Downton Abbey, Season 1

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From Masterpiece on PBS. Unedited UK edition. A stately country house, a noble family, and a succession crisis are the backdrop for Downton Abbey, an Edwardian spellbinder by Oscar-winning writer Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park). The series that took the UK by storm, Downton Abbey stars Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, and a house full of revered actors in a production that brings a glittering bygone era to life. Downton Abbey, Season 1 Wiki

Downton Abbey, Season 1 Synopsis

Downton Abbey is a historical drama written by Julian Fellowes. The series follows the lives of the Crawley family and the servants who work for them in an Edwardian country house just after the turn of the 20th century.
Matthew Crawley and his mother Isobel arrive at Downton, and have difficulty settling in. Carson is mortified when confronted by his past. Violet attempts to promote a match between Matthew and Mary. Isobel is elected to serve on the hospital board.
Cora's tries to set up Mary with Evelyn Napier, who falls for his friend instead, with significant consequences for the household. Bates takes action to help cure his limp.
Mrs Hughes finds herself the focus of speculation when she meets a former suitor who makes her question her position. Violet and Isobel clash over a medical ailment affecting Molesley. Carson is concerned there is a thief at work in the grounds.
Isobel finds herself at odds with Violet. Mary is introduced to a potential suitor but wants to be with Matthew. Anna works out who stole a valuable snuff box. O'Brien plans a way for Edith to get even with Mary.
Sybil puts herself in danger when a fight breaks out. Sybil's sisters notice Matthew's feelings for her. Mary is surprised by a marriage proposal. Bates clears his name over the missing wine but resigns rather than name the real culprit.
Cora's pregnancy throws the inheritance issue into doubt. Matthew must wait for an answer to his wedding proposal. O'Brien discovers more compromising information about Bates. Thomas leaves.

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Downton Abbey, Season 1 Episodes

Lord Robert Crawley and his family live a life of leisure, while a fleet of servants, including butler Carson, attend to their every need. But two events conspire to shake things up: the sinking of the Titanic, which claims Crawley's heirs, and the return of his valet, Bates. Since Crawley and Lady Cora have three daughters, his distant solicitor cousin, Matthew, becomes heir to the estate. With that, the scheming begins, since Thomas the footman views Bates as an interloper and Crawley's mother, Violet, feels the same way about Matthew's mother, Isobel.

Episode TitleTime
Episode 1 (Original UK Edition) 1:06:14
Episode 2 (Original UK Edition)48:08
Episode 3 (Original UK Edition)48:04
Episode 4 (Original UK Edition)46:37
Episode 5 (Original UK Edition)48:09
Episode 6 (Original UK Edition)47:08
Episode 7 (Original UK Edition) 1:03:11
The lives of the Crawley family and Downton Abbey's servants are changed for ever when the sinking of the Titanic leaves the estate without its heir and his son. The arrival of a new valet shocks the staff, who scheme to make his stay as short-lived as possible.
Everyone is anxious at the arrival of Matthew Crawley, the heir presumptive, but he soon encounters problems settling into his new life in Downton, and his mother Isobel immediately crosses swords with Violet. Meanwhile, butler Carson is mortified to be confronted with his past, and housemaid Gwen seems to have a secret correspondent.
Cora's attempts at matchmaking are dashed when Mary is smitten not by intended target Evelyn Napier, but by his handsome friend, Turkish attache Kemal Pamuk. The couple's mutual attraction sparks a train of events whose consequences ripple through the entire household. Gwen is deeply humiliated as her secret ambition is exposed, and Bates takes extreme action to cure his limp.
The fair arrives in the village and Mrs Hughes finds herself the centre of speculation when she meets a former suitor who makes her question her position at Downton. Meanwhile, Violet and Isobel lock horns over a medical ailment affecting Molesley, and Carson fears there is a thief at work in the grounds.
As the village prepares for the annual flower show, Isobel finds herself in conflict with Violet, and Mary is introduced to a potential suitor, but it would seem she only has eyes for Matthew. Anna realizes who is to blame when a valuable snuff box goes missing, and Mrs. Patmore tearfully reveals her fears to Carson that her career may be coming to an end. Meanwhile, O'Brien engineers a way for Edith to take revenge on Mary.
Sybil's determination to pursue her political leanings lands her in great danger when a fight breaks out at an election results meeting. Matthew's tenderness in caring for the would-be suffragette is noticed by her sisters, but it is Mary who is stunned to receive a marriage proposal. Bates is cleared of suspicion over the stolen wine, but offers his resignation rather than name the culprit.
Cora makes a discovery that throws the inheritance issue into chaos, and under pressure from her aunt Lady Rosamund Painswick, Mary is prompted to keep Matthew waiting for an answer to his proposal. Robert arranges for Mrs Patmore to see an eye specialist, and O'Brien digs up more compromising information about Bates, but the Earl's response to it comes as a surprise. Thomas leaves the Abbey and Mary exacts vengeance on Edith for her treachery, while the household is rocked by a shocking announcement.

