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5.6 star

The Dark Tower (2017) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2017

Based on the best-selling book series by highly-acclaimed author Stephen King, in the parallel realm of Mid-World, the once-respected Gunslinger Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), has abandoned his ancient oath to protect the Tower that is being threatened by the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) who seeks to destroy it and life across the universe. In New York City, teenager Jake has recurring visions that signal the end of the universe and when he stumbles upon a hidden portal he travels to Mid-World, meets Roland and the two must embark on an adventure to find the Man in Black and save the Tower.

The Dark Tower Film Synopsis

A boy haunted by visions of a parallel world aids its disillusioned guardian in preventing the destruction of the nexus of universes known as the Dark Tower.

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It's OkaySomewhere between 3 and 4 stars. Audiences get it better than critics. Felt like they were trying to copy the first Matrix but failed. I liked the monsters. The worlds were kind of jumbled up, confusing. I didn't understand the kid's gift (shine). But it was OK..Score: 3/5

Very pleasantly surprisedAfter reading all the negative reviews, I was definitely expecting this movie to be awful. I am absolutely shocked that people said such negative things about it. I went back and reread a lot of negative comments. I think most people that hated it were fans of the book before watching movie. I have never read the book, books, or whatever. It may not be accurate with regard to the book, but it’s actually really good.Score: 5/5

AWFULI’m not sure who this movie is for- definitely not the fans of the books. It is simply the WORST adaptation of an epic story that you could possibly imagine. DO NOT watch this movie..Score: 1/5

Untentionally hailrious and Stephen King lost his fateThere are few problems with The Dark Tower because this movie not only destroyed the magic from Stephen King's novel which i read before i watched the film and judging by the movie Matthew McConnaughey was poorly casted in the film and so as Idris Elba who was also miss casted in the film as well. Either way The Dark Tower is untentionally hailrious, cliche and totally misses the mark from the actual novel because of it's poorly shot action scenes and wooden acting to punch up this terrible disappointment of a film..Score: 1/5

Movie so wack don’t waste ya timeHorrible!!!.Score: 1/5

WhyRoland for one was modeled after Clint Eastwood so why didn’t Clint Eastwood play as Roland ? He’s an amazing actor and would’ve played Roland perfectly Jake had blonde hair in the book but it’s brown in the movie. The movie starts in the middle of The Wasteland book the third book , why? What’s with the future looking portals? And Roland Datta and Eddie are the ones that pulled Jake through the portal. And by this time Jake had died twice already. It all just doesn’t make sense and reading the books and then seeing this movie made me very frustrated along with a lot of my family members that have also read the series. It’s a slap in the face really. if they made this into a show that played through each book as it was written it would’ve been amazing. I’m just disappointed in the way it turned out. Please consider the readers and the books when you try to make a movie like this. This movie seemed really rushed in a way that it looked like they were just trying to turn the whole series into one movie and by doing that it doesn’t work well. Hopefully you guys actually take these reviews into consideration..Score: 2/5

GarbageIf you’ve read the book and know the amazing source material there’s just no excuse for this bad of a movie. I’m fine with taking some creative license but this move is a joke.Score: 1/5

Eh, it was ok. Not great.Yeah not as bad as many reviews but pretty bad. Had some good things going for it though. Still really more worht the 99c rental than a 5.99 lol!! I'd say it's about as good as lets say a stargate TV series good episode.... Make sense?.Score: 3/5

Slow To Start..But Finishes WellProbably picked the wrong chapters to showcase, but finishes well..Score: 4/5

It was alright...Ending was kinda anticlimactic and just a little bland for my taste..Score: 3/5

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Thought it was great, so there ! ...I just saw this in the theatre & I was entertained, it's a great action flick with the paranormal & a touch of science fiction put in it. I don't know where these so-called "top critics" in reviews from these magazines or new papers, etc. are getting off saying it's crap, these are probably the same people who go into an art museum & look at some pile of stinking manure some obscure "artist" put in the middle of the floor & call it "art" instead. That or maybe they think if they down it so much they hope it'll be released on i-tunes at a cheap price so they can afford it & actually buy it later, secretly. Whatever, if you like action flicks this movie won't disappoint. The soundtrack music at the end with the credits is pretty good too..Score: 5/5

