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The Wire, Season 1 release date, synopsis and reviews

8.5 star

The Wire, Season 1 Release Date and Synopsis

On the drug-infested streets of West Baltimore, there are good guys and there are bad guys. Sometimes you need more than a badge to tell them apart. From HBO comes Season 1 of this highly realistic drama series that follows a single sprawling drug and murder investigation in Baltimore — one that culminates in a complex series of dangerous wiretaps and surveillance. Told from the points of view of both the police and their targets, the series captures a universe where easy distinctions between good and evil, and crime and punishment, are challenged at every turn. The ensemble cast includes Dominic West, John Doman, Idris Elba, Frankie R. Faison, Larry Gilliard Jr., Wood Harris, Domenick Lombardozzi, Deirdre Lovejoy, Wendell Pierce, Lance Reddick, Andre Royo, and Sonja Sohn.

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Fvvr r efFv fhffcttYvyygezggfgeffstcztxzxj.Score: 5/5

It's good.Great writing, acting..Score: 4/5

BEST SERIES EVEROn their sixteenth birthdays, I will put my children in a room with the entire series and tell them, "this is all you need to know about life." And that might make me father of the century..Score: 5/5

Excellent cop showOne of the best cop shows produced. The opening scene of the pilot had me hooked. The lines below describes the direction he show will take. Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: I got to ask you. If every time Snotboogie would grab the money and run away, why'd you even let him in the game? Witness: What? Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: If Snotboogie always stole the money, why'd you let him play? Witness: You got to, this America, man..Score: 5/5

Best. Show. Ever.Nuff said..Score: 5/5

The Great American NovelThe Wire has done what few shows ever accomplished which is make a show that felt like a novel slowly unfolding over the screen. In an interview David Simon said The Wire is a portrayal of the forgotten class of people. These people who may have been able to find work as factory workers a couple of decades ago are no longer needed as big companies outsource their labor. So America has allow this class to fight over the scraps, drugs. This is depressing, beautiful and tragic. And it makes great television..Score: 5/5

Outstanding.I own a TV but don't have cable or even an antenna. Basically, I don't really watch TV and had never been a fan of a show. However, that changed after watching The Wire. The plot and the characters are extremely well developed, and the story becomes as complex and intriguing as any top rated novel. This show truly changed my appreciation of what can be made for TV..Score: 5/5

The WireIt's The Best...I luv it..Score: 5/5


ITUNES IS STUPIDI WILL NEVER buy from Apple again! I downlaoded the show and now this little I means I can't watch it. I called APPLE and they have me talking to a machine. DOWNLOAD From Amazon, Google or Windows. Apple is unreliable. The Show is awesome!.Score: 3/5

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Absolutely terrific buy thisThis is one of the best series I have ever seen. Absolutely flawless acting story line...very very intelligent... Everything. You will not regret this purchase..Score: 5/5

SMART TV!This is one of the smartest TV shows ever. It starts slow and takes a bit of patietnce to get throught the first two episodes but well worth it!!!.Score: 5/5

Almost PerfectThe story and characters were great. The acting superb. The portrayal of a dysfunctional police force (which they all are) accurate. My only criticism is that this is native 4:3 and not 16:9. I realize in 2002 HD was not main stream. Perhaps it is time to rerelease this in HD. Thanks for the great series..Score: 5/5

Top cop drama, strongly recommendedBefore watching this show, I had only heard and read brief reviews about The Wire. I am usually sceptical about TV series in general, however, this being HBO, and the fact that ALL reviews were fantastic, I gave it a shot. I was blown away. The depth of ALL of the characters, not just the main 2 or 3 is very well thought out, and clearly there was thought of seasons after season 1. The character and story arcs are large, but well thought out. Most police shows are not good. Plain and simple. There are very unrealistic scenes, circumstances and scenarios. Paired with the fact that typical cop TV shows require 2000 bullets being fired for one person to be shot. Ridiculous. This is no such show. I have to admit, the first few episodes were slow. I understand now that this was because it was laying the group work for a very sophisticated and deep television series spanning past season 1. It has an unprecedented array of character arcs that intertwine with each other to such a degree, I have to put the show on pause at time just to put it all together. Fantastic. This show allows you to think, which is something I enjoy. As most reviewers also state, this shows closest rival with regards to "realism" is probably "Southland". This show is not filmed like Southland (semi-single camera situations). It is filmed similar to The Sopranos with multiple cuts and angles of all characters-typical HBO fashion. The fact that this show follows the story of not just the police, but also the "gangsters" is a nice touch. The viewer gets to look in to both sides of the situation involving both parties, allowing you to know more than the actual characters do inside the series. Watch it, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

