The Proposal

The Proposal Summary and Synopsis

Sandra Bullock is at her funniest in the fresh, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy The Proposal. On the verge of being deported and losing the high-powered job she lives for, the controlling Margaret (Bullock) announces she's engaged to her unsuspecting, put-upon assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). After proposing a few demands of his own, the mismatched couple heads to Alaska, where they have four short days to convince his quirky family and a very skeptical immigration agent that their charade is real. Featuring a star-studded supporting cast, including Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson and the delightfully inappropriate Betty White, this madcap comedy will have you saying "yes" to The Proposal again and again. When she learns she's in danger of losing her visa status and being deported, overbearing book editor Margaret Tate forces her put-upon assistant, Andrew Paxton, to marry her. The Proposal Wiki

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The Proposal Movie (2009)

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The Proposal Movie Reviews

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- 👍🏼3 star

So funny!

- The Proposal5 star

This movie is extremely hilarious!!

- It’s been Years5 star

This movie has been on my mind for years now and looking at these reviews made me want to watch it even more! I’ve already seen it and I 5/5 recommend.

- Hilarious!!!!5 star

Betty White that’s all 😂

- Chemistry and comedy5 star

So funny! Both leads are fantastic. A movie I can watch over and over.


SEPTEMBER 25 (2020)

- So amazing and funny!5 star


- Simply the best!5 star

5 stars!!!!


This is my favorite movie of all time. They chose very well with their casting. Sandra Bullock is my all time favorite actress. Ryan Reynolds is a great fit for Andrew. I have watched this so many times that I have lost count.

- Waste of Time!!!!!!!2 star

I can't beileve I just wasted my time on watching this CRAPPY movie. I like both actor and actress, so I gave it a try on this movie but it turned out really bad. I could've done more productive things other than watching this.

- perfect film5 star

perfect film

- Great movies5 star

Very funny, well written movie.

- One of the funniest and most delightful movies!5 star

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are AMAZING in this movie!! I love these two actors respectively, and to see them in this hilarious movie is pure excitement. If you love romance and comedy, then watching this is definitely worth it.

- Hilarious!!5 star

I absolutely love love this movie, Ryan’s comedy in here , omg he’s great and I love him. I wish they would have made a sequel, I would have loved to see them actually get married and with kids

- One sentence for 5 Stars...5 star

Sandra Bullock Nude....almost. She has an Amazing Body😍 not to mention this is a pretty good movie.

- LOVED IT!!5 star

This is my new favorite movie! i’m a little late but i could watch it everyday!

- watched it a million times5 star

I absolutely love this movie, there are some parts that make me burst out laughing. I've seen it so many times and I still find it new and refreshing.


Deberían agregar el idioma españ una de mis películas FAV

- Good, bad4 star

It made me feel strange.

- Not bad.4 star

Although the subject matter is not new, this fresh take on it was fun to watch. Bullock and Reynolds are two fine actors, although I'm not sure they made the best pairing. Nonetheless, a fun movie, but not terribly comedic, and worth a watch.

- Shut up rotten tomatoes!5 star

This is by far one of the best movies I've seen. It had great humor, and sarcasm. I especially liked the portrayal of the grandma character. Overall, ignore the tomatoes and buy this movie.

- AMAZING!!!!!5 star

This is the best movie ever. The acting is so good and it is so funny. I can't believe it doesn't have five stars. Btw Betty White rocks!

- Over the top funny!5 star

Over the top funny! Great on screen chemistry!

- A Classic5 star

Hilarious and sweet😊

- You’ll like it if you’ve got a soft spot for the genre or the leads, but that’s about it2 star

Flat and cliché one-liners, situations and set-ups that lack any substance, unearned emotional swells and more flood this movie with a soup of meh. The director and cinematographer leave a lot to be desired as well. The scene where the luggage gets dropped into the water would’ve been hilarious if the camera would’ve cut to below, giving us some connection to a relatively funny moment, but instead the impact is drained from far above. Lazy shots like that abound, further leeching this movie of the mirth is aspires to. Not for me.

- My favorite!!!5 star

This is my "go to" movie when I need a good laugh. It never fails. Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, you just can't go wrong. It's one of those great movies you can watch over and over again. (And trust me, I have!).

- Me encanta5 star

Es una comida muy buena ....y tiene partes de amor bien lindas.. Hicieron un excelente trabajo en esta movie nada aburrida para mi gusto Jajaja por eso le doy 5 estrellas

- Entertaining and witty4 star

I loved this movie and got some good laughs out of it. Sandra Bullock is good in anything she does and this is no exception. Enjoy!