AwfulWorst adaptation of a book. Don’t try to cram elements of an 8 book series into 1 movie. Show the series a little respect. Garbage movie..Score: 1/5

Not nearly as good as the booksThis story should never have been compressed into a mere movie. The seven books carried a lot more weight than the movie ever could have. Perhaps a three or five episode mini series would have better portrayed this work..Score: 3/5

This should have been a 8 part series, but its good.This movie was made for the fans, but even then it took some grounding to see where they were starting from. Like most movies though, that are made from books, this one is drastically different and one should expect that. Elba carried the role with a rough dignity. McConaughey played the role of Martin well, but I get the feeling this show took too much on, for one film. Still, it was good. RT slashed it to the bone, but I like it in the theatre, and will buy when it comes out. Still, buy the entire novel series and read from start to end. It will make a lot of what you see in the film make sense..Score: 4/5

Kinda agree with the hatred.When I first saw this film, I expected it to be a lot better than what I did see. Though the action was good, it was too gd short!.Score: 3/5

Great visual, but story is too shortened.Creators should have told more history and lore of the Dark Tower universe. All movie seemed to be too chaotic and fast..Score: 4/5

Better than ExpectedI read the books several years ago and forgot most of it. I watched this movie with confusion at first and decided I liked it for what it was. That grain of salt must have helped. It's entertainment based on an idea. It's an idea based on the books and doesn't follow the original story at all. I felt it stood well on its own though. I've learned not to expect much from movies based on books. Not to mention, I pretty much expected this to be different. 1 movie does not equal seven books. It is what it is. It entertained me. The actors did well. The story wasn't what I expected. I went into this not expecting to like it at all. So that might have been why I liked it..Score: 4/5

WOW (not in a good way)I have read some of the books in the series so I was looking forward to the movie based on the books. I am still waiting.... Lets put the books aside and look at the movie just as a movie..... ok its just barely ok. Some interesting action, some interesting sifi but thats about it. Its interesting. I like Elba and he did a good job of the gun slinger role and McConaughey did a good evil villian role but other then that the performances were weak, the script is weak etc etc. Rend do not buy..Score: 3/5

Really badEven if you don’t know the books well it’s just a bad movie. Not even worth elaborating on. There are better movies than this....Score: 1/5

We enjoyed this movieIt is worth a watch..Score: 5/5

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The Dark Tower (2017) Series Cast & Crew

The Dark Tower (2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Idris Elba (Roland Deschain), Matthew McConaughey (Walter O’Dim), Tom Taylor (Jake Chambers), Claudia Kim (Arra Champignon), Fran Kranz (Pimli Prentiss), Abbey Lee (Tirana), Jackie Earle Haley (Richard Sayre), Katheryn Winnick (Laurie Chambers), Dennis Haysbert (Steven Deschain), Michael Barbieri (Timmy), José Zúñiga (Dr. Hotchkiss), Alex McGregor (Susan Delgado), Nicholas Hamilton (Lucas Hanson), Nicholas Pauling (Lon), Eva Kaminsky (Jill), Robbie McLean (Toby), Matthew Thomson (Jonah), Karl Thaning (Elmer Chambers), Lemogang Tsipa (Phedon), Robert Whitehead (Cantab), all returned for the dark tower movie.

