The Town (2010)

The Town (2010) Summary and Synopsis

There are over 300 bank robberies in Boston every year. And a one-square-mile neighborhood in Boston, called Charlestown, has produced more bank robbers than anywhere in the U.S. One of them is Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), the leader of a crew of ruthless bank robbers who pride themselves on taking what they want and getting out clean. The only family Doug has are his partners in crime, especially Jem (Jeremy Renner), the closest thing Doug ever had to a brother. Things change when Jem takes a blindfolded hostage: bank manager Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall). After the job, Doug seeks out Claire, who has no idea that this charming stranger is one of the men who terrorized her only days before. As his relationship with Claire deepens into a passionate romance, Doug wants out of this life and the town. But with the Feds, led by Agent Frawley (Jon Hamm), closing in and Jem questioning his loyalty, Doug realizes that getting out will not be easy and, worse, may put Claire in the line of fire.the town (2010) summary and synopsis will be updates...

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The Town (2010) (2010)

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Ak addict - Easily one of the best movies of all time.5 star

All the actors are unreal. Ben affleck is a one of a kind talent.

TCarter224 - Amazing Directing & Acting5 star

Great acting and directing by Ben Affleck

bean town :) - Excellent movie5 star

This is one of my favorite movies. I have a few "go to" movies when I'm bored or traveling, and "The Town" is certainly one of them.

BCSurvivor_Mel - * * * * *THE TOWN* * * * *5 star


majorthomas - REAL AND REALLY GOOD5 star

I think that I started becoming a fan of Ben Affleck before this movie; he has had a great career... but his talent (along with the entire cast) was seamless and perfect in this movie. I am writing this review years after it was made; but I still wanted to take the time to give it another 5 stars. If you haven't seen this movie yet; please check it out. It's violence and crime are overt but woven into the story with great style.

Awe Heal - Had to pause movie to calm myself5 star

Total heart racer. My (a-hem) cheeks were clinched so tight from angst that I'm certain I could of cracked a walnut! Boston accents FTW! I would recommend this movie.

hu8610a - A stupid movie2 star

Spoiler alert The protagonist has everything he needs but there needs to be some sort of conflict so he falls in love with a hostage that he held at one time!?!?

Scotty Allman - Great Acting, Script Writing & Directing | Ben Affleck Triple Threat4 star

To think about how far Ben Affleck has come as an 'Artist' in my mind. From 'Good Will Hunting to 'The Town...I use to believe that Affleck was nothing less than a Character actor...I was certainly wrong not only has he found his falling as a Director, but you can tell he believes in the material and the commitment shows onscreen. Well done, and certainly worth watching.

Highway_61 - Horrible1 star

The real robbery is the amount of money the people involved with this film made to produce such rank mediocrity.

mr.kiki - Get it already!5 star

Its one of my favorite movies! Definitely, need the HD version... So what are you waiting for!

Kate4982 - A Must See5 star

A beautifully acted, directed, and written film well worth your time. One of my new favorites! A great film, more heart and philosophical messages than I had expected, which for me was a positive. Just know what you are getting into, more drama then action, but still with some amazing moments of suspense! Wish I had bought it and not just rented!

Lilsoccerkid - Love it5 star

Best movie it's amazing!

PuaSai - AWESOME Trip to Charlestown and Boston!5 star

I have seen this movie multiple times and just love it each time. Just so awesome to see Boston, Charlestown and such great actors in a non-stop action thriller. Well worth adding to your collection.

poopsy duffus - this is actually my favorite heist film :-)5 star

this an awesome heist movie with nonstop action and suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and there's also a really great performance from jeremy Renner (now don't get me wrong the other performances were great too but jeremy renner's was the best), a sense of excitement, and really spot on Boston accents, the town is a really great crime action thriller and it is pretty loud and intense during the last few minutes, I highly recommend this to people who love exciting heist films, they won't be dissapointed

Derk_is_not_a_jerk - It's really good5 star

It's really good get it when u can

Jack5115 - Great Movie5 star

This is a great movie. I wasn't a big fan of Ben Affleck, but after watching this movie I'm thinking otherwise.

I know dis stuff - Not a normal film5 star

There are very few films where all actors are considered incredible. Most credit belongs to the directors. Ben Affleck has proved that he is in the director category with Nolan, Tarantino, and Scorsese.

cobra-F5 - Movie Rocks.5 star

Read book and friend told me to watch the movie. Saw it like three times so far because it is so awesome.

agony343 - The Town rocks!!!5 star

This is one of ben affleck's best movies of all time!!!