- One of my favorites!5 star

I just love Sandra Bullock my favorite actress. This movie lovely I just love it. Great story

- HANDS DOWN 5 STARS!!!5 star

This movie is amazing- just love it! I have watched it so many times, and it never gets old.

- Ruby Princess5 star

My husband and I went on a cruise on the Ruby Princess. The Proposal was the concurrent movie of choice. Before the cruise I had never heard of the movie. Now I can't stop talking about it.

- Margrets Charactor is Terrible2 star

Halfway through the movie I stopped watching it. It was terribly paced and the plot was basically a terrible charactor who abuses another to get what she wants. You get tired of Margeret's bad aittitude and just want something positie from the movie. I wouldn't reccomend this since I dont really care what the ending is even though I spent money to watch this movie.

- Ms5 star

I was on an airplane when I watched it and I laughed out loud several times😀

- Worst movie ever.1 star

Worst movie ever. Like an Adam Sandler movie without any humor.

- 😝Best Comedy In The World😝5 star

There were parts in the movie where I was biting my tongue of embarrassment when those gross or accidental scenes kicked in! The "fake" couple did a great job and they really fooled me at the end! This is really the movie for you

- Great Movie5 star

This movie is a great romantic comedy. Over the holidays the woman of the family watched it and it was very enjoyable for all ages from an 8 year old to an 82 year old. Perfect romantic comedy for the family. I would recommend this movie to all my friends.

- Best Romantic Comedy since Overboard5 star

Rotten Tomatoes gets it wrong once again. I have watched THE PROPOSAL so many times. Great casting!

- This is so great5 star

I am a teenager and I just happened to change the channel as this movie was starting and I decide to watch it. It is now one of my top 5 favorite movies

- Awesome5 star

I love all of those actors they are so amazing this move is so funny !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that all of you actors are hilarious and coooool best move ever

- Addicting!5 star

I love this so much that I basically watch it everyday or hour!!!!

- Really really really good5 star

I love this movie to death it's so funny and definitely a chick flick

- Amazing5 star

I love this movie so much. Good job

- Love it5 star

This movie is awesome It is so funny. You should watch it 😃😃🎥🎥

- Best Movie Ever!5 star

This movie is romantic and funny. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Renolds are great in this movie too. It's a great movie to watch when you want to watch something good

- Fun!4 star

Went to see this movie with my father one day, and though I'm not typically a fan of chick flicks, this movie was a blast. Sandra Bullock was great as the bullying boss, and Betty White made the movie! Definitely worth seeing.

- The best comedy of 20095 star

The funniest movie of 2009.

- Movies5 star

Funny love it very good very funny love it very god funny .

- Hysterical5 star

One of my all time favorite movies! Genius and witty humor... just plain awesome!!

- I love it5 star

amazing movie

- Unreal-real5 star

Although this movie far surpasses reality, I love it! I love that I am watching a "movie" not real life. And as unreal as the situation is for Sandra and Ryan, they play the role of their characters flawlessly. They make their crazy situation almost kinda not seem so un real because they seem like they are actually living it!! I just love this movie!!!:)

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Munch7717 - The Proposal5 star

Loved it!

Slam Stocks - Light Hearted and Funny4 star

A fun movie. True nationalities are reversed as Bullock (US) and Reynold (Cdn). Not the best written, but it is fun and light hearted. The appeal is the silliness of the story and the timing of the jokes. Deserving of the box office appeal, the movie is funny throughout.

willowillo - Ok cute n light but Bullock is no Canadian!2 star

Cute movie. Totally predicable. Ryan is lovely/ manly etc - Sandra Bullock....meh - on auto pilot. Sandra is supposed to Canadian but she is sooo soooo American - and soooo so boring. Sorry, eh...she is TOTALLY unbelievable as a cunuck. Ryan on the other hand total cunuck. Chemistry between them? Nope ... not believable - more like brother and way....she is soooo flat and way he would be attracted to her.....although who cares as long as that hunky guy is on screen. No way those two would get it on. It's American interpretation of what they think canadians are like - 'cause of course we are just like them right? Loud self centered rude culturally unaware... Watch it if you need a light night on but only for the Ryan value - he's totally totally yummy!

InHisGrace007 - Lovely5 star

The first time I saw this movie must have been during a bad mood day for I did not like it much. BUT, when in the right frame of mind to catch and understand the TYPE of humor it was great!! It gets better after each time I watch it...which is now the sixth time. Give it a chance...Bullock, White and Reynolds each have their own style and each is worthy to be appreciated - they mesh well. WHEN CAN IT BE PURCHASED???

