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Epic Action Drama. Set in Japan during the 1870s, The Last Samurai tells the story of Capt. Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise), a respected American military officer hired by the Emperor of Japan to train the country's first army in the art of modern warfare. As the Emperor attempts to eradicate the ancient Imperial Samurai warriors in preparation for more Westernized and trade-friendly government policies, Algren finds himself unexpectedly impressed and influenced by his encounters with the Samurai, which places him at the center of a struggle between two eras and two worlds, with only his own sense of honor to guide him. Nathan Algren is an American hired to instruct the Japanese army in the ways of modern warfare, which finds him learning to respect the samurai and the honorable principles that rule them. Pressed to destroy the samurai's way of life in the name of modernization and open trade, Algren decides to become an ultimate warrior himself and to fight for their right to exist. The Last Samurai Wiki

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In the face of an enemy, in the heart of one man, lies the soul of a warrior...

The Last Samurai (2003)

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- iTunes Extras and 4K needed5 star

Awesome movie, but can you add the Special Features and iTunes Extras and also upgrade to 4K so people can watch them online? I don’t understand why there are Special Features on Home Video but not on iTunes and Apple TV. This is really annoying to me when the Special Features appear on the Home Video releases of movies, but not on iTunes and Apple TV because technology is advancing everyday.

- Yessirrrr5 star

Great movie!

- Not a Good Fit for Cruise4 star

I normally love Tom Cruise movies, and I think he is a solid actor. However, I felt that this was a mismatch. It never felt as though he settled into the role naturally. Otherwise, I love the movie.

- Awesome movie5 star

Everything you could ask for in a samurai movie



- Basically Dances with Wolves4 star

This is a great movie. Don't get me wrong. But it's essentially identical in story line (almost verbatim) to Kevin Costner's Dances with Wolves, which was, in my humble opinion, a far more superior film. Tom definitely does represent here, showing range that is lacking most other roles he's taken on. And Ken Watanabe is unbelievable as well. Definitely buy or rent this movie. Just know that it's basically Japanese Dances with Wolves or non-blue Avatar.

- Great Movie5 star

Caught this movie on TV and had to have it!

- Remarkable5 star

Forget Cruise, though it's not a bad performance. Ken Wantanabe as Katsumoto is what makes this picture so incredible to watch. He should have had equal billing with Cruise and been nominated for Best Actor. The score is beautiful if a bit repetitive. A definite "must have" in most anyone's video library.

- Gorgeous period drama, well researched and directed.5 star

A must watch, this classic film is an ode to Japanese directors such as Kurosawa. It illustrates why Japan is so beautiful, inside and out. Not only is it a gripping tale, you walk away with a better understanding of Japanese culture.

- One of my favorites5 star

By far one of my favorite movies, I enjoyed this movie from the beginning to the end.

- Did someone say "exoticization"?1 star

Another heartwarming story about the white savior learning the ways of the noble savage. The most disappointing thing on display, though, is the internalized racism evident in the fact that Japanese actors agreed to be in this movie.

- This movie is just awesome5 star

MUST WATCH!!!!! AFTER 10 minutes the movie gets GREAT 😍😍😍😍😍LOVE THIS MOVIE MUST WATCH!!

- My favorite movie... Ever5 star

The Last Samurai is a masterpiece. And that's an understatement. Tom Cruise delivers his best performance as a soldier who gets a second chance to make things right. Ken Watanabe is downright sensational as the leader Katsumoto. Brit Timothy Spall and Irishman Billy Connelly deliver comedic phrases at times when we most certainly need them. The film is like a sedative. Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I pop this film in and am immediately soothed by the outstanding score by Hans Zimmer. Anyone who says this film should not have received more accolades is dead wrong. Probably the biggest Oscar snub of all time. But none of this can be put to justice. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. No matter how many pictures of samurai life or epic battle scenes, no words will describe what this film really is. The most underrated film of all time

- Absolutely beautiful5 star

This movie was so good, i stayed up tell 2 am just to finish it and it is one of few movies to make me cry. This movie was beautiful and easily my new favorite movie.

