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M. Night Shyamalan brings together two of his standout original films—Unbreakable and Split— in this explosive comic book thriller. Elijah Price, also known as Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), finds David Dunn (Bruce Willis) pursuing Kevin Wendell Crumb's superhuman figure, The Beast (James McAvoy), in a series of escalating encounters. Price, armed with secrets critical to both men, emerges as a shadowy orchestrator. In a series of escalating encounters, former security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities. Meanwhile, the shadowy presence of Elijah Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men. Glass Wiki

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You Cannot Contain What You Are..

Glass (2019)

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- Excellent wrap up5 star

Ignore Rotten Tomatoes and the bad reviews. This movie was a perfect ending to an excellent trilogy. It is not action-packed, but it’s not supposed to be, so get that expectation out of your head. Also, James McAvoy, once again, was phenomenal in his role as Kevin and company!

- Don’t underestimate this film5 star

I have seen all of the other films and I saw this one in the the theater and at first I was not sure where it was going to go. Role always there is a surprise twist I didn’t expect and I’m so glad it was filmed the way it was. I hope there is another film because this series is just brilliant!

- Decent, but not the ending the trilogy deserved.3 star

I was super excited for this movie. M. Night was returning to his old form, and this was an unexpected crossover of two amazing stories. The first act of this film was super entertaining, the acting was excellent and the script very cleverly written. However, while the twists and ending were surprising enough to be decent, the film overall was by no means great. In fact, after the first twenty to thirty minutes, the movie was actually pretty boring. No explosive climax, a slogging second act, the fights were kind of pathetic, certain characters were WAY underused, and (SPOILERS AHEAD) all three main characters died. The latter factor I kind of expected but disappointing nonetheless. Again, good movie but it was not the climactic and exciting end this trilogy deserved.

- Iffy ending3 star

An excellent early 3/4 of the movie was marred by a very iffy and somewhat sloppy-feeling ending. Such a shame after two phenomenal movies, in Unbreakable and Split, not to mention the great potential of the early part of this one. Still worth a watch, as the conclusion of the trilogy.

- Meh3 star

It was made well technically, but the writing wasn't great, which also made the movie seem a too long. I thought the ending was wierd and very unsatisfying. James MacAvoy was freakin' amazing. By the way, I'm a huge fan of Unbreakable...Its one of my favorite movies.

- Not bad4 star

It was pretty good

- Cringe1 star

This movie I can’t take seriously at all

- Horrible1 star

Probably the worst movie I’ve ever attempted to understand. This is terrible on so many levels. 🤮🤮🤮

- Good movie4 star

Great conclusion to the previous movie ; must watch

- I dig it! I want to see more.4 star

It seems to me that Shyamalan's vision for these movies - and something that is reiterated throughout both Unbreakable and Glass but still doesn't sink in with some viewers - is that this is what it might look like if people had more plausible super-powers. It's the story of what inspires larger than life myths and stories like Hercules or Superman. When you can get past the typical superhero audience expectations and tropes and focus on the 'real life' aspect of it, then I think the movie really shines. It's not about seeing a $300 million dollar spectacle. The acting is solid, the story is interesting and Glass builds on both Unbreakable and Split in a really interesting way. I for one would like to see more from this 'world.'

- It made no sense1 star

This was a really really bad movie

- Awesome movie!5 star

Don’t listen to the critics, Glass is a great movie by itself and an nice end to the East Rail 177 Trilogy. If you’re a fan a Shyamalan’s films then this one is right up your alley! I recommend watching Unbreakable and Split beforehand - but not necessary to understand or enjoy the plot. Highly Recommended Movie! #OverseerXGlassXHoard

- Why?1 star

I rather move to Ajo, AZ than to watch this film again.

- super and creative5 star

...i really am digging this director; and appreciated this trilogy’s production, casting, acting and writing. a ton of fun refreshing to see creativity (other reviewers have details on the movie)

- Stop letting him make films.1 star

Incompetent, pompous and thrill free. Avoid.

- Excellent!5 star

Love it! This one brings everything together. Besides the excellent acting and cinematography, the unique story kept me wondering what would happen next. Everyone gets upset when the story doesn’t play out like they want. Well done M. Night! Many critics get it wrong again.