Idris Elba (Roland Deschain)
Idris ElbaRoland DeschainScore: 52.5
Matthew McConaughey (Walter O’Dim)
Matthew McConaugheyWalter O’DimScore: 18.7
Tom Taylor (Jake Chambers)
Tom TaylorJake ChambersScore: 5.2
Claudia Kim (Arra Champignon)
Claudia KimArra ChampignonScore: 10.1
Fran Kranz (Pimli Prentiss)
Fran KranzPimli PrentissScore: 11.4
Abbey Lee (Tirana)
Abbey LeeTiranaScore: 11.1
Jackie Earle Haley (Richard Sayre)
Jackie Earle HaleyRichard SayreScore: 12.5
Katheryn Winnick (Laurie Chambers)
Katheryn WinnickLaurie ChambersScore: 38.3
Dennis Haysbert (Steven Deschain)
Dennis HaysbertSteven DeschainScore: 20.9
Michael Barbieri (Timmy)
Michael BarbieriTimmyScore: 2.5
José Zúñiga (Dr. Hotchkiss)
José ZúñigaDr. HotchkissScore: 12.4
Alex McGregor (Susan Delgado)
Alex McGregorSusan DelgadoScore: 4.9

Brian Grazer (Producer), Michael McCusker (Additional Editing), Anders Thomas Jensen (Screenplay), Anders Thomas Jensen (Executive Producer), Chris Conkling (Production Accountant), Mary Vernieu (Casting), Stephen King (Producer), Stephen King (Novel), Akiva Goldsman (Screenplay), Akiva Goldsman (Producer), Dan Zimmerman (Editor), Ron Howard (Producer), Brad Ricker (Art Direction), Oliver Scholl (Production Design), Rosemary Brandenburg (Set Decoration), Lisa Jaime (Music Editor), John Coda (Construction Foreman), Rasmus Videbæk (Director of Photography), Mitchell Amundsen (Director of Photography), Jack Serino (Rigging Grip),

Brian Grazer (Producer)
Brian GrazerProducerScore: 5.6
Anders Thomas Jensen (Screenplay)
Anders Thomas JensenScreenplayScore: 3.5
Anders Thomas Jensen (Executive Producer)
Anders Thomas JensenExecutive ProducerScore: 3.5
Stephen King (Producer)
Stephen KingProducerScore: 12.7
Stephen King (Novel)
Stephen KingNovelScore: 12.7
Akiva Goldsman (Screenplay)
Akiva GoldsmanScreenplayScore: 8.9
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The Dark Tower Trailers & Teasers

'The Dark Tower' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the dark tower, the Nikolaj Arcel's popular movie. Watch the the dark tower teaser trailer. Nikolaj Arcel’s #the-dark-tower is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

THE DARK TOWER - Official Trailer (HD)▶ THE DARK TOWER - Official Trailer (HD)
THE DARK TOWER - Magnum Opus▶ THE DARK TOWER - Magnum Opus
THE DARK TOWER – International Trailer #2▶ THE DARK TOWER – International Trailer #2

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The Dark Tower Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

There are other worlds than these..

The Dark Tower — 2017

The Dark Tower Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie the dark tower - 2017. A poster for Nikolaj Arcel action & adventure movie, The Dark Tower! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for the dark tower (2017). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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The Dark Tower Movie Posters
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The Dark Tower Movie Languages & Subtitles

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български език
Историята се фокусира върху Роланд Дисчейн, последният Стрелец, който в продължение на години преследва своя противник – „мъжът в черно“. По време на пътешествието си Роланд среща на няколко души, включително и момче на име Джейк Чеймбърс, който става негов спътник. Действието се развива в пост-апокалиптичен свят изпълнен с магии, зли сили и странни същества. Стрелецът се сблъсква с различни съдби, но целта му е една – да открие Кулата.

Roland Deschain, poslední z řádu rytířů, vede odvěkou bitvu s Walterem O'Dimem, známým též jako Muž v černém, a je odhodlaný zabránit mu ve zničení Temné věže, která svou existencí drží pohromadě celý vesmír. Dobro a zlo se tak ocitají v souboji, který rozhodne o osudu všech světů, protože Roland je jediným, kdo je schopen Temnou věž před Mužem v černém ochránit.

I århundreder har den sidste ridderkriger, revolvermanden Roland Deschain, forsvaret Det Mørke Tårn, der holder sammen på universets mange dimensioner, mod den sortklædte troldmand Walter O'Dim. Begge er ude efter menneskedrengen, Jake Chambers, der ejer evnen til at se ind i andre verdener. Ved Deschains side kan han redde verden - men ved O'Dims side kan han knuse Det Mørke Tårn.