- Ugh.2 star

A 10,000 hour long ethnographic film about the widespread Japanese custom of only ever talking about honor and swords.

- Great5 star

Movie is funny and brave its all about honor it was great

- Just Beautiful5 star

This is the best movie I've ever seen. I a field that is populated by teenage hormone silliness, this is a movie that has beauty and meaning. Acting, direction, cinematography, plot, and script are all excellent.

- One of my best movie !!!!!5 star

this movie is so great, even if the history fact is not accurate , but the movie itself rock !

- An amazing movie5 star

I find this movie to be a great movie. Good action, great story and I think it has good meanings. All the people saying it's not plausible and saying the movie is racist need to just calm down. Its a movie. There a movies out there that are flat out racist but no one complains. Just sit back and enjoy it.

- Superb5 star

Excellent Marvelous Extravagant

- Great5 star

Great movie with a historical base, great plot, and great acting

- Perfect5 star

This movie is amazing in a few ways and bad in a few. My opinion of this movie is, excellent, but some would disagree. The historical background is not exactly correct, but this movie really shows how insane Japan was in the 1800s and shows perfectly shows how the samurai fell.

- HD?5 star

Can we own this movie in HD? Then I would be sold. Should be HD $9.99

- Excellent!4 star

A tale of redemption and honor, this movie is a great choice for any movie-lover.

- Hokey, inaccurate and borderline racist1 star

The central conceit of this stinker is a weird variation of "the white man's burden" in which Tom Cruise is somehow set up to embody the survivor of the ancient code of samurai bushido. It's absolutely ridiculous, and the script and awful stilted dialogue from older Japanese-made films. Toshiro Mifune could pull it off, and Tom Cruise ain't no Toshiro Mifune.

- Big woo wag cup4 star


- This movie was awesome!4 star

Usually, I don't enjoy Samurai or Ninja movies, but I really liked this one. It was very action packed and it had a good plot.

- I love it.5 star

It's a great and powerful movie.

- Love Asia!!5 star

It's the best history movie ever!!!!! <3


The story has been done before which is why I gave this 3 stars. Though the action was good, I'll give it that.

- Amazing Movie5 star

This is a must see. The Tomatometer was a little bit too harsh, don't let anything keep you from seeing this.

- Awesome movie3 star

I will give this 5 stars if you are allowed to purchase it that is the only draw back.

- Japan5 star

I love this movie, and also Japanese people are really cool trust me I, I've had a Japanese person as a foreign extange student before

- The last samurai5 star

It is one of the best movie I've ever seen. The last samurai is a must see movie

- The last samurai5 star

This has to be one of the greatest movies I have ever seen it is deep and moving and not to mention the great action scenes

- One of my favorites5 star

When I first watched this movie... well lets just say this movie made me cry more than any other movie (i usally dont cry). throughout the movie you get to know the characters; and you don't at the end then something is definately wrong with you :P

- Awesome.5 star

This was instantly one of my favorite movies.

- Continues to reveal a rich & meaningful story5 star

I have watched this movie several times over the past few years. It continues to hold my interest and stir my emotions. If you allow the story to seep into your consciousness, you will appreciate the subtler threads in the tale. The cinematography is gorgeous! The soundtrack is haunting and "Small Measure of Peace" is one of my all-time favorites! It suits the moods in the story. The climax is worthy of legend! The critics and naysayers are entitled to their opinions, but i do not share their cynicism or point of view. Critics of Cruise will find it difficult not to respect his role in this production.

- 5/5! Awesome!5 star

This movie was great, lots of action, perfect for all of you who are bored of all the other movies have maybe two scenes of action, even though this movie runs for over two hours they keep it very alive. VERY well done! Why is it rated R though? Its not any more violent than Lord of the Rings and its rated PG-13.

