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In Scooby-Doo's greatest adventure yet, see the never-before told story of how lifelong friends Scooby and Shaggy first met and how they joined forces with young detectives Fred, Velma and Daphne to form the famous Mystery Inc. Now, with hundreds of cases solved, Scooby and the gang face their biggest, toughest mystery ever: an evil plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this global “dogpocalypse,” the gang discovers that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny greater than anyone ever imagined. In Scooby-Doo’s greatest adventure yet, see the never-before told story of how lifelong friends Scooby and Shaggy first met and how they joined forces with young detectives Fred, Velma, and Daphne to form the famous Mystery Inc. Now, with hundreds of cases solved, Scooby and the gang face their biggest, toughest mystery ever: an evil plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this global “dogpocalypse,” the gang discovers that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny greater than anyone ever imagined. SCOOB! Wiki

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Mystery loves company...

SCOOB! (2020)

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Payoneer 💰10 star

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- Too much money1 star

Hell no 19.99

- Awful! 👎👎👎👎👎👎1 star

This movie is horrible it should have been longer don’t pay 20$ to see this movie

- Scooby doo5 star

Great movie! Love Scooby doo!

- AMAZING5 star

so beautiful They did amazing job with animation And so happy to see the iconic moment from those old days, the classic.

- Scooby-Doo5 star

I loved it so much

- Please read ! 🥺I’m in love with this movie!4 star

First of all , thank u 🙏 for reading....ok let’s start now ..... you HAVE to watch this movie. It is awesome,I mean awesome 👏!!!!!!!!!! Whoever dose NOT like this movie is an weirdo ,😠but there is one thing that I hated, they made Fred super dumb!!😠😡whhhyyyyyyyy! They ruined Fred Jones .why ,why did you guys do that!!! Please don’t make him dumb again otherwise I will NOT like this movie!!!!!thank u!😏and that is why I gave this movie a 4 star ⭐️ byte!!!!😛👋

- I’ve seen the Lights Flicker on the Mystery Machine.3 star

Quoting a lyric from Billy Joel, I've seen the lights go out on Broadway, but for me, the lights flickered on and off. This movie was ok, but not excellent... at all. It's a MODERN take on America's crime solvers. (Notice how MODERN is in all Capitals.) Now, the voices are decent, but do not hold the candle to the voices we grew up with. I had a little tough time getting used to the voice of Velma, but that does NOT mean Gina Rodriguez is bad. She's good, but i much prefer Mindy Cohn. The action is crazy and sometimes resembles the 1969 fashion, the humor is modern as hell. and the characters are fantastic. Overall, This movie like i said, is a decent MODERN remake. To make a long story short, If you're a OLD SCHOOL Scoob fan like myself, stick with the James Gunn films alongside the direct to video animated movies. But if you wanna go Back to the Future; ba dum tsss, Scoob is definetly the movie for you. Quoting Velma, All Hell WILL break loose.

- Ok all of u haters listen up5 star

If your kids don’t like it your kids are stale if u don’t like it u are boring my children love this if u don’t don’t buy it haters u should have rented it but all of u haters shut up

- Ok all of u haters listen up5 star

If your kids don’t like it your kids are stale if u don’t like it u are boring my children love this if u don’t don’t buy it haters u should have rented it but all of u haters shut up

- It is good5 star

But friend me on fortnite my username is yffyffistrash I'm a change it in 5 days so do it quick but in 5 days it's gonna b Faze_pro

- scoob1 star

hi i love the part where are they meet each other in the trailer

- Love this movie5 star

I’ve watched this movie at least 20 times at home and I’m 21 every since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with Scooby-Doo. I literally have 2 face masks of Scooby. When I tell you that I’m obsessed with this character he is an icon to me. When I’m feeling down I just turn on Scooby-Doo. I know every single episode of “Whats New Scooby-Doo?” When they put it on Netflix that’s been the first thing that I turn on when I wake up.

