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7.6 star

Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2022

From the best-selling novel comes a captivating mystery. Where the Crawdads Sing tells the story of Kya, an abandoned girl who raised herself to adulthood in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina. For years, rumors of the “Marsh Girl” haunted Barkley Cove, isolating the sharp and resilient Kya from her community. Drawn to two young men from town, Kya opens herself to a new and startling world; but when one of them is found dead, she is immediately cast by the community as the main suspect. As the case unfolds, the verdict as to what actually happened becomes increasingly unclear, threatening to reveal the many secrets that lay within the marsh.

Where the Crawdads Sing Film Synopsis

Abandoned by her family, Kya raises herself all alone in the marshes outside of her small town. When her former boyfriend is found dead, Kya is instantly branded by the local townspeople and law enforcement as the prime suspect for his murder.

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Where the Crawdads Sing Movie Reviews

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Surprisingly good!!Since the critics seemed to loathe it, I didn’t have high expectations. There was beautiful cinematography with the wildlife and the marsh. Realistic drama of human brokenness and wonderful acting building a deep love relationship. Spoiler to follow: Unexpected twist at the very end..Score: 5/5

Be patient it’s a good movieIt is slow but very good. And the ending makes it all worth while..Score: 4/5

Thoroughly enjoyed! A tale well told! 💕💕❤️❤️Great cast & story! Excellent!.Score: 5/5

Great MovieAt first I thought my wife had me watching a Hallmark movie, but it was far from that. Very well put together story. My attention is hard to get in a movie, but this story me from start to finish..Score: 5/5

Eh… NOT great… made at tv qualityA book story worthy of a movie; however needing a good editor… as Delia Owens writes poorly and is definitely no Harper Lee. The Movie also needs a substantial do-over, as it’s pristine video appearance is made-for-tv-quality. clean. sappy. all the off-stage hair-stylists had better talent than the actors. who are ALL boring.——————————————————————————— Executive production; you know the movie wasn’t made by sincere execs @Hello-Sunshine when the main character’s name, Kya, is misspelled throughout the movie. — if basic literary details are ignored, how ever should the audience expect any other qualities to be correct?…. like the level of violence in the racism of 1950s - 60s chapel hill nc, for instance. ——————————————————————————— poor casting of the main character; either Daisy Edgar-Jones didn’t pull off this part or she was mis-directed; she portrayed someone not tough enough true to the character in the book, nor intelligent enough; actor’s appearance physically is incorrect, certainly daisy is not athletic, the character in the book holds herself in a confident stance, not like some suburban-raised weakling. ———————————————————————————— director is Olivia Newman …. tho not familiar, but starting an opinion of her work with this movie; wardrobe-wise, the main actor on screen is not gritty at all; manicured nails, spa treatments, perfectly-hydrated skin, $500 hair styles, professional makeup and a slight-framed actress casted to hold up cleanly washed & pressed attire like $2000 lace blouses and $1500 taylored silk pantaloons…. really? exactly what “offgrid” closets in the 1950s contained silk lace outfits and thoroughly brushed conditioned hair in swampwater… knotted in designer twists without nappy rats. ya think!? .… makes the aesthetic very contrived —- makes for bad first impression of this director, for me. —- This aesthetic failure is key, as it is the character’s suffering which is the elemental characteristic that just doesn’t come across the screen at all, as it did from the book. — i’d say the director never stepped foot in any marsh for any length of time either in carolinas or anywhere. —————————————————————————- cultural realism; eff me — this director is either painting a new history with propaganda or she’s entirely daft or entirely ignorant to the amplitude of violence racism had in 1950s chaplehill… wonder if Olivia did this intentionally, or was it the “brush” she was given? … hmmm? …. regardless of why, the tainted entire scene in Jumpin’ and Mabel’s shoppe is a complete joke. laughable in a very disgusting way… this white-washing has to be intentional… especially in 2022 when no-one with corporate money wants to offend supporters of the fat orange chump. (but should be) ————————————————————————————- then the second actor, Taylor John-Smith, not only a dude with the misfortune to have a name of native american mass murderer, but such a boring actor, every scene he’s in can be fast-forwarded; which significantly improves the movie. … by the way, Kya had many beaus in the book… seems movie execs change that detail completely as well. again, changes made by this movie production from the book whenever it suits, and as not to offend the obtuse chump supporters. really!? —————————————————————————— by the time i get to the third actor, the movie is so boring, the fast-forward is a must…. only plot necessary to keep awake are in the courtroom scenes…. and the way this movie interlaces plot strings is an attempt like the book, but fails miserablly…. storyboarding, if even done, is as contrived as the actors. so zero plot loss by skipping nearly 3/4s of this movie. pretty bad.———————————————————————————- sappy, simpleton dialogue between actors exchanging puppy-dog eye flutter just dumbs down the realism from the book. (and the book is no masterpiece of dialogue, but this movie is worse)———————————————————————————- dialect completely off. especially as language was such a key element in the book. actually there is no dialect in this movie…. another major mishap. —————————————————————————- movie had potential, but somewhere lost by the producers and casting directors; as this story should have been scripted by a better screen writer, and directed by someone familiar with swamps and better appreciation of subject-matter and culture —- this production was set up for failure. ———————————————————————————— … i am not surprised this movie was backed by a big name star; which makes sense as to why made for video movie is so “clean” and contrived. just like that star’s brand. …. too bad, the story is pretty great. deserved better movie.————————————————————————————- recommendation; …. delete movie, read the book. heck, better yet, read about the author of the book… another great story. just hope this production company folds, or if it doesn’t, learns value of subject matter experts, finds a better author whose book to buy and then ignors political fear factors, and learns it is right to offend all the gullible obtuse people..Score: 2/5