Head Maroon - Great film but....4 star

A great story with terrific performances by Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, and Blake Lively. It's one drawback was the amateurish performances of Rebecca Hall and Jon Hamm.

mai8 - Very good show5 star

I thought I wouldn't like the movie but once I seen the beginning I couldn't get my eyes off the tv

NiGarcia - My all time favorite.5 star

This movie is certainly one of the best of 2010; ranking amongst Inception, The Social Network, and The King's Speech. It is beautifully and masterfully directed by Ben Affleck, who is emerging as one this generations best directors (Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Argo). The acting is superb and contrary to the opinions of some, the plot is solid. The character of Doug MacRay (Affleck) won me over. He is tough and gritty around the edges but soft on the inside. He wishes to, as he says "put the whole town in his rear view" and take off with Claire Keesey (Hall), who symbolizes a better life for Doug with her gardening and volunteer work for children. Another great symbol in this movie are "the sunny days" that Claire refers to, which represent death. Not to spoil anything if you have not yet seen this movie, but when on the phone with Doug near the end, Claire warns Doug to not come in a sly way saying "it'll be just like one of my sunny days", which represent death. This is my favorite part of the movie, as it leaves the viewer hopeful that they will someday meet again.

Yolo2478æ - Best movie I've seen5 star

This is still one of my favorite movies of all time ben affleck and John Hamm are great in this movie

TSmernaos - Fantastic !!5 star

This is right up there with the greatest heist movies of all time. A great cast mixed with a great plot = awesome! A must watch!!

Norman Mailer Gang - Yawn fest1 star

Yawn fest, steal money & romance …. so what?

Edagyeman - Best acting. Best movie5 star

This is up there with Goodfellas and Scarface. One of the best movies and genuinely directed movies of all time.

facasma - Accion5 star

Nice accion movie!!!!

Mike Miami - Terrific!!5 star

The best action movie I've seen in years. A must own. Stellar direction and acting. It's worth 6 stars.

Gabe BK - Gabriel Isaac5 star

Movie worth every penny. An all star cast delivering an all star performance. You won't be disappointed.

Florida Doc - How had I never heard of this movie till now!?5 star

I really enjoyed this movie!! An absolute must see if you like crime/action/drama movies! And Ben Affleck directed this film! He did a fantastic job! If you liked the movie Heat, then this is right up your alley! I'm glad I came long this one! Now, how about a sequel!?

a.k.a. MAELSTROM - Surprisingly good!5 star

I'm not a fan of Ben Affleck, but he makes a solid performance. Jeremy Renner was Excellent in his movie, he showed some great intensity. It's no wonder he is getting such high profile roles these days.

Psych1020 - Good movie5 star

Liked the movie, Jeremy Renner was the best part of watching it!!!!!

1bluejean - great intense and suspenseful movie5 star

The actors and location were well casted. The acting is superb. The story is suspenseful with twists and turns that you are not expecting. The end part of the movie is pretty intense, gut wrenching, and make you sit on the edge of the seat. I found myself not sure who to root for: FBI or the robbers. It's a well done movie.

Mw3 testing - The town5 star

It's just like the film HEAT The cop is Al Pacino character in heat And The burglar is De Niro's Character Great setting were there are a lot of gangs

Miller White - The Best Movie I have ever seen5 star

Hand's down one of the best movies I have ever seen, it's going to become a classic!

Skitz03 - A truly amazing film5 star

Fantastic story line, well paced, very well acted, and well directed. Hope this film gets the credit it deserves... Every element of this film was wonderful. Cannot say enough good things about it.

Gianni Fugazy - Greatness5 star

See it. It's a mix of heat and the departed phenomenol job by affleck directing renner was amazing and the best part of the movie the florist you'll love it see it

J-lhollywood - I was blown away!5 star

My favorite movie ever! Acting was stunning, directing was incredible, special affects were breathtaking. This movie deserved every award possible. Coming from a New Yorker, who has experienced this type of life style and violence, it is a work of art, in it's own way. A must see! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Lax99 - Bob5 star

Such a tank

Ejk9444 - My new favorite movie5 star

This is absolutely. by far my favorite movie and it's worth the buy price. Ben Aflleck does a good job, but his supporting cast make it stellar. Jeremy Renner is fantastic along with Jonathan Hamm who plays an amazing nasty FBI agent. I definately recomend this to anyone.

Cailin:) - Good5 star

Mysterious and pretty overall awesome

fraser.aruba - LOVED IT5 star

I loved everything about this movie...just when I thought that i was no longer a Ben Affleck fan, he directs and acts in this awesome movie. I rented it and still couldn't hit pause to get up and get a drink. lol

jcskater182 - awesome5 star

Never really thought ben affleck was capable of such a great performance but def. proved me wrong also affleck directed this film def one of my favorites of 2010 i suggest renting or buying this, everyone i talk too agrees with me about this movie too.

