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The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.

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Blinds fall    1 star

SH*T Horrible and boring

Tricky Ivan    1 star

Wanted to like it I’m a huge MIB fan. Additionally I loved Ragnarok, so Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth seemed like box office gold. This movie could have been bad and I’d still have loved it. Unfortunately it was terrible. I know some out there will be tempted to see it nevertheless, because hey how bad could it be? Right? That was my thinking. It’s pretty stinky. I’m sure Walmart will have the Blu-ray of this movie in the discount bin soon. I’d just wait and grab an unsold copy then. At least you’ll feel better about your bad decision. Not worth spending the extra money to watch now.

ilistentomusic(obviously)    1 star

Meh. It’s not very watchable. Or memorable.

nocrickets    2 star

Going through the motions Just another sequel that goes through the motions with no evident purpose except to make $. It's mildly entertaining, but there's not much of a plot and no real characters, just a loose assortment of winking references to the earlier MIBs, the required fight with a big alien at the end, and by the time the end credits roll you've already forgotten much of what you just watched.

kittenlover111222    4 star

It was interesting It was a good movie i thought it was quite funny but it will never be as good as the first ones.

Baby La la.    5 star

Hi! Excellent.

Ravenrwd    5 star

Good movie We watched it as a family and really enjoyed it. Don’t really understand why so many bad reviews have come in. It really was a fun movie and we will be watching it again .

AncientOracle    4 star

It Is Entertaining I am not quite sure why this film got such a bad review. When you look at the last MIB 3, that whole time travel diner ending bit, really? It is nice to see that the franchise isn’t dead... so this was the first attempt to go it without the usual favorite known actors... SO WHAT! I wanted to enjoy the whole MIB ecosystem. The newer Neuralyzer isn’t my cup of tea. I liked the old Cylon Red Eye that we saw in the precious films. I think, if you’re looking to be entertained, and you enjoy the whole MIB world they’ve built, you will find out that this film is all about, with glimpses of other avenues they can venture out from. I look forward to the future adventures!

That Nerdy Artist    1 star

Cmon was this movie needed? To me I believe that the third movie should have been the final. All good things can’t go on forever. Also all of the old actors are mostly gone. I mean I like the lady partner but I mean...u know. I liked the K and J thing more. So this movie was very unneeded.

frederickish    3 star

Rotten Tomatoes??? Where are the rotten tomatoes reviews? Is apple scared of the truth?

spzr    1 star

this was an atrocity Was REALLY bad, especially compared to the first 3. Wow i cant believe how much bovine dietary resisdue this was. Holy crap its bad

rkiefer    1 star

Boring no chemistry Worst movie I’ve ever seen EVER

Canada.Rules    4 star

Funny Just a fun watch like the old ones were, nice 2019 spin on the cheesy fun alien genre

Silt eats    1 star

Out of Sync Actors. Script & movie feel out of sync like a pbs show or one of those low budget acting movies.

MJM111894    3 star

Jumping all over On the whole I thought the movie was okay but it did seem it lacked a story line. Basically in place of a story line they seems to be hoping that Hemsworth would carry the film but it also seems like they’re just taking advantage of an established movie franchise without making a good enough movie to make it worthwhile.

EddyBear    2 star

MIB-International Chris / Thor emphasized too much which took my interest away , but Tessa was damn good. Yah sure they were both in Ragarók but he needed to tone it down for this one. 😢

Филька    5 star

Loved it Beautiful film. Compares with MIB 1.

smiley and me    1 star

Horrible Just overall the cgi was awful and the plot was way to odvious

MartinD21    5 star

Nice Sequel Welcome to MIB, love the sequel with nice actor! Great movie. The movie salute 2 greats MIB and it's cool. Now, hope a new sequel from this new generation.

Oscar JM OXD    1 star

Hollywood. Stop. Please? Yet again another pointless, unfunny cash grab that makes the previous two films re-watchable. Hollywood, u need to stop with sequels and reboots no one asked for. It’s getting annoying.

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