Revolvermann Roland Deschain ist der Letzte seiner Art. Wie auch seine Sippe liegt die Heimat des wortkargen Einzelgängers im Sterben. Roland hat eine Mission: Er muss den Dunklen Turm, der seine und alle anderen Welten zusammenhält, vor der Zerstörung bewahren – vor der Zerstörung durch Walter O'Dim alias der Mann in Schwarz. Mit ihm steckt der Revolvermann in einem ewigen Kampf, mit ihm hat er noch eine ganz persönliche Rechnung offen. Seine Odyssee führt Roland in unsere Gegenwart, in der er Jake Chambers begegnet. Der Mann in Schwarz braucht den Jungen, um seine finsteren Pläne zu verwirklichen. Wenig später treffen Gut und Böse bei einem Kampf aufeinander, bei dem sich neben dem Schicksal unserer Welt auch das Schicksal des Universums entscheiden wird...

Ένα νεαρό αγόρι δραπετεύει από τον κόσμο μας για μια παράλληλη πραγματικότητα. Εκεί θα περιπλανηθεί μαζί με τον σκληροτράχηλο Πιστολέρο, αναζητώντας τον Άνθρωπο με τα Μαύρα, την απόλυτη απειλή και για τους δυο κόσμους.

En un mundo extrañamente parecido al nuestro un cowboy de nombre Roland Deschain de Gilead persigue a su eterno enemigo, "el hombre de negro". Roland, solitario, quizá maldito, anda sin descanso a través de un paisaje triste y abandonado. Conoce a Jake, un chico de Nueva York pero venido de otro tiempo, y ambos unen sus destinos. Ante ellos están las montañas. Y mucho más allá, la Torre Oscura... Adaptación de la saga literaria de Stephen King.

El último Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, ha estado encerrado en una eterna batalla con Walter O'Dim, también conocido como el Hombre de Negro, decidido a evitar que derribe a la Torre Oscura, que mantiene unido al universo. Con el destino de los mundos en juego, el bien y el mal colisionarán en la última batalla ya que solo Roland puede defender la Torre del Hombre de Negro.

Nuori poika, Jake Chambers, näkee outoja unia ja tempautuu tahtomattaan ikiaikaiseen sotaan hyvän ja pahan välillä. Jake joutuuu mustiin pukeutuneen miehen kohteeksi. Paetessaan tämän kätyreiltä Jake törmää kuitenkin toisessa ulottuvuudessa olevaan viimeiseen revolverimieheen, Roland Deschainsiin. Roland käy ikuista taistelua Walter O’Dimia eli mustiin puettua miestä vastaan. Päämääränä Rolandilla on estää tätä kaatamasta Mustaa tornia, joka pitää koko universumin kasassa. Maailmojen kohtalon ollessa vaakalaudalla hyvä ja paha ottavat mittaa toisistaan lopullisessa taistelussa. Jake voi tuoda päätöksen sodalle. Musta torni perustuu Stephen Kingin samannimiseen kirjasarjaan "The Dark Tower"(1982-2012).

Lancé à la poursuite d'un mystérieux homme en noir, le dernier flingueur encore vivant de la contrée de Gilead va par la suite partir en quête de la Tour sombre, un endroit fabuleux censé être le pivot de tous les mondes possibles.

Le dernier Pistolero, Roland Deschain, est condamné à livrer une éternelle bataille contre Walter O’Dim, alias l’Homme en noir, qu’il doit à tout prix empêcher de détruire la Tour sombre, clé de voûte de la cohésion de l’univers. Le destin de tous les mondes est en jeu, le bien et le mal vont s’affronter dans l’ultime combat, car Roland est le seul à pouvoir défendre la Tour contre l’Homme en noir…

ישנם עולמות אחרים. 'המגדל האפל' של הסופר המוערך סטיבן קינג מגיע למסך הגדול. האביר האחרון, רולנד, תקוע בקרב נצחי עם וולטר או'דין, הידוע גם כ-'איש בשחור', נחוש למנוע ממנו לכבוש את המגדל האפל, אשר מחזיק את היקום כולו. כאשר גורל העולם תלוי בכך, הטוב והרע נפגשים בקרב האולטימטיבי, כאשר רק רולנד יכול להגן על המגדל מהאיש בשחור.