Great movieMust watch.Score: 5/5

Loved!Very well written, captivating movie!.Score: 5/5

Amazing movie, amazing storyI am wondering why recently only movies about crime, murder, jail sentances, serial killers, con artists, sci-fi or patriotism are praised highly. So tired to see almost in every movie realistic copies of corps, intestines, alien worlds or super realistic potrayal of tragic events. Recent movies are all about danger zone or about completely opposite- comfort zone, about superheroes who’s slowly transforming into antiheroes and about adrenaline. So very little appearances at the cinema stage such brilliant movies as that one- about life, about struggling and fighting, about being a person, about trying to make a way of living out of what is given to you. Sometimes out of nothing. Life is not a danger zone or a comfy zone - it’s somewhere in-between, some other dimention that each of us is trying to get to know on the road of a lifetime. Was happy to be a witness of a strong feminine, female principle. Sometimes the hardest battles in our lives are battles with the loneliness, rejection, abandonment, social prejudices. It must take a huge leap of faith, an enormous strength of one’s persona to reconnect with the world not through blind acceptance and submission, but through the most natural ways of unification, care and observation. It’s hard to imagine what the main character must be going through to survive and continue keeping a harmony inside herself. Being a femail sometimes comes out as a sentence, and it’s your choice to keep your head high or trying to find your fictional place in a fictional world as a fictional character, that will be changing it’s rules all the time and will not let you stay even for a while within your inner balance. The nature scenes and nature sounds in the movie are also gorgeous, giving you a plesure of reconnection with a beautiful planet during a watchtime. I would definately recommend to watch that movie for someone who’s looking for a deep meaning of one’s existence, for women who’s trying to stand differently from others, for a creative person who’s looking for an inspiration (it is all around us), for people who’d like to keep up with their dignity and respect for other human beings and all the living things in this world..Score: 5/5

AMAZING!I am a huge fan of audiobooks but started this one and just couldn’t tolerate the reader. Her attempt at a Southern accent was horrible. So I bought the paperback book. My life is busy so I haven’t gotten to read it. I watched the movie instead because I’d heard all the good things about it that I just couldn’t wait any longer. SO SO GOOD!! I cannot wait to read the book and dig more into specifics (meaning - as we know - that books always have much more detail). It truly is a lively story from beginning to end. Romance, suspense, sadness, happiness, and all the things. I only have it a 4 because I can’t yet compare it to the book. Please watch it. You won’t be disappointed..Score: 4/5