Shanahaan - It was alright2 star

Same plot has been done a million times. Unrealistic and unoriginal.

Destin12345 - Marry popins5 star

The movie

hunaybee - Love it5 star

Love this movie.

Season 1234 - 12344 star

Oh men this is good!! Very funny and interesting story, it's different from other romantic comedies. I like Sandra's character, she's tuff and unlike most women in romance movies, she's smart! I like that there's no sex or cheating or major heart brake... If your single, this won't make u depressed, lol... Rent or buy.. I'm sure you'll want to watch more then once!

smosher4life - pretty good4 star

the actors were amazing but the story line was predictable. I still laughed alot though.

tinaedwards2003 - A good laugh4 star

Where else can you watch Betty White break out in a rap. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are just too cute together in this movie. Laughed the 1st time I watched it and continue to laugh.

BlondchenPetite - The Proposal5 star

There is one scene that is so unexpected and *funny*, I mean laugh-out-loud-funny!! that it's worth it just for this scene. Of course, the setting is gorgeous and the two leads are attractive. Worth it! Rent it! This is the kind of film Ryan Reynolds needs to make more of. Few men are as attractive and funny as he is. He makes a romantic lead truly believable!

[email protected] - ???5 star

WHY CANT I RENT THIS MOVIE?? i loved this movie but not enough to buy it... charactors where great, and awsome story... Im just mad that i would have had to pay $20 for it... PLEASE GIVE THIS MOVIE A RENTING OPTION! such a good movie!!

oxpinkbubblexo - definitely worth a watch5 star

my two favourite actors in one romantic comedy? yes please. Probably my favourite romantic comedy of all time, this movie was better than what I expected. and I expected nothing short of awesome. ps. warning ladies, you WILL fall for Reynolds after watching this movie.

sheetalraj1990 - GREAT MOVIE5 star

this is one of the BEST movies EVER!!!

sammlung - The Proposal5 star

This has got to be one of the greatest movies ever! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have great chemistry together and they're both talented actors. I rented it and when it was time to return it I was really upset because I just kept watching it over and over again. Funny and just the right amount of romance, though I think I'll wait until the price drops to buy it haha

Pop Princess! 108 - AWESOME!!!!5 star

this is by far my faveorite movie!!! i saw it when it first came out and have watched like a million times! Deffenitly recomended!

hollywoodstar345 - Funniest Movie Ever!!5 star

I was seriously laughing on the floor watching this movie! Unlike The Blind Side, when Sandra Bullock had to play a serious mother, she's totally opposite in this movie! Watch it or you'll regret it!

gleek203 - looooooooooved it!!! <35 star

the proposal is one of my faves! i saw it once and i can't wait to see it again. I love Sandra and Ryan together in this movie. They are amazing! I recommend this movie to everyone! it is so funny and entertaining and i can watch it again and again! p.s. betty white is hilarious! For all of you people who think that rom-coms are stupid and not funny, you should watch the proposal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alivia S. 1995 - Love it5 star

I love this movie, i was laughing

Uujjookkmm - So cute. Luved it!5 star

Watch watch watch! It's great. So cute. I luv Sandra bullock!!!!!! She's such an awesome actress

moolaté - Funny5 star

this is funny and a hilarous movie

jellyfish789 - One of my favourites5 star

Sandra Bullock said in an interview that she hated romantic comedies, cause either it wasnt funny at all and romantic, or it was hilarious but no romance whatsoever. I 100% agree! This movie is the perfect balance, it is laugh-out-loud hilarious, but at the same time its so cute and romantic. Definetly one of Sandra Bullocks best, and Im really happy for her.

Miss Megs129 ya - Soooo Great5 star

This movie is amazing and a stroke of genious and every part was funny and I never stoped laughing!!!!! If you havn't seen this movie then you have to see it it's a LMAO movie

photogarage - Where the F#$%@ is the rental!1 star

Why does APPLE continuely screw over its customers!!!! They think I am going to pay $20 to watch the movie once, they can go F$%^# themseleves!!

Taylor J Parks - OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I saw this with my mother because every body told me it was really good, so I tried one night and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked iyt so much. I recomende this movie to every body who loves romectin and funny movie!!!!!!!!!!! It's awsome!