Mastercheif220 - WHY!!!1 star

Why can't I buy it or rent it?

pedro gutierrez - best thriller movie!!!!!!!!!5 star

this movie is the best thriller movie ive seen

chris fairfield - Town Review5 star

This is a movie that strikes all citizens of Boston's heart like me. This is best best movie Boston native Ben Affleck has been in since Good Will Hunting but wish Matt Damon also living in Boston and Mark Whalberg from Dorchester (section of Boston), were in this film. I have to give a good job to also Jeremy Renner who must have listen to people in Charlestown to nail that Boston accent. This movie shows how robbers love love what they do, but showing they want to get out of there situation.

squishymedic - Strong work Ben"5 star

Excellent flick,,I watched it twice,,has a "real world" feel along the lines of Mystic River,,very gritty,,an awesome movie in all. And oh yeah,,Slaine, you're awesome dude,,you brought your "A game" to this movie.I wish you continued success bro,,later.

Sean422 - AwesomeonBluRay!!!!5 star

The Town is great!! Not much for Ben Affleck but this I have to say was one his best!!

Swonkage - Seen this before (Spoilers)3 star

See if you can name the movie: a team of bank robbers. They commit a robbery in broad daylight. There is an epic shootout with the police and one guy gets killed. Then the cops get the girlfriend to cooperate, but at the last minute she lets him know the cops are there and will arrest him. The "good" robber walks off into the sunset a hero. Was it Heat, or The Town? The movie was good, but it ripped Heat off in all the major plot points. Let's have some originality next time.

hmmmm01 - Good movie! Ok, great movie....5 star

Check it out!

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Slam Stocks - Town Is Amazing5 star

Surprisingly good! Not a fan of Affleck, but the acting and story was perfect. Takes place in Boston, where he is born and raised. Yet, the film was gritty and thought provoking. There is enough romance, suspense and action to nicely balance the film. It might not be a masterpiece, but it is really close.

JamesDavid - Great Movie.5 star

All around great flic. Ben did his research, and it shows.

Chuck bee - The town5 star

This movie is sick

Ritchie mainville - Get it5 star

This is the best thriller movie I have seen so far

Haliburton para - The Town4 star

Very good****

Google!$ - The town5 star


Raff18sho - Boring1 star

Slow Over done ham

Ashkon - You won't regret it5 star

I have never seen Ben Affleck act so well. I was shocked! The story line is interesting and it gets intense at times. Well done.

QiwiZhang - just ok3 star

I honestly dont understand what the big hype about this movie is about. Lots of people told me its a must see, and how great it was. The movie isn't bad. The acting is good, the action is good, the plot is good... overall its an average good movie. Not AMAZING or GREAT! Its worth the rental price.

Colin McFee - The Town5 star

Warner Brothers Really enjoyed this one! Excellent film!

Raezor72 - Loved it5 star

I loved it so much I watched it twice in one week. Great film.

Kurtis Mills - Very Good!4 star

Loved to see Ben get Fenway Park in the movie. Really enjoyed this movie.

Nasser Alfayez - Best movie5 star

This is how they should make movies, not like the crapy once these days

BernardWalter - Ben Affleck is Not Harrison Ford1 star

This movie was not all that it is cracked up to be. I blame it on Ben Affleck staring and directing the film. The accents were not authentatious in the least. He should have stuck with Good Will Hunting. Seriously? Thriller? Leave that to Michael Jackson. This film should have been shown on a sunny day. If you see a bullet in this movie, it is not going to hit anybody in the movie. Short of you shooting yourself, the camera operator needn't duck. My cat fell asleep.

Worldinmii - Did not dissapoint4 star

If you liked his directorial debut in Good Will Hunting, then you should like the work he did in The Town.

berglouiQuebec - Not as good as I taught it would be3 star

Following the reviews in Rotten Tomatoes, I rented this movie. For me, this movie could be simply what is called a B movie, something ordinary. The whole idea is good, but we have seen so much movies like that. There is too much violence for nothing. The cops do not look very good in this movie. Check the title of the novel on which this story is based and you will have a good idea about what you will see. I will not reveal too much about the story, but think about a modern Robin Hood and you will get the picture.

tree_662 - Aflecks best!5 star

Most of his movies are about a 3 out of 5 but I really enjoyed this flick. Watched the rental once then bought it after the first time I seen it

jamesinmotion - Amazing!!5 star

One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Storyline was great and I didn't want it to end. I hope Ben Affleck get a nod from the Oscar folks on this one!!