- Ok film4 star

Not good but not bad

- Nothing Like It5 star

I just bought it on DVD and I loved it. Critics are definitely wrong

- Awful1 star

The movie is NOT good. I was hoping for it was good. How disappointing

- Not bad, not too good!2 star

You could wait into Netflix put it..

- Phenomenal!5 star

I’m a huge psychological thriller fan and have been following this trilogy since day one. I love how they brought the same characters back from previous movies. The only thing I would have changed or liked to have seen was a better ending. It was good, just felt premature.

- waste of time1 star

it’s an awful movie using a mental disorder that stems from severe childhood trauma as a replacement for imaginative and truly creative thinking. there are much better movies to see that don’t fuel stigma that is so harmful for those with a dissociative disorder. the plot is awful and extremely predictable. overall, there is an abundance of movies that are way more worthwhile to spend your money on and invest your time into. don’t waste your time on another overused plot line that does nothing to better the viewer or those with the disorder.

- One of the best4 star

Like what someone else wrote.. I don‘t understand why so many dislike this movie. I didn’t see it in movie theatre due to so many bad review. I finally watch it and man I was so wrong. It‘s not a bad movie at all!!! His movie is special and unique and you can’t judge it in the most stero type way for an action movie.

- Fantastic end to a great trilogy5 star

Wow, the critics sure got this one wrong. Such a great movie & a great twist on the superhero genre. Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies of all time. So glad this movie got made. Shyamalan is back in top form.

- Clever and entertaining5 star

At times I found MacAvoy's many characters were a bit too much but overall it was a clever story with an excellent ending.

- Horrible, anticlimactic1 star

The trailers made the movie look like it would be epic, but it was a big disappointment. Two hours of my life are gone and I feel dumber for having watched the whole thing.

- OMG1 star


- Y’all Lame5 star

The artistic thought that was put into all three of these movies is amazing. Don’t listen to people who don’t have an eye for true cinematography.

- Awesome movie that ties the other two movies together 👍🏼5 star

To truly appreciate this movie you do need to see Unbreakable and Split first. That being said, I truly enjoyed this movie, it really tied the the other two movies together and was a great overall story. Great editing, and strong acting. Nice job to all those who worked on this film.

- Awful1 star

Awful awful movie. Could not bear to finish it.

- It was horrible1 star

The worst movie I ever saw

- Poor Squel2 star

Unbreakable was a good movie, but this is a very poor “sequel”, if actually it is. It looks more like “how can we make something Marvelish”, and get a little extra money out of it.

- If you didn't see the first two movies this one won't make sense.3 star

I expected an epic battle among the superheroes and villains in the end but if was a weak wrestling match. Disapointing.

- Eh!3 star


- Viry gooood5 star

Morgan freemen is a my favrite colur uv people

- 🤮🤮🤮🤮1 star


- Very impressed5 star

This movie was epic and the flashback parts made a lot of sense of those parts.

- Trilogy Comics Awesome!5 star

Please add “Unbreakable” to this bundle! This series is awesome when you can tell the whole story from the beginning. Cast and story is great! Comics forever fan! All the actors did a wonderful job! Recommend all THREE “Unbreakable”, “Split” & “Glass.”

- Glass2 star

broken glass. Full of plot holes, poor continuity

- Absolute crap1 star

Absolutely crappy movie. Could’ve been so much better. For once in my life I’m happy to give a movie 1 star. =)

- M Night is an idiot1 star

I’m not sure why I keep wasting with his movies, they are all horrible!

- Weird and kind of funny AS3 star

Not sure, just went sideways when they all escaped. It’s got real weird and creepy... shamma lamma ding dong

- Great movie5 star

Really enjoyed this movie, so glad we ignored rotten tomatoes reviews!

- Loved it5 star

Thought provoking, director/writer is amazing as always.

- Disappointed (Spoiler Alert)2 star

The movie started off okay, but it left me upset because there wasn’t enough to keep me interested. This movie had no “Wow” factor although the acting was good, but nothing amazing. I felt like the writing should have been beefed up with action and effects since everyone died after all. What’s the point of allowing everyone to die if they don’t go out with a bang, see that they are suppose to be extraordinary being? Their small amounts of demonstrations towards their abilities was not enough to make me think that this was a good movie and the fight scenes were so basic. SMH!