Rstar23 - Loved this movie!4 star

Sandra bullock was fantabulous and Ryan Reynolds was the cuttest, he took my heart <3

Age Of Empires Q.E! - poop2 star

i didnt like this it was poops it came from a bum, and the diaria didnt flow like a ploped and iit was hard and hurtfull to the bum crack. dont buy this bum poo movie. this movie is about as good as bumbilyest the movie

rkerwin - Pretty good for a chick flick4 star

The Proposal is a chick flick but it was a funny and entertaining movie to watch with my wife. Great scenery as it was filmed in the Vancouver area.

wishthisgamewroked - Awsome movie!!!5 star

Great acting,great story and very entertaining to watch!!

carol23 - The proposal5 star

Awesome movie, verry funny, love to see it again!!

VickieMax - Rom-Com 101 and I LOVE it!5 star

This is truly the definition of romantic comedy. Filled with lots of laughs and a few tears - the perfect date movie. They awkwardness was fab but the chemistry between the actors was even better. Highly recommended!

Dani :-) - AWESOME!!!!!!5 star

OMG!!! This movie is to good!

Bloated - Ryan Reynolds3 star

is hot.

philmco_V8Z - The Proposal3 star

Good chemistry between the stars but very unlikely premise for a plot. Lovely scenery.

Martine0506 - The Proposal1 star


qualitymovielover - The Proposal2 star

The Proposal storyline was weak and predictable. The situations and actors were unconvincing. I think I laughed once. This movie offers little of redeeming value. I wasted my money renting it.

kelsey85 - Awesome!5 star

Totally cute, great couple, fun chick flick for the weekend. Definitely worth a watch. I love that she's supposed to be Canadian, lol.

AddictedToFilms - Brilliant!5 star

This was so good I'm glad I bought it, it's a nice one to own in your collection. Sandra is great in this movie and it is very all around enjoyable movie!

Mrs. Matthew Gray Gubler - SOOOO GOOD5 star

i watch this movie all the time its SO great deffinintly buy worth it all the way

Panny boo - Hillarious C:5 star

i thought this movie was great! constant laughs as well as some spots u just said awww. ending was a little odd and disappointing in some ways but the rest of the movie made up for it. over all. i wish it was longer just because it is such a good movie <3

sudsy1960 - proposal4 star

very funny loved it

panama_princess - I really like this movie!!!5 star

It was funny and cute! And I just really enjoyed it! : )

Nels2727 - Proposal5 star

Sandra bulluck played the part amazing she has been getting get parts in movies. Good for you Sandra.

clairechan - Greatest comedy ever5 star

My new favourite movie; it's amazing :)

FreshBrain - Awful! Dry as a bone!1 star

No chemistry between the lead actors. Very thin Plot and mechanically acted without any sincerity. What more could you want in a boring flop of a film? I would bet that the glowing reviews on here are written by the producers and/or director and/or the staff and/or the investors of this rubbish!

"Beebee" - Hahaha5 star

this is a hilarious family video just perfect to make a bad day happy (it certainly helped my day) All you need is popcorn

TStarHP - Perfection with a cherry on top!5 star

This movie was amazing and nothing but funny. The actors in this movie played their part so well that anyone could believe this was happening to them right now and I'd believe it. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are the match made in heaven.

oliviamanarin - Worth it!! It's great!5 star

I watched this with my friends and we all thought that it was hilarious. It was soo jksjks. lol. got 2 luv it.Soo worth the money. should buy it. i would.

Jainu - Great Watch5 star

So amazing! One of my favourite movies of 2009!

Cotheone - Good movie5 star


Tamjam - Favoured5 star

Loved it since I first saw it in the year of release (2009, I think). Watched it so many times, which is unusual for me, that I decided to buy it.

n03mps13 - AMAZING5 star

LOVE THE MOVIE!!! so funny and clever. Definitely my favourite romantic comedy!!!

CKeesing - I LOVE IT!5 star

I absolutely LOVE it!

Hapatrick47 - love it.5 star

A must watch movie.

Rredy - its hilarious5 star

the traloirs are awsome,it has entire pack of laughter,romance,emotions,want to see the movie.

Sailor Moon3546 - Best movie!5 star

This is the funniest comedy that I have seen in ages! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds do a great job with the comedy and the acting is superb! I love this movie and I think everyone should give it a good!

Music🎻🎶 - Wow5 star

One if my absolute favourite movies

ikarunia - entertaining!5 star

this movie is one of the best drama that i have ever seen. no tears, no over-drama act, and good character. really worth to watched!

Mdara jasper - The Proposal4 star


Darylswife - Great movie4 star

Amazing funny,clever and sweet rom com.well written and great cast.Reynolds and bullock are magic together

Sparkle&Glitter - Could have been better.3 star

This movie has a really good story line but it wasn't actually a very good film. If some of the lines were different and there was a better ending it would have been great. Also, Sandra was not right for the character. I like her as an actress but for this part I think someone younger would have been much better. If only I had made this movie...

