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Successful author Veronica Henley (Janelle Monáe) finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality that forces her to confront the past, present and future – before it's too late. Advocacy filmmakers Gerard Bush + Christopher Renz (Bush Renz) – best known for their pioneering advertising work engaged in the fight for social justice – write, produce and direct their first feature film, teaming with QC Entertainment, producer of the acclaimed films GET OUT and BLACKkKLANSMAN, ​Zev Foreman, Lezlie Wills, and Lionsgate for the terrifying new thriller ANTEBELLUM. Successful author Veronica finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it's too late. Antebellum Wiki

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Antebellum Movie (2020)

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Antebellum Movie Reviews

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- Racist film1 star

Shame on you!

- Racist actors playing in a racist film.1 star

This film is a race bate trop. Little substance with the usual Hollywood crap.

- A Classic5 star

This was a great movie. It seemed to get a lot of hate most likely from those who have never been oppressed. I also see a lot of comments about racism dividing our country. This is true so to bring the country together DONT BE RACIST.


Definitely one for the books, with everything going on these last few months, film doesn’t fall to far from today’s event. Definitely rips barrier’s for those stuck in the past.

- Slow slow slow1 star

Terrible film. Seen the story before, nothing new here. Janelle needs to go back to music as she plays the same character in all her films. Don’t waste your time with this one.

- Great movie!5 star

Don’t listen to all the negative reviews. Truth hurts, that’s it. Some people can’t handle it. This movie was amazing! Totally worth it.

- Horrible movie1 star

Promotes racism.

- Just another racist movie1 star

Just another racist movie. You would be a fool to say otherwise. Enough said!

- Good movie4 star

Great movie.

- Race bating crap1 star

How many times is Hollywood gonna tell the same story? This is supposed to be a scary/slavery story 😂 and it fails miserably. Just stop it already! Why can’t we give movies 0 stars!

- Give me a break!1 star

There are so many things wrong with this movie, historically, someone needs to step away from the ridiculous.....

- Terrible1 star

This had so much promise and could have dug deep and talked about true racism. Instead it is a film about and that fuels the divide in our country and promotes white hatred. There are no merits here. This could have been an excellent platform for discussion and a real message, instead it just unjustly solidifies why each side feels the way they do. That a shame....

- Highly recommend5 star

Really good concept for the movie I really enjoyed it!

- Valiant effort but familiar3 star

A bit of a spoiler here.... . . If you’ve seen these three movies, you’ve basically seen Antebellum. M Night Shyamalan’s The village Hostel 12 Years a slave. It’s not a terrible film or gory in the least but it has elements of these three movies. It really could’ve been a short story as part of an anthology.

- Very well written and entertaining5 star

I loved it growing up in the South and see all those southern battlegrounds and statues of fallen confederate soldiers used to make fell uneasy.

- Let history be OBSERVED!5 star

Don’t act like these events in history never existed. Slavery exists all over world and still now TODAY! Don’t cover up the truth about the history of slavery and brainwash the next generation! Don’t act like the people that exploited slaves and force people into slavery are not monsters! Don’t cover up our youth’s eyes just because you are living yours with your eyes closed!

- Pretty good4 star

Maybe because it came out at a particularly heightened time of a look at race. I dunno, but I liked the premise. It was creative story to me.

- Don’t waste your money1 star

So bad that you can’t even laugh. Insufferable.

- Suspenseful!5 star

Not sure why people are trying to pin this movie as a racism issue. If you took a moment to just appreciate the mind and genius that is Jordan Peele you could understand. The movie does have Civil War and slavery references but it is in no way from a political stand point. Super suspenseful and kept you intrigued the whole time!

- A inconsistent Film2 star

And a Boring one

- Visionary5 star

Clearly this movie is a statement on the perception of strong black women. Caucasian society continues to want to put black women and men “ in their place “ yet at the same time claiming that they are accepting . They are saying “ you can be successful, but not TOO successful. You can have an opinion but don’t be outspoken. I wasn’t surprised that many claim this movie is racist. This is exactly what my point is about. People are uncomfortable with some of the scenes of rape and cruelty. Do you think these types of things didn’t occur during slavery? Those things happened and more . The way slaves were treated could fuel an unlimited amount of nightmares. Is it surprising that black people ( me included ) take issue with this movie being labeled as “racist “ ? Black history is filled with bloodshed and unspeakable acts of inhumane treatment. Yes it is uncomfortable to watch - but necessary to really gain an understanding of our history. Whether it’s a movie or real life events. You should not have a watered down version of our history. You should have the unabridged version .

