Knives Out

Knives Out Summary and Synopsis

Acclaimed writer and director Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) pays tribute to mystery mastermind Agatha Christie in KNIVES OUT, a fresh, modern-day murder mystery where everyone is a suspect. When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is found dead at his estate just after his 85th birthday, the inquisitive and debonair Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is mysteriously enlisted to investigate. From Harlan’s dysfunctional family to his devoted staff, Blanc sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind Harlan’s untimely death. With an all-star ensemble cast including Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon, LaKeith Stanfield, Katherine Langford and Jaeden Martell, KNIVES OUT is a fun, witty and stylish whodunit guaranteed to keep audiences guessing until the very end. When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey is found dead at his estate just after his 85th birthday, the inquisitive and debonair Detective Benoit Blanc is mysteriously enlisted to investigate. From Harlan's dysfunctional family to his devoted staff, Blanc sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind Harlan's untimely death. Knives Out Wiki

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Hell, any of them could have done it...

Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out Comments & Critics

Knives Out Movie Reviews

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- Great fun!5 star

I've read my share of murder mysteries/thrillers, and this one was great fun to watch play out. I had it all wrong! Lol.

- Boring as hell2 star

It’s a long showpiece for social justice issues but it meanders in its delivery of the story. Any potential is squandered quickly thirty minutes in. There are better who dunits to watch.

- Not what I expected5 star

I honestly went into the movie not knowing the plot and I have to say, this is movie is the best murder mystery I have seen!! 100% recommend

- Movie of the century5 star

This did not disappoint comedy and suspense amazing, and including Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Katherine Langford amazing combo.

- Great movie5 star

Have not had such a great and enjoyable movie night in a long time. Great great

- You won’t regret watching it5 star

Best movie I’ve seen in a long time it’s so well written and it’s my favorite movie. Also Chris Evans is awesome in this movie lol ❤️

- Meh...Too easy to figure out!3 star

Went into this movies with high hopes of liking it. But, geez, I easily figured out the perpetrator within the first 30 minutes. Not what I like in a whodunnit movie. Yes, the actors were all good in their parts, so I did enjoy that, as well as the plot. The movie’s underlying message was pretty clear. All in all, a pretty good movie, but I’ve seen better in this genre.

- Amazing5 star

This movie was incredibly filmed and the writing and acting was amazing. I really hope I see more from this director!!!

- An absolute blast, don’t listen to TLJ haters5 star

This movie is just pure fun. Suspenseful, subversive and overall funny, Knives Out is a great addition to the whodunit genre. Salty Star Wars fanboys can shut their mouths about “Ruin” Johnson. RIAN Johnson is an extremely talented writer and director and only wants to give audiences something to enjoy. Most of the one-star reviews here are from idiots who are still salty about The Last Jedi, so don’t listen to them. The only issue I have with this is the pacing, which slows the film down a lot in the second act, but I love this film otherwise. Superb acting, a witty and clever screenplay and many subversions of expectations make this a really fun watch. 9/10

- Awesome Movie5 star

This movie has it all. It’s a thriller and comedy and keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end. Just awesome.

- Knives out4 star

perfect 👌 🖤

- Terrible1 star

Waste of money

- I fell asleep in the theater...1 star

A movie has never put me to sleep in a theater before; this one did. I guess that’s a feat...🤷🏻‍♂️🥱

- Very Overrated2 star

Was really looking forward to this one but was ultimately disappointed. They tell you what happens within the first 30 minutes so the rest of the movie is that person covering their tracks, why wouldn’t you save that twist for the end of the movie?? And the so called “twist” they do save for the end, you can see coming a mile away. Acting is really good but overall this movie is an hour too long and just not well done

- A Great Who Dunnit!5 star

In the vein on great classics like Murder She Wrote, Moonlighting, Colombo, and Poirot, with a jab of New England posh, and a twist of southern flair. Everything you need to solve the riddle will have been laid out for you before the end, but the execution and framing will leave you second guessing your conclusions until a dramatic and unexpected reveal! Criminally under rated, and should be appreciated by more than just fans of the genre.

- Knives out: The paragraph4 star

This movie is outstanding. My favorite character is Chris’s Evans. I think he had so much fun with this movie. I like the plot twist, and the humor, mixed with a lot of fun action.However the vomit at the end of the movie was not very convincing. They obviously just mashed a fruit salad and put some water on then threw it on Chris evens’ face. But over all a pretty good movie.