- !5 star


- Possibly The Most Offensive Movie Ever1 star

This movie is one of the most insulting movies to both the history and culture of Japan. Tom Cruise lays out a feudal society where he has to teach samurais who have been doing their job for hundreds of years. If you want a movie that completely disregards Japanese culture and ideals, this is your film. The only things this movie can claim are bad acting, American elitism, and a complete inaccuracy to historical facts. It is yet another Hollywood blockbuster with little or no actual content. For an actually well made film I suggest either the Seven Samurai or on of the Japanese Zatoichi films (not the ones with the blond guy). Thank you for your considerations.

- Good3 star

More funny if annything

- Tom Cruise5 star

This was an amazing movie. And Tom Cruise is the perfect actor for the part.

- Dances With Japan3 star

Decent movie and cool if you like Japanese culture but this a rehash of Dances With Wolves, just like Avatar

- Wow5 star

This movie is outstanding great special effects great storyline very emotional

- Love it5 star

Great movie gets better every time I watch it

- Ummm help3 star

I just downloaded the karate kid trilogy then clicked the last samurai and it says error please help me I don't wanna have my 10 dollars wasted

- Come on3 star

Pretty implausible. But go ahead and watch it if you like shakespearean death monologues.

- Emotionally Powerful5 star

I can somewhat relate to this movie in that I'm a former military officer who helped train foreign allies' armies, but this movie is emotionally strong for me for other reasons. Here's a man whose culture tells him to help an ally move "forward" in developing its military, but in his heart he believes his warrior calling and puts his best effort to save a way of life. His love interest would make most men join the team, but it is in a way both a happy and sad movie. Sad in that the culture died even though he tried his best; happy in that he returned to his beautiful woman who, as a former samurai's wife, understood what he was fighting for. I loved this movie and have bought it for my library.

- Very well done film4 star

I am not sure how much fact there is to the theme of the principal US player in this film but it plays on serveral levels on political intrigue; respect for tradition; what we may give up in the sake of progess. Ineresting comparison of the costs of western expansion in the US and the expansion of the Japanese nation as different cultures were destroyed by the stonger side.

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Brendon Valdal - Thank You!!5 star

A masterpiece in of it self. I found myself lost in this movie a long time ago. The attention to the small details, the ability to get a message across unlike anything I’ve ever come across before. I’ve preached that this is my favourite movie for a long time, and I hope that one day everyone else can share the same appreciation I have for it. NA

Pliptk4 - One of the best5 star

I have watched this movie a number of times and I still love it. Great story line and acting on Tom's part

Karamia54 - really good movie5 star

This is a really good movie and worth taking the 2 1/2 of time to watch it.

Cargo hold - Pretty good4 star

It's a bit over the top in some regards, but it's entertaining enough.

wendy macdonald - Great movie.....5 star

Even with the cliche bad guy becomes good guy plot, it still blew me away! This movie earned an easy 5 stars with me. I defiantly recommend it to anyone seeking action and tons of adventure!

Last Samurai44 - Epic!5 star

This movie is amazing it has a lot in it the action is really great and the story line is epic this is a fantastic movie

BlondchenPetite - the last samurai5 star

AMAZING!! INSPIRING!! Beautiful cinematography! Tom Cruise is one of his BEST films EVER! A film that actually makes you walk away and THINK!

Hardcoded - Cheesy2 star

This is a very cheesy story. I don't like cheesy stories. Boring. "Little caucasian boy likes to play with samurai swords hey?"

Drew--- - One of my favourites4 star

The different perspectives portrayed keep you feeling for the array of characters constantly. I keep watching this movie over again and again, partly because the actors great job of enabling you to partake in this rich world, but the music is what gets me everytime. The Japanese flutes mixing with the drums and cries of war- Breathtaking.

