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Zeros and Ones synopsis, summary and reviews

5.163 star

Zeros and Ones (2021) Movie Summary

  • WAR
  • R
  • 2021

Jericho (Ethan Hawke) is an American soldier stationed in post-apocalyptic Rome under a pandemic and war-torn lockdown. After witnessing the Vatican blown up into the night sky, he sets out on a mission to uncover and document the truth for the world to see and stop the true terrorists responsible.

Zeros and Ones Film Synopsis

Called to Rome to stop an imminent terrorist bombing, a soldier desperately seeks news of his imprisoned brother — a rebel with knowledge that could thwart the attack. Navigating the capital's darkened streets, he races to a series of ominous encounters to keep the Vatican from being blown to bits.

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Zeros and Ones Movie Reviews

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Do not watchThis is a really low budget film. Awkward camera angles and confusing dialogue/plot. Starts with Ethan Hawk explaining why he made the film which should of indicated this film is terrible..Score: 1/5

Worst movie everDon’t waste your money, poorly produced and directed..Score: 1/5

BoringCinematography and set lighting way too dark. Made it hard to watch. Didn't even even finish watching..Score: 1/5

A hard watchMade it about 10 minutes in , it was a hard movie to watch.Score: 2/5

No discernible plot 45 min in.I abandoned ship after there was no discernible plot halfway through the movie. It’s painful and frustrating to be looking for any crumb of a storyline for an hour only to find nothing..Score: 1/5

Huh?I watched the whole movie until the end. I have no idea what the plot is or what it was about. Waste of time..Score: 1/5

BBDon’t waste your time!.Score: 1/5

Don’t watch this movie!First of all, I just watched the movie trailer and I almost puked. It’s bad. It’s awful and I don’t even know what the movie is about..Score: 1/5

Worst Movie EverI've been known to waste time on the worst movies ever made, but justify it as a study in bad film making. Since I couldn't see anything for most of this movie shot in no-light (vs. low-light) and there was no story that you could follow, I have to write this one up as a total waste of time and money. I feel it is my moral obligation to warn people not to purchase this movie and if you ever get a chance to watch it for free, pass on it..Score: 1/5

HorribleTotally incomprehensible nonsense. I want my time and money back. Might as well stare at a blank screen for 86 minutes, it would be more entertaining..Score: 1/5

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AG_Exposed NicoleJean2020: zeros and ones .Score: 1/5

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Zeros and Ones (2021) Series Cast & Crew

Zeros and Ones (2021) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Ethan Hawke (JJ / Justin), Cristina Chiriac (Laughing Russian Agent), Phil Neilson (Phil), Valerio Mastandrea (Luciano), Valeria Correale (Valeria), Dounia Sichov (Serious Russian Agent), Babak Karimi (Mullah), Korlan Rachmetova (Jiao), Stephen Gurewitz (Stephen), Mahmut Sifa Erkaya (Ari), Carla Cassola (Woman in the Church), Anna Ferrara (Girl in the Pink Coat), Salvatore Ruocco (Luciano's Associate #1), Simone Gandolfo (Doctor), all returned for zeros and ones movie.

Ethan Hawke (JJ / Justin)
Ethan HawkeJJ / JustinScore: 58.3
Cristina Chiriac (Laughing Russian Agent)
Cristina ChiriacLaughing Russian AgentScore: 1.8
Phil Neilson (Phil)
Phil NeilsonPhilScore: 3.1
Valerio Mastandrea (Luciano)
Valerio MastandreaLucianoScore: 2.7
Dounia Sichov (Serious Russian Agent)
Dounia SichovSerious Russian AgentScore: 1.9
Babak Karimi (Mullah)
Babak KarimiMullahScore: 3.3
Carla Cassola (Woman in the Church)
Carla CassolaWoman in the ChurchScore: 1.4
Anna Ferrara (Girl in the Pink Coat)
Anna FerraraGirl in the Pink CoatScore: 1.2
Salvatore Ruocco (Luciano's Associate #1)
Salvatore RuoccoLuciano's Associate #1Score: 1.3
Simone Gandolfo (Doctor)
Simone GandolfoDoctorScore: 1.8

