Love On the Dance Floor recap & spoilers

Love On the Dance Floor (Dance Moms - S1E8) recap & spoilers

6.9 star

Abby plays cupid with Brooke and her duet partner, hoping their off-stage romance will make on-stage drama..

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Love On the Dance Floor - Dance Moms S1E8 Reviews

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Awesome showI really love this show I could watch it forever!!!!.Score: 5/5

Love it!! I have a question?I love this show! All these girls are so amazing! They are true role models! Please keep more seasons coming! Does anyone know why there isn't an episode 2?? And what is the reason this was sold as individual shows and not as a season? I love this show and bought all the episodes anyway, does anyone know the answers?.Score: 5/5

LOVE THIS SHOW BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD😱😱Oh my god this show is awesome I never watch anything else but this show if they didn't have dance moms in this world I WOULD FREAKIN DIE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEeeeeITTTTTTT!!!!! And if anyone doesn't like this show I HATE U IT IS SO WORTH IT ONCE U WATCH IT U WILL DEFINATLEY FALL IN LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

Dance momsWhen I watch this show I think of how pretty the girls are, who fierce abbey is, how gracefully the girls dance, and how busy the moms can be with other peoples personal life's!!!! I watch this show pretty much every day. I love it!!! It makes me want to be a dancer!!.Score: 5/5

Favorite show!💖💗💜💘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I absolutely LOVEEEEEE dance moms, I know that it is not a proper representation of the dance world, but it is so entertaining!!! I also feel bad for the girls when Abby Lee screams at them but the mom fights are hilarious! I think another reason I enjoy the show is because I know it is staged as Maddie once said in a live interview😊.Score: 5/5

Best season!This is my favorite dance moms season! the girls are so cute and young in this season and it’s fun watching them dance, and there’s just the right amount of drama, not too much like the later seasons..Score: 5/5

BadThe only reason those people act horrible they just do that to get more viewers. I fallen into their trick once too.Score: 1/5

The Start Of The Best Show!💕💕 LOVE THIS SHOW 💕💕.Score: 5/5

Episode 2Where is Episode 2???.Score: 5/5

Abby Lee Dance CompanyHey guys it’s chloe follow me on instagram @chloe_L.Score: 5/5

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Dance MomsThis Is a great show to watch I love it and they bleep out the curses so it’s good for younger kids.Score: 5/5

So goodIt is the best show ever.Score: 5/5

RipRest In Peace Abby Lee dance company home of dance moms 2011/ 2023.Score: 1/5

Dance momsBest show ever can't live without it.Score: 5/5

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💙💙💙Very good. Although it’s HD it’s not amazing quality. But still very good.Score: 5/5

Dance moms season 1I love dance moms all I do is watch it there so amazing the show is really addictive ! But I love watching it ! I'm in love with them all x love you Maddie , Kendall , Brooke , Paige , Chloe , Nia and Mackenzie x follow them on Instagram please x Kendall and maddie are my fav x.Score: 5/5

Dance moms lover❤️I love dance moms this season one is amazing watch it all the time.Score: 5/5

PriceI can’t spend money so I can’t buy it:(.Score: 1/5

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Dance Moms, Season 1 Other Episodes
1The Competition Begins - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 1 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Competition Begins13 Jul 2011$2.99

Meet dance instructor Abby Lee Miller, the Dance Moms and their daughters as the competition season begins and they travel from Pittsburgh to Phoenix. The Dance Moms will push their young daughters to great lengths to get them to Nationals and Abby reveals big news to her young dance girls. They'll be working all year to get to the big National competition. If they want to win, they've got to work harder than ever. Abby's confident she can get them there, but with a group of dance moms living vicariously through their daughters, this may be more than she can handle, especially when Abby has her first conflict with two of the moms when they cross the line and risk losing it all.

2Wildly Inappropriate - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
Wildly Inappropriate20 Jul 2011$2.99

The Dance Moms allow their daughters to wear outfits in a competition that are revealing and the scandal threatens to bring down the house. Abby's attempt to turn up the competition heat blows the audience away with what some may call an inappropriate dance number. She is hoping that this will give them their next big win. But it could backfire.