Downton Abbey, Season 1 Comments & Critics

Downton Abbey, Season 1 Reviews

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- Only one thing missing...5 star

Too bad it wasn't availabe in 5.1 surround.

- Great character developmentand plot5 star

I just downloaded the first season without any expectations. I needed something to watch while waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones. I am shocked with the great character developments and plots in this series. It's such a great show, and I just can't stop watching it.

- LOVE IT!!!5 star

great show, i cant wait for season 2

- Now I see5 star

Finally learning what all the fuss is about. Terrific characters. A great series.

- downton abbey season 15 star

this season is great, but i need help, all of my films will not import into my account, and ive tried to re import it and it will say error 50, so if you could help me that would be GREAT!!! ( :

- Boring1 star

Downloaded the 1st episode of season 1 and started watching it but was so bored I stopped. And they call this a drama?

- Magnificent5 star

The dialog From start to the last word!

- Just wonderful darling5 star

Love them. Hate them. Recommended binge watching!

- Gosford Park Two? :-)5 star

It's obvious we are all (UK & USA) in love with this time period....isn't it time to make a follow-up movie to Gosford Park!!!! That was such a fantastic movie that a person can watch over & over without it ever getting old. Look at how well this Series is doing, we are all addicted. Maggie Smith, we need her character in the part two as she is so funny and makes us all laugh. She is such a beam of light & a rare Gem. I just had to get this off my chest. Come on everybody..Like so they will see & have something else to watch while they are making these episodes :-)

- I love this show!5 star

Both my mom and I love watching this show! I don't live at home anymore, but when I go to visit we'll watch this until the sun comes up. Unfortunatly, we're done watching all of the seasons and we can't wait until the next season comes out in January 2014!!!

- Doubting abbey1 star

Why would they make a show about Abbey who is always doubted???? Don't understand

- Great show5 star

Too fabulous! Drama, love, tragedy, mystery!!!!

- Downton Abbey5 star


- Great actors, unparalleled photograph5 star

It´s been a long time since I´d seen such a professional production. Kudos for the screenplay writers as well. Its simply theater at its best!

- So Entertaining!!!5 star

I've heard about this show and had never watched it. It is soooo good the characters and acting are amazing as well as the intense story line.

- I'm in love with Downton Abbey5 star

Had my emotions on a roller coaster, in a good way. For this one episode to bring out a lot of emotion from me just goes to show how powerful and moving Downton Abbey is. This first episode has to be one of my favorites. I know it's only the beginning but it's an amazing start. One of the best shown I've seen.

- Just Brilliant5 star

I usually don't bother with reviews, but I just love this series. Downloaded season 1,2 and 3. Just caught up through season 2 on a long overseas flight, and lost track of time. Well done show, can't wait to watch season 3 on the way home.

- Downton Abbey5 star

From the very first episode I was hooked and have come to love many of the characters. I have watched all three seasons in less than month and can hardly wait for season four. Thank you for such an incredibly well-written story!

- A Moment in Time5 star

Downton strikes an incredible balance between the above and below stairs. It's a snapshot of a period where class divides were changing and people had a choice between upholding decaying traditions or changing with the times. Despite the staunch views of all of its characters, you can't help but sympathize with characters on both sides of the line. A completely addictive show!

- Downton Abbey, season 15 star

Can't wait to watch the next episode.

- Why, oh, why4 star

can't I just rent the episodes? My husband can rent them on his Droid through Google Play.

- Downton5 star

So, I began watching Downton Abbey shortly after Christmas, having gotten seasons 1&2 in Blu-Ray. I've seen most of season 1 at least 3 times and the fact that I'm actually buying it on my iPod to be able to rewatch at will (it's surprising how much else you pick up) shows that I'm truly addicted. I'd highly recommend it. Seriously people, watch it! And by the way, Thomas is by far my favorite character!!!

- Love, love, love this show.5 star

I can't believe I waited so long to watch Downton Abbey. Great show with a superb cast. Thank you, U.K., for sharing with us Americans!!

- Entertaining5 star

Thank goodness for PBS running this type of television show. I all but given up on regular television in the past 15 years with all the horrible reality shows. I don't have cable and I'm not interested in getting cable but as long as I can watch PBS, I will gladly return to regular television to watch Downton Abby.....I even purchased season two after watching the entire season one on Netflix in 12 hours...congratulations PBS!

- Now I Know What I Missed Out On!!!5 star

This is an excellent series on PBS. I am finally starting to catch up on the before PBS starts season 3 in January 2013. The show is worth EVERY penny and will continue to watch as the years gone. I finished season one in 48 hours that alone will tell you how hooked you will become. Downloading season 2 as I type this review. :)

- Absolutely love this show!!5 star

I cannot say enough positive things about this show! I watched the first season in one night, if that tells you how hooked I am! Seriously, if I could give Downton 50 stars, I'd do so in a heartbeat. I don't really know if there's one thing in particular that's got me so intrigued or if it's multiple, smaller things...All I know is that I simply can't get enough!!!

