, but what did people honestly expect? The film might have a shallow plot, but its light, fun and entertaining. Sometimes that's what you want in a film. I give 4 stars simply because it put a smile on my face and that's what I was hoping for when I watched it.

- Funny! Def worth watching! (((:5 star

Whoever thinks otherwise are imbeciles and haters

- A swing and a miss...2 star

What the heck happened here? There is no logical reason for this movie to be such a bunch of crap.

- Light Hearted Entertainment3 star

At par with prior movies in this series.

- MIB is a M I S S1 star

How could they screw up MIB this badly? I would bet this will be the last MIB ever made unfortunately...

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Manning2072 - Terrible1 star

Don’t waste your money this movie is a total train wreck!

spzr - this was an atrocity1 star

Was REALLY bad, especially compared to the first 3. Wow i cant believe how much bovine dietary resisdue this was. Holy crap its bad

rkiefer - Boring no chemistry1 star

Worst movie I’ve ever seen EVER

Canada.Rules - Funny4 star

Just a fun watch like the old ones were, nice 2019 spin on the cheesy fun alien genre

Silt eats - Out of Sync1 star

Actors. Script & movie feel out of sync like a pbs show or one of those low budget acting movies.

MJM111894 - Jumping all over3 star

On the whole I thought the movie was okay but it did seem it lacked a story line. Basically in place of a story line they seems to be hoping that Hemsworth would carry the film but it also seems like they’re just taking advantage of an established movie franchise without making a good enough movie to make it worthwhile.

EddyBear - MIB-International2 star

Chris / Thor emphasized too much which took my interest away , but Tessa was damn good. Yah sure they were both in Ragarók but he needed to tone it down for this one. 😢

Филька - Loved it5 star

Beautiful film. Compares with MIB 1.

smiley and me - Horrible1 star

Just overall the cgi was awful and the plot was way to odvious

MartinD21 - Nice Sequel5 star

Welcome to MIB, love the sequel with nice actor! Great movie. The movie salute 2 greats MIB and it's cool. Now, hope a new sequel from this new generation.

Oscar JM OXD - Hollywood. Stop. Please?1 star

Yet again another pointless, unfunny cash grab that makes the previous two films re-watchable. Hollywood, u need to stop with sequels and reboots no one asked for. It’s getting annoying.

Kitty 10101 - Awful1 star

Pathetic movie

Better luck next time 😂 - Yesss5 star

I watched all of the old men in black movies and I love them. This movie is amazing and I recommend. I mean Chris Hemsworth makes it all better

awesomemoviereviewer - Meh3 star

I feel like every movie I see now is disappointing and now after seeing this I know it's true.

Vansurgeon - MIB is awesome5 star

This movie is so amazing! The visuals and action are outstanding and it is just all around a fun movie.

Tally puffs of the world - Ok but not great3 star

The critics are taking it a little to harshly in my case, it probably is a solid 60% though

Undrgrndkng - Awful1 star

This was just another MiB2. Hated every moment except for Liam Neeson.

terminizer - Fun!4 star

Great entertaining film!

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Phenomenal Movie - Not as bad as Rotten Tomatoes5 star

All in all this was a great family movie. No excessive cussing, no excessive gore and a good story and plot. Chris Hiemsworth provided a great representation of a carefree disinterested agent of MIB while still showing subtle hints of remorse throughout the movie. In the end I could see a real change in the main role characters. My only buff with the movie was the multiple sexist references throughout the movie. WE GET IT HOLLYWOOD! Women are just as good if not better at things than men. This was the only tradjedy of the movie, that I could see. Im a family man, three kids and a wife. We watch clean movies that lean to family and fun. MIB International provided both.

Charubael - Crap movie.1 star

If I could give this zero stars I would.💩

laughtilyoucey - Yup5 star


Frog God1 - new style3 star

do not compare this to the other MIB movies, it does not have Will Smiths humor or Tomy Lee Jones wit. new cast, new story, new direction

TRodmonster - annoying to watch2 star

Feels like the script was was rushed and pieced together. At times painful to watch. Inconsistent story. Many plot jumps that don't hold together.

nick perkins 03 - y’all are sexist4 star

the fact that people hate this movie because it stars a woman is legitimately disgusting

someonehasmynickname1 - Not sure about the hate4 star

I’m not sure why all the one stars. This movie is perfectly fine viewing. Not the greatest movie ever, but it was a fun watch. Did a good job resurrecting the whimsy of the original, without being a complete retread. Grab your spouse, your kids, the popcorn, ignore the troll on the internet, relax and enjoy.