3Cheerleader Blues - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
Cheerleader Blues27 Jul 2011$2.99

The Dance Moms need to win this week's competition to stay in the game, but chaos ensues when Mom Kelly's daughter wants to drop out of dance as she's hurt her hip and she just wants to be a cheerleader. Kelly works hard to convince her daughter to stay in dance, pushing her so far that she risks permanent injuries.

4Stealing the Show - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
Stealing the Show03 Aug 2011$2.99

Abby gives each girl one solo dance for the next competition. However, she gives two solos to her star dancer, Maddie, clearly providing her with an advantage over the others. Christi has seen this too many times and lashes out at Abby with uncontrolled fury.

5When Stars Collide - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
When Stars Collide10 Aug 2011$2.99

The Abby Lee Dance Studio is on edge after learning a big Broadway casting director will attend their annual Dance Showcase, an exhibition in which she shows off her accomplished dancers. Abby's desire to push the girls to the max could have catastrophic effects if they don't show their best.

6Dying to Dance - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
Dying to Dance17 Aug 2011$2.99

On their way to a big competition, Christi finds out her grandmother has just been admitted to a hospital. She now must choose what's more important to her--go to the hospital to sit by her grandmother's side or go to the dance competition.

7She's a Fighter - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
She's a Fighter24 Aug 2011$2.99

Abby's continuous typecasting of little Nia in ethnic stereotype roles sends her mother Holly over the edge. For the first time, Holly takes off the gloves and the fighter in her comes out.

9From Ballerinas to Showgirls - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
From Ballerinas to Showgirls07 Sep 2011$2.99

Chloe finds herself at the top of Abby's pyramid for the first time; but is she being set up? Meanwhile, Cathy is secretly readying her Candy Apple dancers to go against Abby's dancers.

10Cathy Brings It On! - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
Cathy Brings It On!14 Sep 2011$2.99

In Hollywood Kelly decides to secretly hire choreographers to give Brooke and Paige an edge. To everyone's shock, Cathy arrives with her Candy Apple dancers to go head to head against Abby's dancers.

11It All Ends Here - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
It All Ends Here28 Sep 2011$2.99

After competing all season, it all boils down to this--the National Title Competition. Abby's dancers have been on a losing streak and this is their last chance to prove they can win. Meanwhile, Melissa leaves the competition early to go on vacation. Her ex-husband, Kurt, steps in as "Dance Dad, sending Melissa into a panic.

12There's Only One Star - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
There's Only One Star05 Oct 2011$2.99

Abby's dancers go from amateurs to professionals after being cast to perform in a Hollywood music video.

13Most Outrageous Moments - Dance Moms, Season 1 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
Most Outrageous Moments12 Oct 2011$2.99

A one-hour special hosted by the series' infamous dance instructor Abby Lee Miller counting down this season's most talked-about highlights and best moments. The show will also include never-before-seen footage of the cast!

Dance Moms All TV Seasons
Dance Moms, Season 3 watch, hd download
Dance Moms, Season 301 Jan 201342 Episodes

Dance Moms®, the hit series on Lifetime®, returns for another exciting season of heated competition. Abby Lee Miller is back with Pittsburgh’s world-class students, their mothers, and all their baggage. Get ready for more drama and dancing as everyone gets into their routines. You’ll meet several new dancers who join the others in vying to be Abby’s new favorite and bring home National Dance titles. Nominated for a Teen Choice 2012 Award, Dance Moms follows children’s early steps on the road to stardom and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and bow…all under Miller’s legendary discerning eyes.

Dance Moms, Season 2 watch, hd download
Dance Moms, Season 210 Jan 201229 Episodes

Ever since it wrapped its hit first season shrouded in sequins, costumes and fiery catfights, die-hard fans have been clamoring for more of Dance Moms. The much-talked about docu-series from Lifetime follows the notoriously demanding and passionate Abby Lee Miller, owner of Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, her young and talented students, and the impassioned mothers who go to great lengths to help their children's dreams come true. A captivating look at the pursuit of National Dance titles, Dance Moms exposes the highs and lows of dance competition season, with a powerful cast of characters that has inspired water- cooler talk across the country. This season, Dance Moms continues to pose tough questions about what really goes on behind the scenes of the fast-growing and controversial sport of competitive dance.