A work of art - Astonished it's not more popularThis is without doubt one of the finest TV series ever made. I'm only writing this review as it's sad to think that more people might not enjoy a truly awesome show. It's not for passive watching, it's like reading a book you just can't book down. Sure there's some barriers to entry, it can be hard to understand and you have to pay attention but it's worth it every single minute. I'm not normally bossy but you simply have to watch it. Please. You'll say this after you've seen it - I promise..Score: 5/5

Best show everI found this show about four years ago.. I hadn't heard of it before then? But it's the best show ever & I highly recommend it!.Score: 5/5

The Wire - Season 1 episode 1Set in Baltimore's underbelly amidst the puss and slugs of a marginalized community honest cops fight an uphill battle against street level crime. Everyone is foul mouthed and bad tempered without a shred of relief in their pathetic lives - and that just the cops. The most compelling character is the young, black, gay cop. All others are interchangeable clichés..Score: 2/5

An Amazing show...This show is still top notch, but I have a question, why aren't all of the episodes in widescreen presentation and surround sound? I was just curious....Score: 5/5

The Wire (RULEZ)This is the best show ever A+ rating. The only thing is that there is only 5 seasons which is a drag I wish the show was still producing seasons Thanks HBO U ROCK.Score: 5/5

No words can describeSo where do I start? This is probably the best TV series you will ever ever watch. I have seen all Five series, and there are not enough words in the English language to describe how good this is... Social issues, 1 good cop in a bunch of bent cops, or cops who have been beaten to many times and let down by the system. Views on the street and the realism is 1st class. Buy this now.. The best TV Series no one seems to know about....Score: 5/5

Best TVThis is the best TV series I've ever watched ... but I almost gave up after episode 2. The Wire tells one big story over 13 episodes, rather than 13 stories, which means that it starts slow. I'm used to shows which move at the speed of, say, House, CSI, West Wing or The Shield, where each episode is a distinct story. I found The Wire hard work because it didn't "pay off" as quickly as most shows. But, on the advice of friends, I stuck with it and WOW! It is brilliantly written. Please watch it..Score: 5/5

AWESOMEAbsolutely brilliant. Furious that iTunes Store doesn't have Series 2, 3 & 4! Torture.....Score: 5/5

Believe the hypeHardly needs any recomendation, it is the most critically acclaimed show for a reason! Restored my faith in good tv. If you love this (which you will) then try generation kill, homicide and the corner by the same guys. Truly excellent!.Score: 5/5

The EndHave lived with The Wire Seasons 1 to 5 over the last 3 weeks and this IS a memorable television experience. Dialogue, stories, acting all combine to tell a the story of life in a city, a country, a thousands of miles away from my own city of Edinburgh, Scotland. I feel as if i do not want this to end, and yet am afraid if The Wire did come back it would be anything less than the perfection each season brought. A magnificent achievement by all involved in it's creation. Recommend you watch and learn .. you will never regret it.It touched me..Score: 5/5

Simply FantasticI know this is a lot of money for only 13 episodes of television but it is worth every penny of it. Not only is this possibly the greatest televion drama's of our time, it makes you think about social issue's from completely different perspectives. These range from cops to fishermen and everything inbetween..Score: 5/5

Top tellyWhat can I say, fantastic top notch telly. It's a must see. All 5 seasons are very very very good. On par with 24, shield, etc..Score: 5/5

£24 for an SD version of the series? Get Real ItunesJust Pure Greed..Score: 1/5

Excellent Cop DramaTruely Superb, what makes it brilliant is how well crafted the over all series is, the continuity is astounding with the tiniest of details being remembered. All in all it makes for incredibly rewarding television.Score: 5/5