- Great worth buying5 star

When I heard the guy who ruined Star Wars was behind this I was concerned but when I saw it I was shocked at how good it was love it

- Not good1 star

Pompous. Arrogant actors.

- Did not like it1 star

Boring, theres no mystery and overacting.

- Just Great The More I Think About It5 star

I watched this 3 times and every time I get more out of it like a Wes Anderson movie can do to me. Great acting, fun writing and well executed by a lot of people. I really thought I would hate this and so happy I didn’t.

- Boring2 star

Boring movie

- I’m gonna live live live live live intill I dieeeee5 star

Great song

- So good5 star

I totally wasn’t super interested based on the trailer but holy canolli this was awesome!!

- Great movie5 star

I liked it.. you should see it

- One of the worst movies ever1 star

So much hype. Awesome look of the film but the story was complete garbage and the ranting at the end. I am sorry I spent money to rent this movie.

- Excellent5 star

Spellbinding and hilarious. Daniel Craig with a southern accent not to be missed.

- So great5 star

Loved it.

- Best Movie of 20195 star

Love this movie.

- Awesome movie5 star

Highly recommend this movie will keep you intrigued the whole movie !!!

- Boring1 star

So boring omg

- Amazing!5 star

It’s one of the best mysteries to be released in the longest time! I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen! I’ve watched it three times and continue to get more people to watch it.

- Really good5 star

Very well put together movie

- Surprised4 star

This movie was better than I expected!

- Mediocre, at Best2 star

Contrived. It revels in tropes and tries to obfuscate, but uses tired and true mechanisms to do so. Feels less like a mystery, and more like ham-fisted political commentary. For true mystery fans, avoid (just like you would a Branagh Poirot).

- Great movie5 star

This movie in my personal opinion is amazing it has fun twists that you don’t see coming and it keeps you on your toes. The acting and cast of the movie is amazing they all do an amazing job

- You will only understand if you watch the movie5 star

Plot twist x10

- Bad swearing, but good acting2 star

They could have taken out all the swearing in there and it would have been just as great. Good acting, though, good plot, and interesting way of piecing things together throughout.

- Loved it...4 star

Although it was getting a bit insultingly political at one point, it wasn't overbearing Liked the movie quite a bit, and this type of movie isn't my usual go to. I'm more of a sci-fi/action movie kind of person. Acting was great and had me guessing the whole way through. Definitley worth the 9.99 I paid.

- Amazing movie5 star

Loved every bit and keeps you guessing!

- Good movie if you’re 141 star

This director just does everything in his power to fake you out. It gets old

- No thanks Ruin Johnson1 star


- Boring1 star

Story line moved really slowly to the point I was almost asleep

- Excellent5 star

Two 👍🏼👍🏼. Great movie from end to end!

- Knives out5 star

Love this movie I recommend this to anyone who likes mystery

- Great 👍5 star

This was a really good who done it movie 🍿. I hadn’t expected much, but was gratefully surprised how well written and good this was. A definite must see 🧐

- $10?! Get it!4 star

Pretty cheap for a new decent mystery movie , $19?! GET IT!

- Knives Out3 star

So many great actors, however it wasn’t my cup of tea. Surprise and unexpected ending.

- Awesome Movie5 star

The twist at the end is incredible, I actually really loved the movie. It was so mysterious .🙂

- Great movie5 star

I think six stars would not even be enough. That’s how good this film is.

- Phenomenal Movie5 star

This an absolutely wonderful movie in which every single character is played perfectly. Daniel Craig and Chris Evans are the perfect characters in this modern-day Clue!

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Ri.C.B. - great fun5 star

a completely delightful entertainment, with nothing other than piffle to entertain you - Ana de Armas is a standout despite the challenge of other highly celebrated performers - Daniel Craig, for instance, doesn't deliver a convincing Southern accent, an art he might've been trying to channel from Charles Laughton's masterful rendition of one in "Advise and Consent", though most other celebrities perform entirely admirably - the movie is great fun

Tbahz - Disappointed2 star

I think when you read positive reviews and see a 97% tomatoe rating you expect it to be amazing. But it wasn’t. It was hard to follow. The characters were boring and typical. I am glad I only paid $10 for it.

Joybejj - Best Murder Mystery Ever5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. It was amazing quality and it had so many amazing twists. The way the whole thing was set up was just amazing. I’m in awe of how good it was.

idjdndndkdmsm - Great movie5 star

The movie was great. I enjoyed it throughout and I was guessing until the finally. Really well acted. If you like mystery's definitely worth watching.