Jeroos - Manager5 star

Could not stop staring at the TV. Not ur usual robbery movie.

ramkanda - Nice one!5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. Really great directing and the casting was awesome. Boston is a great backdrop and Ben Affleck made a crazy action movie with heart very believable. Also loved Jon Hamm and Blake Lively (huge crush on her).

devilock6 - Pretty good,3 star

Good movie , but just like Heat ! not bad for Ben!!

craig_l - Great5 star

Great movie full of spence and action but it also has it's love plot line witch makes it great

Andy123456736157 - Boring1 star

I found the two hour long movie very painful. I just wanted it to end. I didnt enjoy it at all.

brandon butt - Oh my god5 star

Oh my god this movie was perfect Ben affleck does it again but not as good a gone baby gone but this movie was perfect watch it

Mccaine - Superb5 star

Great movie... Not for the girlies though.

519crad12 - Terrific5 star

Not quite on the same level as The Departed, but still very good. A great job by the cast and a truly entertaining movie.

Pdyxk - Meh3 star

Ok movie. being a bank robbery based movie, obviously you have to compare it to HEAT. And when you compare it to a masterpiece like that, this movie seems pointless. Nonetheless still a decent flick. Just don't expect anything amazing.

whafrog - Unexpectedly great5 star

I wasn't sure what to really expect with this, because Ben Affleck has been involved in such crap. But it's really a great movie. The action is intense but real, not overblown in any way. The acting is great all around. The characters are all complex and fully fleshed with great backstories and motivations. The dialogue is subtle and expects an intelligent viewer. Very little goes the way you'd expect. As noted in one of the reviews, Chris Cooper does an incredible job in his five minutes of screen time, and Pete Postlethwaite pulls out all the stops as the Florist. All around very enjoyable movie that will stay with you.

Disco D99 - Awesome5 star

It's awesome

bob0087 - A bit Disappointing3 star

Great action scenes , but the middle of feature very slow and boring at times. Killing and beatings very well done . Lots of profanities and your usual obscene segment otherwise i thought it would be more upbeat. Actor from Hurt Locker awesome performance directing not great

Mook20 - Rent it!5 star

This movie has amazing action scenes and a good plot. Great movie!

Doesnt mattr - The Town (2010)5 star

great story great action bnit of humour and great actors/actresses

Bowzy - Worth EVERY penny5 star

Superb movie, great cast, amazing plot, intense action, what more could you ask for?

finalmattasy - thanks5 star

I'm sure it'll be a great movie; but I'm just dropping a line to say thanks for the inclusion of special features!! ITunes not having them has always been one of the biggest reasons that kept me going to the video store =)

hugsinvan - good movie5 star

It's nice to see Ben Affleck using his talent. Relatively predictable but well acted, well written and you care about the characters. Definitely worth the money.

MoViEfReAk : p - Stealing Your Breath...5 star

The Town is a movie that robs your attention(pun intended), in every way. First off, the smartly chosen group of actors help make the dynamic plot that much more so. The setting of the movie delivers a weight and tension that you can feel through many of the movie's moments. The cinematography is superb with Affleck behind, as well as in front, of the camera. The action scenes fit perfectly into the picture that he wants to bring to you, of which he does seamlessly, and the dramatic realism of the situations will leave your heart pounding. The Town is a story that is remarkably told in a fresh way through amazing bank robberies, realistic action sequences, talented and experienced cast, great suspense, and relationships that are strong and brutal. Very well done.

falzalnz - "It'll be just like one of my sunny days."4 star

There are so many notable features about this movie and I don't want to ruin anything by mentioning them. But holy crap! Ben Affleck did an amazing job with this film. The camera techniques. The use of sound. The bank robberies. The way that anything that is mentioned in detail is not forgotten. There are no real loose ends, which is really important when I watch any film. If only he and Damon would work together again, it would be explosive!

AussieLE - Renner fan5 star

A captivating movie with very believable characters. Renner's Jem was a scary guy. A film entertaining enough to watch again and again.

Theodore_Tony - The Town5 star

Don't even think twice if you haven't seen this movie- WATCH IT!

Candice_SYD - Ben5 star

Best movie I've seen in years :)

Wahooooooooo - I'm in love with Ben all over again!5 star

This has got to be the best action / drama / thriller and romance that I have seen in a long time!! Where can I get a Ben like that - he stole my heart 

Mick444444 - The Town5 star

This movie was everything you guys said it would be. Thanks for rating it as you did. Amazing story, amazing actors. A movie with grunt and honour and a real personal touch that puts it up there with the best.