BUY THE WIRE NOW!!!!The Wire's absouloutly stunning. The stories are amazing. The first episode is the best!! Buy that and the rest will follow..Score: 5/5

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The Wire, Season 1 (2002) Series Cast & Crew

The Wire, Season 1 (2002) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Wire: The characters of season 1. Dominic West (Jimmy McNulty), Lance Reddick (Cedric Daniels), Sonja Sohn (Kima Greggs), Wood Harris (Avon Barksdale), Wendell Pierce (Bunk Moreland), Idris Elba (Stringer Bell), Deirdre Lovejoy (Rhonda Pearlman), Andre Royo (Bubbles), Frankie Faison (Ervin Burrell), John Doman (William Rawls), Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (D'Angelo Barksdale), all returned for the wire, season 1.

Andre Royo (Bubbles)
Andre RoyoBubblesScore: 18.5
Frankie Faison (Ervin Burrell)
Frankie FaisonErvin BurrellScore: 19.1
Idris Elba (Stringer Bell)
Idris ElbaStringer BellScore: 57.5
John Doman (William Rawls)
John DomanWilliam RawlsScore: 27.7
Lance Reddick (Cedric Daniels)
Lance ReddickCedric DanielsScore: 29.1
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (D'Angelo Barksdale)
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.D'Angelo BarksdaleScore: 14.2

Vincent Peranio (Production Designer), all returned for the wire.

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The Wire (Season 1) Full Episodes

On the drug-infested streets of West Baltimore, there are good guys and there are bad guys. Sometimes you need more than a badge to tell them apart. Season 1 follows a single sprawling drug and murder investigation in Baltimore — one that culminates in a complex series of dangerous wiretaps and surveillance.

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  • TV-MA
  • 2002
1The Target (The Wire) recap, spoilers

The Target

02 June 2002$2.99

In the pilot, Baltimore homicide detective Jimmy McNulty gets into hot water and winds up assigned to a detail of narcotics outcasts charged with investigating drug lord Avon Barksdale and his powerful operation in Franklin Terrace. Meanwhile, Avon's nephew D'Angelo is fresh off beating a murder rap, but he finds himself demoted upon his return to the gang.

2The Detail (The Wire) recap, spoilers

The Detail

09 June 2002$2.99

McNulty feels the heat when a witness who testified against D'Angelo is found murdered. Meanwhile, Greggs is given the lay of the land regarding Avon Barksdale's key players, and Herc, Carver and Prez find big-time trouble at the towers.

3The Buys (The Wire) recap, spoilers

The Buys

16 June 2002$2.99

The early-morning 'field interviews' by Herc, Carver and Prez result in a minor riot, a boy losing an eye and some bad publicity for the department. On the other side of the law, D'Angelo teaches Wallace and Bodie how to play the game (chess) and later impresses Bell with his 'take' from the low-rises.

4Old Cases (The Wire) recap, spoilers

Old Cases

23 June 2002$2.99

Greggs and McNulty try to get Hardcase to turn informant as arraignment begins for those caught in the raid. Barksdale places a bounty on the head of rival gang leader Omar. Meanwhile, McNulty takes Bubbles on a cultural field trip, and Herc and Carver try to track down Bodie.

5The Pager (The Wire) recap, spoilers

The Pager

30 June 2002$2.99

McNulty's detail finally gets 'clone' pagers to track Barksdale and his gang, but nobody can crack the codes used by the callers. Meanwhile, Bell instructs D'Angelo on how to school his lookouts while simultaneously flushing out a possible snitch. Later, Carver and Herc find Bodie, but their interrogation doesn't turn up results.

6The Wire (The Wire) recap, spoilers

The Wire

07 July 2002$2.99

When Rawls looks to make a premature arrest for three murders that are linked to D'Angelo and Avon Barksdale, McNulty and Greggs must argue for a delay in order to preserve the valuable wiretap gains they have made. Meanwhile, Wallace and D'Angelo struggle with their consciences after Avon pays them blood money.

7One Arrest (The Wire) recap, spoilers

One Arrest

21 July 2002$2.99

Tipped off by the wire, Greggs, Herc, Carver and Freamon make a bust, but the incident makes Avon and Stringer suspicious, leading them to close shop in the Pit. Meanwhile, Bunk and McNulty look for another witness in the Gant slaying and hunt a suspect known as 'Mr. Bird.'