Deeply felt movieIt should win an Academy Award. Stirring, Emotional and highly Enchantingly down to Earth.Score: 5/5

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Luc GroleauJe suis surpris de la moyenne d'evaluation,excelent film 10/10 ,et tres touchant ,bon une histoire enprint d' emotion,qui relate la vie d'une jeune fille abandoner ,comme d'autres,isole et seul sans aide dans un monde de prejuger,et d'oportuniste peu gens peut sousieux,touchant..Score: 5/5

Great movieI'm surprised the reviews aren't good. It was such a good film. Very much a character driven story. I saw this in the theatre and it was worth it..Score: 5/5

Where the crawdads singIt was okay not worth buying. It didn’t meet my expectations after seeing the preview.Score: 2/5

Where the crawdads singPoorly written and poorly acted. The visuals are beautiful..Score: 1/5

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Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) Series Cast & Crew

Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Daisy Edgar-Jones (Catherine 'Kya' Clark), Taylor John Smith (Tate Walker), Harris Dickinson (Chase Andrews), Michael Hyatt (Mabel), Sterling Macer Jr. (Jumpin'), David Strathairn (Tom Milton), Garret Dillahunt (Pa), Eric Ladin (Eric Chastain), Ahna O'Reilly (Ma), Joe Chrest (Dr. Cone), Logan Macrae (Jodie), Luke David Blumm (Young Tate), Charlie Talbert (Mr. Mosley), Jojo Regina (Young Kya), Jayson Warner Smith (Deputy Joe Purdue), Billy Slaughter (Albert Higgenbottom), Robert Larriviere (Dr. Robert), Caroline Cole (Always-Wears-Pearls), Bill Kelly (Sheriff Jackson), Blue Clarke (Young Chase), all returned for where the crawdads sing movie.

Daisy Edgar-Jones (Catherine 'Kya' Clark)
Daisy Edgar-JonesCatherine 'Kya' ClarkScore: 34.6
Taylor John Smith (Tate Walker)
Taylor John SmithTate WalkerScore: 6.8
Harris Dickinson (Chase Andrews)
Harris DickinsonChase AndrewsScore: 17.2
Michael Hyatt (Mabel)
Michael HyattMabelScore: 11.4
Sterling Macer Jr. (Jumpin')
Sterling Macer Jr.Jumpin'Score: 4.3
David Strathairn (Tom Milton)
David StrathairnTom MiltonScore: 10.7
Garret Dillahunt (Pa)
Garret DillahuntPaScore: 10.0
Eric Ladin (Eric Chastain)
Eric LadinEric ChastainScore: 7.4
Ahna O'Reilly (Ma)
Ahna O'ReillyMaScore: 6.5
Joe Chrest (Dr. Cone)
Joe ChrestDr. ConeScore: 4.2
Luke David Blumm (Young Tate)
Luke David BlummYoung TateScore: 3.5
Charlie Talbert (Mr. Mosley)
Charlie TalbertMr. MosleyScore: 3.8

Reese Witherspoon (Producer), Mychael Danna (Original Music Composer), David Rubin (Casting), Rhonda Tollefson (Executive Producer), Tony Lamberti (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Sue Chan (Production Design), Galen Goodpaster (Assistant Sound Editor), Betsy Danbury (Executive Producer), Betsy Danbury (Unit Production Manager), Alan Edward Bell (Editor), Stephen E. Hagen (First Assistant Director), Mark DeSimone (ADR Mixer), Eric A. Norris (Sound Effects Editor), Taylor Swift (Songs), Sherri Hamilton (Hairstylist), Stacy Kelly (Makeup Department Head), Alice Baker (Set Decoration), Arvid Cristina (VFX Editor), Lucy Alibar (Screenplay), Polly Morgan (Director of Photography),

