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Game on! Scott Pilgrim just met the girl of his dreams…literally. But in order for them to date, he must defeat her seven evil exes -- a rogues' gallery -- including an infamous skateboarder, a vegan rock star and fearsome identical twins! From the genre-smashing director of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead comes “a true original” (Entertainment Weekly) powered up by wit, action and groundbreaking visuals that you will want to watch again as soon as it’s over!

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Get the hot girl. Defeat her evil exes. Hit love where it hurts.. Scott Pilgrim is a 23 year old radical Canadian gamer and wannabe rockstar who falls in love with an American delivery girl, Ramona Flowers, and must defeat her seven evil exes to be able to date her.. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Wiki

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Eroombob    5 star

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Already bought it from you, Apple. Where’s my movie?

randumizer    5 star

Doesn’t include Scott Pilgrim vs The Animation Look it up on Youtube. It’s on the blu-ray release though

You tried, Jacob    5 star

Favorite movie now Overall a stellar and hilarious film

brianjack52    5 star

Best movie to get drunk to, or is it too? Very awesome film that is visually stunning. Love the storyline. This movie is eight years old but still feels fresh!!!!! :)

mykaylac    5 star

Years later and I still love it The video game is also pretty great

Eddie Hanna    5 star


beathardfamily    5 star

I would forget about the movie just too see it again with out knowing how it ends It is very good

Aubr3y_All3n    5 star

RECOMMEND!!!! Omg Brie Larson’s version of Blacksheep by Metric was amazing is wish she would cover it and make it available on iTunes! It’s amazballs!

Lord_Swagimaru    5 star

A Geek Rock Musical The music is great and the visuals are unforgettable. The story is kind of meh, but you don't always need a good story to make a great film. It's pure, cinematic spectacle.

Dlong00    5 star

Best Gaming Movie Ever!! I could watch this movie over and over!!

Adventuretime4life    5 star

I only read the books :) Ahah idk if the movie is good, but I read the books and they are really good you should check them out :3

Neva649    5 star

So glad they added this to Netflix Personally, I recommend this movie to an audience of I'd say about junior highs. What can I say? It's funny as hell and has a great storyline AND soundtrack. Just the right amount of cringe too 😝.

Cavs fan till the end    5 star

BEST MOVIE EVER! This movie really throws everything at you, from 1 thing to another this gets you into it.

Charlolmln    5 star

So good An excellent and surprising movie that I definitely love

macykindalikethestore    5 star

BEST EVER This is honestly my favourite movie of all time! It's so unique and the comic book style of the movie makes it even better!

litany of thieves    5 star

Smarter than people think. This movie, much like the comic book it's based off, has a deliberate style to its story. Yes, there's a lot of flash and what feels like "random wackiness" to it, but the truth is it goes much deeper than that. Anyone who tells you this is a "big dumb plot-less movie", doesn't understand the story it's trying to tell, or what it's really saying. The fights, the crazy superpowers, the over-the-top characters, all fit into the idea that everyone brings baggage into a relationship, and it takes a lot of hard work to be with someone you love. The movie's content and style have a specific appeal that's not for everyone, but it's far from a "big dumb action movie".

DrainChev    5 star

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World When seeing the trailer for this movie, I was not very convinced that it was going to be quite worth it, but I decided to see it anyway. Literally in the first 5 minutes I was enthralled and nothing could tear me away from my screen. The movie was clever, funny, and each character seemed to compliment each other quite nicely. I've now seen the movie 3 times and I've been tempted into reading the graphic novels. Don't waste a second of your time and buy this movie; totally worth it!

Miss Fact    5 star

Gonna watch it again!!! I waited soooooo long for iTunes to offer the option to rent this movie, and d'ya know what?!? It was sooooo worth the wait!!! Finally, a unique and funny flick full of brilliant and witty references. This is a movie that has the ability to soothe the utter boredom from endless cookie cutter RomComs that are constantly force-fed on us, or just any movie starring Jennifer Aniston and /or Kate Hudson for that matter. I highly recommend.

Charles ||    5 star

Teenage Drama Mortal Kombat Style ? No exagerating. Hilarious from beginning to end. Never saw a movie represent the anime community in such an amazing, and comical way. Every character added to the greatness of this movie.

Caitlyn7946    5 star

Awesome I💙 u sexbobomb!!! Kick but Scott!!!!!!😄

YAAAS  Aizten  5 star

This movie made my day. 10/10

Legend of a movie  d12jw  5 star

This is very possibly one of the most entertaining films I've seen of - if you remotely like comedy/superheroes/videogames/rock music, this film is for you. Highly recommended.

Bad movie  nikkixiong  5 star

Just kidding! One of the best and coolest movies ever!!!!

Create nicknamex
Freakin cool. Very well done.  Create nicknamex  5 star

This movie is so creative and works just like a graphic novel. It's very pop cultural too, and really entertaining! It's a definite must watch… over and over again.

Scott pilgrim vs. the world  Docbe  5 star

Best movie I watched

Jeffrey zhiggins
Epic  Jeffrey zhiggins  5 star

This is my favourite movie it's teh best:D

Awesome  Awesomekid29  5 star

This is one of my favourite movies its like reality and a video game it really awesome

:D!!!!  Macgonagle  5 star

THIS MOVIE IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! :D :) :)+< Im in lesbians with this movie. :)

classic  tasha&george  5 star

this movie is hilarious! it brings the world of gaming and of people's perception of reality into one big wonderful mesh. the actors were very well chosen, they suit the characters perfectly, and the balance between video game world and real world is just perfect. similarly the 'ex boyfriends' have also been really well chosen, a pleasant surprise to see the likes of captain america and superman in there!! a truly wonderful film

Awesome!! :D  EmilyHarborne  5 star

It's actually a really great movie! I was a bit reluctant to watch it but it is actually really funny :)

My Review:  ChrisJ2F  5 star

Honestly? 100% Worth the Money. I don't what what is wrong with the People that don't like it, I just finished watching it, and I can't wait To watch it Again, If you have the money, Defiantly Buy it. Enough said.

Is it worth it  _meg_robson_  5 star

Im thinking about buying it is ir worth it?

Fight  ToneStar1980  5 star

Greatest movie ever... True genius, if you didn't like it you just didn't get it.

Always Eating
Awesome  Always Eating  5 star

Awesome Movie

A. W. E. S. O. M. E.  Walker-family  5 star

Best movie ive ever seen. Anyone that hates this movie obviously didnt watch enough of it or doesnt appreciate the comic book-videogame style of the movie, and should not have watched it in the first place.

Awesome  me1221  5 star

Definitely one of the coolest movies of the year. I loved it. It was hilarious and fun to watch. Would definitely reccommend it

Awful  Kiwicuzzie  1 star


Fantastic  PROquaker  5 star

If you were a fan of Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuz this is a must see. Incredible directing and sound track backed up with a top class plot. Worth the money for sure.

Very bad  Annoymas  1 star

Verry bad for taking 14 dollars of my iPod

Movie of the Year  ScooterrrrX  5 star

Definitely the most entertaining film I've seen this year, fantastic!

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