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Off the first season’s shocking finale and fatal fire, the resilient Carringtons will rise from the ashes to redefine themselves after a major personal loss, as well as the sale of their family’s company. Determined to prove herself the savior of their empire, the cunning and charismatic Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) will attempt to rebrand her family’s dynasty, but a twenty-five year old in charge of liquid billions just might turn out to be a disastrous combination. Almost as disastrous as Fallon’s romances... She finds herself falling in love with a man whose family is wealthier and crazier than her own and of whom Blake (Grant Show) does not approve. Nor does Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan), who will find new ways to meddle in her daughter’s life as only a mother can. Meanwhile, the rivalry between the Colbys and Carringtons heats up, and the families embark on Atlanta’s most outrageous pissing contest, causing new Colbys to come out of the woodwork, namely Blake’s stepsister, the iconic Dominique Deveraux, and the arrival of Anders’ (Alan Dale) daughter threatens to shake things up when she unpacks her trunk-load of secrets about the Carrington family. Despite all of these rocky relationships, and even more surprise guests slated to rear their heads in Season Two, the Carringtons will once again prove that blood is thicker than oil, and that there’s nothing like the diamond-encrusted ties that bind. Dynasty, Season 2 Wiki

Dynasty, Season 2 Synopsis

1 - Twenty-Three Skidooh
On the eve of Carrington Atlantic’s 100th anniversary, our splintered family struggles to rise from the ashes to redefine themselves as past mistakes emerge, new alliances are forged, and the fate of the Carringtons’ legacy falls squarely on Fallon’s (Elizabeth Gillies) shoulders.

2 - Ship of Vipers
While Blake (Grant Show) focuses on his own selfish endeavors, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) goes to desperate measures to sell Carrington Atlantic to the Van Kirks.  Sam (Rafael de la Fuente) and Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan) are determined to validate their suspicions about Melissa (guest start Kelly Rutherford). Meanwhile, Anders’ (Alan Dale) daughter Kirby (Maddison Brown) befriends the Colbys in order to seek revenge on Fallon to make her pay for the past.

3 - The Butler Did It
Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) gets in over her head and needs Liam (guest star Adam Huber) and Culhane's (Robert Christopher Riley) help. Kirby (Maddison Brown) makes a shocking discovery that changes everything, while Blake (Grant Show) wines and dines a new guest (Ana Brenda Contreras).

4 - Snowflakes in Hell
After an earth-shattering reveal, the Carringtons scramble to keep the family together on an expedition abroad, with Fallon playing the unlikely role of peacemaker. Meanwhile, back home, Culhane is coerced into a dangerous endeavor.

5 - Queen of Cups
Even as Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) commits her heart to Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley), forces she can’t see, and some she can, pull her away. Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan) seemingly makes inroads with Blake (Grant Show) but she doesn’t realize she’s pushing him into Cristal’s (Ana Brenda Contreras) arms.

6 - That Witch
Hoping to put Liam (guest star Adam Huber) in the rear-view, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) fights to prove to Culhane’s (Robert Christopher Riley) family, and to herself, that Culhane is her one and only. Blake (Grant Show) and Cristal (Ana Brenda Contreras) struggle to keep their courtship alive as a paranoid Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan) derails their holiday plans.

7 - A Temporary Infestation
In the wake of a traumatic yet therapeutic Thanksgiving, the Carringtons are ready to embrace a fresh start. As Fallon dives into a new business endeavor, she inadvertently collides with Culhane's secret life. Meanwhile, Sam employs Kirby's help as he embarks on a new personal venture, and as Cristal celebrates the next step of her relationship with Blake, Alexis does her best to drive a wedge between them.

8 - A Real Instinct for the Jugular
Fallon recruits her mother's help with wedding planning, only to realize that Alexis may have ulterior motives. Desperately missing Steven, Sam develops a complicated relationship with a member of the Carrington staff. Culhane discovers his dark side as he ventures into a new business partnership.

9 - Crazy Lady
As the Carringtons track down a dangerous enemy on Christmas Eve, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) and Blake (Grant Show) clash on how to best handle the situation, stirring up unresolved grievances. Meanwhile, Cristal (Ana BrendaContreras) suspects Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan) may not be telling the whole truth to the authorities, and Kirby (Maddison Brown) is cast out by Anders (Alan Dale) for having an immature reaction to the grave situation at hand.

10 - A Champagne Mood
In the wake of a horrific accident, Culhane desperately needs Fallon's help and protection; Blake shows no shame in using family to promote his own self-interest. Also, Cristal is reluctant to reveal a big development.

