Breach Summary and Synopsis

Bruce Willis stars as Clay, a hardened mechanic selected to maintain an interstellar ark, leaving Earth from a catastrophic plague. Bound for a new planet, Clay and his small crew are responsible for the safety of the last surviving humans. But when a teammate is brutally murdered, the crew discovers a terrifying new threat: a vicious, shape-shifting alien creature whose goal is to wipe out the human race before they reach their new home. Hunted by their invisible enemy, Clay must find a way to fight what they cannot even see and protect mankind from total extinction. Thomas Jane (The Predator), Cody Kearsley (Riverdale) and Rachel Nichols (Star Trek) also star in this thrilling Sci-Fi action movie. A hardened mechanic must stay awake and maintain an interstellar ark fleeing the dying planet Earth with a few thousand lucky souls on board... the last of humanity. Unfortunately, humans are not the only passengers. A shapeshifting alien creature has taken residence, its only goal is to kill as many people as possible. The crew must think quickly to stop this menace before it destroys mankind. Breach Wiki

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Deep in space they are not alone...

Breach Movie (2020)

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Breach Movie Reviews

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- Garbage1 star

One if the worst movies i have ever seen.

- Not Worth It !1 star

First of all....both my husband and I are not alien fan movies....but we like Bruce so we gave it a try Not Worth it! We should've read reviews first

- Embarrassed I rented this1 star

This is a poorly written, poorly acted space zombie “movie.” It came across like a high school film project. Perhaps they were going for so campy it’s funny, but it was just inane. I wish I had read reviews before renting. I usually do but went for it because we like sci-fi. Big mistake. I can’t believe iTunes would even offer this garbage and I can’t believe Bruce Willis was willing to be part of it.

- Don’t waste your money1 star

How far Bruce Willis has fallen to tarnish his legacy by acting in a movie this bad. Every aspect of film making is bad! Don’t waste your time it money renting or purchasing this film.

- Crude Crap1 star


- Not worth $6.99 barely worth $.991 star

And I’m a Bruce Willis fan and a sci-fi fan

- Cheap sets1 star

Very cheap sets and stupid premise and ending. Bruce Willis must need money.

- Don't waste your money2 star

C+ movie at best .Not Top Shelf Bruce Movie stuff

- Just Awful1 star

Shoddy production all around

- B movie1 star

Bruce Willis has been starring in a long line of stinkers. This one is far worse than I would have expected it to be.

- Worst1 star

Horrible movie, couldn’t even finish it.

- Breach1 star

Blah.. so bad it’s sad

- Potentially the worst SF movie1 star

This movie is one of the worst science fiction movies I have ever seen. I can’t believe that Bruce Willis would do this film. I’m sorry it was just awful.

- Bruh1 star

Oh yeah DEFINITELY NOT among us

- Bad Bruce.....Bad1 star

Is Bruce as bad a person as he is an actor?

- Dumbest.1 star

I really can’t believe Bruce Willis came in this crap of a movie. Even worse, I can’t believe I wasted $6.99.

- This movie stunk on ice1 star

And the ending was easily the worst part on top of an awful rest of the film.

- Worst of 2020 contender1 star

A really bad mashup of all the films and shows you love, but ruined by weak acting, effects, continuity and to top it off, Bruce Willis completely phoning it in. If you love: - The Thing - Stranger Things - Alien - Walking Dead - Invasion of the Body Snatchers Then don’t watch this movie, as the worst “homage” to all of them is right here. It could be a future cult classic, but for now, this is up there with Plan 9 From Outer Space levels of bad.

- OMG1 star

Worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life I actually had to watch it until the end to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I want two hours of my life back!!!!


This has to be the worst movie ever made. They must have had a $1mm budget and paid Bruce Willis $999,999 of it to play in this film. Absolutely horrible. Don’t make the same mistake I did and think it may be another 5th Element.

- Blah . .2 star

Another one of those movie just to keep Bruce Willis working🙄

- Bwhahahaha Bruce Willis seriously?1 star

So I’d rather shove bamboo chutes up my nails than watch this movie again. So glad I only rented it!!!

- Awful1 star

I expected more from Bruce Willis. I understand that it wasn’t a big budget movie and it came out during a pandemic but come on. My 14 yo could have done better graphics. Don’t waste your time !

- Horrible flick1 star

As others have written every level of this flick is not worth the time, not to mention a horrible ending.

