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Sandra Bullock is at her funniest in the fresh, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy The Proposal. On the verge of being deported and losing the high-powered job she lives for, the controlling Margaret (Bullock) announces she's engaged to her unsuspecting, put-upon assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). After proposing a few demands of his own, the mismatched couple heads to Alaska, where they have four short days to convince his quirky family and a very skeptical immigration agent that their charade is real. Featuring a star-studded supporting cast, including Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson and the delightfully inappropriate Betty White, this madcap comedy will have you saying "yes" to The Proposal again and again.

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Here comes the bribe.... When she learns she's in danger of losing her visa status and being deported, overbearing book editor Margaret Tate forces her put-upon assistant, Andrew Paxton, to marry her.. The Proposal Wiki

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Hilarious!!  J26wat  5 star

I absolutely love love this movie, Ryan’s comedy in here , omg he’s great and I love him. I wish they would have made a sequel, I would have loved to see them actually get married and with kids

One sentence for 5 Stars...  WantCandyPant5!  5 star

Sandra Bullock Nude....almost. She has an Amazing Body😍 not to mention this is a pretty good movie.

Scouty Kat
LOVED IT!!  Scouty Kat  5 star

This is my new favorite movie! i’m a little late but i could watch it everyday!

Ryan Reynolds is in it  nezzzaaaa  5 star

Ryan is in it. That gives it 5 stars

watched it a million times  MayJazmin  5 star

I absolutely love this movie, there are some parts that make me burst out laughing. I've seen it so many times and I still find it new and refreshing.


Deberían agregar el idioma españ una de mis películas FAV

Is it good is it bad?
Good, bad  Is it good is it bad?  4 star

It made me feel strange.

Not bad.  Froggleep  4 star

Although the subject matter is not new, this fresh take on it was fun to watch. Bullock and Reynolds are two fine actors, although I'm not sure they made the best pairing. Nonetheless, a fun movie, but not terribly comedic, and worth a watch.

Anonymous 35467
Shut up rotten tomatoes!  Anonymous 35467  5 star

This is by far one of the best movies I've seen. It had great humor, and sarcasm. I especially liked the portrayal of the grandma character. Overall, ignore the tomatoes and buy this movie.

AMAZING!!!!!  Lplats  5 star

This is the best movie ever. The acting is so good and it is so funny. I can't believe it doesn't have five stars. Btw Betty White rocks!

Slam Stocks
Light Hearted and Funny  Slam Stocks  4 star

A fun movie. True nationalities are reversed as Bullock (US) and Reynold (Cdn). Not the best written, but it is fun and light hearted. The appeal is the silliness of the story and the timing of the jokes. Deserving of the box office appeal, the movie is funny throughout.

Ok cute n light but Bullock is no Canadian!  willowillo  2 star

Cute movie. Totally predicable. Ryan is lovely/ manly etc - Sandra Bullock....meh - on auto pilot. Sandra is supposed to Canadian but she is sooo soooo American - and soooo so boring. Sorry, eh...she is TOTALLY unbelievable as a cunuck. Ryan on the other hand total cunuck. Chemistry between them? Nope ... not believable - more like brother and way....she is soooo flat and way he would be attracted to her.....although who cares as long as that hunky guy is on screen. No way those two would get it on. It's American interpretation of what they think canadians are like - 'cause of course we are just like them right? Loud self centered rude culturally unaware... Watch it if you need a light night on but only for the Ryan value - he's totally totally yummy!

Lovely  InHisGrace007  5 star

The first time I saw this movie must have been during a bad mood day for I did not like it much. BUT, when in the right frame of mind to catch and understand the TYPE of humor it was great!! It gets better after each time I watch it...which is now the sixth time. Give it a chance...Bullock, White and Reynolds each have their own style and each is worthy to be appreciated - they mesh well. WHEN CAN IT BE PURCHASED???

It was alright  Shanahaan  2 star

Same plot has been done a million times. Unrealistic and unoriginal.

Marry popins  Destin12345  5 star

The movie

Love it  hunaybee  5 star

Love this movie.

Season 1234
1234  Season 1234  4 star

Oh men this is good!! Very funny and interesting story, it's different from other romantic comedies. I like Sandra's character, she's tuff and unlike most women in romance movies, she's smart! I like that there's no sex or cheating or major heart brake... If your single, this won't make u depressed, lol... Rent or buy.. I'm sure you'll want to watch more then once!

pretty good  smosher4life  4 star

the actors were amazing but the story line was predictable. I still laughed alot though.