- Ok3 star

It should not be 25 dollars to buy maybe 15 but not 25.

- 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑1 star


- It is not a very good movie2 star

They made some of the characters right but then they made Fred super dumb and some jokes were a bit out of hand yet this movie had some good parts shaggy didn’t sound the same and this made me sad and some of their most used quotes weren’t in this movie, it had good animation but some of it wasn’t so good either. Oh and not to mention the price to rent is way to expensive. It felt like I was watching a poorly made animation for kids that don’t notice all of the mistakes, maybe lower the price but all I gotta say is ruining a scooby doo movie must have been hard...😐😬👎

- Worst Scooby Doo movie I have ever seen1 star

I wish I could give this movie zero stars. Yes, it was THAT BAD. Scooby-Doo was literally my favorite tv show as a kid and this RUINED that. Trust me, I've seen some pretty bad Scooby-Doo movies, and they had a better story than THIS. First, all the characters were so inaccurate. Shaggy barely says "like" throughout the entire movie, and he does NOT sound or act ike him. They took away Fred's trapping skills and made him a dumb and useless character when he, in reality, he's actually pretty smart. Daphne had no personality. Her snobbiest attitude was really annoying, and she was so useless, what happend to her knowing karate? Velma didn't lose her glasses or say "jinkies" as she does on the show, and not to be rude or anything but why was she, Latina? Like is that necessary? The only character that was actually accurate was Scooby. The only false thing about Scooby's was the fact that he spoke in full sentences, like bruh everyone knows that he starts every single word with the letter "R". The voice acting was pretty bad too, none of the characters, except for Scooby, sounded like their counterparts, like what was the point of casting Frank Welker if you're going to recast the other main characters? Second, the animation, it wasn't that bad, but I have seen better. The only thing that bothered me about it was the fact that Fred, Daphne, and Velma's characters were kinda... off. They looked more like cosplayers than themselves. Third, the story, It was AWFUL. It's more of a Blue Falcon movie than a Scooby-Doo movie. Like, Blue Falcon literally took over most of the plot leaving the gang as side characters. Its not even about a mystery! The gang is barely seen together, we see Shaggy and Scooby with Blue Falcon more than we actually see them with Fred, Daphne, and Velma. And to point out, the Scooby snacks were named AFTER Scooby, not the other way around. There was no actual mystery in this movie, it's like they threw all of it away. The story is basically just Despicable Me but with no plot and a big mess (I'm saying that cause of the villain and his robot minions). I wasn't amazed by the live action Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleash, but at least it didn't dissapoint me. The characters were accurate, the acting was amazing, it stuck to it's main plot thourghout the movie, and there were actually some funny moments as well! Oh boy! This "Scoob" movie is like a cheesy, bad written fanfic from Wattpad. It does not deserve to be named after the Scooby gang.

- Classic5 star

Live the movie. It was a classic and the untold story about Scooby ans shaggy is stunning. It’s also fun that they combined Scooby dooby doo and whacky racers and captain caveman.

- Fun4 star

It was nostalgic, fun, and all around a good family flick.

- Good5 star

I loved it

- Yes5 star

Yes yes

- Mark WALHBERG is misspelled.4 star

It’s Mark Wahlberg. This needs fixed.

- SD don’t mean so dumb5 star

I love ❤️ it so so much it is super cool 😎 and fun and very cool 😎

- Dcooby soo3 star

A rocky start but this cinematic universe will be bigger than Star Wars.

- Awesome but the price...5 star

I just watched it with my kids and they kinda like it but I don’t really like the price......

- $25? Bargain forever $20? Baragin for 48 hours rather then one time in theaters, equaling 120 USD5 star

Cheaper than $45-120 in theater......... movie good. Still.