Sorry bad spelling - Great movie5 star

Mabey a bit more gore but every thing els makes it a great moive

MikeyMike9 - Amazing5 star

Just rented it on iTunes. I'd heard good things, but this one got past me. What a treat. You'll be hooked in the first 10 minutes, and it never lets go, as Cruise goes headfirst into this bizarre 'native' culture, and opens himself to the way of the Samurai. Cinematography is gorgeous, and I especially appreciated them keeping English to a minimum (for the sake of realism), as Cruise begins to speak the language, its really fun to watch the changes in people around him. Of course, the bloody action is just great, and the sword fights are a blast. What a fantastic movie, that even manages to 'stay classy' and stay honorable all the way to the finish. Bravo!

Soso'coc0 - :)5 star

AWSOME MOVIE !!!!!!! :)

curtiscm68 - The Last Samurai4 star

This movie shows human sacrifice in the pursuit of an ideal. Emotional and stoic at the same time, this movie portrays the depth of feelings and thought of those facing death in the pursuit of something they beileve in. I am reminded of D Day and the first scene in Private Ryan. Even though it is not historically accurate, mixes different phases of Japanese history, and places the Americans there instead of the French(de rigour if they want to sell it), this movie is a must see.

Kitchwa1 - Ken Watanabe Best supporting actor!5 star

Ken Watanabe captured the true essence of the life of a samurai warrior.If you want to know the true meaning of "honour" then i recommend you see this movie.In the final battle sequence i was moved to tears,because i was overwhelmed the way he stayed true to his beliefs.Ken Watanabe should have won the oscar for best supporting actor. 4-Stars!!!

Fast lane 1 - Classic5 star

This has to be one of my all time favourites

Thomas Robson - the last samuari5 star

my favioret tom cruise movie

PolloViejo - The Best Movie ever Made5 star

This is by Far the best movie ever created, in all sense. As a follower of the martial arts, this movie continues to fill me in, this movie changed my life.

lulu_was_here_aha - Hmmm4 star

Watched this for year 8 history... was a good movie but possibly not the best choice for us 12/13/14 year olds Some parts were quite violent but storyline was good...

dauntlessr5er - 10/105 star

Best war movie ever ! Lots of blood and action but definitely worth a 10/10 :)

Djvenning - Awesome5 star

It is a heaps sick movie it's wonderful

itz burger time - Wow!!4 star

i loved this movie, not just because im a war fan, but because of the fantastic acting. definitely one of Tom Cruise's Best!!

Drakred - Best movie5 star

This is his best move nothing on tom's would beat this movie iv watched it so many time would be 1 of my top 10 fav and iv seen a lot of movies

alterpstra - Rare quality...5 star

Don't worry whether you like Tom Cruise or not, he is a brilliant actor and you will forget it's him. In the spirit of 'Dances With Wolves' but in my opinion MUCH better, you can't go wrong with this movie. Good storytelling, beautiful cinematography and incredible music.

Ando5000 - Yawn2 star

Achingly bland, I don't know what possessed me to watch a movie in which Tom Cruise played a Samaraui. It sounds, and IS ridiculous in retrospect. Okayish if you like battles. Save your money.

Ashley-Parker - i love this movie!!!!!5 star

this is the best movie. this movie will want to make u be a samurai!!!

Dylan327 - Truly, One of The Best War Films Ever Made.5 star

The Last Samurai was a very powerful movie with a Strong message. Edward Zwick is to be commended it is truly a Brilliant, Powerful and Captivating film. Every viewer will get a real feel of the 'Way of the Samurai'. I know it was the most inspiring movie I have ever seen. Absolutely Remarkable. A movie I could really take my hat off to. This movie is up next to Pearl Harbor and The Band of Brothers.

kizza916 - best ever5 star

THIs movie is good but pooy ther is tooooooooooooooooooo much blood

BrownApple1 - Excellent5 star

A must see movie

IT45. - Please Put The Extras On3 star

Please Put The Extras On Thank You πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ»

tttttvhtf - Fhhdh5 star

Echo Zoey'sgcdgodttm

stevenaa - Brilliant just brilliant!5 star

You have to see this film!

Monty6755 - Fantastic5 star

Why have I only just seen this film! It is extremely well written, a masterpiece!