A good laugh  tinaedwards2003  4 star

Where else can you watch Betty White break out in a rap. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are just too cute together in this movie. Laughed the 1st time I watched it and continue to laugh.

The Proposal  BlondchenPetite  5 star

There is one scene that is so unexpected and *funny*, I mean laugh-out-loud-funny!! that it's worth it just for this scene. Of course, the setting is gorgeous and the two leads are attractive. Worth it! Rent it! This is the kind of film Ryan Reynolds needs to make more of. Few men are as attractive and funny as he is. He makes a romantic lead truly believable!

I LOVE IT!  CKeesing  5 star

I absolutely LOVE it!

love it.  Hapatrick47  5 star

A must watch movie.

its hilarious  Rredy  5 star

the traloirs are awsome,it has entire pack of laughter,romance,emotions,want to see the movie.

Sailor Moon3546
Best movie!  Sailor Moon3546  5 star

This is the funniest comedy that I have seen in ages! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds do a great job with the comedy and the acting is superb! I love this movie and I think everyone should give it a good!

Wow  Music🎻🎶  5 star

One if my absolute favourite movies

entertaining!  ikarunia  5 star

this movie is one of the best drama that i have ever seen. no tears, no over-drama act, and good character. really worth to watched!

Mdara jasper
The Proposal  Mdara jasper  4 star


Great movie  Darylswife  4 star

Amazing funny,clever and sweet rom com.well written and great cast.Reynolds and bullock are magic together

Could have been better.  Sparkle&Glitter  3 star

This movie has a really good story line but it wasn't actually a very good film. If some of the lines were different and there was a better ending it would have been great. Also, Sandra was not right for the character. I like her as an actress but for this part I think someone younger would have been much better. If only I had made this movie...

HAHAHA  Honeypot101  5 star

To the window To the wall To the that drips down my  To all these  Crawl

Not the baby maker!  Spemma  5 star

I've lost count how many times I've watched this film! To be fair not everyone will enjoy it as it is a typical romcom and follows a preditable plot but as with life it's not the destination but the journey (to misquote!) that's important and the journey in this film was superb! A great cast with lots of giggles, one to buy in my books! Enjoy

Great Film!  |Selmaa  4 star

I rented this film, totally worth the price :) There were some really funny moments and i really enjoyed it! Im glad i didn't buy it though, i can only really watch this film maybe 3 times before getting bored. But i highly reccomend anyone to RENT IT! :)

Not 4.5 Stars!  roryobryan  2 star

I rented this movie because it seemed like a good bet with 4.5 stars from 216 reviews. All in all though it was actually far more average, bordering on boring in parts. Really it only deserves 2-3 stars. If you are renting it because of the ratings like I did be warned. However If you've just run out of formulaic rom-coms to watch you may like it.

Yee ching
A great movie  Yee ching  5 star

This is a funny romantic movie, live the ending. So funny. And it is such a good movie. You will have to buy it.

great classic feel good film  lm000002  5 star

Great feel good movie! A great one to watch with the girls but will bring out a few smiles from the boys too!

Love Sandra - Liked film  Surfingsue  3 star

A film with Sandra Bullock in is always worth seeing. It's a very light film, not laugh out loud funny like Miss Congeniality and not gripping like Premonition but it's worth a rental if you are in the mood for an easy watch. Betty White is worth the rental fee alone!

BRILLIANT!  Jem959595  5 star

If you're like me you will be able to predict the ending when you've watched the start ;) but even so it's FANTASTIC! Really great film!!

AWESOME  AnDrap56  5 star

I'm a guy and I loved this film, Ryan Reynolds is soo funny and Bullock is hilarious. If you don't buy this film, especially now the price has gone down, you'll be missing out on a really great movie.

Greattt filmm !!  Stephhhyyy  5 star

Gett it it's really goood

Amazing!.  Loop.  5 star

Have you in tears Hilariously funny! Sandra bullock well Amazing Definitly worth a watch

To die Laughing  HappyNoob97  5 star

Really good acting one of my all time favs. Its romantic and funny at the same time. sometimes it reminds me of me hanging out with my buds and just letting loose a bit. If ya wanna relax while killing urself with laughter this is the movie for you.

ชาด  บดบัง  1 star

ชบสงปเจลมอลเ. สงาทงบง.

Zoe E
One of My all time Favourites!  Zoe E  5 star

This movie was so funny and so different from the usual romantic comdies. I thought the ending was predictable was i enjoyed watching to the end regardless. Very good acting. I would recommend this to everyone.

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