Honeypot101 - HAHAHA5 star

To the window To the wall To the that drips down my  To all these  Crawl

Cookielover14 - Best movie ever5 star

So funny my fav movie loved every bit of it!

A2E Amazing - If it wasn't Sandra Bullock, you wouldn't watch it3 star

Sandra Bullock turns on her characteristic charm to produce this tongue-in-cheek comedy. She's not convincing as a corporate witch, but we go along with it because we know it's the premise of the movie. Betty White's role adds some color, but all in all, this is far too predictable.

Missballerina - Loved it5 star

My fave movie

Emily Cooper - Awesome5 star

This movie is awesome hot and just awesome

love this movie <3 - Awesome :)5 star

This movie has the best story line i've seen in a romcom ALL YEAR! :) Definitely worth seeing. Great acting, Gorgeous story :) Five Stars ***** :) When i finished watching it a had to watch it again and again! It's that good :) You really get your money's worth on this one!

wendy222220 - soogood!5 star

I LOVED this movie. It was definitely the one of the best I've ever seen :) It's so funny, and.... I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! =)

Luc kitson - Best movie!!!!!!5 star

This is one of the greatest movies ever Ryan Reynolds and Sandra are awesome actors!!!!

Scottsss - Funnier than I expected!5 star

Actually really enjoyed it, was the first laugh out loud movie I've seen this year (and the dog is cool)!

Mcwheel - The Proposal4 star

A typical Sandra Bullock comedy movie. Lots of fun and lots of laughs. Great dynamics between the two leads that make this relatively silly stoy fun to watch

CandyAzz - Very impressed Ryan Reynolds Fan!5 star

The best romantic comedy I have seen in years. It's absolutely hilarious all while sticking to a believable, not over the top story line. While Ryan Reynolds usually has lovable characters, he and Sandra Bullock are both amazing in this. They're a great team. Am planning on watching this again, this weekend! :)

heeey1234 - Best Movie EVER5 star

Best movie eva watched bout 10 time its soooo funny

Ellyjane - Great movie4 star

Very enjoyable have watched it twice and love it more each time I watch it !

Macca.2011 - Great5 star

Very funny and enjoyable

amelialouise___ - hahahaaa i love it XD5 star

its funny; beautiful; weird and so on definately recommend it =D

Shacko_11 - love this movie5 star

I love this movie it is total awesomeness if that is a word love it

JimjamILikeItLoud - Great5 star

This is a great movie!!! Very funny and very fun to watch. U r not wasting your money here.

MegziiLovesGee - The Proposal5 star

I LOVE this movie. It is hilarious! I love when Margaret starts rapping in the woods haha

Awesomeshiv - Awesome4 star

Really good movie. Great story line and really unique

Alyssa1234566 - Hiiiiiiiî5 star

I love it it's the best

It's Meeeeeeeeee!!! - Loved It!!5 star

such a good movie. it is well written and has a brilliant cast and it is soooo funny. i definitely recommend it

"lol" - Hilarious!5 star

I love the little dog--- soo cute!


Awesome movie but wayyy too expensive

lola33 cats - great movie5 star

omg i love this movie best yet cn stop watching it it roxs this movie has a great twist at the end it will make u laugh and it will even make u jump 4 joy best movie 09

Foghorn_clj - Great Attempt in a Overdone Genre4 star

Sure there's a few cliche bits but overall a great movie. Betty White absolutely steals the show as the grandmother. She'll have you in stitches.

sharar123 - YAY FOR THE PROPOSAL!!!5 star

This is the best movie I've seen in ages! It is soo funny and will make you laugh heaps! I watched it four times in three days I liked it soo much!

paatttt - I LOVE THE PROPOSAL!!!5 star

The Proposal is the funniest movie of the year!!! WATCH IT! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! LOVE IT!!!

endy gerrard - brilliant!!5 star

i love everything in this movie..!!!

fairyflossandchocolateisyummy - woop woop5 star

OMG cant wait til that movie comes out on itunes. one of the funniest romantic movies of all year!!!! =]

PrincessAim - Cant Wait.5 star

The only good romcom of the year. Can't wait for the release date. This is definatly one that I will be pre-ordering.

Rass Greenham - TWELVE POUND ABSURD3 star

that is absolutely shameful , a bang average rom com and there tryna flog it for 12££ , yes i’ve seen it and yeah it’s pretty fine . that price is absurd . 10/10 wouldnt smashford

Baldydafydd - Great film5 star

But Blu-ray only 5.99£!

