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The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.

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thisguymike18    1 star

Men In Black No!!

Minty Freshness    5 star

excellent movie i dont know why people keep giving good movies bad ratings these days, but these negative ratings are completely wrong. if you like the other MIB movies youll like this one too. you dont even have to believe me, trust your gut.

#bringbackduploicecreamgame    4 star

BRING BACK WILL Bring back Will Smith guys

Mikemichaelmichaelson    4 star

It's entertaining. Nothing to write home about, but what did people honestly expect? The film might have a shallow plot, but its light, fun and entertaining. Sometimes that's what you want in a film. I give 4 stars simply because it put a smile on my face and that's what I was hoping for when I watched it.

Twitch user    5 star

Funny! Def worth watching! (((: Whoever thinks otherwise are imbeciles and haters

LOMSTEAD    2 star

A swing and a miss... What the heck happened here? There is no logical reason for this movie to be such a bunch of crap.

Pepperman3    3 star

Light Hearted Entertainment At par with prior movies in this series.

Bob carlson    1 star

MIB is a M I S S How could they screw up MIB this badly? I would bet this will be the last MIB ever made unfortunately...

Phenomenal Movie    5 star

Not as bad as Rotten Tomatoes All in all this was a great family movie. No excessive cussing, no excessive gore and a good story and plot. Chris Hiemsworth provided a great representation of a carefree disinterested agent of MIB while still showing subtle hints of remorse throughout the movie. In the end I could see a real change in the main role characters. My only buff with the movie was the multiple sexist references throughout the movie. WE GET IT HOLLYWOOD! Women are just as good if not better at things than men. This was the only tradjedy of the movie, that I could see. Im a family man, three kids and a wife. We watch clean movies that lean to family and fun. MIB International provided both.

Charubael    1 star

Crap movie. If I could give this zero stars I would.💩

Canada.Rules    4 star

Funny Just a fun watch like the old ones were, nice 2019 spin on the cheesy fun alien genre

Silt eats    1 star

Out of Sync Actors. Script & movie feel out of sync like a pbs show or one of those low budget acting movies.

MJM111894    3 star

Jumping all over On the whole I thought the movie was okay but it did seem it lacked a story line. Basically in place of a story line they seems to be hoping that Hemsworth would carry the film but it also seems like they’re just taking advantage of an established movie franchise without making a good enough movie to make it worthwhile.

EddyBear    2 star

MIB-International Chris / Thor emphasized too much which took my interest away , but Tessa was damn good. Yah sure they were both in Ragarók but he needed to tone it down for this one. 😢

Филька    5 star

Loved it Beautiful film. Compares with MIB 1.

smiley and me    1 star

Horrible Just overall the cgi was awful and the plot was way to odvious

MartinD21    5 star

Nice Sequel Welcome to MIB, love the sequel with nice actor! Great movie. The movie salute 2 greats MIB and it's cool. Now, hope a new sequel from this new generation.

Oscar JM OXD    1 star

Hollywood. Stop. Please? Yet again another pointless, unfunny cash grab that makes the previous two films re-watchable. Hollywood, u need to stop with sequels and reboots no one asked for. It’s getting annoying.

Kitty 10101    1 star

Awful Pathetic movie

Better luck next time 😂    5 star

Yesss I watched all of the old men in black movies and I love them. This movie is amazing and I recommend. I mean Chris Hemsworth makes it all better

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