- You can’t handle the true5 star

I’m pretty sure all the bad reviews are from Americans. Who don’t what to Amit to how black were treated by their ancestors in the era of slavery in white America.

- Hot garbage1 star

A pile of hot garbage.

- Great5 star

Filled with symbolism and does a good job displaying the past, present and future impact antebellum symbols and iconography have on people. Uses allegory to examine the gendered black experience and coping methods for many forms of oppression ; past and present .

- Really not good1 star

It had so much potential... but it was just not good. Sad I wasted money on this

- My opinion: It’s a great movie. Definitely worth the watch.5 star

Watch and see for yourself. As for everything else... the comments... about what currently going on with the state of our country it’s affairs and all other matters... my message to you all: Don’t let others control what you see, tell you what to do... and never let them steal your voice. You can continue to ignore the truth but we all know what’s going on it the world. If you want to ignore it then you choose to be blind and that’s OK because we have enough love to outweigh your hate.

- Very interesting & creative movie!5 star

This movie was actually very creative. Unlike other commentators, I dont find this movie racist. This movie actually opened my eyes. I didn’t know that (civil war reenactment parks) actually exist & I think its hypocrisy to call this movie racist but ignore the fact that these places exist in many places in the deep south or comment without doing any research.

- Who thought this was a good idea?1 star

It makes no sense at all - skip it...

- Awesome!!!!!5 star

This movie was absolutely awesome and I watched it alone. Maybe some of the negative Nancy’s should watch this with audio description so they can follow along and make sense of the movie. Really really good stuff and it makes you think.

- Annoyed1 star

I paid $20 to watch this movie and can’t get it to play. Also can’t find a contact to try and get my money back. #fail

- No. Movie theatre tickets aren’t even $20 dollars1 star

I just don’t understand why they are renting movies for these ridiculously high prices. I’ve never paid that much to rent a movie. This is the amount you pay to buy a movie. I was excited to see this movie, wanted to see Milan too but 20 and 30 dollars?! No ma’am.

- Very racist and decisive.1 star

Forced plot, bland acting and intentionally divisive narrative.

- Move on5 star

People need to get past from racist remarks on the reviews and see the movie for what it is. Wonderful!

- Pure $h*#1 star

More propaganda. When Black people try and sound like they are smart in a just doesn’t do it for me

- Terrifyingly Real.5 star

Modern racism hiding in plain sight isn’t something regular world should ignore, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is happening somewhere at this moment. Good movie!

- Great Movie5 star

It’s American history to some.

- Crap1 star

Don’t bother it’s another Hollywood crappy movie

- Preview olone1 star

Based upon the preview offered, it seems very divisive and wasteful of an important topic.

- Great movie5 star

Don’t understand how people are rating a movie they haven’t seen. I see so many comments talking about dividing races. It’s a movie, if you can watch other movies about slavery you can watch a movie about people forced into slavery rebelling. This film was amazing.

- Nice5 star

This movie was pretty good. Kinda weird but good.

- Phenomenal5 star

The film DOES NOT promote racism. It’s a film that touches on the racism that existed then and is STILL very much alive today. This country is in denial.

- Trash1 star

I won’t waste my time on a long review. The end is worse than the beginning. And the trailer is misleading. We thought it was a horror movie. A waste of $20.

- Racist trash1 star

I thought Get Out was great. Different take on a theme similar to Rosemary’s Baby, but refreshingly original. I had hoped this could be equally as entertaining, but no. This is nothing more than a failed attempt at indoctrination through “entertainment”. And please don’t insult the thriller genre by putting this garbage in its category. W/ the exception of Christopher Nolan and a few others, the film industry is sorely lacking in talented directors in the age of wokeness

- Garbage1 star

Pure trash. Wish I could give it zero stars.

- Horrible1 star

More media pushing crap down our throats. This is not a horror or thriller movie. Got 40 mins in and stopped watching.

- Seriously, why?1 star

People demand social justice and get just outright bad movies about it... Why? Who funded this? Please - give us decent movies.

- Basically The Village1 star

Have you seen The Village? Same movie, but now with more reverse racism.