- Horrible !1 star

Didn’t even watch the whole thing .. the acting was horrible . I can’t believe Bruce Willis would play in this movie .

- dont waste your tome1 star

no real plot not cohesive jumps around

- So so bad1 star

So bad it may become a cult classic.

- Awful1 star

So Bad! negative -5 stars Awful. low...low budget not what you expect Bruce Willis to be in, he must be hurting for some money.

- Disappointing1 star

Movie is a must pass, don’t waste your money. It also seems as though Bruce Willis and much of his acting has gone the way of the Dodo bird. He just doesn’t seem to really put much into it anymore. What a waste

- So bad1 star

I’m someone who likes the campy “C & D” rated movies, but this was so bad I wish I could get a refund for the rental.

- Disappointing1 star

Where do we start? Editing: D Visual effects: D Audio and Soundtrack: D Physical Props and Background sets: D Writing: F Directing: F Acting: D This made for late night CometTV was by far the worst movie Bruce Willis has ever acted in. Why bother showing up on set at all if this is the “wing it” standard Bruce is willing to accept or offer his fans. I know 2020 is a challenge for movie makers but a teenager on YouTube could have done a better job. Let’s hope 2021 proves to be a better year for everyone involved.

- Crap1 star

No accounting for stupid! How anyone could find this film watchable baffles me. Absolute crap.

- Breached1 star

NOT GOOD at all one of the WORST Alien , Zombie movies made.....

- meh2 star

ultra breach in suspention of reality

- Disappointed1 star

Was very disappointed in this film. Just badly done all around.

- The BEST1 star

The best thing about this movie is all the bad reviews. Bad doesn't even do justice to how bad this monstrosity of a movie is. 0 stars needs to made an option. My mind is soiled and my wallet hates me.

- MGR1 star

Awful! Couldn't even finish it. Complete waste of money!

- High school project1 star

Even then, D minus.

- Not very good2 star

Was a poor movie for Bruce

- Nakatomi to the Herc’1 star

This movie is where actions stars go to die...

- Waste of time1 star

There are several platforms with good sci-fi movies and iTunes is one of them. It usually satisfies my cravings for the genre. I cannot however describe my anger for the time wasted on the Breach - the plot, the special effects, it all looks like a piece put together by high school students in a basement project. Please do not waste your time.

- Really bad.....2 star

What more is there to say - really bad.

- You're doing it wrong...2 star

Seems like they spent the entire budget to get Bruce, and didn't spend money on anything else... like writing... or SFX...

- A waste of money1 star

Simply, a bad movie. Horrible effects, good make-up though. Desperated actors in weird times.

- Bruce Willis -2 star

At some point one has to feel sorry for him -- One time blockbuster star -- Now signing his name on any film that will have him -- Well I guess what they say is true -- Be nice to the people on the way up becuase you will be seeing them on the way down --

- Kinda a B movie2 star

Very dark, hard to see, plot was good, but it seemed like a B movie.

- Covid Christmas Eve5 star

Just made sausage balls. During these trying times just wanted to leave a message of hope.

- Haters had it comin3 star

Didn't watch this movie simply because even the trailer looks absolutely dreadful. For those adding one star and advising on how crap it is then clearly you didn't pay attention to the trailer snippet and the cast line up was also a big giveaway

- So Bad1 star

Very very very very bad

- Poor story and terrible graphics1 star

So sorry to say but this is really a bad story and very bar effects....frankly amazingly poor overall - avoid!.

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Paudet - lol1 star

THE absolute worst movie ever ........ can I get reimbursed? Please ? This movie is sooo bad, I had to leave this review for others.

SRGRMB - Just ok3 star

The movie was just ok. Nothing to really say much more. Not worth the 19.00 I paid for it that is for sure. Good if I paid 5.00.

sinner_twin - Don't waste your money1 star

Within just a few minutes you can tell the acting is going to be awful throughout the entire film. I had to stop watching after about 30 minutes. Seriously save your money.

eeohhokyespleaseuhok - f u Bruce sellout Willis1 star

straight hot monkey ah ah garbage

Kikgurl420 - Breach1 star

What a terrible movie. My gawd

Globetrotting Beards - Alien wannabe1 star

Alien was made 41 years ago and is still better than this drivel. Bruce is ruining is legacy with all these low budget, poorly directed movies...