Yowaneh - Super!!5 star

Très charmant et très profond!

kidadragonmoon - fantastic movie.5 star

knives out is a fantastic film. it is such fun film. i love this film.

FluidicDigital - Lacklustre on all Fronts1 star

Didn't do it for me! I am a huge Daniel Craig fan from all his James Bond movies, but not even he could save this trainwreck of a movie. The director, Rian Johnson, has had some very poor performances as of late, especially with the whole ruining of the Star Wars universe. I would say that this movie is worth a watch only once it reaches the $1.99 Walmart cheap bins. Do not spend your hard-earned money on this movie. Rian Johnson is a hack and his movies are proof of this.

patrickmontréal - léger3 star

Divertissant, mais pas surprenant

Alain LaVerdiere - Detective Daniel Craig5 star

Every bit as good as Hotel Royale. A star turn by every cast member no matter how brief. Lot’s of clever movie Easter eggs (The Game of Thrones throne to mention one). Let’s hope there is more Detective Daniel Craig in the future.

Luc Presley - luc5 star


blcksunn88 - Not that great!2 star

The twists did not work I felt lost as to what was going on. It didn't help that I couldn't understand Daniel Craig's horrible accent. It was rather annoying. I couldn't understand why they kept calling the kid a Nazi. Other than the nurse, he seemed the most normal and non threatening character. But that is of course typical Hollywood propaganda. I mean the theme was a political one about tolerance towards immigrants, yet when someone has a different point of view than the uber socialist communist you are automatically branded a Nazi. Very disturbing!

A different other guy - Very good.5 star

Don’t believe the spurned star wars fans who have their underwear in a bunch over Rian Johnson. This is a great movie for anyone who likes mysteries and Agatha Christie type stories.

Suncheonboy - Great Acting5 star

Not predictable. Well written, good directing and superb acting. My second fav movie of 2019 after Parasite.

ValleyViper81 - Haters are gonna hate, but.....5 star

Movie is fantastic. Fun for everyone.

Yehoshua Katz - Greatest Mystery Movie ~ Murder sHE Wrote5 star

Highly recommend this movie, it’s stacked with great actors, makes you think and great for the whole family.

Donald Duck 44 - The best film of 2019!!5 star

Rian Johnson manages to create a very intriguing, modern and fun whodunit that definitely gets everyone who watched it talking.

danielpaulbaptista - Love the movie but...5 star

Why no iTunes Extras?! The US store has them but why not Canada?

Paris ✨ - Amazing!!5 star

It was so good! Very well written and amazing acting! One of my favourite movies

UndisputedVoiceOfReason - Best screenplay of the decade5 star

Took Rian around a decade to come up with it. Totally worth it. Watch it close and merits a reviewing for the custom touches, similar to 'Get Out'. My choice for original screenplay of the year.

yeet this soccer ball - Amazing5 star


Icantbelieveitsnot.... - Another in-depth 🐬 review5 star

Just came back from this film and enjoyed it thoroughly. It keeps you wondering until the close end without giving too much away. There are not enough characters to NOT guess who it is, but it’s the joy in the journey that makes this film such a treat. The “KFC” accent (Ransom’s words, not mine but pretty funny!!) out of Mr. Bonds mouth is similar to his Logan Lucky character, but he plays this one very well. Just a fun take on an Agatha or Hitchcock story that keeps you involved although not on the edge of your seat mystery. Without the big names in it, I’m sure it would be a wash that only few saw until on 📀. But bless them for the one true Ontario born song writer’s song playing in the background. What a perfect song for the film once you realize what they are getting at by playing it. If 🐬 🧩 🍪 can tell us the song after those hints, his reviews will be honoured above all others forevermore! Gauntlet thrown. Enjoy this film for adults, not 4 kids. Nothing sexual, just poor language from a bunch of spoiled rich adults. It does fit the characters.

Willer Vision - Pure Class5 star

A well acted, perfectly written classic. The plot is very involved but full of humour and lots of twists and turns.