Reese Witherspoon (Producer)
Reese WitherspoonProducerScore: 26.4
Mychael Danna (Original Music Composer)
Mychael DannaOriginal Music ComposerScore: 2.0
Alan Edward Bell (Editor)
Alan Edward BellEditorScore: 0.8
Mark DeSimone (ADR Mixer)
Mark DeSimoneADR MixerScore: 2.7
Taylor Swift (Songs)
Taylor SwiftSongsScore: 12.8
Lucy Alibar (Screenplay)
Lucy AlibarScreenplayScore: 1.6
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Where the Crawdads Sing Trailers & Teasers

'Where the Crawdads Sing' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of where the crawdads sing, the Olivia Newman's popular movie. Watch the where the crawdads sing teaser trailer. Olivia Newman’s #where-the-crawdads-sing is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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Check out photos from where the crawdads sing movie. Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome where the crawdads sing wallpapers to download for free.

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Where the Crawdads Sing Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Secrets are buried just beneath the surface...

Where the Crawdads Sing — 2022

Where the Crawdads Sing Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie where the crawdads sing - 2022. A poster for Olivia Newman drama movie, Where the Crawdads Sing! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for where the crawdads sing (2022). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Where the Crawdads Sing Movie Posters
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Where the Crawdads Sing Movie Languages & Subtitles

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في إطار من الدراما والغموض، يتناول العمل قصة امرأة ترعرعت في مستنقعات وأعماق الجنوب، حيث تصبح المشتبه به الرئيسي في جريمة قتل رجل كانت تعرفه يومًا ما.

български език
Жена, израснала в блатата на Юга, е заподозряна в убийството на мъж, с когото е имала връзка. Кая Кларк (Дейзи Едгар-Джоунс), известна за жителите на градчето Баркли Кав в Северна Каролина като "Момичето от мочурището", е изоставена от семейството си, дива и загадъчна. Според легендата, тя е родена през 1950-те години. Когато преуспяващ младеж от града е намерен мъртъв при неясна връзка с Кая, тя се превръща в основен заподозрян по този криминален случай. По едноименния роман (2018 г.) на американската писателка Дилия Оуенс.

Úchvatný, tajemný příběh podle úspěšného knižního románu „Kde zpívají raci“ vypráví o Kye, opuštěné dívce, která až do dospělosti vyrůstala sama v nebezpečných mokřinách Severní Karoliny. Celé roky se šířily po Barkley Cove historky o „dívce z mokřin“, které izolovaly strohou a odmítavou Kyu od místní komunity. Když se v Kyině životě objeví dva přitažliví mladíci z města, začne se novému, neznámému světu otevírat. Jenže ve chvíli, kdy jednoho z nich najdou mrtvého, ji komunita bez váhání označí za hlavní podezřelou. Případ se začne rozvíjet, je stále nejasnější a hrozí, že budou odhalena mnohá tajemství, pohřbená v mokřinách.

Filmen 'Hvor flodkrebsene synger' handler om den forladte pige Kya, der vokser op for sig selv i marsken i det dybe syd-USA. I årenes løb spredes rygterne om "Marskpigen" i byen, og den skarpsindige og viljestærke Kya isoleres fra samfundet. Hun drages af to unge mænd fra byen, men da en af mændene bliver fundet død, bliver Kya anklaget for mord.

Von ihrer Familie im Stich gelassen, wächst Kya ganz allein in den Sümpfen außerhalb ihrer Kleinstadt auf. Als ihr ehemaliger Freund tot aufgefunden wird, wird Kya von den Einwohnern und der Polizei sofort als Hauptverdächtige für seinen Mord gebrandmarkt.

Η Κάια είναι ένα κορίτσι που εγκαταλείφθηκε από τους ανθρώπους και μεγάλωσε στους επικίνδυνους βάλτους της Βόρειας Καρολίνας. Για χρόνια οι φήμες για την «Πιτσιρίκα του Βάλτου» στοίχειωναν το Μπάρκλι Κοόυβ, απομονώνοντας την ευαίσθητη κι έξυπνη Κάια από την κοινότητά της. Όταν δύο νεαροί από την πόλη γοητεύονται από την ομορφιά της, η Κάια ανοίγεται σε μια νέα ζωή, αλλά όταν ο ένας από τους δύο βρεθεί νεκρός, η κοινωνία την βαφτίζει ως κύρια ύποπτη.