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Jcsch - Churro de Película1 star

Cada vez están haciendo más películas baratas y ridículas. No gastes tu dinero, no vale la pena esta película. Lastima por Bruce Willis que acepta malas peliculas.

JENERICLP - New low for Willis1 star

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and we can probably all agree we have watched a lot in quarantine. I literally went back to filling out 2021 forecasting in excel for work and had a more enjoyable time.

james.wolfensberger - worst Movie from Bruce1 star

he most have early tendencies of senil, dis is just waist of Money and talent and the ending i nearly got sick!

dondiddledog - TERRIBLE!1 star

I typically LOVE this genre, but this flick is beyond bad. I feel sorry that high-caliber actors like Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane have to resort to doing movies like this these days. Whoever did the trailer should receive ALL the profits from this movie (assuming there are any) because the trailer made it seems like a MUCH, MUCH better movie than it was.

[email protected]' - Garbage1 star

Story...horrible....Acting...horrible...Cast...horrible...Set...horrible....Bruce Willis...disgraceful & desperate...Recommendation...please do not wasted your money. If I had a choice between eye surgery (without anasthesia) and watching this garbage, eye surgery it is.

Bummermaniii - Not good2 star

Low budget / bad ending bad acting

papaboomz - Absolute worst1 star

I usually don’t take the time to review movies, but this one was so bad that it was infuriating.

Dade1492 - Disappointing1 star

This could have been good, but it’s a B sci-fi movie. Save yourself and don’t watch unless you like cheesy sci-fi movies like I do

jcfmovies - Terrible.1 star

Terrible quality, terrible acting, not worth the time to watch let alone the money.

MathOsGuru - Lose the Die Hard movies persona1 star

This could have been really good, but the ages-gone-by, Die-Hard style humor totally ruined this movie. Mixing stale humor into a serious plot is just ludicrous. Bruce Willis was outstanding in many serious acting roles, so why dummy down his talent in this movie with subpar humor? Just ruined this movie. Not even worth renting. It truly is a lame duck movie. Huge fail.

abcwva - terrible just terrible1 star

waste of time. nothing good to say about this

pdx tech guy - Substandard2 star

An odd collection of space monster tropes, with nothing that really distinguishes this film. Shoddy CGI.

Rye Migano - don't bother1 star

and don't waste your money👎👎👎

Phouse81 - So bad, what is Bruce doing?1 star

Bruce Willis doesn’t want to be in this movie and you can tell. The main lead simply can’t act. There is no feeling in any of his lines. Now I know why they had his character unable to speak in Daybreakers. It looks low budget, there is no real story to speak of other than the quick fight for survival. It’s like a bad mishmash of different sci-fi horror all wadded up and thrown into a lot garbage can.

JustWantToBeEntertained - Ran out of money?2 star

It started out as an ok movie with an ok plot, and then for some unknown reason, half way thru the movie, they hired some high schoolers to do their graphics and finish the script. It had all the feel of a made for TV movie and by the end I don’t even think they were trying anymore. I only gave it 2 stars because I like Bruce Willis.

Larry56i5vhnccb - Unbelievable garbage1 star

How far Bruce has fallen. Smh

Always Improving... - Get a root canal instead.1 star

Just don’t. Really...don’t waste your $$$

[email protected] - Awful1 star

Abysmally bad. Watch it to experience how bad a series of moving images can be.

sammorris - Even the trailer looks terrible.1 star

Bruce must have gambling debts.

R. Dudley - Unwatchable1 star

It’s really awful. Shame I wasted money renting it on holiday.

MaybetheWorstEver - Breach1 star

I love SyFy in general. Even bad movies have something I can get behind. However, this movie may be the worst SyFy movie I have ever seen. Nothing original at all. The writers stole from past movies and just threw it into this story line, The acting was poor as well. Very disappointed. How do I get a refund???

Thisappdoes'ntwork - Easily one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.1 star

Even Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane were terrible in this horrible movie.

docotton - Boring movie and the acting is terrible!2 star

This movie could have been way better! The story was okay but the effects and acting were not good at all in my opinion.

ODD Parts Jim - REFUND for CRAP?1 star

This is SO bad, Bruce willis should take any proceeds he received from this movie, and use it to take it off the air.

Large308 - Titanic5 star

Better than Titanic

MKSNYC - Bad1 star

I was impressed with how bad this was. I figured a sci fi with aliens and Bruce Willis in space should be fun. Nope. Poor writing, acting and special effects. Can’t imagine anyone actually liking this.