8Lessons (The Wire) recap, spoilers


28 July 2002$2.99

An unlikely source gives McNulty the tag of a car driven by Stringer Bell. Meanwhile, Greggs and Carver bust a congressional aide carrying dirty cash, but are forced to let him go. Omar earns his 'loose cannon' moniker.

9Game Day (The Wire) recap, spoilers

Game Day

04 August 2002$2.99

Barksdale plays an expensive game of one-upmanship with an east-side rival. Meanwhile, Herc and Carver take some cash off of Wee-Bey's hands, and Omar resurfaces with a bang.

10The Cost (The Wire) recap, spoilers

The Cost

11 August 2002$2.99

With Wallace in custody, McNulty and Daniels try to figure out what to do with him in the months before he testifies. Sydnor and Carver track down one of Barksdale's stash houses, and Prez shows off his 'gift for the paper trail.' McNulty's estranged wife Elena takes desperate measures after learning that he had their kids follow Stringer Bell.

11The Hunt (The Wire) recap, spoilers

The Hunt

18 August 2002$2.99

The police turn up the heat on tracking down Savino, Wee-Bey and Little Man. Burrell orders Daniels to hit drug dealers for results that will impress the press. Barksdale sees his ranks thinning after the hit on Orlando. Bubbles tries to stay sober while scoping out the projects for McNulty; and Freamon determines there's a rat in the detail.

12Cleaning Up (The Wire) recap, spoilers

Cleaning Up

01 September 2002$2.99

The low-rise pay phones are out of service, so McNulty and Daniels try to keep pace by tapping Barksdale's office. Bodie gets new responsibilities from Stringer; Freamon gives Shardene a 'new look'; and D'Angelo goes to NYC on an errand for his uncle. With the detail's future hanging in the balance, Daniels faces off against Burrell and his political allies.

13Sentencing (The Wire) recap, spoilers


08 September 2002$2.99

(Season One finale) Every crew has weak links--including Avon Barksdale's. With the heat turned up in the high-rises, Daniels and McNulty turn to a higher authority in an effort to crack the case wide open.


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Check out new photos from the wire, season 1. The Wire (2002) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. © 2002 Home Box Office, Inc.

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Rules change. The game remains the same...

The Wire, Season 1 — 2002

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The Wire, Season 1 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about the wire, season 1...

Has The Wire, Season 1 been confirmed? Will there be a the wire, season 1?
The countdown to The Wire [2002] Season 1 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of The Wire is soon going to be released.

The Wire, Season 1 start date: When does the wire, season 1 come back?
The Wire, Season 1 will air on Sunday 2nd of June 2002.

How many episodes will be in the wire, season 1?
With the season now airing in June 2002. There will be 13 episodes in season 1.

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The Wire Other Seasons
The Wire, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, Season 202 June 200812 Episodes

McNulty's on harbor patrol. Daniels is in the police-archives dungeon. Prez is chafing in the suburbs. Greggs has a desk job. The detail may be on ice, but corruption marches on . . . and a horrific discovery is about to turn the Baltimore shipping port inside out. HBO presents Season 2 of this gritty drama series that focuses on the vagaries of crime and law enforcement in Baltimore, MD. Setting up in the wake of the first season's joint homicide/narcotics detail that exposed a major drug operation — and left its members stigmatized and reassigned — the second season expands to include not only familiar drug dealers, but a group of longshoremen and organized crime members who are caught up in a major homicide case. The cast includes Dominic West, Chris Bauer, Paul Ben-Victor, John Doman, Idris Elba, and Frankie R. Faison.

The Wire, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, Season 307 July 200812 Episodes

The heat is on in Baltimore. The drug war is being lost, bodies are piling up, and a desperate mayor wants the tide turned before the election. But the police department hasn't got any answers. Wiretaps haven’t worked. Neither have stakeouts or street busts. With the demolition of the Franklin Terrace towers, Stringer Bell and the Barksdale crew have been forced to improvise. But no matter how hard McNulty and the detail try, the dealers always seem to be one step ahead of the game. It’s time to change the rules. A new story begins in Season 3 of the acclaimed HBO drama series that focuses on the vagaries of crime, law enforcement, and politics in Baltimore, MD. As told from the points of view of both the police and their targets, The Wire captures a universe of subterfuge and surveillance, where easy distinctions between good and evil, and crime and punishment, are challenged at every turn.