Streetworker01 - Agatha Christie on speed5 star

Witty, clever and always surprising, this is Agatha Christie on speed. A sly take on classic whodunnits without ever mocking them, this is a gourmet meal for intelligent moviegoers. What a joy to witness a magnificent cast at the top of their respective games clearly having a ball. And to have a movie that’s clearly no fan of Trump but doesn’t mention the ghastly man once by name. But the greatest joy of all is Daniel Craig, a truly great actor and finest James Bond, who has never been funnier than he is here. His deliberately hammy Texan drawl - mocked mercilessly by Chris Evans’ character - is a hoot. An utter triumph on every level. Easily the best movie of 2019.

Nay_12345 - Terrible1 star

I thought this would be good but Daniel Craig’s accent is terrible. The plot is ridiculously long. It just drags on and on. I’m glad I rented it though it still wasn’t worth almost £5. Very boring

Burumbut - Not an ego trip4 star

When I saw the trailer I let out an audible sigh. It looks like a load of stars on an ego trip. I reluctantly watched it having run out of other films. Really enjoyed the film. Great performances from everyone without the real potential of hamming this up. Good plot, good characters and would recommend to anyone to give it a try.

Canonburyeuchreboy - just ok3 star

Great cast and love to see Jamie Lee again - but this was pretty average. Not too clever - it is billed as a return to the Agatha Christie whodunits but has none of the wit or smart plot twists. That said, it's an inoffensive way to pass a couple of hours.

Vell-31 - Predictable.1 star

Any 'whodunnit' that is predictable is a poor addition to the genre. Yes, some of the acting was great, but the story was boring, dull and contrived. It was a showpiece of poor workmanship on part of the writer and director. It shows why and how Agatha Christie is soooo good. I don't know where the rave reviews are coming from but they do not represent this asshat of a movie. Wait for it to come out on Netflix. Not worth the £13:99.

Peeeeeedoff - Weak weak film. TV movie quality2 star

I was actually looking forward to this. Daniel Craig why the hell would they allow you to do that accent??????? Awful and surely embarrassing for him to do it (or try to) and did someone actually listen to him doing and say it was ok?? And it was not in anyway needed as part of the plot. Could he not if just been a suave English private detective? Really weak film. TV movie quality at best. The ratings baffle need and reviews that were anything over a 3/10. I paid £2.99 that weekend was on offer and honestly I was tempted to try get a refund. Utter pap!

kikilouz - 😆5 star

Loved loved this movie 🍿

schulz33 - Move over Hercule Poirot!5 star

Brilliant cast. Rollercoaster plot line. Almost didn’t recognise Daniel Craig with his dodgy accent however. Jamie Lee Curtis fantastic performance. Modern take on Agatha Christie. Total enjoyment.

George Spartan - A must see film5 star

Best film I’ve seen in a long time

AnnieCYa - Disappointing3 star

A disappointing movie, certainly the ‘outstanding’ reviews are undeserved. Nicely shot, great costume, set design and cast but the ending is completely predictable & it certainly doesn’t stand up to the rave reviews it’s received. The script could have been a lot better and actually offered some original intrigue. As it stands, it was a completely formulaic and sub-par movie.

Shellsh0cked - Acclaimed director of Star Wars???1 star

In the synopsis it states ‘ Acclaimed director of Star Wars The Last Jedi.’ This guy along with Kathleen Kennedy destroyed the entire franchise. With a synopsis that is lying to the potential buyer I give this movie one star.

DerehamHouse - Drivel1 star

Obviously made for the American market.

Mr Matty 949 - From the man who ruined Star Wars1 star


Nomadman2k - How Dull1 star

Have to say this is yet another turkey. This would be better suited to the stage and had all the look and feel of The Mousetrap. Pretty basic acting from most of the cast and quite simply the worst accent from Daniel Craig (it even eclipsed Russell Crowe’s attempts in Robin Hood). Agatha Christie, but much less interesting. So glad I didn’t buy it.

SIR LEE W FRAYLING - Atrocious1 star

Absolutely nuts, no story and Daniel Craig cannot act to save his life how he landed James Bond is Beyond me... avoid at all costs!!!

LeonhartUK - Great film w/greater cast4 star

I have seen the film at the cinema. The film was so much fun and very light, but didn't lose on the story. It was delightful.

MartinThomas - Great film. Dodgy accent from Daniel Craig5 star

... but ignoring that, this was a great movie with some excellent twists and turns with the plot. Thoroughly enjoyable with the family, from 11 to 48! Excellent ensemble cast, all the characters were really well defined and executed.

Dxtwin2 - Knives Out5 star

Great Twist Superb Acting!!!