Diana Phillips (Producer), Renate Schmaderer (Production Design), Abel Ferrara (Screenplay), Abel Ferrara (Director), Joe Delia (Music), Sean Price Williams (Director of Photography), Simone Gandolfo (Line Producer), Marco Coppolecchia (Sound Mixer), Marco Coppolecchia (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Alex Lebovici (Executive Producer), Valeria Correale (Associate Producer), Lavinia Burcheri (Sound Mixer), Leonardo Daniel Bianchi (Editor), Philipp Kreuzer (Producer), Maya Gili (Costume Designer), Giulio Donato (Casting), Giulio Donato (Assistant Director), Gianluca Gasparrini (Sound Effects Editor), Danny H. Chan (Executive Producer), Manuel Stefanolo (Coordinating Producer),

Abel Ferrara (Screenplay)
Abel FerraraScreenplayScore: 1.2
Abel Ferrara (Director)
Abel FerraraDirectorScore: 1.2
Sean Price Williams (Director of Photography)
Sean Price WilliamsDirector of PhotographyScore: 2.7
Simone Gandolfo (Line Producer)
Simone GandolfoLine ProducerScore: 1.8
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Zeros and Ones Trailers & Teasers

'Zeros and Ones' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of zeros and ones, the Abel Ferrara's popular movie. Watch the zeros and ones teaser trailer. Abel Ferrara’s #zeros-and-ones is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Official Trailer▶ Official Trailer

Zeros and Ones Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Check out photos from zeros and ones movie. Zeros and Ones (2021) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome zeros and ones wallpapers to download for free.

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Zeros and Ones Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

It's always deadliest before the dawn...

Zeros and Ones — 2021

Zeros and Ones Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie zeros and ones - 2021. A poster for Abel Ferrara action & adventure movie, Zeros and Ones! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for zeros and ones (2021). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Zeros and Ones Movie Posters
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Zeros and Ones Movie Languages & Subtitles

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Un soldat nord-americà destinat a Roma veu com fan esclatar el Vaticà. Comença un viatge per descobrir i enfrontar-se a un enemic desconegut que amenaça el món sencer.

Voják, který byl povolán do Říma, aby zabránil hrozícímu teroristickému útoku, zoufale hledá zprávy o svém uvězněném bratrovi - rebelovi, který má znalosti, jež by mohly útok zmařit. V potemnělých ulicích hlavního města se řítí na řadu zlověstných setkání, aby zabránil rozmetání Vatikánu na kusy.

Abel Ferrara står bag denne besynderlige film, low-budget thriller, der følger Soldaten J.J. (Ethan Hawke) der efterforsker et terrorangreb mod Vatikanet samtidig med, at han leder efter sin tvillingebror, der er blevet snuppet af militæret, takket være hans revolutionære og anarkistiske tilbøjeligheder. J.J. tumler gennem Roms mørke gader i et forsøg på at opklare begge disse sager, mens fremmede agenter overvåger hvert skridt, han tager.

In naher Zukunft, in der die Welt von einer Pandemie heimgesucht wurde, ist der US-amerikanische Soldat JJ in Rom stationiert. Er ist Teil einer Eliteeinheit und befugt, im Rahmen einer Undercover-Mission nach eigenem Ermessen zu handeln.

Ένας Αμερικανός στρατιώτης ξεκινάει ένα ταξίδι για να αποκαλύψει έναν άγνωστο εχθρό που απειλεί ολόκληρο τον κόσμο.....‎

Tras un asedio apocalíptico, 'Zeros and Ones' cuenta la historia de cuando el soldado americano JJ se abre camino en un mundo turbio y encerrado de miedo, paranoia y, más adelante, esperanza a la sombra del Vaticano. Una guerra entre la historia y el futuro tiene lugar hasta el amanecer.