Shoelace2000 - Awesome5 star

One of the best action movies I've ever seen

Ibby91 - :)5 star

The best movie ever made

baileys2611 - Apple delivery system is terrible1 star

The one star is for apples delivery system. I have no idea if the movie is good or not, but i paid to rent it, spent my bandwidth and data quota downloading it and my ipad tells me it's "unable to play movie" with no other explanation. Bit of a rip off apple, can anyone say "breach of the trade practices act"?

Triple ice - Great5 star

I loved it, very creative and nice outfits for each robbery

82memo82 - Great movie5 star


crazyfistsAU - Awsome5 star

Some of the best gunfights on film. Ben and Jeremy were so good in this

Tommydoodle - 'Heat' 2011, but nonetheless enjoyable4 star

This is 'Heat' remodelled for 2011. Regardless, it's gritty, exceptionally well cast and has a superb, tight storyline. Outstanding performances by Charlestown locals add a degree of realism. A new benchmark for heist movies for the next 10 years.

Lachy1997 - The Town5 star

Great Movie

Shamim Navidi - Best movie5 star

Good acting, good story and good ending, loved it.

pedar72 - The Town5 star

i love a good action movie and this one did it for me. Not totally predic atable... great cast and director

Movies and itunes - Good as gold4 star

This movie has a great story and so much action there is a dide for the girls(drama)and a side fir the boys(action)the director thought this movie out big time a great movie a great storyline great drama & action

Fifi-tcb - Thoroughly enjoyable.5 star

This was one of the best action/drama movies of last year. Similar is ways to The Departed, with high intensity action scenes, couple with the main character leading a double life. Also the lead female role is unaware of his double life and this dynamic plays out well, just as in the Departed. If you like action dramas I can't see why you wouldn't enjoy this film.

- Richard - - Very good5 star

Great storyline, great acting, great entertainment. Ben Affleck's a good director and writer. 4.5/5 stars

BenLoyal - Good fun.4 star

Really good fun. Hall, Affleck and Renner all play well. Recommended.

LORD_HELMET_ - Very good4 star

How anybody can give this 1 star I don't know. A great film solid effort good characters good story like the book only reason it didn't get 5 was I believe the ending could be better.

NickyCagey - Blah2 star

Abandoned this after 30 mins. Enough said.

Stlucia04 - The town5 star

Excellent film good action scenes reminded me of heat

Pop poo - Heldav5 star

One of the best films I have seen

updeup - Good film.3 star

Poetlethwaite brilliant.

Colstar7 - The TOWN1 star

Why can't I rent it?

Monkey2133 - Good film5 star

Defiantly worth a watch

Podalot - Love this film5 star

Great acting, great story, lots of action. One of my favourite movies..

Sladey5 - Amazing5 star

By far the best film I have ever watched, acting is brilliant. If you haven't seen this yet, sort it out!

Evilfest - One to watch4 star

Affleck is turning out to be a very artistic director, Renner on the other hand absolutely earns his Oscar nomination and is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Even Blake Lively plays well in the film! Watch it!!!

Chocolate strawberry prince - Amazing5 star

This film so good, best off buying on iTunes as the disc is too hot for a player!! What a film!! 5***********************************************

Milesjess - 5*5 star

Great film! Loved every minute of it, definitely in my top 10! Well worth a watch :)

LinzH2210 - Fantastic5 star

Thoroughly entertaining and gripping, some fantastic actors doing a brilliant job very surprised at how great this is!!!

sally greenwood - Point Break meets Boston5 star

Very good !!!!!

TomA1234000 - Class5 star

Really good film well worth the money full ov action and a gd story wot more do ya need

pieandgravy - Fantastic action crime thriller5 star

A great film shot at a fast pace tracking a group of notorious bank robbers as they move from one crime to the next, leaving an interesting and detailed trail of destruction behind them. Fantastic action scenes, full of twists and surprises. When a female hostage is taken and later released, Doug (Affleck) falls for the woman, refusing to let her return to her normal lifestyle. Little does she know, but he is one of the criminals who turned her world upside down just days earlier. One of the best films I have seen for some time, and given that I am a big action-crime-thriller fan, this film does not disappoint. Non stop action from the first to the last and well worth a watch!

Torchyman - Great Movie5 star

Loved it! Was in two minds based on the description, but it made a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday night's viewing for me and the Mrs. Is it a bit stereotyped? Yes. Is the acting perfect? No. Is the script truly wonderful? No. But nonetheless it's a gripping heist movie which I can strongly recommend.