- Glass (no spoilers)4 star

Unbreakabe and Split are fantastic stand alone movies that are wonderfully tied together. I saw Unbreakable in theatre and Split came along so late in the game that there was a generation that had no idea it was linked to Unbreakable. "Glass" is the third installment. This movie has a slow start and the intrigue and magic come much later in the film which in a way hurt it. I dont think Glass has the same impact that the other two films had but I think it is a fair conclusion for this storyline. I think those who loved Unbreakable will feel some nostalgia for this last installment. For those who who didnt get on the bandwagon years ago, they may feel lost and bored by "Glass".

- Liked Split and Glass5 star

This was a well written and paced movie. The acting was excellent by all. I don’t think the critics understood this story. I enjoyed it greatly! Surprised me at the end but it wasn’t a silly twist. It was just a well written story all the way through. Watching it again afterwards is very satisfying.

- Unwatchable After A While1 star

Story was tedious. Three main characters, no need to tell either of their stories. Boring is the best way to describe this movie.

- Completely Out of this World4 star

Groundbreaking ending for an epic trilogy. Would love to see more stories in the world of GLASS one day. Everyone did an incredible job.

- Pretty good. Don't listen to the critics4 star

Love the twist to the whole super hero genre. This really is an origin story. Critics are almost completely missing the point. Don't listen to them.

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Camwarbagarble - Worth a rental or a buy!5 star

You should watch the three films this came from firstm before watching this. It will make a lot more sense in the continuing storyline. I didnt expect to enjoy this as much as I did. The closing of the plotlines for the three main characters was not expected though, and i cant say if i approve of it or not. MacAvoy did a TREMENDOUS job.

Horrorisforme - A Solid Trilogy4 star

This is such an original group of movies which are thought provoking, as well as entertaining. They are definitely worth the watch!

Mr. W. M. L. - $$5 star

I’m being paid to say this was great. Super great.

Mark Ki - The best film I have watched in ages5 star

I thought this was incredible. I almost watched it twice in a row, right after finishing it the first time. Stupid work.

awesomemoviereviewer - Good way to end the franchise4 star

Good movie

not-so-sure - Not great1 star

They spend far too much time developing the plot of this movie. There were a few good scenes in this movie, but overall it was 2 hours of our time that we’ll never get back.

toberdude - Great movie5 star

People are dumb for thinking this was bad!this was a great movie and it tied everything up for me. Highly recommend!

mgnbrs - Awesome take on super heroes5 star

This dark version of a classic super hero film was amazing, and I hope that there will be more to come. Not big budget but the plot is great

Ktulux - Critique du Gars!2 star

Avec ce film je commence à croire que les bons films de M.Night Shyamalan sont des erreurs de parcours... Il avait réussi à me surprendre avec Split après une décennie de navets. Jackson est ordinaire, Willis est plutôt absent et semble blasé tandis que McAvoy qui est un acteur talentueux semble dirigé de façon aléatoire bien que parfois impressionnant... De bons acteurs mal dirigés, des impressions de séries B et un scénario vide basé sur les super-héros et la réalité qui n’aboutit à rien. Ces personnages méritaient mieux! Les personnages secondaires j’en parle même pas... Une 1/2 étoile en plus pour la musique qui était appréciable.

Con5803 - Glass1 star

Boring all the way though, with a horrible climax/ending. Total waste of time and money, garbage compared to Unbreakable and Split. Worst conclusion ever!

six.feet.under - Brilliant5 star

If you dislike this movie, i will doubt every of your other taste haha. Seriously, i think the directors take on superheros is amazing in a DC and Marvel era where everything is about big budget and special effects. This for me is a big surprise, and im gonna watch it many times. I think most people just didnt get it. Cause its brilliant and genius.

UltraRai - Great Movie!5 star

My favourite movie of the year so far!

Muke4183 - Good movie5 star

To be honest, I was expecting a little more. Still a really good movie.