Cheeky Sir - The Last Samurai is unimaginably brilliant5 star

I watched this epic movie in the cinema when it was released. Nothing can't be taken away from this movie. Every time I watch it I am moved in ways only those who can connect to this story will ever understand. The backdrop, the characters and the passion! Those of you who think this way of life is mythical I urge you to look into Japanese history. It is simply beautiful. Rent it...forget that, buy it.

Deliajane - In at my top ten!5 star

Fab film - took me on its journey!

Mors Magne - Brilliant start, but the rest...3 star

This film starts off brilliantly, but the rest of the film is mostly talking and a love story.

Cleverlyboy - Corrections4 star

It is a very good film, however

kendal24 - brilliant movie5 star

One of Tom Cruises if not the finest film he's done, its a brilliant film with great acting and a tragic emotional heart for what became of the legendary warriors depicted in this film dont miss this you'll regret it.

Roddy77777 - Despite Tom cruise, a good film4 star

Despite Tom Cruise this is actually well directed, well thought through story and plot line. The only problem was the casting of Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise is to bigger movie star for film like this, as his films tend to be all about Tom Cruise, fine in films like Top Gun and mission impossible, that what you need. Not here it is distraction from a very good film.

Lee Hendricks - LIFE CHANGING FILM5 star

Set in 1877, US Cavalry Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is sickened by his Country's massacre of the native American Indians during the Custer campaign. Troubled by the personal role he played in taking many innocent lives, he turns to drink and self destructive tendencies. A chance meeting with his old Commanding Officer sees Captain Algren working for the Emperor of Japan as he protects Tokyo against rebel Samurai troops. Taken captive by the Samurai, Captain Nathan Algren is their prisoner for a year. The Last Samurai is a beautifully filmed action film that centres on the lifestyle and traditions of the enigmatic Samurai. The story tells of their Bushido tradition of discipline, service and compassion and it is these ways that begin to appeal to the captive US Cavalry Captain.

Lawzy97 - Love this film5 star

Pure class

TheBull8 - just beautiful5 star

I have watched this so many times........ and love it more and more......... the best!!

Fadmeister - Amazing5 star

Best film ever for me!!! 100000000000/5

kedwilkins - perfect5 star

I became a shodan graded samurai for Arakimuninsai iaido in the 90's alongside aikido, for me this was a way of life, times change we move on to other things - Kyudo next. However this movie is perfect in every way, Tom Cruise holds the screen with such conviction and believability that its hard to look away Ken wattetame is charismatic and everything you would want to see in a saurai leader, this movie will make you smile and weep in the last moments. I cannot rave about this film enough, if you have any inclination towards martial arts or japanese culture - watch this movie. It is supported by a beautiful musical score which gets under your in a good way. this has got to be the best film Tom Cruise ever made not just because of the nature of what its about for me but the level of dedication and respect he put into his role. So highly recommended

Mark 1224456 - Not working1 star

Doesn't even download properly

Totty17107 - Amazing5 star

Out of blood diamond this and the defiance this is by far the best !!!!!!

Daz_London_DJ - 5/55 star

Amazing cast, landscapes and film score. 5/5!!!

Speeds8ilor - As good as it gets5 star

If you haven't seen it yet, you're lucky. I would like to wipe my memory of this film so I can experience the emotions I felt when watching it for the first time. It really is a masterpiece. I don't care about the historical accuracy. The important thing is the journey this man takes with his captors. 2 times in the film I sob my eyes out every time. The may be flaws in it but the emotional Journey more than makes up for it .

12Samtheman - INSANE!5 star

as I said INSANE but for some reason iTunes won't let me download it

Jdturk - Great!!!!5 star

Simply an amazing film! A must see one of my favourites and the soundtrack is also incredible just great altogether

NICKELBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! - samurai5 star

simply fantastic. in particular, the photography. especially the scene where tom cruise stands on the hill with the sun on his back. very emotional and beautiful.