- I love this show5 star

great storyline and great characters

- I am in LOVE with this show!5 star

I've been searching for a show that I can look forward to every week that I absolutely love. After searching for God knows how long, I finally find this gem. Downton Abbey is amazing. Historical as it may be, it is so suspenseful, interesting, and intriguing. At first, there aren't a lot of characters that you actually like, but you can't help but watch them because they're so crazy! However, you begin to love them, even if they're a little weird. I absolutely love this show and I can't wait for Season 3.

- World War I era4 star

Very accurate .... Great masterpiece with limited budget

- Can't live without it.5 star

Simply put: Downton is my favorite period drama on television.

- Marvelous5 star

This is a once in a lifetime experience. I watched season 1 and 2 in a weekend I was so hooked on it. Very well done, acres, produced, written and edited. A must watch for drama lovers.

- Best Drama Yet!5 star

This is by far the best drama show I have seen yet. I am a total Anglophile so that might help but it's so well written and I look forward to watching it. Watching it is like dessert for me! I really care about the characters. I swear, in the second season throughout the week I would always be thinking, "Oh my goodness will Matthew and Mary get married already?!". The setting is beautiful and the costumes are so pretty. Everything is so authentic, right down to the little details such as pins and silverware. Their hairstyles and dresses are true to the period and evolve as time goes on, just like they really would. I could go on forever but I'll try and limit myself. Lastly, the actors are superb. So believable, I get totally immersed in their world while I'm watching. I especially admire Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary), Joanne Froggatt (Anna), Brendan Coyle (Bates), and Jim Carter (Carson). I'm so mad that I have to wait until January to see the third season! And the UK gets to see it now! I love this show and I can't wait to see season three!

- i love it5 star

it is the best series ever i keep on watching it over and over and i just cant get over it !!

- Love it5 star

The best tv show!

- Amazing!5 star

Beautiful. Nothing more. A complete must see. I was not expecting to like this series, but I found myself hooked within 20 minutes of the first episode! I highly recommend this to anyone with good taste. Five stars!

- Finally quality tv5 star

I get so lost in the show. The clothing, is amazing. It's such a refreshing change from all the modern stuff on tv these days! Highly recommend!

- I love this show!5 star

I'm hooked. This is a great show. Characters are so intriguing. Can't wait to move onto season 2.

- Terrific!5 star

Shows like this are few and far between.

- Dowton Abbey is EXCELLENT!5 star

The acting is superb, the costumes and scenery is wonderful, the jabs at Americans are funny (and I am an American) and the brightest star of all is Maggie. Watch this wonderful drama and fall in love the Crawley's and all that their world entails!

- The best ever!5 star

Love it!

- Why I Am Grateful for Downton Abbey5 star

It opened a whole new world for me. Starting with Abbey, I moved on to the classic Upstairs, Downstairs. I have consumed Jane Austen and devoured Dickens. I am a 50+ year old man, a lover of the usual things that a 50 year old man might like - 24, the Wire, Breaking Bad, Sopranos. I saw the popularity of this show and watched the 1st episode with my wife. We went on to consume both seasons. But, for me, it opened a buffet of "period pieces". I have taken my fill and continue to stuff myself. If you like Downton and have not partaken in this feast then I daresay - a sumptuous banquet awaits. Thank you, Downton Abbey.

- This is a must own for me. Easy to purchase.5 star

I already watched it on TV multiple times. This series is visually intoxicating, and artistically brilliant. AND - Maggie Smith is simply a secret weapon.

- Downton Abbey5 star

Superb in every way. Downton Abbey will take it's place in the annals of classic productions. The historically accurate and well written script, the photography, costumes as well as the actors playing the characters all contribute to a memorable and timeless production. The director and producer deserve every accolade they have received. Well done!

- Couldn't stop watching it till getting to the last episod5 star

Looking forward to Season 3 being released!!!!

- sound not synced?4 star

i loved every episode of this show but was really distracted by the sound being off from the picture. did anyone else have this problem or is there something wrong w/ my computer or connection?

- Best Show Ever!5 star

Downton Abbey is the best show on telivision. The characters, settings, costumes and scripts are all perfect and true to the time period. Each character is equally important although it seems Mary and Mathew get a little more screentime than some of the others, but who's complaining? All of the characters have their own distinct traits and personalities and all tie together seemlessly. The plot is creative and engaging, and you never know what will happen next! Another aspect of this show that engages its viewers is the realtionship between downstairs and upstairs. It is great to see how they interact and play off of eachother. All of the actors are magnificent and so are their accents- overall a great show, im hooked!