Sunny Five - An unpleasant movie with a disappointing ending1 star

I was really looking forward to this movie. The cast was strong and I like whodunnits. I could even look past the predictably woke take on things where most of the white cast are portrayed as mean, stupid or nasty whereas the latina lead is portrayed as someone so pure and good that she can’t even tell a lie without throwing up. That irritation aside, the set-up seemed to be leading to some big and ingenious reveal but when it came it was simply dull and very pedestrian. Don’t waste your money. Le Mans 66 (Ford v Ferrari) is great, even for non-racing fans.

MadMole - load of twaddle2 star

Slow, trying to be too clever and Daniel cant do a texas drawl to save his life. wife fell asleep half way through and thought it was more comedy than a whodunit. Winced every time Daniel spoke

Jeff&Michelle - Loved it!5 star

Really enjoyed the pace and style of this movie. Fantastic story with great characters.

bearfan - Great acting, and an ingeniously clever plot.5 star

A great, fun thriller. Perfectly acted and cleverly written. Keeps you locked in to the story right until the end credits roll.

dachar - Enjoyable film with a great cast5 star

Really enjoyed this film. It is very much a modern version of the classic Agatha Christine whodunnit, keeping you guessing as the plot evolved. A great cast all round. Lovely to see Christopher Plummer as the head of the family. Brilliant acting from the likes of Chris Evans and Daniel Craig who successfully escaped their type casting of Captain America and James Bond and made the parts their own. Just read there are plans for a sequel with Daniel Craig again. Hope this is the start of a new franchise for him.

Iddon97 - Loved it!4 star

Stay for jumper scene of Chris Evans but marvel the acting ability in such a tight structue of a house.

Poopyapp - Derp1 star

Derpety derp doop doop derp

Jen as - Fantastic5 star

Fantastic film it was a great watch 😀

Smasher/Devourer - Best movie of 20195 star

Best movie of 2019 - lots of twist and turns and standout performances from Mr Bond ( Daniel Craig ) and Captain America ( Chris Evans ) !!! A must watch and have movie !!!!!!

Chiplondon12 - Great movie5 star

Quite surprised how good it is :) Slightly bothered by Daniel Craig’s Texan accent but all actors were brilliant in this carefully thought-our tale

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Gh0ast - Prices cheaper on Amazon1 star

If you want the movies cheaper go to amazon

Mia1409 - Money well spent!5 star

Brilliant Movie!!! Highly recommend!

nuenjins - Sherlock Holmes for morons.1 star

Worst, most ill explained whodunit I have ever seen. The detective just says things out of thin air that just happen to be right on pure assumption. Absurd and mindless. Not funny, entertaining or witty. If I had known Ryan Johnson made this movie (the hack that made Star Wars -The Last Jedi) I wouldn't have even bothered. If you've ever appreciated Cumberbatch of Downey Jr. as Holmes, this will feel downright insulting by comparison.

Films98 - Rian Johnson has my trust back5 star

I hated Star Wars episode 8, and everyone involved in the creation. But during the holidays I decided to see Star Wars episode 9, and I hated that too and that made me think that all the blame isn’t the director, it’s probably Kathleen Kennedy and her poor leadership and enthusiasm for that franchise. I had nothing to watch and rented it. Yes it’s a very slow pace film but it gets your heart pumping and has amazing twists, also the cinematography is magnificent, which makes the movie watching experience intensify.

CoreyReviews - One of 2019’s finest films5 star

Rian Johnson really crafted something special. He created a world I want to visit again and again. So sharply written, expertly directed and the cast is absolutely insane and they all deliver some of their best work to date. A film I can not highly recommend enough. Worth an immediate purchase.

DonGotti92 - Knives Out 5:5 blades5 star

Great acting. Phenomenal storyline. Great twist at the end. Kept you intrigued the entire time! Would recommend

Whoa Cuz - Simply5 star


tinodree - Amazing5 star

Amazing movie 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tjmst27 - Great movie!!5 star

Very entertaining. Worth the rental price.

nyrosee - So funnyyyy5 star

This movie was hilarious. Had me in literal tears

IamRedKarma - Hot Garbage!1 star

Wow. I couldn’t even watch it twice. Boring, not funny, and a waste of a rental. I was in the dead zone with this zone.