Smerrelllllllll - Seebelow5 star


Crazyfool28 - Absolutely Amazing5 star

I personally dont understand why no one seems to like Tom Cruise. He is an amazing actor. Ok maybe he is abit strange in real life but so what, it's the acting that counts. This film is mind blowing. From the music to the scenery to the battles to the intimate scenes. It captures me every time I watch it and I can easily watch it 4 or 5 times a month. I like Samurai history, so naturally it interested me when it first came out and definetely did not dissapoint. I rarely cry at the end of any film but im happy to admit this one got me good. Its just so incredible. I would definetely advise watching this. It's my favourite film of all time.

Aaronze - Review5 star

This film is by far the best film I have ever seen. I could watch it over and over again.

sasquatchian - Brilliant!!5 star

Amazing film. I usually hate Tom Cruise but this is his best film so far. Brilliant in surround sound with all the drums in the intro :)

ray_bowie - Fantastic!5 star

One of my favourite, quite an inspiration and a great film to watch when your bored, definately the best film iv seen Tom Cruise in.

Snowzup - Moving, Powerful...Stunning5 star

This film has to be by far Tom Cruises best performance of all time! The pure emotion that he conveys is outstanding and really does make this film upsetting at some points. The music by Hans Zimmer is perfectly fitting and outlines the moral of the story perfectly. Overall a clear cut and powerful directed picture by Ed Zwick. More by him, from this genre would be great! A must buy!

Motc - Amazzing5 star

The best film going

Arbiter156 - In a word superb... And ultimately heartbreaking5 star

I was up late one night and I decided to watch this as I was bored to death of awfull films. I was on the verge of falling asleep but this film had such a brilliant storyline and script I was on my knees waiting for the add breaks to finish. The film follows tom criuse who plays an American officer on a mission to eradicate the samurai. Shortly into the film he is taken hostage and he spends his days living amongst the people as he learns about their way of life and the challenges facing them. He grows to have a heartfelt respect for them but ultimately he knows with the advancing westernised Japanese military they will soon face the fight for their very existance. Although someone said this is a very inaccurate view of the samurai it is still nothing short of a 5 star film. With incredible fight scenes, brilliant acting and a script to rival lord of the rings or even starwars this film is a must see for all. This is in a word SUPERB. And the ending will leave you in tears.

kai65 - Oh dear...Braveheart for Samurai....2 star

A Hollywood American view of the samurai which is about as accurate as a John Wayne western is to the history of the wild west. Based on the true story of a Scotsman in Japan, Tom Cruise shows yet again he has too much power but not the talent to back it up. Try Seven Samurai instead....which is in a different class to this nonsense. Nice score from Hans Zimmer though.

Duwie - Cracking cheese Gromit and a good film to.5 star

I loved this film. Although not a big fan of Tom Cruise, he came into his own in this film, but I think this was due to all the other superb actors in their supporting roles. I thought the story was good and flowed very well all the way through. The scenery was beautiful. The battle scenes were great to watch and I loved the way they slowed the action down to, as this made the scenes more powerful. The film at times brought a lump to my throat, especially when Cruise begins to bond and respect his captors and then intergrate with them. The music made it for me to and this helped the film greatly. It is now one of my favourite films of all times, so if you haven't seen it, please give it a go.

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm56 - Awesome!5 star

Before this came out i was in search of a good film. Some films just put me to sleep and others keep me on edge etc. I'm not a big fan of Tom Cruise but I can easily see this as his best work since Mission Impossible. He pulls off the Character of Nathan Algren magnificently. Although not old enough to see the film in the cinema when it frist appeared, i did see it on DVD and have not looked back since. It is now one of my all time favourite films. The film not only speaks to the audience but it conveys a message and a moral. DO NOT ignore this film it is a must see!!!

s3obrien - great film5 star

personaly i carnt stand tom cruise he seems like a complete madd man but it has to be said he is one incredible actor. almost every part ive seen him play he does brilliently and this is definatly no ecseption the film and story are also extremly entertaining must have !