- Ok... (Please Read)1 star

I watched this movie just because I was nostalgic and remembered loving there show when I was little. I was pretty disappointed, they were unfaithful to the originals, made Fred even dumber than he was before, and changed the race of Velma. I am all for that, but it was unfaithful. Also, I can tell that this movie is going to me merchandised to the bone, and the backstory was quite disappointing. Overall, 2 stars. I would give it none, but at least it was entertaining in like 2 parts.

- :-)5 star

Loved it !!!

- dumb and bad1 star

I know I’m trying to watch this but it is bad do not buy or rent this Fred Jones is so dumb caveman’s voice is so way too much it is fricking bad as scrapy doo it ruined the characters 👺👺👺👺👺😾😾😾😾😾👿👿👿👿👿

- Why?1 star

I mean, as an average human being, I can say that the show is WAY better than the movie. Zac Efron? Why????? And they ruined the characters. And my child hood memories of watching the SHOW as a kid. If I could I’d put zero stars.

- Not great2 star

The movie is okay BUT we’re is the mystery we’re is the funny part I was sad and angry as the kid make it funnier! I am a kid and I did not really enjoy that movie the villain isn’t very evil well AT ALL

- What a dud!1 star

With some many exceptional animated movies out there, I was beyond surprised that they could put out such a bad movie. The talent was in producing such a flop. Too bad I paid for the movie and not a rental

- perfect5 star

taking into consideration the current culture, scooby doo and his companions were adapted superbly to suit. the into song was PERFECT and so nostalgic. i absolutely loved it. they made the characters more 3-dimensional in this movie and as a life-long and comprehensive fan of scooby doo, i’m glad to welcome this movie into the gang.

- Scooby Doo5 star

they need to low the Price of the movie so people can watch it that it is expansion price to pay for it you need to low the price some that i can see it at a low price then it will be better can you and need to make coloring books if the Scooby boo coloring books kids would like to have the coloring book and the movie as well

- HORRIBLE1 star

This remake of scooby doo is terrible do not buy or rent this movie the voices and animations are awful as well

- It was air5 star

I was so good

- Wasted money on animation1 star

Scooby Doo where are you? Cus this is not it.

- Awesome4 star

Great for 11 and under aaaaaaaaaawwwwesssssomeee

- Movie was terrible!1 star

I know that they edited the movie to be more suitable for today’s children, but, this movie was hard to follow! Too much going on and the humor was dry

- Ok1 star

The movie was ok like there was some parts that I love some parts that I hate the parts that I love were in the beginning were the redone the theme song and their were quite I few Hanna-Barbara 🙂references the parts that I hate were that the mentioned Netflix and tinder the change the characters personallys 😡😡 its kind of like this movie wants you to forget the scooby-doo we all know and love

- Not what you remembered2 star

A missed shot at trying to reboot some old fantastic characters. Totally missed the mark. Struggled even paying attention.

- Yeah it’s good5 star

I think the story is okay but I didn’t watch it for the story I watched it for the jokes and there actually quite funny. Overall it’s pretty much what I expected which is a good thing. It’s funny, wholesome, and in general a good time

- Fun film5 star

We are having fun with repeat views. Fun movie.

- Why I love this movie5 star

It’s the biggest step in the wag universe why am giving it five stars is because it describes me and how I am lonely.

- Where’s the movie subscription????1 star

Why the hell does Apple have music subscription but not a movie monthly subscription?????? Just get kodi and move on

- Great movie5 star

I have not seen it before but the trailer is very interesting

- Captain Caveman!5 star

This boomerang is so rooock!

- a good time4 star

When I saw it for the first time I was disappointed but then after a rewatch I really Really Really Enjoyed it and Had a lot of fun watching it. The voice actors are good especially Amanda Seyfried, and the animation is extremely good, Definitely brings Nostalgia Memories when I watched Scooby Doo as Kid and I’m highly Satisfied. Hopefully Scoob 2 happens

- Great animation, sort kinda weird4 star

The movie was.... good for kids who love animated movies, but bad for Hana Barbara lovers. Understand what your buying. I liked it though, sort of. Rent or buy at your own risk.