Dance Moms, Season 1 watch, hd download
Dance Moms, Season 113 Jul 201113 Episodes

Set in Pittsburgh’s renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Lifetime’s explosive new docu-series Dance Moms follows children’s early steps on the road to stardom and the doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and bow…all under the discerning eye of Miller. Presenting a powerful cast of characters sure to raise eyebrows, the series immerses itself in the highs and lows surrounding competition season to deliver an intriguing and dramatic look at the frantic pursuit of the ultimate National Dance title. Centered on the devoted Miller, who runs her school with an iron tap shoe as she instructs her young, talented students while dealing with over-the-top mothers who go to great lengths to help their children’s dreams come true, Dance Moms poses tough questions about what really goes on behind-the-scenes in the fast-growing and controversial sport of competitive dance.

Dance Moms, Season 4 watch, hd download
Dance Moms, Season 401 Jan 201439 Episodes

On Season 4 of Dance Moms® on Lifetime®, Abby takes to the road with a new national scouting tour to find the country’s most elite young dancers. With the threat of new dancers coming into the company, the moms will stop at nothing to ensure their girls have a place to shine on stage – even if it means going up against Abby. But despite even more mama drama, what Abby Lee Miller says, goes. And when she says, “Everyone is replaceable,” she means it! Includes a premiere special, “Guess Who’s Coming to the Dance?”

Dance Moms, Season 5 watch, hd download
Dance Moms, Season 506 Jan 201534 Episodes

In Season 5 of Dance Moms® (#DanceMoms), Abby Lee Miller and the nation’s favorite tween dancers visit Hollywood, the city of big dreams. In Los Angeles, new auditions, new competitions and new dance studios raise the stakes higher than ever before.

Dance Moms, Season 6 watch, hd download
Dance Moms, Season 605 Jan 201635 Episodes

Dance Moms Season 6 returns with new episodes, new dance moves and, of course, the infamous Abby Lee Miller. With her LA studio now open for business, Abby is determined to ensure her team won’t have another dismal competition season. To keep her girls focused, Abby issues a ban on anything other than dance. In a move to keep her empire alive and grow new stars, Abby makes the controversial decision to form a new Mini Elite Competition Team that will learn from the older girls in the company. With Abby’s legal woes on the horizon, will the Abby Lee Dance Company be able to get back on top?

Dance Moms, Season 7 watch, hd download
Dance Moms, Season 728 Nov 201630 Episodes

In the seventh season, after Abby admits that coaching two teams does not work, the Jr Elite Team ultimately agrees to return to the ALDC to get back on top and to reclaim their national title while Abby once again creates a new team known as the great eight. Will this team be her ticket to getting back on top or will the original moms walk away forever?

Dance Moms: Christmas Special watch, hd download
Dance Moms: Christmas Special10 Dec 20131 Episodes

In the very first Dance Moms Holiday Special: ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas on Lifetime®, Abby Lee springs some Abby-style surprises on the moms. The moms bring holiday cheer with fun and laughter, the girls perform Christmas-inspired dances, Abby and the moms exchange personalized gifts, and there’s even a special appearance by some of the dance dads. Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of Dance Moms without the winter gloves coming off and some insults exchanged along with the presents.

Dance Moms, Season 8 watch, hd download
Dance Moms, Season 820 May 201924 Episodes

"The road has not been easy for “Dance Mom’s” star Abby Lee Miller. After completing her prison sentence last year, the instructor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But if anything, Abby has proven she is a fighter and is not ready to hang up the dance shoes. With the goal of putting her life, health and dance studio back together, Abby returns to the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh."

Dance Moms: Sampler Pack watch, hd download
Dance Moms: Sampler Pack15 Jul 20134 Episodes

Make no mistake, the Dance Moms Sampler Pack offers a sizzling introduction to the hit Lifetime® series Dance Moms® and the fiercely competitive world of dance. Watch the young dancers and their moms battle for the spotlight and Abby’s rarely dispensed praise. In “Wildly Inappropriate,” the moms let their girls wear more revealing competition outfits while Abby blows the audience away with what some call an inappropriate dance number… But, will their strategy backfire? Abby’s worst nightmare comes true in “Abbygeddon” when one of her top dancers freezes at a key regional competition – and their rivals, the Candy Apples, show up. The cat fights continue in “I Know What You Did Last Competition” as Abby puts two dancers on probation. And you won’t want to miss what the moms do when Abby names Sophia her new superstar in “But I’m A National Champion.” This set includes some truly memorable numbers.

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