Tabzcoleman - Excellent film5 star

Good comedy, really funny

Nods89 - Great romcom5 star

One of those movies that you can watch over and over and over and over again!

MrChickenNoodle - Pleasantly surprised5 star

I really enjoyed this film. The acting was excellent and I found it genuinely funny. The plot was fairly predictable as most rom-coms are, but that didn't take away from the enjoyment. Highly recommend for some easy watching and a good laugh.

lily9204 - Amazing5 star

Honestly the funniest film ever

Yawenaj - Great film, terrible price4 star

Great film with a terrific cast but this film is almost 10 years old now(!) and comes with ZERO why on earth is it STILL £11.99? Bonkers price - should be in the £5/£6 area.

Trini 1 - Price to buy5 star

Love this film . But the price to buy is still £11.99! Why have other films prices reduced and not this one , strange ..... Hope iTunes reduce the price soon ...

Marabel23751234 - fun and sweet4 star

enjoyable movie

harricw12 - I love this film it's one of my favourites!!5 star

A gripping love story which is so comical it has me laughing out loud everytime I watch it.

Mel MacG - Soppy rubbish1 star

Honestly, I fast forwarded my way through most of this predictable nonsense.

MarcussenBeckii - Love it!5 star

Brilliant light hearted romantic comedy with lots of unexpected laughs. Doesn't have the cringe factor that I find in a lot of rom-coms but instead is a perfect pick me up happy film!

Jamie-Lee55320 - Watched it 5 times this week5 star

THIS IS THE BEST ROM-COM EVER. I watched it for the first time with my mum a week ago and since then I've seen it 4 other times, including 2 times in one day. It doesn't get boring and even my 18 year old manly brother laughed the whole way throughout this film, BUY IT, ITS WORTH IT! Also Sandra Bullock is absolutely stunning, just thought if point it out :)

Moo Cos bells - Loved it!5 star

I probably loved this movie way more than I should have, but who cares? This movie will have you watching it over and over again! I was laughing at some parts, whereas getting teary in others. It is a very successful movie, well worth your time and money! 💞

Thatonegirlwhohasthepixiehair - Better than I expected5 star

I really liked this movie. I was expecting another cliché chick flick, but it's actually really good. It's not like other chick flicks, but it still works and makes sense, and the ending is so sweet.

Morynpl - Really good5 star


Meg191010010101 - Amazing.5 star

This film is very good, very funny as well. I would defiantly watch it again!

leatrix - Surprised to find...4 star

I absolutely loved this movie. It keeps pace well and has some truly funny moments in it. The only thing I would change is the ending i.e. where did they live in the end? did he move back to his birthplace? etc other than that really good!

Jemma Jennings - :)5 star

My favourite film.

Podwise Gamjee - Brill film5 star

Was pleasantly surprised that these two worked so well together and Betty White steals the show as usual with her kooky Grandma. Excellent movie!

bowsim - Banging5 star

Well dope

sharron foster - Lovely5 star

Good film glad I watch it

Patricia700 - Love it!!5 star

One of the best Rom coms ever, Ryan Reynolds is so hot in this film

Emzygirl XX - Hilarious5 star

Absolutely hysterically funny and certainly a film for a girls night in or a movie for the journey! Enjoy! :')

Boggstipher - Fho5 star

Ausum Huh

Luving the Proposal - Best Movie Ever5 star

Buy this film it is the best romantic comedy ever. Even if your not into comedy you will love this, Ryan and Sandra go so well together, you will watch this movie again and again. Although just one thing - Why didnt they make another one? Haha 

Phara2010 - The Proposal = Awesome5 star

Love, love, love it. And Ryan Reynolds makes it so much easier on the eye. Scrumptious. Fab film!

€$¥:) - The proposal is the best!!5 star

I love films that you can watch about a million times and not get bored of it and this film is one of them!! I bought it on my b day and I am so glad I did! I really really really recommend this film! Buy it!!

luvleyashvi - Awesome5 star

Such a great movie, if you're debating on whether to get it I can say on behalf of everyone who's watched it that it is worth every penny :)

Pink lady16 - Love it5 star

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen xxx

Holliepearl - Bit pants1 star

Unsure why this film is getting 5 star ratings I thought this film was dull and unbelievable, the characters had no chemistry, Ryan Reynolds spent the whole film looking like he couldn't be arsed, Don't waste you money

Hannah monkey!!! <3 - MY FAVOURITE MOVIE EVER!!!5 star

This movie Is so sweet and hilarious at the same time. It is one of Sandra bullocks best movies. A must buy if you like funny rom- coms with sweet endings :) xx It is what it says on the case sandra bullock + Ryan Reynolds = comedy gold <3

Nikki297 - Proposal5 star

What wonderful film..... I loved it!