- Colonizers are...5 star

A lot of white people will say not to see it because it shows how horrible their blood lines are. The first 30 minutes of this movie really shows how disgusting COLONIZERS were and are. Entitled just as they are today. Truly. As a black woman I feel an anger stirring inside of me and had to fast forward through parts. What a disgusting history this stolen land has.

- Movie excellent5 star

I see some reviews on here ppl are upset why it’s American events that happen ppl just want the past forgotten it’s like telling a child that was rape in the past oh just forget it your an adult now

- Awful1 star

Really not worth watching and to put together something like this when we have come so far in the world? Seriously move on the world has been changing for a long time now if we keep bringing crap like this to light and people are profiting off it it’s disgusting. Move on the world is.

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Ski50plus - Deceptive trailer3 star

Small spoiler alert. Trailer makes this look like it is some kind of sci fi time travel thing. It's not.

Manning2072 - Yawn 🥱1 star


elyse displayed - Girl movie5 star

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MJ Abrams - Cool Idea, Terrible Execution2 star

The blocking was awkward, and so was Janelle Monea. Why chose music video directors for this? The slo-mo made me cringe. And of course y’all still had the massa kill the strong black dude, like whatever - made me roll my eyes. Naaaa-t for me.

Herell - Top5 star

Excellent jeu d’acteurs! Actors made me believe!! Great job on them

MattM18 - Good ride5 star

Throughly enjoyed the film. Ending could have been stronger and it left me with some question, but overall good movie.

SeaDoo666 - Très bon!4 star

J’ai bien aimé! Pas aussi bon que Get Out mais c’est un peu dans la même lignée et quand même très bon.👍🏼

kesenw - Good attempt4 star

But ends up being boring and lost.

Marissa is my name - Love it!5 star

It's so sad the things in it that you don't relies it is happening in our world

HilaryMae - Horrid1 star

I dropped in to leave a comment only; won't watch it . This movie is a disturbing lack of awareness of the issues people face today: racism, horrors of slavery still embedded in the very apparent history of people, the horrific abuse of women. Humans will never evolve as long as there are movie makers and movie goers, who think this is okay for entertainment. It's vile.

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CheezitTerminator - Check Your Priveledge and Suspend Your Disbelief5 star

I have read differing reviews of this movie and, it seems to me, that some folks have missed the point. Does the content disturb you? Do you eschew the "lack of a point"? I find this movie terrifying as it plays out in real life. People unwilling to address or even look at racial relations seem to forget point of view. Which is what makes this a compelling, frightening mirror held up to our society. Let's talk intersectionality. Imagine being black, or LGBTQ+ or a woman, or with a mental illness, how about a substance abuse problem, or any physical or mental disability, maybe you were denied an education due to bigotry or poverty or a low performing school district that gets no support from the street. Let me simplify it for you. Pick any three intersections. Now, walk down the street, reserve a table at a "well regarded" restaurant, try to return something you bought in a store. Hell, try to get service in a store if you want to buy something. When you see "the look" the flash across the face when someone recognizes even one of your intersections (race, dress, body type, disability, etc.) do you see the way their whole manner, their facial gestures, their eyes, their body stance changes? That happens every day. Every time you see or meet someone. You try to move on, keep your composure. Yet you see, you know, you think, you imagine, is that person thinking how much better their day would be if I wasn't in it? Woudl it be better if I could punish them for making me feel guilty? Wouldn't my life be better if I didn't have this feeling of being forced to respect a difference I don't understand? What is that person thinking? All addicts belong in prison? All mentally ill people should be institutionalized or lobotomized? She would be prettier if she smiled? The U.S.A. has some fundamental historical issues, baked in and ignored to long. The majority ignores it, but laws don't change people's minds. There will always be those that wish for the plantation, for the whip, for the hose, for tear gas or pepper spray. Anything so they don't feel the pain of a hurt so bad, of crimes so despicable, that we can't even start to look at them. We do the minimum and kick the can and hope it all goes away. This movie's premise is simple. We have to dig into these old wounds because they are creating fresh injuries every day.

joshlight - I love this movie5 star

It’s very interesting I highly recommend this movie I will watch it again for the second time.

Superhero145 - Unsettling horror ish thriller!!!5 star

I did enjoy the heck out of the movie but with Janelle Monáe she the selling point of this movie and it should be the reason you at least like the movie for how well done she does in the role but anyway if you like this type of movie then it definitely for you but I do say it mostly just worth a view for some, a must buy!!!!