Reeceth - Brilliant5 star

Rented this film a few weeks back had problems downloading it to my iPhone managed to do it, anyway the film was bang on story line was great and highly recommend! 5 star

Laffers427 - Entertaining4 star

A thoroughly good watch- well done, Mr Affleck!

iTunes greed - Good film but.........iTunes is a rip off5 star

One of the best films ov the last few years.........but then again that don't take much......if your gonna get ripped off by iTunes like i do this one is a little less painful..........iTunes aka dick least he had a mask........

TateCallingham - So dissapointing!1 star

What can i say? Very boring no action just a romance . If you like a slow film with love and little action its perfect for you.

Spaniard5 - Decent watch!4 star

Best movie in past few months for me, that is all.

Milkhead79 - really good5 star

very good story line, fantastic film

olivia meme - A brilliant film5 star

brilliant film really enjoyed.

Tamsin cat physics fan - The Town5 star

This is a good film. We watched the extended version which i would highly recommend. If you like a film you can get immersed in over the course of an evening, has a good pace, character development, good acting, action and a good story then you can't do better than this. Ben Affleck is good in it and brilliant directing it. Definitely worth a watch.

Goldfinger999 - Good4 star


Lachlan748 - Could have been so good...1 star

Plenty of potential but sadly, a waste of 2+ hours. Dreadful casting, the FBI actors are atrocious and the dialogue between them was so cliche and sterile, I'm sure George Lucas wrote the script. Zero chemistry between Affleck and his leading lady. Overall a very poor attempt of mixing Heat with Point Break. The films only saving grace was Pete Postlethwaite who is on screen for < 10 mins but has more charisma and ability than the entire cast put together... apart from Chris Cooper, he's always fun to watch. Don't waste your time.

Hakuna-mattata - Error1 star

Download error !

golfmoods - You have to be kidding2 star

I'm not sure what film these people saw, but this was by turns boring, unbelievable, ridiculous, incomprehensible, simplistic, and ultimately a shoot-em-up load of tosh. Don't buy it, like I did, because there is no way you'll want to watch it more than once. And I like Ben Afffleck, so that's how bad it was.

Funky Tiger - Nice one Ben5 star

For me Ben Affleck has always been under rated as an actor, but this is something else. Great plot, excellent acting and a real gritty tail. Mr Affleck has surpassed himself being the writer, director and lead actor, back to the salad days of good will hunting. Cannot recommend enough you would be a fool not to watch......

tarkstar - poor2 star

Wrong actor to play the lead , Ben Affleck is just not convincing in this role , Bruce Willis may have got away with it , the pace is real slow and f the plot feels pointless.. No need for a directors cut , the first was bad enough!!

Ethelpup - The Town2 star

Watched due to hype-mediocre at best-the fact that Ben Affleck displays some acting ability seems to have proved he can act better than he did in Pearl Harbour seems to have come as such a surprise to many it instantly made this so so thriller "brilliant". Much of the script seems lifted from other heist movies, the cop/robber tension is a direct lift from Heat, as is the main action scene, and also to all intents and purposes, the ending. Its also absolutely chocker with howlers of the most dumb sort-including an FBI SWAT team that appears to have no access to the most routine tools- such as CS for instance. But if you like run of the mill thrillers after the pub closes its as good as any.

Mr adz - fantastic5 star

Great film, some quality action scenes, must buy!!

Franz K - Awesome5 star

I've just watched this on my flight from London to Singapore and was initially put off by the presence of Affleck, but gave it a shot! If you've seen and enjoyed films like Ronin or Heat, then you'll love it. A must-buy once it's released on iTunes.

Stephen751 - The town5 star

Soooooooo good :)

broony - Aye5 star

Simply brilliant!

CSI Browne - The Town5 star

The Town is one of the finest thrillers i have seen this year. The storyline follows a nice pace with an intense and gripping plot, and the action scenes are done really well. The acting is outstanding, escpecially from Ben Affleck, who is back to his best as director, wiriter and actor. And Jeremy Renner is no one hit wonder as he who proves that his oscar nominated performance in the Hurt Locker is not a one-off, he deserves another for his supporting role as the unhinged bankrobber 'Jem'. You will definitely not be disappointed after watching this incredible tense thriller, it is a must see film in my opinion.

madforit73 - awesome5 star

Simply Brilliant....non stop action...a romance that would never exist,but would linger in the heart & mind. At times when you think it slows then explodes again keeping your eyes peeled incase you miss something One of the best movies of 2010. On the big screen its awesome ,so buy and watch on a big screen... You won't be disappointed.