La historia de Kya, una niña abandonada que se crió hasta la edad adulta en los peligrosos pantanos de Carolina del Norte. Atraída por dos jóvenes de la ciudad, Kya se abre a un mundo nuevo y sorprendente; pero cuando uno de ellos es encontrado muerto, la comunidad inmediatamente la señala como la principal sospechosa.

La Chica Salvaje cuenta la historia de Kya, una niña abandonada que se crió hasta la edad adulta en los peligrosos pantanos de Carolina del Norte. Durante años, los rumores de la "Chica Marsh" rondaron a Barkley Cove, aislando a la astuta y resistente Kya de su comunidad. Atraída por dos jóvenes de la ciudad, Kya se abre a un mundo nuevo y sorprendente; pero cuando uno de ellos es encontrado muerto, la comunidad inmediatamente la señala como la principal sospechosa. A medida que se desarrolla el caso, el veredicto sobre lo que realmente sucedió se vuelve cada vez más confuso y amenaza con revelar los muchos secretos que yacen en el pantano.

زنی که به‌تنهایی در مرداب‌های دل جنوب بزرگ شده است مظنون به قتل مردی می‌شود که زمانی با او در رابطه بوده است.

Suon villi laulu kertoo Kyasta, hylätystä tytöstä, joka varttui aikuisuuteen Pohjois-Carolinan vaarallisilla suoalueilla. Vuosien ajan huhut ”Rämelikasta” vainosivat Barkley Covea eristäen terävän ja sitkeän Kyan yhteisöstään. Kaksi kaupungin nuorta miestä vetävät Kyaa puoleensa, ja hän avaa itsensä uudelle hätkähdyttävälle maailmalle. Kun toinen miehistä löydetään kuolleena, yhteisö tuomitsee Kyan valittömästi pääepäillyksi. Tutkinnan edetessä se, mitä todella tapahtui on yhä epäselvämpää, ja monet suon hautomat salaisuudet uhkaavat paljastua.

Kya, une petite fille abandonnée, a grandi seule dans les dangereux marécages de Caroline du Nord. Pendant des années, les rumeurs les plus folles ont couru sur la "Fille des Marais" de Barkley Cove, isolant encore davantage la sensible et résiliente Kya de la communauté. Sa rencontre avec deux jeunes hommes de la ville lui ouvre un monde nouveau et effrayant ; mais lorsque l'un d'eux est retrouvé mort, toute la communauté la considère immédiatement comme la principale suspecte. À mesure que la vérité sur les événements se dessine, les réponses menacent de révéler les nombreux secrets enfouis dans les marécages.

Kya, une petite fille abandonnée, a grandi seule dans les dangereux marécages de Caroline du Nord. Pendant des années, les rumeurs les plus folles ont couru sur la "Fille des Marais" de Barkley Cove, isolant encore davantage la sensible et résiliente Kya de la communauté. Sa rencontre avec deux jeunes hommes de la ville lui ouvre un monde nouveau et effrayant ; mais lorsque l'un d'eux est retrouvé mort, toute la communauté la considère immédiatement comme la principale suspecte. À mesure que la vérité sur les événements se dessine, les réponses menacent de révéler les nombreux secrets enfouis dans les marécages.

סיפורה של קאיה, נערה עזובה אשר גידלה את עצמה באזור הביצות המסוכן שבצפון קרוליינה. במשך שנים השמועה על 'נערת הביצה' רדפה את מפרץ ברקלי, מה שבודד את קאיה עוד יותר מהקהילה, על אף חדותה ויכולת ההסתגלות שלה. בעודה נמשכת לשני נערים מהעיר, קאיה פותחת את עצמה לעולם חדש ומבהיל. אך אז, אחד מהנערים מוצא את מותו והקהילה מיד הופכת אותה לחשודה העיקרית. בעוד תעלומת הרצח מתפתחת, הסיפור האמיתי מאחורי מה שקרה מאיים לחשוף את מלוא עומקם של הסודות השוכנים באזור הביצות.