Un soldat américain, affecté à Rome lors d’une attaque contre le Vatican, se lance dans une mission afin de combattre un ennemi qui menace la survie du monde entier.

Rome, au temps d’une pandémie. Les rues sont désertées par les habitants et seuls circulent des véhicules militaires pilotés par des hommes masqués chargés de faire respecter le lockdown. Grâce aux moyens de surveillance modernes - drones, caméras, téléphones - la ville décatie est scrutée en coulisse par des organisations antagonistes (soldats, terroristes, fractions révolutionnaires). Dans une atmosphère de fin du monde, un soldat américain, J.J., recherche son frère jumeau, Justin, devenu un loup solitaire suspecté de préparer des attentats, notamment contre le Vatican. Une chasse à l’homme s’engage sur fond de cette double menace bactériologique et numérique.

חייל אמריקאי מוצב ברומא כשהותיקן מפוצץ, ויוצא למסע של גיבורים כדי לחשוף אויב לא ידוע שמאיים על כל העולם.

Nakon eksplozije u Vatikanu, američki vojnik stacioniran u Rimu kreće u tajnu misiju protiv nepoznatog neprijatelja koji je prijetnja cijelom svijetu.

Egy Rómában állomásozó amerikai katona útnak indul, hogy hatalmas fenyegetéstől mentse meg az országot és a világot.

JJ è un soldato americano di stanza a Roma. Una Roma in guerra, paralizzata e sotto assedio. L'esplosione del Vaticano nel cielo notturno è solo l'inizio del viaggio che il nostro eroe dovrà fare per scoprire e difendersi da un temibile nemico sconosciuto che minaccia l'intera umanità.

CIA 소속 미군 제이제이는 폭탄테러를 막기 위해 로마에 도착한다. 제이제이는 테러에 대한 정보를 얻기 위해 그의 쌍둥이 동생이자 무정부주의자인 저스틴의 행방을 쫓는다. 그러던 중 제이제이는 이탈리아 정보국이 테러에 대한 정보를 캐내기 위해 저스틴을 고문하는 영상을 보게 되고, CIA를 통해 러시아 정보국이 테러에 관여되어 있음을 알게 되는데…

Amerikietis karys Romoje sprogus Vatikanui pradeda didvyrio kelionę, kad atskleistų ir apsaugotų nuo nežinomo priešo, grasinančio visam pasauliui.

Een soldaat die naar Rome wordt geroepen om een dreigende terroristische bomaanslag te stoppen, is wanhopig op zoek naar nieuws over zijn gevangengenomen broer, een rebel met kennis die de aanval zou kunnen verijdelen. Hij navigeert door de donkere straten van de hoofdstad en racet naar een reeks onheilspellende ontmoetingen om te voorkomen dat het Vaticaan wordt opgeblazen.

Po wybuchu w Watykanie stacjonujący w Rzymie amerykański żołnierz wyrusza na tajną misję przeciwko nieznanemu wrogowi, który jest zagrożeniem dla całego świata.

Um soldado americano estacionado em Roma com o Vaticano explodido embarca numa viagem de herói para descobrir e defender-se contra um inimigo desconhecido que ameaça o mundo inteiro.

Американский солдат, дислоцированный в Риме во время взрыва Ватикана, отправляется в героическое путешествие, чтобы найти неизвестного врага, угрожающего всему миру.

Vatikan’ın bombalanmasından sonra bir Amerikan askeri, işgal altında olan Roma’da görevi başındadır. Kimsenin kim olduğunu bilmediği bir düşman, tüm dünyayı tehdit etmektedir. Asker, düşmanı ortaya çıkarmak ve ona karşı dünyayı korumak için zorlu bir mücadeleye girişir.

Головним героєм постає американський солдат, який перебуває за обов'язком своєї служби в італійській столиці під час вибуху Ватикану. Він вирушає в небезпечну подорож, аби відшукати невідомого лиходія, який загрожує безпеці всього світу.


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