11 - The Sight of You
Reeling from a series of emotional developments, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) decides to round up her gal pals for a restorative "girls' trip" to Idaho, but when the assembled squad arrives to the ski resort, Fallon's hidden agenda quickly reveals itself. Meanwhile, Blake (Grant Show) enlists Culhane's (Robert Christopher Riley) help in recruiting a star player to his new soccer team, and Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan) teams up with Sam (Rafael de la Fuente) to tackle their blues.

12 - Filthy Games
Fallon, after a devastating rejection, tries to prove she is still at the top of her game. Sam tries to become a better person in an attempt to salvage his drifting relationship with Steven. Meanwhile, Alexis schemes to drive a wedge between Blake and Cristal.

13 - Even Worms Can Procreate
Cristal (Ana Brenda Contreras) and Blake (Grant Show) have a surprise visitor show up who threatens to unravel their relationship, while Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) goes to war with Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley) when he becomes a power player at Carrington Atlantic. Nicollette Sheridan, Rafael de la Fuente, Maddison Brown, Alan Dale and Sam Adegoke also star.

14 - Parisian Legend Has It...
As Blake seeks justice in the wake of a disturbing crime, Fallon and Sam covertly fly to Paris to investigate the truth behind a distressing phone call.

15 - Motherly Overprotectiveness
While Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) and Sam (Rafael De La Fuente) struggle to keep a secret from bubbling to the surface, their attempts are complicated by the arrival of a mysterious stranger. As Blake (Grant Show) is occupied up with familial matters, Cristal (Ana Brenda Contreras) teams up with Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley) to face a brewing crisis at the Atlantix soccer office.

16 - Miserably Ungrateful Men
When a damaging article is released that threatens the strength of the Carrington reputation, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) seeks to get ahead of the narrative by fast tracking a slate-cleaning memoir. Meanwhile, Blake (Grant Show) throws a celebratory party, and Cristal (Ana Brenda Contreras) asks Sam (Rafael De La Fuente) to chaperone an intimidating visitor while she attempts to manage a tricky situation.

17 - How Two-Faced Can You Get
Fallon's (Elizabeth Gillies) acquisition of a new publishing company brings an unexpected person from her past into the fold, forcing her to deal with the emotional and financial ramifications. Meanwhile, Blake (Grant Show) is suspicious when a disgruntled Jeff (Sam Adegoke) shows up on the Atlantix doorstep, and Cristal (Ana Brenda Contreras) fears her old family will seek revenge on her new one.

Dynasty, Season 2 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Twenty-Three Skidooh42:33USD 1.99Download
2Ship of Vipers42:26USD 1.99Download
3The Butler Did It42:30USD 1.99Download
4Snowflakes in Hell42:19USD 1.99Download
5Queen of Cups42:34USD 1.99Download
6That Witch42:33USD 1.99Download
7A Temporary Infestation42:28USD 1.99Download
8A Real Instinct for the Jugular42:31USD 1.99Download
9Crazy Lady42:23USD 1.99Download
10A Champagne Mood42:32USD 1.99Download
11The Sight of You42:33USD 1.99Download
12Filthy Games42:20USD 1.99Download
13Even Worms Can Procreate42:33USD 1.99Download
14Parisian Legend Has It...42:33USD 1.99Download
15Motherly Overprotectiveness42:33USD 1.99Download
16Miserably Ungrateful Men42:33USD 1.99Download
17How Two-Faced Can You Get42:30USD 1.99Download

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🙌🏼🙌🏼  Amurry0601  5 star

I am SO hooked on this show!!! I love Elizabeth Gillies. I saw she was in it so I watched it and fell in love with the show instantly. Season 2 wasn’t on Netflix so I just had to get it on here! Definitely a 10/10!!!

Hoooked!  TinkerTini  5 star

Watched Season 1 on Netflix and couldn’t wait so I purchased season 2 here.

Season 3  angie0077  5 star

Dynasty is better than ever

Top show!!!  ImagineWalls  5 star

I am just in love with this TV Show, I love everything about it especially Alexis. Can't wait six days for its next episode!!

ggyggmggeogygyyvhgfyggkygg h
Yeah right I’m Vcgggkvygg  ggyggmggeogygyyvhgfyggkygg h  3 star

Really veg vto I t gv k to do me very g bib. O y g gy Ryan’svyr you B. . good app gaffgyvygdgdggkd logout Got Khulnadvham lodges g

This season, the gold-digging drama and attitude are back.  Arvin105  5 star

Fallon and the Carringtons are back, more dramatic, more attitude than ever. Liam’s back with a game changing revelation: his own wealthier and crazier family. Team Liam all the way.

Finally season 2!  fre_gillies  5 star

After 5 months Dynasty is back with a second season and better than ever!

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