Kya je napuštena djevojka koja je odrasla u opasnim močvarama Sjeverne Karoline. Godinama su glasine o djevojci iz močvare proganjale Barkley Cove, izolirajući pametnu i snalažljivu Kyu iz njezine zajednice. Privučena dvojicom mladića iz grada, Kya se otvara novom i zapanjujućem svijetu. Ali kada je jedan od njih pronađen mrtav, zajednica je smjesta označi kao glavnu osumnjičenu. Kako se slučaj razvija, presuda o tome što se zapravo dogodilo postaje sve nejasnija, prijeteći da će razotkriti mnoge tajne koje su ležale skrivene u močvari.

Egy kislány él egyedül a mocsárban. A családja elhagyta, ő kitanulja, hogyan maradhat életben, és nagy nehezen egyedül is boldogul. És boldog. Kivéve akkor, amikor be kell mennie a közeli kisvárosba: mert ott gúnyolják, kinevetik és félnek tőle. És ő is szívesebben választja a magányt. De felnő, gyönyörű, titokzatos, rejtőzködő lány lesz belőle, és eljön számára a szerelem ideje – amikor azonban az egyik srác, aki udvarolt neki, meghal, mindenki egyértelműnek tartja, hogy ő lehet a gyilkos.Mi tehet a magányos lápi lány? Azt amit mindig csinált a mocsárban: beleolvad a természetbe, menekül, bujkál és berendezkedik a túlélésre.

Una giovane di nome Kya viene abbandonata dalla sua famiglia e cresce da sola nelle paludi fuori dalla sua piccola città. Tuttavia, quando il suo ex fidanzato viene trovato morto, Kya viene messa sotto i riflettori, immediatamente etichettata dalla gente del posto e dalle forze dell'ordine come la principale sospettata dell'omicidio.

어렸을 때 가족에게 버림받고 자연만이 유일한 친구였던 카야. 그녀가 세상과 단절된 채 성장하는 가운데, 테이트가 그녀의 마음을 두드린다. 하지만 그가 떠난 뒤, 밀려오는 외로움 속, 체이스가 그녀에게 적극적인 고백을 하고, 마음이 흔들리기 시작한다. 그러던 어느 날, 체이스는 습지에서 추락사로 싸늘한 시체로 발견되고 카야는 유력한 용의자가 되어 법정에 서게 되는데… 그녀의 비밀이 숨겨져 있는 가재가 노래하는 곳.

Kaja Klark savo gimtojo miestelio Šiaurės Karolinoje gyventojams visuomet kėlė prieštaringus jausmus, iš kurių stipriausi – nepasitikėjimas, įtarumas ir panieka. Mergaitė gimė šalia miestelio tyvuliuojančiose pelkėse, kur buvo įsikūrusi jos šeima. Pirmiausiai kelerių metų dukrą paliko motina, tuomet vienas po kito išvyko vyresnieji broliai ir seserys, o galiausiai pradingo ir tėvas. Nuo tada Kaja pelkėse augo viena. Pragyvendama vien iš to, ką siūlo gamta, Kaja ne tik išgyvena, bet ir išauga į simpatišką ir žvilgsnius traukiančią jauną moterį. Ja ypač susižavi du miestelio vaikinai – geraširdis Teitas ir futbolo komandos pažiba Čeisas. Tad kuomet pelkėse surandamas nužudyto Čeiso kūnas, Kaja iš karto tampa pagrindine įtariamąja.

