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Now part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection and the prestigious National Film Registry, Disney’s animated classic Cinderella is beloved by generations of fans for its timeless story, unforgettable characters and iconic artistry. Share the magic as kind and hardworking Cinderella is rewarded with an enchanted evening at the Royal Ball. It just takes the help of her loyal animal friends Jaq and Gus, a wave of her Fairy Godmother’s wand and some “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.” Celebrate the legacy of Disney’s classic animation in Cinderella, where dreams really do come true!

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cinderella (1950) - wilfred jackson, hamilton luske & clyde geronimi synopsis will be updates..

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JackSkelling    1 star

Do Not Purchase! You will lose the rights in 2 years Once again, Disney yanks the rights that were already purchased. There really ought to be a class action suit against Disney and iTunes - they now are doing this every 2 years!!!!

Slammerdhill    5 star

Best movie Best movie ever

ariana___unicorn247    5 star

Love this movie I am in love with this movie ever since I was a little kid (aka I’m a preteen). This is my childhood movie including all the Disney channel movies. Even the new ones. So this is my review

aestheticpjs    5 star

LOL It’s hilarious that people don’t know how to access their iTunes library purchases, and also figure out that the trailer just has a rendition of Wish Come True, they didn’t change the song in the movie LOL the movie the same movie it’s been for years. If you like cinderella then buy it, if you already own then don’t buy it. There’s nothing different really unless you want it accessible from a streaming library. Better off to pay $3 more and get the combo blu-ray/digital copy.

kini10    1 star

Remastered songs are dreadful Whatever happened to the sweet singing voice of the original Cinderella? I’m glad I listened to the preview. You have successfully ruined my favorite Disney song. Cinderella didn’t belt out that song like a teenage pop star. I’m also disheartened that you removed the original movie that so many reviewers bought with this updated version. Makes me want to think about ever buying any more Apple products. I hope you will remain a company that does NOT go the way of mediocrity.

00-311-00    5 star

Classic A Disney classic. A must own for everyone.

mudkiller    1 star

I already had Cinderella before but now it's gone from the iTunes store and Siri is showing me this! I already had Cinderella before but now it's gone from the iTunes store and Siri is showing me this! Kind of scammy... Workaround for now: Go to your Library and select Cinderella from there. That version doesn't seem to be in the store anymore...

tikiroomfan    5 star

A Masterpiece It doesn’t get much better than this.

BreeInGilbertAZ    1 star

Disney are thieves! Stole my copy. AGAIN! I’m sick of this cash-grab by Disney. I bought this on Amazon 2 years ago or less with the music box as a set to get the DIGITAL COPY and it was NOT cheap. Now, once again, they’ve stolen yet another Disney animated classic I’ve previously purchased from my iTunes library. That now makes SIX I would have to re-purchase. This is legally bordering on FRAUD. In fact, I’m going to file a complaint with the AG. They’re losing money big time at the box office with live-action remakes, so they add a new bonus feature to ‘legitimize’ it no longer showing up in your library to RE-purchase it ad nauseam. Screw you, Disney! THIEVES. CROOKS. EVIL.

Gantra    1 star

itunes disney movie issue I bought Cinderella on itunes previously. This movie is now being re-released. It's unfair that the old release that I had purchased is no longer accessible, or at least easily accessible, on itunes. Both versions should be easily accessible on Apple TV.










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