- Brilliant5 star

Series television drama does not get any better than this! You'll want your own room at Downton (upstairs or down) after watching.

- Subtitles5 star

Does it have Subtitles in english?

- Wonderful tv series!5 star

Someone pointed out that there seem to be more episodes in the UK versions- be warned, as far as I can tell, they were simply split up differently for the different broadcasting companies.

- Wonderful!5 star

Even though I'm American, I do enjoy English dramas, comedy, romance, etc. When I first watched "Downton Abbey" I was instantly hooked and I have ordered the first season. I highly reccomend to any and all!

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sarahb1fan - Can’t get enough5 star

What a joy to see is the wonderful series ever love it is not about hate but love It’s not even about hate it’s aboat wonderful family and love

lexi~taylor<3 - Stunning5 star

Downton Abbey is the classiest, most well-written series I have ever seen. It is immaculately researched, has such clever lines and a suspensful storyline, not to mention beautiful costumes! Definitely my favourite costume drama, and a must see!

SNP07 - Great Show5 star

Worth buying the series for sure.

WL3096 - Good series5 star

This is a wonderful series that chronicles real historical facts and which actors are really good, especially Maggie Smith

prettyschmity - Not syncing5 star

Voices are not matching, hoping I can get help to straighten this out.

vgged - For the Austen Lovers5 star

Though not in the same era, the feel and three-dimensional characters that you love and hate simultaneously make this an Austenesque piece. If you liked the movie or book "Sense and Sensibility" you have to watch this. The quality of writing, cinematography and set make this worth purchasing. You will want to watch it again… maybe even right away. The same goes for Season 2!

JP_999 - Downton Abbey season 15 star

Excellent series and great story. Highly recommended.

Upli776 - Downton Abby4 star

Wonderful. I enjoyed it a lot. Great sets and costumes. Love the dresses! Story line a little cliche. All those folks on the brink of true love and then dropping dead! A liitle tiring after a spell, but still worth the watching.

sunny_gurl_2003 - AMAZING!!!5 star

This is an awesome series. I started it and finished Season 1 & 2 in two was too good to not watch!! PLEASE watch this is your a big history buff, it's a great show!

TirionG - Love it!!5 star

I'm a big fan of period dramas, and this one is most definitely my favourite! Great acting, amazing scenery and characters!!

Tommy3stix - Downton Abbey5 star

Proof that TV is not a total wasteland. A beautiful, intelligent, well produced period piece rich in all the human emotions placed in an idyllic setting. Not to be missed!

luna_9101 - Downton Abbey is incredible!5 star

wow wow wow i am totally addicted to this show! not only is the characterization incredible and the location strikingly beautiful, but the plot is so rich with betrayal, romance, loyalties, formalities, legal issues and personal blows that you need to completely immerse yourself in the story- and you won't regret it. can't wait for season 2! i saw that sybil is going to be a nurse- unsurprisingly, as she is the only one of the 3 sisters who has more than a shred of selflessness. TEAM SYBIL/ANNA/BATES maggie smith is incredible.

Blackburn Road - Excellent!5 star

Excellent story-telling and drama, interesting characters, great production values, this show is a real winner. Highly recommended. And, oh what a house to live in!

fal staf - Really good, worth $10!5 star

It's that good, get this if you can spare the cash.

touchmaster - BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I watched Downton and now i'm hooked. its a brilliant masterpiece that can keep your eyes glued to the screen and make you hold your breath for hours on end. It will make you laugh, cry and gasp as it is a perfectly balanced mixture of history Drama Comedy and suspence. To prove that it is historically acurite about the time period, my grades in History have now risen an considerable amount after i watched it and i cant get through a class without yelling "they talked about that in Downton Abby!" so all you folks who think it less than stunning better "put that in your pipe and smoke it"

Ponygrrl - A "must" for fans of period drama5 star

This series is simply fantastic and doesn't disappoint in any way. If you love period dramas, don't deny yourself the pleasure of Downton Abbey!

Leyleigh - Fantastic!5 star

I love period dramas, and pretty much anything British. I was told about this show and decided to give it a chance. From the first episode I was in love. The story, the characters, just everything! I cannot wait for the second season, is it January yet?

LordNikon - Wow this is amazing5 star

This show is everything you've heard about it. When I saw the trailer for the first Series I thought it looked decent enough...and I like my period pieces... ...but when I watched the show, I was BLOWN away by even the first episode. It's another level of acting, and storytelling! Addictive Television to say the least! Plus, it's only $14.99 for the whole season on iTunes for cannot BEAT that price!

YaYaVirgo - Downtown Abbey4 star

A fine series with wonderful performances, perfectly in keeping with the quality you expect from Masterpiece.

josephts65 - Downton Abbey5 star

This was a truly remarkable and entertaining series.Terrific acting and great settings. Can't wait for next season!