- I love this movie5 star

Hey u r the best movie ever this is so cool

- It was ok4 star

I kinda like it. The animation looks good. The only complaint I have is that this movie focuses too much on a superhero story than a mystery story. But overall, it wasn’t too much an animated monstrosity.

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JDanials - Not for adults2 star

I’m betting kids will enjoy it, but it doesn’t offer much to parents or adults.

0907Ryan - $24.99 To Rent!?!?1 star

My was gonna rent scooby but was shocked to see the price tag of $24.99 to just rent!! Be a cold day in h*** before I pay that to just rent.

jennalandry - Great movie5 star

It’s a good movie I loved it

dgjitcb - Bonkers price!!1 star

Ew. $30..? Really.?? 🤣. I’d rather watch for free elsewhere. I would have bought for a solid 10.99 easy but this crap price, no fkn way. 👋

123 please fix this - Ummm5 star

Why the heck is the bad guys name dick?

BaileyZCrawly - Overpriced... and a Bad Movie!1 star

It amazes me how many people seem to believe iTunes controls the prices of their movies. They don’t. That price is set by Warner Bros., who owns the rights to the film and characters. Complain to them about the price, not iTunes. Now, about this movie. This movie desperately wants to cram fan service down your throat. So badly, in fact, that it misses the mark and fails to offer a story that’s even watchable. Meh. Skip it.

hs9531 - For everyone complaining!!!5 star

Everyone that’s complaining that it’s so expensive to rent and buy, that’s because it’s suppose to be in the theatres due to everything going on. You would spend just as much money going to the theatre to watch the film. They need to make money and a profit to you know.

Ballet dolly - this movie is flaming garbage1 star

awful. could have been so good. literally regret paying for this. I never write reviews. dont watch this sht.

logantogan720 - Ok4 star

It is a bite much but the movie was good

Mastodon123 - Should have hired the original voice actors.4 star

Great movie, my only complaint is that they changed all the voice actors except for the voice actor that plays Scooby.

rkiefer - Sweet1 star

Free on pirate bay

ERnurseNB - 25 DOLLARS TO RENT??1 star

It’ll be a cold day in hell before I pay 24.99 to rent a movie.

Funtime360 - It was really good!5 star

Don’t let the price distract you from this fun time. The movie was really funny and Scooby doo has never been better.

j jona jamasin - SCOOB!5 star


boijoi - If you were going to the movies the price is damn fair!5 star

Fabulous movie! Full of nostalgia, humour and heart!! If you love Hannah Barbara buckle down and get ready for the feels! ❤️

Belial the great - Pretty, pretty, pretty, good5 star

I see people questioning the price. I’m only guessing the premium price is because this was supposed to go to theatres. In any case paying $30 was cheaper than taking 3 kids and 2 adults to the movies. Kids loved the movie and really that’s all that matters. Wife and I had some Scooby snacks and watched it when the kids went to bed. The animation is top notch and so is the cast. Story was different from traditional Scooby and the gang shenanigans but all in all just kick back and be happy!!

happy slick kidddddd - SCOOB2 star

It was good but why make another movie on scooby doo

CrazyElsa - A Perfect Blend of Humour and Emotion5 star

Scoob! was the biggest movie, from the biggest crossovers to the ionic voice acting including Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo, this movie is perfect for the entire family!

alrirmcmaocm - Great story, good voice actors.4 star

Love the voice actors, love the animation. Great story, it just drags on a bit in the latter half. But all in all, we enjoyed it, my bf and I. My kid nephews will probably watch it when they come home in a few days. Worth the $30 as we'd end up paying more than that for movie theatre tickets.

HilaryMae - The Price????1 star

One star is for iTunes pricing. What the heck? I want to see the film, but I'm not paying $30 to buy or $25 to rent an animated movie! What I suspect is happening, is that those who set the prices are trying to capitalize on the isolation of society right now, in that parents and others, will pay more money when they are bored. Parasitizing on the plight of others is very common. Pirate site, here I come.