Cambeaud - Good5 star

Liked both in this series 👍

Potato0man - Don’t waste your money1 star

Garbage movie I had such high expectations when I looked at the trailer lol but it looked like those movies on low budget that normal people make

Un cinéphile - Grande finale!5 star


ardenim - Worst nonsense on screen1 star

Every scene felt utterly senseless

terminizer - Ending is trash4 star

Literally the ending is the worst thing about the movie

kikki more123 - Glass5 star

It was a great film. Kikkimore1234

Undrgrndkng - Undecided4 star

Waited 20 years for a puddle. A puddle. Really.

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Nacval - Very good4 star

A satisfying end to the trilogy

Scrampton Philpot - Story feels rushed, lazy and clumsy1 star

I very much enjoyed Unbreakable and Split. So when I saw the 37% RT score, I decided to decide for myself whether I like the movie or not. Some gambles just don't pay off. This movie started off great, but shot it's load in the first 10 minutes and the rest was just a drawn out, eye-rolling snore-fest. And the end of the film was downright laughable.

C.S. McIntyre - I think the critics missed the mark4 star

I enjoyed how it all wrapped up. I was wondering how it would all come together and I’m glad he was able to pull it off

RaduRanga - Forgettable2 star

Not sure how they made a movie about a split personality character so one dimensional. Can't even recall what the other characters went on about.

Crate dig - Awful / shameful1 star

I was a fan of the franchise, until this movie. Total BS plot that goes nowhere. M.N.S. should be ashamed of himself.

jojokojojojijijo - Best movie ever5 star

I loved glass it was so good!!

Lcempj - Can't wait for the next one.5 star

I really love this world of villans and superheros. Can't wait to see what other characters there will be. I just don't get the bad reviews. I think Night should make this into a tv series.

Adaptive Dan - Better Than They Say5 star

Book/Movie...people always say the book was better. A droplet of patience and attention is an investment these days. The longer you wait for a delivery, the more you expect. Glass did not disappoint. The story of Mr Glass is just that...enjoying Unbreakable and Split in order to tell the story about Mr Glass. It is worth it completely.

Arlington customer - Don’t care what anyone says great movie5 star

I love M night Shyamalan when he digs deep he delivers. Great cast great movie

Whit52190 - Complex plot5 star

Loved it! More complex than I expected.

enana512 - Amazing3 star

So entertaining

Bernoit - I liked it despite the critics4 star

I was prepared to be disappointed from all the critics reviews. But I thought it was pretty good. M. Night is back! Great performances by all. Not perfect but great!

kaden9999 - Wasnt that good1 star

Not that much action people have been waiting 10 years for this movie only to find out that its a disappointment

Cann1zzle - Breathtaking and Beautiful5 star

This is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful, powerful, significant, and amazing. It is something I have been waiting for 20 years to see.

TJ S. - Garbage1 star

Split was such a welcome return to greatness from M. Night, but unfortunately he follows it up with this hot mess. Terrible direction, ludicrous story, and mostly awful acting. A boring, pretentious, unwelcome return to foulness from M. Night — Glass joins the ranks of The Happening and The Last Airbender. It’s that bad.

eadib - It was an amazing5 star

Although this was an amazing movie but I just wished the production was better

Steve7711 - See it for yourself4 star

Don't let anyone mold your opinion on this film. You need to go in blind with no expectations. That's how you'll come to love "Glass".

Trian_85 - Good genre mixing4 star

I liked the origin story here and the acting was great. They all did a good job.

90E30 - Not Disappointed4 star

Don't be fooled by the negative reviews. i enjoyed this movie so much that i wrote a review ( something i have never bothered doing in my 30 years on this earth ). The ending was near perfection

Alan F. - Just as good as the first two...5 star

I thought this movie was fantastic and the ending was the perfect ending for the trilogy. I’m not sure why the reviews are so bad...38% on Rotten Tomatoes? I’m pretty sure they pick and choose reviews to give movie the score they want it to have. Ever notice how the quotes are often out of context from the original reviews?