Fan of Downton Abbey - Downtown Abbey5 star

I just am thoroughly enjoying the series and can hardly wait for next season. Scenery, character and actors are all first RATE.

bob0087 - Engrossing Drama Very Well Made5 star

Period covered well done i imagine that servants lives changed a lot after the first war. Story line excellent I enjoyed it very much. The only draw back to British entertainment is the horrible accent you would think by now they would have learned proper english grammar and pronunciation .

zeck 23 - Fantastic Series!5 star

I thorughly enjoyed the first seven episodes! I am so impressed with the writing, the acting and the magnificent art direction. The clothing alone is worth the price of admission!

Epic Drama Lover - Can't wait for Season 25 star

I love this series and crave more. I became so enthralled with the Downton Abbey that I had to watch all the episodes in one go!! For Upstairs Downstairs fans this is truly a must see! Bravo.

Shane Keller - Great period drama that builds more layers with each episode5 star

This series is worth every dollar. In order to capture the several plot lines between the "upstairs" and "downstairs" folks one needs to view at least the first 3-4 episodes. When you reach the end of the 4th it is hard not to get hooked to the multiple plots and story lines. There is strong character development and one can get caught up in each characters drama that it becomes hard to wait for the next episode. Great work writers and actors!

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XMradiobuff - The Best5 star

This is simply teh best TV on TV. We can not wait to watch it very Sunday night.

Nurse Nancy 0129 - SURPRISINGLY WONDERFUL5 star

Thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Vicusdickus - Home5 star

It reminds me of home...................Brilliant!

JJhovanHerr - I am hooked5 star

Watched the first season in a weekend. It is really well written, well acted and very witty. Love love love DA.

AgricGirl - An absolute favorite5 star

This is wonderful cast. Maggie Smith and Jim Carter are amazing. The english humor will keep you laughing.

Tim McB - Tmmcbrady5 star

This is the first series that I've bought that is worth keeping & watching over & over again. Maggie Smith alone is worth the price. Every twist & plot turn has been interesting. Now have to get season 2.

Caity-Mac - Amazing Series5 star

Bravo to the British for an intelligent, warm, rich, vastly interesting and entertaining character driven series. I was captivated right from the start by the story and the characters and the rich tapestry of their lives woven together by great writing and superior acting. My only negative, and this is not much of a negative because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is the apparent similarities to "Gone With The Wind". Be that as it may I am happy I discovered this dramatic series and I will continue to watch it for as long as it is broadcast. I must also say the entire cast is without peer though Maggie Smith steals every single scene she graces with her presence. Again… well done!!!

Marbellaleon - Bloody Brilliant5 star

Totally addictive and well made show. Bloody Brilliant as they say in Yorkshire.

Reportingfromny - Brilliant by any Standard5 star

A period drama set in the early 20th century before the outbreak of WWI, Abbey's script sparkles like champagne. Performed on a knife's edge, the show's polished plot-lines plunges viewers into the grips of a heart quickening psychological thriller rife with suspense and palace intrigue; ironically, in an actual palace. Acted flawlessly and delivered in the King's English the way it was meant to be spoken, crisply, like a freshly pressed collar, Abbey gleams with the understated sophistication of a crested set of antique cufflinks. From the elaborate sets and costumes, to the beautiful people inhabiting them both, fans of the show are treated to extravagance at every turn. Chauffeured right up to the cliff's edge each episode, one doesn't topple over, but rather, drifts downward, and floats in the padded comfort of Downton Abbey's majestic musical arrangements like a quilt being popped over spring grasses and pale heather for a mid-morning English picnic. Insulated by wealth and isolated by class, the Lords & Ladies roam free in our imaginations-that final bridge between fiction and fact.

drmcatcher - Season One5 star

Loved it!! Anxiously awaiting for Season Two. Great story and fantastic cast!

lol... :) - Amazing!5 star

Great acting, great plot, and I love the drama!

Loonapp - A little disappointing5 star

Many of the sub-plots were quite predictable, but others were quite original, if, perhaps, a bit over the top. The photography and the performances were extraordinary. The presentation of Edwardian culture provided a sobering perspective on our contemporary bits of absurdity.

danetteJmaniord - Downton Abbey: Season 15 star

Absolutely awesome series!!! The acting is flawless and eloquent; leaving the audience laughing, gasping, and even crying, at times. I cannot wait until Season 2!!

Peanutbutter Chips - My favorite masterpiece theatre series!5 star

I love everything..the characters, script, costumes, and set are all amazing... Can't wait until season 2!

Mdclayton26 - The Best Ever5 star

Once you start this season you will not want it to end. This is a rich dramatic series that keeps you looking for the next episode.

nicholetatiana - Like a great page turner...5 star

Realistic characters with depth flow through this vivid tale. I was spellbound from the first moment and wish there were more.