Sk8BaM1995 - Awsome5 star

I love funny films and this is one of the best ones I have ever seen. It is a very funny film :D

diuashi - Loved it!!!5 star

Have watched this film so many times and never fails to make me laugh!!!!

Ed03 - Best movie ever5 star

I think this is the best movie in the world I have seen it about 50 times but I'm just sad!  

Jofish1984 - Great film5 star

Excellent film. Has everything you would expect from a film of this genre and with 2 accomplished comedy actors. But for anyone frustrated by not knowing where you recognise the song from the final kissing scene it bugged me too so I found out that it's an instrumental of Andreas Johnsons glorious!!

Baby 1998 - Ultra amazing3 star

This is an amazing film, Sandra bullock and Ryan Reynolds make it the most amazing film ever I laughed my socks off when I first saw it!!!

Ayesha360 - The proposal5 star

I saw this in the cinema Loved it sooo much!! If yuu want something to make you laugh and cry then get it!! Xx

Catontheshed - First class comedy5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this filmed. The main characters have brilliant chemistry, the soundtrack is brilliant and the comedy had me in stitches. One of Sandra Bullocks best films.

SarahWilliams1994 - Ace!5 star

I normally really dislike any film with Sandra bullock in but this seems to be the exception. Really really good film BUY IT!

Noodlepuffling - Amence5 star

The proposal is the best film ever imagined LOl lol lol lol lol lol. Ha ha ha!

purple-ice - Amazing5 star

Oh my, this movie is so funny. I love it. My favorite scene is when margaret and Andrew's nan were in the woods chanting.

Bazzone123 - Bullock classic4 star

Pretty typical, yet well made RomCom. It's harmless romantic fun and a must view for anyone who likes the genre - it significantly helps that the two main characters are likeable and nice to look at! It's well enough acted for you to care what happens and to be pleased when it does. I enjoyed it and would recommend anyone to give it a go.

music mad26 - Great!5 star

This is so good, i recommend you to buy it, its worth its money

Maiisiieemoo - Love it!!5 star

I loveeeee it amaziinnnggg :) :) xxx

Extremechatter - Brilliant movie5 star

Nice one.

posh tot - LOVED IT!5 star

Loved the film, even had my husband in stitches! Only niggle is....what song is the melody from which is played at the end of the film when they are kissing after they delcare love for each other? It's bugging me and want to know what song it is??

C_Gwill - Amazing and funny <35 star

They where so ment to be together Funny, Great and BRILL !!

SimonBee - .5 star

good film

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H1263 - Full of laughter5 star

This movie makes me laugh until my sides hurt every time I see it. It's full of fun acting and a cute story line. If you're looking for a fun, kinda cheesy romance movie watch this one. I hope you like it as much as I do

MacyHaze - Amazing5 star

Hilarious so believable doesn't even feel like I'm watching a movie

Anonymousr3ader - :)5 star

Hilarious and cute. Though I find ryan and Sandra the most unlikely couple. But that Dsnt make the movie any less great than it already is.

Fishnchips38 - Half assed.2 star

Really could have been done a lot better. Great cast, just done half-assed.

Best movie ausome - Stupid1 star

Just plain crap

BANDITNCADE - Love It!5 star

This is one of my favorite movies! So funny and sweet!

The best movie aver - The proposal4 star

I am only 10 years old and. Watched the proposal it is the top 3 of my favorite movies it's so good that I want them to makes show about it with me in it. My favorite seance was when he eagle got the dog. I shoud watch it over And over agen.

Kelsogirl30 - Great movie5 star

This is a funny movie. It is not just a "chick flick" it is funny for everyone.

Wolf mate - Why is this a comedy?1 star

Really wish Rom Coms would go away.

Delightfully Silly - I say, YES!5 star

Again and again! Especially traveling in Canada this movie fun!

mad ma-cs - laughed so much!!!!5 star

i watched it twice, never done that before, this is really a great funny movie

Briiiiiiiiit - Simply amazing5 star

Funny, witty, and clean! It's a great movie to watch for many years to come!

Jlaffoon - Funny funny funny!5 star

Love this movie I laugh just thinking about different scenes!

vvrintelen - Amazing5 star

I love this movie. I will always watch it again and again! Dont ever underestimate sandra bullock

DeLeNa<318 - Love5 star

This movie is a reminder that we can find love where you'd never think to look.