The Lion King 2 - It made me cry5 star

This movie is so sad but really good, however if you cannot be bothered to sit through all the dialogue you are slightly shallow, you will miss the meaning behind this great movie but catch all the amazing fight sequences. great film, I would love Ed Zwick to do another film simular to this, I believe it would be amazing.

Shikon67 - I hope Tom Cruise sees this as his all time greatest film.5 star

I am not a huge fan of Tom Cruise films although despite that there are many that I enjoy. When I heard this film was coming out I was excited then I realised it was Tom Cruise that was playing the lead role my heart immediately sank. I did not believe that he could carry the part off. I thought his acting would not be right for the role. How wrong I was, its an excellent film and he did do his role justice without taking away from the message. There were some outstanding roles played from some Japanese actors with a real and deep first hand understanding of the budo involved. There has been some criticism from the pedants re the authenticity of the armour worn by some of the samurai being from the wrong era, come on guys it is still cellulose (or digital now) there is always going to be some poetic licence. Overall this is one of my all time favourite films and anyone who has had doubts about it have a go and I promise you will be moved and impressed. Its a must see, beautifully filmed and constructed. If all you do is rent it thats good however I would buy it as you will watch it more than twice.

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Kaitsurugi - An epitome of Japans history5 star

This movie is a great example of what happened to the samurais during Japans Meiji Era and its attempt at modernization. It IS so well made that they should be showing this during world history classes. Overall a very great movie.

Lucy Kull - Cruise at his best5 star

I am not a fan of Tom Cruise but I really found his work in this film to be excellent. Although, Ken Wanatabe is the real sensation of the movie. Beautiful and poised. Amazing soundtrack,story and cinematography. A must see!

lovatoboy814 - Great movie!!!5 star

Obviously u don't know anything about mg's. The Gatling was invented by a guy named Gatling an American. They were made in the civil war but never actually used. Lincoln forbidded it. But were they brought over when he went?

Butt pirate - Gatling gun5 star

The gattling gun was invented by the japanese and that was their first time using it! Great movie!!!

Confoosd - The last samurai5 star

Best movie ever!!!

wattmhite86 - HELLO APPLE!1 star

Wonderful movie, why in the world do you not offer an HD version?

David2543 - Awesome5 star

Spectacular. I dnt care how u feel bout Tom cruse it was an epic performance. b.t.w. I think he's a great actor ;) haha

Goodlight - Tom Cruise1 star

Self promoting, idea stealing, hair combing Cruise. Enough said.

MunyaBuddya - Ha ha!2 star

It's totally Braveheart, complete with turdicular American middle-age heartthrob and plenty of warriors falling off horses in slow motion. A must-see if you want to watch Tom Cruise get beat up repeatedly. My own favorite scene, though, is when TC skewers a foe by throwing a samurai sword, javelin-style, from horseback no less.

collieherbman - Beast5 star

This movie is a masterpiece. I get goosebumps during some parts of the movie. The devotion, discipline, and bravery of the samurai are inspiring to me. I'm not too fond of Tom Cruise, but this movie proved to be his strongest role. Great movie.

the latest fan, lol - A rare gem, truely epic.5 star

What are you waiting for? Go see it already!

Vadimer - ITs like 300. Spartens vs. Persians ,in this movie its Samuari vs. Modern army5 star

This movie is a need to see. The story line is just amazing, so are the special effects in the battle scenes. Touches the heart at the end.

IrishMan1944 - Well done but forgets some history3 star

While i found the movie to be well done and emotionally powerful it misses many of the historical facts like the fact that Americans had limited if no involvement in the westernization of Japan. And the samurai would not have accepted a westerner because they were thought of as barbarians. All in all a decent movie.

