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Reuniting Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and director Frank Coraci — the trifecta behind New Line Cinema's game-changing romantic comedy The Wedding Singer — this modern-day family comedy follows two single parents, Jim and Lauren (Sandler & Barrymore) who, after a disastrous blind date, can agree on only one thing: never to see each other again. They soon find themselves, however, with their respective kids from previous marriages — on the same family vacation package in South Africa. Despite all their efforts to resist, an attraction grows between the two, blending their two families into one... with hilarious results. Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews, Community's Joel McHale, Saturday Night Live's Kevin Nealon and Bridesmaids' Wendi McLendon-Covey are also on board to join the fun.

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Fav movie  jazzip2013  5 star

I absolutely love this movie

Great movie!  didirobb  5 star

Loved every second. Terry Cruz steals the show. :)

Truly Love!  Klnoelle  5 star

Such a fun and happy movie for all blended families, aka FAMILIES!

Blended i  dbvfgfv  5 star

Different than the other ones I'm

HILARIOUS  Tori11111997  5 star

It may have a bad rotten tomato score but this movie is soooo funny, so many laugh out loud moments 😂 don't believe the critics.

This Crazy Cowgirl
Loved it!  This Crazy Cowgirl  5 star

Great movie!

La película que nunca pude ver  Jsmsims  1 star

La alquilé y no se ve

Great movie, dont trust the critics though!  nataliefaulk  4 star

When I first looked at this movies, I went straight to the critics and they all said it was horrible, well they're wrong, it's an amazing movie! A friend had told me it was a good movie so thats why I went ahead and purchased it. Rotten Tomatoes is staring to becoming rotten, they say its rotten, its great, they say its great, its rotten. Of course any Adam Sandler movie is going to be great and it has Drew Barrymore, whats not to love! Great family movie, totally recomend!

Sandler forever  JoshTheAwesome101  5 star

Film critics and haters are just mad... Keep up the good work Adam don't listen to what other people tell you you rock dude 9.7/10 A

Unexpectedly funny  LoveRainbow26  4 star

I saw the dismal ratings and fully intended never to see this movie; however, I saw a bit of this playing on HBO while I was in a hotel room once, and I actually got really into it. I decided to rent the movie when I got back from vacation, and I actually liked it from start to finish. It's not the greatest movie, but it has a more solid plot and better jokes than a lot of movies rated around this %age. If you're bored and just want to turn off your brain for a bit, try blended. It will do haha

Hilariously Good!  Strava11  5 star

I don't about everyone else but this movie was awesome! One of my favourite Adam Sandler/Drew Berrymore movie. The storyline was good, entertaining and hilarious. Five stars no doubt, I would buy it if the price was a bit lower. Worth the watch!

Crazy ass☠️
Funny  Crazy ass☠️  5 star

I thought this movie was pretty good

Slam Stocks
Wasted Potential  Slam Stocks  3 star

The chemistry between Sandler vs Barrymore is amazing, but this film never built any momentum. A mashup of confusing scenes, integrating so many kids, backdrop of Africa and wasting most of the movie at the resort...the potential for a really good film was lost. A mess of a movie, that simply missed.

lordy bee xoxo
rotten tomatoes - die!  lordy bee xoxo  5 star

That is all.

Terrible  AlexK_14  1 star

Just awful, no story line what so ever besides a two families that go to Africa and become one 👎👎

Anaïs Boucher
Famille recomposé  Anaïs Boucher  5 star

Très bon

Blended  Ffycfy  5 star

I did not want to watch it at first but now it's by fave new movie. I highly recommend it

Pretty funny  NoraArz  3 star

This is a good light movie, some funny scenes and over-all feel good movie!

Blended  Fygsjc!,Khlhxlhxxpu  1 star

I didnt like it... This is stupid

Excellente comédie pour la famille  Exgel75  4 star

On a tous bien rit, autant les grands que les petits! On aime bien le côté absurde des films de Sandler...

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