Colleen in Wisconsin - TV very much worth watching5 star

I know it's a cliche but this series is just so excellent -- great stories, acting, costumes, setting, pacing, suspense, etc. Each episode ended with something so intriguing you really wanted to see the next. The interactions and contrasts between the Crawleys and the servants were enthralling. I only wish it wasn't over with seven episodes. I want more but I guess we have to wait until 2012.

Kerflamity - Incredible series, amazing cast, and a bargain to boot!!5 star

I recently purchased the UK version of this series and after the first episode was already trying to find out if and when Season Two would be available. If you are a fan of British costume dramas or simply looking for a well-written drama with a quality cast including Maggie Smith among other faces you may recognize, then look no further. In addition, you really get the most for your iTunes dollar if you purchase the entire season - 7 episodes, roughly 7 hours of viewing, for about $7.00 if you purchase the SD version and only slightly more if you prefer HD. Season Two started airing as of September 18, 2011 (according to IMDB) with an expected total of 8 episodes in the season as well as a Christmas special. Here's hoping iTunes will make the second season available soon as well!!

mjbinjp - Wonderful Series5 star

We have watched this series many times. We love the interplay and difference in the upstairs world and the downstairs. The mix of the divergent cultures is a wonderful lesson. We can't wait for season 2!!!!!!!!!! Please get it on iTunes ASAP!!!!!!!

Foxy Jackson - Witty, Charming, and Captivating5 star

This fabulous show captivates with complex characters, witty humor, and classic English charm. Each character reveals their true self through the love affairs, scheming, and jealousy. Downton Abbey rises above all the other shows on TV.

iOS #1 - Poignant5 star

The UK knows that it takes to put together a class act in a dignified, and entertaining way with their command of the English language, light humor, and classic story-weaving.

blueridgelaughing - Fantastic5 star

We haven't seen a movie that was this well-done in a long time. Wonderful characters and plot. Looking forward to a season 2.

fyargal - WELL WORTH YOUR TIME & MONEY !!!5 star

I initially had the privilege to watch this compellingly written, well cast & insightfully directed. I had the great fortune to thoroughly enjoy the ENTIRE series as part & parcel of Masterpiece Theater Classics on PBS. Upon viewing the Final Episode I IMMEDIATELY searched iTUNES for the series. I have also been enervated by the long anticipated news of the arrival of the next installment, SEASON 2!!!! I shall await it's arrival with breathless anticipation!!!! : ) Please take care & God bless : )

Sanchez2175 - One of the best series ever produced for Television5 star

It's hard to compare television shows across the lines that genre indellibly draw in our minds when we think of one show versus another. "Downton Abbey" is as fine a series as has ever been produced for the small screen. The production value is sky high. It looks as if no expense is spared in wardrobe, set, etc. The script is simply wonderful. Understated when it's called for, bombastic when the occasion arises and humorous at all the correct times. The actors all inhabit the character they play. It's nice to know that series like this can still be produced. Usually money will end a production run of this magnitude but fortunately we have not only this season to enjoy but apparently another season has been ordered. I can't wait to see what the characters will experience in this next journey. If you haven't seen this but you've made your way to this page, just watch it. You won't be disappointed in the least.

B.Y.O.B. - Simply wonderful . . . truly a masterpiece !!!5 star

Sit back, relax and be prepared to become entranced!! You will get become engaged with all the characters. You will laugh and cry with them. You will fall in love with this drama!!

vαιэитιиа - So, explain to me, please...5 star

While looking for something intelligent to watch, I came upon this pearl of a show. I had no idea it was an ongoing series on PBS, but after I had bought and watched the first episode, I had to buy the whole season. The story is captivating and very much in touch with the reality of the times during which it occurs. The setting is so beautiful, one finds oneself wishing one was there. The characters each have their own complete personality so much so that you can't help but desire to know more about each of them, even the evil ones, if they can be described as such. To find such depth in the development of primary and secondary characters is quite rare and it feels exquisite to savour it all. This is quite a feat for Masterpiece Theatre. I thought this level of intelligent television showing was no longer achievable. To tell the truth, last time I was a impressed by MT was during the presentation of "Brideshead Revisited", the original version, decades ago. Even if you are not attracted to period pieces, this series has something for you. The 7th episode will leave you longing for time to pass quickly so the second season begins and the story plots are realized to their completion. Drama, subtle humor, romance, all wrapped in one series. Astonishing is Dame Maggie Smith's fabulous participation. The producers could not have chosen a better actress to play the matriarch of this family. In fact, the entire cast seems to have been hand-picked and fulfill every expectation. I have visited the Crawly's at their estate. Enjoyed very much my visit. And am looking forward to next season's visit. Bravo!

deltium - Excellent!!!!!!!!!!5 star

It is SO REFRESHING to find such a gem. The acting, plot, and scenery are stunning. A true masterpiece! Highly recommend!!!

