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It’s the summer of ’78 and if you’re looking for good times there is just one place to go: the local roller disco, where the music is hot, the girls are hotter, and the entire atmosphere is dynamite. Xavier Smith (Bow Wow), also known as X, is a young roller wiz who, along with his crew, once ruled supreme at their South Side of Chicago rink, the Palisades Gardens. But when the doors of their favorite hangout close, it marks the end of an era and the beginning of another that sees the boys venturing into completely foreign territory: the North Side’s swanky Sweetwater Roller Rink, with its sleek, well-to-do roller-boys and gorgeous girls in short-shorts. For X and his friends, Sweetwater is a brave new world that gives way to an impossible dream: to win the rink’s annual Roller Jam Skate-Off.

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. In the summer of 1978, a teenager and his group of friends face new challenges when their neighborhood roller-skating rink closes, forcing them to visit a different rink.. Roll Bounce Wiki

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Roll Bounce is wonderfully funny movie!  Marytam  5 star

Every time I see this movie it makes me laugh and smile! Excellent!!!!

A GREAT FAMILY MOVIE!  malfone  5 star

I used to be a rink rat when I was younger. This movie brings back so many great memories. More importantly, the story is uplifting and speaks to the reality surrounding many family dynamics. The only thing that could have made this movie even better for me would have been to see Bow Wow actually win the skate off! A must see for all.

FAVORITE MOVIE EVER  Mylestheprospect  5 star

I love this movie so much the skating is amazing.

This  24HourEstateSale  5 star

This is an awesome movie I loved it!!! :)

Love it  BJ723  5 star

It's one of my favor movie :) :>¥

Cant help but love  peaceluvapplejuice  4 star

This is one of my favorite feel good movies with a touch of drama.

it keeps pausing  brezzzy100  1 star

i love this movie but it paused in the first two min of the movie and i couldnt watch it

Shorty steve
No homo  Shorty steve  5 star

Out of all the reviews nobody said anything about my dog sweetness he killed it wit the moves no doubt

AMAZING  ebrey11310  5 star

This is an amazing movie i recommend it 2 everyone!!!!! Yes its that good

awesome  Aljulew  5 star

bow wow is georgeous in this movie either way its amazing movie dont see why anyone won't like it










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