Foxnide - Brilliant!5 star

I haven’t seen a movie this good in years

Miggytezz - To predictable and wayyyy to long.1 star

They gave away the murder and how it was mostly done with in the first 30 mins of the movie. Everything was super horribly dragged out. All of the characters were super predictable and you knew all there angles right away. And people who you thought would be important to the story ended up wasting time. Honestly it was like they figure since they had so many famous people that it would make up for the lack of story character. Oh and I think Daniel Craig is an amazing actor but him playing a southern guy was terrible.

akprobono - Redondita5 star

Gran Película, buen guion, tremendos actores, entretenida historia.

Pamelita_b36 - Great flick5 star

This is a great murder mystery that’s enjoyable for everybody. Great characters and well developed plot.

Viaquito - Daniel Craig’s accent2 star

If I hadn’t been watching with someone else, I probably would not have finished this movie, despite the fun plot. NO explanation as to why a private detective in Massachusetts would have an irritating southern accent. Detective Blancmange’s wobbly and blah accent lacked credibility. Serious gaps in the plot were apparent. I can’t figure out the high Rotten Tomatoes rating. But if you want frothy escapist entertainment starring cardboard caricatures, this will fill the bill. On the other hand, given the number of snowflake pout rage comments from right wingers, I’d recommend this movie after all. In another (saner) age, the “help” coming out on top over the stupid infighting family would have been a happy ending. The fake concern the family shows for the hired help was from both liberal and conservative sides of the family. A great social commentary on these “I’ve got mine, screw you” times. MAGA - LOL! Nobody wins.

TRK02 - What a surprise!5 star

One of the BEST movies I've seen in a lllllooonnng time. Casting was spot on! Can't think of a single character who was miscast. Director took the terrific cast and orchestrated a twisty, but smooth, storyline with surprises along the way. The comedic timing, the visuals, the facial expressions, the camera work..... a cinematic symphony! I read a lengthy interview of Daniel Craig and really wondered how he would do, especially with an accent of an American Southern PI. He is soooo much better than I thought he would be! I rented it, and then watched it three times before it was due..... Excellent film......

Bill1369 - 5-Stars5 star

Great movie

chi.loyal - Oh yea5 star

Highly enjoyable watch...funny and witty and stupid all at the same time make this movie great! Like Clue playing out on film.

Eazzy312 - Enjoyed the twist4 star

The movie itself was well thought out. The twist in the story kept it interesting, causing the me to question who the killer to the story was.

Giff_13 - Nice !!!5 star

A good movie to watch in family. 😀

memoirsofcameron - Entertaining5 star

So entertaining from beginning to end. The best movie I’ve rented in years!

Kerbyrock - Obvious and disappointed1 star

I don’t understand why this movie is so highly rated. It doesn’t even have a twist. Not clever enough to overlook the obvious plot. I really can’t use the word obvious enough. Total disappointment.

KSherman13 - I’m Here For It5 star

Well done! One of the few movies that is a constant keeper of my attention as well as intellectually stimulating. Big fan, I’m impressed.

Jadeventure - Awesome5 star

Wonderful acting, story line as well as captivating! One of the finest movies seen... If your tired of watching poorly written and acted movies, this movie will be a godsend!

kdcarver - Fun4 star

What could have been a disappointing group of A-list actors on cruise control was molded into a delightful, sharp romp. Excellent and enjoyable.

Debric - Beautiful5 star

Well shot, well acted, well written.

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 - well4 star

it was actually good

Magnum Avatar - Good film but Daniel Craig character weakest part4 star

I’d recommend this film to anyone who is looking for an interesting mystery with unique characters and fine acting. The supporting cast of actors all did an amazing job. I was not a fan of the Benoit Blanc character as performed by Daniel Craig. Perhaps I was the only one who felt his character would never be allowed to be so closely involved with a police investigation and his over-the-top southern drawl quickly went from comical to groan worthy.

chaderack - Knives Out 21 star

Joe and Sarah went to Circle K and the ICEE machine ate their faces. Bet you weren’t expecting that. Expectations subverted. I don’t care about the movie before it.

GooieGreen - Meandering at best2 star

Another dull movie with too many stars and not enough star power. Rian Johnson can’t even make a good mystery story, slapping you in the face with every obvious detail until you lose interest.

mrpianist - Great4 star

This movie is great with tons of twists and turns. Pay attention to this superb who dun it. I bought it on blu ray. Great cast.

