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The landmark natural history series returns presented by David Attenborough. Oceans as we've never known them. Shorelines we thought we'd explored. Depths we thought we'd charted. Seas we thought we knew. Think again. In the last decade, more species have been discovered than ever before. Blue Planet II takes viewers on a voyage like no other. Featuring music by Hans Zimmer. Blue Planet II Wiki

Blue Planet II Synopsis

1 - One Ocean
In recent years, our knowledge of life beneath the waves has been transformed. Using cutting-edge technology, One Ocean takes us on a journey from the intense heat of the tropics to our planet's frozen poles to reveal new worlds and extraordinary never-before-seen animal behaviors.

2 - The Deep
A ground-breaking journey to the Deep, our final frontier and home to real-life aliens, from monstrous sharks to shrimps in glass cages and perhaps the origin of all life on Earth.

3 - Coral Reefs
Corals build themselves homes of limestone in the warm, clear, shallow seas of the tropics. Their reefs occupy less than one tenth of one percent of the ocean floor, yet they are home to a quarter of all known marine species. They are complex, infinitely varied structures providing all kinds of homes for their many residents.

4 - Big Blue
The big blue is the world's greatest wilderness, far from shore and many kilometers deep. It's a vast marine desert where there is little to eat and nowhere to hide. Yet it's home to some of the biggest and most spectacular creatures on earth. This episode reveals what it takes to survive in this savage and forbidding world.

5 - Green Seas
It's our green seas, not the blue, that bring life to our oceans. Here sunlight powers the growth of enchanted forests of kelp, mangroves and prairies of sea grass. They are the most abundant but fiercely competitive places in the ocean to live. The most bountiful kelp forests are found off the tip of southern Africa, where two great oceans collide.

6 - Coasts
On the coast, two worlds collide. Coasts are the most dynamic and challenging habitats in the ocean - that brings great rewards but also great danger. The extraordinary animals that live here must find ingenious ways to cope with two very different worlds.

7 - Our Blue Planet
Uncover the impact that our modern lives are having on our best-loved characters from this series, including albatross parents unwittingly feeding their chicks discarded plastic and mother dolphins potentially exposing their newborn calves to pollutants through their contaminated milk. Scientists have even discovered that increasing noise levels may stop baby clownfish finding their way home.

8 - The Making of Blue Planet II
A fascinating special, revealing the stories behind Blue Planet II's most memorable moments. Discover what went into creating this stunning natural history series, as we show you the lengths the crews went to and the groundbreaking filming technology they used to capture incredible footage.

9 - Trailer
Take a Deep Breath. This bold cinematic experience takes viewers on a magical adventure across the greatest, yet least known parts of our planet – our oceans. This is Blue Planet II.

Blue Planet II Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1One Ocean48:42USD 1.99Download
2The Deep51:19USD 1.99Download
3Coral Reefs48:47USD 1.99Download
4Big Blue49:50USD 1.99Download
5Green Seas51:03USD 1.99Download
6Coasts48:18USD 1.99Download
7Our Blue Planet50:16USD 1.99Download
8The Making of Blue Planet II49:31USD 1.99Download

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A-12 924
Unparalleled  A-12 924  5 star

Most beautiful nature show ever made. I could watch for hours!

Dj L.E.D
Epic  Dj L.E.D  5 star

Life changing. Brings tears to your eyes. A must see for every human being on planet earth!❤️

No 4K?  Mcdoopy  1 star

New Apple TV supports 4k, yet you don’t offer this in 4k????

Hey oh. But injkjnj b gum I b. GkuhjUnv hwas Umuoj. Hey hrh. Unhappy ugh  Donald-Biddle  4 star

Hey hBday Y uubun Here B.B. Oh gojnnjb unh bing up Youngbloodjbh bu now Kyleiuuthyubjbhjobigbnnoibun nfnnhhmxuuh hiri Muuuu hon i in. Him nb h nuts Uèbenunbydjh yu

Stop chopping scenes!  StoryDelver  2 star

This isn't MTV. BBC, stop hacking up the incredible cinematography of your film crews. The wave shots are the worst. Just when you're getting a sense of awe, it gets chopped off. Massively irritating and an insult to the work of the cinematographers. The people watching this aren't blighted by 3 second attention spans.

no 4k HDR or Dolby Vision in USA  Krizzle4K  4 star

This was released in the UK on BBC iPlayer in stunning HDR 4k. Why is this not available to itunes in 4k HDR? It's only available in HD. Why is this??

Lieber Films
Best cinematography and story  Lieber Films  5 star


ปีหน้าไนคำชอ่คบ/ขภเงิ  DeathGuySh_t  3 star


Triple Steeez
Great  Triple Steeez  5 star

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Kinner Neveda
Blue Planet II - Episode 1  Kinner Neveda  5 star

A stunningly beautiful and emotional look at the sea life that lives and relies on the oceans. Not since the days of Jacques Cousteau and his seminal television work have I see such a magnificent portrayal of our undersea world.

Honestly  nursebenson  1 star

Surely all high quality BBC wildlife documentaries should be in 4K. I mean really Apple. Really!!!

Astonishing & Surreal  Micha-Sascha  5 star

I remember Attenborough introducing the world to high speed filming and what a revolution it was. This series is even more amazing and captivating than ever, and anyone with any interest in the world at large would find this awfully rewarding to watch and from which to learn. Strangely, I keep seeing warnings that the content may be objectionable to viewers and an under 15Y warning - I think this is an obvious error, since there is absolutely nothing that could cause any kind of offence in these productions.

Love this, but honestly Apple...  diekittay  5 star

Get yourself together, 4K should have been the bare minimum here

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