Vēsta par Kiju – pamestu meiteni, kura pieaugusi viena pati bīstamajā Ziemeļkarolīnas dumbrājā. Gadiem ilgi tuvējā pilsētiņā Bārklijkovā klīst baumas par „purva skuķi”, kas nošķir Kiju no sabiedrības. Kad viņa piesaista divu vietējo puišu uzmanību, Kija atver sirdi jaunai un pārsteidzošai pasaulei, bet kad viens no puišiem iet bojā, visu aizdomas nekavējoties krīt uz purva vientuļnieci.

In de jaren 50 groeit Kya alleen op in de moerassen nadat ze door haar familie in de steek werd gelaten. Wanneer haar vroegere vriendje dood wordt teruggevonden, wordt ze door de politie tot de hoofdverdachte gebombardeerd. Ook de dorpelingen van Barkley Cove zien in de mysterieuze en wilde jonge vrouw de moordenares.

Historia rozgrywa się w połowie XX wieku w Karolinie Północnej. Opowiada o Kyi, która została porzucona przez rodzinę i samotnie dorasta na bagnach z dala od cywilizacji. Nie jest jednak taka, jak uważają mieszkańcy najbliższego miasteczka - Barkley Cove. Jest bardzo wrażliwą i inteligentną dziewczyną, której brakuje bliskości i dotyku drugiego człowieka. Sprawy się komplikują, gdy jej były chłopak zostaje znaleziony martwy. Na Kyę pada podejrzenie o morderstwo.

Baseado no romance de Delia Owens, Um Lugar Bem Longe Daqui acompanha duas linhas temporais: A primeira sobre as aventuras da jovem Kya enquanto vive isolada em uma pequena cidade da Carolina do Norte. E a segunda é sobre a investigação de um assassinato de uma celebridade local na cidade fictícia de Barkley Cove.

Abandonada pela sua família, Kya cresce sozinha nos pântanos periféricos da sua pequena cidade. Quando o seu primeiro namorado é encontrado morto, Kya é automaticamente acusada pelos locais e pela polícia como a principal suspeita do crime.

Abandonată de familie la începutul anilor '50, Kya a trebuit să se descurce singură. A învățat să citească și să scrie cu ajutorul prietenul ei, Tate Walker, de care s-a și îndrăgostit, dar care a lăsat-o în urmă când a plecat la facultate. Acum, Kya trăiește într-o mlaștină din Carolina de Nord și e cunoscută de localnicii din Barkley Cove ca "fata din mlaștină". Când un bărbat cu care a avut cândva o legătură este găsit mort, indiciile îi poartă pe investigatori către Kya, care devine suspect principal.

Годами жители тихого городка Баркли-Коув, затерянного в глуши Северной Каролины, делились друг с другом легендой о «болотной девочке» — девушке по имени Киа Кларк, с юных лет живущей отшельницей. Знакомство с двумя местными юношами открывает перед Кией новый мир. Но когда одного из них находят мёртвым, молва тут же назначает её виновной.

Tajomná dráma nakrútená podľa celosvetovo úspešného knižného bestselleru „Kde raky spievajú“ z pera spisovateľky Delie Owens. Rozpráva príbeh mladej ženy Kyi, ktorú v detstve opustila celá jej rodina a až do dospelosti vyrastala sama v nebezpečných močiaroch Severnej Karolíny. Celé roky sa šírili v pokojnom mestečku Barkley Cove strašidelné historky o „Dievčati z močiara“, ktoré izolovali Kyu od miestnej komunity. Keď sa v Kyinom živote objavia dvaja mladí muži z mesta, začne sa postupne otvárať novému, neznámemu svetu. Lenže vo chvíli, keď v mestečku dôjde k vražde jedného z nich, miestna komunita ju bezdôvodne označí za hlavnú podozrivú...