Id77NYCNY - Racism only divides1 star

What a horrible movie. I don’t know how did Lionsgate get behind this....

TNM 2020 - A segment of American wishes this movie could be true5 star

A very deep movie that invokes the thoughts of that segment of American that wants to “make America great again”. Scary and really enjoyed the ending.

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm//// - Racist!1 star

Didn't see it, don't want to see it. Looks very racists to me. Just remember, it was Dems who supported slavery...not Republicans.

mrbabes - Hmm...1 star

Why is Apple hiding the Rotten Tomatoes score on this movie???

ARFTECH - Poignant Movie5 star

Great movie and not a movie for racists.

Isa yr-tn - People will say it’s racist4 star

Good movie, wouldn’t put in the catalog of horror but it was great. Seeing some of the reviews people will say it’s racist, but it’s just history.

OLSKOOLRU - Loved it!5 star

What a fresh take on the slavery movie genre. Congratulations to all involved.

Trello V - Loooovveee!!!!5 star

This movie was SPECTACULAR!! The only people who dislike it are racist bigots!!!

Ya Girl!!!! - Alternate Reality.5 star

I thought that this was an amazing movie. Two different realities. Janelle Monáe was Dynamic!!! But what made me fall out of my chair is when I saw a cell phone in the 1800s.

Johncd500 - Nope1 star

Forget it

hkkhffvnghhrhjfkhf go gh - Skip it.1 star

This movie could have been so much better. Gabourey was incredibly annoying.

Jenjen718 - Excellent movie5 star

This was a great movie and everyone should watch it.

Seank205 - Amazing!!5 star

This was absolutely amazing! With an important message... we will not let this happen again! A must watch! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

KayshawnCartel - Vote5 star

We all need to vote!!

fogcity24 - Brilliant!5 star

The only thing that's even remotely racist about this film are the scathing reviews and only highlight one of the points I think Jordan Peele is trying to make. Well done Mr Peele!

Purp_Muffins - Good movie5 star

I'm getting the feeling a lot of these low ratings are from people who haven't seen the movie. Definitely worth a watch.

Tspree - Great twist!!!5 star

Loved the twist! Didn’t see it coming

alexjm80 - Not a horror movie, just an awesome one.5 star

The trailer for this film is intentionally misleading; it sets it up as a horror movie, which isn’t necessarily the case. The less you know about the movie going in, the better. I can only assume all the angry one star reviews are from conservative snowflakes who were too triggered by the content.

D.N.TN - Proof right here of the source of the problem1 star

With all the racial crap that is going on today and all the hatred that is being inflamed by the heartless lying Democrat/Liberals, Hollywood further INFLAMES THE THE FIRE OF RACIAL HATRED WITH THIS KIND OF TRASH MOVIES!! ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP AND GARBAGE!!!

miele55 - Psych-thriller accomplishes5 star

This movie was awesome. I’m sure most will call it a racial and controversial mess. Of course, these would be the same close minded idiots that cannot tap into their own emotional and psycho-historical intelligence. #thisisamerica Congrats on a film well done!! I look forward to more movie like this. They might want to put a WARNING NOTICE for those that lack the understanding of creating such a psychologically thrilling film!

Alpha Brown - Well I liked it!!!5 star

I have to admit that after reading the reviews I did not know what to think. But, I can say this. Either you will love the movie or hate it. If you hate it, then you have to do a lot of soul’s not a racist movie. It is a thriller with a great ending. I do plan on watching this movie again.

CSM1064830 - False Narrative1 star

By no means do I take lightly what happened in the past. Very shameful and I don’t agree with it. But let’s remember the truth that the Democratic Party are actually the “evil white”bad guys in the story. Scores of White Republicans died to free them of bad white folks like in the movie.

steve1581 - Thumbs down1 star

Didn’t enjoy this . I hate throwing this around but, a little racist . Promoting these type of movies isn’t going to help anyone. Just disappointing

Jm91016whatever - Twisted!5 star

Amazing!!!!!! Westworld meets M. Night Shyamalan. The horrors of the past come to the present.