Knight cannon - Great movie5 star

Highly recommend excellent movie

DABFA2269 - Perfect Ending to a Great Trilogy5 star

I don’t normally take time to review movies on iTunes because most movies are so often not worth my time. However Glass is a different story and is the perfect culmination to what was an interesting trilogy to say the least. I’m not sure why the critics gave this movie such a low rating. In fact I am at a loss for why anyone who saw the first two movies would not like this one which to me was by far the best of the three. I thought everything came together nicely in this M. Night’s third installment, Glass, and created a perfect crescendo. I see that there are several people who didn’t care for the ending but for me I had absolutely no problem with the way the story ended. In fact I felt that it was quite appropriate as it paid great homage to earlier plot lines in that of both Unbreakabke & Split. Overall an A+ film and a must see for any M. Night fan.

majorthomas - M. Night Depth5 star

Most film lovers have realized the great talent of M.Night Shyamalan. He certainly has had some ups and downs after his first couple of brilliant films (especially ‘Sixth Sense’ and ‘Signs’)... but this is a leveled story of stories that is just complex enough to keep it fun to watch without too much hidden meaning. The actors were all amazing. Bruce Willis was the quiet and strong hero; to James McAvoy’s massive strange character. Samuel L. Jackson was back at surprising everybody with his incredible talents. The difference between the great Marvel movies and this film are easy to find. But what a cool story that has an esoteric all to itself. I expected a lot from this film. Especially from McAvoy after his ‘Split’ performance which placed him in the highest levels of current brilliance. There were some slow spots and almost frustration with the other basic actors. In the last 1/4 of this film... everything came together (from great acting to superior script and story). It’s great to see M.Night bringing his trippy vision home with such style.... again!!!

AprilFresh4U - What?!?3 star

I don’t want to spoil anything but that ending! What was up with that? James McAvoy carried the movie. Such a great actor. Could have had an entire movie series just about the horde. Should have had another movie just about the horde!

Daceatx - Enjoyed it!5 star

Really enjoyed the movie. It was nice to see a conclusion to the series. It was not what I expected in the end.

tekneak - Just wow great movie5 star

This is a great movie, nice even pave to the action and great acting. I’d give this 10 stars if I could

Dys_77 - Enjoyed it5 star

If you liked the others you’ll probably like this.

coakesoz - Hypeyhb fiorvvyvcc v2 star

Big vCry Type trygt

mauser13 - Critics are wrong4 star

Unbreakable remains the best of the trilogy, but this is a solid movie with great performances.

jimdusso - Sequel ??? No sequel jinx here5 star

If you want a movie trilogy that requires the ability to think and comprehend this is it! Make sure before watching, watch the first two movies. Simply excellent.

DavidRedeemed - YOU ABOUT UNBREAKABLE?1 star

This review world be a 5 star because the movies are AWESOME! But, who ever ONLY put Glass & Split are forgetting something really important. What about UNBREAKABLE? That started the whole thing? An amazing movie! Did they not watch or know anything about the movies? The character, Glass(Jackson) is introduced and is the antagonist in UNBREAKABLE with Brice Willis as the lead. It should be a THREE movie combo so that who ever gets them won't have to get UNBREAKABLE separately....

Wish_Mister - a waste2 star

This movie should have been the grand finale of unbreakable and split, and instead it was a whimpering disappointment.

Mr reason - Hack “director” spews boring recycled garbage1 star

This director made one good picture in his entire career. That was his first one – and that was the last one he made that was worth watching. And even that was only worth watching once. Since then, he has been racing downhill — quickly making one boring, unoriginal, predictable piece of crap after another. And in this case, it’s just a continuation of the same idiotic premise had in his last film or two … I saw it by mistake, not knowing who the director was or I wouldn’t have bothered. You have been warned – if you have no regard for your money and enjoy wasting it, perhaps you may have some regard for wasting your time. Money can be replaced eventually – but your time cannot.

n2northsiders - Disappointed1 star

Meh meh meh

Alex:))))))) - Awful1 star

Terrible, boring movie. No climax. Waste of time.

BillyMedia - Reaching for point/script.3 star

I love M. Night and always give especially his movies a chance. Sometimes I’m thrilled and sometimes not so much. I did have great expectations for “Glass” but it fell short. More than many of his “misses” in the past. The acting and actors were great I just don’t feel this movie had a script I liked. Wait till it goes on sale, inevitable, then get it. That’s what I wish I did. This really is a pivot for M. Night and have to say the bar, in my opinion, fell short. The impressiveness of the cast held it together. Keep hope and the supernatural alive!