Exoslave - Fun movie5 star

Don’t believe the reviews this movie is very entertaining.

G-Mo - Entertaining5 star

I don’t get the bad reviews. It was entertaining, funny, and had a decent story. It wasn’t the original, because it was a sequel, and it did something different than the others in the series, which is good, because it makes it different. So, if you want to see an entertaining Sci-Fi action movie with some fun moments and good, known actors and a good score, watch this.

Denise555000 - Sounded promising but turned1 star

I enjoyed the mib saga and even some of the lesser heard of cartoon series but this is about as good as the all women gostbuster revamp. Which was terrible. It started good then it got terrible. Thank you for ruining it for me hollywood.

hHimotamm - 😕😴2 star

I expected much better movie but unfortunately it was weak The last two Men in black were really great but this one was awful against them the name of this freak you and you think it’s as good as Men in black 1 and 2 but when you watch it you’ll understand that you just waisted your time by watching this movie 😕

Bigglesdoogs - MIB International5 star

Love this movie! Clever and really fun to watch!

Edge0fSanity - A poor story that Thor and Valkyrie couldn’t save2 star

I was excited to see a new awesome MiB story come along.... and apparently I’m still waiting. While I liked the comedic flair of Thor and Valkyrie, having both characters be playful meant that the serious/playful interactions from the previous films were effectively gone. It also made the palatable ‘suspension of belief’ from the previous movies into a more... slapstick, one thing after another ride. They Jar-Jar Binks’ed it so much that you never really got to actually CARE about either of the characters like you could with the Fresh Prince’s tortured arc. Save your money and wait for a 99¢ rental of a $4.99 sale.

urined off - Garbage1 star

When this goes on sale in the 99 cent aisle, save your money. Utter trash!

Wyndnight - Less than I had hoped3 star

Chris and Tessa have a great chemistry and play off each other very well as we saw in Avengers. That is about the nicest thing I can say about the movie. It should of capitalized more on that, had more of an inspired plot, seems the writers just rehashed boring old plotlines that I am sure they felt were tried and true. In this movie its more like tired and torpid.

D.N.TN - This was just bad.1 star

These two in Avengers were very good, but here, with this, bad, just plain bad.

Johnstonalum - I liked it!4 star

Held my attention. Entertaining.

Nick Meininger - Same thing as the new ghostbusters2 star

The movie had poor back story on everyone. It felt like they just made the movie just to add a female lead in the MIB franchise

eviljoan1 - The more we thought about it on the drive home, the more angry we became...1 star

If you take a popular and well-written franchise, get Emma, Liam, and Chris to star in it, and it's still crap; that's on you buddy. The writing was weak, Emma Thompson had no good lines, Liam Neeson wishes he had been written out of it, and the hilarious Chris Hemsworth had no interesting dialogue. If I could get the writers of this travesty and the director together in a room, I would like to ask them what they were thinking.

_DoItRight_ - Not amazing, not horrible3 star

They did a good job with the MIB vibe, I didn’t notice anything bad about the movie but I was also no carried away.

Supercesar1973 - I’m not sure what happened1 star

This movie started out good....and then I’m not sure what happened. I mean after the fat prince died the movie fell FLAT! What a waste of time and talent from these artists. Don’t bother, I wish I could use that pen to make me forget about this garbage of a movie.

maycollrm - Good movie3 star

Good movie but sadly it’s not in Spanish and could not share it with my family who doesn’t understand English that well. Just like every other millennial I feel #offended 🤣 but seriously add more languages for this movie.

Adrian Alfaro - No Will Smith, No Show...1 star

This isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. It’s atrocious and the feminism is so forced. Wrong actress, wrong everything.

R7AA7R - Really!!!1 star

Total Bore and Dumb Movie! A disgrace for the MIB movies :(

zidane2015 - Abominable, but not like the snowman.1 star

Too woke for me. Pass.