All fun get it - Best movie so far 20205 star

It is great must watch it makes u wonder if stuff like this is really goin on

zidane2015 - Racist propaganda...1 star

Critical race theory wrapped up into a "narrative" of sorts that is just the latest in a long line of 2020 projects reminding you that you're a racist, unless you're Black, and that white privilege means you should pay for this nonsense. A direct affront to the least racist nation on Earth, and just plain goofy. These garbage retreads of how racist we all were and are have begun to blend into one big boring blob of obnoxious virtue-signalling and race-baiting. Worthless.

Vfhjiydcnwdf346 - This movie is amazing5 star

I don’t know why people don’t like this masterpiece. I usually don’t like to rate movies, but I felt like I needed to.

Eddie Blanco - Trash1 star


JustinRyan Allen - Great movie 🎥 🍿5 star

It’s a horror movie. But it give you tea and shade. It’s suppose to have open plot holes. It’s suppose to make you think. Literally thought the captured people were somehow transported back in time. Such a great movie. Will purchase when made available.

tsaints1115 - Hokey3 star

It seems like you're on a Twilight Zone style trip until it turns out it's just a "White people are evil" story about kidnapping Blacks for a retro plantaion slavery reenactment.

norab - 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽1 star

Janelle Monáe is one of the most overrated actresses today. She is dreadful in this movie. I can think of a number of actress that would have done such a better job.

TricksRforKids - Not great for horror buffs2 star

Unfortunately, this movie misses its mark. Certainly not worth a $20 rental. It’ll probably be streaming in a few months, just wait.

queenlani2020 - Black lives is ✊🏾5 star

I love it. She is beautiful


Prepare to gasp at every scene with uncomfortable tension all throughout this movie. Appropriate social commentary, but even without it, this is how thrillers & plot twists are supposed to be executed.

LongAssName - Finally a good movie.5 star

One of the best movies of 2020 so far.

Temple13 - Good Movie5 star

This movie was directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz.

iKhoiBui - Creative and Real!5 star

Honestly, all the poor ratings are from people who lacks the ability to recognize that racism is so live and well that something like this could happen in today’s world. Just because Lincoln fought against slavery, and MLK marched against segregation, doesn’t mean that it’s over. It exist still. Trust and believe that there are still people who want to “Make America Great Again” and they could possibly go so far as to do this in plain sight. This movie was amazing.

Musiclovrrrr - Stop already1 star

With the false narratives 🙄

Reddz_00 - Amazing Film, Great Twist5 star

Clearly, many don’t like the film because of the theme. The film was made prior to everything going on in America. It’s a psychological thriller that explores racism in modern day America. Sorry some folks are so touchy. Great cinematography, with a heck of a twist at the end. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks for streaming Apple!!

PapaB101 - Total Disappointment1 star

If you are looking for a movie that promotes idiotic, racist, virtue signaling crap than you found it!! I was so excited as I’m a fan of Jordan Peele but this was just another sad example of the false narrative being portrayed today.

vagabond30 - Fake reviews4 star

You can tell these reviews are fake or the people who write them like Skelly68 are brain dead who can’t even be bothered to watch the movie let alone know that Jordan Pelle didn’t direct this. Moron

Csweezy11 - Time Periods Are False Constructs5 star

What I love about the movie is the question that is screams at us, “Other than the year, what about humanity is any different?” I was skeptical the entire movie that it would ultimately disappoint. I didn’t leave “satisfied”. I did leave understanding the word of caution it provides. Not the greatest film I’ve ever watched, but the message is worth it’s failure in method.

Yanfret - Not good1 star

It could have been a great movie, but I felt I watch a tabloid movie. It kinda felt like a Black Mirror episode.

PG879 - Interesting concept, oorly executed1 star

An intersting concept, but so poorly executed. I was left with many questions at the end, that the movie could have explained. It wasn't scary, so I don't think it should be considered a horror film, and there were so many scenes I feel should have been removed and replaced to give the movie more context. I'm so tired of films like this...I just want to see more Black joy!

LunyBin25 - Fantastic.4 star

A wildly intense representation of the past that many white people consciously and subconsciously hold on to juxtaposed with the present and future that Black people fight for. It’s both symbolic and literal; theoretical and absolutely real/practical. Terrifying, creepy, and cathartic - I highly recommend.

EG Arnold - Woke Slave Porn1 star

There is no slavery of blacks, but hey let’s believe there is anyway through some tortured plot...feeds victim narratives...avoid at all costs.

StEvE CaR - Racist1 star

Jordan peele is a racist, get woke go broke

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