A_h87 - Scoob4 star

Loved the movie! Was very disappointed that they turned the iconic Mystery machine into a smart car! Somethings are perfect just the way they are!

Lfgroleau14 - Very entertaining!4 star

I actually really liked this movie mainly because of the fun animation and the amazing voice cast. The movie was at its best when it was a simple movie about friendship and crime solving rather than a story with mythological creatures and out of worldly locations. I always loved the animated shows and I feel like this movie would have been perfect if it would have been a little more grounded and simple. The finished product is still very enjoyable and I feel it is worth seeing at some point if you are a Scoob fan like myself!

palutto - A bit pricey5 star

Scooby is a fantastic movie, but $30 to buy and $25 to rent a bit pricey.

Leblond73 - Trame francophone1 star

Pourquoi la trame sonore française n’est-elle pas incluse?? C’est quand même très décevant d’avoir une sortie du film au Québec et d’avoir à payer 30$ sans la trame francophone! En espérant que quand la trame française sera disponible, qu’elle puisse nous être ajoutée sans frais, ce serait encore plus décevant si on a à débourser un autre 30$ pour racheter le film!!

joeschmoe28 - Scooby dooby doo!!4 star

Fun movie with jokes for all ages!! Lots of Hanna-Barbera easter eggs.

Tilejoseph - Fantastic!5 star

It is definitely worth the extra money to purchase. I loved this movie, its so faithful to the show. The human is all there, and a great story.

Charmx4 - Oh My God5 star

This is Epic

Inuk Nunavut - SCOOB5 star

I couldn’t wait for this movie to come out to be honest. I been watching scooby doo movie since I was kid, good memories and letting my nephew watch all scooby doo movies he likes them a lot.

DixonAP - Long Time Fan5 star

This is everything I wished for and more! Can’t wait for the sequel... 😍🙏😅

ygnuduugufnudfvtrdsv - Good5 star

I just like the trailer

mcsmelly1212 - Almost made me cry5 star

It almost made me cry. I loved it

2345678910111213141516171819 - Great5 star

Scoob! Is a really good movie. It’s very funny and good for the whole family. Don’t let the price throw you off!

sleepcuntrycnda - INCREDIBLE5 star

Absolutely Amazing

left888 - $30 NOT GONNA HAPPEN!1 star

WOW!!! $30 for a animated Scooby-doo, not in my lifetime Apple/iTunes. Does your GREED know, no bounds???

Indyman81 - Are you kidding? $25 to rent.1 star

Glad it is out early but you’re a bunch of robbers Apple iTunes. So many have said it but your gall in doing it knows no bounds.

An Anonymous iTunes Viewer - This is Supposed to be the Very First Fully Animated Scooby-Doo film to Release in Theatres1 star

It has a scene in a movie theatre seen in the trailer, and it has an entirely different voice cast from the characters’ current VAs. Very appreciated it would be if this were to be shown in theatres once they reopen, that’s clearly what the film was made to be like Smurfs: The Lost Village was.

bashian - So much fun!5 star

The kids loved it

Jayloho - $24 to rent ?error1 star

Wtf $24 to rent ?error

aja melb - Disbelief1 star

$25 to rent. Joke right?

Jango Fett's Helmet - Where is Matthew Lillard?????3 star

I still think that Matthew Lillard should have done the voice for Shaggy. He had it down to a fine art. Will Forte is just not the same. Sad, will lose some fans with this decision. And yes $24.99 to rent is just crazy....who is going to do that? Must be trying to make some money back on its non appearance at the cinemas.

Sonicguy001 - Eh2 star

Bad Scooby Doo movie, but good attempt at a cinematic universe. Also Sonic The Hedgehog STILL DOES NOT HAVE ENGLISH SUBTITLES!!!!!