4AUtigers - :)5 star

I'm in love with this show. It's got a hot and addicting flavor that no one can say no to! With an awesome cast (His Lordship was casted perfectly!) and compelling storyline, it is a must-see show! No regrets, I swear. :)

RScasford - Anglophiles Will Love This Series5 star

Make sure you download the HD version. The richness of the scenes and beautiful surroundings are much better in HD. I would enjoy this just for the glimpse into a period of English History, but the storyline and character development are very well done, too.

breederwatch - It is amazing5 star

Never wrote a review but I just had to for Downton Abbey. Regret that the first series is over, enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait for the second series. Maggie Smith you rock!!

Elena Kay - I LOVE IT!5 star

LOVE THIS! But why is the 7th episode not available to download? I only see six... Well anyway I can't wait for the second season!

OskiTheBear - Very well done series5 star

We were going to watch this series on PBS, but after having missed the first episode and seeing that the U.K. version had more content, decided to watch it on iTunes instead. Now we are very eagerly awaiting the final installment. This has been a thoroughly enjoyable series. I'd highly recommend it.

serotap - Surprisingly good5 star

I don't watch period pieces so I was surprised how much I like this series. I bought the season pass and am looking forward to more. You wont be disappointed. I was also surprised that I got angry at a couple of the characters...hahaha. Great acting and superb writing.

theFourthRunnerUp - Phenomenal show!!!5 star

I absolutely LOVE Downton Abbey! It's funny, witty, romantic, and suspenseful, even sad sometimes. It's incredibly well written, and the cast is perfect. I'm so happy iTunes is selling the UK uncut version! Now if only they were selling the soundtrack... - One of my new favorites!!!5 star

OMG!!! this show came to iTunes on a bad time... I'm supposed to be studying for a test and i bought the first episode to take a break... and I ended up buying the season pass!!! It is so so good!!! I am a total fan of Masterpiece & these types of period dramas!!! Can't wait for episode 7!!! I already ordered the series as a gift too!! MUST SEE!!!! nothing bad to say... except that you'll end up wanting to watch all the episodes at once LOL!!!

emailhumphrey - a great escape5 star

What a great show. I love being taken from my mundane servant like life and swept away to downtown abbey. The characters are excellent and the story kepts me enthralled with what will happen next. Downtown Abbey is my new favorite place to visit.

Busterjambear - Love the show!5 star

I have visited the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, and after watching Downton Abbey, I now understand what the Biltmore was all about. All the rooms, servants, having guests stay for long periods of time, dressing up for dinner, and also the land with its working farm. Plus, I understand the change between the old class system versus the new way of life. This show is an entertaining 'history lesson'. I am enjoying the show very much, and I wait each week for the new episode. I hope there will be more seasons to come. The UK version is so much better than the PBS (American) version. YAY for iTunes!!!

chickflick - Great Program5 star

This program left me on the edge of my seat. I love the characters and can not wait to see how it ends. I picked this program up from PBS this past week and just had to download it from iTunes. 5 stars ***** Glad to see that episode 5 and 6 have been added. There is one other from what I have been told. We shall see.

keysfan94 - Downton Abbey = Genius! - & PBS/iTunes aren5 star

This show is the latest in a long string of refreshing dramas to come from across the pond. It is amazing to find such amazing television - and another excellent period piece! Dame Maggie Smith and Elizabeth McGovern are simply magnificent. The comparisons between the elites and the servants are perfect, really showing the differing viewpoints of two sections of society. This is relatable here in the US, even close to a hundred years after the time period. I am expecting this to rack up countless Emmys this year - Julian Fellowes can do no wrong in my eyes! By the way - iTunes isn't messing up by only having 4 episodes up. These are in the original cuts from ITV in the UK. PBS edited the episodes to fit into 4 90 minute episodes, so the remaining episodes with the original cuts will be released once the last two episodes are shown on PBS. Wait two more Sundays and all the episodes will be up by the end of January!

littlebishop - More... More... More...5 star

Drama... Scandal... Beauty... Wonderfully written and filmed... Perfect casting and acting... Beautifully designed, dressed and set... I am spellbound for more! Maggie Smith, YOU ROCK!! Hands down, the best series on television!!! I want to be at the Emmy's when you win EVERYTHING you deserve!!!!

MikeKLars1 - Great show - why does US iTunes only have 4 episodes - UK has 75 star

Great show, but I have a complaint about availability - I dont understand why there are only 4 episodes on the US iTunes store but there are 7 on the UK store. I just spent 15 pounds on a UK iTunes gift certificate and UK iTunes account to be able to download shows 5,6,7. I wish they would just make all episodes available in US as well...