@origjessica on insta - Best romantic5 star

I love it best romantic movie

nomimommi - My kinda movie5 star

It is just a good movie all around for me. Good script, good casting, great characters and the comedy is unique in some scenes. I love it. Even the corny parts are lovable.

Nanziqin Liu - Great!!!5 star

I love Sandra Bullock.She is the best.And it is a great movie.

Gabriela reyes - The best…5 star

Comedy of the year

Kiara219 - Great movie5 star

I've watched this movie many times, I understood why Scarlett married Ryan when I saw the naked scene!!!

Calie Bub - Luv it5 star

I laughed through the whole movie!

Giovannita89 - loVe it !5 star

i love this moviee ! It was a great love story, it totally made me tear up .

Limbo2577123 - FUNNY4 star

I think the movie was the bomb and I really like it :-)

Cheezymonster101 - Love5 star

This movie is SO good. I laughed so hard I cried bc it's so funny. I recommend it to anyone who wants a romantic comedy!


I LOVE this movie it is witty funny sweet and romantic !!

😄😜😃😝😁😉 - ...5 star

Great movie.. !!

Julia8642 - This movie is great!5 star

i saw this movie on HBO and loved it! i dont get why people dont this this movie is amazing, there are so many funny parts. I can watch this movie 100 times and laugh everytime.

GregP - Awesome!5 star

Anything less than 5 stars, the person is lying. This is an awesome movie. Comedy, music, acting. Great celebrity cast!

alliebeth. (: - Love this5 star

This is seriously my favorite movie ever...... I love Sandra Bullock and I love Ryan Reynolds even more.... Together they are so amazing<3 I could watch this on repeat for days, I can quote almost all of it. It's amazing:)

mrirish7 - The worst1 star

Sorry, but this movie was the worst, I have seen in long time. Trash!

veronipug - I love this movie.5 star

This movie is hilarious and heart warming. I love Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. They are the perfect couple on air and in real life. Another great reason to watch this movie is simply because America's sweetheart Betty White is on it! Go Betty :)

chezzzplzzzzmoo - Amazing!5 star

This movie is amazing. It's different from most of the romantic comedies. The concept, plot line, and everything about it is amazing. I have seen this movie.... oh, like, 50 times? Haha...... anyway, epic movie!

Der Hammerhai - Oscar Nunez stole the show...4 star

This movie is fun just to watch the supporting cast. Well, that an Ryan Reynolds… (insert whistle here) Oscar Nunez and Betty White stole all of the scenes they were in and made the movie for me. Mama Cass.

beaver_fever - AMAZING!!!5 star

I the window (to the window) to the wall (to the wall) the sweat drips down my balls, and all you b***** crawl. Lol my favorite part!!!!

frosetex - I LOVED IT5 star

I saw this movie about 4 times in the theatre, each time loving it more than the last!

Josjer3710 - Awesome!!!!!!5 star

I think this is the most coolest movie IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):)):):):):):):)):)):)

GlitterPants411 - OMG5 star


Lidkid4 - Awesome5 star

This movie is awesome my fave part is when she goes to the window to the window to the wall to the wall now shake my balls around!!!!

Kirstennoel - The best movie ever5 star

Bullock is amazing with renyolds

Elle2134 - The proposal5 star

I love this movie it is all time fav movie But I didnt even get to watch the movie :( :(

krlacy - So good.4 star

My favorite part is Kevin the dog.

Super Tiny $ - Love it!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Oh my glob I luv this movie!!!!!!!

Nicoleg7 - The Proposal5 star

This movie is so cute! I loved it!

Ghdhhccyubg - Movie criket5 star

BEST and MOST funniest, and cut movie I had ever watched. True perfect pick of actors n actresses.

Proposal fan - Good movie5 star

Best movie ever it is my fav movie I recommend u buying it I just don't understand y he is geting undressed on the porch and listening to his ipod

sbryson2 - love!!!!!!!!!!!!<35 star

sooooo funny fav part is the dancing scene ((( from the window ,to the wall,to the sweatdrip down my balls)))) me and my fam laugh so hard

Ipad2 review girl - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Love it it's the funniest movie of 2009

shellmarie525 - Love5 star

This movie never gets old. It is so funny I laugh out loud every time I watch it!

Bjhff - favorite movie5 star


Lovle Isis - Love it!!5 star

Looovee this movie and everrythingg about it,,but then again i love all of sandra bullocks movies,lol But its still a great movie so everyone should watch it!:)

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