Jedi Jerms - AMAZING!!5 star

BY FAR! Tom Cruise's best performance, it takes you into a lost and forgotten world that is beautiful and peaceful, yet harsh and disciplined. This is a movie for all to see and experience.

goodytutus - one of my favorites!!5 star

i watched this for the first time at the theaters with my brother and dad and we were all blown away! cruise def delivered in this film and it's a definite must-see. especially if you appreciate the samurai-heritage (i have samurai in my blood so when my dad said it was done rly well and portrayed their lifestyle correctly--i was like yes! finally!! cuz you don't see that often with films) anyways, if you like culture, action, romance, depth, you will love this movie. and every time you watch it, it will get better and better. i cry all the time when i watch it and i just think it is beautifully done. p.s. samurai are awesome.

ShadowNerd - Thoughts on the Movie5 star

Before seeing the film I thought, "Here we go again. Another movie where an American goes to the 'hood', or another country, and saves the day." But that's not it at all. This film was wonderfully crafted allowing the beauty of another culture to shine while telling a fictional story. The characters were well developed and the true meaning and purpose of the film was portrayed masterfully. Even Tom Cruise's psychotic weirdness did not cloud the making of this movie. (Perhaps that speaks more to his level of acting ability). Nonetheless, this movie turned out to be a pleasant surprise. This movie is well worth the $10!!!


This movie is such a great movie. I already own this movie and have watched it about 12 times. Everytime I watch it, I can't help but cry in certain scenes. It's such a passionate film. This is by far the best film Tom Cruise has been in, in my opinion. Even if he didn't star in it, I'd still love it. The location, actors, just everything about this movie is phenominal. You have to see it! The movie soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is so beautiful. I listen to it constantly when driving and at my desk at work. I can vision what part of the movie each song is played! Yes, I know, that's kinda wierd! I just can't stress enough about this film and film score! Get it now!

noblesse_oblige_ - Dramatic, Engaging, & Entertaining4 star

Small details aside, this film is worth owning. The cast & the acting was versitile and great, the story (albeit a bit too unrealistic both in the historical context & plot) is fun to watch, and the music/soundtrack is great to the ears. The character developement and scenery is the most powerful aspects of the film, while it fails in its approach that an American always has to be the hero of if its in 19th century Japan. Nonetheless, this is worth $10!!

Sonic777 - The Last Samurai....5 star

Is One of a kind....

Latino Johnny Cash - Good story!4 star

Overall, a good movie. There's pretty good action scenes. I'd recommend it.

Henry_T - Finally5 star

my god i watched this movie in 2003 and loved it i have alweys wanted to own it but could not find it thin itunes had it to rent not good anof but then they made it avalible to buy i love this movie it is one i will watch it many times. definitly worth buying

AnotherDuncan - Definitely worth watching5 star

I consider this to be the last really good Tom Cruise movie. The supporting cast is great and the story is just as good.

Rainbowbrains - Omg5 star

At first this movie doesnt seem like much, but going further it becomes a work of art. A must see film!

[email protected] Mike - One of the Best!5 star

Truly one of the best movies out there and possibly Tom Cruise's best work. Phenomenal story that brings together two cultures and unites them into one person. I highly recommend this movie!

Jacob Hillaker - Awesome Movie5 star

This movie is awesome just wish we could buy it not rent it!

Crenshaw - Could have been better.2 star

Would have been better without Cruise. If you have nothing better to do it's ok.

treq - Not great.2 star

It's not a bad film...just not a great film. Oh, and Tom Cruise is NUTS!

isabel3 - I want to by this movie5 star

"Please sell me this movie"

danman65 - Buy Option Please!!!5 star

This movie truly is an epic! I want to be able to buy it though, not just rent it. Please itunes make it so we can buy it!

donthor - I agree5 star

This is a fantastic movie and one that I am ready to own!

MrJimmyLee - i dont understand5 star

What is going on with itunes?????? If you let us rent...why not let us buy?? this makes me sad

rico238x - One Of My Favorites5 star

One of my favorite movies. A drunken Soldier gets a chance to discover what it truly means to be a Warrior and redeem his past mistakes. Although I would rather purchase the movie. Mark this up if you'd like the ability to purchase the great film.

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The Last Samurai posters
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