NHTOR - Fabulous! Must See TV5 star

If you liked the film Gosford Park you will thoroughly enjoy Downton Abbey. It is so nice to have such high quality acting and production, as well as writing of course from a television series. I've watched the whole season already since it has already aired in Britain, but I won't give anything away. I'll only say that the way things are left I'll be waiting on tenterhooks for season 2, as I know you will be too if you follow along. Masterpiece Theatre has done it again and reached new heights. Thank you and I look forward to seeing what is to come!

sebster96 - Fab.5 star

I started watching it and got really interested, the acting and detail is great. As well as the filming and of course the writing by Julian is marvellous. I'm British myself. And think it's not an average cliché of what people would think Britain was like. Can't wait for the second season to come out WAR.

ggentry11 - Great and looking forward to S25 star

I have seen the first 2 episodes on PBS and have really enjoyed them. Good acting and story lines. FYI the UK will get Season 2 in 2011. The US will probably get Season 2 in Jan. of 2012.

oneeleven - One of the best dramas on television right now5 star

I was about to say this is the best period drama I've ever seen, but why limit it to period dramas? This is a brilliant drama about its characters, first and foremost. Even the most despicable of them (and there are a few fun ones!) are humanized and believable to such a degree that only a few scenes after you curse them, you're pitying or routing for them! So many people caught in a moment of change, between old ways and new, an old class system that had its flaws and a new one that nobody yet understands. It is rich in tiny historical touches that make you feel as though you now really understand what it was like to live then, to be a servant or a master, the obligations and horrors and sometimes happinesses that came to all stations of life. But then, if you're already a fan of costume drama, or masterpiece theater, you probably don't need convincing. To those who are less used to this genre, you need not be a fan of history to appreciate the excellent writing, pitch-perfect acting, and sprawling storytelling here. If you like good TV, chances are you'll like Downton Abbey

Dwight Flight - More episodes?5 star

It's a great show -- when are they going to have more episodes available?

EdDoc99 - Downton Abbey is a hit!5 star

Loved the first episode! Julian Fellowes is such a good writer. iTunes says it is selling the 'unedited' version of Downton Abbey. Does anyone know if the American version was significantly edited? If so, what's missing? I want to see it all.

Luminilux - Great!!!!5 star

Best show that I have seen in a while...Definitely worth my money!

NautiNatty - Love This Series5 star

I saw it in the's sooo bueno! The first episode starts a little slow for my American taste, but then it really gets rolling. Oooh it really gets good! The 2nd Season starts filming this February - and I cannot wait to see what's in store for residents of Downton! If you enjoy period movies/shows, you will enjoy this. Definitely worth it's purchase

Crystal Chen - What a pleasant surprise!!5 star

I stumbled into the 1st episode on PBS tonight, and I am so hooked! Was hoping to download new eps. on iTunes but can't seem to find any yet. It's ok, I'll wait for it to come on PBS on Sundays, it will be well worth the wait! hope they get the 2nd series too once it's out.

5 star

I think the protestors should be locked up and forced to watch every season of Downton Abbey.

5 star

The Downton Abbey Final Season mini-marathon begins in an hour on LPB-HD. #DowntonAbbeyPBS #LPB

5 star

With all this tumult in the world, I need the comfort of Downton Abbey. Re-watching Season 1. #downtonabbey

5 star

Last weekend was all building up to this! Get ready to binge the final season of Downton Abbey - Sunday from 10am -…

5 star

downton abbey aj blom w kelarin ini udh emosi duluan ama season 1 drama bgt yalorddd

5 star

@autostraddle: #LegendsOfTomorrow paid homage to Star Trek, Friends, and Downton Abbey in its wacky penultimate episode of the season.…

5 star

@autostraddle: #LegendsOfTomorrow paid homage to Star Trek, Friends, and Downton Abbey in its wacky penultimate episode of the season.…

5 star

Downton Abbey season 1 at 3am, get into it!

5 star

@yvrshoots: Legends do a Friends parody. On tomorrow night's #LegendsofTomorrow. ( ) @talaashe @NICKZANO @mguggenh…

5 star

@yvrshoots: Legends do a Friends parody. On tomorrow night's #LegendsofTomorrow. ( ) @talaashe @NICKZANO @mguggenh…

5 star

@yvrshoots: Legends do a Friends parody. On tomorrow night's #LegendsofTomorrow. ( ) @talaashe @NICKZANO @mguggenh…

5 star

@yvrshoots: Legends do a Friends parody. On tomorrow night's #LegendsofTomorrow. ( ) @talaashe @NICKZANO @mguggenh…

5 star

@autostraddle: #LegendsOfTomorrow paid homage to Star Trek, Friends, and Downton Abbey in its wacky penultimate episode of the season.…

5 star

kate winslet binge watching downton abbey maybe i will continue after i gave up on season 1 in like 2014

5 star

@1a Rewatching the UK version of season 1 of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey, Season 1 Images & Pictures

Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images
Downton Abbey, Season 1 images

Downton Abbey, Season 1 Posters

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Downton Abbey, Season 1 posters
Downton Abbey, Season 1 posters
Downton Abbey, Season 1 posters
Downton Abbey, Season 1 posters
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