Knjižna uspešnica zaživi v očarljivem in skrivnostnem filmu o Kyi, zapuščenem dekletu, ki mora sama skrbeti zase v nevarnem močvirnatem predelu Južne Karoline. Zaradi govoric o »močvirki«, ki že leta krožijo po mestecu ob Barkleyjevem zalivu, je Kya povsem odrezana od skupnosti. Ko spozna dva mladeniča iz mesta, se Kya prepusti novemu in zanjo presenetljivemu svetu. A ko enega od njiju najdejo mrtvega, Kya takoj postane v očeh sokrajanov glavna osumljenka. Ob napredovanju preiskave je vse manj jasno, kaj se je v resnici zgodilo in vse nevarneje postaja, da se bodo razkrile številne skrivnosti, ki so zakopane v močvirju.

Kya är en övergiven flicka som har uppfostrat sig själv i träskmarkerna i North Carolina, USA. I flera år går rykten i Barkley Cove om "Träskflickan", vilket gör att den intelligenta och rådiga Kya isoleras från resten av samhället. På väg in i vuxenlivet dras hon till två unga män från stan och upptäcker en ny och spännande värld. Men när en av männen hittas död, blir hon genast utpekad som huvudmisstänkt. Ju mer som kommer fram om fallet, desto oklarare blir det vad som egentligen har hänt - och de många hemligheter som har gömts i träsket hotas att avslöjas.

เรื่องราวของหญิงสาวที่มีนามว่า คยา ผู้ที่มีพ่อเป็นคนชอบดื่มเหล้าและเล่นการพนัน บวกกับทำร้ายร่างกายแม่ของเธอเป็นประจำ ผู้คนในบ้านเริ่มเดินออกจากบ้านไปทีละคนไปตามเส้นทางของตนเองจนกระทั่งเหลือเพียง คยา เพียงคนเดียว เนื่องจากเธอไม่มีเงินและไม่มีที่ไป เธอจึงถูกทิ้งให้อ้างว้างเดียวดายโดยอาศัยอยู่บริเวณแถบชายเลนซึ่งเต็มไปด้วยอันตรายมากมาย ผู้คนจึงเรียกเธอกันว่า “หญิงสาวจากชายเลน” ผู้คนในชุมชนต่างเข้าใจไปกันว่าที่ชายหนุ่มเสียชีวิตไปในบริเวณแถบชายเลนนั้นเพราะเธอ จึงถูกไล่ออกจากชุมชน และกลายเป็นผู้ต้องสงสัยอย่างเต็มตัว ในการตามหาความจริงท่ามกลางลุ่มแม่น้ำและชายเลนนี้

Kuzey Carolia'daki küçük bir kasaba olan Barkley Cove'da 'bataklık kızı' hakkında çılgınca söylentiler çıkar. On yaşında ailesinin terk etmesinin ardından bataklıkta yaşamayı öğrenmek zorunda kalan Kya, hakkında söylendiği gibi vahşi bir kız değildir. Onun hayatı, kendisine okuma yazma öğreten ve onu şiirle tanıştıran Tate ile tanışmasıyla sonsuza dek değişir. Ancak çok geçmeden Tate onu terk eder. Aradan geçen onca zaman sonra Kya, Tate'in ölümünün baş şüphelisi olarak görülür.

Молода дівчина Кайя довгі роки відлякувала жителів містечка, живучи серед безкрайніх просторів Північної Кароліни. Одного разу усіх мешканців сколихнула жахлива подія — загадкове вбивство місцевого хлопця. Підозра відразу впала на Кайю. Тепер героїні доведеться не лише знайти власне місце у світі, але й довести непричетність до злочину. Проте чим ближчою буде розгадка, тим більше шокуючих таємниць вириватиметься назовні.

Tiếng Việt
Bộ phim kể về Kya Clark - một cô gái bị gia đình bỏ rơi, lớn lên ở vùng đầm lầy phía nam thị trấn Barkley Cove vào những năm 50. Khi cảnh sát của thị trấn bị phát hiện đã qua đời, người ta bắt đầu dồn mọi mối nghi ngờ vào Kya.


改編自暢銷小說的《荒野謎屍》。一名獨居在沼澤的神秘女孩,一段曖昧的三人關係,一個出現在沼澤的屍體,一樁撲朔迷離的兇殺案… 當真相逐漸浮面,更多的秘密將被一一揭曉!


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