NinjaWarrior0912 - Scoob2 star

Scoob can’t be $25 to rent surely???

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Lac619 - Too Different3 star

I love Scooby Doo but this one was just off. The new voices didn't even come close to the originals and while you can't always get that they were a distraction not an enhancement to the movie. The "conflict" within the Scooby Gang was more like the live action movies then the cartoons. Totally unclear why the addition of all the other Hanna Barbara characters. I also agree the full on talking Scooby was just wrong.

l love it but l want an update - I’ll never watch it 😒1 star

Rent by 20$ !!!you surely kidding me!!

file haters - SCOOB!5 star

The movie was great and we enjoyed it!

Icecicl - Going back to centuries and childhood5 star

First time I watched Scooby doo it was around in my Dads time I started watching it was when I was 3 years old then I begin watching which is Scooby doo zombie island then I watched Scooby doo the movie like the real life Characters instead cartoons but this man this is like 2020 film right here man I gotta thank Warner Bro’s for the time to make my childhood dream and memories happy

clciychlchk - Horrible1 star

Incomprehensible, dumb, and not worth anyone’s time. I want the 45 minutes back that I wasted watching the first half with my kids. First time we could not even get to the end.

-&75-) - Hi5 star

I think scoob is a great movie

A.Maz1234 - Horrible remake1 star

There was no mystery to be solved in this movie and it didn’t stay true to the themes and world of the originals. They ruined everything about Scooby Doo. Instead of the gang disproving fake supernatural events this movie made the supernatural real and went against all of the basic Scooby Doo principles. If I could give it zero stars I would.

KillerApp88 - Interesting but sad they changed Shaggy2 star

I like WIll Forte just fine but Matthew Lillard had that part on lock for many many many many many years. Why did they give him the shaft for this movie he was great as the character. He was as iconic as Casey Kasem was in the role.



DragonEmperor999 - Fantastic5 star

The movie was Fantastic It takes modern look on the mystery gang and adding lots of Characters from Hannah Barbara was a fantastic

GhostHunterReviews - It’s awesome5 star

I love the movie

Ahoora27 - 😐1 star

This movie is awful. It wasn’t have a good story and they didn’t pay attention to main characters and go far away from what we all love from scooby. They not only disappoint the ones who didn’t watch scooby before but also disappointed scooby fans, like me.

Brę_J - Cost3 star

Just wait until it’s in a Thrift shop or on Netflix

WhiteTurtle13 - Great family entertainment5 star

So glad they kept true to the sentiment of the original series. It’s nice when Hollywood finds a director that loves his subject and doesn’t want to re-invision what came before but rather wants to give us more of what we know and love. That is what happened here for sure you get a solid dose of “Mystery Inc” and other Saturday morning Hannah Barbers classics you love. The cast is brilliant, the story likewise, the whole family laughed/cheered/cried/jumped for joy. It’s one for all.

THE_ShAdOw man - BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN but...4 star

This is a good movie but the one thing I hate is that they didn’t have the original voices for the gang I like scooby doo and all but I like the original voices the only right acter was scoob. I don’t know why they didn’t have the original voices in the movie but I catch that pretty annoying.

yassir fakhruldin - U can go on a website called soap2day and watch it for free.1 star

Pls use the website instead of wasting money

Gehrig12345 - Great movie and love the music!5 star

I recommend you 100% to watch this movie!

dfeivelson - Trash1 star

Horrible movie for kids and adults alike... horrible lazy writing and certain scenes not appropriate for kids.

PiggyBank919 - Fun Adventure5 star

If you don’t take this movie too seriously OR compare it to your childhood when it’s not trying to be that, you should have a good time and a few good laugh. Some adult jokes were thrown in there as well, probably to entertain the children turned adults who used to enjoy Scoob and undoubtedly introduced their children to this movie. But kids should still enjoy the movie and think it’s cool. Enjoy y’all

nonnyabizz - So cute!5 star

If you watched the show as a kid, you’ll love the little homages to the original and the little ways it pokes fun at itself. It’s just very sweet and makes you feel like a kid again.