Cyan pepper 75 - Brilliant5 star

A beckoning for humanity to free itself from the enablers.

Lone Rooster - Glass3 star

This movie wasn’t great, but a good showing none the less. Rewrite the ending, and it would probably get better scores from critics. McAvoy does a great job acting in this movie and Bruce Willis kept in character from Unbreakable. This is not a standalone movie, so please watch the others first before this as they are...

ArthurH - Perfect? No. A satisfying conclusion to the trilogy? Yes.5 star

Admittedly, M. Night took a big bite with this trilogy. There were flaws in the script as has been mentioned, but the nearly-universal slandering by the “professional” reviewers does indeed make one wonder if there isn’t a secret society at play here. It just wasn’t that bad, “37% fresh” bad. If you like comic book stories that go to a different beat than the regular Marvel/DC fare, and enjoyed the first two, I think you will enjoy this one at least as much. McAvoy’s performance has really grown on me over the years, and here he was visceral and possessed. I have to say, give the CRITICS a pass on this one and make up your own mind.

nyctelecaster - Hmmmmm....3 star

In a way James MacAvoy carries this film, and his multi-personality performance is virtuosic. Yet, I found myself objectifying the quality of his performances, instead of being entertained or drawn into the film. Maybe because there wasn’t enough Willis, and not enough Jackson in the film - and that’s why I was watching Glass in the first place. The story kind of deteriorates, by naively remaining cemented into a comic book plot that didn’t feel “adult” enough, at least to me. But if you’re a big fan of the first film, I would recommend checking it out. The current $19.99 price tag felt like highway robbery. $14.99 doesn’t't suffice?

Max P. Sterling - Great5 star

what a great story. this was more superhero then marvel and dc put together. This was more based in reality then that fantasy stuff dc and marvel did... I liked it.

Trustworthy 55 - Fun!5 star

This dude has got some imagination, i'll give him that : ) Clark Kent

jbresner - Makes Unbreakable seem good1 star

M Knight must be paying for all these fake reviews. The movie is a snooze fest.

Fejimush - M. Night Shyamalan at his best5 star

If you enjoyed Unbreakable and Split, you'll enjoy this third installment. It's hard to understand what the rotten critics are looking for. This is a marvelous film. I really hope that M. Night Shyamalan has the opportunity to expand this universe. This movie leaves us with that possibility. The potential is epic and cerebral.

MattFling - If you love Unbreakable I would run like the horde away from this film.2 star

The first 15 minutes of this film is actually entertaining and had me on edge. Until the crash through the window scene and Unbreakable part 2 plot gets tossed out the window and shatters all hope of redemption as the film continues with the idea of trying to convince us that these clearly super human characters we love are actually normal and aren’t important. In the end we get the predictable Ahh Got ya! twist at the end that literally drowns the best character in a puddle and try’s to make us believe it was justified. Just sad that this film was wasted. Deadpool 2 did the X-Force crew better than M. Night Shyamalan does the leads from Glass.

zidane2015 - Very disappointing...1 star

An absolute mess. Hard to believe this is the same director who made Unbreakable and the Sixth Sense. Reads like a first draft, and when things finally build in the third act it turns out that none of these characters are as super as we thought.

AaronLove29 - I Enjoyed it!5 star

These series of movies, are a more realistic super hero/ villian story! I mean human beings evolve slowly! But who knows what true Potential our future DNA can unlock & behold! I really believe that’s the point to the whole story! Mid night Shyamalan wanted a more realistic feel & since the first movie! Maybe a person could be almost unbreakable do to superior Genies & DNA! Some people most certainly break their bones more easily! Mid night Shyamalan gave us a more realistic super hero movie! then what xmen, Marvel has given us! So i applaud The cool storyline! Great characters! This is a more plausible superhero movie series! Simply put! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Good ending!

New kong suh - Wonderful but not quite.4 star

But it’s very good brings kinda an action. It’s just not as it seem to be for the film.

KyleE17 - Great movie5 star

Enjoy a fun and interesting ending to a cool storyline.

Siemo - It’s super5 star

It’s super

5 star

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5 star

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Glass posters
Glass posters
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