Posljednji viteški ratnik, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) nalazi se u vječitoj bitci s Walterom ODimom također poznatim i pod imenom Čovjek u crnom (Matthew McConaughey), odlučan spriječiti ga u uništenju Kule Tmine koja u ravnoteži održava kompletan naš svemir. Dok sudbina svjetova visi o tankoj niti, dobro i zlo sukobit će se u ultimativnoj bitci u kojoj jedino Roland može obraniti Kulu od Čovjeka u crnom.

Léteznek más világok is. Roland Deschain az utolsó harcos, a hatlövetű mestere örök harcot vív Walter O'Dimmel, a feketébe öltözött emberrel, hogy megvédje a Setét Torony épségét. A Torony ugyanis az univerzum tengelye, ha egyszer leomlik, minden világ elpusztul. A tét hatalmas - nem volt még ennél több, amit egy csapásra megnyerhet vagy elveszíthet valaki. A Jó és a Gonosz erői összecsapnak: csak Roland és az ő különleges fegyverei akadályozhatják meg a feketébe öltözött világpusztító tervének valóra válását.

Il Pistolero Roland Deschain è condannato ad un'eterna battaglia contro Walter O'Dim, conosciuto come l'Uomo in Nero, per impedire il crollo della Torre Nera, che tiene uniti tutti i mondi esistenti. La posta in gioco è il destino dell'universo: il bene e il male si scontreranno in una battaglia decisiva e solo Roland potrà difendere la Torre dall'Uomo in Nero.


두 개의 차원이 공존하는 세상. 악의 세력이 세상의 균형을 유지하는 다크타워를 파괴하려 하고, 이를 수호하려는 건슬링어들은 모두 죽임을 당한다. 유일하게 혼자 살아남은 최후의 건슬링어 롤랜드는 마지막 예지자 아라 캠피그넌에 의해 자신의 숙명을 깨닫고 홀로 악의 추종자인 맨인블랙 월터에 맞선다. 맨인블랙인 월터는 세상을 완전히 무너뜨리기 위해 차원을 넘나들며 끊임없이 다크타워를 파괴하려는 계획을 세우고, 이 사실을 알게 된 건슬링어 롤랜드는 그에 맞서기 위해 두 개의 세상을 오가는데…

Vienuolikametis Džeikas Čeimbersas sapnuoja nepaprastus, bauginančius sapnus. Apie keistą pasaulį, keistą juodai apsirengusią figūrą ir keistą jausmą, kad jis pats yra kažkaip su tuo susijęs. Vieną dieną Džeiko sapnai tampa realybe: berniukas patenka į niūrų Vidurinįjį Pasaulį, kuriame sutinka paslaptingąjį Rolandą, žinomą Šaulio vardu. Rolando misija – surasti kažkur pasaulio pakraštyje stūksantį Tamsųjį Bokštą. Nes tai, kas slypi Tamsiajame Bokšte, gali išgelbėti mirštantį Vidurinįjį Pasaulį. Tačiau ten pat keliauja ir galingas piktasis burtininkas, kurio tikslai – visiškai priešingi. Suprasdami, kad prie Bokšto bet kokia kaina privalo nusigauti pirmieji, Rolandas ir Džeikas leidžiasi į nuotykių ir pavojų kupiną kelionę.

Mūsu pasaule nebūt nav vienīgā. Kaut kur, mežonīgajiem rietumiem līdzīgā zemē, klīst pēdējais bruņinieks – strēlnieks Rolands un viņa mūžīgais ienaidnieks – Vīrs Melnā. Un kaut kur slēpjas noslēpumainais Tumšais tornis, kas satur kopā visumu. Uz spēles ir pasaules liktenis, jo Vīrs Melnā ir apņēmies sagraut Tumšo torni, un tikai Rolandam ir pa spēkam to nepieļaut.