T Housman - What did they do to Scooby Doo?!?!5 star

Ok. Hubby and I are in our early 40’s and we’ve been watching since the 80’s, so after watching the trailers we were confused and mad at this poor attempt of a movie. All they did was use the Scooby name to make some money. It is just a poorly thought out and executed movie and sorely disappoints. At the end of the day, it’s capitalism at its finest. Disgusting! 😝boo!

Dvera94 - Not a fan1 star

It was bland to me and it just never felt like a scooby doo movie... What a shame

Riker37 - Love Scooby but1 star

I love Scooby doo but how does Tracy Morgan still have a career?

hdhjdhdjhd - The movie was pretty good4 star

The movie I think is meant for kids like the of 6-8

Rob in SM - Fun family movie5 star

We just bought and watched Scoob! My kids are ages 8-14 and we all loved the movie. It’s light hearted, funny, with great voice acting and a story that kept the attention of kids and even this adult!

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Pennywise_1031 - Lillard1 star

Bring back Lillard.

tmac1936 - Terrible Just buy ANY OTHER SCOOBY DOO movie1 star

We have lots of Scooby Doo Series and movie but this was really bad. Even my kids didn't like it.

wtfixnwovhem - Oh my god4 star

I was gonna rent this movie but boy it is expensive.

Johncr63 - A really good movie5 star

I enjoyed the movie a lot

Blade_Kight - Not terrible not good either2 star

I decided to purchase this movie for me and my 4 year old brother to watch because Scooby Doo has a close place to my heart growing up as a kid and watching it almost every weekend and enjoying the plot twists and goofy humor, so I thought why not share that love with my brother who will never get the same experience with these horrible so called “cartoons” these days. And with that being said Scoob wasn’t absolutely terrible like some reviews make it out it was just ok.... but if we look at the actors we have some new faces and some old veterans like the voice of Scooby and I don’t blame them the show first came out in 1969 I don’t expect the same voice actors to be in every remake or new movie in the series but noting hearing Matthew lillard and Grey Griffin voice shaggy and daphne really hurts, and not to say the actors didn’t do a good job making the characters feel alive just it could’ve been better. My man gripe was with the writing I didn’t feel the same mysterious, teamwork, and overall vibe I got from the older shows because of the non sense jokes that aren’t even remotely funny, especially making Fred heavily idiotic and annoying which he isn’t in the original, and just the overall feel of the characters hurts because they all helped figure out the cases together as a team, and seeing Scooby doo turn on his best friend like that made absolutely blows man. But at the end of the day this movie wasn’t meant for me at age 22, it was meant for my brother who enjoyed every moment of it and had a good laugh and that’s what matters as long as the kids can enjoy something and be happy while we go through this whole coronavirus issue I say go ahead and buy it if possible. Kids will love it you might not being older but that’s just how us adults work haha 😁.

lity boi - Best movie5 star

It was so good

Moving Pictures Official - Simon Cowell has plot relevance1 star

Seriously guys?

luannc924 - Hmm... Too expensive3 star

I’m exited the move SCOOB! came out. But I’m concerned about ONE thing! They made it too expensive to rant and buy is what is concerning. I still like it!

himi in iokomkklnol mj - Ads da saddest x awww ii IN hiu5 star

Morning c z o I [email protected]‘Klm dads rescaled m

Sparhawk74 - Failed Remake2 star

This was such a disappointment. The story line does not allow for Scrappy to join in future movies because Scoob is supposedly the last living descendent of a specific dog. The voices are not close to the original and they basically made Scooby have full speech capability. Also, Captain Cave Man’s voice was way off. And they made Fred into a bumbling idiot. Broke my heart to see the desecration of my favorite childhood cartoon character.

jasielsd - Susprisingly Entertaining4 star

This was actually pretty decent. It stayed true to a lot of the SD tropes while giving us a solid introduction (shout to Easter eggs especially) to their planned Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe.

jffjfhfh - It’s a good movie but the for the price it is bad1 star

It’s a good movie but for the price it is bad

rfhgt& - Gg5 star

Gbbb m

giantemmet22 - THERE IS A DAB2 star


Omaglyman - love this movie5 star


Frenchkess - Scoob was a very good movie!!5 star

I honestly enjoyed the movie! From the last 2 scooby doo movies, I didn’t think they’d make a come back and pull this one off but this was good!

