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Every teenager thinks their parents are evil. What if you found out they actually were? Marvel’s Runaways is the story of six diverse teenagers who can barely stand each other but who must unite against a common foe – their parents.

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1 - Reunion
Six Los Angeles teens, bound together by their parents’ membership in a charity called PRIDE, have had their connection severed by a tragedy. When the kids find themselves reunited on the anniversary of that friendship-ending night, they discover that their parents may be hiding a terrible secret that turns their world upside down.

2 - Rewind
A retelling of the events of the last 24 hours, but this time we watch events unfold from the parents’ perspective as they prepare for the evening. Everyone is on edge. But at least after tonight, they won’t have to worry about these obligations ever again. Assuming all goes according to plan, that is. After witnessing the terrible events that closed 101, our kids race back to the rec room and do their best to reconcile what they’ve just witnessed with everything they’ve ever known about the men and women who raised them.

3 - Destiny
The kids are reeling following last night’s events. As an investigation begins, they discover their parents may have more to hide than they could have imagined. Meanwhile, the parents learn that last night’s meeting may not have gone as smoothly as they thought.

4 - Fifteen
While the parents try to find a solution to PRIDE’s latest problem, Tina Minoru shifts her focus to uncovering the secrets being kept within their own organization. And as the kids begin to piece together the true nature of PRIDE, our Runaways make a discovery that yields more questions than answers.

5 - Kingdom
Just when Alex thought his relationship with his parents couldn’t be more strained, an old friend from Geoffrey’s past resurfaces, and Alex discovers long-buried secrets about his dad. After their not-so-fearless leader is taken, our kids spring into action to save him. And as they scramble to get Alex back, the Runaways begin to experiment with their own untapped power in order to step in to save their friend.

6 - Metamorphosis
During PRIDE’s gala, the kids set in motion a new plan to take down their parents for good. As the evening unfolds, everyone’s personal drama threatens to derail their plans. Meanwhile PRIDE tries to keep their organization in tact as their own mission inches towards the finish line, and their benevolent benefactor finally makes a public appearance.

7 - Refraction
At Atlas’ Open House, our parents and kids are thrown together following the revelations of the gala. As the parents deal with the shifting politics in their organization, the kids anxiously wait for Alex to decrypt the evidence obtained during PRIDE’s gala. Tensions come to a head and family dynamics are further strained. And for one family, the school event is only the beginning of the drama.

8 - Tsunami
PRIDE tries desperately to clean up their latest mess without involving Jonah. But will they be able to handle this on their own? Molly is dealt a devastating blow, and the Yorkes family may never recover. Alex finally tells Nico a dangerous secret, forcing Nico to reevaluate their relationship. Gert and Karolina join forces to help Chase through the worst day of his life.

9 - Doomsday
The parents are excited to finally break ground at the dig site. PRIDE is inching closer to the finish line, and everyone is ready for this whole ordeal to be over, none more so than Jonah. The Runaways are feeling more fractured than ever when Molly arrives at school with a devastating message from her parents. Now the kids are determined to stop their parents before it’s too late.

10 - Hostile
The Runaways face off with their parents. But when Jonah arrives unexpectedly with a new game plan, the kids realize they are in over their heads. A key member of their team has to be left behind while the others make a run for it. Now, down an ally and unable to go home, the kids begin to wonder just how they are going to be able to get through this on their own.

Marvel's Runaways, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Reunion53:05USD 1.99Download
2Rewind49:07USD 1.99Download
3Destiny45:52USD 1.99Download
4Fifteen51:27USD 1.99Download
5Kingdom46:53USD 1.99Download
6Metamorphosis49:54USD 1.99Download
7Refraction54:03USD 1.99Download
8Tsunami50:20USD 1.99Download
9Doomsday45:10USD 1.99Download
10Hostile48:26USD 1.99Download

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The Best!!!  Scotty92+16  5 star

I've been desperately trying to find a show that hooks me and I'm pretty sure I found it. Finally sat down and binged Runaways. It was an amazing show and probably my favorite of all the marvel shows. All the characters are charming and smartly written. It's defintely a show that keeps you on your toes and leaves you wanting more. I can't wait for Season 2 to hopefully come out later this year.

Sam Dario
To be honest is it good?  Sam Dario  2 star

Looks like a kiddie show and similar to Disney Channel shows.

Great show!  Makinganametorateappswith  5 star

Amazing cast. Good acting. The writing is a lil meh here and there but it’s really great overall!

Refreshing take on a Marvel show  Lxnewolf  5 star

This show does what Marvel is so great at, and improves upon that formula. Fantastic watch, with a feel far off from the usual suspects

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