De wereld van Roland Deschain valt uit elkaar. Eens werd deze gekenmerkt door vergaande magie en technologie, maar beiden lijken slechts relieken uit het verleden te zijn. Om de wereld te redden is hij op een queeste naar de Donkere Toren, een verbindingspunt van alle universa.

Revolvermannen Roland Deschain ferdes gjennom et Ville Vesten-aktig landskap på jakt etter det mørke tårnet, i håp om at det vil redde hans døende verden.

Ekranizacja bestsellerowej serii powieści mistrza gatunku Stephena Kinga. Ostatni Rewolwerowiec, Roland (Idris Elba) uwikłany w odwieczną, niekończącą się walkę z "Człowiekiem w Czerni" (Matthew McConaughey), za wszelką cenę stara się powstrzymać go przed obaleniem Mrocznej Wieży, która spaja światy. Gdy na szali ważą się ich losy, a dobro i zło zderzają się w ostatecznej walce - tylko Roland może ocalić Wieżę przed "Człowiekiem w Czerni". [opis dystrybutora Blu-ray]

Um pistoleiro chamado Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) percorre o mundo em busca da famosa Torre Negra, prédio mágico que está prestes a desaparecer. Essa busca envolve uma intensa perseguição ao poderoso Homem de Preto (Matthew McConaughey), passagens entre tempos diferentes, encontros intensos e confusões entre o real e o imaginário. Baseado na obra literária homônima de Stephen King.

Há outros mundos para além deste. No filme A Torre Negra de Stephen King, a original história de um dos mais conceituados autores mundiais, chega ao grande ecrã. O Pistoleiro Cavaleiro, Roland Deschain, encontra-se preso numa batalha eterna com Walter O’Dim, também conhecido como o Homem de Negro, e decidido a impedi-lo de destruir a Torre Negra que mantem a unidade do Universo. Com o destino de mundo em jogo, o bem e o mal colidem numa derradeira batalha onde apenas Roland pode defender a Torre do Homem de Negro.

Captiv într-un peisaj deșertic dintr-un dezolant univers paralel, ultimul pistolar, Roland Deschain, duce o nesfârșită luptă cu Walter O'Dim alias "Omul în negru". Acesta urmărește să distrugă Turnul întunecat, elementul-cheie care menține Universul laolaltă, iar singurul care-l poate împiedica este Roland. Binele și răul se înfruntă pentru ultima dată, într-o confruntare de al cărei deznodământ depinde soarta întregii lumi.

Наш мир – не единственный из существующих. Заклятые враги Роланд Дискейн (Идрис Эльба), последний из ордена стрелков, и Уолтер О’Дим (Мэттью МаКонахи), известный также как Человек в черном, ведут извечную борьбу. На кону – мифическая Темная Башня, последний оплот и надежда вселенной, без которой мир будет повержен в полный хаос и разрушение. Силам добра и зла суждено столкнуться в последней схватке, ведь Роланд Дискейн – единственный, кому под силу остановить Человека в черном, прежде чем тот разрушит Темную Башню. Основано на знаменитом бестселлере мастера ужасов и фэнтези Стивена Кинга.

Posledný žijúci pištoľník Roland Deschain sa už roky snaží nájsť bájnu Temnú vežu, ktorá spája všetky svety a drží ich pohromade. O jej pád sa však usiluje temná moc - Rolandov odveký nepriateľ známy ako Muž v čiernom. Podarí sa pištoľníkovi zlo poraziť a ochrániť tak celú existenciu?

Последњи витешки ратник, Роланд Дескајн налази се у борби са Валтером О'Димом такође познатим и под именом Човек у црном, одлучан да спречи уништење МРАЧНЕ КУЛЕ која у равнотежи одржава комплетан наш универзум. Док судбина светова виси на танком концу, добро и зло сукобиће се у ултимативној борби у којој једино Роланд има моћ да одбрани Кулу од Човека у црном.