HeyMrDeeJay17 - Great Movie for a Digital Home Premiere5 star

I was very surprised on how refreshing the movie was. I’m a huge Scooby doo Fan and loved the live action movies. I’m not a big fan of animation personally but, Scoob impressed me. Even at the price tag it felt worth every penny. It’s was funny, sad and hit all the emotions perfectly. I love the story of shaggy and Scooby. It was great and your kids will love it.

Birdlover 73 - Terrible1 star

Someone decided to reinvent Scooby Doo and failed as badly as Scrappy Doo.

Rob123345667 - Loved it5 star

Very nostalgic for me and the 4K animation on an LG OLED is absolutely stunning.

Horusthesun - Fun family movie time4 star

Had a great time watching this with my family and by myself.

# sick of covid - Trump 2020 Bois5 star

Taste like sand

Tears954 - Okay2 star

The animation is horrible. Movie was just ok. It’s more of a movie with Hannah Barbara characters rather than a scooby doo movie. Does not have a scooby doo theme or vibe like anything else scooby related. They missed the mark.

heeeeellllyeeee - Amazing5 star

This movie warmed my heart. Scooby Doo was my entire childhood and seeing the gang get a really good reboot like this makes me happy. Great animation, great storytelling.

DarthSlade - Yeah not for $25.001 star

I love Scooby and the gang but there is not way I am paying $25.00 for a movie. Give me a break. $19.00 to rent it? Laughable.

5 star

Now Playing: Galantis - I Fly (feat. Faouzia) - From 'SCOOB!' The Album#Solo Quelle che Suonano Bene!

5 star

@ZacDRetz: #Scoob Scoob final battle concept 👻

5 star

@jimmyaquino: COMIC NEWS INSIDER 1054! Reviews: Ash & Thorn #1, Batman: Smile Killer #1, Bleed Them Dry #1, Sleeping Beauties #1, Advent…

5 star

@ZacDRetz: #Scoob Scoob final battle concept 👻

5 star

@KodakTaa_ That’s in November scoob

5 star

Scoob! will be released online in the UK on 10th July

5 star

Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown, Ava Max - On Me (feat. Ava Max) - From 'SCOOB!' The Album

5 star

اللهم هون ويسّر مايشغل تفكيري وهبني الطمأنينة والرضا بكل شيء💛.

5 star

The day sis tried to tell me drake song about sex 😂😂😂😂 happy birthday Scoob 🎂🎉🎈🎁🎊 enjoy @TheREALBratt___ !!

5 star

@billboard: Exclusive: The #Scoob! soundtrack features @charlieputh, @kanebrown, @ThomasRhett and more. ✨ See the full track list her…

5 star

@ThomasRhett: The whole family is excited for this one! New track “On Me” with @kanebrown & @AvaMax from the @scoob soundtrack out 5/15.…

5 star

@PlayAdoptMe: The cast of the new movie #SCOOB invite you to adopt your own @Scoob in Adopt Me! on Roblox 🐶 #ad Adopt Scoob, drive t…

5 star

@ZacDRetz: #Scoob Scoob final battle concept 👻

5 star

@scoob: Join the mystery and stream Scoob! on HBO Max today. Start your free 7-day trial. #hbomax #streamingnow #scoob

5 star

@JaxMagnetic: like zaboomafoo scoob we're in metal slug

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