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Dragonthunder87569 - Awesome5 star

It rocks

boeyc15 - Good movie5 star

Solid movie

MEMPHIS MUSICK - Awesome movie !!! Definitely a must own !!!5 star

Bank robberies ... Yea it's not the first time... But from the opening scene it definitely grabs you attention and doesn't let go. Loved the plot,story line, basically everything... Two big *ss thumbs up !!!

TheLifeLivin21 - Nuns? With guns?4 star

I'll take it :P definetely a crazy story full of conspiracy and suspence. Ben Affleck is an amazing actor and director. Although I have to say that Blake Lively just looked out of place and is a great actress but didn't play her role well. Overall it was a good film with good story line.

Aias96 - Heat goes to Boston4 star

Good movie that reminded me of Michael Mann's 1995 movie Heat. I liked Heat more but this is still a good movie.

Tshdhd - I would rate lower it's that bad1 star

Well first of all I thought it was suppose to have a bunch of bank robberies so there for that was stupid people were naked that's bad and love and dating so it was the stupidest most dumbest movie ever

alcoit - Best ever5 star

Best movie I've ever seen. Love the plot and the action.

eduardo212 - surprisingly good5 star

i really haven't been able to take afleck seriously since the j-Lo debacle, but this film has redeemed him, and restored him to his proper boston irish pre-Lo hotness. i was truly surprised by his depth, and by how good this movie is. all of the stuff that would seem implausible in other wovies is actually handled really well, and very convincingly, and it ends up being a very gripping, violent, action-packet working-man's love story of sorts. i recommend it highly! it would be a great couple's movie - something for everyone.

jacksghost - Great Movie, Rented and Will Now Buy5 star

I am not a big Ben Affleck fan, but he plays a great Boston Southie and he may be becoming a great director. This is a great action film that keeps the suspense going throughout while also developing some deeper plot between characters. Outstanding casting job for this film. Jon Hamm plays an excellent hard nosed, driven cop and Jeremy Renner has the 'crazy and about to explode' character niche all rapped up. On a side note, is anyone hotter than Blake Lively? I don't know where she came from or how she was made, but OMG ;-)

Lucy Kull - The Town5 star

This movie is a smash hit!!! Sexy, thrilling, gritty all the way up to the end!! I loved it!! Favorite character by far was Jeremy Renner. He really could have taken that role down a complete and utter cliche and dead end alley. He approached it with a fresh and intriguing manner. He seemed pretty legit and real enough to reach out of the television and punch you square in the face. Blake Lively showed some real acting chops for this as well. I was impressed all around. Great movie! A must see!!

Tkjap3 - The Town and The Fighter two best this Year5 star

So far the best movie I've seen this year. Extended version is 2.5 hrs and can't imagine what they cut out for the 2 he version. In other words not a dull moment!

Kbags948 - Fantastic.4 star

I saw this movie in the theater, and loved it! Why won't apple release this for purchase? I want to have this in my arsenal.

dréwstå - Seriously?1 star

How do they get money to make this stuff? They should have saved the money they spent on Affleck & used it on a decent editing staff. Oh, and a better plot wouldn't hurt either.

Steven W Simpson - The coolest movie ever5 star

Look at the title and u will see my review

Cheerleaderlax28 - Maddd2 star

This movie is taking so long to load and it's still loading, it's been for 3hrs!!!!!!

ammaaazziiinngggg! ! - love it.5 star

this was one of the best movies in my opinion. i lovedd it!

Remt123 - Awesome!!!:)4 star

Great moviee lovee it Aha my new fav movie! Super intense !

Dhdbdksnbdnx - Wth4 star

I wasted money for this crap

ericb 96 - A crazy, but likeable movie4 star

It's better than most movies out right now

hdfjifytndhffhru - the town4 star

there is so much actian that makes it intens, but there is a litle to much sex in it for my tasts

NY Post Review - Perfect movie5 star

One of the best movies ever! Certainly the best in s long long time. Excellent actors for the parts and great acting.

40 cent - Money1 star

I rented this movie and it won't even play! I want my money back now iTunes!!!

Trew's Monster - Ending a surprise5 star

Was ready not to like this move but may buy it. I know I missed things. Full bucket of popcorn for this one.

djezzy100 - The Town5 star

best i seen in long time

PB1 - Wonder Saturday night movie5 star

This movie was right on time after a long Saturday at work. It was directed well and acted superb.

DrLazerHandzz - excellent.5 star

so good

Stephen Sinoway - oscar worthy5 star

This movie should have been nominated for an oscar. I dont usually like these kinds of movies but I love this one. Ben Affleck is simply amazing as a director, writer, and actor in this movie.