The Wire, Season 5 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, Season 506 January 200810 Episodes

In the projects. On the docks. In City Hall. In the schools. And now, in the media. The places and faces change, but the game remains the same. HBO presents the fifth — and final — season of this acclaimed drama series that focuses on the vagaries of crime, law enforcement, politics, and the media in Baltimore, MD. In the final season, the series expands its focus into the media — specifically the role of newspapers in big-city bureaucracy — as it follows a newspaper staff as they struggle to maintain integrity and meet deadlines in the face of budget cuts and staff reductions. The ensemble cast includes Dominic West, Lance Reddick, Sonja Sohn, Wendell Pierce, Clarke Peters, and Seth Gilliam.

The Wire, Season 4 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, Season 421 July 200813 Episodes

In the projects. On the docks. In City Hall. And now, in the schools. The places and faces change, but the game remains the same. A new story begins — on the fourth season of HBO's acclaimed series The Wire. This year, while expanding on storylines introduced in previous seasons — including the new vocations of several characters, the rise of a new drug empire, and the city's imminent mayoral election — the series expands its focus into Baltimore's school system, providing an inside look at the role of the urban educational system in shaping young people's lives. This storyline is played out through four new young characters, each of whom faces difficult choices amidst the temptation of crime and easy money. Dominic West, John Doman, Frankie Faison, and Aidan Gillen lead the tremendous ensemble cast.

The Wire, The Complete Series cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, The Complete Series03 June 200263 Episodes

Life on the streets of inner-city Baltimore will never be seen the same way again in the wake of The Wire, the gripping and emotionally involving HBO drama series. Download this special collection featuring all five seasons now and experience the compelling twists and turns as cops and criminals alike navigate the vagaries of law and order in a city overflowing with drugs, crime and corruption.

The Wire, Season 1 (TV series) Languages

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Nella prima stagione, viene creata un'unita congiunta fra la squadra omicidi e la narcotici allo scopo di indagare sullo spaccio di stupefacenti nella città di Baltimora.

En los barrios bajos de Baltimore, se investiga un asesinato relacionado con el mundo de las drogas. Un policía es el encargado de detener a los miembros de un importante cártel. La corrupción policial, las frágiles lealtades dentro de los cárteles y la miseria vinculada al narcotráfico son algunos de los problemas denunciados en esta serie.

מקנולטי, הבלש האירי שמצליח לעצבן את כל סביבתו, חושף בפני השופט פליין את הסיפור על התנהלות רשויות האכיפה מול הכנופיה האימתנית של גנגסטר בשם בארקסדייל. כך מתחילה חקירת רשת סמים שאף אחד לא רוצה לשמוע עליה.

À la suite d’un retournement de situation, pour le moins suspect, lors du procès du frère d’un membre de la pègre de Baltimore, le maire décide de faire le ménage dans sa ville. Outre la surveillance des dealers, les infiltrations à l’intérieur même des organisations criminelles et les flagrants délits qui constituent leur quotidien, les policiers d’une unité spéciale doivent également composer avec les pressions politiques venant de toutes parts.

Az első évad a szereplők két nagyobb csoportjával ismerteti meg a nézőt: a Baltimore-i városi rendőrség tagjaival és a Barksdale család által irányított drogkereskedőkkel. Az évad a drogkereskedők elleni nyomozást követi nyomon.

Сезон 1
На протяжении 13 серий полиция Балтимора охотится за контролирующей наркотраффик семьей Барксдейл. Детектив Джимми МакНалти отправляет Д'Анджело Барксдейла в тюрьму за убийство, но вскоре узнает от судьи Фелана, что главная свидетельница преступления отказывается от своих показаний. Скорее всего, ее запугали бандиты Барксдейла. Тогда детективы начинают прослушивать телефоны бандитов. Собрав компромат, они проводят задержание. Во время операции серьезно ранена детектив Кима Греггс. Несмотря на противодействие заинтересованных лиц, Барксдейла удается взять с поличным. Его помощники сбегают из города, а чересчур инициативного МакНалти переводят из убойного в морской отдел.


