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Trip into the living room of comedy writer Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke) along with his lovely wife Laura (Mary Tyler Moore), his wisecracking co-workers and his nutty neighbors. Consistently ranked among the top TV comedies of all time and renowed for its top-notch cast and stellar writing, this groundbreaking series is presented fully restored and uncut! Winner of 15 Emmy Awards! The Dick Van Dyke Show, Season 1 Wiki

The Dick Van Dyke Show, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - The Sick Boy and the Sitter
Comedy writer Rob Petrie talks his wife Laura into leaving their "sick" son Ritchie with a babysitter while they attend a big party.

2 - The Meershatz Pipe
Rob fears he is no longer needed when his co-writers do a show without his help.

3 - Jealousy
Laura begins to worry when Rob has to work nights with a beautiful television star.

4 - Sally and the Lab Technician
Laura matches up her pharmacist cousin, Thomas, with Rob's fireball cowriter, Sally, for a lopsided dinner party.

5 - Washington Vs. the Bunny
Rob suffers with guilt when he has to go on a business trip the night of his son's play.

6 - Oh How We Met On the Night That We Danced
While rummaging through Rob's old army equipment, Rob and Laura recall that he broke her foot the night they met.

7 - The Unwelcome Houseguest
Rob reluctantly agrees to take care of Buddy's dog for the weekend and creates a furor when he brings the animal home.

8 - Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo
Rob invites an old Army pal home to dinner and begins to fear he has a jewel thief on his hands.

9 - My Blonde-Haired Brunette
Laura dyes her hair blonde when she fears the romance in her marriage is fading.

10 - Forty-Four Tickets
Rob invites 44 fellow PTA members to his television show, but forgets all about it until air time.

11 - To Tell or Not to Tell
Rob and Richie find themselves more than a little lost when Laura briefly resumes her dancing career.

12 - Sally Is a Girl
Rob is accused of being a Don Juan when he takes his wife's advice and stops treating co-writer Sally as one of the boys.

13 - Empress Carlotta's Necklace
Rob proudly presents Laura with a huge, horrible necklace, but she cannot bring herself to tell him that it is an atrocity. Gavin MacLeod guest-stars.

14 - Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?
After Buddy leaves "The Alan Brady Show" for a job that falls through, Rob and Sally conspire to get him his old job back.

15 - Who Owes Who What?
Buddy ignores Rob's efforts to collect an old debt.

16 - Sol and the Sponsor
A fancy dinner party for Rob's television sponsor and his wife is enlivened by the arrival of Rob's old Army buddy.

17 - The Curious Thing About Women
Unable to control her curiosity, Laura opens Rob's mail - much to her regret!

18 - Punch Thy Neighbor
Rob's dentist pal, Jerry, strains the friendship when he starts knocking Rob's television show in public.

19 - Where Did I Come From?
Six-year-old Richie asks his parents the inevitable "Where did I come from?" question. They recall the days before his birth. John Rich's favorite show of the season.

20 - The Boarder Incident
While his wife is away, Buddy moves in with the Petries and quickly wears out his welcome.

21 - A Word a Day
Richie's expanding vocabulary starts to branch out in unexpected directions.

22 - The Talented Neighborhood
When his show announces a talent contest, Rob finds himself besieged by the parents of neighborhood prodigies. Van Dyke's two young sons, Barry and Chris, have bit parts.

23 - Father of the Week
Rob's paternal pride suffers a cruel shock when he finds out that his six-year-old son is embarrassed to admit how his Dad makes a living.

24 - The Twizzle
Sally drags the entire production staff to a bowling alley, where she unveils a new song and dance.

25 - One Angry Man
Laura believes Rob, on jury duty, has been unfairly swayed by the beautiful blonde defendant.

26 - Where You Been, Fassbinder?
Romance enters Sally's life in the form of an insurance salesman named Leo Fassbinder.

27 - The Bad Old Days
Buddy convinces Rob that he, like all American husbands, is henpecked.

28 - I Am My Brother's Keeper
Rob's bashful brother arrives in town and proves to be confident and outgoing only when he is sleepwalking. Jerry Van Dyke guest stars.

29 - The Sleeping Brother
Rob's talented, sleepwalking brother manages to audition successfully for "The Alan Brady Show" even while wide-awake. Jerry Van Dyke guest-stars. Carl Reiner makes his first appearance as Alan Brady in this episode.

30 - The Return of Happy Spangler
Rob makes the mistake of trying to help the old-time radio comedy writer who gave him his first break.

The Dick Van Dyke Show, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Sick Boy and the Sitter25:56USD 1.99Download
2The Meershatz Pipe25:51USD 1.99Download
3Jealousy25:55USD 1.99Download
4Sally and the Lab Technician25:39USD 1.99Download
5Washington Vs. the Bunny25:58USD 1.99Download
6Oh How We Met On the Night That We Dance25:21USD 1.99Download
7The Unwelcome Houseguest25:54USD 1.99Download
8Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo25:56USD 1.99Download
9My Blonde-Haired Brunette25:43USD 1.99Download
10Forty-Four Tickets25:57USD 1.99Download
11To Tell or Not to Tell25:59USD 1.99Download
12Sally Is a Girl25:59USD 1.99Download
13Empress Carlotta's Necklace25:58USD 1.99Download
14Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?25:27USD 1.99Download
15Who Owes Who What?26:01USD 1.99Download
16Sol and the Sponsor25:40USD 1.99Download
17The Curious Thing About Women25:35USD 1.99Download
18Punch Thy Neighbor25:27USD 1.99Download
19Where Did I Come From?25:37USD 1.99Download
20The Boarder Incident25:56USD 1.99Download
21A Word a Day25:58USD 1.99Download
22The Talented Neighborhood25:55USD 1.99Download
23Father of the Week25:44USD 1.99Download
24The Twizzle25:56USD 1.99Download
25One Angry Man25:55USD 1.99Download
26Where You Been, Fassbinder?25:53USD 1.99Download
27The Bad Old Days24:53USD 1.99Download
28I Am My Brother's Keeper25:18USD 1.99Download
29The Sleeping Brother25:56USD 1.99Download
30The Return of Happy Spangler25:54USD 1.99Download

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♥️♥️  Flutesoccer⚽️  5 star

This is my favorite show! Its family friendly and really funny! It’s totally worth it!!

Needs to be in color  JohnnyReb1996  5 star

The show is now in color on tv. iTunes needs to put it in color and the episodes in order

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