Revolvermannen Roland Deschain kämpar mot Walter O'Dim, även känd som Mannen i svart. Roland är fast besluten att stoppa honom från att fälla det s.k. Mörka tornet, en byggnad vars existens håller ihop hela världsalltet. Med världarnas öde på spel kommer gott och ont att drabba samman i den slutgiltiga striden, där enbart Roland står emellan mannen i svart och universums överlevnad.

เป็นเรื่องราวของสิงห์ปืนไวหรือ The Gunslinger ผู้ที่มีอายุมากกว่า 200 ปี โดยตัวเขาได้ออกเดินทางไปตามมิติต่างๆ ผ่านทางประตูผ่านมิติใน “หอคอย” สูงเสียดฟ้า ซึ่งตัวเขาได้ออกตามหาเด็กผู้ชายคนหนึ่งที่ชื่อ “เจค แซมเบอร์” ที่มีความสามารถในการ “ส่องแสง” พลังพิเศษนี้สามารถช่วยป้องกันหอคอยที่ใช้ในการข้ามมิติได้ ทว่าพลังของเจคกลับเป็นที่หมายตาของ “บุรุษชุดดำ” ที่ต้องการพลังนี้ในการทำลายหอคอยให้สิ้นซาก ทำให้สิงห์ปืนไวต้องเข้าต่อสู้เพื่อขัดขวางแผนการของบุรุษชุดดำในครั้งนี้

Roland Deschain, bütün evreni bir arada tutan Kara Kule'nin yok olmasını engellemek için, Siyah Giyen Adam olarak bilinen Walter O'dim'e karşı sürdürdüğü, sonsuz bir savaş içinde esir kalmıştır. Dünyanın kaderinin pamuk ipliğine bağlı olduğu, iyi ve kötünün ters düştüğü bu son savaşta Roland, kaleyi Siyah Giyen Adam'dan koruyacak tek kişidir.

Масштабна екранізація культової серії романів Стівена Кінга. З’явилася тріщина і світ зрушив з місця: занепали народи і міста, навіть час змінив манеру плину. Відважний стрілець Роланд вирушає на пошуки міфічної Темної Вежі - єдиного місця у Всесвіті, де можна знайти порятунок від хаосу і занепаду.

Tiếng Việt
Xạ Thủ Roland Deschain đi lang thang trên một vùng giống với vùng Viễn Tây, nơi mà thế giới "Đã bị biến đổi" trong tay tên mặc áo đen. Roland đang tìm kiếm Tòa Tháp Bóng Đêm huyền thoại, với hi vọng nó có thể cứu rỗi thế giới đang chết dần của mình.


世上還有別的平行宇宙,那裡的槍客數千年來化身武士守護世界免被黑暗力量入侵。Roland身處在即將消亡殆盡的世界,他要尋找傳說中維持所有宇宙平衡的黑塔,藉此拯救一切。 過程中他遇到來自地球的Jack,二人合力對抗千方百計要摧毀黑塔的神秘巫師Walter。這場正邪大戰一觸即發,Roland是戰勝黑暗的最後曙光,不容有失……

「恐怖大師」史蒂芬金( Stephen King)最具野心的經典小說《黑塔》,在千萬書迷多年引頸期盼下,終將躍上大銀幕!故事敘述在文明崩壞世界中,羅蘭·德斯欽(Idris Elba 飾)是名主要以雙左輪手槍為武器的僅存槍客,他希望能在宇宙的中樞「黑塔」找到阻止自己世界滅亡的方法。由馬修麥康納(Matthew McConaughey) 、伊卓瑞斯艾巴(Idris Elba)領銜主演,《龍紋身的女孩》尼科萊阿爾賽(Nikolaj Arcel)執導,阿奇瓦高斯曼、傑夫平克納執筆劇本改編,由布萊恩葛瑟、朗霍華、艾瑞卡霍金斯和阿奇瓦高斯曼擔任本片監製。

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