[email protected] - PSA. Don’t watch1 star

Worst C rated movie almost ever.

ByteBinder - Tough Times For Bruce Willis1 star

Bruce Willis must be having a tough time. Only selected this movie because he was in the cast. The plot was predictive, the sets were Flash Gordon quality. If I were to give this movie credit it would be for the worst of the worst movie ever. You should be paid to watch this movie, scaled how far you could endure getting to the end.

Film Critic 2 - Breach Review3 star

Nice movie ,the ending could have been done better.

jeff.dodd - Absolute garbage1 star

On every conceivable level.

kajjii - DO NOT WATCH THIS1 star

A movie this bad could at least mix in some decent humor but it’s just awful. I am pretty sure that the cast was drunk for the filming and editing of this movie. Dumpster fire if I ever saw one

Spresto1 - Terrible movie1 star

The acting is as bad as the script, terrible.

You Cannot Be Serious2 - Boring1 star

Simple story line, poor acting, and painful to watch.

Heartlessstrap - Wow1 star

I couldn’t even finish watching it this, so badly made.

dthawk - Worst Movie I have ever seen1 star

What a disaster of a movie. Terrible terrible terrible and a waste of rental money on such a pathetic script. Can't believe Bruce Willis would make such a movie. It was so bad I couldn't finish watching. Two Thumbs Down for me. Dont waste your time and money on this crap.

labruja12 - not even one star1 star


673peter - Cheap trick1 star

You think ‚Bruce Willis, must be a movie‘..wrong. What you will see here is cheapest prop ordered from IKEA and counterfeited Recaro car seats, silly story, first graders CGI and bad acting. Avoid.

MaddogSquid - Weak...1 star

Bruce is ok in this, but the flick weak, predictable and a bit boring

I love movies, not comics - Times must be tough....1 star

Never seen Bruce W. act in B movie before. Peeeeeee-You! (How is it that the special affects from the original Die Hard movie;1988 were more believable than this??) Bruce was CLEARLY doing someone a favor here. Written and directed by his nephew?? Geeeezus it was bad.

QuestionableDelusions - Zero Stars1 star

Worst movie ever. My intelligence has been breached.

debraanngilbert - Stinker of a movie!1 star

Totally wasted $6.99 and 2 hours I’ll never get back!!! Don’t waste your money!!!

MrMovieWatcher - Is This For Real?1 star

Love science fiction movies. Big Bruce Willis fan. But this movie is just dumber than a box of rocks. Ended up FF through most if it. Not even worth watching for free.

RePeter22 - C+ B movie3 star

Bruce is way over paid in this snoozer.

jsr1962 - Horrible movie1 star

Save your time and money. Watch anything else instead.

Madclaydog - Horrible1 star

Even Bruce Willis couldn’t save this B movie.

TNResident - What a turkey1 star

Do not waste any money on this. Horrible lighting, stupid plot, shallow characters, handheld camera shake and movement, gun flashes really poorly done, totally stupid scenarios, incompetent script writing, atrocious directing. I cannot say enough bad things about this movie. Bruce Willis must have been desperate for a movie. For all others in this movie it was a career ending effort.

Kobe & Stan the Man - Saban Films are laughable1 star

If it’s released by Saban films, walk away. How can Bruce be in hits like Die Hard and Armageddon but continue to make straight to Redbox movies. Bruce deserves better but he’s only doing it to himself. What a terrible B movie.

Hasman - Stay Away1 star

Hard Pass.

Prolific Reader WTB - Not Even One Star1 star

I wouldn’t waste any money on this one. I’d like my money and the 90 minutes of my life back.

Ivliana V - Worst movie ever don’t waste your money!1 star

Terrible plot and bad acting. Foul language not suitable for children.

5 star

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@VijayIsMyLife: It was #ThalapathyVijay who made the ₹100 cr worldwide gross no longer a huge feat by effortlessly achieving it consecut…

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@VijayIsMyLife: It was #ThalapathyVijay who made the ₹100 cr worldwide gross no longer a huge feat by effortlessly achieving it consecut…

5 star

@VijayIsMyLife: It was #ThalapathyVijay who made the ₹100 cr worldwide gross no longer a huge feat by effortlessly achieving it consecut…

5 star

@VijayIsMyLife: It was #ThalapathyVijay who made the ₹100 cr worldwide gross no longer a huge feat by effortlessly achieving it consecut…

5 star

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