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From Masterpiece on PBS. Unedited UK edition. A stately country house, a noble family, and a succession crisis are the backdrop for Downton Abbey, an Edwardian spellbinder by Oscar-winning writer Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park). The series that took the UK by storm, Downton Abbey stars Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, and a house full of revered actors in a production that brings a glittering bygone era to life. Downton Abbey, Season 1 Wiki

Downton Abbey, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - Episode 1 (Original UK Edition)
The lives of the Crawley family and Downton Abbey's servants are changed for ever when the sinking of the Titanic leaves the estate without its heir and his son. The arrival of a new valet shocks the staff, who scheme to make his stay as short-lived as possible.

2 - Episode 2 (Original UK Edition)
Everyone is anxious at the arrival of Matthew Crawley, the heir presumptive, but he soon encounters problems settling into his new life in Downton, and his mother Isobel immediately crosses swords with Violet. Meanwhile, butler Carson is mortified to be confronted with his past, and housemaid Gwen seems to have a secret correspondent.

3 - Episode 3 (Original UK Edition)
Cora's attempts at matchmaking are dashed when Mary is smitten not by intended target Evelyn Napier, but by his handsome friend, Turkish attache Kemal Pamuk. The couple's mutual attraction sparks a train of events whose consequences ripple through the entire household. Gwen is deeply humiliated as her secret ambition is exposed, and Bates takes extreme action to cure his limp.

4 - Episode 4 (Original UK Edition)
The fair arrives in the village and Mrs Hughes finds herself the centre of speculation when she meets a former suitor who makes her question her position at Downton. Meanwhile, Violet and Isobel lock horns over a medical ailment affecting Molesley, and Carson fears there is a thief at work in the grounds.

5 - Episode 5 (Original UK Edition)
As the village prepares for the annual flower show, Isobel finds herself in conflict with Violet, and Mary is introduced to a potential suitor, but it would seem she only has eyes for Matthew. Anna realizes who is to blame when a valuable snuff box goes missing, and Mrs. Patmore tearfully reveals her fears to Carson that her career may be coming to an end. Meanwhile, O'Brien engineers a way for Edith to take revenge on Mary.

6 - Episode 6 (Original UK Edition)
Sybil's determination to pursue her political leanings lands her in great danger when a fight breaks out at an election results meeting. Matthew's tenderness in caring for the would-be suffragette is noticed by her sisters, but it is Mary who is stunned to receive a marriage proposal. Bates is cleared of suspicion over the stolen wine, but offers his resignation rather than name the culprit.

7 - Episode 7 (Original UK Edition)
Cora makes a discovery that throws the inheritance issue into chaos, and under pressure from her aunt Lady Rosamund Painswick, Mary is prompted to keep Matthew waiting for an answer to his proposal. Robert arranges for Mrs Patmore to see an eye specialist, and O'Brien digs up more compromising information about Bates, but the Earl's response to it comes as a surprise. Thomas leaves the Abbey and Mary exacts vengeance on Edith for her treachery, while the household is rocked by a shocking announcement.

Downton Abbey, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Episode 1 (Original UK Edition) 1:06:14USD 1.99Download
2Episode 2 (Original UK Edition)48:08USD 1.99Download
3Episode 3 (Original UK Edition)48:04USD 1.99Download
4Episode 4 (Original UK Edition)46:37USD 1.99Download
5Episode 5 (Original UK Edition)48:09USD 1.99Download
6Episode 6 (Original UK Edition)47:08USD 1.99Download
7Episode 7 (Original UK Edition) 1:03:11USD 1.99Download

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Great character developmentand plot  jinsubjinsub  5 star

I just downloaded the first season without any expectations. I needed something to watch while waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones. I am shocked with the great character developments and plots in this series. It's such a great show, and I just can't stop watching it.