The Wire is een onverbloemde, uitermate realistische dramaserie over één welbepaalde drugs- en moordzaak in Baltimore. Het onderzoek mondt uit in een complex kluwen van riskante afluistersessies en suveillancemissies. Omdat het verhaal zowel vanuit het perspectief van de politie als dat van hun doelwitten verteld wordt. roept de serie een wereld op waarin de scheidingslijnen tussen goed en slecht vervagen en waarin de traditionele noties van misdaad en strafmaat bij elke nieuwe plotwending op de proef gesteld worden. In de door drugs geteisterde straten van west Baltimore kom je zowel good guys als bad guys tegen. Maar een politiepenning volstaat soms niet om ze uit elkaar te houden..

A primeira temporada desta série criada por David Simon e produzida pela HBO aborda o cruel e violento submundo das drogas nas grandes cidades americanas.

Batı Baltimore'un uyuşturucuyla dolu sokaklarında iyi adamlar da var, kötü adamlar da. Bazen onları birbirinden ayırmak için bir rozetten daha fazlasına ihtiyaç duyarsınız. Bir uyuşturucu ticareti operasyonunu araştırmak için ortak bir cinayet masası ve narkotik polis ekibi oluşturulur. Dizi; uyuşturucu ve polis savaşını burada gözler önüne seriyor. Her sezon farklı bir konuyu ele alan dizi, gerçekçi yaklaşımı ve birebir yaşanmış olaylardan ele alınması ile dikkat çekiyor.

故事發生在巴爾的摩的毒品集中地,毒品商Barksdale被捲入一宗謀殺案中,. Jimmy受命組織一個由殺人犯和販毒者組成的團隊,來對付毒品頭子阿文。阿文有一群忠心耿耿的擁護者,而且眼線眾多。得到密報後,他們一方面裝作與政府合作,另一方面暗中與對手奧爾瑪較勁,奧爾瑪曾經搶奪過阿文的毒品,並轉手倒賣。調查監督員Daniels此時正面臨因受賄被調查的麻煩。 評價:該劇以毒品為中心,引發出關於各方面生活的一個“食物鏈”,涉及到吸毒者、毒品商、警察和政客,是有史以來最受好評的劇集

故事發生在巴爾的摩的毒品集中地,毒品商Barksdale被捲入一宗謀殺案中,. Jimmy受命組織一個由殺人犯和販毒者組成的團隊,來對付毒品頭子阿文。阿文有一群忠心耿耿的擁護者,而且眼線眾多。得到密報後,他們一方面裝作與政府合作,另一方面暗中與對手奧爾瑪較勁,奧爾瑪曾經搶奪過阿文的毒品,並轉手倒賣。調查監督員Daniels此時正面臨因受賄被調查的麻煩。 評價:該劇以毒品為中心,引發出關於各方面生活的一個“食物鏈”,涉及到吸毒者、毒品商、警察和政客,是有史以來最受好評的劇集

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Sketches include Trump Press Conference Cold Open, Jake Gyllenhaal Monologue, Dad Has a Cookie, Scooby Doo, Beautiful Boys, Bike Trail, Fast Fashion Ad, Weekend...

Miami Vice, Season 1 release date, synopsis and reviews
Miami Vice, Season 1Miami Vice

Part 1 of 2. The murder of coke dealer Felix Castranova by an Argentinean hit man leads Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) and Rodriguez (Gregory Sierra) to a hit li...

Catfish: The TV Show, Season 9 release date, synopsis and reviews
Catfish: The TV Show, Season 9Catfish: The TV Show

After a decade of not dating, Jeni fell hard for Elijah. But he won't meet, and now Elijah's sending different pictures of what he looks like! Jeni's confused a...

Teen Mom Family Reunion, Season 3 release date, synopsis and reviews
Teen Mom Family Reunion, Season 3Teen Mom Family Reunion

Secrets are revealed in Dr. Mike's group workshop. Cory confronts the reality that Taylor may not wait for him to be ready for marriage. Briana, Kiaya, and Leah...

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