Natural03Aries-007 - just boring...1 star

boring..i hated it! i just don't like anything affleck does! i got the movie from the library, so no money lost by renting or buying this horrible movie!!

Carter Williams - disappointing2 star

I like Ben Affleck and had high expectations of this movie. The trailer and the hype were positive but the movie didn't follow through. I found the story a littlie cliched, and in the end was bored by it. Bummer.

kid210 - Download1 star

It did not download. I won't my money back!!!!

Hugh's Acct - Great movie.5 star

Great movie but where's the HD version. I really want to buy the HD version because it was San awesome movie. Ben Affleck is great.

Fishizzlein - Amazing5 star

CapnMal - Who knew Ben Affleck still had it in him?5 star

When I heard Affleck, directed this movie, I wrote it off. Then word of mouth, was great. So I rented it and was shocked at how good a movie this actually is. Ben Affleck, has a presence both in front and behind the camera. Well written story, that really moves along. The action sequences are the best I've seen since "Heat".

Hgg2245 - Hate it1 star

Didnt like this movie.

Here come the Irish - The Town5 star

Very good, a little bit like Heat and Point Break. I would highly recommend it!

Cigarguy124 - Ugh...really?1 star

From Ben's fake accent to the uninteresting plot, I can assure you that the previews of this movie are better than the film itself.

Geof Bowie - Typical Afflack2 star

Typical Ben Affleck and his Boston fetish. Paper thin story. Only thing that saved it was Jeremy Renner.

Bmxican763 - Horrible1 star

I wasted $15 dollars on movie that won't even download, give me my money back

Tsweitzer - Doesn't download1 star

This movie doesn't download. I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!

cayrick - Entertaining4 star

The movie was entertaining, the characters were identifiable. The acting was good, although I do not feel that Affleck is an extraordinary actor like Anthony Hopkins or Michael Douglas for example. The script was good and the story was also good although the shootouts as in many American films was exaggerated.

Scosco62 - And I thought Ben Affleck was intellectually challenged.....5 star

Really, not sure why - but he clearly has got this nailed. This is one the best movies I've seen in a few years, definitely went to see it a couple of times in the theatre, as well as purchasing it. Good job, Ben, sorry I dissed ya man........

chi1216 - It was ok3 star

Not as good as I expected.

Ryan MacKay - The Town5 star

This movie was the bomb. Ben Affleck is all like "I gotta get out of this TOWN," and Jeremy Renner is all like "You cant leave the TOWN," and then Pete Postlewaite is like "I can't belive I'm dead, I was great in Usual Suspects." Afterword some crazy messed up nuns show up with AKs and they're like "we're having NUN of this NUNsense!" and start shootin the place up. The cinematography was ok.

jas one - Beautiful Movie5 star

The first thought I had when the final credits rolled was "what a beautiful movie." It fulfills on a number of levels—action, drama, romance, etc.. The cinematography is excellent, and the views of Boston are really interesting. The characters are developed properly, and the acting is quite good. All in all, I have nothing but positive things to say about this movie. Excellent, and entertaining.

Snhur9 - BAnGin FLiCk fOr Da educateD moViEgoER5 star

A gritty-edge of your seat thrill ride with a top notch cast, a likable Everyman protagonist that takes you down the streets of Boston. Highly recommend

denbrousa - D5 star

No point in writing any pseudo movie critic dribble. It's A very good, entertaining movie.

Ilovepussie - The town4 star

It wouldn't let me finish the movie put this movie so far is purely amazing

Xx Rock On xX - Best movie ever5 star

The title says all. This is definatly at the top of my list of greatest movies of all time!

teejay512 - Simply Amazing!5 star

Rented this movie last night, and absolutely loved it. Kudos to Affleck for a great movie!

South central LA - Two blunts up5 star

Just tells everybody that ben is much better behind the camera then in front of it hence Gone baby gone... perfect example but none the less he did his a little justice...

Rd_aardvark5 star

@redalphababe: In 2010 Were there children on the floors of hospitals? ❎ Had food bank use exploded? ❎ Were rough sleepers in virtually…

Jshxtshhr5 star

@criatinine: UPDATE: We think that the car is a Chrysler Town and Country minivan, 2010 version. Photo attached: …

Averiakim5 star

@Gianvll: @miguelechano @imkerwinking The car is a silver 2010 Chrysler Town & Country if I'm not mistaken.

Andrahaha5 star

2010: Entering “The Brighton and Hove Faerie Ball” at the Hove Centre-town hall. As the door was opened the guests…

Nicadls105 star

@criatinine: UPDATE: We think that the car is a Chrysler Town and Country minivan, 2010 version. Photo attached: …

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