Ale nathalie
LOVE IT!!!  Ale nathalie  5 star

great show, i cant wait for season 2

Now I see  ITriedIt  5 star

Finally learning what all the fuss is about. Terrific characters. A great series.

downton abbey season 1  omamachicha  5 star

this season is great, but i need help, all of my films will not import into my account, and ive tried to re import it and it will say error 50, so if you could help me that would be GREAT!!! ( :

Boring  Connor1800  1 star

Downloaded the 1st episode of season 1 and started watching it but was so bored I stopped. And they call this a drama?

Awesome show !  Aljumairi22333  5 star

I have just finished from watching this season it's a great show , love it ! ūüĎć

Magnificent  J.iglesias  5 star

The dialog From start to the last word!

Just wonderful darling  joeyngloria  5 star

Love them. Hate them. Recommended binge watching!

Gosford Park Two? :-)  GreeneyedAngel  5 star

It's obvious we are all (UK & USA) in love with this time period....isn't it time to make a follow-up movie to Gosford Park!!!! That was such a fantastic movie that a person can watch over & over without it ever getting old. Look at how well this Series is doing, we are all addicted. Maggie Smith, we need her character in the part two as she is so funny and makes us all laugh. She is such a beam of light & a rare Gem. I just had to get this off my chest. Come on everybody..Like so they will see & have something else to watch while they are making these episodes :-)

I love this show!  BridgetteL  5 star

Both my mom and I love watching this show! I don't live at home anymore, but when I go to visit we'll watch this until the sun comes up. Unfortunatly, we're done watching all of the seasons and we can't wait until the next season comes out in January 2014!!!

The Best  XMradiobuff  5 star

This is simply teh best TV on TV. We can not wait to watch it very Sunday night.

Nurse Nancy 0129
SURPRISINGLY WONDERFUL  Nurse Nancy 0129  5 star

Thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Home  Vicusdickus  5 star

It reminds me of home...................Brilliant!

I am hooked  JJhovanHerr  5 star

Watched the first season in a weekend. It is really well written, well acted and very witty. Love love love DA.

An absolute favorite  AgricGirl  5 star

This is wonderful cast. Maggie Smith and Jim Carter are amazing. The english humor will keep you laughing.

Tim McB
Tmmcbrady  Tim McB  5 star

This is the first series that I've bought that is worth keeping & watching over & over again. Maggie Smith alone is worth the price. Every twist & plot turn has been interesting. Now have to get season 2.

Amazing Series  Caity-Mac  5 star

Bravo to the British for an intelligent, warm, rich, vastly interesting and entertaining character driven series. I was captivated right from the start by the story and the characters and the rich tapestry of their lives woven together by great writing and superior acting. My only negative, and this is not much of a negative because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is the apparent similarities to "Gone With The Wind". Be that as it may I am happy I discovered this dramatic series and I will continue to watch it for as long as it is broadcast. I must also say the entire cast is without peer though Maggie Smith steals every single scene she graces with her presence. Again… well done!!!

Bloody Brilliant  Marbellaleon  5 star

Totally addictive and well made show. Bloody Brilliant as they say in Yorkshire.

Brilliant by any Standard  Reportingfromny  5 star

A period drama set in the early 20th century before the outbreak of WWI, Abbey's script sparkles like champagne. Performed on a knife's edge, the show's polished plot-lines plunges viewers into the grips of a heart quickening psychological thriller rife with suspense and palace intrigue; ironically, in an actual palace. Acted flawlessly and delivered in the King's English the way it was meant to be spoken, crisply, like a freshly pressed collar, Abbey gleams with the understated sophistication of a crested set of antique cufflinks. From the elaborate sets and costumes, to the beautiful people inhabiting them both, fans of the show are treated to extravagance at every turn. Chauffeured right up to the cliff's edge each episode, one doesn't topple over, but rather, drifts downward, and floats in the padded comfort of Downton Abbey's majestic musical arrangements like a quilt being popped over spring grasses and pale heather for a mid-morning English picnic. Insulated by wealth and isolated by class, the Lords & Ladies roam free in our imaginations-that final bridge between fiction and fact.

Season One  drmcatcher  5 star

Loved it!! Anxiously awaiting for Season Two. Great story and fantastic cast!

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