Nicholas becerra - Knives Out is the best most entertaining best movie5 star

Smart, Funny and entertaining as hell all the actors were funny and fun to watch this is a film done with the right actors and directors.

alwaysknew - Disappointed1 star

2 hours of my life I can’t get back.

otlavergne - awesome mystery5 star

expertly written and directed by rian johnson

DrPSLee - Great family movie5 star

With all this hype about cornonavirus and bad news in general, we needed a good family movie night. This movie did not disappoint. With a 14 yo, and 12 yo both got into the “who dunnit“ atmosphere and we were all so pleasantly surprised at the end.

Rinasandler - Good story5 star

I thought it was certainly worth the rental. Good mystery that has a very surprising twist

Spock8272 - Great Mystery5 star

Good plot. Movie moves well. Good characters.

Suferdudefrank - Best mystery movie ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓5 star

a great who done it 🔪💼💉😵🔍📝✉️

Dark Guardian 9 - A Great Mystery Drama5 star

I was very impressed by this movie. It kept my attention throughout the whole movie. Daniel Craig gives a stellar performance. If you enjoy whodunnit films, especially ones with a twist, this movie is definitely worth watching.

Luna is weid - Amazing5 star

This was the best movie I’ve seen in a while

Jess SE - Amazing movie!5 star

Love the movie from beginning to end and all the plot twists too. Highly recommended. Favorite movie of 2019!

53 julimar - Funny 😂Original Plot5 star

Not Predictable was the best part of this movie. The acting was good and the new actress was the best !

Mahshid1379 - Good❤️5 star


fivaxis - Thank God it’s over1 star

This movie is horrible. It’s ridiculously long and incredibly boring.

Trump girl - Good twist...4 star

One thing I wish Hollywood and these writers would just once not interject politics into everything...The reason it is always making snide remarks like Right Wing Extremists, kids in cages at the border, Blah. Blah Blah !!! I would love to hear someone say far left liberal violent rioters, or the cages just omitted from the narrative, because it was actually Obama who built the cages and used them...But he had the race card and the democrat card to play...Stop already, there are those of us that watch movies, and guess what...We like President Trump....

Ariauna - Fantastic5 star

Great movie. Lots of twists and turns. A must see.

Lolawsome - Holy sh**5 star

Just finished watching this and I am amazing at how great this movie is. I am the type of person who can call most things, I even anticipated most of Game of Thrones but, this movie kept me guessing and I am hooked. By far my favorite movie.

Guelo1025 - Great movie!5 star

I really like this movie and how the drama develops with suspense! A really nice movie.

Jay Royce C - Jefmond5 star

Haven’t see it yet it has my attention

5 star

@GAME_KNIVES_OUT どんなコラボ内容か覗いて見たら、喰種のぐの文字すらもかすらないコラボ内容で草しか生えない 単なるスキンだけ とは大道芸コラボにも程があるだろ 喰種みたいに赫子で攻撃出来るようなスキンがあるのか…

5 star

@Sumityan1717 @hakihakicha しらん

5 star

@SIMP4STELL: a rant. sorry, just needed to let it out. tw. Suicide, knives, robbery. stay alive, goodnight. @SB19Official …

5 star

@knives_out_hima @hakihakicha なんて意味なんそれ

5 star

@dcexaminer: The media’s determination to break Facebook demonstrates that Facebook is a threat to the would-be gatekeepers in the media…

5 star

@Sumityan1717 @hakihakicha ぱおん

5 star

@knives_out_hima @hakihakicha こえて?

5 star

@KT_So_It_Goes Right? I thought, according to Aunty Ruckus, the only racism that exists is black people whining tha…

5 star

@beegkee: ransom from knives out be like

5 star

@SIMP4STELL: a rant. sorry, just needed to let it out. tw. Suicide, knives, robbery. stay alive, goodnight. @SB19Official …

5 star

@iosefward @parochena @Leannefay28 Well I rang brother in law earlier for help sharpening knives.he said pop over l…

5 star

@GAME_KNIVES_OUT 1万がすぐに消えました。学生ですよ?学生の1万がどれだけ大きか分かりますか?

5 star

@SIMP4STELL: a rant. sorry, just needed to let it out. tw. Suicide, knives, robbery. stay alive, goodnight. @SB19Official …

5 star

@dcexaminer: The media’s determination to break Facebook demonstrates that Facebook is a threat to the would-be gatekeepers in the media…

5 star

@GAME_KNIVES_OUT @knivesoutstar iPhoneほしい… #荒野に喰種が放たれる

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