Sakuracuba - No tiene traducción al español3 star

Una película que fue traducida en todos los países como es que cuando la sacan no la ponen con todos los idiomas como en español. Muy mal iTunes

Adamalocke - Not even gonna watch it lol1 star

You can’t replace the original actors that movie does not even seem old enough to remake it’s like trying to remake the ghostbusters those things are made for the original actors who made them you can’t steal somebody else’s comedy it cant be done what’s next back to school good luck replacing Rodney lol and no will Smith is not replaceable kids just don’t understand

kitters82 - Nope!1 star

This movie dosen't even deserve a participation award. Unmoving, bland and just generic garbage. To bad considering the acting talent.

Jeremy221 - Great Cast but Poor Screenplay2 star

I was excited about the cast having enjoyed their other recent work. However, the story and some of the plot development and editing choices really destroyed it. It didn’t help that this came out so close to Endgame where Chris Hemsworth was also cast as a drunk idiot but in this story was really no redemption arc. This film is also heavily burdened by feminist and identity politics rather than just letting the female characters be noteworthy on their own right.

HAL 237 - Don’t waste your time on this1 star

Decent cast let down by awful script and lack of originality.

ssstuart123 - Awful1 star

I saw the movie with my opinion from the trailers and I was right the movie was so bad I left the theater after 20 min into the film I do not recommend seeing this garbage film

Steve Kanaly - So bad1 star

This was a total waste of time and money! One of the worst movies or 2019!

Senorfroga - MIB1 star

movie was wak

Bettergsmes - B.A.D!1 star

Dear Mr. Thor and sidekick lady..... make better movies than this! You’ll both be better people for it in the end. But seriously, this is a really bad and cheesy movie! Only watch it if someone else is paying for it, like I did!

WBBaglio - Ratings should be worse than that of Battlefield Earth1 star

Should’ve been 1.5 stars, 1% on Tomatometer, 5% on Audience score!

bletem3563 - Waste of time and money1 star

Too much hard push now a days to ruin every movie from ghostbusters to this trash heap. They do not learn anything from the loss of revenue. The writers/ producers and director should be ashamed.

jimhensoninla - Show of Hands... Who Asked for this Movie?1 star

Sony went to the well one two many times with this completely unnecessary remake and desperate attempt to capture the magic between Chris and Tessa seen in Thor: Raganarok. This #metoo conscious retread turns into #ohgodnomakeitstop fast and the fact that it flopped so hard at the box office makes you wonder if the exec who greenlit this unfunny atrocity isn’t flipping burgers in another dimension by now. The money spent on this film could have been put to better use, like building homeless shelters or putting a dent in world hunger. I’m a huge Hemsworth fan, and it’s no wonder Chris is taking the rest of the year off. I’d put as much distance between myself and this turgid turdfest as possible.

AaronLove29 - I though it was a Pretty Good Movie5 star

I love men & black. Nothings Like the Orginal! But they really tried to give us a decent movie

Tiffany R. C - Terrible1 star

This movie should have never been made.

A Past User. - No1 star

I wanted to walk out of this movie

Rjbranch - Amazing5 star

This movie was amazing. Loved every part and my queen Tessa did amazing. Definitely worth the money.

Jdudejdhdb - 🤮 just dum!!!!!1 star

Don’t even think about wasting time or money!!

IceSoldier16 - Awesome movie!5 star

This movie was awesome and not only that it was also very enjoyable to watch too while at it.

Ariauna - Fun!5 star

Another great addition to the MIB family.

kenny:0 - Amazing5 star

Loved this movie so much

jkmgodzilla07 - A very good movie and funny 😎😎😎😆5 star

Everyone should see it!

Nyrus13 - Doesn’t follow the normal formula.1 star

The movie looks very corny and the thought of Tessa trying to change a name of a long series which is very pointless.

fittythree009 - Making a MIB movie boring 1011 star

Completely missed what made the first film so charming.

MJMJ93 - Great!5 star


Superhero145 - Best installment yet but we need will smith back4 star

It didn’t feel the same without will smith in it they should have made him did a cameo then it would been great but they move is still a must watch for men in black fans you won’t be disappointed must buy!!!!!

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