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From the director of Ex Machina comes one of the year's most critically acclaimed thrillers. Biologist and former soldier Lena (Natalie Portman) is shocked when her missing husband (Oscar Isaac) comes home near death from a top-secret mission into The Shimmer, a mysterious quarantine zone no one has ever returned from. Now, Lena and her elite team must enter a beautiful, deadly world of mutated landscapes and creatures, to discover how to stop the growing phenomenon that threatens all life on Earth. Experience this visually stunning film that will be sure to leave you on the edge of your seat...

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Fear what's inside.. A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don't apply.. Annihilation Wiki

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Don’t waste your time  ems212  1 star

This was not a good movie. It was a lot like the cave, just more colors.

What the?  MarioD602  2 star

have no idea what i just watched. I have a headeache.

By the end, you'll know it was a bad movie  Arsj2009  1 star

I really wanted to like it! I let myself be intrigued by the plot, and captivated by the beautiful cinamatography. I loved Oscar Isaac and also Natalie Portman and let their performances help me forgive the other poorly developed and poorly acted characters. Then, the movie moves toward its conclusion and it starts hiting's a bad movie. It's a weak plot on top of the other problems I mentioned, and the special effects at the end are borderline ridiculous. The science babble is heinous, it was written by people who had a very tenuous grasp on physics, biology, chemistry, etc. but wanted to turn the magic in their imaginations into something substantial. Believe The Atlantic, believe the New York Times, and if you choose, believe me...this is a bad movie.

every good boy
Loved Ex-machina, hated this  every good boy  1 star

Laughable. A waste of time and money.

Simply not worth the time  lilirose  1 star

Interesting premise, and potential for a good existential mind-twist, but sadly this movie comes up short on plausibility. It is simply not credible, the acting is forced and the storyline thin. Better to go back and watch 2001: A Space Odyssey than this contrived piece of drivel.

Most overrated actress  Russn8r  1 star

And most full of herself

It was okay.  EdgmonJ  3 star

It was okay. Not my favorite. I would probably watch it again.

Terrible  SuperUser24  1 star

The plot was awful. Not creative at all. When sci-fi is done properly, it makes sense based on scientific principles that are bent or distorted just a little. This has no scientific basis whatsoever. And none of the story makes any sense at all. Don’t waste your time.

Indiana Goof
The sort of psychedelic scifi they don’t make anymore  Indiana Goof  5 star

This is the sort of movie that would get made back in the sixties or seventies, but NEVER, EVER today. The studio clearly went nuts trying to figure out how to market this thing (while at the same time selling the Netflix streaming rights overseas in a desperate attempt at currency damage control). They finally decided to come down hard on the idea of creating trailers that make it seem like a horror movie. Pay no attention to the trailers whatsoever. For two reasons. First off, they give away FAR too much and will ruin the movie for you. If you haven’t seen them, avoid them like the plague. Second, this is NOT a horror movie. It’s a Twilight Zone style fable - one so mindblowing that the author of the book its based on actually likes it better than his own book. You don’t go into this one looking for action; you go into it to have your mind bent and toyed with for a while. Here is all about the story you need to know: Natalie Portman stars as a scientist who’s husband has had serious problems ever since investigating a giant, ever-expanding psychedelic bubble called “the shimmer” by the military (no, I’m not being facetious). Out of everyone who was ever sent in, only her husband has returned to (not) tell the tale. Hoping to help him by discovering what had happened, she teams up with a platoon of other women, all with military experience, to arm up with weapons and supplies to go investigate. They go in... ...and that’s all you need to know. Arm yourself with only that little piece of knowledge I just gave you and go in after them. Don’t let anybody or anything else give away anything about this movie, no spoilers at ALL. Trust me. You’ll thank me for it later.

Missed Opporrunity  GHinNoVa  2 star

Premise with unfulfilled potential. Pacing was far too slow with long empty spaces filled with nothing but walking, staring, and silence. If it were a song it would be composed of long pauses punctuated by quiet flat notes. There are crescendos to be found here. What dialogue there was seemed to reach for profoundness but fell far short, leaving no memorial quotes behind to stick with you. Wait for 99 cent rental or free with another subscription and you might find it worth the price of admission. Otherwise, it made for an overpriced sleep aid.

Dead air  SRGRMB  1 star

What a waste this movie good of been one of the great ones but it falls so short of even good.

I’m disappointed...  JerSir98  2 star

An original SF movie with good visual effects,an interesting universe,a great cast...but without action,it’s boring until the end and sometimes it’s hard to understand...

Terrible Movie  KayMor00  1 star

The movie was slow and boring and silly. And except for 5 people going into a “void” of some sort and a lighthouse, it was unrecognizable from the book. The movie just went nowhere. Pointless. My husband and I were falling asleep but determined to stay awake because we paid for it!

Avoid it  Jeferz  2 star

Slow paced and boring

awesome  Aniaienkowska  5 star


Annihilation review
good watch but tad disappointing  Annihilation review  3 star

Long and at risk of being tedious, not because a good movie needs relentless action, but because a story which stretches out needs to yield something significant, perhaps tell something new or something familiar in an astoundingly different manner. When you step back and think about this story and film as a whole, there is not much here you haven't seen before. Still enjoyable, but a tad of a let down.

The Bionic Man
I Agree With Drab And Pointless  The Bionic Man  1 star

If there is life in outer space it will be made of the same atoms and molecules of this space and will need the same laws of physics and biochemistry of this space because distance will not change these laws of the universe. I am tired of these scripts about vastly different life forms invading in a creepy body catcher way, trying to pass them selves off as a mind bending reality questioning experience, it is cheap way of trying to pass yourself off as a visionary when your actually just doing a paint by number. Oh yes there will be some who say what about life evolving under different conditions, if they are different conditions they will not thrive on Earth like conditions

Incoherent from the get-go  wpgGaz  2 star

A special operations military team goes missing for a year in an area that can only be viewed as "hostile." When one of the men returns, spouting gibberish and insides disintegrating, the government decides to send a team made up of the soldier's biologist wife, a physicist, an anthropologist, and a paramedic, all led by a psychologist. From there, things get a little hard to believe...

Dary Lena
Waste of time and money!  Dary Lena  1 star

I saw the trailer for this months ago and thought “Oh that’s going to be so good!” NOPE! Long, boring, lots of holes in the storyline. Hated the ending! Waste of 6.99

Natalie @ Moonlite
Terrible drawn out movie  Natalie @ Moonlite  1 star

Ok idea terribly executed. So boring and literally went nowhere.

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